Muslims Demand That ‘Offensive’ Crosses Be Removed… From CATHOLIC School


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A complaint that says crosses at Catholic school are “offensive”, and prevent Muslim prayers, has been filed against Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

It is only the latest in an endless series of demands for Sharia Law adherence by Muslims in America.

The complaint to the Washington, D.C. Office of Human Rights, filed by a leftist professor from rival George Washington University, says there are “too many crosses in every room of Catholic University” which is a “human rights violation that prevents Muslim students from praying there.”

As Belief Net reported, GWU Law School Professor John Banzhaf takes the Catholic institution to task for acting “probably with malice” against Muslim students in a 60-page complaint that cites “offensive” Catholic imagery all over the Catholic school, which he says hinder Muslims from praying.

Above: Members of the CU Muslim Student Association, who previously sued the university

Baffled Catholic University officials say they have never received a complaint from any of the schools Muslim students, but in fact, a prior complaint from active students is ongoing (see Hannity video below).

Banzhaf, who already has a pending lawsuit against the university over ending its policy of allowing mixed-gender dormitories and has a history of filing civil rights suits on such topics as childhood obesity and smoking, filed the complaint alleging that Muslim students are not given their own prayer rooms.

He alleges that the university, “does not provide space – as other universities do – for the many daily prayers Muslim students must make, forcing them instead to find temporarily empty classrooms where they are often surrounded by Catholic symbols which are incongruous to their religion,” according to the Tower, Catholic University’s student newspaper.

The complaint further objects that Muslims must pray at the school’s chapels “and at the cathedral that looms over the entire campus – the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.”

  • Grant Thomasson

    How weak is their “god” that they can’t pray to him because a cross is on the wall?! And why are they going to a Catholic school any way?! You know what…never mind! Get the &$@! O.U.T!!

    • Jacqueline

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    • Herman Vogel

      This Cult doesn’t have a “God”, they have a made up leader that got to that position by Murdering others and stealing what the Worked for,,, and his legacy is alive and well too.

      • Tammy

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      • Joe Tokoph

        Lets not forget Mohammed was a pedophile.

        • Herman Vogel

          And that is only ONE of his “accomplishments”. And still people believe in this crap,,just sad.

          • CassandraTAdamson

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        • Tom O’Halloran

          A goat raping pedophile, no less…

        • Trish

          and just a man……..a very stupid illogical man at that.

        • Angylheart

          Pedophile, rapist, murderer, all of them…and the list goes on and on….

        • Gary Bucher

          And so are a lot of modern-day preachers and priests. So what is your point exactly?

          • Joe Tokoph

            Mohammed is a “supposed” prophet, preachers and priests are not prophets. Go back to school.

          • Gary Bucher

            Split hairs much? Not that it makes it right or anything, but at least with Mohammed it was commonplace for men to marry young girls.

      • Fig Newton

        true, true, true

      • Cynddy

        That is total BS!

        • Herman Vogel

          When you wake up one morning in a black sheet covered from head to toe with a man telling you that you have NO RIGHTS other then what he says you have,,and you don’t even know him,,,then let’s hear your explanation.

          • Voice Of Reason

            Great answer!

          • Cynddy

            I think I would be in America. They are taking our rights one by one. Time for all to wake up.

        • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

          Wow, you really like them don’t you? You keep sticking up for them, but do you truly know anything about them?

        • Really? And how do you see it? I bet you don’t know much about it. See, when he first started out he claimed to be peaceful and then by the 2nd and 3rd books he wrote he became very psychotic and vengeful. Perhaps you should sit down and study everything. I’m guessing that you haven’t because most western people would frown upon everything it says.

          • Cynddy

            Are we discussing some author here? What second and third books are you talking about? I can’t believe you just wrote jibberish and seven other people liked it. Just shows dumbing down job being done by our schools is working.

        • Veronica Andrews

          i wholeheartedly agree

          • Cynddy

            Someone who actually knows the truth. Thank you.

        • Matt DeWeese

          I would LOVE to hear your reasoning as to why Herman Vogel’s comment is “total BS.” Remember to be specific and try to sound somewhat intelligent… oh wait, you wouldn’t have said that if you were intelligent… just be specific. I’m all ears…

        • Matt DeWeese

          I’M WAITING!!!

      • gijan

        Oh, and don’t forget their pedophile prophet they dreamed up. That’s something to be real proud of.

    • Craig Hemphill

      Cmon, you know exactly why theyre going to that school and many other Christian schools. The goal of Muslims today is to infiltrate and conquer from within

      • Cynddy


        • Con10tious Adventurer

          It is you that is completely mis-informed. Prime tenant of Islam, Muslims cannot live under man made law. Also, check out Saudi Arabia, Islam is the only religon allowed.

        • jeff

          What part of the world do you live in?…You’re really out of touch with what is going on around you..The Muslims are making a concerted and overt effort to radicalize our country while you sleep.

      • vetsickofit

        Couldn’t have said it any better! You hit the nail on the head. As soon as other Americans see this is happening, they will realize this is the WAR we are fighting now. It’s not our military, IT IS AMERICAN CITIZENS THAT NEED TO GET INVOLVED IN fighting these FOREIGN INFILTRAITERS

    • Dean Ingram

      Only there to try to get sharia law in our country. Beware of the baby steps being used to change America into what they want.

      • CeeCee N

        You are right and we must stop this.

      • Cynddy

        Sharia is not, has never been and will never be the governing laws of any country. You people are led by the nose.

        • Ars Forall

          Check out England and France, There are places there that cops are not allowed to go in due to the Sharia laws, also take a look at Minneapolis not yet out on the open but give them time.

          • cdm99

            YOU check out snopes, or truthorfiction,or politifact…the story about the places in England and France where the cops can’t go is a Faux News lie. Not spin, not rumor, a baldfaced lie. Cynddy is right – Sharia law is a nonstarter because it’s so obviously unconstitutional.

          • Ars Forall

            Been there seen it.

            Time will tell about “Sharia law is a nonstarter because it’s so obviously unconstitutional”. The POTUS has already nibbled at the constitution, he even advised Egypt not to formulate their’s to ours because ours is outdated.

          • cdm99

            “Nibbled at the Constitution”? WTF does that mean? Was he chewing on a copy? Last time I checked the president has exactly zero power to amend the Constitution. Concerns about Sharia law are just more right wind lunatic paranoia. Why do you people torture yourselves so?

          • Ars Forall

            By nibbled I mean he tried to push unconstitutional policies: Obamacare’s religious related inserts, Immigration etc… the “I got the pen and the phone” kind of nibbles.

            As far as paranoia I’ve none, cause I got other things to keep me busy

          • cdm99

            What “religious related inserts”? That’s something the right would do – Obama believes in separation of church and state. And the pen and the phone are the tools of his trade, blessed by the constitution. The ignorance here is astounding. Not only that, this site is annoying with the ads it keeps popping up in the middle of typing, so I’m out of here. You guys keep chipping away at the plank in your eyes, maybe it’ll help you grow up.

          • Ars Forall

            Religious people have to pay for abortions that their religion doesn’t permit, (i. e. Chick fillet Little Sisters of the poor etc..). Obama believes in separation of church and state when it soots him same as any other libtard. As far as apps popping up on the site you need to update your browser. You should know about blanks in eyes!!… and please good riddance!

          • Matt DeWeese

            What did you think ‘Top Right News’ was going to be? It’s conservative – right leaning view points, in case you didn’t understand. You aren’t stating anything with substance and you are being antagonistic. To simplify, you are being a troll.

          • Done2015

            Is that like nibbling on your ear, because apparently he has won you over. The POTUS is the most Anti-American President ever Anti- Constitution and pro-Islam, and pro anything that is against this great nation of ours.

          • Cj DeAndrea

            He may have “zero power”, but that doesn’t stop him !! He signs executive orders without congressional approval anyway!!! You, and people like you can’t seem to even see what’s right in front of your face!!! So very sad. When you finally open your eyes it will be too late.

          • cdm99

            Sounds like normal politics to me. Executive orders are not unconstitutional, every president uses them, and Obama has signed the fewest of any president ever. Bush was the king of those, and of “signing statements” where he signed the law but said he wasn’t going to enforce parts of it.

          • paratrooper_us

            You are correct – EOs are not unconstitutional, however, when you look at some of the EO President Obama has signed, they are unconstitutional (i.e. Immigration Reform which has been stopped in Federal Court).

          • Machine7

            ” every president uses them ” ….This president abuses them…He is a tyrant and a despot

          • JasonB

            Bush was the king of Executive Orders? You realize that Bush is second only to Obama in fewest Executive Orders issued in the last 100 years? No one else is really close. Don’t let facts get in the way of your narrative though. If Bush’s 36.4 EO’s per year make him the king, then what should coin Bill Clinton (45.5 per year), Jimmy Carter (80 per year), Johnson (62.9 per year), and Kennedy (75.4 per year)? Truman and FDR’s were through the roof by comparison. I don’t mean to be an A’hole, but your statement was so off I couldn’t help but inject some factual info into your ignorant comment. At the end of the day, being upset by Catholic symbols at a Catholic University, which receives no public funds, is like being upset by the myriad of chicken products on the menu at KFC.

          • Gator

            Ya except since obama took office and the dem majority in the house and senate from 08 to 2010 gave up 1 of its greatest powers to the pres. It used to be not a single dime could be spent of taxpayer money in this country without congress approval for over 200 years. Not anymore now the pres can print money and write checks as he pleases. Just like this super secret trade deal obama has going on right now were not even congress can have a copy or take notes on this proposed bill. However the dems are pretty stupid for giving up that power because this is a knife that cuts both ways and a republican pres will have that same power. The dems have done a really great job in screwing over the american ppl

          • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

            A bald faced lie? Because their governments don’t admit it, or turn a blind eye? Yes, there is no go zones, the cops choose not to deal with. no matter what “snopes” has to say about it.

          • cdm99


          • Nicholas Haas

            Take a trip and find out for yourself. I know many Brits that can attest to no go zones.

          • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

            Find it the same way I found it, google, and youtube videos, it’s all there. By people that are seeing their own neighborhoods being taken over. I’ll take an actual citizens word over snopes or the government any day of the week.

          • vetsickofit

            I guess you haven’t heard……….Your Golf & Putter is ATTEMPTING to do away with THE CONSTITUTION. You really need to understand what is happening in America before you start your stupidity contest. Wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late for you

          • Gator

            Ya snopes is wrong i just came from paris and the no go zones are very real there buddy boy. Snopes is a husband and wife sho live in sam fran and get thier info from all the same sources as anyone else.

          • Gator

            Paris has teally cracked down on the whole muslum sharea law thing especially after the charlie hebdo shootings there were armed french mikitary all over paris. The no go zones are no go for whites or non muslums. And yes there were many european countries including france that allowed muslums special privlages like wearing birkas on idd and areas were sharia law superceded the national laws but these countries are finally backing away from that and starting to take control back of these areas. Sweden was 1 of the best examples of the muslum only zones when all the rioting was going on in stockholm

          • Cynddy

            You read too many hate filled screeds written by bigots who want Islam to look bad so they can finish off the middle east Too many lies.

          • Gary Bucher

            Ummm fox news had to apologize for airing that blatantly false claim.

          • Ars Forall

            Don’t care about what Fox did or does I’ve been there and seen it

        • Voice Of Reason

          You’re wrong Cindy or whatever ur name is…Go check out. Comoros, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

          • Gary Bucher

            I love it someone posting anonymously making a crack about “or whatever your name is” brilliant. lol

          • Voice Of Reason

            Who spells their name Cynndy. C’mon, really? At least I spell voice of reason correctly

        • paratrooper_us

          You have absolutely NO clue. When the American troops were in Saudi Arabia, if they went off base, they were required to follow many of the Sharia laws that Saudi has in place. Have to love people that do not even do minimal research and just regurgitate what someone else tells them. Apparently, you are unable to think for yourself.

          • Voice Of Reason

            I think we all now know that Cindy is officially a babbling idiot that spews nonsense just to hear herself talk regardless if its true or not. Shes the most annoying kind of people.

          • keltoid

            Yes, absolutely true. I had a female captain in my unit that was visiting a local mall in Dhahran before the air campaign started.. She was chastised and swatted with a cane for walking around without face being coveredcovered. That ended the mall visits on our days off.

        • Machine7

          You’re a good politically correct liberal….you have a good heart but you’re dumb as a stump

        • Done2015

          Oh brother, do you live in a cave, are you off the grid most of the day? Sharia is what governs the way they live their lives, eat their food, wipe their butts. Are you kidding me?

        • Teigan

          Stop spouting your ignorance. Everyone else has at least educated themselves. Do you enjoy looking ignorant?

        • Conservative Mark

          Apparently, ignorance is bliss to you.

          • Cynddy

            Sharia is not, has never been and will never be the governing laws of any country. You people are led by the nose.

          • steamed

            If anyone is being led by the nose, it is YOU!

      • Cynddy

        Sharia law is not a political governance. It has never been the law of any country and never will be. Go back into your dark space or get a life and learn the truth.

        • paratrooper_us

          You might want to do a little research – In Saudi Arabia and Iran, Sharia Law plays a dominant role and is in the majority of the areas of their legal systems. Go back to your dark space, do a little research of your own and stop regurgitating what you hear on CNN and MSNBC.

          • paratrooper/recondo

            the regurgitation from those sources is far less offensive and has much less odor than the BS from most the Right’s one source of misinformation Faux Spews

          • Robert Whitlock

            Or as I call it, “FoxSnooze.”

          • Ryan Privee

            Another rabid libtard, go back to watching your The View sitting your lazy, welfare leeching @$$ on the couch eating corndogs and tatertots made in China…

          • Gary Bucher

            Way to be a cunty retardican, and this is coming from someone who voted for Bush for both of his terms, so hold your idiotic liberal retort.

          • Ryan Privee

            You’re an uneducated libtard….go away!

          • Gator

            Ya thats a lie all u have to do is look at how the left wing media portrayed the mark zimmerman case how they literally completely edited and distorted the 911 call to make it sound definatively racist. It was the right wing media and rush limbaugh in particular that played the entire 911 call as it was unedited. They have also done tricks like this in every criminal case going back to duke lacrosse and beyond. They constantly lie and distort facts to fit the lineral agenda while ppl like rush actually tell the truth and let anyone who says otherwise call in and argue thier point which is usually wrong because they got thier facts from the lib media. I actually watch all the major media outlets and listen to talk radio and i can tell you hands down the the lib media constantly twists and leave out facts while the right always tell all the facts and lets the listerners decide. Most who disagree and think rush is a liar have never even listened to the man speak other than distorted snippets they hear from none other than the lib media. If u dont believe me all u have to do is look at the darren wilson case the left distorted facts and made brown look like an angel who was murdered in cold blood by a racist cop. We learned the truth from guys like rush and of course we know that it was the truth because the grand jury agreed.
            The riots in baltimore, the libs once again distort facts making sound like another racist cop beating an innocent black man. If u listened to rush while all the libs cried that the bpd was a racist org, u woukd have know that the guy had continually smashed himself around in the back of the patty wagon to hurt himself. U also would have known that the driver was black and that 3 of the 6 officers were black and the baltimore police commisioner is black as well as the mayor. U woukd have also know that the arrest was legal and the arresting officers attourney demanded to be presented to him as evidence to prove that. Rush also pointed out some very interesting stuff.

          • Gator

            Like how the mayor says here pd is racist and that she needs help from the feds to come and investigate and make recomendations. Aaaa wtf you are the mayor why cant you fix this problem if its true. But wait your police commisioner is black.
            Also this is a city that has been run by democrats for 60 years. Thats 60 years with no republican influence and all liberal. But were told that liberals are not supposed to be racist and they are accepting to all and if liberals could only have thier way wed all live in a utopia. Well look at baltimore if u wanna see what 60 years of liberal utopia looks like. Poverty, crime, constant welfare all the problems that libs are supposed to fix in a liberal run city. Welfare breeds welfare. Liberals have had a war on poverty for 60 years with no end in sight and thats because they need poor ppl. Liberals love to say that republicans are for the rich and dems are for the poor. Well if thats true then that explains a lot. See cuz i thought u needed the most votes to win. So if repubs are for rich then they need a lot of rich ppl to win and im sure they would love to make as many ppl rich as possible. Dems claim to be for the poor so therefore they need a lot of poor ppl to dupe so they can win elections. They want ppl to stay poor so they can say we stand for u. Conservatives and libs also have very different philosophies. Libs never talk about raising ppl up its always who can we cut down. Like rich ppl they always talk about we need to tax the hell out of the rich we need to take away benefits from families or companies that give them an unfair advantage over the poverty stricken. They never talk about how to raise the poor up to another level they figure well just give them enough to survive on welfare and theyll be happy.
            Conservatives on the other hand want ppl to keep what tgey have, what they have earned and rather than trying to cut succesful ppl down how do we make the unsuccesful succesful.

          • Jeannie Sikora

            You must live in your very own little world, & you have it all figured out Right?

          • Gary Bucher

            They all lie and distort the truth.

          • paratrooper_us

            If all you follow is CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS or any of the mainstream sources (especially if you only listen to one side or the other), you are delusional to believe that you are getting the real story. These news outlets are all about what sells, and not what is true.

        • vetsickofit

          You need to think about what you just commented on. ISLAM is a “GOVERNANCE” in Mideast countries. So don’t hand me that crap about NEVER. You need to do your homework

          • who is willing to donate money to buy a ticket to send her over there with them?

          • Cynddy

            I never said Islam was a governance. Where’d you learn to read, in America? I said sharia was and it is a guideline for how to live to be good human beings. It has nothing to do with ruling a country. Muslims are enjoined to follow the laws of the country in which they live. I think it is you who should humble himself enough to go and find the truth.

          • Conservative Mark

            You are a liar! Muslims think it is okay to lie to what they term infidels. YOU, are the real infidel! Anybody who kills innocents in God’s name is walking the life of the damned! You and your kind should be expelled at the least or put to death at the most. If there are any good Muslims, why are they not distancing themselves from those who murder as savages?

        • JackGalt

          Are you genuinely that uninformed? Or are you just trying to convince people who might not already know about Sharia that 99% of the rest of the world is wrong?

        • Teigan

          You are totally uneducated. Islam is not only a religion it is a governance and an entire way of life. Why don’t you try educating yourself. Pull you head out of that dark space it’s stuck in.

          • joey gerdin

            Islam is a cult, not a religion

        • Angylheart

          you speak from ignorance, at its best! Sharia law is VERY real, very much alive and active and if you are so goddam ignorant to see it or believe it, I suggest you go live in Syria, Iran, Iraq and let me know how it worked for ya when and IF you return! Pull your head out of your ass, breathe a fart, close your mouth and WAKE UP BABY JANE!

        • Rick Kuhn

          Another liberal idiot, that knows nothing of the actual world around them!!!

      • Frank

        What do you think it is when you want to ban gay marriage – sharia law! or want laws thaw will allow you to deny employment to a homosexual – sharia law! or when you want to laws to impose your views on a woman’s reproductive rights – sharia law. Mandatory prayer in schools – sharia law. Pull your head out of your ass.

    • chopper

      Please remember it is not the students complaining. It is a stupid law professor that feels it could take him to the Supreme Court. Why give this guy what he wants? Pick your battles, and don’t waste your energy hating kids that aren’t complaining.

    • BRAVO!!!!

    • Frank

      STUPID!! Their God is our God. Alah means God. Dios means God. Deus means God, Got means God. If yours is a different one, he must be a hateful one, and you are doing a fine job of following him.

  • Tina

    Muslims should not be praying in out Catholic Chapels! You don’t go to a Catholic Church and demand they take their crosses down. That is just ridiculous! They need to get on a plane and go back to their own damn country! It is not our job to bend over backwards to make them comfortable here! Accept our ways….or LEAVE!

    • Dennismcmh

      I totally agree that they should get on a plane and hopefully that plane doesn’t make it to where they are going. They should be fish bait. EVERY one of them. They are spiraling America down at a rapid rate and our “government”, led by our fearless leader Osama Hussein Bin Laden, Hitler Obama, is taking it down with them. WHY IS THIS MAN STILL IN POWER? I DON’T GET IT !!!!!

    • ryan

      I say make them walk…. they tend to do stupid things on airplanes too…

    • jwz

      Funny part is those females who are protesting would not even be allowed to receive an education in their home countries.

  • mtin

    If you don’t like the crosses, then don’t attend a Catholic school.

    • No2stupidity

      That’s too simple for these morons to figure out.

    • Dominic Milan

      Just one guy with a grudge who never should have been given national attention.

      • It’s on FAUX NEWS, what did you expect?

        • Steven Feil

          I expect you to shut up and go away.

        • notantiscience

          Another brain dead liberal. If you want real faux, go look at msnbc, cnn, cbs, nbc, abc, pbs, npr, …………..

          • Cams Apps

            Does every news channel in the US have only 3 letters in their name?

          • Joseph Guerra

            Yeah. Old broadcast rules since before, they had to have a W and the K before the call letters.
            American Broadcast Center was WABC. National Broadcasting Center WNBC, etc.

          • HongryHawg

            And the K designation was for stations west of the Mississippi River, the W for the east. Radio stations must still carry the 4 letters. For those who even care.

          • LarryECollins

            Not 100%.
            WRR-Radio is in Dallas, Texas [“W” and only 3 letters]
            WBAP- Ft. Worth, Texas,
            WACO – Waco, Texas
            There are others…
            Until 1923, the division was not the Mississippi River, it was the border between NM and Texas.

          • HongryHawg

            If one is lucky, one will learn something new each day, as I just did.

          • MsPony65

            Not entirely true. WGN radio in Chicago is only 3 letters – and always has been.

            For those who care, WGN stands for World’s Greatest Newspaper, as WGN is owned by the Chicago Tribune.

          • QuitBS

            You are a fool and smell like rotten tuna . A tuna hole! WGN stand for ‘We Got N iggers”.

          • ChicagoeJoe

            For generations, this was true; however, as of the past year or so, that is no longer true. The Chicago Tribune is now split into two companies with print media being the primary focus of one of the new Tribune companies and radio and TV is part of another company.

          • Mildred_ESharpe

            ☑✦☑✦ $88 per h0ur @mi12//



          • Debbie Specht

            What abut MSNBC?

          • Joseph Guerra

            It’s an offshoot brand of NBC. It was partnered with microsoft corp to form a cable brand.

          • mbb2453

            They suck. That’s what about MSNBC

          • whoselineisitanyway


          • Jenny O’Brien

            that was for RADIO, not tv
            and the ‘W’ call letter was for radio station EAST of the mississippi river

            the ‘K’ call letter was for west of that

            old time tv stations like WJBK in detroit = 4 letters pal

          • Barry Dreyer


          • Orcslayer


          • Jean_G.McCluney

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          • Phillip Lisa

            That is the Network names.

          • Fay Brown Dalton

            no the local channels have 4

          • S Silva

            we do in the east wpri wpro ect

          • StanS

            YEP; including WTF

          • Put down the kool-aid

          • notantiscience

            What a stupid remark, but what do you expect from a liberal.

          • wjshelton

            Here’s another one from a liberal. The story is a hoax. It didn’t happen, but you apparently are to “challenged” to realize it. See the link I posted in another comment.

            * smh *

          • Shari Peterson

            Now who gains by driving a wedge between Christians and Muslims? Hmmm?

          • mbb2453

            Could it be Yoyobama?

          • Helen Wallace

            the jews

          • scuffles

            actually the liberal left has a trademark patent on this particular kool aid.

          • Donna Walker

            npr is Still supported with our tax dollars! we need to stop that!

          • Mourning Warbler

            NPR = National Propaganda Radio

          • atc333

            For years, PBS is consistently rated as the most neutral news reporting source of all news sources. Is your post simply a case of the “Truth hurts”?

            You are correct about several of the networks you have listed. However, can you identify any other news service which has had to rely upon the claim that they (Fox) are a “News Entertainment Source” when challenged on their totally incorrect news programming designed to appeal the the radical conservative viewer and listener? I think not.

          • Mourning Warbler

            NPR is like Pravda in the USSR. I am disappointed, so yes, the truth hurts that they take our tax dollars to promote their propaganda.

          • atc333

            How about some documentation for that claim? Bet you can’t!

          • Mourning Warbler

            With tax dollars, they have been promoting abortion as a woman’s “choice” for decades. During this time millions of preborn babies have been murdered because those who hold with this view have “decided” the preborn baby feels no pain, is not a person, has no rights, etc., etc. Medically speaking, preborn babies do feel pain, they have heartbeats, they have brainwaves. This is just one example. The “right to choose” is based upon lies. See Dennis Prager’s discussion on the 9th Commandment.

          • atc333

            Do you even have a clue as to how much in tax dollars PBS receives, and the percentage of its total operating costs that amount is?

            By the way document the lies. Who, What, When, Where, and How.

          • Mourning Warbler

            Should I do that the way Trump documents his accusations of “lies”? Ha, ha.

          • Wildeagleone

            You must not be an avid listener of the program as the proof is in the scripts they follow

          • atc333

            That comment makes no sense what so ever.

          • David Bagdasarian

            What portion of PBS funding comes from the federal government?

            1 Answer

            Michael Molesky,

            7.4k Views • Most Viewed Writer in PBS The
            breakdown of public television funding is somewhat complex, because
            public television stations are run independently of PBS, each with their
            own budgets (though certain states bundle all stations together under
            one organization).

            PBS is funded indirectly by Congress through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB; which funds both PBS and National Public Radio). For fiscal year 2010, $281m out of CPB’s $422m appropriation went to public television, $210m to local stations and $71m to PBS directly (…). In 2010, PBS had revenues of around $570m (…), meaning federal funding via CPB accounted for about 12% of PBS 2010 annual revenues.
            Note that some of that federal funding for local stations will also
            make it back indirectly to PBS in the form of programming fees, so the
            total percentage could be considered higher.

            More broadly, it
            makes sense to look at federal funding as a percentage of total US
            public television spending, which is much larger because the bulk of
            spending and production occurs at the local level. According to the Association of Public Television Stations (…), total US public television revenues were $1.9 billion in fiscal year 2008, 19.2% of which came from federal sources (both CPB and non-CPB).

          • Mourning Warbler

            Fox News does not collect tax dollars as does PBS.

        • Machine7

          Dumb ass

        • jeff

          What a stupid “observation”…You’re spending to much time in bed with Rachael Madcow at MSNBC

          • Don’t watch any of them, don’t even have cable/sat for news.

          • David Kea

            i just barfed a little bit

          • Erdman West

            Rachel is GAY you Dickbrain!!

          • jeff

            I’m sure that has never been an obstacle for you, Sweetie..You just keep trying and failing so miserably to establish some type of credibility…”Dickbrain”. Now that, is an indication of you literary talent, given that you’re so intellectually challenged..How pathetic.

        • Mike Mittleberger

          If your not Catholic STFU! You fookin’ reTurd..

          • If you could spell I probably would.

          • jeff

            Hey Intellectual, you missed a comma after “spell”.

          • Thanks, Grammar Troll. I missed that on this keyboard.

          • jeff

            Yeah, those silly commas can be tough to find..Simple mistake by a simple mind..However, you’ve spelled troll correctly twice..Despite the challenges that beset you, you’re doing well.

          • Jason

            If you don’t like it don’t go to the school. Its been this way for years .

          • Kidyankee

            See you dropped out of grade school..

        • MarioRom

          And what exactly does that mean? The story is true is it not? Comments from KOOKleheads defending the scum. That’s what I expected, and what you gave. By the by, this is not FOX NEWS. Obviously some people should not have Internet access. They make their fellow Liberals look really stupid.

        • DirtDiver

          Oh noooo it’s a faux newser who hates the truth that fox gives…

          • ElmerJFudd

            When confronted by the truth, it’s all they got.

          • sj

            haha this is amusing

        • Gator

          Oh so because fox news is the only media outlet to bring the needed attention to these asses that think they can force a catholic school to take its crosses doen it must be fake. Not!!! Its so ironic that liberals defend ppl who hate them with passion and want them dead. I only wish that every lib with that idiotic ideology ends up a victim of a terror attack because im so sick of libs praise terrorist and criminals and criticize victims all while being far removed from any attack. Maybe when its u or your family that is victimized u might actually have some sense.

          • I thought the objective of reporting news was to be impartial. TopRight? I don’t think of becoming a victim. May be the one to take them out.

          • Jim_Pook

            That is so cute.

      • Michael Deena Taylor

        Or a job influencing young minds.

    • Cynddy

      It was not the students who complained.

      • mtin

        Then how did he know what was going on. If he wasn’t a student, then he wouldn’t have known anything about the crosses in each of the classrooms. Some student had to complain, he just decided it would be him to lodge the complaint so that that student or students wouldn’t get into trouble. You can be sure that it was a student that brought it up first.

        • Alan
        • Barbara Holland

          Well, actually the professor at GWU Law makes a business of filing nuisance complaints as part of his public interest law curriculum. He has filed several others against Catholic university as well. BTW, do you really think it’s a secret that a Catholic university has crosses in each of its classrooms?

        • Siti Noor

          he’s just a politician with a political agenda … things like this, he doesn’t need to have a student complaint to spark the issue. He just needs to be there… like someone below said, it is no secret that the catholic schools have crosses in the rooms.

          When at airports, I am glad for just a room to pray, that I go to the multi-faith prayer rooms available. There are crosses there too. At no point of time did I ask for the cross to be removed just so I can pray. What matters is the intention and Allah swt knows to whom I am directing my prayers. And I am sure the students feel the same. I too attended a catholic school for 10 years, and an Anglican junior college after that. It is a non-issue until a politician makes it one.

      • Mike Stern

        yes it was the students that complained

    • Thomas R Bunnell

      better yet go back home

    • TMA1

      And every single Lib Demo-Commie is saying Yep yep yep yep……the muslims have a point.

    • Ebby

      Right, ask them if they let Christians in Arab world practicing their religious rituals!

    • redwolf6911

      My thoughts exactly. Catholic Universities were here first. If the Muslims do not like it, go elsewhere or back to their home country.

    • Kari

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    • Kelly J. Nguyen

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    • p.j.

      Seems like a reasonable solution.

    • Sam Rullo

      Exactly! !! Last I heard the United States was one nation under God. Not Allah. As a life long Catholic I am offended by such a stupid demand. Go enroll in a Muslim
      school. If the university caves in on this they should be excommunicated

    • julie

      I couldn’t agree more. why attend a religious school that you don’t agree with.

