Some Muslims Cheering Robin Williams’ Death Because of ‘Offensive’ 2002 Stand-Up Act – Watch It Here

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Robin Williams died yesterday by his own hand. And while most of the rational world mourned the untimely death of this legendary entertainer, others actually cheered his death, sending vile Tweets against the beloved actor and comedian.

That’s right, dozens of Muslims took to Twitter to applaud Williams’ passing — all because of residual anger¬†about a stand-up routine he did in 2002 about the Islamic concept of “jihad” — “struggle” or “resistance”, most well-known to Westerners as terrorist attacks against non-believers, or “infidels”.

Here are some of the Tweets from some Muslims still enraged by the routine, 12 years later. And enjoy the hilarious video below. The first Tweet is from a “activist, jihadist” and ISIS supporter.

But then the discussion spiraled into hilarity, as some jihadist fans of Williams weren’t so sure:


Rest in peace, Robin! Your legacy lives on.


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