Muslims Furious at Billboard Slamming Mohammed… But There’s One BIG Problem

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A new billboard that popped up over the past week in Indianapolis is an “attack on all Muslims,” according to the Muslim Alliance of Indiana.

The billboard features the words “The Perfect Man” – apparently in reference to the founder of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad – followed by six bullet points to describe him: “Married a 6-year-old,” “Slave owner & dealer,” “rapist,” “Beheaded 600 Jews in one day,” “13 wives, 11 at one time” and “Tortured & killed unbelievers.”

Rima Shahid, executive director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana, says she was “heartsick” when she saw a photo of the billboard, especially since it has appeared just as the holy month of Ramadan has begun.

“At any point this would have been highly offensive, but we’re in the holiest month of our faith,” Shahid said. “To have an attack on all Muslims during this period is very disheartening.” Shahid strongly condemned the billboard, saying it spread lies and misinformation about Islam and its prophet.

These are completely false statements,” said Shahid “It perpetuates hate. It perpetuates misconceptions about Islam, and it makes our neighbors think we believe things that just aren’t true,” she said.

But there’s one problem with their outrage: The sign never even mentions the word “Mohammed,” or “Islam”. 

If the assertions the billboard make are “completely false” about Mohammed, then why the outrage? How do they even recognize it is Mohammed at all? Clearly they know full well who it describes, and why.

In fact, despite the media universally condemning the billboard many online are asking: ‘Well…is any of it true?’

The media is showing one side — the outraged Muslim side, including the very controversial Rep. Andre Carson — but not even bothering to get the opinion of the group who funded it.

And nor is there any attempt at all to — as the media so often does — “fact check” the assertions against Mohammed. Are they true?

On the religious discussion site, one readers asked:

I’m not defending the billboard. But is it not worth even asking if the accusations in this billboard are, you know, true? I get the “people are offended by this” angle, but shouldn’t a journalist seek to discover, to what extent, that offense is justified?

Another said:

Is the story written in a fair/balanced manner? Why are the only voices in the story opposed to the billboard? Obviously those interviewed are opposed to the message of the billboard, but no sources are cited that would allow the reader to determine if the billboard is accurate or not.

And, would a similar billboard about Jesus get national coverage and outrage?

Accuracy. Balance. These are taught in Intro to Journalism classes at hundreds of colleges. Totally missing in these articles.

So we did our own FACT CHECK, to do the media’s job for them, including consulting 2 religious scholars. Here’s what we found:

  1. Mohammed married a six-year old.
    TRUE. According to an Islamic “Hadith” (Sayings of the Prophet), one of Mohammed’s many wives, Aisha, herself states that she was just six years old when she was betrothed to Muhammad, himself in his 50s, and only nine when the marriage was consummated. (Sahih Bukhari volume 5, book 58, number 234). Sadly, according to WikiIslam, “The paedophilic aspect of (Mohammed and Aisha’s) relationship has institutionalized such marriages within Islam.”
  2. Mohammed was a “slave owner and dealer.”
    TRUEand more. According to the Hadiths, Mohammed: (1) bought “black” slaves (Sahih Muslim 3901); (2) took female Infidel captives as slaves (Bukhari 5.59.512); owned and traded slaves (Bukhari 8.73.182); and according to the Qur’an itself, Allah tells Muhammad that he has given him girls as sex slaves: “Prophet, We have made lawful to you the wives to whom you have granted dowries and the slave girls whom God has given you as booty.” (Qur’an 33:50).
  3. Mohammed was a “rapist.”
    TRUE. (1) As the Qu’ran establishes Mohammed had sex slaves, any sexual activity would be by definition rape, as it was between a pre-Civil War U.S. slaveowner and any of his female slaves. And (2) in his own marriage to Aisha, according to modern standards of “rape,” Mohammed would have been guilty of at least “statutory rape,” since (according to Aisha’s own testimony) the marriage was “consummated” when she was 9. Currently the lowest age of consent worldwide is in Nigeria (11). All other nations have set the minimum age at 12, with most between 16-18. The first age of consent law on historical record dates from England in 1275, setting the female age of 12 as a minimum.
    There is a lengthy, Qu’ran-based discussion of Mohammed’s specific “rapes” here.
  4. “Mohammed beheaded 600 Jews in one day”
    And that ‘s a low estimate. The Qu’ran itself estimates “up to 900” Jews were beheaded in the city of Medina on Mohammed’s command, in 627 A.D. And to make matters worse, the Jews of Media had taken Mohammed and his followers in as virtual refugees — after they had been forced to flee Mecca. But once his men had amassed money and arms, they slaughtered up to 900 men and boys, half of an entire tribe of Jews, the Banu Qurayza.
  5. Mohammed had 13 wives, 11 at one time
    He had 2 before his migration to Medina, and 11 thereafter, simultaneously (Sahih al-Bukhari 268). Thirteen total, plus 4 sexual slaves. His complicated web of wives, slaves and concubines is detailed here. It is puzzling why the Indiana Muslim leader Ms. Shahid would even call this “false,” as the fact is widely known by Muslims, and a subject of debate, since the Qu’ran limits Muslim men to only 4 wives (Qur’an 4:3), and many ask why Mohammed was an exception to this rule. and in general, polygamy was common in those days, so it is puzzling why Shahid would call it a “lie.”
  6. Mohammed “Tortured and Killed Unbelievers” (“Infidels”)
    TRUE…and more. As #4 above demonstrates, Mohammed was unbridled in his blood lust. But worse is that such behavior is actually proscribed to all Muslims in the Qu’ran that Mohammed himself is credited with authoring. Here are just some of the most relevant passages, together with links: “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them.” (Qu’ran 2:191) “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” (Qu’ran 9:123) “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” (Qu’ran 9:5) “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” (Qu’ran 3:85) “The Jews and the Christians are perverts fight them.”(Qu’ran 9:30); “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” (Qu’ran 5:33); “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water melt their skin and bellies.” (Qu’ran 22:19); “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” (Koran 3:28); “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.” (Qu’ran 8:12); “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” (Qu’ran 8:60).
    There are many, many more passages proscribing violence, torture and death upon the “unbelievers,” written by Mohammed’s own hand.

CONCLUSION: Not a single assertion of the billboard against (the unnamed) Mohammed is untrue.

But the media never even asked this question. They assumed because Muslims were offended, that the billboard’s content must be “offensive,” and acted accordingly.

No effort was made to seek a dissenting view, let alone make any effort to determine if the billboard’s assertions are true (they are).

Compare and contrast this to the current hysteria over removing statues of Confederate slaveowners throughout the U.S. South. Local and national media are turning over every stone to find any Civil War-era politician or military officer who bought, owned or sold slaves, or fought to preserve slavery, so their statues can be pulled down.

However the same media shows utterly no curiosity to determine the facts of allegations regarding Mohammed’s slave ownership, including sex slavery for his own use; pedophilia, as well as wholesale butchery of non-believers.

This is the sorry state of “journalism” today.

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