    • Dianna Zerbe

      they go to stir up trouble!

    • Truth

      Amen to that!

    • 3ronald1

      That is exactly right. The Muslims are trying to force EVERYONE to accommodate what they want. They have sued restaurants for having a billboard advertising that they serve bacon. Let’s get real folks. If you don’t like (or won’t eat) bacon, go to a different restaurant. If you want to attend a college without a cross or crucifix displayed, don’t go to a Catholic or Christian University. That’s pretty simple, isn’t it? It’s common sense.
      If you think a Muslim University would allow a Catholic to put up a crucifix on their wall, think again.
      Get smart America – we can’t let them take over our country!

    • Mark Gehrke

      Yes it’s a Catholic University. Duh. I’d put up more crosses. Or ask those who wear traditional Muslim clothing not to because it is a painful reminder of 9/11.

    • SamiHami

      Stop making sense.

    • karl59

      Did not the name Catholic tip off these people?

    • sandra

      Just another movement of the Radical Muslims in our country.

    • Pat

      Yes… And if they don’t understand they can go back where they came from. They will have no crosses there

    • tom

      That makes a lot of sense. Where but America can anyone bring such a disgusting excuse for a lawsuit? Maybe CU should throw these students out of school, though that would bring another lawsuit.

    • Ronald Roman

      That’s common sense. Nobody uses that anymore. Is so…20th century…

    • Nellie McConnell

      I am offended by the Muslim head scarf’s and dress code. We are a free country but the Muslims expect everyone to accept their religion. There should be a dress code for every school. This is a Catholic College!! They are probably getting a free education! If they don’t like the College, they have the right to go someplace else. Saudi Arabia might accept them. I don’t remember anything a Muslim country has contributed to the world but terrors! Forcing people to their religion or die.

  • nolllegals

    Throw them all back to wherever they slithered out from.

    • Cynddy

      Upstate NY?

      • edslides

        ahhhh, there it is. take your stupidity back to upstate n.y. and stay there.

        • Pookster USMC

          Oh no, she does not represent anyone here in Upstate NY! LOL. I was born and raised in NY. She has most likely been run out of NY and is still pissed about it. NYC may he liberal, but the vast majority of NY STATE is NOT. Wherever she is from, they can keep her.

        • Cynddy

          There’s a brilliant retort. You say nothing, but spew hate. I guess that is the American way?

    • sabelmouse

      lets start with the white people who started invading 500 years ago.

      • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

        Right, let’s live in the past and ignore today’s problems shall we?

        • sabelmouse

          right, of course that doesn’t count, never mind what native americans have to say/put up with.

          • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

            *sigh Again, let’s live in the past and ignore today’s problems shall we?

          • sabelmouse

            the problems of native americans are very real today. they would love all the white people yo leave their country.

          • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

            While I do agree we haven’t done enough for them, this issue is about muslims. they are quietly infiltrating all of our countries. they first blend in, they start with the equal treatment bs, then they make demands, then the sharia patrols start. They have already moved onto these steps in the IK, we don’t need it here. It is a damn shame what we have done to to the Natives here in the past, if it were up to me, they wouldn’t have all these tiny reservations, but whole states given to them. But we, as a whole established country, need to be aware of what is happening now. Right now.

          • sabelmouse

            well, you’re going to hell in a handcart but not because of muslims. let’s hope that you don’t drag to much of the planet with you.
            happy dystopia is really all that i can wish you.

      • Debra Blouin

        Time for you to go study some history there, buddy

        • sabelmouse

          you should comment on the guardian. it’s colonialism denier paradise over there.

      • Gator

        Funny because before europeans arrived north america was full of warring tribes who all invaded and stole each others land. And had the indian tribes become more technologically advanced it would have been them invading europe.
        Every culture and every nationality has been invaded and had there land taken away at 1 point in history. Thats why english ppl speak english and not gaulic. England or angland meant land ov the anglos and was stoken from the celtic tribes by the anglo saxons. Then around 200 years later the anglos were conquered by the normans.

        • sabelmouse

          same in africa! slavery actually saved them! blahblahblah!

  • Tina

    Do you think that they would remove their qurans or any of their religious items if we found them offensive?? Get them the hell outta here!

    • ryan

      But they aren’t claiming its offensive, they claim it prevents their prayer and own religious freedom. It’s a mixture of legal brilliance and a ridiculous legal system that allows things like this.

      • Monk

        BULL it’s a ploy to start trouble. And I for one have had enough. I am extremely “OFFENDED” by their beliefs and want them out of MY country.

        • ryan

          I’m not saying it’s right, I am saying that’s what it is… our judicial system allows bs lawsuits like this, and their lawyers are smarter than claiming things are offensive… Pur judicial system “protects” (if you believe their own justifications) religious freedom, but doesn’t protect your feelings. So instead do what they do, sue them for hindering your religion, not for offending you since that is useless.

          • Bill Pittman

            You have a good point.

        • Arizona Willie

          ALL religions should be forbidden in the U.S.

          ALL churches should be turned into food kitchens / orphanages.

          • John Feasel

            This is not the answer, and any sane, rational, logical, open-minded ADULT would know it. We do not need to close the doors to churches, chapels, and the like just to please a minority of the population.

          • Arizona Willie

            They used to make maps of the world showing it as flat because only a minority of people thought it was round.

            The MINORITY was RIGHT.

          • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

            My church does host food kitchens and charities. Find me a mosque that does this.

          • cdm99
          • Niels Christiansen

            But without religious organizations, who would run these food kitchens and orphanages? Will you?
            I can tell you this, all 3 food pantries and the 2 food kitchens where I volunteered my time in my life, yep run by Christian Churchs.
            Oh, and yes ALL of the workers were Christians from many different Churches

          • Arizona Willie

            The state should take them over and run them and hire people to do it … thereby creating jobs instead of just claiming they will like Republicans do.

          • Voice Of Reason

            The state “SHOULD”.. But, are they? If the state is not doing it, somebody has to in order to help these people

          • Pookster USMC

            And where is the STATE going to get the money to “create” these jobs?

        • kiss_my_asthma

          it’s not your country, you fat bitch.

          • Monk

            IT sure as hell is MY COUNTRY. It’s EVERY AMERICAN’S COUNTRY! And as for the FAT BITCH statement You are ugly with hate…I can loose weight. So Piss off.

          • kiss_my_asthma

            it’s LOSE weight, not loose weight. you might also want to get an education while you’re at it.

      • Linda D

        I’d like to know just HOW it prevents them from praying—do they stick themselves to the wall and climb up it and the crosses hanging there impede their movement? WTF? If they had a truly worthwhile god, he/she would hear their prayers from anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances. This is all bullshit.

        • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

          LMAO, the image that sprang to my head after reading this, funny, yet disturbing, lol.

        • ryan

          I agree with you, but unfortunately our government probably isn’t smart enough to realise that. If you read all of my posts you would see I disagree with their bullshit, I’m just pointing out that their lawyers are smarter than most of the people posting here claiming it is offensive…. But they found the “loophole” which is religious freedom. If they can twist anything into somehow hindering it, then the judicial system will likely rule in their favor wether it is right or wrong, even if they lie about how it hinders their freedom. My entire point is that saying “they offend me I should sue them, or they should leave because their stupid” has no legal standing in court. But…. saying “their prayer carpets prevent me from being able to pray freely praying as my religion requires” probably would in our system. The people who take advantage of our judicial system are only partly to blame, the rest is our government for allowing it.

          • Voice Of Reason

            WHAT ABOUT THE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM OF THE CATHOLIC SCHOOL???? Its a private institution. They have more freedom and lead-way to teach what they want to teach given that its within legal and moral boundries

          • ryan

            That’s something their lawyers will have to defend. As much as it sucks I don’t see the system doing what everyone knows it should do. I’m simply pointing it out. Hell I think they should face the decision they made. The idiots chose to go to that school full well knowing it was a Catholic school. But as I’ve said… their lawyers are smarter than most here and they found an “easy” target

          • Voice Of Reason

            What makes it worse is that suit was filed by a nutty leftist professor FROM ANOTHER SCHOOL. What business is it of his of the operations of another private university? This stinks on SOOOO many levels

          • Gator

            Maybe the catholic school should file a lawsuit against the other school and this dumass law professor for hindering its right to prayer. But please stop with the thier lawyers are smarter than everyone here. We may not be trained lawyers but that doesnt mean were not intelligent and we still have common sense.

          • Linda D

            And you are SO right.

      • jeanette zobjeck

        so go somewhere else to pray because I find your prayer methods offensive and all them durn prayer rugs just take up space or maybe spread bugs for all I know. I can’t pray in public buildings why should they pray in private builds of a different relisious persuasion ?

      • edslides

        right? seems to me if their religion was the important thing, being mooselimbs and all, praying to their god in a room set aside for another religions god would be some sort of triumph. truly? you animals cant pray to your god because of a cross? ol’ allah must be kinda disappointed in your professed faith. losers.

  • Rod Tod

    I am highly offended by muslims. Therefore using their logic , they should be removed from my presence. Where’s the idiocy going to stop! Its time to say NO to them. Its America, we have freedom here…GET OVER IT!

    • Paula Marie McGraw

      the idiocy will stop when people stop being led around by the nose like this. it was 4years ago and the students weren’t complaining it was a teacher at another school. it most likely happened to piss off people like you because it was election time.

      • Rizzan

        Do you have a link?

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      • Maalej Moez

        Manipulation ……………….Some Where In America some one is doing his best to let All of You hate Muslims ……………..Who is it , Why Now !!!!!!!!!!!

        • Lynne Marton

          Because they want us dead. Is that a good enough reason?

        • Aigbogun l. o.

          Muslims hate themselves. A religion that has no respect for the sanctity of human life should not have a place any where in America. In Islamic countries are the rights of other faiths allowed not to talk of being respected? If they can’t abide by the structures put up by Catholic University, let them find other places to learn rather than arm-twisting the institutions’ authorities.

          • sabelmouse

            the usa has respect for the sanctity of life?

          • Kim Smith


          • sabelmouse

            you presume a lot from my one sentence.

          • jeff

            Do you think otherwise?

          • Agarthi Dreadlow

            KIM SMITH what about Canada?… the UK?… Japan?… if the US has MORE respect for human life than any other country… than why do you allow any one carry a fire arm and call it a right?… leading to being the country with one of the highest crime rate and highest for crimes involving guns… why do you have more homeless than anywhere in the world… why do alot of American individuals only care for themselves than for any other person… why do your ppl riot and trash homes and private properties and loot stores… i say if anything.. the USA has got to be the WORST country in the world… Low in education… low in literacy … low in economics… let your people go homeless and starve… let people carry guns just because “its a right”… rape murder robberies organised crime street gangs… most found in the USA… ya… awesome country you have there

          • Tracy Osteen
          • Agarthi Dreadlow

            so beaten by a bunch of third world countries where a so called SUPER POWER still condones alot of crime as if it were a third world country… one major city in the US sees more crime than what CANADA AS A WHOLE sees in a DECADE

          • jonodough

            Do you know history at all? Every picture you see of people being slaughtered, beheaded, in mass graves, ALL OF THOSE DEAD DID NOT HAVE GUNS. If they did they wouldn’t be dead. Duh.

          • Conservative Mark

            We need to stop pussy footing around. It is time for the Vatican to call for Crusades 2.0!

          • cecilia59

            Don’t worry. The Vatican will call for a Crusade against them when they have had enough of their nonsense with this ilk. It’s only a matter of time. The Vatican is very aware of the actions of bellyaching Muslims, who get offended over every little thing, but find it okay to make offensive and anti-Catholic comments.

          • This comment makes you as bad as how you see them…

          • Conservative Mark

            I don’t think so, Mohammad.

          • Bravo sir.. bravo. You are an obvious intellect not to be argued with.

          • Frank

            Bravo Omegadk1. I love people who resort to insults when they lack the brainpower to give a thoughtful response. Thomas Jefferson tells us ths in order for democracy to succeed, it needs a well informed electorate (i.e citizens)…… We’re screwed!!

          • Kim Smith


          • Brian Curtis


          • George El Kabieer

            Dear Maalej- just you have to think from another point of view if you can visit any arab country you will come to know what muslims are doning with other religions 🙂
            Aigbogun- Totally i agree with your words i am living in egypt and we are not able to talk even about our rights
            catholic college why they are joining this colleges in egypt only muslims can join AL Azhar (Islamic College)

          • wjshelton

            Dude, the story is a hoax.

        • Jenda

          I don’t think the followers of the desert thief need any help in this regard.

        • Terry Collette

          Indeed…unfortunately the very people who gave us religions, are the same people who are behind the wars, and conflict. keeping people at odds as to create division, so they can profit from wars, and keep us living in fear…which btw, is the best form of crowd control.

          • Kim Smith

            did you learn that at a liberal college. The people who perpetuate war are the big businesses, politicians, and wealthy. In the case of muslims, they will go to war with each other, if no one else is around, because islam corrupts the soul. It is a dark belief that rots any goodness from a persons soul. Look at any islamic country. The people are repressed, the men are vile and abusive. The old women, having lived a lifetime with the monsterous males, turn into old crows who would rather their sons become martyrs than live in peace. YOU ARE ALL VILE WHO FOLLOW ISLAM

        • stevereistad
        • Brian

          We don’t hate all Muslims, just the ones who are still alive. The dead ones are fine.

    • Saka Moko

      You can’t get into the warped minds of these satan worshippers. I like you logic though. SPOT ON !!

      • Frank

        These “satan worshipers”worship the same God you worship, teach about Jesus and the Virgin Mary, believe in the Immaculate Conseption, and believe that of the three prophets of our monotheistic faith, Jesus was the only one that performed miracles. But I understand where you are coming from. It is definitely easier to listen to some Right wing, red neck, white garbage piece of s…, then to pick up a book or travel overseas, and find out for yourself, what makes these “devil worshipers” tick. People like you are more of a threat to our Constitution (you should read that too), than any Moslem or Arab terrorist.

        • Debra Blouin

          But the important thing to remember is that this IS a Catholic university. The complaint seems to be about the cross, the central symbol of the central tenet of the Catholic faith- that Jesus was crucified on the cross and was resurrected for the propitiation of sin, a tenet which Islam rejects. Of course it causes offense. That is its job. Everyone who sees it is called to account.

          • Bobbywasthecat

            AMEN SISTER

        • Gator

          Hmmm to my knowledge they do revognize jesus as a prophet but that is it. If they are so accepting of christianity then why do they slaughter christians in muslum countrys and express hate towards christianity. Sorry bud but actions speak louder than words u can say whatever u want but until they start showing it and practice what u preach then ur gonna have to deal with it.

          • Colin Spencer

            Muslims don’t reason the way normal people do. Sunni Muslims hate Shi-ite Muslims as much as they hate non-Muslims. Theirs is not a friendly, compassionate philosophy of life. Anything different at all to that which they are taught, is inherently evil and must be destroyed. Christians, as we all know, find goodness in everyone. They are able to live in harmony with people of other beliefs, and to respect and love their fellow man. In Aceh, Indonesia, radical Muslims murdered Christians. But when the Tsunami wiped thousands of them off the face of the earth, Non-Muslims from many countries pitched in to help with billions of dollars in aid and emergency supplies. We can set a good example to radical Muslims, but, unfortunately, there is no antidote for unmitigated hate. Theirs is a religion of hate.

          • Gary Bucher

            Kind of like different Christian denominations hate each other and think they are the only true religion? How conveniently christians forget their own bloody past.

          • JH

            Gary, note the word ‘past.’ There have been times where Christians have fought one another, but it is in the distant past. Nations influenced by Christianity have brought forth public hospitals, the public university, democracy, the abolition of slavery, civil rights and modern science. That too is history.

          • Michael Kosak

            and got rid of slavery- whereas moslem countries still practice and encourage slavery, of anyone who is not moslem.

          • Mark Henaghan

            What like northern Ireland in the distant 90s

          • Doug

            Well? What about Northern Ireland. That is a political war against a Church run Government.

          • Mark Henaghan

            So my Dad’s family and mum’s family objected to their marriage based on political prejudice, ah now I see so glad you cleared that up for me. And when my gran told me she could tell a prody dog by the way he walked and held himself, that was a political bias at play again. Politics was, and still is a driver it’s the politics of faith.

          • Doug

            My family left the land there before the trouble started. I guess they saw the handwriting on the wall. Still Mom always wanted to go back Ireland. She never said where home was North or south. I suspect North.

          • kat211

            You probably already know this – but just in case…One of the major ‘beefs’ the No. Irish had/have against the Irish is that, during the War (you know..the one to end all wars), Lloyd George, the then Prime Minister of England, wanted to ensure that the manufacturing plants of No. Ireland remained in production, even though so many young men had joined the Army and gone to war vs the Germans. To do this, he had thousands of young men from Ireland (who stayed out of the War, except to give safe passage and harbour to the German boats), move to Belfast with the promise of jobs – permanent jobs. The trouble began when the War was over and .. yep .. when the No. Irish boys came home – no jobs. Nothing.
            Their loyalty to the UK and the Union Jack came at an even higher price than risking life and limb on a battlefield… and Lloyd George and all who were connected with the operation (Ireland, viewed as traitorous by them and many others) became the focus of loathing and yes, even hate. Just one more nail in the coffin of the Orange and the Green.

          • Wee Bill

            I’m Irish born in Belfast can trace my family name 1000 years or there abouts… Let me tell you something England sent planters here from Scotland and Northern England in the 1600’s it was never about religion that was a smokescreen it was about replacing the native Irish with a friendly british populace but it only worked in the North- East ( the term northern ireland is wrong as the most northern point of our island is in the republic of ireland ) you people talk when you know nothing … BETTER STILL WHO’S HAND IS BEHIND ALL THE CHRISTIAN – HATING AND YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE THEM , HINT THEY RUN YOUR GOVERNMENT … ISRAEL-FIRSTERS…

          • Rick Kuhn

            I know that different denominations, do not believe in all the same things, but I certainly do not believe that they hate each other. Oh wait, sorry Gary I see your a liberal! Let me explain the way the real world works, since most liberals do not mature past a third grade level.You see Gary, Just because you do not agree with someone, does not mean that you hate someone. I know that is kind of a hard concept to understand from a 3rd grade maturity level, but it is true,

          • ivonne

            Have you forgotten the crusades and the inquisitions?

          • Dai Williams

            Obviously Rick maybe only just made 4th grade then dropped out after his first week. You may even know about the troubles in Northern Ireland, in the UK if you want a more recent example of how Christians ( Protestant and Catholic ) can set against each other , although there were other political issues involved in the years of conflict that happened there.

          • mitch

            wasn’t alive for those, what happened a few centuries ago don’t Bother me

          • Gi Lara

            The one that was necessary to avoid muslims to enslave christians back then? As for the inquisition, it was the pursuit of False Catholics by the Catholic Church aided by the State which put it in the Catholic Church’s tab in the end due the tug of war for power between those two.

          • Ray Sipka

            no,unfortunately those that don’t know history are doomed to repeat it

          • Crusader Prime

            The Crusades were a response to Islamic Conquests.
            The Crusades began 460 years after the Muslims starting slaughtering people off. The Inquisition was about ridding the Christian world of Islam. It’d be nice if you’d actually know some history.

          • ivonne

            Thank you for elaborating on my response and for detailing how both events were about Christians slaughtering Muslims—which was exactly my point without all the details because I assumed that most people with any kind of education would know what occurred during the Crusades and the Inquisition. My bad for assuming most people have half a brain to work with.

          • Frank

            Wrong. Muhammad was not born until the late 600s or there about. He started the faith we now call islam. The first crusades were in the 10th century. Before Muhammad, the people in what is now the middle east (starting in the Arabian peninsula) worshiped idols and goats and what not. Muhammad either converted them to believe in one God, or punished them for worshiping idols. The conquest of the middle east by Islam was finished by the time of the crusades. In 1095 Pope Urban II proclaimed the firs Crusades to restore Christian access to the holy lands around Jerusalem. It would be nice if you also knew some history.

          • BadJasper

            The Crusades ended hundreds of years ago. Islamic murders, wars, baby killing, etc, has not ended and they have chosen not to evolve or grow. Also, take a few minutes and read the Koran. In almost all cases, they follow it and believe it to the letter.

          • Gary Bucher

            Sorry to burst your retarded little bubble but I’m hardly a liberal. And if you say they don’t hate each other fine, but if they think the other denominations are all going to hell they sure as hell don’t like each other.

            Now quit being so cunty just because someone disagrees with you.

          • Carl Wins

            You have to be liberal.. you’re a weak little man.

          • Gary Bucher

            And you’re still being cunty what’s your point?
            Stop being an Internet tough guy and get over yourself.
            As far as the liberal thing goes, whatever you wanna think is fine by me, but I voted for Bush (both terms) and I would have voted for McCain if he hadn’t pick a moron as his vp.

          • Carl Wins

            so you voted Obama.. Nuff said.. You’re not worthy of me bashing you. You do it to yourself . Ha!! little little man.

          • kat211

            This is somewhat a deviation from the topic at hand, but you’re wrong on this one, Rick. There *are* some self-styled ‘Christian’ denominations who truly hate Catholicism and its followers. I’ve been in their churches. I’ve heard their pastors speak. These people rely on the ignorance of their church goers and spew out all kinds of deliberate lies about the RC Church. To what end? I’m not sure. But they do it and their churches do exist…and not in small numbers.

          • Ed Mulvaney

            Funny I don’t see any Christian beheading for blasphemy or for that matter anything…. big difference ..

          • Monique

            I agree that all religions have their dark past and those that have abused and harmed people in its name. No one is better than anyone else when it comes to religion that praises God.

          • Bobbywasthecat

            Christians of various denominations do not hate each other. And we all think we have the one true religion – Jesus. But really, why follow ANY religion if you do not believe it is true?

          • Bernard Upcroft

            People who have no idea of what their talking about should probably set back relax and read more!! I think if you do that it may bring you up to date!!

          • Gary Bucher

            Want me to post links to articles to prove it since you obviously don’t want to check on the truth yourself?

            Don’t get me wrong muslims are just as bad, this world would one hell of a lot better place without any religion, or people who believe their sky daddy says it’s OK to murder, rape, tourture, discriminate, or force their beliefs upon everyone else.

          • Gary Bucher
          • sgb1

            The Christians may have a bloody past but the key word is “past”. The Muslims are killing Christians right now, which makes them a danger. Don’t try to excuse their bloody behavior by gazing at the past. It doesn’t matter. Today is today. The past is gone.

          • Gary Bucher

            Christians are killing muslims in foreign countries. They also burn alive witches and homosexuals. Yeah jebus!

          • Pat Dickey Croley

            Christians do not “hate” other denominations. They may not believe in worshipping the same way but they do worship the same God. Hate is such a strong word to be throwing around in a setting like this.

          • Lynda

            Sorry Pat, but I have to say Gary is right look at European history, 30 yrs. war, and the civil war that went on in the British Isles from 1969 until the Good Friday Agreement. Christian denominations divide us mostly into two groups Catholic and Protestant.

          • Gary Bucher

            They do and I know this because I have been in their churches. I went to a babtist church with a preacher who stated that catholics were no better than satanists because they worship Marry he also said the assembly of god churches let the devil in because they had christian metal bands play their. That’s just two examples of many.

            And sorry but if wishing eternal tourture on another human being isn’t hate I don’t know what is.

          • Pat Dickey Croley

            I didn’t say there aren’t a lot of crazies out there…..even in churches. But nothing you say means they hate other Christians because they pray to Mary or let bands play in their churches. Saying they are wrong does not equate with hating them. Or saying they will be going to hell does not mean they wish them there……Get your story straight.

          • Gary Bucher

            See the link I posted below, and the the other link I posted yesterday. Two modern day examples of hate. Unless of course you call murder, rape, and burning people alive love. In which case you’re nuts and this conversation is over because you can’t fix that kind of crazy.

          • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

            Yes, we often go burn each others churches down. And beheading is scheduled right after baptism. smh

          • Gary Bucher

            I’ve already posted links in this thread rhat show modern day christians talking openly about the rape and murder of homosexuals. Sorry bit there is also video of christians burning a man alive because he was gay. So yeah from my perspective christians are no better than ANY other religion.

          • Gary Bucher

            Warning this link has actual video of christians burning witches. I know what you must be thinking “how did he get video of the Salem witch hunts, does he have a time machine?”. Well the answer is no, time travel isn’t possible this is from 2013.


          • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

            Christian means to follow Christ. Obviously these people in your video, (which I did not watch, I don’t like to watch killing or torturing regardless of who does it, or who it’s being done to) are not following Christ’s ways. And a little bit of a secret. NO denomination is right. Christ never meant for us to segregate into little man made groups and bash each other. And ALL religion is dangerous. Christians are supposed to follow Christ, plain and simple, if they are not, then they’re doing it wrong.

          • Carl Wins

            Nothing like Muslims. Go blow yourself up and hig tie your women like a little weak man you are. ha ha ha ha!! Youre jealous I get it.

          • BadJasper

            The key word there is “Past”. Most religions will at least TRY to evolve.

          • Gary Bucher

            I’ve posted 2 different links on this thread I dare you to read and watch the video and tell me it’s in the past. The only way you could justify it is if 2 years ago is far enough in the past to forget these atrocities.

          • Cynddy

            You know absolutely nothing about Islam based on your own revealing words. Islam is the religion of Peace. It is westerners who would not allow them to live in peace. Either we want their oil or their water or their minerals. We subdue them with our weaponry and take what is theirs. And you were saying about Christians? Can’t fool me. I was a Christian for over thirty years. I know a True Christian when I see one and there aren’t too many left around.

          • Bobbywasthecat

            we do PAY for the oil, AND provide them with food.

          • Lynne Marton

            islam is not even a religion, never mind “peaceful” – it is an insidious political machine whose goal is world domination and rule by sharia law. You are really delusional!! Stop living in your brainwashed tiny bubble! You truly know nothing – do the REAL research – the imams scream it out all over the internet!!! And I am not Christian – my religion goes back thousands of years before islam and Christianity.

          • Cynddy

            You are horrible insulting ridiculous people. You know absolutely nothing about Islam which is my religion; a choice I made 34 years ago after having been a Christian for 33 years. I look at you and your comments and they more than reaffirm my reasons for leaving Christianity behind. You are NOT Christians. Christ would never have acted as any of you do. You are run by propaganda and emotion and hatred. Definitely not shining examples of Christianity to say the least.

          • Konstantinos Moshogiannis

            Very Graphic Warning: This is Christian haters Graphic Warning: This is Christian haters

          • Gladys Brierley

            I could not watch it any longer evil!

          • Vegastarr Vel

            …..pure Christian have Holy Spirit within them….communicate with God through Tonque Language ( given by the Holy Spirit )…anyway sad to see you have no faith in Jesus, becoz only thru him you can enter the Kingdom of his Father(God). Many could only read the Bible but most don’t understand it. Wisdom of God is far beyond the wisdom of man.He is above Logic.

          • LANManic

            Muhammad never acted as Christ did either.

          • ItchyTheClone

            It is very easy to discover where you stand with Islam as a Christian. Find an Islam-friendly web site that has a searchable Koran and/or Hadith and look up the word “unbeliever”. Be sure to read for context. There is no text that indicates that an unbeliever should be allowed to go unpunished. I think you are lying about being a Christian. Christ never asked His followers to be idiots.

          • Frank

            No, you are right. Christ never asked his followers to be idiots. We did it on our own. After all God did give us free will.
            He also did not ask us to hate 600,000,000 muslims because Islam was not around at the time of christ. So after all the peace, tolerance, love, compassion, that Christ taught us its OK to hate Muslims. Had Christ been around, when Islam appeared, I am sure he would not have liked them. As for the Omnipotent, all seeing all knowing, one true God, creator of heaven and earth. Well, we thought he was perfect, but he also created Muslims. Now its up to us Good Pious, God fearing, and God loving Christians to clean up his mess.
            My question is when you die and meet Him how will He react to your hatred, to you ignorance, to your hypocrisy?

          • ItchyTheClone

            Frank, I don’t hate anyone. I do, however recognize danger when I see it. The simple fact is that institutional Islam kills everyone who does not believe exactly what they are told to believe whether they cherish Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, or Nothing. There is nothing hypocritical or hateful about recognizing facts as they appear.

            You, sir are (intentionally, I suppose) attempting to perpetuate a particular point of view that religion in general is bad. Fine and dandy. You will not see any Christians paying you a visit to hack your head off with a dull blade beside the ocean. However it is a simple fact that there is no place on earth where Sharia is the law of the land where someone who refuses to recognize Allah and his prophet is allowed to participate in government or own property. People who are gay are not allowed to continue to live. People who are unbelievers are slaughtered wholesale because in general it’s a good thing to do it and it certainly is not illegal.

            Wake up please. I do not fault you for not being able to see the grandeur that is God. That having been said, who do you think that you are to point out my “hatred, ignorance, and hypocrisy”? Your sarcastic derision poured out on me and on God shows a certain hatred for both. The fact that you appear to know absolutely nothing about Islam (you do not even attempt to cite facts) is very clear. It seems as though you have enough hypocrisy to supply any medium sized group of normal human beings.

            When my time comes as it does to everyone, I will stand before God and accept any judgement that He declares. He is good and just. Unlike you.

          • Colin Spencer

            Islam is a religion of hate and fear. Christianity is the complete opposite. There are nice people who are Muslims just as there are nice people who are Christians. That has nothing to do with the underlying problem. So, Cynddy, what drives the Muslims in the video below this comment to murder defenceless people while shouting God is Great? And what can you say that makes Islam innocent? No excuses. No blaming other people.

          • Pat Dickey Croley

            Oh my god…..Cynddy, you are nuts.

          • Cynddy

            You are horrible insulting ridiculous people. You know absolutely nothing about Islam which is my religion; a choice I made 34 years ago after having been a Christian for 33 years. I look at you and your comments and they more than reaffirm my reasons for leaving Christianity behind. You are NOT Christians. Christ would never have acted as any of you do. You are run by propaganda and emotion and hatred. Definitely not shining examples of Christianity to say the very least.

          • ivonne

            Oil has nothing to do with what is written in the koran and no, it is not a religion of peace

          • Frank

            You are right. oil has nothing to do with what is written in the Koran. It has everything to do with us constantly interfering with them. I learned a long time ago that if you shove a stick into a hornet’s nest, you are going to get stung. Well, we are getting stung, and it does not feel good does it? I also understand that it is very easy to blame a culture or a religion for it. Ignorant people always look for the easy way out. We also believe they are Christian haters.
            There is no such thing as a religion of peace. Religion is a group of people who worship to the same higher power in a similar fashion. Mormon, catholic, protestant, jehovah witness, etc, are religions. All are part of Christianity. The people in these religions are the ones that determine if they are peaceful or not. And it only takes a few of a group to tarnish the reputation of the whole group (religion or faith).

          • someone

            finally someone on here i can agree with

          • Brenda Cole

            Correction – extremists don’t “reason the way ‘normal’ people do” THAT is the problem. Not Muslims, or Catholics, or Buddhists or any other religion. The interpretation is the problem. Labeling a whole group of people based on the actions of a few is the other problem.

          • Kim Smith

            But it is the majority of the group. The muslims who move here do so with no tolerance for anyone but other muslims. these people move to nonmuslim countries and then complain that WE SHOULD ACCOMADATE THEM. sorry you cannot understand that that is not peaceful. It is outrageous

          • Gary Bucher

            Kind of like how christians have been trying to legislate their religious beliefs so they can force it on everyone else?

          • Paul Sexton

            They reject the holy trinity and many i have seen commenting are quite vocal that the god as trinity that christianity worship and the allah that they worship can not possibly be the same god.

          • Crystal Marsh-Arnold

            exactly they have no respect for christianity or human life they are nothing but murders hiding behind a religion that is pure garbage.

        • Richard Ellicott

          actually the muslims i talked to said jesus was a prophet.

          the samaritan lady says this immediately, suggesting that prophets are quite common (although special) John 4.20

          quite a demotion from the prophesied christ

          • ExpertOnIslam

            Welcome to taqiyya and kitman.

          • Richard Ellicott

            sorry i did not explain myself, muslims teach about chirst, but in a way offensive to christians, they demote him to a mere prophet.

          • Frank

            Yes, they believe that Jesus was a prophet. They also teach about the Virgin Mary, believe in the Immaculate Conception and admit that Jesus was the only one of the three prophets that could perform miracles.
            Yes I suppose they are quite common. David Koresh was a prophet as was Adolf Hitler.

          • Richard Ellicott

            and not forgetting the lost profits

          • Funny how Jesus and Muhammad were complete opposites in both actions and teachings.

        • No, they don’t worship our God. Have you read the Koran? They claim they do, but their ‘allah’ is pretty evil.

        • DJ Justice

          Then move there

        • TCDrDave

          I worship Jehovah God and His son, Jesus. I do not worship the moon god and never will. Muslims do not worship the same God I do as my God is a God of love and their’s is a god of hate and murder and destruction.

          • Pam

            That is why you see the crescent moon on display, they are the children of Baal.

          • ivonne

            so you are saying we live in a universe of many gods and not one god then?

          • TCDrDave

            We live in a universe with one true God and many false gods created by man to cater to man’s depravity or to overcome that depravity with our own strength. Jehovah God is the true and only God. Al others are false.

          • Gary Bucher

            Zeus is the one true God! He was dreamt up long before yaweh.

          • Gary Bucher

            Yes the Christian god loves everyone so much all the nonbelievers are going to be tortured for eternity in hell.

        • Carolyn Burton

          Jesus taught love, peace and tolerance – not bombing people and beheading them

        • Bobbywasthecat

          they do not. they do not believe that Jesus is God incarnate or died for the sins of mankind. That is the central core of Christianity. They believe Jesus is a prophet, but Muhammad is a greater prophet.

          • David Brown

            not true Jesus is mentioned more in the Koran than Muhammad . As well as the judge of mankind .

          • Bobbywasthecat

            is he God incarnate who died for our sins in the Koran? No. Therefore, not the same god.

        • Pam

          Then why are they offended by the cross?

          • Frank

            Again, Moslems are not offended by the cross. There are three great prophets to our monotheistic faiths Moses for Judaism, Christ for Christianity, and Mohamed for Islam. Please read the old testament and stop paying attention to the hate mongers.

          • Pam

            Jesus was not a prophet, that is the difference. Why do they want the crosses taken down if they are not offended as they stated.

        • Just Me2

          They also believe in rape, violence, misogyny, pedophilia, beheadings, murder, Christian persecution….people like you who defend people like this are vile human beings. Really they accept Jesus Christ so that explains them murdering Christians. You are an idiot.

          • Gary Bucher

            Christians are still doing the same thing in other countries. I posted a link above if you want to see for yourself.

        • m. borg (slm)

          Frank maybe next step is grind SHARIA into the US constitution and stone your wife to death instead of seeking divorce for , let say adultery. You’d love that Frank ?

          • Frank

            As i said,It is already here, and people like you brought it about. Government control of a woman’s reproductive decisions, abortion and birth control. Hiring policies that exclude LGBT’s, restrictions on how one worships, etc. And please do not bring in the Constitution. You have not read it, you do not understand it, and if you did you would be against it because it addresses and rejects all those bigoted principles you hold so dear.

          • Debra Blouin

            The most important reproductive decision a woman makes is having sex. That is the decision over which she has control. The next is fertility, over which only she has control. She is not denied birth control ever by anyone at any time! The only thing required, or which should be required, is that she pay for it herself. To say otherwise is to infanitlize women. You are either ignorant or deliberately and conveniently blind; abortion on demand is legal and that government has no control over it. Quit using your faux feminism here; everyone knows it’s a pick up line, and no one is biting.
            LGBT hiring restrictions? What restrictions? Worship? The only infringement I can see is imposed against Christians by weak-willed bureaucrats kow-towing to “offended classes”.
            I have read constitutional scholars, sir, and you are no constitutional scholar.

          • Gary Bucher

            I’m sorry how are christians “infringed” upon in the US?

          • Frank

            1. Your last comment about not being a constitutional scholar is correct. But it is as relevant to this exchange as me telling you that you are not a fat smelly white woman.
            2. I do not know what planet you are from, but here in the USA, we are constantly trying to overturn Roe V Wade, we freak out and have kittens anytime moslems try to put up a mosque, we have attempted to devastate Planned Parenthood funding, etc., etc.
            3. What is a constitutional scholar? Someone who twists what the Constitution says to fit their own paranoic, un American views. Kind of like we twist what the Bible says to justify our unChristian behavior.

          • Debra Blouin

            You are so ideologically predictible, you bore me.

          • Frank

            Wow!! IS that the best you can do? I wrote 10 lines in response to you. You read them. and you felt compelled to answer… with “you bore me”
            Well, here is one for you at your intellectual level. “So many idiots, so little time” And by the way I will NOT take you to the movies tonight.

          • Debra Blouin

            It’s not that it’s the best I can do; it’s that it’s all you’re worth.

          • Frank

            Well, the conservatives and tea baggers and other right wing zealots are making and effort to “grind” sharia law into the Constitution. Here in the US we do not stone our women to death for adultery. With so many guns, who needs stones?

        • Crystal Marsh-Arnold

          your an idiot because if they worshiped the same jesus we did the cross which signifies jesus and christian beliefs would not be offensive to them.

        • Maebe

          Seriously Frank? Have you read the Koran yourself?

          • Frank

            not all of it. But I have read the old testament. Try it. As I have said many times before; Reading cures stupidity.

          • Frank

            Parts, not all and certainly not in depth. The old and new testament yes. More so the old testament. If you are into old old history, try it. Once past Genesis it picks up speed. Exodus is very entertaining.

        • Michail Sobhy

          You say they’re worshipping same God because you are a moslem in a non moslem country!
          Why in moslem countries they refuse to call him God; only Allah?

          • Gary Bucher

            Allah directly translated means god. The christian god’s name is not god anyway.

        • david b cordick

          red neck, right wing, white garbage piece of shxt. my, my frank, you sure dont like the majority of americans, do you? and for your information the term, red neck is not an insult. why dont you take your own advice and pick up a book or search on the internet, what the term really means and how it got started. i dont know what countries you have been to that makes you so critical of americans. now i have traveled all over the world while in my navy career. and i discovered long ago, while you were probably still in diapers, that the only thing that foreigners like is the color of green, as in american money. sure they all laugh and joke with you, but at the same time they despise us. and as i have said many times before, if you dont like my country get the hell out.

          • Frank

            1. Does it matter how a term got started or it meant originally? Currently it stands for ignorant, narrow minded,abusive, racist people. If the shoe fits wear it.
            2. As far as not liking the majority of Americans, I would have to say the majority of Americans are decent, caring, and honorable people. But only a small majority. A large minority are ignorant, mean spirited, and non caring with a sense of entitlement that would make Mitt Romney blush. I also believe that that large minority are cowards. Ever since 9-11 we have been frightened out of our skin and see a boogie man behind every corner, and that boogie man is always dark skinned.
            3. How can we call ourselves Christians and condemn 600,000,000 of His creation because they pray and live differently.
            4.To say that the “only thing foreigners like is money”, is incredibly ignorant – a lesson you probably learned at an early stage in your career, in some foreign port with some cheap hooker where the only thing that mattered was the money, I know I felt that way at the age of 19 while stationed in Viet Nam. However, to still feel this way shows absolutely no growth.
            4. I have not traveled all over the world as you have, in my Air Force career, only about one third. I have not been to Africa yet. I have not been to two countries in both Europe and Latin America. I haver been to four countries is Asia, and four in the Middle East. But in those few countries I have been to I have learned that those people are just like us.
            5.No, I won’t get out, and no, it is not your country, it belongs to all of us. I am surprised that after at least 20 years in the Navy, in defense of OUR constitution, you would tell someone to leave the country, because you do not agree with him. If you feel that way then the oath you took meant nothing to you. What a waste.
            Add this to it. I will not leave for many reasons that I won’t list. But, I will give you two. The first is that if I leave there would be one less of me and one more of you. Can you imagine how boring that would be? The second reason is that I would no longer be able to comment in sites like this and to continue bugging the crap out of people like you.

          • david b cordick

            frank, thanks for the reply, i always listen to opposing arguments.  sorry you didnt like my comment, but i dont believe that enemies of my country should have the welcome mat spread out for them.  you obviously feel different, but thats your opinion and you are entitled to it.  as to me leaving, well that is a different matter, i spent all most four years in nam, not on ships but on the rivers and canals.  and i have never been ashamed of serving there.  i was ashamed of how our country treated the guys coming back, i saw the young ones, much older than when they left, so hurt and bewildered of why they were being treated that way.  so dont tell me about stationed in nam while in the air force.  you obviously think that i am a bad or dont deserve to live in this country.  well im fifty per cent disabled now, it took a lot of years but ptsd finally got me.  my wife cant even sleep with me, with the nightmares.  bad american, somehow being so bad i managed to instill a great sense of patriotism in my son, he went army, came back from iraq, one hundred per cent disabled, but still wanted to stay in the army, injury too great. so i think my family has paid the price of living here, and dont ever question anyone in my families patriotism or love of america

        • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

          I have had plenty of muslims tell me they think Jesus was a prophet, nothing more. They say there was no Immaculate Conception. They definitely do not think Jesus was on par with their mohammed or they would follow Him instead. No, they choose Jesus polar opposite to be their prophet. Whoever told you they believe in Virgin Mary and the Immaculate Conception was practicing Taqiya (however it’s spelled)…

        • Carl Wins

          You’re another racist left wing that got tea bagged so you have a big white dck in your mouth now. You’re left wing women are ugly as sin and you left wing men are weak. It’s a fact so you are filled with hate and jealousy. You’re laughed at and called uniformed. Get with the program or just be that little liberal man who gets trumped all the time.

        • Kim Smith

          How did people who believe all of these ideologies become so monstous? It is brainwashing? Look at the violence. Beheading children. They are demons, and anyone who defends them is a sociopath

        • Kim Smith

          wow, the ability to overlook what is happening daily in islamic countries ammazes me, liberals have a way of being blinded to truth so long as they can get their point of views out there to e veryone. Amazing. Children being beheaded and we, who are against this evil menace, we are the ones who are crazy.

      • Lisa Coniglio
      • Monique

        Yep cause only Satan and his demons are offended and afraid of the cross.

      • satan

        Nothing wrong with worshipping Satan

        • jeff

          Just curious..Why is your post name grayed out…Are you frightened of something?…Maybe THE DEVIL?? LOL

          • Gary Bucher

            You can’t fear that which does not exist.

          • jeff

            I agree, but looking at your other posts, it certainly appears that you harbor a great deal of hate

          • Gary Bucher

            Where did I post anything hateful? I just feel bad for the brainwashed masses that believe in fairy tales.

        • Bernard Upcroft

          there is always one crawling out of the pit!

      • Crystal Marsh-Arnold

        lmao that was awesome. thats about the size of it.

    • jacob6135

      )))))(*&Diet and exercise, that’s pretty much what it always boils down to, right? Eat the foods our grandparents and great-grandparents would’ve eaten, lift some heavy weights, and walk/play as much as we can. That’s about all that we gotta do, and our bodies just take care of the rest themselves. Losing weight is freaking hard as can be, especially with so much information out there on the right way or wrong way to lose fat. Foods we can’t eat, exercises we gotta do, it’s enough to drive somebody crazy.

      It ain’t just about eating less and moving more or counting calories and weighing all your food. Sure, that stuff works for a little bit but it only gets you so far and then once you stop that diet you just gain it all back (and usually extra weight!). We lost right around 115 pounds (between the 2 of us) in just under 3 months (we tried different diets and reviewed them on our website at….. ). It’s all about a life change. Starving yourself, doing cardio till you drop and popping diet pills don’t work and it never will…

    • Monique

      Well said, Rod.

    • Carrie Barton


    • Crystal Marsh-Arnold

      i love it. perfectly stated.

    • sgb1

      The way they dress offends ME. I think they should not be allowed to wear those offensive scarves.

    • Maalej Moez

      Absolutely True ……………………………They are Manipulated or just Idiots

    • Lydia Wensink

      This is about some guy pending stupid lawsuits. Its just one guy and not all muslims are like that so what you are saying is very illogical.

    • Gordon Martin

      I’m astonished that ancient mythology (including “crosses”) is still present in 2015

      • Gary Bucher

        Wish I could up vote this more!

    • Claire Tawfilis

      they have to learn or to use to accept the cross ,the cross is there before them,and muslims are always a big complainers if they are complaining leave the place in peace if they are really looking for peace , and want peace, that is the true love for God if they have the true love for God.
      O King of peace give us Your peace.

    • Esha Karim

      Know whom to blame first. this is a christian professor who claimed this. Muslims didn’t demand this. This professor is defaming the Muslims.

    • Andrew Yurish

      Pretty much

    • kamal

      you are right 100% if they want to pray he can pray at his home or he ask their associations to build a place for them to pray or to make what ever they want . don’t allow to any body to change what is in the School or the University , if they don’t like they can go to Islamic university .

  • Heather Atkinson

    So, what say we girls march in to the local mosque, shoes on, during one of their ‘many prayers’ and demand the segregation by gender be ended… by lawsuit!

    • Linda Thomas

      That would be so awesome. Hope you’re able to do this. Wish I could be there. Don’t forget to bring some men, we worship together. Boy will that tick them off…lmao

      • whoselineisitanyway

        Don’t forget a lard pail, full and a slab of pork ribs

        • Cynddy

          Sophomoric imbecile.

          • Steve Zero

            good job googling insults that make you look smart. oh this retards one of those vaccine haters. the vaccinations you got as a child must have made you autistic.

          • edslides

            are you still running your mouth? i asked you to shut your ignorant pie hole 3 posts back, and yet the diarrhea still flows…….

          • Cynddy

            You are a filthy mouthed person, a red neck perhaps. Who died and left you in control of this thread?

      • Cynddy


        • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

          You call some pretty big names. That makes you feel big does it?

          • nmpher29

            And it’s really sad when you have to like your own comment. Lol. Give it up, Cynddy. I don’t know if you’re really that stupid or just a troll. I’ll pray for you….really.

          • Cynddy

            No. I don’t enjoy calling names. I was just so taken back by the stupidity of some of the comments, I couldn’t hold back. I don’t think idiot is a very big name, but if the shoe fits.

          • sabelmouse

            big names???

        • edslides

          by the way. who decided on the spelling of your name? i cant help but think your parents called you cindy.

          • Ann Grisel

            its pronounced “Kimthy” in Welsh, if that’s what she is trying to make it sound like.

        • Linda Thomas

          OMG, You’re so mean. You hurt my feelings…How could you?…NOT, I HONESTLY DON’T GIVE A GOOD GDAMN WHAT YOU THINK…

    • loverofcats

      Ooo, and take some hot dogs in to snack on too. That’ll get ’em runnin’!

      • John Feasel

        Just take a bag of PORK RINDS. See what that does to them.

    • Cynddy


      • sabelmouse

        they are sure all grown up, mature people seeking peace and understanding.
        doesn’t it just make you despair of humanity?

        • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

          Peace and understanding? We have plenty to those who also have it. Muslims display no “peace and understanding” towards us. Not in ANY country do they show peace and understanding towards others.

          • Cynddy

            That is a dreadful lie! How many countries have you been to and how many Muslims have mistreated you?

          • Voice Of Reason

            How about the Muslims that flew an airplane into the World Trade Center? I think that qualifies as mistreatment. I am emotionally scarred

          • Cynddy

            Men who wear gold, eat pork and carouse with whores are not muslims. Those men were patsies or else their credentials were used because even years later they were found to be alive and well in their own countries though they should have been blown to smitherines in the WTC. Would you feel even more emotional if you knew who really did this?

          • Voice Of Reason

            LOL ull believe anything just to justify ur nonsense

          • LANManic

            And America never landed men on the moon.

          • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

            A dreadful lie? Girl, are you for real? Get your head out of the sand and look at the world around you.

          • Gator

            Stonings, beheadings, public executions, christians being masacred and so much more. Not tomention terror attacks 9/11, the charlie hebdo attack more recently i coukd go on and on. Have u been living under a rock cynddy

          • Cynddy

            Ridiculous. Those terrorist groups are supported by our own government and meant to stir up unrest in the Middle East. True Muslims are forbidden to harm women, children, elderly, unarmed combatants, even the crops of their enemies. Why don’t you educate yourself before blowing off like a volcano?

        • Cynddy


          • sabelmouse

            the lovely people that you’ve been replying to.

      • Your insults are so insightful Cynddy. They are a window into your hate-filled mind.

        • Cynddy

          Ignorance and stupidity sometimes make me call it like it is. I am not hate filled. The only thing I do hate is ignorance and in most cases, as on this thread, it is willful ignorance.

      • Ars Forall

        Stop trolling!!!! unless you got something to say there are plenty of Kool-aid based sites you can contribute to.

        • Cynddy

          Yes, you should leave for one immediately.

        • Cynddy

          I will defend Islam as long as I am alive. You have no idea what you are saying and most of what you say comes from the nightly news and we all know how unbiased the American news media is.

      • Machine7

        You’re the only moron here

  • donna

    I’m offended because they are offended ..
    I’m uncomfortable with the clothes they wear … so what !

    • Patty reed

      They need to get to hell out of AMERICA.

      • Cynddy

        Born here. Ancestors came on the Mayflower. Why don’t you get out? This complaint was filed by someone like you, a non-Muslim.

        • Robert Nather

          Your ancestors did not come over on mayflower. You are a liar and from seeing your other comments you are hate filled also. So sad.

          • Cynddy

            Oh, but indeed they did on my fathers side. I am not hate filled. Funny how you project. The only thing I hate is stupidity.

        • edslides

          look, you voted for obeyme twice. that is not Christian folks fault. banzhaf is a shit-starter from page one. everything he does is an effort to deny someone personal choice/responsibility. go to your room, seiyndeey. responsible adult Americans are having a conversation about the assault on their freedoms. if you are so damned happy to get the back of these animals, move to afghanistan, and offer them your opinion. leave America to those who appreciate the few freedoms we have left.

          • Cynddy

            I am an American. I oppose the Patriot Act, but the Patriot Act was already written up before 911. Does that tell you anything? Muslims are not animals anymore than most Americans. We have our thugs and they have their thugs. The thugs are fighting it out. Yes, they are taking our liberites one by one and spending money to go to war to claim other peoples resources. We really should look at our own behavior before we chastise others.

    • whoselineisitanyway

      Yes and from personal experience they do not believe in bathing or using deodrant. They stink to high heaven.

      • Karla Smith

        Ignorant statement….or should I say stupid? You know better. From MY personal experience, Muslims are just as hygienic as anybody else.

        • John Feasel

          Just don’t make the mistake of being in a position where you have to shake hands left-handed. That’s from MY personal experience.

      • Cynddy

        That is absurd. They wash before prayers five times a day. You pull that one out of your hat?

  • vee

    F**k these little shits if you don’t like our crosses don’t go to a freakin catholic school

    • Kevin Clements

      Wow….you speak like that in your church ? I’ll bet you’ve never set foot within 100 yards of a church. I understand your sentiment, but your verbage leaves a lot to be desired.

  • jm

    They all can GF THEMSELVES

  • Chester St1

    It is a shame that the students did not notice the words Catholic University on the application for admission. Now they are trapped in a Christian environment and are unable to find the exits.

    • Proudusagirl

      They have an exit. It’s called: “Go back to your OWN country and practice you faith there.

      • Chester St1

        Too bad you did not see the sarcasm. This may well be their own country. Many Muslims are natural born citizens of the United States and under the Constitution they can practice their faith in this country.

        • Proudusagirl

          Chester, I do see the sarcasm. I am referring to the many more Muslims that come to the US and what to change everything to occommodate their religion.

  • James Morrison

    This made me laugh. lol

  • Just_realistic

    Cry me a river .. the Muslim’s can pound sand!!!

  • formercanuck

    Unfortunately, this is a bit ‘too easy’ to fix.
    1. The obvious – this is a private ‘Catholic’ school – they can put a limit on this at entrance, and allow only Catholics to attend – problem solved.
    2. Since they opened the school up to any/all religions (athiests too?) the waters get a little muddy, and they should (must?) have something in the acceptance to a private university that states that this is a Catholic school, and all Catholic practices are followed. If you don’t like it – you have the right to not attend/enroll. Eg. Pork (Ham) is served on Easter.

    I went to public Catholic school as a student and was Anglican – I didn’t have issues with the school system.

    • Pookster USMC

      Sorry but I have to correct you here. There is no such thing as a Public Catholic school.
      Public schools are state funded and open to all who live in the district. There is no tuition and they cannot refuse to enroll a student as long as that student lives in the schools district
      Catholic schools are private. They can accept or deny access to anyone they choose. They are tuition based, as due to separation of church and state, they cannot receive state funds to operate. The only “say” that the state has in a Catholic school is that the school must maintain minimum state standards as far as education levels and testing. That’s it.

  • bigsurprise

    I AM BEYOND SICK OF THESE PEOPLE !!!! I wish we had never allowed them into our country..ESPECIALLY after 9/11….but we let them come flooding in here and they have been THIS WAY the entire time . Pompus Overtakers..WE MUST NOT ALLOW ANY OF THIS and DEMAND our government Exile ALL of them that disrupt our lives with all of these demands and trying to insert their Sharia Law into OUR LAWS….NO F-ing WAY !!!!! WHEN will our country stop bending over backward for everyone who wants to take our country over ????? WE ALL must be on the phones and writing letters to our officials until they are bombarded with the ” WE ARE MAD AS HELL AND WON’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE …and they will correct this invasion !!

    • Monk

      WE DIDN’T ALLOW THEM IN OUR COUNTRY. They were brought in by king shithead. Ever hear anyone ask them for their “green card? NO and they have come across our boarders by the thousands and are NOT sent back. WATCH YOUR NECK!

      • Bryan

        Actually, this is not a problem that should have our gaze fixed upon the Islamic loonies who are using our legal system against us. In point of fact it is LIBERALS who are the cause of the conflict, top to bottom. This “Manchurian candidate” in DC is ignoring Congress and Constitution to do what he has sworn to do long ago- to fundamentally change America. He ANNOUNCED his intentions in a thousand speeches, and importing THOUSANDS of Muslims a year is what he’s been doing since 2008. The GOP won’t even discuss this, and the Marxist “Dems” embrace every attack launched against us; the most damaging blow being the simple REPLACEMENT of the population majority with a NEW people, a non-White people, a non-Christian people. The greatest threat to the mau-mau- Man and his followers is the very existence of those of us who cling to our guns and Bibles. We will be a 3rd world Marxist dictatorship very soon now, and the GOP will continue to smile and watch….”Jeb Bush for President”, is what they’ll be offering. If not for the predictable suffering of our children and grandchildren, this whole thing would be hilarious.

        • Kevin Clements

          What looney bin did you escape from ?

  • Monk

    What Are they doing in a CATHOLIC COLLAGE?????? And if they don’t like a cross then they should get OUT OF AMERICA where the primary religion has a CROSS. No one invited these Hate mongers and personally I am sick of their demands.

    • Karla Smith

      So if you are a m(inority faith, skin color, heritage, sexuality etc.)….and you don’t like how you are treated in the USA then you should leave? uhm hmmm…..that makes so much sense…not!

      • Gator

        Makes sense to me. If i lived in a place were i thought i was hated or i hated the culture i would leave. But i guess it takes a brain to put 2 an 2 together

      • Gator

        But why would u even come to the us in the first place if u hate christians and western civ. these asshokes choise to come here. Like tony blaire once said dont judge a countries greatness by what ppl say about it. Judge it by how many ppl want in.

    • Cynddy

      Maybe you should attend and learn history and spelling.

      • edslides

        ok, ive about had enough of your trolling seindeyieee. take your own advice. first of all, your name. second, history, and the qu’ran demand that infidels must die, which side of the sword are you on? just stfu. please

        • Cynddy

          There is no compulsion in religion. That is what Islam teaches. Islam was not spread by the sword, but by the beautiful character of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the Holy Quran. I am not trolling, but I will take every opportunity that presents itself to educate others about the beauty of this great religion. You have it all wrong because you believe everything that the MSM puts in your face. You trust that your government would never lie to you and all of that makes most American people subject to their leaders whims and you are taught to fear that which you don’t understand. Based on the many comments here, I would say they are succeeding because Americans are dumbed down in the schools and can’t think for themselves and before you chastise me for that last sentence, I too was born here and taught in our schools.

      • Gator

        I think u should. Were a christian nation hun and these mislums are foriegners. So if they have a problem bye bye. Please go back to the shitholes that u came from. Its so rediculous that they say they hate america or that were not the greatest country or we need to change. Ahhhno sorry u obviously left your halfass shithole of a country to live here in the best country and do you know how stupid you sound if you are an immigrant and u say otherwise. Then why the hell would u even come here. Im not going to move to the middle east ever its never gonna happen theyre all shitty countries plauged by sharia law and just suck so i will never move there. If i were to leave the us it would be for something better which there isnt so im gonna stay. But if u are from 1 of those shitholes in the middle east u are obviously thinking i live in a shithole i need to move somewhere better. Where is the best place to go? Then u come up with the USA. SO u leave ur shithole and come here then ur gonna bitch and complain about america. Haha but i garantee u wont go move back to shatever shithole u spawned from.

        • Cynddy

          We are anything but a Christian nation. I see few around who really follow in the footsteps of Christ yet call themselves Christians. What a mockery. I was born here in 1946. I reverted to Islam 34 years ago. I know about Islam. You don’t. Since I was born in NY, where would you have me go back to? You are a royal bigot you know. Hardly a role model for what an American should be.

    • sabelmouse


  • Mad as hell

    What a bunch of low-life 3rd world scum>

  • Sue Hanson

    Why have they chosen a Catholic school? or ANY religious school? They should just cool it while they set up a school of their own. They have no right, anymore than a Baptist or member of any non-Catholic religion would have, to ask the school to change anything just because they have chosen to attend.

  • Kay

    It’s a Catholic University! As accepting as I am to Muslims, this is getting ridiculous. Give them a small mosque center then and call it a day, but unclench!

    • Kimberly Jones

      No, because “giving” them a mosque will not stop but encourage more outrage.

      • Bill Pittman

        This is the time to stand fast. “Give them an inch and they will take a mile.”

  • Sharon Norris Norman

    This is a silly question I know, but what the HELL are muslims doing going to a Catholic school in the first place? I can NOT really see the Catholic school giving in to this idiocy..I mean really?

    • Kevin Clements

      All the Catholic school need do, is not accept any government money – then they can’t file a lawsuit like this. But as long as they accept government loan money, and scholarships etc, they are subject to the law just as anyone else who takes government monies.

      • Gator

        If its a private school it wouldnt have taken any gov $ and most catholic schools are private though i dont know about this 1 for sure but i would assume it is private

  • Miranda

    Well I am offended by those scarfs they wear on there head… Can I sue them for offending me because it seems like everywhere I look there they are!!

    • Karla Smith

      are you going to sue everybody who wears a hat? and tell me, a Christian, that I cannot wear a scarf or bonnet, etc?

      • Miranda

        OK let me be more specific. It not the scaf its self that offends me its what it represents in my mind I feel the same way by there scarfs as they feel about the crosses.

    • Cynddy

      Why would a scarf offend you? Should people worship in bikinis? Would that be respectful for you?

      • Miranda

        OK let me be more specific. It not the scaf its self that offends me its what it represents in my mind I feel the same way by there scarfs as they feel about the crosses. But yet they are free to wear there scarfs I should be free to be able to worship at the cross

  • achv

    Second I would take all their demands & one by one shove them up her burqua!

  • FoodPolice

    This is a prime example as to why Catholics should behead Muslims…

  • FoodPolice

    It sort of brings up the question… “Why are Catholics allowing infidels in their schools…?”

    • Native American

      They would be sued.

      • Pookster USMC

        They can’t be sued for denying acceptance to someone of another religion. It is a PRIVATE SCHOOL. For the live of God. If you are going to take part in the conversation, please educate yourself.

        • LANManic

          Except that CU could be sued even though private since they are a place of public accommodation.

  • Pat Hart

    I graduated from Catholic University in 1972 and had a wonderful experience and received a great education, which gave me the opportunity to have a very successful career. There were also non-Catholics who attended who had no problems. If you have a problem with them, then go to another university. They should not have to change anything. You should know by the name of the school what they stand for. If you don’t like crosses, go to another school.

  • Kathleen

    This offends me sooo much as a Catholic. I see the writing on the wall. I see my Lord being taken down and another win for islam. This cannot be real. I just cannot wrap my brain around it and it truly scares me, for I see them winning.

  • Gayle Yetter

    Let them leave. Why should the Catholic university be forced to change traditions that have been in place for hundreds of years to accommodate students who have been there for one or two years?

  • priya

    Its seems now a daz Muslims r running America and this was never an issue 20 yrs back or after 9/11. Look at their guts sueing the university…for their religion…

    • Karla Smith

      Religious freedom and discrimination has ALWAYS been a part of this country’s history.

      • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

        Awww, boohoo….

  • Angelique Kline

    They are going to a Catholic school they need to get over themselves or get the Hell out of country ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    • Jim Franklin

      They are only going there to stir controversy, their Sharia Law and dress codes offend me.

      And really, there should be a law against filing frivolous law suits, which seems to be that professor’s hobby.

      • jeanette zobjeck

        I preer to see the face of the person I am talking to so take the f$#king scarf off go some where else to pray to what ever theisty you choose and get the h#$l out of my way

      • Pookster USMC

        There is a law against filing frivolous law suits. The problem is proving that a law suit has NO MERITS. That’s very hard to do, even for a case like this because the term “offensive materials” is very subjective. Everything can be offensive to someone. This has been one of the many problems with law suits such as this.

  • Tom

    Then don’t go to a catholic university. Stupid idiots.

  • Chuck Ferraris

    I’d just like to know where in the Constitution it guarantees you the right not to be offended…

  • LaFlare1017

    Yet again, I’ve written a long comment, just to see “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Top Right News” there is no profanity in my post, I tried re-wording it, I wish the mods would let us know what words not to use or whatever sets off the filter, that is so annoying.

  • Lady TNY

    Really? What are these disgusting rats doing in a Catholic school if they are so offended?

  • Jesse

    From what I seem to be reading, NO MUSLIMS HAVE COMPLAINED ABOUT THE ISSUE. This is probably some whack-job professor who’ll end up trying to get rid of Muslims, once all the Christians are gone.

  • HarryTheCat

    They all look like they could detonate at any moment.

  • mrb

    Our God said he would come to “US” through prophets and did. Then he talked to his “Father” while on earth. He said “I will return”.
    Does muhammad have this in his resume?

  • Chris Scharr

    If you are not a Christian, why would you go to a Catholic University? IMO, the only reasonable, it would seem in this case, is to make trouble. If it hinders your praying, don’t go to a Private Religious University that is so different from your religious beliefs. If they bow down to this and remove crosses – WHAT IS NEXT? I don’t care how smart their lawyers may be, there is no religious discrimination when it was your choice to attend!

  • Herman Vogel

    This is how these people win, they attack the Biggest Church or Free country FIRST and when that is over the rest fall like dominos.

  • Linda D

    Columbia University is the home of too many un-American style professors and activities. Too frequently when I see something about highly questionable policies and ideas, it’s taking place at this university. I wonder exactly who is REALLY running that place? In America, we have the freedom to choose where we’re going to get our education, if we can afford choices. If they don’t like the décor and environment, they should get the hell out!

  • Jeff Pollard

    I am deeply offended by muslims. Why are they here?

  • Mary Burger Miller

    And Muslims wonder why we dislike and mistrust them and their cult!

  • JoJoJams

    Wow! Their women are the most god-aweful butt ugly things! No wonder they have to cover them up.

    Muslims. Give them an inch…..and they’ll cut off your head and take your country.

  • Joe Tokoph

    Buck Ofama and Muslims. Islam is not a religion it is a cult.

  • Joe Tokoph
  • Megamimi

    CATHOLIC University is Catholic. It advertises its affiliation. To see crosses and Crucifixes in every room at a CATHOLIC institution is customary and part of the institution’s CATHOLIC identity. If a potential student or their family does not want to see crosses or Crucifixes, they should apply to and attend another, more secular school of which there are plenty.

  • Offer Binshtok


    Democracy must evolve if it wants to survive in the face of the forces who threaten it.
    If the Western democracy will not build tools to defend itself, the democracy, and the free Western society will not survive because of its extremist approach which lead a its members to destruction.
    In my opinion should be declared by law on the democracy, freedom and equality as basic values and it is forbidden to act against them in any way.
    Bill – The Basic Law on (Draft)
    There is an existential threat on the values in which is based of our society, on democracy, the individual freedom, freedom of expression and equality (equality for that matter is: The obligations and rights in society are equal to everyone regardless of religion, race or gender) filled between the members of the society. These values are the foundations of our existence as a society and as individuals. This kind of threat is a threat as a threat of to a person’s murder on of his friend.
    As the law prohibit on of a person’s murder threat of on his friend, So in the same way we must to pass a law prohibiting the existence of a death threat on the culture and basic values on which on them our society is based.
    Society that wishes to live, to exist and develop, to survive, can not to enable the forces that them it contains to threaten its existence, There are red lines that the society will not allow to those that threaten on her to go through those, the red lines that threaten its very existence.
    This bill is designed fix the flaws of the Western democratic culture the free in order to protect itself and on its members in order to it will survive.
    This bill is designed to close the gap, the weak point of the Western democratic culture which hostile forces are trying to penetrate her in order to eliminate it from the inside.
    Bill – The Basic Law on (Draft)
    Below are the bills:
    The Basic Law on (fundamental values): The Basic Law on will be the first from all the laws which on him will be based all the rest of the laws or the regulation and any contradiction between him and the other system of laws and the regulations will place him as the first above them. In case of contradiction or lack of clarity, the Basic Law on will prevail over all others laws and the regulations.
    Unequivocally prohibited, without exception, for every individual and / or group of persons to threaten using materials in writing and / either verbally and / or recorded: to deny and / or express opposition and / or to express an opinion that contradicts and / or take any action whether are actively or whether in a passive way and either directly and / or indirectly and / or through a worldview that expressed in speech and / or written, to threaten and / or deprive and / or express opposition against the fundamental values, as described below:
    Democracy, the individual freedom, freedom of expression and equality (equality for that matter is: The obligations and rights in society are equal to everyone regardless of religion, race or gender) filled between the members of the society.
    Anyone who is violates the above prohibitions and found guilty, whether he is an individual or whether it is a group of people, guilty of treason in state and in the society.
    The penalty is life imprisonment and not less than 30 years in prison and / or to deportation after imprisonment of 10 years without the possibility of parole.

  • Offer Binshtok

    Sharia law are:

    Apartheid against women.

    Apartheid against all non-Muslims.

    Apartheid against people who are different.

    Culture of exploitation of little girls.

  • Offer Binshtok

    South Africa’s apartheid is easy compared to apartheid culture of Sharia.
    The segregation of Sharia law is deeper, broader and far more sinister:
    1. Religious and ideological segregation – based on the ideology of Sharia, the world is divided into two, to Muslims and to non-Muslims. the non-Muslims are entitled to live only if they pay ransom (Jizya), and their status inferior to Muslims, their status a is like of cattle.
    The rights of the non-Muslims is vastly inferior than the black population in South Africa of apartheid.
    2. gender segregation – women are the property of men and equal at most to half of the men. Their rights vastly inferior to the black population in South Africa of apartheid.
    Men are allowed to beat them to educate them.

  • rocky22

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  • I love AMERICA

    I do believe the key word here is ” CATHOLIC ” so I do believe they have every right to have as many crosses as they wish !

  • Judith Garrett-Bynon

    The cross offends Satan and all his minions.

  • Fig Newton

    If Catholic schools are so foolish as to let muzzies into a Catholic school, then they get what they deserve.

  • satin85718

    This is a part of islam to demean christians for their take over. They do it in increments, little by little to get their ways forced on us. This is the path to complete take over.

  • Eddy Velasquez

    if we still going like that soon the country will divide like india and pakistan we have to act fast my ancestor came to this country whith ponce de leon to florida because the fucked up spain and now here they are

  • Robert Beard

    islam————->paedophilia advocates! Case closed.

  • tom

    these symbols have been there since the school was founded, if they don’t like it why did they apply? do they know that the cafeteria serves bacon?

  • corneliusduke49

    Go back where you come from you dam cows.

  • Fred

    This is too stupid to comment on. It’s why our nation is the laughingstock of the world

  • Raul

    If any attendees religion conflicts with a Catholic School’s position, have them sign a mandatory waiver to any objections before enrollment. That will get rid of these hypocrites before they can even enroll.

  • Lynn Acuff-Zant

    My question is why are there muslins in a Cathlic School?

  • Tammy

    Muslims actually had nothing to do with the complaint. It’s some dumb professor from a liberal university who’s always doing stupid stuff like this.

    • Mark Yarbrough

      “but in fact, a prior complaint from active students is ongoing (see Hannity video below).”

  • Lynn Acuff-Zant

    Hey if I am offended by the Muslins and their beliefs can I take them down?

  • Anne Faust


  • altos

    Remove offensive Muslims from America.

  • Annie Franklin

    ok heres a quote “too many crosses in every room of Catholic University” what part of catholic university dont ya get if you dont like the religion dont go there its a CATHOLIC place da

  • altos

    Remove the Koran from all mosques

  • David Lanch

    Tell them to leave the college and the USA also.

  • Brad Lee Cole

    As an American Citizen I demand that the Muslims leave this country and take there beliefs and whatever they brought with them back to their sand dwellings and be happy what they dont have. GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS COUNTRY.

  • Sharon

    The old Felician nuns, would have taken care of this. lol

  • Melissa Chandler

    I find it really wierd why they would want to attend a catholic university. And then demand space for their prayer sessions. As much hate is on these posts is disturbing. I get it some have done wrong, but so has many others.

  • Erik Heckenlively

    I agree with most all of you. They need to get hell out. If our government caters to these people we are in some serious ass trouble.

  • missykitty345

    I don’t think so , they were here long before you were !

  • Karla Smith

    “the school is GENEROUS enough to allow them”—–wtf?? It is called non-discrimination!! IF this school is going to accept students of ALL religions, then it must continue to behave in a non-discriminatory manner.—–Let’s try an example…..I walk into school and they tell me I have to sit in the back of the room. If I don’t like it, then I need to go to another school. Really? THIS Catholic school is NOT the only Catholic College…..they are just uniquely discriminatory.

    • zion939

      You are everything wrong with this country.

  • missykitty345

    If you have a problem with the Cross ‘s in our schools or church’s than may I suggest you go back to your own Country .

    • Karla Smith

      Our country is NOT based on Christianity. Please go back to history class. One of the reasons that Europeans IMMIGRATED to this country was for RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.

  • Monica Jean Potts

    My daughter used to work for a large corporation that had a very large number of Muslims working there. They would tell you face to face that they hate Americans. They would also tell you that they would work at large corporations so they could file law suits. I guess they have moved on to the Catholic Church now. I am sure that Bill Donohue will soon be on board to stop this nonsense. For these Muslims to attend a Catholic school and then state they can not pray because of the “offensive Catholic imagery” is absurd. I’am sure they have a custodian closet they could use. I hope the Catholic Church does not cater to these radical idiots.

  • E Davis

    No One is forcing them to go to school there….don’t like it…go find a school you like….or better yet, build your own stupid School, wherever you want…try to not have it in America….what would you think about American students demanding that your praying annoys them? Pay backs are hell!

  • schr8er

    So LEAVE… I will help you pack up and get the heck out….. Problem solved…….

  • the truth

    This is a complete lie. I know these kids and they don’t even go to the school mentioned. They go to school in the Midwest. Remove the fake picture.

    • zion939


  • Jimmy

    Viva Russia and China, though governments and solid community we should learn from them, and now Japan they banned the mosques and the Islam Religion.

  • the truth

    You keep deleting my comment. Why?

  • Fred

    I think there must be too many Muslims in every classroom if it is a Catholic School.This country was founded on the name of God the Constitution which was written by the people for the people includes God in it. So if it is time for something to go.

  • Kenshi

    “Complaint”? Nobody cares about the opinion or complaint of someone so
    dense, stupid and inane that they would go to a university with catholic
    in the name, and then complain about the crosses.

  • Larenzo1

    Tell them to go to the crapper for their numerous bend over sniffing.

  • guest

    I have googled this subject and I cannot find ANY legitimate news site that will verify your information. I would like to read this from a legitimate news site rather than one that is biased and so far that is all I have found. I am against Sharia Law, I am against anyone coming to this country and demanding they be treated the way they are treated in their own country. But if I am going to believe this or even share this, I want to know that it is verified by a reputable news site. So far all I have found are biased web pages. If you could please point me in the direction of a reputable legitimate news site (i.e. cnn, msnbc, cbs, etc) that would be very helpful.

    • UnionDues

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    • Maureen Coddington

      Good luck. They have deleted my similar comment three times. This same professor who filed the complaint wants the six pointy star of israel gone, too. He goes around attacking things just to be a jerk. No Muslims filed this complaint.

    • Gator

      Who do u consider reputable? The liberal media? Cnn or msnbc or all the other idiotic lib media outlets because they wont report on this because it goes against thier agenda. Msybe if u have doubts why dont u research the profesor and the school.

  • Salah Zayouna

    Should be fired at once.

  • CeeCee N

    Are we f$#@ing kidding??? Its a CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY. If you don’t like it go live in the Middle Eastern desert with the camels where you belong and leave the USA. No one wants you here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vision Rider

    Hanging a cross in promotion of Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular is not “malice” against Muslims. I suggest it is Satan who can not stand the sight of the cross of Christ. Now decide for yourself what that says about Muslims who can’t seem to function in the sight of a cross.

  • Gloria Majerczyk

    Cathollic schools have crosses. If the sight of crosses appears offensive to you then do not go to that school. A Catholic school does not have to allow you separate space for prayers as this school is not teaching your religion. If you find our ways in America offensive. LEAVE.. We are the land of the free, hopefully not the stupid.

  • Leadman

    They are free to leave.They are not wanted anyway.
    Their presence offends me.Their constant whining &
    complaining offends me.Let’s never forget all the bad
    things & atrocities this peaceful religion has heaped on
    the world.Never forget!!

  • Starr

    This is a catholic school! Seems to me like they chose this college specifically to sue them… Because if you are offended by the cross, why would you go to a Catholic school?????

  • Hugh Jass

    round them up now mass deportation before its too late!

  • Hobbs R. Hobbit

    so sick of Muslims and their demands on other religions….believe your way and leave my way of believing to me and my God……..

  • Tim Ray

    as time goes on…..more and more we discover the wisdom of Pol Pot…..eliminate the academia and start over

  • joanne

    There are no crosses in the bathrooms, try there to pray

  • Kang

    This is hot-headed, unintelligent reportage. First, the story is 4 years old, second, it is entirely inaccurate:

    The kind of animal, impulsive anger lacking any wisdom or serious reflection which is expressed in the comments here is incredibly dangerous.

    • zion939

      Nice try. I read the exact same information with a lefty loony bias.

  • Cynddy

    NO MUSLIMS WERE INVOLVED, you ignorant people! Can’t you read?

  • Dee

    Just go back to the s**t hole they came from. No worries about crosses!

  • Robyn BonEnfant Glover

    why should they care? muslims don’t go to catholic schools. just leave us alone!!!! this is a bunch of b.s. go back to where you came from if you don’t like it. we don’t go to your country and demand things changed! AAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

  • Losingpatience

    Assimilate, or find somewhere else to go.

  • Heyna_or_no

    Get rid of the towels from around your head, they offend me!

  • Dennismcmh

    It’s time our government stood up to these murdering pedophiles. We let illegal immigrants come into this country and complain, then we give them their way….WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT PICTURE????? Our government is weak and as citizens of America, we better do something about it fast; because it has spiraled us down to levels we have never seen before. I LOVE my country and I don’t want athiests, illegals, thugs nor any other negative cowardly human to take it away from me. It’s time to take a stand. WAKE UP PEOPLE……..

  • Dennismcmh

    I have one more thing to say to these MORONS……GET THE FU@% OUT OF MY COUNTRY!!

    • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

      I want to like this comment a million times.

  • Mary Boyer

    If you dont like our ways then go back where you came from Towel Heads

  • Steve Zero

    why… why? why? WHY would you go to a catholic school if you’re offended by crosses? how stupid are some of these people?

  • alfredo rubalcava

    If you they are bright enough to go to a catholic university, then they should be tried for instigation and trying to devalue the institution of christ in a catholic school. They should be charged with an intent to cause harm to an institution. Why even allow people to attend a catholic university if you are not catholic. It should be a requirement.

  • Mark Wurz

    No complaints are filed by Muslims, it is a whackadoodle leftist prof from GW who has a track rcord for this nonsense.

    • Not true, as the article points out. The same professor has an existing, active lawsuit against CU on behalf of the MSA students.

  • Anne McCormack

    it time to send these ass back where they came from. This is the USA and our country is of all religion. you want your right fine but leave well enough alone or get out..

  • Robert Nather

    Take the leftist professor from George Washington, give him $10,000 and put him on a plane to Iran. Take his citizenship from him, put him on the no fly list and be done with him. Simple as that.

  • Maureen Coddington

    This lying propaganda rag keeps deleting my comments.

  • Paul

    They can just go to HELL!!!

  • MrsSpooky

    Solution is simple – don’t go to Catholic colleges. Catholics have rights too, or have these people forgotten?

  • Tom Spalsbury

    This is crazy.In the first place just why would Muslims be attending a Christian school ? ISIS would behead them for going there. They must need more of Jesus. Not Mohamed ! And just why would a Catholic establishment offer a prayer room for Muslims ? That’s like giving a prayer room for Satan worshipers. If they don’t like the cross they should go to school in the middle east where they belong.

  • Louis Dicapua


  • Mark Muylaert

    if you want to practice sharia law, go back to where you came from.

  • Randall261

    Why are Muslims even attending a Catholic University in the first place that doesn’t make sense!

  • Josh Bado

    Seriously can’t stand these peoples viewpoints, we let you in and you try to tell us how things are going to be? This country is a country where you have to accept the fact that not all people think as you do. If you can not live with that reality than this country is not for you.

  • American Infidel

    I would tell those camel kissing whiners, “Thank you, I appreciate your input. I’ll consider your concerns.” And then I’d move on. If I were to be asked later, I’d tell them, “The crosses and other symbols stay, you don’t have to.” See. we CAN be nice to those lose life, sub humans.

  • fanciladi

    Hey people, find another school to attend. No one is forcing you to go there. Your demands are getting ridiculous and I’m sick of them.

  • Jennifer Reed

    Better yet, make room for all religious symbols, and practice tolerance and understanding.

  • Ron Soulliere

    As Catholics we have the right to have crosses in our schools you are the ones that have chosen to attend our Catholic schools quit your bitching and abide by our laws and rights if you can’t accept that then find another school to go to preferably back to your own country

  • psboatbuilder

    Tell them you are sorry but it is a catholic school and as you do not want to offend their faith they are hereby disenrolled. Good by.

  • Angel

    Catholics. We better start fighting or we are gonna be in trouble. Our religion will be gone. We are taking it for granted. This should not even be an issue. How dare. How dare these people ask a catholic school to take down crosses. Let it happen and I will be the first bitch to protest this. Whose with me. Let’s take to washington now. How bout this. I find mosques offensive to my religion. Just the thought of them being in this country is a threat. I want them gone. Let’s fight for that law. I can’t pray peacefully with Muslims in my country lets get them out. How bout that.

  • McHale72

    This is ridiculous. Nobody tells Muzzrats how to run their suicide bomber schools.

  • Michael Bethel

    I pray that John Banzhaf is given no peace, no rest, that his dreams be filled with terrors even haunted when awake until the Lord would grant him mercy and he would repent and be reconciled to God through Christ.

  • pmtexas

    Here we go again. If Muslims are offended by a symbol of Christian faith, then they should return to their own countries and receive their education there. If the don’t want to be offended at a Catholic University then GO somewhere else.

  • hannah

    so CATHOLICS should prevented from practicing IN THEIR OWN SCHOOL so MUSLIMS can practice in it instead??? WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE

  • 7stvalent9

    Banzhaf sounds like he is mentally unstable – or at the very least needs to work at a DIFFERENT SCHOOL. It is a Catholic College, it is there because of Him. The crosses must stay.

  • sansured

    Stealth jihad in action. Keep pushing, never stop, and slowly transform the host society. The useful idiots (liberal/leftists) will assist. It won’t end until seriously confronted and stopped.

  • Karen L Essendrup

    Bunch more of there bullshit, trying to change things,

  • Jessica Smith

    Stuff them all.
    If they don;’ like it they can go to the shithole they came from.

  • jerrysweany

    I’m wondering if this is a “real” issue or something this guy is making up. I do know that Muslims see Jesus as a prophet. This symbol just points to how he died.

    • Spicy Ray Swinehart-Patrick

      They “claim” to see him as a prophet. I think to liken us more to their agenda. But if you look at them closely and listen to them, they never quote him, they never emulate him, if he;s their prophet, they are doing a piss poor job of listening to him. Instead they follow hammed, who is the polar opposite of Jesus. One preaches love and peace and forgiveness, preaches not to judge. The other was a war mongering child marrying maniac. How can they claim both are prophets?

  • IMHO

    Don’t give in to their tirades. This is our country and we are free to believe as we wish. If they don’t like the way we do things in the USA, then they can leave.

  • Ahmed S.

    All Muslims should leave the christian countrys and allchristians should leave th muslims country… live peacefully.

  • eddieswartz

    To Hell with them, if you don’t like the Crosses in a CATHOLIC University. Go to a different one. The old saying “When in Rome”

  • Evelyn

    So why are they going to a Catholic School? They KNOW there will be crosses and Crucifixes throughout. They BELONG in a Catholic school! Muslims do not!! Go back to where you came from!! .

  • Miss Jenni

    I love it! this idiot gets cornered and he cannot answer the questions lol I say get the damn Muslims out of our Country period!

  • David Riley

    Why would they go to a Catholic school anyway? This is another example of someone LOOKING for something to cause trouble about. If they don’t like all the damn Catholic crosses, don’t go to school there!!! If I were an atheist and I didn’t like crosses, I sure wouldn’t choose to go to a religious university and then complain when they display religious symbols!!

  • guest

    So obviously there was an agenda for attending this school. The only thing that should be removed from the school is the Muslims. I am sick and tired of Muslims trying to shove their religion down our throat. We have rights too. I am a Catholic and when I went to school, it was full of…..Catholics. If they want to go to school that respects Muslims…I am sure there are some in the Middle East. We keep letting them in our country and they are slowing trying to take over. We will be outnumbered at some point. It is disgustingly scary because we are letting it happen. They are not the only religious group that deserves respect and the right to pray. We all do. If they don’t like it they are free to leave.

  • Tom Hansen

    Screw the lot of them and the camel they came in on.

  • Ross Sizemore

    At first i thought i was going to see a satire website. But this is real? Wtf

  • Patty White

    Get real. We arent telling you not to worship the way you see fit so stop dictating to us!!!! Dont like it Go Home!!!! Every one has a right here to what they believe. Personally Im offended that you want to change thing.

  • Linda Yoder

    Don’t like the catholic crosses, AMERICA is free go to another school

  • Lynn Boyd

    Tell them to get their Education in another country!!

  • Tacitus Talks

    I hope all of you are aware that it is going to be them or us, and we will have to obliterate the whole bunch. Much the same way, when you amputate to remove a cancer, you remove good tissue as well.

  • Tacitus Talks

    There needs to be a law that says that Saudi Money can not open any more mosques until they allow Churches and Christian Missionaries to work in Saudi Arabia unmolested.

  • Burt

    talk with England or Minnesota if you want the truth.

  • Sarah Bailey

    Obviously this isn’t as obvious a question as I thought it was, but- why are Muslims attending a CATHOLIC school?

    • kiss_my_asthma

      since you’ve just indicated you haven’t been to a higher institution, the majority of universities are catholic schools.

  • Thom Wood

    When I was in Vietnam, penned down by enemy gunfire, I prayed to my God. When my father died when I was 5 years old, I prayed to my God that He would give me strength to live a life without my father’s influence. When I had cancer, I prayed that God would find a way to help me through that situation, and after 10 years I am now cancer free. At NO time during these and many other anguishing moments in my life was I located in, or near, a holy place of worship. I didn’t have the luxury of immediately removing myself physically to a holy place to pray so that my God would “hear” me better? Isn’t it funny that I’ve lived all these years, miles and continents away from a holy place, and yet my God has heard my pleas and answered so many of my prayers where there was no religious icon of any sort? I guess the answer is that my God heard me LOUD and CLEAR, no matter where I was or what the circumstances might have been.

  • fedup

    How about removing all musslims that are offensive to American’s… and our heritage, and OUR constitutional FREEDOMS. This is insane to give these murdering barbarians a platform to keep attempting to destroying this county. These devil worshipping loonatics would be beheading people in the town squares of every town, city, and hamlet in this country if they are not STOPPED. Not simply dealt with… but STOPPED!!! Read the koran… it is specific about ridding the earth of the INFIDELS. There is no other purpose if this hitleristic theocracy

  • Nope.
    Meanwhile, on the other side of the news, the rain is still wet.
    This is how you handle it.

  • Ani Payne

    Why must Catholic schools admit Muslims?

  • Willie C Mooneyham Jr.

    Take your asses where there are no crosses to offend you . You’re in the WRONG COUNTRY !!!

  • wcwilly

    Only there to try to get sharia law in our country. Beware of the baby steps being used to change America into what they want. Time to stop them in their tracks.

  • carl arasi

    Muslims in the US don’t get it yet,but they will.Here is the real deal.The US is a Christian nation! Muslims are irrelevant here! Muslims are not wanted here! Muslims are not needed here,and Muslims are not welcome here! It is in their best interest to get out of here!

  • beenthere

    Why are they going to a school that does not teach what they believe. Just another way to take away rights that are in the constitution. Go to the Islamic school of your choice. Oh and not religious symbols or writings on the wall lest they offend someone.

  • Nelson Stanley

    Time for ethnic cleansing !!

  • Fran

    I suggest they find another school. The University does not have to accept their applications for future years. Furthermore, I’m sure the University’s mission statement makes it very clear that it follows the Catholic philosophy.

  • JoyceA

    Go to your mosque and pray!

  • Maureen Fein Guinness

    Maybe they should attend their own schools and stay out of ours if they are so offended !

  • Voice Of Reason

    Its a Catholic school! What do you expect!!!??? ITS A PRIVATE INSTITUTION!!!! NOT PUBLIC!..Private institutions have more freedoms to do what they want, given the fact that theyre within legal and moral boundries…Would Muslims like it if Catholics or Christians petitioned to have symbols and imagery of Mohammed removed from an Islamic school??? They would freak out. Well. that wouldn’t happen anyway but, its the point. These Muslims are over-stepping their bounds on freedom of religion. Theyre trying to impose their will and religion on the will of others . Its time to stand up to this nonsense. If they dont like the Crosses in Catholic school, they shouldnt attend and go somewhere else. Nobody is forcing them. How about the admin and Catholic students at that school file a petition to have the women’s hajib (the head garment) removed for being offensive to the non-Muslim students? It works both ways

  • Gary Higgins

    I’m offended by the noise muslims make in their call to prayers as I’m trying to conduct my morning prayers! That offends me and a lot of other Christians.

  • Tony

    Lol. What are the muzzies doing at a catholic university anyways? They will be laughed out of court.

  • Bobby Wheeler

    This is suprising…. if these people are offended by the cross….. maybe they shouldnt go to catholic schools.

  • Dick Stewart

    Just say NO!

  • Kevin Clements

    I’m usually on the left side of things but this is going WAY too far and is just a nuisance lawsuit, they can’t be serious.

  • Marilyn

    Professor John Banzhaf, from George Washington University (and the
    person who filed the complaint) is a well-known nuisance; someone who
    files complaints about anything and everything. He is the one griping about this. I can’t believe how ignorant this man is. Wow….

    • Linda J Riley

      Not ignorant–just a major trouble-maker who probably is angling for a book deal–after he stirs up the pot a little more getting the government involved in the policies of private religious schools which are currently protected by the first amendment.

      • Marilyn

        He sounds ignorant when you listen to him in the video. He always looks down too. A very odd duck.

  • Siegfried

    The only place where you dont find crosses is Hell, there you belong by rejecting Jesus Christ.


    Get out of the United States Of America if you don’t like it…GO back to YOUR country

  • Letitbe

    Time to start a Crusade to counter the Jihad, seriuosly!

  • Terry Miller

    Because you live in America it is your Constitutional Right to attend our Catholic schools. And because this is America, we have the Constitutional Right to have Catholics schools with as many crosses, statuan, flags and relics that we see fit! Now how will that work in any other country?

  • Darren Payne

    If you move to another country you must abide by there customs and laws and not try and impose yours. Don’t like it then leave.

  • Lynn Scruggs

    Why are Muslims going to Catholic schools anyway. They need to keep their asses in their own religion. And do I get to sue them when they offend me. stay out of ours. If you are going to complain about it. We have rights to. If you don’t like it here go back to your own country.

  • Toni Ryan

    Why are Muslims attending a CATHOLIC school?!

  • Lynn Scruggs

    If you don’t like it here then get the hell back to your own country. You offend me.

  • Chana Bowles

    OK, then give other religions access to the Dome of the Rock. I take offense with their law that Christians can’t enter it. A Catholic University has every right to have what ever symbols they deem are to the glory of their religion.

  • Patrick Alexander Briggs


  • Shirley Kapp

    You don’t like crosses?—don’t look at them..I don’t like half moons with a little star, I don’t look at them—problem solved…?????

  • Elveraz2


  • SUSANM621

    What are they doing in a catholic school????? Build your own Muslims school.

  • Elveraz2


  • gregkliebigsr

    ماذا يقول الله تعالى !



    هناك هو مجرد وسيلة الكثير من الجدل حول من هو الله هو الله!



    ، أعطيت لي الموضوع ، من قبل الله الواحد الحقيقي ، لمشاركتها مع البشرية جمعاء !



    حسنا، الآن هذه الرسالة هي للناس الذين يريدون معرفة الحقيقة حول واحد والله وحده الحقيقي ! هناك أناس في كل مناحي الحياة الذين يريدون بصدق لمعرفة الله ! هناك أناس من كل جزء من العالم الذين يريدون أن يعرفوا الله الحقيقي !



    إلى ذلك، قال الله الحقيقي ، “أنا، أريد أن أقول لهم عني! ”



    سعادة إن شاء الله تعالى ، قال ، “أنا ، الذي خلق ، كل ما ترى و ALL التي لم تعد SEE! معا مع ابني (يسوع ) و الروح القدس بلدي ، ونحن خلق الكون وكل ما هو فيه . الأرض ، هو الرب و ملء ذلك ! ”



    يوحنا 1: 3 . وأدلى كل شيء به ، و بغيره لم يكن شيء مما كان .



    أنا إله آدم ، أنا إله نوح ، أنا إله إبراهيم و إسحاق وإله يعقوب و ابنه يوسف ! I AM ، إله موسى ، يشوع وكالب وأنا ، الله داود ، إله إيليا ، أشعيا ، دانيال ، حزقيال ! أنا إله يونان ! ”



    أنا ، و الله الذي أرسل ابنه الوحيد ( يشوع) إلى الأرض للتعامل مع مشكلة SIN للإنسانية ! ”



    يوحنا 3: 16 . هكذا أحب الله العالم ( كل إنسان على وجه الأرض ) ، انه اعطى ابنه الوحيد (يسوع ) ، الذي كان يؤمن له لا ينبغي أن يموت ، بل تكون له الحياة الأبدية.

     17 .

     17 .

    ل انه لم يرسل الله ابنه (يسوع ) الى العالم ل يدين العالم ، بل أن العالم ( كل من الإنسانية ) بواسطته يتم حفظها .

     18 .

     18 .

    وقال انه ( أي شخص ) أن يؤمن به (يسوع ) لا يدان : ولكن الذي لا يؤمن قد دين ، لأنه لم يؤمن باسم ابن الله الوحيد (يسوع ) .



    عبرانيين 9 : 22 . و تقريبا كل شيء من قبل القانون مع تطهير الدم، و بدون سفك دم لا تحصل مغفرة .

        JOHN 03:35 .

        JOHN 03:35 .

    الآب يحب الابن وقد دفع كل شيء في يده .

     36 .

     36 .

    الذي يؤمن بالابن له حياة أبدية و الذي لا يؤمن بالابن لن يرى حياة ، ولكن غضب الله فيثبت عليه .



    عبرانيين 9 : 27 . و كما هو عين انها ILA الرجل مرة واحدة ل يموت ، ولكن بعد ذلك الدينونة :

     28 .

     28 .

    لذلك كان المسيح قدم مرة لكي يحمل خطايا كثيرين ، و لهم أن ننظر له فعليه أن يظهر مرة ثانية بلا خطية للخلاص.



    تثنية 5 : 7 لا يكن لك آلهة أخرى أمامي !



    تثنية 5 : 8 . انت لا تجعل لك أي صورة المحفورة، أو أي الشبه من أي شيء هو في السماء من فوق ، أو التي هي في الأرض من تحت ، وما في الماء من تحت الأرض :

     9 .

     9 .

    انت لا تنحني نفسك لهم ، ولا تخدم لهم : لأني أنا الرب إلهك إله غيور صباحا ، وزيارة ظلم الآباء على الابناء في الجيل الثالث والرابع من الكراهية لهم ان لي ،





    يوحنا 14 : 2 . في بيت أبي منازل كثيرة : لو لم يكن الأمر كذلك، لكنت قد قلت لكم. أنا أمضي لأعد لكم مكانا .

     3 .

     3 .

    و إذا ذهبت وإعداد المكان المناسب لك ، وسوف يأتي مرة أخرى ، و تتلقى حتى نفسي ، وهذا مكاني ، تكونون أنتم أيضا .



    لذا، فإن الحقيقة تبقى . يهوه = الرب قال انه لا يزال الله وحده ! وأعطى يشوع ابنه حملت خطايا العالم كله والموت من أجل كل إنسان !



    الحب أعطى يحبونها أننا يمكن أن يكون الحب يعيشون في الولايات المتحدة ؛



    إلى الأبد !



    لذا، فإن معظم واحدة ثمينة ، يصلي هذه الصلاة !



    أوه ، الله في السماء ، وأنا آتي إليك الآن في الإيمان ،

    الاعتقاد بأن كنت أرسلت ابنك الوحيد، يسوع، ل يسلب خطية العالم

    الاعتقاد بأن كنت أرسلت ابنك الوحيد، يسوع، ل يسلب خطية العالم


    يا يسوع ، أخذوا خطيتي من خلال إعطاء حياتك على الصليب ، عن طريق الموت عن الخطيئة ! وأعتقد أيضا أنه من خلال سفك الدماء أنا بك


    يا يسوع ، أخذوا خطيتي من خلال إعطاء حياتك على الصليب ، عن طريق الموت عن الخطيئة ! وأعتقد أيضا أنه من خلال سفك الدماء أنا بك



    غسلها و MADE CLEAN من كل خطيئة !



    اعتقد ان يقبل حقيقة أن بعد ثلاثة أيام

    هل عاد إلى الحياة وبعد أن تم اعادته الى الحياة عن طريق الله الآب مع السلطة من روحك المقدسة

    هل عاد إلى الحياة وبعد أن تم اعادته الى الحياة عن طريق الله الآب مع السلطة من روحك المقدسة




    أنا ، الآن ، بالإيمان ، وقبول YOU AS مخلصي ،



    MY AND AS ربي ! ”



    ربي يسوع ، كما أطلب منك وعليك أن تملأ لي مع الخاص

    الروح القدس الثمينة و تؤدي حياتي الآن ل مجدك ! أشكركم ذلك الآن ، وأنا إنقاذه

    الروح القدس الثمينة و تؤدي حياتي الآن ل مجدك ! أشكركم ذلك الآن ، وأنا إنقاذه


    اشكر لكم ان اسمي مكتوبا في كتاب الخروف من الحياة

    اشكر لكم ان اسمي مكتوبا في كتاب الخروف من الحياة

    ! ”



    شكرا لك ربي وإلهي يسوع ، أنا لك ! ” آمين ! آمين ! آمين ! WOO ! دسا !



    مع الحب في المسيح ،



    خادم الرب،

  • Lori

    Go back to the eastern world , leave us alone!

  • Lori

    Go go a Islam school asses

  • gregkliebigsr









    Romans 10: 13. For WHOSOEVER shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be SAVED.



    HEBREWS 2: 9. But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that HE by the grace of God SHOULD TASTE DEATH FOR EVERY MAN.


  • gregkliebigsr



    Sincerely Greg, a servant of GOD AND HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON JESUS.

  • Chad

    If that cross is in the USA it should stay there if it offends you then go back to your country and tell your leader that your allah sucks and see what happens they will come up missing and no one will know. So, wtf I am offended that your offended.

  • Elberta Bocock


  • Victoryrider
  • SDG
  • I find them offensive…go back where you came from if you don’t like it here.

  • Dale Stark

    Private school. They can have as much catholic stuff hanging on the walls as they want and EVERYBODY else can shut up or go somewhere else

  • Oingo Boingo

    kick them all out since they are hostile to the schools principles

  • Ann Moss-Morrice

    It is a Catholic school…. are you dense? Take off your head dress then!!! You do not go into another religion and tell them to change!!!!!! OH THIS REALLY MAKES ME MAD!!!!!!

  • Kenneth Barten

    Try removing the MUSLIMS from the Catholic schools… And as for “preying”) yes,, I said not pray,, but PREY) in a Cotholic school,, can Catholics pray in a mosque without fear of reprisal or repercussions?…
    QUOTE: “Catholic imagery all over the Catholic school, which he says hinder Muslims from praying.” IF YOU DONT LIKE THE RELIGIOUS ICONS IN THE SCHOOL OR CHURCH, FIND SOMEPLACE ELSE TO TAKE YOUR SORRY ASSES

  • lisa

    simple: see the school name ? catholic! it will be there is cross hanging on the walls. don’t like ? don’t enter !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Woody Nelson

    Helloooooo… what are they doing going to a Catholic school? How about telling them that their form of prayers is disgusting and unacceptable and to find somewhere to pray that isn’t offensive to the non muslims.

  • Elveraz2

    Go back to the Middle East and don’t ever come back to USA….leave Europe and never come back. Live on your Sharia Law that women are worthless and a nobody…go back and stop your “soft invasion” we are not stupid. We know your Agenda you SCUMBAGS.

  • Dave Andre

    The students are NOT even students at the school. They have no legal standing to even sue the school.

  • Lisa Tomlin

    Its a catholic school for goodness sakes. What did they expect?

  • I demand that head scarves and taqiahs be removed by all students attending Christian Universities because they offend me. In other words: kiss my American a$$.

  • Ayr

    Why are they even going to the school in the first place? They should have know by the name that there would crosses and chapels, and the worship of Jesus. If it offends them so much why don’t they just leave instead of trying to change the fundamentals and principals the school is founded upon.

  • DirtDiver

    So remove them and their club from campus

  • William Frovik

    KMA 10-4

  • Barbara J

    This is America….if muslims don’t like the way it is here…then get the hell out and don’t come back! We will not live under sharia law now or ever!!! PERIOD! YOU offend me!!

  • Jeff

    It’s a Catholic university, a private catholic university; what do they expect?

  • Jerry Pirtle

    Kick the MF’s out!!!

  • Joe Trimback

    Maybe they shouldn’t have registered to go to a Catholic University.

  • Michi Kaputnik

    What are they doing going to a Catholic School in the first place? Take your sheep shagging goat raping husbands & leave. Or go to an islamic school.

  • fred

    ………..enough, I am highly offended by Muslims also………….EAT MORE PORK…..cheers

  • Teigan

    Burkas offend me, make them remove them in public. If you don’t like crosses why are you attending a Catholic University? Ignorance must be bliss. It’s a private college, they do not have to remove crosses.

  • Nancy May Antram

    It’s funny. These young women are sitting in a room with young men. Is that even allowed in Sharia Law? Women are not even allowed to worship with the men. They would need 2 separate spaces. The whole thing is ridiculous. They are practically laughing in this picture. So disrespectful of the University that allow them to attend there. There is no end to their demands. Better not to let them attend in the first place. They can go back to their rooms and pray if they wish or choose another university.

  • LeAnn

    This really is a joke, if you do not want to practice the religion in which they teach then you might just want to find another school. I am not Catholic therefore my American children do not go to Catholic schools. My choice but if they did they would not be asking they change what they found their school on.

  • Amy D


  • Vikki

    Then get the hell out of catholic universities! Better yet, get the hell out of any western country, feck off back to the crap holes you crawled out of

  • Matt1972

    Ok, so they really want war, well then, let them have war.

  • Jennifer Hayes

    Get the hell out of here. Its a frigging CATHOLIC school. Don’t like it, don’t go there – while you’re at it, i’m filing a complaint to get them out of my country caught they’re just pissing me the hell off.

  • nanjac

    They want crosses removed , because of their praying and they are offended…..get out of America !!!! America is NOT pushing another religion on the Muslims, but they are sure pushing theirs. They are offended by the crosses, I am offended by the women wearing the Hajib…

  • DiDiRock

    I’m sorry. Why, exactly, would Muslims be going to a Catholic school? I mean if the religion is so offensive to them why are they at that school

  • mystie

    Hello, it’s a Christian school, don’t like it, don’t send your kids there.

  • Judy Johnson Fair

    What about our RIGHTS? Don’t they count?

  • Timothy Pyke

    Tell them no! It is not an Islamic place of worship – if anything put more up. The offense they claim with the cross in ALL truth is against Jesus Christ the Lord God Almighty – I say to bad, don’t give in. If they are offended that is unfortunate for them but we will not compromise …. I know I will not – ever!

  • Kim Serrahn

    The crosses have been on the walls longer then these students have been there, I say the crosses stay, end of report…….

  • Jill

    If you choose to attend a Catholic University you might see some crosses… Probably a lot. They are not being forced to attend a Catholic school. This is ridiculous. I’m sorry but I find them offensive. Remove them.

  • Mojavegreen

    We are being subjected to the frog in the pot scenario. If you take a frog ad place him in boiling water he will try to immediately escape. However, if you take a frog and place him in a pot of cold water, he wont try to leave until it is too late for it to do anything. We are the frogs that are currently in the pot with cold water in it. Unfortunately, by the time we act… it will be too late.

  • Tom Ferrell

    Dickhead doesn’t even know what he’s complaining about. A cathedral does not loft over the campus. FWIW in his suit, it is a shrine.. There is no raised bishops chair in the shrine and that is a requirement for a cathedral. Through the suit out on a technicality.

  • Liliana Gomez Foy

    Why are they even in a Catholic school. It is not for them. Mind your own damn business and stay out!

  • JoeCushing

    its a Catholic University. Of course they’re going to be crosses. If you don’t want to be around crosses, don’t go to a Catholic University. that’s pretty simple.

  • JoeCushing

    also, nobody has a right to not be offended. That’s a personal choice by the one who is offended.

  • Conservative Mark

    Okay, this sh*t needs to stop, NOW! Time for Crusades 2.0!

  • kay

    sometime enough is enough this is just an attack on someone else faith…why do they want to go to a catholic school and than decide to change it…didn’t they see the word Catholic when..they enrolled…I find this very offensive what are they thinking a catholic school has crosses it;s their faith…should we demand that Muslims remove symbols of their faith…they enrolled. this country has something called freedom of religion…they need to get with that… You don’t go to some other country and tell them how they live…

  • Rockzilla57

    Its a CATHOLIC PRIVATE SCHOOL. If they are offended they need not go to that university. There are plenty of others to choose from.

  • Eligio Bonelli

    If you don’t want to see crosses on the walls in every classroom, THEN DON’T GO TO A CATHOLIC COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Rick Walsh

    Don’t go to a Catholic school or better yet don’t go to school or even better go to school in a Muslem country that allows Catholic students to practice their religion in Muslem schools, oh, I’m sorry there is no such school anywhere in the world you say? What bullshit this is to clog up our courts, jeez!

  • Boy what idiots, ITS A CATHOLIC SCHOOL, you dont like the imagry there, then, stay out of the schools, you morons.

  • disqus_bvzyOg5eso

    Go to Hell Goat humpers!!!

  • Garibee

    If we continue to allow this cult to dictate it’s version of the god fairy tale, we’ll end up like Britain and France…overrun by Muslims hellbent on taking over the country.

  • vik

    What do these student expect. They are attending a catholic school. Its going to be full of imagery related to the catholic religion. If this offends them then why are they attending a school immersed in a religion far from there own. Now if they attended a school that had nothing to do with religion it’d be slightly different. Their lawsuit would have a better stance but it’d still be in the category of stupidity.

  • PCS

    WTF, why are muslims going to a CATHOLIC SCHOOL ??????????????????? And they are free to leave, like it or lump it. The moo-slimes EXPECT tolerance towards them but they are very INTOLERANT !!!!!!!!!

  • Jennette Jenkin

    How ridiculous!…….. They are attending a CATHOLIC University………what do they expect! If a Catholic was to attend one of their universities, would they provide a chapel, or take down anything offensive to a Catholic……….. I think not!

  • praying for islam to die out but that wont be possible because they breed like rabbits

  • Anonymous

    Honey if the cross or Jesus Christ offends you, by all means go back to your own country.

  • Bendy Bentley

    I am atheist, but I say screw these pigs and their worthless god. If you want sharia law, go back to the pig sty of a country from whence you came.

  • Terry

    Tell them all to go to Hell

  • Terry

    Why are these rag tops attending a catholic school?

  • gijan

    Hey idiots! If you don’t like Catholics, don’t go to their private religious schools! Go back to your own trashy countries.

  • Susan Hambrook Bailey


  • Kathleen Ivan

    It’s a catholic school. They chose to go there knowing it was a catholic school. They can go elsewhere. Catholic schools were made for Catholics, not Muslims. They are just tryiing to get rid of Catholicism from within a Catholic school. They want to see an end to Christianity and they are doing it from the “inside”.

  • LoriCJ

    Why are they even attending a Catholic University?


    You live in OUR land, you follow our laws and rules, just like you would have US follow your laws and rules in your country!! Don’t like it go back to your home! This is AMERICA,don’t like it LEAVE!!!

  • quincyman

    what the hell are muslims doing in a Czholic school???????

  • EME

    I am Catholic and will be furious if the University caves in anyway, GO TO ANOTHER SCHOOL!!

  • Jason

    If our crosses offend you get the hell out of our country!!! We believe in religious freedom here… This is America land of the free not your pathetic excuse of a country!!!

  • joey gerdin

    islam is a satanic cult

  • Don J Robinson

    well duh… its a Catholic school.. if muslims are upset about being surrounded by Catholic icons.. I suggest they find another school ..

  • wisguy


  • Kentucky red

    Its a Catholic school for crying out loud. If you don’t like it don’t go to it. I ain’t even Catholic (Some refer to me as oneness Pentecost) and I see this lawsuit is out of line.


    Bloody ridiculous, removing Catholic statuary from a catholic university! Is someone having a laugh here? I find Muslims offensive too, remove them forthwith…..from the country!

  • Michael D. Rininger

    If the raghead terrorists want the cross’ removed then they should have to remove their head scarves and not subject non muslims to their so called prayer times,and abide by the rules of the school they are attending

  • and I demand that offensive muslims be removed from the world!

  • Shane Jensen

    I find that the wearing of a burqa and the hajib offencive , I find the demand for Sharia law offencive ! I detest there demand of building Mosques offencive ……its not a religion or a race’s a death cult

  • Maribeth Spence

    It’s a Catholic school. If them being Catholic offends you then go to a school that ISN’T CATHOLIC! Gees is that so hard!

  • Dreamscape Waif

    No one is forcing them to go to this school. it is a PRIVATE university. they can go somewehre else if it is so offensive and leave them alone!

  • Bruce Rowley

    It will be easier to remove the muslims. Throw out the trash. Muzzies have no business in a Catholic school or any Christian school, church or gathering. Send them back to the sandbox, even if they were born here.

    • Rex

      Muzzies have no business in free countries.

  • Ryan Barnett

    I guess people don’t research things nowadays. This is a bogus story. Go figure.

  • joey gerdin

    maybe the Catholic University doesn’t want people praying to a false god….

  • iwillcheck

    there is one point everybody is missing here, a mosque has a separate entry for women, inside they are segregated ,because according to hadith, when a man prays, if in his line of sight is a dog , donkey or woman , allah will not accept their prayers, i assume the campus does not have dogs or donkeys, so women should be banned

  • JoanDHearn


  • JoanDHearn

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  • gurney58

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  • Gail

    Its a Catholic school to start with!! Of course there r gonna b crosses in every room!! Leave America since u had if and all we stand for!! Get out!!!

  • Gail

    It’s a Catholic school if course there r gonna b crosses n every room!! Leave America if u hate it and what we stand for so bad!! Get out! Nobody is making u stay nor want u here!!!

  • Ken De Luca

    Muslims suck. The women are dirty whores and they have a stupid ass religion.Sharia law is for dummies and clown ragheads. The men are cowards and spend nites packing fudge. Hope they all die soon.


  • John

    Haha who would have thought there would be crosses in a catholic school.

  • Robert Ronald Wynn

    Why are the muslin’s at a catholic school?

  • Sakura Craigie

    Do you have any ACTUAL news sources for this story? No, wait, you watch Fox News, of course you don’t have any actual sources. And you Americans wonder why the rest of the world is laughing at you most of the time. This is why!

  • Marie Douglas

    Excuse me for butting in, I dont live in America..but i find it unbelievable that this is even being discussed. If these people are so offended by what happens in a country (any country) Why dont they just migrate to a country that dosent have have these “offensive” religions as part of their lifestyle. This makes me very angry. I can think of many countries who would welcome these people. Thankyou.

  • greatattractor

    Muslims ARE scum, indeed, but WORSE scum are the cock-suckers who, even for a second, contemplate giving in to these vermin.

  • The sooner all religion is banned from public places the better, that applied to the rag-heads, the red-sea pedestrians, the kiddy-fiddlers, and the crazy southern baptists.

  • BigNanaUSA

    Don’t like the crosses? Go to a different school.

  • Stu Green

    If they are that offended they can relieve the stress they feel by leaving, the university, college, neighbourhood or indeed the country. I am not a religious person but am not offended by seeing a cross or a church!! You must live by the country’s culture and laws – you have no right to change it to your home country’s. Please feel free to leave the country at anytime. The sooner the better.

  • Gordy Grove
  • Vicky Vining

    This argument is not about a Crucifix disturbing prayer. Prayers can be said anywhere — store, train, park, etc. A Crucifix will not interrupt a prayer. This is about dominance. This is about running Jesus out and replacing Him with Mohammed — in His own Home!

  • Cams Apps

    A lack of logical thinking. It’s okay to happen to one not of their kin. When it happens the other way round, they don’t want to know.

  • sm

    The americans are to be blamed for this nonsense. Their leaders, falling head over heels to be politically correct have stupidly opened the immigration floodgates by letting in these sickening desert people who are practically the root cause for over 90% of the world’s problems we see today. By allowing them into american society, the US has in actual fact imported violence into their way of live.

  • Nathan Brooks

    i call bullshit

  • Doug

    I cant believe that this is even an issue. Just say no we will not “accommodate” you, and move on, let them pray and protest off campus and continue normal operations. If they start to cause trouble, kindly ask them to get their education elsewhere and expel them from the “private” university.
    I personally spent several years as a “guest” in Saudi Arabia. I know for a fact that Muslims may pray anywhere. Iv’e seen them pull their cars over to the shoulder and get out and roll out the prayer rug, face Mecca and bang their heads right there in the dirt and sand…..and not be offended. I’ve even seen them use sand to do the required cleansing of their feet before prayer. Again, not offended. Iv’e been on 747’s and watched them pray in the aisles. If there is no mosque available they pray where they are at prayer time. So take your reasonable accommodation and try that crap somewhere else.

  • havenbounce

    sure I’m all for it but ONLY if they abide by the same hijabs, no niqabs, no tonics, no kurtas and no prayer rugs.
    Please people before administrating into a school look into it if they have things you don’t like than find a different school.

  • AlexD

    What part of the word “Catholic” do they not understand?

  • Frances Frey, R.

    I am offended!!! Kindly get these people the hell out of my country!!! Can you just imagine what would happen to us if we went into their country and tried to change their ways of living ??? Could you imagine us trying to get them, in their country, to remove the scarfs from their heads what would happen to us??? I for one have had enough of their crap…time for them to go…they are here because they want their freedom to be themselves, and yet, they still dress as they did and behave exactly as it is they are trying to get away from!!! Please, if they are unhappy, SEND THEM HOME!!! WE DON’T NEED THEM HERE!!! THEY DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THE BENEFIT OF THIS COUNTRY AND IT’S PEOPLE!!!

  • Lisa Coniglio
  • FatBob Dunn

    Just Say No !

  • bigshow23

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  • Richard

    I think that muslims should all be hearded together and put in a reservation in the salt flats. They can have their own little compond and do as they want. They can have sharia law there, but once they step out of the reservation its USA law. Just like an indian reservation. If that is not good enough deport all the ones complaining about our laws in the good ole USA

  • DorisRDelrio

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  • diamondinruff

    America is a FREE country. Freedom of religion and freedom from religion. Each member of American society can choose to worship anywhere and believe anything we want. We also have freedom of EXPRESSION of religion, which is tied into free speech. I suppose if the cross offends these muslims, then Christian wearing crosses would offend, or if a Christian (or other religion) talks about their religion (outside their church) it would offend them. We should NOT CARE if we are offending them or anyone here in America–WE MUST EXCERCISE OUR FREE SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF RELIGION RIGHTS!!! Or we may lose them.

  • wwww
  • Waynw

    I’m offended by Muslims because they worship a paedophile, who can I sue?

  • LindaFromNewYork


  • Angel Ruiz

    If they offended by the cross they should go and pray in the middle of the highway at 3 or 4 pm…..

  • Charles Britton

    Those people should be banned from America.They have terrorized us on the outside and now try to intimidate us on the inside. This is our country built on our God.

  • Wendy Wendt

    If they do not like the areas at a CATHOLIC school , then GET OUT and study in some stupid muslime school. Plain and simple , if you do not believe in someone else’s rights at a school bearing their religious beliefs , then DO NOT ATTEND that school.

  • Tana Campbell

    why is a muslum in a CATHOLIC school. those crosses have a right to be there. if they dont like it go to a different school

  • fmorgan09mm

    These people contradict everything America stands for yet we keep letting them in.

  • Sharon Merryman

    Well, I fully understand that a handful of Muslims don’t make them all bad, any more then a few white folks that are assholes, make them all assholes. But….. this site, pulled up a story that is FOUR years old, the lawsuit was bogus, as there were no complaints what so ever and it’s something John did….. It was agreed on both sides, no one had any complaints, etc. No longer will be liking this page and going to unlike quite a few more pages. Stop…stirring up hate and race crap. But I do agree with one thing, If you wish to live in America and to be free to do what you like (for now), then stop trying to get us to change to other wise. Let people worship the way they want and to whom they want. That’s what America is about.

  • Kat Mando

    Before people comment on an article that was actually written in 2011, take time to do a little research. I wonder what the purpose was in reposting this article. The professor, who filed this lawsuit all on his own has lawsuits against childhood obesity against McDonalds as well as other frivolous lawsuits, such as the same professor filing a suit against this same university for co ed dorms At the time of this article, there had been 0 complaints to the university by students.

  • NotfromtheSouth

    Why are they even allowed in a Catholic University? If we are to remove all things “offensive” then they will be included in the removal process!

  • damifinoone2

    Tough sh*t you pathetic joke.

  • Nicole Verner

    Did anyone read? What started the issue is that muslims are ONLY ALLOWED to pray in the school chapel.
    Dorm life also goes against their belief system. So, two birds, on stone;
    give them a section of campus, on it will be one female dorm, one male dorm, and their own prayer hall.
    This is America, the only reason all your (and some of my) ancesters came here was to be free of religious prosecution.
    Should muslims go to a school that was built around another religion? No, that was a poor decision. But they paid, so they’re there now.
    America, wasn’t built on Christianity or Catholicism. It was built on the freedoms that should be granted to every individual who wishes to be a part of this country.

  • Aliza Ben Moha

    I’m sorry, I don’t get it. Those Muslims go to a Catholic School? Really?

  • Debra Love

    I am NOT religious,so if I decided to go anywhere of any religion I would NOT disrespect their ways,symbols,etc.If your religion is that important to you GO TO ANOTHER UNIVERSITY! As a matter of fact take your educated stupidity back home where it is acceptable OR SHUT THE F*** UP!Just another reason for others to hate you and you have the ignorance to ask why.

  • Philip Pitts

    Wait! Muslim’s attending a Catholic university, find crosses and other CHRISTIAN imagery offensive? Really?? Can you say oxymoron? Are they not committing blasphemy and purposely offending their goat herder God “Allah” by attending a Christian institution in the first place? How intelligent can they be? I do believe a kindergartener would be able to figure out that a Christian university would have crosses and Christian images. I have to quote Jeff Dunham’s character Walter…….”dumbasses!”

  • Bustoff

    Screw them, it is a sign of our religion. If they do not like it either bite down hard or just move to a place or building they don’t have to see them. This crap is going too far. Just because something “offends” someone doesn’t mean it has to be removed. We are becoming a country of soft idiots.

  • Dan
  • Dan

    the article is false

  • Dan
  • Rae A Osborne

    Catholic University is a private school that is supported by the church, not the State, and is under no obligation to conform to non discriminatory practices. They aren’t even obligated to accept Muslims as students.

    • Alan

      Correct. Why did you make this statement? There seems to be no issue here. This is an old, debunked story. It seems to me that people need to do a better job of making sure their “news” is accurate.

  • william rozenboom

    just go to another school then or just leaf then

  • Lucie Bohemia

    They want world domination and anialation of other faiths.

  • Lois Laraine Banaszkiewicz

    Guess what? It’s a catholic school, don’t like crosses go to a public school, lord knows you won’t find any there!

  • uno

    Doubtless, there are other schools! What would one expect if one attends a church related university?

  • Monique

    If they don’t like the cross, then they can go back to their own country. Muslims are not any more important than Catholics–everyone has the right to their religious symbols that don’t hurt anyone. And by the way….I thought only evil hated the cross? hmmmm

  • Donna Byrd

    My Gosh u Idiots that has been 4 years ago and not even half of this is true. Quit trying to lie to people!!!

  • Carrie Barton


  • Danielle Perez

    1. what the hell are Muslims doing in a Catholic University… ??? what do they expect to find there ? a Mosque ????
    2. I feel offended and belittled by all these women all covered up in democratic countries after many, many years of sacrifice, torture and ridicule beared by our foremothers for the freedom we now highly enjoy…
    3. if you don’t like the crosses go somewhere else….remember… it’s a free country. No one is forcing you to stay where you feel uncomfortable.

  • Genevieve

    In our Great Country we have the Freedom of Speech. I am very happy to know that these women appreciate this RIGHT of ours and are using it. Maybe they don’t have it in the Country they come from. We also enjoy the FREEDOM to choose where we want to go to school. I would suggest to these women that if they are OFFENDED by these Crosses in the Catholic University they are attending that they use our FREEDOM OF CHOICE and attend a Public University where there aren’t any Crosses to Offend them. If this is not a reasonable solution for them then I suggest they go back where they come from and they won’t be offended by our FREEDOMS!

  • Helen117

    Gethefugoutahere! Assholes!!

  • JP

    Im living in America and from the UK and all I can say to you guys is get used to it. Give them an inch and they will want the entire country, And before you say “This is out country” go look at the country’s in Europe who said the same thing.

  • Gil

    When these “Muslims” enrolled in this College they knew it was a Catholic College. . .

  • Michael Kosak

    they chose to go to a catholic school, didn’t they?

  • Bunnie Klassen

    you apparently came here for a “better life”, and now want to change OUR countries to suit what you came from? GO HOME AND STAY THERE!! You want the rules of your own country? GO BACK to it. Your very presence offends me!!

  • hneyjhon

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  • Jenn Gentile

    I am a pagan, and went to Catholic school. Not for the religious part, but for the education. Its plain and simple. If you don’t like it.. go to school somewhere else. The muslims need to stop forcing everyone to adhere to their laws. This is AMERICA. Everyone has religious freedom. Thus get over it or get out.. do us all a favor.

  • You_R_Responsible

    Too bad. It is a Catholic school and you knew that when you applied to attend. Don’t want to see a cross? Go into the loo/bathroom and say your prayers! I’m sure they are “cross” free.

  • marlena griffin

    Why would they go to a Catholic school of they are so offended by it…doesn’t make sense to me…..I am not religious so therefore I would not attend a religion based school. No one is forcing them to attend that college that clearly states it’s a Catholic university

  • dystopia_joe

    Thing is, this story isn’t true:

    Kind of shows the reliability of a site with “right” in the title.

  • Arlene Alexander

    This Catholic church should roast a pig in celebration this Sunday


    lol the Video Published on 11 Feb 2013

  • unkomin1

    Seriously, who’s forcing them to go to a Catholic university ????? Go somewhere else, it’s a CATHOLIC SCHOOL, GET IT? ???????? Either way get out of our country, you and your unreasonable demands offend ME!

  • Lynne Marton

    Anywhere and everywhere islam is a problem – just by its existence! WHEN are the ignorant powers-that-be in Western Civilization going to see that??? They MUST BE STOPPED.

    They are invading and demanding that everything be as they want – because our ways “offend” them. Well, THEY are the offenders – with their demands for “accommodations”. They can just sit on it, accept OUR ways in OUR countries, or leave and go back to wherever they came from and take all their converts with them – never to return here!!!!!!

  • Abimbola

    Remove Christ from Christian institution? Shows mentality of Moslems.

  • Terri Bennett Spence

    I am completely for the rights of minorities, but in this case all i can say is if you dont like symbols of Catholisism, then dont go to Catholic University! Too easy!

  • washington

    Going back to your country and pray. Don’t pray over hear. If you don’t have a place to stand go back to your home country, we don’t need people like this here.

  • steamed

    Its a Catholic school. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere.

  • Jacqueline Wells

    This is obsered. If they want there own prayer rooms than they should stay in there country. They offend me by asking that WE AMERICANS take down what we believe in. Now if we were the their country would they put up cross four ifs too pay under? Probably not so don’t ask us to take ours down. THANK U LORD JESUS. WE PRAY TO U THE MOST HIGH GOD!!!! Amen

  • David Dodd


  • maelstrom143

    Oh my goodness…the egregious lack of common sense just does not stop! And to think, it all started with a cup of hot coffee 🙂

  • Catherine Bird

    This makes absolutely NO SENSE, whatsoever. Why cater to a bunch of woosies who are ‘offended’ by everything? If they don’t like our way of life here, they can GO BACK HOME TO THEIR PISS-INFESTED MIDDLE EAST.

    Yep, I said that. If you’ve ever been to places such as Saudi Arabia, as I have, you’d know how bad the AIR there smells–they don’t have the sewage clean up facilities like we have here in the States; instead, they dump their collected sewage in the desert, fresh, early each morning. I was surprised they actually have electricity there, since their laws are based in the 7th century.

    We’ve GOT to get rid of that Moslem in the White House ASAP, and put him in jail for treason. Then elect Ted Cruz, so we can rid our nation of the Moslem infiltrations & return America to her former glory.

    See, the problem is NOT with individual Moslems; it’s with ISLAM, itself–which is NOT actually a religion, but a political totalitarian governance system whose adherents want to spread worldwide. That’s why they’re using these tactics.

    See, when Moslems are in the minority of any nation, they demand ‘minority rights;’ but once they become the majority of a population, there ARE no ‘rights.’

    Wake up, America!!!

  • Homer

    Let the Musalamas..go too anther University

  • Claudia

    This is nothing but poop. who would entertain a complaint of this nature. if they are in a catholic university (and I am sure its by their choice) what they feel about crosses means nothing but personal opinion. this is just another way of promoting hate and intolerance. bullshit complaints and law suits ruining this country. its not abut rights it about twisting rights to meet a agenda.

  • Jojo

    How stupid!! Catholic are catholic Muslims are Muslims leave the cross and buildings alone !!!

  • Konstantinos Moshogiannis

    it is highly offensive to me that Muslims they put a diaper rug over their head cover their faces as bank robbers do. Clothed in dark clothing as a sign of night robbers operatives do. We should make it illegal for them to enter this country of us or we should follow the Chinese government and let them sell cigarettes and alcohol or do like the Swiss Government Does to them when they apply for citizenship make them watch a porn movie for two hours as part of their citizenship requirement.

  • Sandra Davis Piening

    This is OUR country…they came here by choice…if they don’t like it…they can leave by choice…or we should be able to have them removed…if they don’t like it here…go home!!!

  • Konstantinos Moshogiannis

    it is highly offensive to me that Muslims they put a diaper rug over their head cover their faces as bank robbers do. Clothed in dark clothing as a sign of night robbers operatives do. We should make it illegal for them to enter this country of us or we should follow the Chinese government and let them sell cigarettes and alcohol or do like the Swiss Government Does to them when they apply for citizenship make them watch a porn movie for two hours as part of their citizenship requirement.

  • Dave Van De Cappelle

    Screw them, nothing makes them go to a catholic school, so they can go to hell. They are only to complain, nothing more. Do not remove the crosses, if they don’t like they can damn well leave and not bother coming back. Want them out, get a pig and make it the school mascot.

  • Lea Hart

    this is only the beginning of them trying to get us to convert and slowly taking our religious freedom away

  • Dave Van De Cappelle

    Islam is Not a Religion. It nothing but following of a lunatic who wrote a book

  • Jim

    If you are offended at the Catholic University then don’t go there. You’re free to go to any other university that doesn’t offend you.

  • American lover

    Muslims go back home

  • Lee

    I don’t blame some people for taking offense about having crosses but understand that Catholics need their crosses. Muslims if you have issues abouth this let’s hope you can set up your own area in these schools

  • Moussa Alnakoula

    There are 4 million explanation
    For Muslims ((all of them interprets .. a relief since many of them hated each other see how is different it … ???))
    Speaks something and doing something else .. !!!!!

  • disqus_O69cjnelHb
  • Nergal

    This university is a private institution, and as such has no requirement at all to provide a religiously neutral atmosphere. The fact is that this is nothing more than an attack against their faith by an outsider atheist who specializes in looking for frivolous civil lawsuits. This time on behalf Muslims who according to the school never filed a complaint. Looking at Banzhaf’s history, the guy just one of those dullards who needs to get clocked in the jaw really REALLY hard.

  • Patrick Sims

    If they don’t like it go to school some where else.

  • Donna Martin

    they should be remove from America why the hell dose are Government allow this so wrong it time to stand up and say no to them all or send them back they not going to remove there flag if we ask hell no

  • Gladys Brierley

    Maybe we should start suing the Muslims for offensive head gear and other offensive things.

  • jwbaumann

    Get a group of strong guys together, grab that complaining ass of paycheckcasher, and throw him in the river face first.

  • BillClintonsShorts17

    I am offended every time anyone refers to the caravan raiding pedophile rapist ‘Mohammed’ as a prophet. Anyone who does this should be jailed or deported.

  • Tony Blais

    I say go the f*** home. Our country was fine till you people came here. I am offended by all you people but nothing gets done about it. We don’t tell you when or where to put your carpet down and pray. So if you don’t like our religious ways and beliefs . Then take a one way flight on your magic carpet and go the hell home !!!!!

  • upset Christian

    If they are offended then they can go to another school. I as a Baptist would understand that a Catholic institution is going to have lots of crosses and statues. If I was offended then I would not go to a Catholic institution. As is mentioned in other comments this country was founded on religious freedoms. If we allow them to practice their religion then they need to allow us to practice ours. All these lawsuits are frivolous and a waste of taxpayers money. When will people stop the abuse of the legal system?

  • CanuckInUS

    I am offended by the presence of Muslims in a Catholic school. Why in the world are they going there to begin with?

  • Alethea Speakman Sche-Brogan

    This is a bunch of ape apples. There are no legitimate sources or truthful information about this. Top Right News is a good one to get people’s knickers in a knot. To believe their lies, half-truths and twisted truths only make US on the right look foolish. Right Wing News is another one to post inflammatory stories. Always do some looking for yourself to find out the ACTUAL truth of the matter.

  • JosefineAnne

    Are they not free to attend a nondenominational school? Who is forcing these idiots to attend a Cathlic school? Are there not plenty of schools willing to accept these followers of a camel driving child molester?

  • Lynda

    Is this for real? If you choose to attend a church school or university then you know before you start. that establishment has an obligation to it’s primary students to uphold the principals of their faith.

  • Lynda

    My great-granddaughter who attends an east end school was told not to bring Haribo sweets to school. Why? because the muslin children in her class could not eat them.

  • innessa

    Oh, get the hell out of our country. For hundreds of years people of all religions lived here in piece with each other. No Catholic student EVER demanded the “prayer place” in public university and never Hindus demanded their rights to pray in Christian universities. They all accommodated each other without any problems, until this barbarians started their crazy demands. It’s really sickening – GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT HERE! No one is bagging you to stay. Who needs you?

  • tits


  • Krazyauntpatti Acton

    The US is in a huge dilemma when first, we say this is a democratic society. But, second, by definition of democracy, we as individuals slowly lose everything that we grew up with as children. Because this is a democratic society and by allowing foreign immigration into this country, the customs we grew up with are slowly being carved away. AND, I am not against immigration; our country was built on it. But, we have already lost some of our customs (some considered good and some considered bad) and have made changes/sacrifices to accommodate foreigners who have relocated to this country. This will continue as long as the US is a democratic society. And, please do label me as non-patriotic, etc. I am US born and love my country. Just sad seeing the many social changes that have occurred in this country over the last 50 years.


    WOW, no they are suing Catholics for practicing their religious beliefs in a Catholic school…I have heard it all. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • Pete

    I am offended that they are going to Catholic schools. They need to go out and pray or go to their Islamic schools.

  • Michelle Young

    omg well don’t go to a catholic school then ya fuckwits..

  • Holly Michel

    Dude. Then don’t go to a Catholic University. Idiots. Go to a public University. When you attend a religious school, you do so knowing that you will be subjected to their belief system. In some cases it is in the paper work you sign upon entry. College is a right, but private colleges are a privilege. Either choose an Islamic based University or a public one. Welcome to America where you can choose what religion you are and what school you attend. I respect all religions, but no one religion has the right to try and destroy our country’s founding principals of freedom of all religions and choice. We are not an Islamic country. We are a free religious country who tries to accept all. Either accept that or move.

  • Ex-Sniper

    There’s always the janitors room. Pretty sure there’s no crosses in there.
    “There are no Moslem faith universities” of course… because moslems don’t believe in higher education, unless it is to send some moslem ‘students’ to Western universities to try and recruit, to try and force change in favour of their ideology, and to create disharmony.

    It may not have been the actual ‘students’ themselves making the complaint, but it’s a given that it would have come from them, through the ‘mouthpiece’

  • Paul Watt

    It is a Catholic university!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike M.

    I demand the Muslims kiss my ass also. Bacon eating pig slop!!!

  • fireandrain

    The attorney representing them should be disbarred. He has to be awful dumb to get his 15 minutes of fame this way. How dumb can you get …. and still breathe?

  • Joan Criscuolo

    If a cross is so offensive, then why do they go to catholic university to begin with? There are other universities that are more conducive for them to practice their religion.

  • Raafat Hasaballa

    it said catholic SCHOOL

  • Dalmo Accorsini

    We should ask them, if they accept burning the crosses using the Quran as fuel.

  • angela1a

    Thats what happens when you compromise with these scum.

  • Donald Holloway

    i demand that offensive muslims be removed from catholic schools

  • bp

    What a load of ####! The crosses were there first. If you don’t like it don’t go there! Why does freedom of religion only matter when it is their religion threatened. We all deserve the freedom to practise our faith! May God grant them the same tolerance that they expect from others.

  • Sharinali

    I am offended by the muslims asking us to change our ways to suit them. If they don’t like it here, then let them leave.

  • stevassyria

    Once ISIS free the 200 Assyrian Catholic Christians in Syria and Iraq! we will think about it.

  • BatataCondessa .

    Yes. It is time to say NO tho them. They are in America. They have no right to complain about your religion.

  • Why are you here?

    I dislike muslims. Muslims makes my Middle Eastern blood boil. Please go back to ur countries, now there is plenty of space since you deported/killed all the other minorities.

  • Karen Jordy

    If Muslims find crosses so offensive, they shouldn’t choose to go to a Christian school. Enough said.

  • Laura Austin

    since when do they pray inside, they like praying at the walls or better yet get the hell out of here.

  • Deeda

    Ok ppl when is this bs going to stop? I am not racist in any way but do we move to their country and make demands that we have crosses or bibles everywhere to make us more comfortable because something offends our religion? No we have to follow their rules laws and dress codes! If you are offended in our freedom and feel oppressed in our country go back to yours and I’m sure nothing will offend you there. Our freedom hummm does it not say in God we trust on our money? Our country was made on the morality of common sense ! I’m sick of the land of the free being attacked over and over by ohhhhh we offended you by wearing a cross or St Christopher!!!If u go to a catholic school aren’t you catholic? Christian a Christian school? Etc I’m so sick and tired of walking on eggshells this is bs! Stop trying to change our country into yours! Your in our country if you don’t like it I’m sure yours would be nice enough to take you back.

  • friend56

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  • Me too

    Cooking the frog slowly

  • Jacky

    Well i am all for human rights and stuff , But it is a catholic school …..
    like i am New Apostolic , and if i go to a catholic school , i must respect there religion and how they do things , common guys u becoming ridiculous

  • Angel

    That is fine by me. but then we destroy also all the mosk minarets in europe
    we are not sheeps there is a Tiger in Eropeans, beware of that.
    And we are fat up, with all those killings, and fugitives, the land is full!! Period!
    We send them all back!!

  • Sania

    There is no such thing ever mentioned that one can not pray if there is a cross present in a room for prayers!! All muslims should face the Ka’ba and pray!! That’s all!!!

  • My money says the moron that started this is an atheist who is trying to manipulate both sides into looking stupid.

  • Angel

    By the way Moslim believe is fron Satan see this and wake up.

    • Joan Smith Morgan

      thats the usa they talking about in revelation ,not the old babylon ,it talks about ports all around ,there is no water all around Iraq

      • Angel

        You didin’t see the video very wel, we are talking about Mecca not Iraq alone. Mecca is where the great whore of Babylon is sitting. Please see the video and listen.

  • Angel

    Hear Walid Shoebat explain this to you all.

  • mjsmart

    They don’t get it; over the last few centuries (in fact, decades), various peoples have relinquished civility and committed genocide . The Turks/Armenians, Germans/Jews,Serbs/Ethnic Albanians,Darfur, etc. If Muslims continue to push Non-Muslims , a charismatic nationalistic leader will emerge to persuade Americans to “remove” the problems. It could get VERY ugly VERY fast, and it would be deserved by some.

  • Hmmm

    Why are Muslims going to a catholic school to begin with???? Wait I know, It was done on purpose for the sole reason of fighting for their religion to rid all other religions. You have to remember that Islam says to rid all other religions and convert everyone who is not.

  • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

    They should be expelled for conduct unbecoming to a student at a Catholic school. Pound sand. Preferably in Iraq.

    • sabelmouse

      the iraq destroys by usa warmongering?

  • David

    When you pray,you’re really just talking to yourself which can be done anywhere.

  • Diana Cooper

    If you move to the United States that is your choice. If you don’t like our customs, then go back home!

  • Adrian dela Cruz

    And what do they want to expect in Catholic School, a Mosque??? Funny indeed!

  • Pamela

    Why would Muslims go to a catholic school
    Anyways? We all know what to expect when walking through the doors there. This is one time I will say someone needs to suck it up and leave as is.

  • Talk about regurgitating old stories. This is from 2011

  • kim powekm

    If they don’t like our religion over here then those Muslims should take their butts to their own dang country.. I’m still #americastrong

  • MDC

    Through them out. CATHOLICS, PLEASE. DONT CAVE IN.

  • Victor Kelly

    if Australia offends you then piss off back home and SHUT THE F&CK UP. DON’T TRY AND CHANGE US. We
    don’t go to your country and set up a church and complain that everything
    offends us. If the Australian way offends you GO HOME and stop complaining

  • Vernon E Cole

    Catholic School. They can have as many Catholic symbols on campus and where they want them as they want. People offended, let them go to a public school.

  • Michael Sparkz

    The real shame is that these type of law suits are even considered by the courts!!

  • William Spears

    Holy smokes Batman, the lunacy has reached a new level. Don’t attend a Chrstian school if it offends you. Enough said.

  • TruthExposed

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  • ItchyTheClone

    It is very easy to find out where you stand with Islam. Do not take my word for anything. Please take a moment and see for yourself. Here is a good place to start. Find a Islam-friendly Koran and/or Hadith and look up the word “unbeliever”. Be sure to read for context so you can see for yourself what they are really intending to say. As far as I can tell, there is nothing that says that it is a good thing to allow an unbeliever to live.

  • Margaret Ndawonde

    This is a Catholic University, sin’t it? And they knew that before they joined the University?
    My parents were not Catholic and had no intention of converting to Catholicsm, but when I was growing up, they made a decision to send me to Catholic schools. This was because they offered a better education than the circular schools around. Before sending me there, they sat me down and told me that what I should imbibe there, is a good education and good Christian values, period. Naturally when I was there, I though I wanted to be a Nun, because they gave me a good education and a grounded moral compass. When my paren ts found out about my intentions, they didn’t go and complain to the school to change their teachings, but decided that I had had enough Catholic teachings and sent me to a circular High School.
    It’s amazing how some people will let all and sundry know that they respect human rights (as long as it’s their rights!), are compassionate to the next human being (as long as it’s defined by their beliefs!) and all they want is to practice their culture (as long as everybody else stands to attention! and nod at every demand made). When in Rome, will I protest if the Romans to things in latin instead of isiZulu? Just a thought…..

  • stevereistad

    No more arguing, No more endless debates, Start deporting Muslims now before these Cockroaches spread!

  • Lorna Macgillivray

    Why in the world are Muslims applying to catholic schools if they find it offensive? Seems as if Muslims feel the entire world must boe to them. This craziness must end.

  • mike connor

    Every time they get stupid like this, we should bulldoze a mosque.

  • Maureen Conlin

    I’m getting tired of muslims I have some muslims friends but the others that could pray anywhere where they want to in stores in busses in hospitals etc and they say them out loud. So why can’t we christians Roman Catholics do the samething. THere is something wrong here. And to put away our crosses no way or bibles no way. This is our faith we are supposed to be christians here and share the faith what is wring here get over it. We are one body and we have one God rather you like it or not. We all pray to the one God so be it. Let it go.Amen

  • Dena Webber Clark

    Prayer. A discussion between yourself and the Creator. Thats all.Prayer can occur anywhere,anytime,. Humanity cant be so foolish as to claim such privy knowledge of our Creator’s preference for the appropriate surroundings for your devotions.

  • Hoos Hoos L

    I don’t believe this story, this story just being produced to pleased those audiences who are just the same stoopid as the person who wrote this article.

  • Hikari Mizumi

    If I went to Japan and demanded that they stopped Shintoism, they’d laugh in my face. As a non native of their country, I have no business to demand that they change their religious views to fit my Christian beliefs.

    Catholic churches and schools are very well known for having an abundance of crosses. As is their right of religion in America. As it is a Catholic school, it is not listed like normal public schools. Catholicism is taught in Catholic schools. It is allowed to be taught. I attended a Christian school which taught Baptist teachings. No other religion was allowed to be worshiped in the church run school of mine.

    A few crosses aren’t enough to hinder worship. Either worship at home, go somewhere where there aren’t crosses, or don’t bother attending a school that only promotes one religion.

  • majustamom

    If you are offended by all things Catholic, don’t attend their schools, go to their churches, or work for them, it’s a very simple concept.

    • LANManic

      Unless your goal is to undermine and thuggishly overtake, subdue and destroy the institution which is what is happening here.

  • chrispy41

    If there are to many crosses in the class rooms and they offend you – then go outside to do your prayers — outside where GOD created the beauty. Better yet go back to where you came from – far far away from anything that offends you…

  • Crystal Sanders Mallicoat

    Well the way I see it if they are offended by Christian and Catholic believes then maybe they should take their self back to their own Country and deal with the stuff there and see what happens. This is our Country u should adjust to fit in here we should not have to adjust to make it easier for u to be here. All of the Muslims make me sick this is a America it’s been this way for 100s of years and I don’t think it should change at all for idiots who don’t believe in GOD get over it. If you don’t like it get the HELL out of our Country nobody told you had to come here. Apparently you came for some reason like more freedom unlike your Country where u have no freedom maybe if u miss it so much go the HELL back we don’t need you here anyways.

  • Cathy Belanger

    You came to this country to be free from your Country, if you can’t handle what this country was built on than go home where you belong. This is ridiculous, you do not come into our country and try to change it to the very beliefs you left in the first place. GO HOME!!!!!

  • David Snyder

    WTF are they DOING IN A Catholic school in the FIRST place? Hmmmmmm?

  • John Mackey

    Why is it that the Muslims think that they can for us here in the US to bow down to them but they can do that for which they please. What is it time we started deporting the Muslims

  • Rebecca Duke

    Yea well if their are offended by the Cross then they can get the hell out of our country cause we shouldn’t have to change our ways just to make outsiders happy!! All us Americans really need to stop letting the government and outsiders take away everything that we believe in. Dammit, start standing up for what’s right! And I don’t care what the color of your skin is, cause if you cut every human open, we are all the same, so don’t even try to turn my words into some bullshit race crap! Maybe I should Be like them and actually say “I’m offended by that rag on their heads and I demand that they take it off now!”. This is America and we believe in God, freedom of religion, and the right to bare arms and if that offends you then get the hell off our Land!!! And if what I just said offended anyone, well then you can kiss my white American cowgirl ass!

  • 1frances1

    WTH? This is a CATHOLIC school!!!! get used to the crosses rosaries, praying and singinhg CHRISTIAN songs. Songs about the LORD JESUS CHRIST, and the one and only TRUE GOD. Guess what? his name isn’t Allah.

  • April

    Go back to where you came from and don’t worry about what our once free country does, displays or says. So angry that this is happening right now! It’s no different than a Pepsi employee walking in to a Coca-Cola factory saying they need stop making Coca-Cola products! I mean, c’mon!

  • Joan Smith Morgan

    why would they want to go to a (Catholic school )anyway ? it is a christian school ,

  • Julie Morgan-Albright

    Its a catholic university! If it offends you…don’t go!

  • Gian Garcia

    Why this government does not revoke these ignorant animals’s residency or citizenship, and send them right away to the Middle East?

  • lisa

    I DEMAND they remove there head dress.. You are in America.!!!

  • justKevin

    Hannity sucks ass. How about letting the man talk without the interruptions?

  • Jacalyn Clarahan

    What did they expect at a Catholic school. It is a Catholic school and there for is going to have symbols of the Catholic faith. I say if you don’t like it go to a different school. You can not expect a school to change just because it offends you. Leave a go to a different school that isn’t Catholic.

  • Gloria Martinez

    Seriously, If our flag offends them, then, what are they doing living in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA! I know they have the freedom to leave. Simple as that. America gives people that option. I RECENT THE FACT THAT FOREIGNERS WANT TO LIVE IN OUR COUNTRY TO BENEFIT THEMSELVES BUT, YET, THEY WANT TO TAKE OVER AND IMPOSE THEIR COUNTRY’S WAYS ON US. WHAT HAPPENED TO RESPECT FOR OUR COUNTRY?

  • Ashar Pervez

    Typical BS interview by the retard Hannity

  • Aj Angotti

    if the muslims do not like the way we AMERICANS live as catholics and don’t like the crosses in OUR schools, then maybe they should go back to their own country..why should OUR country suffer because of muslims that do not like our ways, well get over it already because this is America…and it would be a disgrace to us who are catholic to have OUR religious crosses and OUR beliefs removed from OUR catholics schools just because the muslims don’t like it….it is OUR religious belief to pray to OUR cross ,,,,,,HOW DARE YOU COME TO OUR COUNTRY AND WANT OUR BELIEFS REMOVED

  • TEB

    why in the world are muslims going to a Catholic university?

  • Charlotte Travis

    Go to another school!!! I am offended that our country has people backing muslims! The cross is a symbol of our Lord & Savior Jesus! Don’t like it go back to your own country!

  • Yonit Gefen

    What is needed is a letter to the same agency complaining about their complaint as a violation of…We can comment can we act

  • Auggydog

    Islamic extremism takes on many forms. This is our America Muslims. If you don’t like it get the fk out.

  • John Robert Dempsey

    The Catholics get what they have coming!
    The churches history teaches them the facts of islam and their degenerate profit, yet they take them into their schools and churches under their sanctuary BS, and they now even have a dope of a pope who says that the degenerate gays have something to offer.
    As gutless and immoral as the catholic church has become I hope that Islam wins their suits in this case!

  • Susq

    Why are they going to a Catholic School in the first place? I see an agenda here.

  • Marti Haverly Wilson

    Go to another college
    problem solved.

    • Alan

      There was no problem. No student complained.

  • Pam

    Why would anyone go to a Catholic school and then turn around and complain that it has Catholic symbolism everywhere? I would not even expect for them to provide me my faith services. I would find the nearest church of my faith and go. You go to a Baptist University ,you get Baptist, Mormon and so on. Better start standing your ground for common sense before it becomes extinct.
    But then again I am old school American.

  • Andrew Hutton

    I know it doesn’t protect me from maniacle extremists, but I sure do love being an atheist

  • Anna Cody

    I am offended by their anti-social custom of burqas which is another type of balaclava as far as I am concerned.

  • John Ernst

    This article is factually wrong it is NOT Muslims doing this but GWU Law School Professor John Banzhaf, for only one reason and that is because MUSLIMS haven’t got any complaints so this 74 year old has decided to stir things up just for the sake of stirring. Should be stripped of his Law qualification and made a vexatious litigant…. the man has form.

  • uwe

    Why don’t they go back where they came from?

  • DenisetheCelt

    The rag heads and that filthy lawyer NEED to get booted out of the country.

  • Linda Gonzalez

    the muslims have no business in the catholic school. if they are so offended they need to go back to where they came from

  • John Smith

    What I’m seeing a lot of in the comments section are remarks coming from individuals who are devoted to a religion that promotes love and acceptance, but are listing various (honestly, ignorant and just plain stupid) reasons as to why Catholics are superior to Muslims. And you wonder why people have been murdering each other since the dawn of man. I also feel the need to point out that neither religion is original in any way. Both Catholicism and Islamic ideals originated from an earlier “heathen” religion. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

  • Edward_Teach

    Deport all muslims.

  • Frank Schiffel

    they can go to the Arab world for school

  • Tim Douglas

    What the hell are Muslims doing at a catholic school anyway. You are in a catholic school if you do not like it get out! Why should we change our ways to make you imports friggin happy. You came to our country we did not invite you. So you and your people can leave the same way you came if you think we are going to change our ways to make you happy. If you don’t like or respect the flag you live under. We should show you the way out!!!!!!!

  • Rena-Adrianna Stonge

    This is bs!! Your offended by what’s hanging in our catholic schools then go to your own dam school we should be able to say “Merry Christmas” our serving pork in school lunch rooms don’t like things in our country then get your own !!! I’m highly offended by there criticism and hiw they think the can run sh#t here…

  • Tanya Baron

    Hogwash! Don’t go to the school if it so offensive! Jeepers creepers, or go back to your own country!

  • Rockslider1

    expel all muslims from all schools

  • Chris

    Perhaps they might reconsider where they should attend school. Wow, who would have imagined a Catholic school, with a Catholic mission would display the Cross! A central part of that mission! Only an idiot would take their demands seriously. A wise administration would politely invite them to leave voluntarily or be expelled!

  • pizztov

    Well, this is what we can expect because these muslims have full support of the Democrat Party. They hate God and Christianity. They and the muslims are comrades.

  • Tammie Michelle Adkison-Englis

    It’s a Catholic School! If crosses offend them… Don’t go to a Catholic School! I do not and have never considered myself to be racist But… This is America… Our country, our rules… If you don’t like them, Go back to wherever you came from! We ( as Americans) should not have to change our way of life to accommodate your way of life in another country. Why the hell did you come here if you want here to be like there???

  • This post from a friend of mine says it all, “I’m offended at NOT having crosses in my classrooms at a Catholic college.” And it wasn’t just Catholics liking that post. I’m a Methodist, lot of Christian friends from other denominations.

  • Jalaine Fojut

    Just what in the blue hell is a moslem going to a Catholic school for? If they don’t want to be offended , go to a different school. They need to be reminded , this is America . If they don’t like it go to another country that will cater to them , I sure the hell won’t miss a one of them.

  • Kevin

    Yeah well you entered a Christiaan country and a Christiaan university knowingly. The same country you say is evil. So go back to where you came from. Otherwise let’s take down all the speakers and Islam signs on the mosques all over the world and then we can talk. Bunch of egotistical morons. When will they learn they don’t rule everybody, and will the rest of society tell hem if they don’t like it then leave, just like Australia did.

  • John Metal

    ALL religions are a yoke upon the necks of humanity.

  • Prana Rahardjo

    I live in a country with most moslem population in the world (or so they say), nvr heard such stupid demand like that, I think u guys need to fix ur laws to prevent them to misused it against other religions or beliefs

  • Jennifer Ornduff

    No matter the twisted “logic” if they don’t want to see the power of the ONE TRUE GOD then they shouldn’t go to a GOD centric school. All they want is to try to destroy Christianity in America and every where they go. They will never be able to defeat or destroy HIM!

  • Jennifer Ornduff

    To specify I don’t hate Muslims. I simply can’t abide someone trying to further remove GOD from the world. GOD does not condone killing. It’s one of the Ten Commandments for crying out loud.

  • Victor Kelly

    if Australia offends you then piss off back home and SHUT THE F&CK UP. DON’T TRY AND CHANGE US. We
    don’t go to your country and set up a church and complain that everything
    offends us. If the Australian way offends you GO HOME and stop complaining

  • Glenn

    When are you all going to realize that all religions are false!! Bring on the Age where we all live in a world rid of religion, the only way true peace can be found!!

  • Krampus Von Brom

    Using that same logic, I think that crescent moon symbol that is displayed on mosques ought to be removed. I find that to be offensive. I’m gonna sue to get it removed.

  • Weepleget

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  • Some random guy

    F**k off back to Mecca then!

  • Anna Williams

    If you don’t like the crosses, go back to your country! We didn’t ask you here. Progressives are the real problem because they defend these ridiculous “offenses.”

  • Tibs

    That is why it is called a “sectarian” school

  • Ian Sinc

    These are tuition-paying students requesting a designated area for them to pray. What is the issue? The students are NOT requesting for all religious symbols to be removed, as argued by Hannity. These students pay money to attend the school and their request is akin to any other group at the university requesting a designated space.

  • GG

    If you go to any Arab Country, you have to abide by their rules. So how is it that these students expect chatolics to accommodate them. If they don’t like it than they can easily go back to their country and they will not be offended.

  • Scarlatti1

    And I am offended by the islem/muslem presence and want thèm removed out of our countries immediatedly

  • Sandra Borgen

    I’m offended that the men in that picture are not also wearing the required scarf! Cover your heads!!

  • David J Winters

    Okay, why are Muslims attending a Catholuc School? They should be made to take their religious garb off because it offends everyone else and not talk about Islam. If they are so offended they should withdraw from the private school and go to a public school.

  • SOBS

    Hey, here’s a thought. Don’t go to a Catholic college if you’re offended by the religion the school is founded upon. DUH!!!

  • yohan63

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  • Jessica Herrera

    UMMM… THEN THEY SHOULDN’T BE GOING TO CATHOLIC SCHOOL!!!!!!! If it was that offensive to them

  • Brenda

    This is ridiculous, if you don’t like it don’t go to school there. It’s as simple as that .

  • Kevin Seyffert

    Lets be clear. America is the land of the free. Each is FREE to practice religion as they see fit. The Muslims in America have NO right to demand this. Their demands should simply be ignored as it has no constitutional validity.

  • Dianna Miller

    I am a former Catholic and I am offended by the number of crosses found in churches period. Don’t you people realize that the cross is symbolic of Jesus Christ still being on the cross and that He is dead? Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, He is not on the cross, He is not in the tomb. Jesus is alive and is seated at the right hand of our Father God the Lord God Jehovah. The symbol that Christians should have is that of a fish, as we are to be fishers of men. If the Muslims want their own prayer room then they should have one. After all, part of the reason country was taken over by the Europeans was for religious freedom, and now they want to deny religious freedom to a particular group of people? Such hypocrisy!

  • Sarah Wallace

    Separation between church and state!!!! This is a private school! Why would you want to go to a place where you know they hold their faith in high regard! At least they accommodate all faiths, is that not good enough?

  • King Shaun

    Remove kebab.

  • Lisa Rose Morand

    First Muslims attend a Catholic School, by choice.
    Second they demand Christian symbols removed or a room dedicated to them without Crosses.
    Christians do not go to Iran and ask for Crosses because we know we are not in a free Country.
    If we were to create such a room, it collates with providing a space in a Catholic, Christian building for ppl to worship Mohammad whom we do not believe in nor do we believe in the teachings of Islam.
    I will not draw a stick figure of Mohammad out of respect for their beliefs,
    Nor will I take down a Cross for them to disrespect mine.

    • Sara

      Nice comment.

      Where do you stand on the green silk drawings of tiny children for their moreham’mad?

      Does drawing images of tiny children (available for sale this week) on green silk need to be respected or condemned? tolerated or refused?

      He purchased her at six and thighed (had sex with bum or thighs) her until nine when he RAPED her vag after seeing her image on green silk…. hand drawn for him… an image.

      • Lisa Rose Morand

        I apologise Sara, I do not understand what you are asking.

  • Marianne Morris

    This is out of control. If you dont like the way a Catholic school is run, or what is displayed at that school, Then um go to another school. Better yet spend your money and build your own schools!!

  • MrJackAmano

    To hell with these Moose Limbs! No Moose Limbs in Catholic schools! They should all fork off back to one of their Moose Limb countries. Their are tons of their own countries. Why can’t they find one to fork off too? Sick of these trouble-making locusts!

  • Lori Dennis

    WTHeck? What are they doing at a Catholic Collage? Why go there in the first place if they’re so offended? I’m offended that they want to take away my Savior’s “emblem”. Go back to your country where you can pray how you like without offending Christians!!!!!!!!

  • ben

    You need to leave our country….

  • Karin

    Hell no. We don’t asked them to stop building their masque’s. We don’t ask the women to stop wearing the garments. If you DONT like AMERICAS CROSSES then go home

  • AJFreeman

    I’m offended when they have that same writing on their mosques that ISIS use. And that annoying call to prayer that makes my dog bark like mad, it offends both of us. I’m also offended be those sheets the women wear, they could at any time commit a crime and no one would be able to catch their face.

  • Sara

    I am offended they insult all of creation
    with their demon worship of the black saturn box in mecca and
    their mass idoltry of the black “sin stone” they kiss and insert into that
    silver metal vagina statue they pray to inside their gayfest march box
    while reading jinn whispers a babyraper heard inside his pig head
    making up lies to rape his 6 year old niece drawn on the green silk kiddyporn FOR HIM
    a gay poofy hat in a cave plotting to murder his neighbors.

  • Sara

    Muslims cry and run away when you cut tomato slices because they have….gasp….a CROSS inside!

    Make tomato slices and put them EVERYWHERE……. or bacon, that fixes the problem.

  • Debbie Lovern

    No way. If they don’t like it then they don’t need to go in the church
    and schools where crosses are. Christians don’t go in their place of
    worship and start demanded they change things.
    The Lord said
    Christians would be persecuted for their beliefs in the end times and
    here it is Muslims in this country always hollering about their offended
    by christian beliefs. If they don’t like it then go back to their own
    country… This really upsets me. I have yet heard Muslims say they are
    offended by American money.

  • Slippers McEwan

    The only point I can see in rehashing this story is to remind the Muslims that they are attending a religious institution and HAVE TO accept that their religion while accepted by the school is always going to take a back seat to the Catholic religion and symbols. These people need to shut the @#!$ up if they don’t like it buy a ticket to Mecca and do your prayers there.

  • kevin68

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  • janie

    If the catholic church allows them to go to school there than it’s their God Given Right to do so, but whether they want to accommodate them or not with their DEMANDS is also their decision. Why are the courts allowing this to even be an issue in the court system?? The time for stupidity needs to be over; We need intelligent people making decisions in these courts by not allowing certain lawsuits to even get to the court house period!! When are we going to see a list of things that you can not file suit on ever just because it is STUPID!!!

  • Rick

    They knew it was a Catholic school when they applied.Of course the school has religious images all over.Why not go to a public school instead? No crosses there!!!NOOOOO! Let’s make a stink out of it.It’s the Islamic Way!

  • Christina13

    why should they be at a private catholic college then if they dont like it then dont go there if they remove anything for them and give in too bad we fail as catholics “(

  • Michel Labonte

    truly offensive, is that you people, are trying to erase our beliefs.
    Those churches and schools, been existing far beyond the PR you all got.
    There used to be catholic communities just about everywhere. But now we
    are part of the minority. I have no problems in sharing our land with
    other cultures. I have a problem with outsiders trying to change who we
    are and erase our identity. Nobody is telling you to change your
    religion here, nobody is telling you to change your religion back home.
    Look at the Philippines and Mindanao, what you guys done, the filipino
    are scared in their own country!! Those are small acts of Hitlerism and
    supremism. Remove my cross, remove my churches and beliefs, who are you
    people to dictate your ways on foreign lands? If you don’t like it
    here, you can always pack your stuff and go somewhere else, like Dubai?
    Why bother us and force us into chaos? Please understand, we were at
    peace before your arrival. Please understand, we do not request you the
    such on your land. Leave us at peace please, with all due respect.

  • Darko A

    Seeing stuff like this really eats me on the inside. Even tho this country is supported by the whole equality thing, it was still founded by catholic setters and even today there is about 50% (or alittle less) that are catholic and make up human population in north america which is the reason why for every public school there is a near by catholic counterpart.
    Lets be honest, in the origins of their country, would they do the same for us if we request something like this for their school where their faith was the majority? Don’t really think so, and depending what faith, the school wouldn’t even accept you at all because some countries forbid apostates and other religious beliefs.
    Also come on this is a CATHOLIC school, it’s like almost specialized in the CATHOLIC faith, why even go there to begin with?
    Before anyone says anything, i do believe in equality and freedom of belief of religion even tho i’m not aligned to any religion (due to the fact i’m an atheist with personal belief) so i’m not trying to be a “biased white catholic male” when saying this.

  • Danial Derozario

    I find your noisy call to pray from the speakers of your mosques are offensive as well, please remove it

  • Christopher Stanley Grimm

    Remove the Muslims from the school, simple.

  • ccresident

    I think that this all could be resolved with one simple action…every time a lawsuit is filed to remove crosses because Muslims are offended, then a counter suit should be filed to remove head dresses because Christians are offended.

  • Steve Glass

    I would like to file a Complaint on removing Muslims from the Earth be cause I find them, highly offensive!

  • Blither box

    Lets demand that muslems be removed from the northern hemisphere. They have no intention of assimilating or joining your civilization in ay helpful way They exist only to destroy it and create more islam. They are a blight on everything. Why lie? Is it really so much fun to pretend al the time?

  • Arpan Chima

    Why go to a Catholic University then if you don’t like there cross. That is not the only university in America.

  • California Tea Party

    Killum all

  • Lynn Salton

    Perhaps the University of Saudi Arabia has for people who are easily offended. Go there and learn everything you need to know about life in the seventh century.

  • jsteele

    Sometimes I wonder if all that exists on the internet really is a highly unorganized group of illiterates.

    It must feel so American to hate a group of people, after all that is our history isn’t it? Welcome to the leagues of racists and anti-semites that populate our history of 1860s immigration, 1920s immigration, Jim Crow, and the eugenics movement of the early 1900s. Congrats. You’ve made it.

  • dee dee

    I don’t get it! It is a Catholic university…. What part of that don’t Muslims, or any other religion, get? If you don’t like it, get out. I get so pissed off about all of this. Is there a reason. These Muslims are whining about not being able to perform their daily prayers by demanding another religious order stop doing what they have always done, bringing their God into every room. I grew up Catholic and it was the norm to see crosses and statues of Christ everywhere. Does not that big university have a field, park, outdoor space they could use. Enough already.

  • Laura MiMi Stone

    I have an idea…why don’t they leave America and NEVER come back…that way they won’t be offended anymore and they won’t offend us. I think that will solve the problem for all of us. I don’t go to their country, so why do they come to mine?

  • Dalevara Merlo

    All I can share is have your beliefs & have your rituals! Do so, in your own time and space and respect that your beliefs may not match others? In that respect.. focus on your own path and leave other’s to do the same…. no body needs to validate one from the other if all people focus on their own mission! love and light xxx

  • Navy Di

    If they do not like Catholic symbology why did they apply to a Catholic University where they should know it would have Catholic symbology all over the place. we will not stop them from praying but they cannot stop us from how we worship either!

  • JJ77

    They must really be offended by the Globe and anchor. But we have a permanent solution.

  • Teresa Brewer

    Are you f**king kidding me?! I can’t say this country was founded, due to the fact our native Americans were already here. So I will say that this country was established on Christianity. You come here in this country and have your own religion, that’s fine. I respect that, however, you want to destroy our beliefs because they are not of your beliefs and standards? The best and most effective way to keep your own beliefs in tact without our beliefs flooding your style, is to take your stupid asses back to the country you come from where that is not an issue. If you choose to stay in this country where your choice of religion is a freedom, then damnit, respect ours just as we do yours!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kim Smith


  • Kel Thuzad

    I’m an Atheist but think the Muslims have a lot of nerve, I hope they lose this case.

  • Michael Sterling

    Personally I’d just throw the offended Muslims out! It’s a Catholic school! If you don’t like it don’t go their expecting an education!

  • Suzanne Frances Smith

    1. Don’t go to a Catholic university…simples!!!!

    2. Catholic universities stop accommodating Muslims, as it causes to many problems…!!

  • RushedLimbo

    They have no case. No one is forcing them to go to a Catholic school.
    Now shut up and go pray to your pedophile, I mean “Prophet”.

  • taylor

    If the Muslims hate or try to change American ways why y’all keep coming here to set down roots? Go back to where what y’all do and worship is acceptable. Don’t come here and expect this country to change for you! Y’all come here wanting all we offer, benefits and all, take it and that still ain’t enough!

  • Mark

    Muslims ought not to go to Catholic schools if they feel that way. Enough said!

  • disqus_k6jwy6ujzf

    Here is my take. IF the crosses were there when they moved into that neighborhood and they were ok with it then there IS NO GROUNDS for an objection now. THEY CAN MOVE. Hopefully it will be out of OUR country.

  • Anita McCollum


  • michael hall

    Then don’t go to Catholic schools

  • Ellen L

    If only their prayers improved them….

  • A Devoted Catholic

    If they do not like it, find a college that will satisfy them. Do not tell a college they must take down the crosses. This is America. The Catholic Church has been around for a long long time. The crosses have always been a part of the Catholic Church. I hate to have people tell me we can not read the Bible, pray, or anything religious because it offends them. Well get over it. Change colleges, There are so many around. What are Muslims going to a Catholic college anyway. They are not Catholics are they.

  • Kelly

    It’s a Catholic School, they Want the Education THEY choose the School. We as Catholic followers ALSO have RIGHTS STOP violating OUR rights. We allowed You to come here for a Better Life, STOP trying to Change Our way of life! Try Getting along with Others, You are NO better than the rest of the Human Race!
    Stop it or GO Home! You want a better life, Stop Being Offensive to the Rest of the Human Race. Get Over Yourselves!

  • Gordon Crocker

    Why are they in a Catholic school They should go home!

  • Ken_rowan

    Let’s ban Muslims from Canada and the USA. Now, there’s a thought.
    Ken, Toronto

  • Ken_rowan

    Let’s ban Muslims from Canada and the USA. Now, there’s a thought.

    Ken, Toronto

  • killertofu88

    Apparently people who read this garbage believe anything. Here’s an article straight from a Catholic website and even has a letter from the school itself stating this is incorrect.

  • Angel

    What a bunch of complainers, time to send them packing!

  • Lynn

    U don’t like it go back to your own god damn country. I am offended by Muslims also n I am not American. I believe a lot of people r offended by them n their bs.

  • Joey

    This is why america needs Fascism, to Bring an end to this faggotry.

  • leobfrey

    They call it a “catholic” school for a reason you f’ing idiots. Go fund your own f’ing schools if you want your f’ing liberties. Better yet go back to the f’ing country you came from and you can do all the f’ing praying that you want. We here in North America are sick of your f’ing demands!!!!!!!!

  • elle

    Then why are they going to school there in the first place if they feel that it’s sensitive to them? Sheesh. Go to a public school then. So much stupidity.

  • Ben Sanchez

    Why are they enrolling in a Catholic School in the first place? They can’t just go in any where and ask to change the rules.

  • Balwant Singh Sidhu

    This is absolutely disgusting. Why don’t they just go to Syria and continue their education there?

  • John

    And who asked them to enrol into the University at the very first place? perhaps they should consider converting to Christianity now.

  • Kevin Tucker

    Muslims are offensive to the CATHOLIC School, remove the Muslims.

  • Tom Fowler

    I will not allow some middle eastern culture come into the USA and dictate what is right and what is wrong. They should clean up their own culture because I find it extremely offensive to me. Killing, rape, torture burning people alive , killing innocent babies, shoving crucifixes down peoples throats, hanging Christians on crosses and then mutilating their bodies. Telling people what they can eat and what they can’t eat. They are an abomination to a civilized world.

  • sandipollitt

    Then i demand they REMOVE their Burka’s .WE ARE NOT removing our crosses.

  • Wanda Wyatt


  • Shawn Connell

    Seriously? What’s a Catholic School without the symbolic Cross of Christ? If any students find it offensive simply opt to attend a different school. The Cross of Christ is belongs in Catholic Schools and if emigrants find our customs offensive go back to the country they left. Or suck it up and except the ways of this country. We shouldn’t have to change our ways to suit any minority groups.

  • angf117

    SCREW MUZZIES ill send them all back to HELL where they belong!

  • Peter Lima

    The same as in OZ……We give you a new home, most of you love our welfare system and now you demand we change to accommodate your beliefs into our way of life!!!!!!

  • Nettie Hallowell

    What are Muslims doing in a catholic University?? It sounds like a political agenda. They are there to destroy Christianity. If I went to Islam and attempted to make changes to their country I would be stoned to death.

  • Beth

    They should just use the “Chewbacca defense”…. this doesn’t make any sense!! Why go to a Catholic school if the cross offends you!?!

  • Glenn Martin

    Who the hell do they think they are? There stinking ass’es come to America and have the balls to demand things because it offends them. You don’t like it get the hell out of America. I’m offended by muslims and their False Prophet Allah. Anybody that worships that pig and his phony quran needs there head examined.

  • teresa jones

    this is our Canada, don’t like it LEAVE’ shame on them for even thinking that, give you a inch you want a foot. Right
    now my blood is boiling.. I’m so fn angry

  • Margie Conway-White

    They need to go to a different college if they don’t like it

  • Dan Malek

    When the hell is enough????? If the damn towelheads don’t like Catholic crosses then why are they attending a CATHOLIC SCHOOL??? If this lawsuit goes thru what are they going to demand next? The idiot in the peoples house is destroying this country and opening the USA for an attack by these TOWELHEADS!!! We need to stand up as a nation an say ENOUGH ALREADY DONT LIKE OUR CULTURE THEN GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hardy78

    ➳➳➳➳➳➳➳➳➳ toprightnews====== —->SEE INFO< <<<< >

  • Harriet

    This is just another ploy. The muslims are taking baby steps all over this country. Their ultimate goal is to place sharia law as the law of the land. If we allow these incursions into our way of life, than we are at fault. It may take them years but it could happen if we are not vigilant.

  • Katherine Grote

    This headline is COMPLETELY misleading. Yes, the professor is a wack job but the article itself states the school has never received complaints from students.

  • Kimberly Ann Lesniewski

    Schools are only required to accomodate handicapped people. Just because you have a different religion is not considered a handicap. Deal with it or go back to your country. We don’t tell you to take off your veils and make you wear normal clothes, don’t tell us to take down crosses that have been a part of the Catholic Religion since before you were born! This country has accomodated different cultures for many many years and has made certain adjustments, don’t take our kindness for weakness.

  • Christine Hebert

    How completely ludicrous! It is a Catholic school. That means there will be Christian symbols. If you don’t like it, don’t go to school there.

  • Berry Byassee

    Then Leave This Country Rag-heads !


    close your darn eyes and prayer you nit-wits.

  • Brian Lamb

    His email address is on the University’s website. In other words, it’s out there for the public domain and here it is. Send him your opinion.

  • Bobby Chayka

    go back home where it won’t offend you

  • Martin Ellacott

    No one whines better than a moslim in a Free and Deemocratic society. The thing that baffles me is why Institutions and Governments are accommodating them….what an enigma.

  • wjshelton

    Okay, everyone. Calm down and take a deep breath. This story, which originated over 4 years ago, is a hoax. See the following:

  • Pete Flanagan

    The real problem here is the stubbornness and intolerance of the Catholics who will not convert to Islam.

  • timmeister54

    Well, then I demand that you remove your crescent moon symbols from your mosques, because they offend me!

  • Reta Mae Cherry

    Our enemies with witchcraft, kneels to their alah demons, and curses us 3 to 6 times a day. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Alah Says It’s All Right To Eat Your Enemy! Is this what Obama is selling America out to?

  • Wayne Church

    Muslims go home, this is NOT your home!! I will fight for my country to my death and against your socio-economic system. I will fight against your sexual perversion and women/children’s abuse!!!

  • sickpuppy70454

    Well, after all, it IS CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY. Let’s remove the mooslimes, instead.

  • TMA1

    I would be more worried about how many Americans use the foot washing stations as urinals.
    I have….while I go on a picture of Mohammad making it with a pig.

  • Arlo

    If you don’t like crosses, go to school somewhere else. If you don’t like America, leave it.

  • Barbara Henderson

    They offended Moslems could go to a school built by Moslems for Moslems… there must be at least one somewhere.

  • texas1

    Muslims and people like this pro-Muslim, anti-Christian Marxist needs to be expelled from the USA. This is just another reason why this country needs a French style revolution including the Reign of Terror. Log Live the Revolution!

  • Rick

    How about: Remove all Muslims from Catholic Schools instead!!!!

  • mamamurph

    Hmm.. Catholic Educational Place of learning.. Muslims offended..
    The crosses are a sign of our spiritual beliefs…. OURS.
    Your Hidjab is offensive to me remove it before you enter any Christian sanctuary.
    Not so easy is it? Respect is earned!
    Your ISIS brotherhood does NOT make the rules here..

  • ERSmith

    Put up more.

  • Duke

    Everyone might want to consider reading the background to this story. Turns out this is a story from 2011 and there was no complaint from any students:

  • tut

    What a load of camel’s s$^t Didn’t these Mooslime so-called students know it was Catholic school when they registered AND THEN enrolled?

    Imagine if the non-Muslim students trying to do the same in any of the Mooslime countries.

    Imagine if the Mooslimes trying to pull this stunt in China which just ordered Mooslime imams to dance on the streets and Mooslime stores to sell cigarettes, booz, and now pork. They will be kicked out, imprisoned, or worse. Unlike the West, China is very smart for not admitting Mooslimes nor putting up with the plague.

  • tut

    Islam in not so many words …

  • Michael

    Put up more crosses. Feed them bacon and ham.

  • John C

    The mohammedans don’t have to attend that school, they can go elsewhere it is a private University and government has no business interfering with their first amendment rights. The only one acting with malice is the Christophobe John Banzhaf. The courts should immediately toss this unconstitutional, nuisance law suit and make Banzhaf pick up all of the legal costs incurred by Catholic University.

  • eveniamodd

    I would like to pray in one of their mosques. Oh, and I am a Christian.

  • Sorceress

    And the muslims are at a Catholic school…WHY???? Let them go somewhere they will be free to be muslims. We have a First Amendment that protects the Catholics from people like the muslims. Islam is not a religion. It is a political platform and a cult of hatred for anything that is no Islamic.

  • Robbie Joseph William Willett

    ill help you pack… dont come to our countries if you don’t like our ways… if you want the crosses removed then i want you to remove your head dress in court school or anywhere else a hat is not permitted

  • JonRobin

    Relax people. Snopes says this is YET ANOTHER “FALSE FLAG” BY TOP RIGHT NEWS to stir up anti Muzz sentiment…… like we need any more reason to look at them with a mistrustful eye… One day they will understand that sharia law is fine in their house, but in the streets of the USA, US law supersedes it.

  • disqus_Rj4GJtu4Gg

    Newsflash Muslims, it’s a Christian University! Leave!

  • Chris Dontneedtoknow

    I demand that they (muslims) be removed, period.

  • Dennis Richardson

    This is the United States of America, if you Muslims do not like a Christian Cross then shove your complaints up your anus. Oh and by the way, get the hell out of America before you are thrown out on your head.

  • Dennis Richardson

    If I determined that I needed to take a course of mathematics at a Roman Catholic University, the best school providing it, and they decided to not let me attend that school because I am a Preotestant, I would not be offended. That schools Constitutional rights would be honored by me, I would accept their decision willingly, with no offense.

  • Freedom?

    I find muslims offensive, and they have yet to start removing muslims.

    From anywhere.

  • Codfish Jones

    Just like vampires. I expect to wear a cross more now.

  • Mike Marion


  • Kay Babs

    Let’s say canada is a big house full of room mates. Each room mate has their own area where they can exercise all of their rights. But, there are common areas like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. in those areas you deal with each others differences because you’re in an area that everyone has a right to be in. If you want to do things that may be offensive or unacceptable to one of your roommates, you do it in your room (churches, houses, etc.) you don’t kick in your room mates door, move in and tell them that they have to change the decor.

    • Kay Babs

      If we say things like “if we have to, you have to too.” Then were eventually striving for a neutral world. I like that they all have their different cultures in their countries and I find it unfair that they expect us to change ours when I believe they should keep theirs in their home land.

  • VietVET

    ship these ugly fukking scum sucking Muies back to the Middle east!!!!!

  • jmiky

    I count six islames in the picture. Tell them to go pound sand. We need to draw the line on this devil worship.

  • KeenInsight

    These students are cordially invited to make other educational plans…

  • Hallett Newman

    It would be better to remove the offended muslms.

  • Frank N Short

    This is a culture war. Christianity is losing.

  • Linda

    Why don’t they remove their headscarves, which I find offensive and ugly.

  • Linda Slater

    Like mtn said, if they don’t like the crosses they don’t have to go. do like they did here in Edmon., AB start their own damn school and leave ours Alone!!!

  • Gianni Paone

    Go back to the third world shithole you came from. I think I’ll have a BLT.

  • Cimmanon
  • aurora9

    Catholic and other religious institutions should not allow muslims in the door. That’s their way of trying to cause trouble and slamming other religions. Why else would they go there? There is a ‘method to their madness.’ They are one sneaky people!

  • Issam Qasem
  • mike

    Every day the news gets more depressing!

  • EastCoastUSA

    Hold on a minute there. Read the entire article and you will see that no one wants to remove a cross. The article says that what the Muslims requested was a room where they could pray that wasn’t the existing Catholic chapel. That is entirely different than asking for the school to remove a cross from their school.

  • Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux

    umm… CATHOLIC SCHOOL… need I say more. DONT LIKE IT.. go to PUBLIC.. or back to where your beliefs are from. You can’t say Merry Christmas any more. ( screw that.. I ALWAYS will), kids cant even go to school dressed up for halloween, too many people trying to over-rule our rights!

  • Syd Chaden

    It is offensive to have people whose beliefs and practices are so opposed to American traditional values complain and demand change. Particularly, since America is a land of “infidels”, and their doctrine calls for “death to infidels”.

  • Ken

    The sight of MOSQUES offends me.Especially the occult symbol depicting the crescent moon and star.The fact that this is even a goddamned story in America is INSANE.

  • hammerstamp

    Muslims attempt to use tolerance as a mechanism to weave Islam and Sharia into society by demanding tolerance towards them from non-Muslims but there is no reciprocity on their part. It is a one way street with them and things will only get worse as their numbers grow.

  • prepare

    Then we demand this offensive muslims is deported asap!

  • Kevin U

    Great news!! There are NO crosses at the city dump or the sewage treatment facility. You are free to pray there without oppression. Watch where you kneel.

  • Dennis Knox

    You want us to be tolerant of Muslims, how about Muslims be tolerant of other Americans.

  • nightwisp

    That inane argument is too long for any sane person to even look at. I boggles the mind of the stupidity. Bottom line. We don’t like it so you change.

    Solution. Remove the offended Muslims. Return their money so they can find another instituiton of higher learning to focus their agenda on. Next. Any mulsims applying will be told the crosses will not be moved, and if they wish to attend there under the present circumstances.. fine. If not. Don’t let the door hit them in their hijab on the way out.

  • Gene Husky

    It is time we remove them from America.With their head or without.Let them choose..As long as they are here,they make trouble.Ask them to leave peacefully.If they choose not to leave,then they must conform to our way of life.If they cannot conform,or they refuse,ship them home in a box and let their country dispose of the bodies.

  • Laura Colony my question is..where are the crosses located in the mosques?

  • Krista Clem O’Sullivan

    This is JIHAD. Its ridiculous and MUST NOT BE TOLERATED. Christian people have as much right to our religion as muslims, in fact more right since these nations were FORMER BY CHRISTIANS. If they don’t like it they can LEAVE.

  • miller56

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  • Mitch47

    Surely their are other students who would appreciate an education without trying to burn down the collage

  • Stoney Burt

    Let’s leave the crosses and remove the muslims.

  • Carol Stitt

    Accommodate – my eye! If you don’t like it – go to another University!

  • dan52d

    Well bless their little hearts.

  • SilverGuardian

    I think it’s time for Muslims to figure out that they don’t have to attend Christian universities, and if they DO choose to, the rules that are in place are easily read and comprehended BEFORE you start the school. Further, you can’t possibly prove intent to offend … given that all of the crosses and so forth have been in place since the schools first opened. And did you not walk through the school prior to paying your tuition?

    I’m big on doing things to help you follow your own beliefs … but you aren’t going to win this. And you shouldn’t. You can’t prove this is malice … in fact, you can’t prove this has even the TINIEST thing to do with you and your beliefs, given that it IS as it ALWAYS HAS BEEN.

    Even Wiccans and agnostics know that if they’re going to be offended by a school’s decor, it’s up to them to choose a school that they’re more comfortable with.

  • John

    Muslims then can go back to there country then

  • duder1897

    Go somewhere else and pray. I suggest Iraq or Libya.

  • prissy

    Why in God’s name are they going into a Catholic School? Stay out and you won’t be offended but personally, I am offended by your headscarves.

  • Brenda Lee

    Don’t like it leave!

  • Sue Johnson

    Give them a basement somewhere. Out of the way. Moldy would be nice. They do not have the right to make demands of a private Catholic school.

  • Donna Walker

    Kick their stinky burka asses out of these Catholic Universities forever!!!!!!!! These sorry asses are expecting America to bend over backwards for “their feeelings” while their countrymen are chopping off the heads of Christians whenever/wherever they find them. We have no obligation to them, we do however have an obligation to these universities to uphold the standards that have been in place for years and years!!!

  • Jon Skaar

    Kick them out of the school, they serve a god but it is a pagan occult.

  • savethepelicans

    What part of it is a Catholic University did they not understand? Go find another school,their probably going on federal money anyway.

  • Joan Buehl

    Why are they attending Catholic schools in the first place, other than to harass and try to change things to correspond with their ideology. It’s about time that they were put in their place and told that it will not happen instead of always caving in and giving them what they want.
    You can only get along with us if we bow down to your demands and kiss your feet. You are no better than we are and they don’t have to go to Catholic schools. I live in a neighborhood comprised of all different nationalities and we all make it work. We show respect for one another and try to learn about the different customs of the other country.

    You don’t nicely ask and explain why you want something changed, you demand. That is so wrong. You came into our country, what would happen if we went to your country and started making demands or filing papers to change something as you do.
    It’s way past time for you to hear the word NO and understand that we will no longer cater to your whims.

  • bamared2222

    I saw this coming 3 years ago. Muslims now will start demanding that churches take down crosses. Not surprising that the Bible says that the cross will be an offense to many. Muslims, along with complicit progressives, are trying to rid American society of Christians and our right to worship, even exist.

  • Mike Uguccioni


  • Carol Hull Holden

    I am not a Catholic, BUT how about removing offensive muslims from the school. They must have some room in one of their indoctrination centers/ mosques where they can pray without being frightened by Christian Crosses.

  • LostHearts

    What if some students bring some pet pigs onto campus for a visit? That should end up being great fun.

  • Wade Means

    Here is an idea muslims go F##K yoursefls !!

  • Asante

    Muslims should be banned from all universities. Give these jerks a ham sandwich.

  • Rick Kartis

    First Amendment rights for the Crosses; thank you for your opinions, but that’s just what they are: O-P-I-N-I-O-N-S; your Burka’s are offensive, but that’s just my opinion; you didn’t build this House of Worship, so back off; “Kartias Laws” trumps your Sharia Laws…sorry; no beheadings past this Holy Door; I’m offended by the dirty, out of control beards of Eastern men; I’m especially offended by your kind (Islamists) detesting MY
    KIND (non-Islamist) by calling us pigs, dogs, and INFIDELS (reminds me too much of FIDEL Castro!).

  • Andrew Gelbman

    The pope has endorsed Hamas’ demands against Israel… I hope these Moslems are successful against the church

  • Angel Riggs


  • Angel Riggs


  • Angel Riggs


  • Cheryl Brown Sallee
  • Matthew Shepard

    Go back to where you came from if you don’t like our First Amendment Rights

  • A P

    We DEMAND that the Muslims be removed from the USA!

  • susan kidd

    muslims think thy are better than every one and should have there own way well toooo bad

  • disi301

    Please, Catholic schools, do not allow Moslems in your schools. How could you? They are killing the Catholics of the Middle East just for being Christians!!!! Fair enough? Let them attend their own or public schools.

  • Steven Swanson

    Fu** Them ! ! !

  • Ruby Jean Brentlinger

    It doesn’t matter what symbol people use for their God…I don’t mess with yours and you don’t mess with mine!!! I’ tired of all the childishness that goes on …iy sounds too much like Na na na boo boo my Daddy can whip your Daddy… Just STOP It!!!!

  • Ryan Fallon

    Anyone care to fact check…. Don’t worry I got ya

  • AZnonna

    If you choose to go to a Catholic school, that’s what you get. Your choice.

  • Ladybmw

    It’s a CATHOLIC SCHOOL!!! Why are they even interestrd in going there?

  • Mildred_ESharpe

    ☑✦☑✦ $88 per h0ur @mi12//



  • Oingo Boingo

    Anybody asked the slammies to remove their religious symbols such as headgear and dress as they find it offensive?

  • vi

    “Catholic School” not Muslims school. Why you attended in Catholic school and not like the Cross.

  • ness911

    Why would they choose to go to a catholic school??? It makes no sense!!

  • John Cerminara

    find another school

  • dangi79

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  • Frank

    We the people of america will never remove the cross of our beloved Jesus Christ… No more than you rag heads will remove the book of Quran from your teachings… That book offends many people…

  • SDG

    THIS IS NOT HAPPENING. Get the actual story.

  • Corinna Findlay

    I’m not prejudice but go back home if you cannot be American or canadian. I’m tired of changing what we grew up with and know to accommodate these people. If we go to your country there’s no accommodating us we live by your rules. We are allowing these people to change America and Canada when do we protest this instead the killing of a black bear

  • Ken

    It’s time to stop putting up with this.Muslims and Islam are just no damn good.Much like the leftist shills from the Obama Camp who troll in these pages, who are more than likely living on WELFARE MONEY.

  • tim

    Ok so I only read the first three sentences and I’ve reached my conclusion. What the hell (pun intended) are Muslims doing at a Catholic school anyway? Oh u don’t agree with their religion? Go to a different school! A Catholic baker won’t make a cake for your gay wedding? Find a gay cake baker! Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one! Sick of the Jenner/kardashian circus? Stop watching it! Don’t like police? Don’t break the law! Tired of an overreaching tyrannical government? Start a revolution! Wait did they put the patriot act back in play? Scratch that last part.

  • Bat284

    This is like being a guest at a privately owned aquarium and being offended by all the fish. Honestly, it’s about common sense. The best employment of common sense is to ignore this all and get on with the day.

  • Debbie Currie-Carrothers

    Just another way to create hate and predgodisim towards immigrants. I’m from Canada and we have the same problems here too. I’m so sick of us having to give up what we hold dear to accommodate people from another Country. You can rest assure that they wouldn’t give up their prayers or national anthem in their Countries for us.

  • Maureen Mizuno

    If the way we live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS OFFENSIVE TO ANYBODY, THEY ARE WELCOMED TO LEAVE AND GO LIVE IN AN ENVIRONMENT THAT DOESN’T OFFEND THEM. Places that torture women and behead those they don;t agree with. I’ll start a foundation to buy them all plane tickets the hell out of here.

  • Leadman

    They are free to go to another school.Preferably in another country
    that will tolerate their stupid BS!!!

  • WrinkledGranny

    If my grandsons can’t pray in public school or mention God……then how can the Muslims pray to their God?
    If they are not Catholic, why are they attending that school? Please Dear Lord, this insanity has to stop. The Muslims want to make our country over to suit them. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY PEOPLE. We have to get a backbone and stop this. If they take down the crosses….someone should sue them and the school. It’s a religious school……they shouldn’t be allowed to enroll there.

  • tcseacliff

    please leave my country!!! I do not like your attitude!! you promote hatred! Muslims , go home!!!!

  • nightrider

    They do not have to pray on campus, at the cathedral, or in any classroom. They can leave campus, find a mosque, and do their praying there. The Catholic school they are attending has no need to modify itself to appease another religion. If you don’t like the imagery, leave. Go pound sand, bang a goat, behead camel or what ever. Just do it in the deserts of your own country. This is America, where we don’t need your 12th century garbage.

  • William Matthes

    Need to send these dumb-asses back to the litter-box of a country they came from!

  • isabel Kilian

    Get our of our Schools! Get out! Jesus is Lord in the Catholic Religion. The end!

  • Pam

    Don’t go to a Catholic University if it bothers you. You bother me, too many of you wear those head dress things and I don’t like them, they offend my eyes – take them off. Better yet – GET OUT of MY Country.

  • Debby Engel

    I don’t understand why Muslims are attending a Catholic University and maybe the Catholics find it offensive to have Muslims praying in their classrooms.

  • Why are they even attending a Catholic school in the first place?

  • S.Philip

    Let them go to Raqqa university in Syria or Mosul university in Iraq

  • Debbie Specht

    Typical! Muslims want what their “rights” tolerated everywhere, but will not tolerate that same thing in their countries or Universities. You can’t have it both ways! And I’ll say it again. You can not expect the World to change for you when you are not willing to change for it. Islam is not a “religion” of tolerance, it is a religion of hate.

  • Angel

    I want all the minnarets be romoved from europe and Israel.
    Those are peagan beliefs !!!

  • SerenaDBayer

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  • brandan69

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  • johnC

    send them back to hell

  • LivingDeadGirl15

    I’m getting so sick of these Muslims trying to force their religion and way of life down our throats.

  • Michael Barnett Radovsky

    So why are Muslims going to a Catholic school in the first place?

  • Eddie Pelkey

    If you don’t like the fact of too many Crosses in campus go back to the Land you left. CUT AND Dry. And take that assanine idea of “Sharia Law” with you when you go.


    Then don’t go to that School!!!! It’s a Catholic school, come on really? This is Riduclous I am sick of people demanding stuff from others.

  • Me a Catholic

    Don’t come into my place of leaning and faith and try to change the way we worship we have been tolerant of your faith we don’t go into your Mosques and demand that females and males should pray in the same room nor do we ask you you to change the way you dress so please respect us as we respect you. You all should be great full that we allow you to learn and give you scholarship to attend our learning institutions and if you don’t like it leave!!

  • Nofaith

    Pray in the restroom

  • Profiler

    They would probably have less of a chance seeing a cross if they were lets say hung up on it… there… problem solved…

  • Profiler

    They would probably have less of a chance seeing a cross, if they were… lets say… hung upon it… there, problem solved.


    I think the sooner Americans get rid of Obama the less we’ll hear of this damaging nonsense. The Muslims clearly take a lot of encouragement from his favoritism towards Islam.

  • If Muslims don’t like our laws or our practices of freedom of speech and religion, let them build their own universities, schools, etc. in SOME OTHER country. We don’t live here to be slaves to some dead prophet whose bones are moldering in the grave, and whose radical, insane views only promote the humiliation of women, the destruction of almost everything right and decent, and killing anyone who disagrees with them.

  • Frankie Little

    Why would the Muslins want to go to a Catholic school to begin with. They are there to stir up trouble not for the education. Just another way of getting rid of every ones”s faith. Kick there ass out, they don’t belong there. They chose to pick on that school. I do believe we should go into their mosk and pray five times a day to our God.

  • Roddy

    Both Muslims and Christians need to go.

  • sangina70

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  • Larry A Singleton



    Love these stinking Ad Whores.

  • Stephen E Birmingham

    Kick them out for not being Catholic

  • Nina
  • Sharon

    why are you at a catholic university in the first place and, if you want sharia law go back to your country. This has to stop

  • Karee Bearance

    Why don’t they just go else where??????? STOP the harassment!!!

  • Joe Tokoph

    screw all muslims there are no peaceful muslims, not one. They are all trouble makers. Even the quiet ones just haven’t gotten any balls yet.

  • Treefrog

    Their head covers offend me. I should sue them.

  • Cindi Ekberg

    This is so laughable!!!!!!!!

  • Red Five

    Just to be clear, no Muslims were involved in filing the complaint. A liberal professor from GWU filed it “on behalf of” Muslims in case they “might” be offended.

    Still, it is supreme idiocy.

  • Redsharin

    WTF are the ragheads going to a Catholic University if they are so fragile?

  • Steven

    Better yet. IF you don’t like the crosses GO HOME where they don’t have crosses!! Because I and many other Americans don’t want YOU here

  • Jodi Kemsley

    Why go to a Catholic SChool if the cross offends them……. go back to ur own country USA and Canada are tried of u trying to change our laws and schools, oh and start eating pork its good for u

  • Jack

    Your mere existence offends me so can you please remove yourself from the planet

  • Helgeorge

    strange chain of events…when folks thought that gay marriage should not have gone forward, we were told that if you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married…so therefore can I say..if you don’t like the cross then don’t look at one said anyone had to go to school at the Catholic school..find another fact, find another bakery..same diff.

    • John McMickle

      My thought on marriage is they had a right to marry anyone of the opposite sex they wanted to. the LGBT community is now suing the Department of Health in Arkansas because they list the biological parents on the birth certificate, which seem correct to me so that you do not lose track of genetic information. I hope a judge tells them to shove it where the sun does not shine.

      • Helgeorge

        agree…….I am really sick of all of this to a small percentage of the population……..and I am really angry that the bake shop has to pay such a huge amount of money to the lesbian is as if..there was no other bakery in the city. It is true that the bakery did discriminate..but the amount of money they had to pay this couple is an outrage.

        • John McMickle

          The baker will be okay. they had over $109,000 in a go fund me account before it was shut down. However Samaritans Purse set up an account for people to donate. Samaritans Purse has also established a fund to help with situations like this.

  • John McMickle

    tell them to find another school the crosses were on campus before the muslims. The crosses should stay, if the muslims want to stay fine if they cannot stay with the crosses there leave.

  • Stephen Wilson

    to the followers of Islam this is America ………..if you are offended by the cross them I am offended by you your berka I am offended by you demanding anything I would be more tolerant of you if you would just wise up …………..Sharia law will not work here it has no place here it is a form of law that in today world is wrong and the most important part of it is that it only applies to you and know one else not now not ever so deal with it

  • tanya james

    Any professor that sues the university that pays his salary should lose his job.

  • Robin Nest

    Dont like it leave. Better yet leave the country. Too much political correctness,

  • Ron Bussing

    Looks to me this ‘professor’ is jealous of ‘Rev.’ Al Sharpton getting all the attention (and money)!

  • Randy Lefebvre

    Well, lets see, ah NO, NO, and a final response of NO!

  • Cathy Shubert

    of course the crosses offend….because muzzrats are from the fiery pits of hell…..

  • DeeDee

    why pay attention to them ? THIS IS AMERICA

  • Ashley

    When you migrate to another country, you assimilate! If they don’t assimilate, send them back where they came from! Also, why are they at a Catholic University! Make them read the bible!

  • Trebor Neeuq
  • justisinus

    Catholic schools shouldn’t allow Muslims an education in the first place.

    Islam is a diabolical cancer destroying humanity for over 1400 years.

    Islam is an extremist political ideology sold as a religion therefore it doesn’t qualify as s try fath.

  • Porphyry

    Notice: This dated news is about a complaint from some interloping *nutty professor*, not students!

  • Marta Znebejanek

    a Catholic School and to even consider this it just DUMB .. however
    we all know Muzzies are out to destroy everyone with their peaceful ways
    .. lmao .. Tell the to ‘nick off’ back to their homeland that has
    already been destroyed by their religion. This type of demand from the
    Muslims is a TOTAL JOKE .. as is also their place in Society .. a total
    joke .. They belong in hell not on earth.

  • Richard M

    They don’t have to go to that school. Tell them to STFU!!!!

  • ibinar

    They offend me and I want them GONE…… suppose my voice will be heard?

  • Christine

    What are Muslims even doing in a Catholic School.
    OH – that’s right. They are there simply to cause this sort of trouble. Shame on the school for letting them in and for hosting their false prayers to their false god.
    Boot them out and back to where they belong.

  • Samuel B. Miller

    Bingo! What the Hell are these Religeous extremists doing at a Catholic School! It must be FREE! So if that it is the case why are they bitching! Pray in the TOILET! where it belongs! They can spread the rug out on the lid after it is down and put their heads down on it! PERFECT IMAGERY! don’t you think! ?

  • Clayton Austin

    This doesn’t even deserve any attention.

  • Goldie Chaplan

    they are against Christ, or anti Christ. First of all, what are they doing in a Christian school if they are so offended by the Cross. They shouldn’t be there in the first place. If they are offended, they should remove themselves. People are really getting tired of hearing them whine about every thing in our country. It’s time to stop listening to them and show them the door.

  • Barbara Naumchik Geils

    am I missing something, they chose to go to a Catholic school, that professor is a Moron, its a Catholic University, if you don’t like it don’t apply to and go to one!!!

  • AlexD

    Why do judges, magistrates, etc. allow these nuisance lawsuits in the first place??

  • pampc

    Bullcrap! Don’t go to a Catholic school if symbols of that religion offend you. Don’t get a job there, don’t attend events there. It offends me that we are expected to change for them. Their headscarves offend me.

  • Tom Spalsbury

    Why doe’s it hinder Muslim’s from praying ? Because they know it’s truth. I could go into a mosk and easily pray to my father Jesus the one true living God. And not be offended. But they would because they lack faith in there so called Allah. I have faith in Jesus Christ so I’m not offended by such things as there tools for inspiration.

  • S.d. Houston

    Here’s a thought. ..what the hell are they doing attending a Catholic university??? The only reason they do this is to deliberately use “civil rights” against us to eradicate everything non-Islamic. ..the same tactic lesbians have been using against Christian bakeries

    ´Edit: Okay, so this is apparently a misleading report, however this is not a situation that would surprise me:

  • S Silva

    Who do they think they are coming into our country and making demands, send them back where they belong it’s not in the USA

  • White Devil

    Why are the Scuzlums going to a Catholic school ?

  • donxxca

    I pray they don’t give in to these characters!!!!If you don’t like it…go somewhere else to school!!!!or better still…go back to your country!!!

  • Ruth Goodrich

    some one needs to inform them,NO prayer in school……… was removed years ago

  • Kurt W

    After 4 Marines were gunned down in Tennessee by another mohammad, my response is…..
    Hey Muzzies! Get the F***out of this country if you can tolerate FREEDOM.

  • Outlaw

    You don’t like the crosses? Either GTFO or don’t look at them. You want a civil rights violation? Ok how about we just kick all the muslims out (of the school)

  • Oak Nymph

    Going to a Catholic University is a voluntary choice. They knew what they were getting into, so take it or leave it. I would not give them any refunds either.

  • ricklorieba

    FU** the Muslims and Co** Sucking Mohamed. The law of the US is not sharia law. If the Muslims want sharia law move back to the middle east where they belong. I’m offended by Muslims, PERIOD. Who can I get to sue them.

  • muffy_nutbuster

    go to a public state university then … geesh or better yet, just go away

  • Rogue Cheddar

    Come on Pope Francis, declare a new crusade, point me to my sword and tabard, and let’s finish this sh!te!

  • Lavina Kueker

    If you don’t like our beliefs then your in the wrong country….leave!

  • Angel

    Iran is Lying to the world see this and you understand Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Rick

    Christians should demand that “offensive Muslims be removed from campus”. The crosses were there first.

  • ConservativeSenior

    What part of the words Catholic school do these ignorant muslims not understand? Go to another school – preferably in Iran.

  • johnathon1234

    If a person doesn’t care for the Cross — Don’t go there.

  • Karl Dulle

    Really time to start making examples of these idiots, so others will learn not to fug with us anymore

  • Timothy Bunn

    Is it possible the Antichrist does not know he is the Antichrist?

  • Kindly say, “No.” Also, learn the virtue and goodness in true Christian teachings, and learn to not be so moved by others getting offended, as understanding the power and symbolism of the cross of Jesus Christ. it is no trivial thing to remove a cross from a Catholic school. so, don’t give in to demands that lack sound reasoning.

  • milootoole

    This is the world Progressives have brought down on America. Diversity, whatever excuse, it always amounts to an attack on the 1st amendment and at the expense of Christianity.

  • JMB707

    How about Muslims quit marrying 5 year old girls and raping my goats. THAT offends me!!! Time for bacon.

  • Raine Screwball Eaday

    Oh please. Yes give them rooms to pray in that’s a reasonable request, but its a Catholic school. They would never take their crosses down for anyone else. Bite the bullet or attend school somewhere else.

  • 68gto

    It’s Catholic University. What were you expecting? You applied and decided to go there so STFU.

    Muslims you are free to start up and attend “Muslim University” at any time and you don’t have to have crosses if you don’t want them.

  • honeysuckle40

    If you don’t like our religious ways go home and study in your country.



  • chelseachablis

    Mr. Muslum keeps avoiding answering the question! …..Not surprised at all………all they want is all they want!

  • Sharon Kellett

    I agree that if they don’t like the crosses in a catholic school then don’t attend a catholic school, on the other hand if they are finding things that hard they could always go back to their own countries

  • Dianna Zerbe

    Glory be to JESUS! why are muslims attending a Catholic University? a Catholic school is a Catholic school! let them start a muslim university and worship how they want to! come quickly Lord JESUS! America needs JESUS and we need Him more every day! I love JESUS! this is the
    devil stirring up his ugly head!

  • Marc Schambers

    When are we as a Nation under God; going to simply say “Too Bad.”?

  • mbb2453

    You flippin’ morons. You’re in a Catholic school. That professor needs to be sued and fired.

  • John C

    I demand offensive mohammedans be removed from non-mohammedan schools because they are offensive. Hey if you don’t like it go somewhere else.

  • Jenny O’Brien

    this is the sh** that happens when you don’t vote

    only a man of great vision, character, and strength can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN


  • Ron Villemaire

    it offends me to have a mosque ANYWHERE in this country….it offends me to see these towelheads anywhere in this country……..get the hell out of our country………then maybe you won’t be offended….NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE…..

  • Charley

    Muslims makes demand and the government shakes with fear, its time if the government does not stop this crap and remove those JackA– from office, it bad to shame a animal when trying to define a politician, but let us retake our nation and throw the trash in DC out along with all with all the other. let make America great again with politicians that love our beloved nation.

  • johnanaguski

    Get between me and my Crucifix muzzie and you will be in deep doodoo.

  • Michael Coffer

    What did they not understand ” Catholic school” … if you are offended… leave. You offend me wanting them to remove the crosses. There are other schools you can attend.

  • realetybytes

    Get out and worship your devil cultist pedophile in the nearest sewer, or go back to the seventh century cesspool it originated and spawns in.

  • snickers

    Go to your mosque to pray. That’s what they’re for.

  • Donna J Sopkowiak

    The Muslims should leave the school or adhere to the Christian way of life, and be blessed!

  • David Krusko

    If u don’t like it go to school in Iran

  • old broad

    If they are stupid enough to listen to their demands the schools will get what they deserve ! I don’t feel sorry for them !

  • rickkartis

    A Japanese restaurant requires me to remove my shoes to enter. I either respect that rule and enter…or I don’t, and I do not enter. F*** this lying, coniving, sneaky, Snotty, spoiled, American-Tit sucking, faux, P.O.S. muslim. I dare…DARE he cross MY path if I’m at a private university. This isn’t France, or England, or Sweden, mother f*****. I have HAD IT. We’ll hold hands and jump into the fires of Hell together. I’m F***in’ ready………

  • acmatthes


  • Ashley Suter

    They need to go back to their own country and pray in their own churches. Muslims are muslims they are not catholic and shouldnt be in a catholic university in the first place.

  • Karen


  • DP111

    Why ever did we import millions of Muslims who will never integrate in Western culture. In fact they are here to impose their barbaric culture on us.

  • Tony Galano

    You pray your way. And Ill pray my way. That’s al I have to say.

  • Kevin Wall

    Do not back down or give in to Islam. If they don’t like it, tough. They can go to school in Iran.

  • Jo Hammond

    what a bunch of twits…..why apply for a CATHOLIC college….what did they think it would be like…..a fucking rocking roll camp…….fuck off home.
    oh but if we gonna do this….then im an aussie and I find it offensive to be served by someone whos face I cannot see!!!!

  • Drewtazy .

    you come to this country, you attend our schools, assimilate or leave!!! Would these Muslims put crosses in Mosques because christians demanded it? I doubt it!!!!

  • Ingsdreamer

    How dare they? Past time for them to stop all their demands. If they want to live somewhere they should fit in – not the opposite. Not happy? – LEAVE.

  • Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC

    I think the muzzies might be fightin a losing battle on this one (FINALLY!). The Catholic University of America is a PRIVATE university. It is a pontifical university of the Catholic Church in the United States, and the only institution of higher education founded by the US Catholic bishops. The school is closely connected with the Catholic Church, and as such, the monies necessary for its operation, as well as funds raised for scholarships, come directly from the Church and related Catholic organizations, and NOT from the federal government. Since it is a private religious university, they are not bound by the same strict limitations that apply to other private and secular institutions. Being that this is a CHRISTIAN-based school, it begs the question of why muslims would even want to go there in the first place. If they want to attend any church-operated university, that, of course, is up to them, as apparently these religious-affiliated schools do not discriminate against any student based on their religious preference (or non-preference). However, that does not give ANY student, or faculty member, for that matter, the right to demand that the institution change their denominational-based doctrine in order to appease any such student or faculty member’s own religious views. If any student has a problem with the school’s doctrine, to include the display of religious symbols or icons on school property, they are free to attend another, more suitable university.

    Enough is enough! I think it is high time Americans stop kowtowing to these people, and changing our laws, culture, and way of life, just because they might be offended. So what if they are offended? CALL THE FUCKING WAAAAHHMBULANCE!!! Nobody asked these psychotic, murderous goat fuckers to come here in the first place. If they want everything done their way, TOO DAMN BAD! This ain’t Burger King. If they want to live under shariah law, and follow the teachings of a epileptic delusional rapist and pedophile, feel free, but just not in THIS country. Go back to the sandbox where you belong! WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE!!! Islam is NOT a religion, it is a CULT. And the sooner people wake up to the reality of that fact, the better off this world will be.

  • Dale F Winans, Cpl, USMC

    In regards to the story about muslim students demanding that Catholic University remove crosses because it interferes with their ability to pray:

    I think the muzzies might be fightin a losing battle on this one (FINALLY!). The Catholic University of America is a PRIVATE university. It is a pontifical university of the Catholic Church in the United States, and the only institution of higher education founded by the US Catholic bishops. The school is closely connected with the Catholic Church, and as such, the monies necessary for its operation, as well as funds raised for scholarships, come directly from the Church and related Catholic organizations, and NOT from the federal government. Since it is a private religious university, they are not bound by the same strict limitations that apply to other private and secular institutions. Being that this is a CHRISTIAN-based school, it begs the question of why muslims would even want to go there in the first place. If they want to attend any church-operated university, that, of course, is up to them, as apparently these religious-affiliated schools do not discriminate against any student based on their religious preference (or non-preference). However, that does not give ANY student, or faculty member, for that matter, the right to demand that the institution change their denominational-based doctrine in order to appease any such student or faculty member’s own religious views. If any student has a problem with the school’s doctrine, to include the display of religious symbols or icons on school property, they are free to attend another, more suitable university.

    Enough is enough! I think it is high time Americans stop kowtowing to these people, and changing our laws, culture, and way of life, just because they might be offended. So what if they are offended? CALL THE FUCKING WAAAAHHMBULANCE!!! Nobody asked these psychotic, murderous goat fuckers to come here in the first place. If they want everything done their way, TOO DAMN BAD! This ain’t Burger King. If they want to live under shariah law, and follow the teachings of a epileptic delusional rapist and pedophile, feel free, but just not in THIS country. Go back to the sandbox where you belong! WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE!!! Islam is NOT a religion, it is a CULT. And the sooner people wake up to the reality of that fact, the better off this world will be.

  • 1in11 Twist

    How a bout a one-way ticket back to Goatfuckistan………

  • Min.Tracey Estes


  • Michael Mastrantuono

    Matter is theoretically simple, as the rule of reciprocity is a vital part of the Western constitutions. The same Human Rights are for all while instead get increasingly enforced only in the West.

    The “Rule of Reciprocity” in bilateral relations between nations, governments, religions, groups, lobbies and individuals is the solution. The golden rule is likewise simple: you cannot ask what you are not ready to give.

    If a religion, a faith, a church – or hypothetically even the Vatican – feel uncomfortable with such a rule of reciprocity at the core of freedom of the modern Western Civilisation… then there is a serious problem for coexistence.

  • reggie98ud

    I’ve got a better idea, how about we remove the offensive muslims from the Catholic school?

  • Chuck Robey

    Here is an idea, stop allowing non Catholics to attend the school. As a Private Catholic school they have the right to bar certain beliefs or peoples from attending their school. That or kill all the Muslims because that is what they want to do to the rest of us, you know the Infidels..

  • trippo

    Tell them to bugger off if they don’t like it.I am offended by their outfits but have to put wih it.Leave my church alone.

  • Brenda Golden

    What part of Catholic do they not understand? If they don’t like it they can take their skanky goat raping butts back to their sand box of origin.

  • Farooq

    of all i being Muslim can tell you that i absolutely do not have a
    problem with praying in church, actually i would welcome it as the
    Christians for me are people of the book and i think it would be a
    wonderful experience if of course i am allowed.

    i implore to admin of page not to post without verification and would
    request the same to the readers before commenting. This post is a hoax.

    Have a good all and hope one day we all can learn to live together.

  • t. carlson

    so Take your kids out of that school and send them to A muslim university

  • Patrick

    Catholic schools, catholic crosses and paraphernalia. Deal with it or choose a different school. Hell, please choose another country.

  • David William Reid

    I find Islam and mosques offensive to me, maybe its time you pack up and leave the country.

  • Billie J Richards

    Thought this was THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA we can’t have this or that and can’t say this or that because it offends someone we have let come here to live the free life which is being taken away from us…

  • threebarrs

    And if the crosses are interfering with you praying to Allah, go somewhere else to pray!!! Interestingly enough, Christians can manage to pray anywhere and know that our prayers are heard by our God!

  • Stephen Schwartz


  • Meri Justus

    Why would you go to a Catholic school if you are Muslim? that is just stupid, go to another school, no one is forcing them to go there.

  • Smoky95

    Time to expell Islam and Sharia Law. Send it back to whence it came. Besides, it is more of a political ideology rather than a religion.

  • Kevin012

    You have got to be kidding!!! If you don’t like the school, then maybe you should head back to 3rd world country you came from!!!!

  • Neal

    Why would Muzzies go to Catholic University?

  • harpera

    Sand niggers are as stupid as the rest of them

  • Barbaree

    It’s a Catholic School — H-E-L-L-O!?

  • Paulo

    A one way “multiculturalism” is indoctrination and conquest. Offensive is the presence of muslims in the western world. They should go to their cracked countries and attend to a muslim university, oops…




    A cross or crucifix is the symbol of Catholicism and the rest of Christianity. We like and expect it. Would a mosque remove some of their calligraphy from the the walls? I doubt it. If you can’t take a cross then what are you doing at CUA. There are all sorts of spaces in a university for prayer. If these aren’t acceptable then go to another school; most public schools don’t have anything to distract you. With the destruction of Christianity and it’s peoples having lived in what is now the Muslim countries long before Mohammed was born, Trying to impose complaints on a Catholic University is ridiculous. Church officials were stupid enough taking crosses out of some rooms in a Catholic university when the worst president of history, Obama visited.

  • Jean123a

    Muslims are demanding exceptions for their religious practices everywhere they go. The problem is the PC atmosphere that liberals have established by consenting to disrupt the lives of everyone else in order to accommodate the muslims. Now they simply expect to be kowtowed to by everyone else. They are only happy when they make others subservient.

  • kitcho

    In the first place what in the hell are these jihadist do attend a catholic University in the first place. By the virtue of being a Catholic university, one should expect all the symbols ff the christian faith. I am sure, these muslims are trying to change the world through some some people, who help them to do it. Otherwise, they might resort to beheading people as mohamed did and commanded them to do

  • Linda


  • eber3

    So the crosses prevent the Muslims from praying to their god Satan? To bad.

  • Truth

    Some muslim countries forbid possession of a Bible, or worse yet, make it illegal to be anything but muslim, yet they come here, attend a Christian Institution, and demand that it remove religious symbols??? This should not even be an issue or news story. They should have been told “we’re allowing you to pray in a room of this Christian school. If that’s not good enough, you need to withdrawal”. Case closed!

  • Warpaint

    Nothing that a little rope and a long drop wouldn’t cure.

  • Karin Shaw Cleaves

    If you don’t want to be around Christian imagery then don’t go to a Catholic University. Duh.

  • Kandiru

    In the church of the town where I grew up in Europe lay the sarcophagi of those who fought the Turks and islamization, the dates on them spread for several centuries. Is this what our ancestors fought for? Shopkeepers in Marseille get beaten for selling pork, sharia vigilantes in Hamburg shaking and shouting abuse at uncovered women who look Middle Eastern? Children of the banlieues watching Al-Jazeera and joining Jihad on the Saudi elders money? How much longer will this leftist and libertarian welfare state be propagated before we get destroyed?