Muslim Welfare Queen Wears Headscarf to Court, Gets BRUTAL Message From The Judge


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

A shameless Muslim welfare queen and single mother of six learned a harsh lesson in courtroom etiquette last year when a judge in refused to hear her case until she removed her hijab.

According to CBC News, the Muslim woman, Rania El-Alloul, appeared in Montreal Judge Eliana Marengo’s courtroom in August after she allowed her son to drive her car without a license and the car was rightfully seized.

When Judge Marengo asked El-Alloul to remove her hijab, however, she arrogantly refused to comply.

The same rules need to be applied to everyone,” the judge replied. “I will therefore not hear you if you are wearing a scarf on your head, just as I would not allow a person to appear before me wearing a hat or sunglasses on his or her head, or any other garment not suitable for a court proceeding.

But rather than simply comply, El-Alloul stubbornly persisted in her arrogance and later complained to reporters about racism and discrimination, just as some Muslims in the United States do when they’re expected to follow the rules everyone else does.

So El-Allou refused, and attempted to play the ‘woe-is-me’ welfare card, speaking about her state-supported litter of kids, and how she desperately needed her car back.

BAD move.

After El-Allou again refused to remove the hijab, the judge dismissed the case, and kicked her out of the courtroom, sending her home without her car.

This isn’t so much about religious freedom as it is about not awarding one group of people special privileges that are not extended to everyone. If El-Allou is allowed to wear a headscarf, why can’t someone else wear sunglasses or hats in the courtroom?

Rules and laws should be applied equally across the board, and that’s what this judge was attempting to do. One group shouldn’t be given a special privilege, which is like nails on a chalkboard for liberals who squawk incessantly about equality, all the while elevating one group of people above another.

True equality is all rules applying to all people. But as we all know, Muslims are all about special privileges for themselves — while seeking to deny or curtail the rights to others.

It’s nice to see at least one judge willing to stand up to it.

  • Jeff

    Good for her.

  • Tesla Rawks

    Too bad I feel afraid every time I see your kind wearing that in a supermarket that you are wrapped in explosives ready to blow the place up..

    • healthnfit

      I feel the same way! They are not to be trusted.

    • Raylusk

      Sucks to be you. You have allowed the conservative talking heads to make you fearful of life.

      • Pocono18519

        And yet you sound as though you’re fearful of conservatives. Actually it sucks to be you, fool!

        • Raylusk

          Not fearful at all. I live a life based on optimism not fear. You should try it.

          • Liberal Smasher.

            Fear lol more like commensense.. I bet there were people like you saying the same things about the Nazi’s!!

          • thug nasty

            what flavor are the clouds in YOUR world.

          • weikamis

            There is a difference of living in a parallel universe than being a cockeyed optimist!

          • what?

            no thanks raylusk, I prefer to plan for the worst and hope for the best…not plan for and expect the best…then be screwed when the best does not materialize….it’s not fear…it’s reality…hard to understand if you live a world of make believe and what sounds good must be true…

      • Trey Kendall

        Not all muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are muslims. That is why some people fear them and maybe you ought to get a clue.

        • Blue-fox

          All Muslims are would be terrorists

          • Reason

            That’s like saying “all men are would-be rapists” or “all Christians are would-be abortion clinic bombers.” You’re an idiot.

          • DJ

            When was the last time that a Christian bombed an abortion clinic?

          • Barry Gnome

            September 4, 2015

        • Andrew

          But not all terrorists are Muslims. Where did you hear THAT from?

          • Trey Kendall

            You need to open up your eyes and see the truth. Carry on comrade…

      • HarryTheCat

        If you have the misfortune (or just the lack of common sense) to be standing near one when they detonate it will suck to be you.

      • weikamis

        Raylusk, you are living in a DREMWORLD of non-reality! Wake up, it’s 2015……

    • Bee Cee

      EXACTLY !!

    • Lame and racist comment of the year, congratulations. It is only a small fraction of Muslims that are terrorists, why do you people insist on grouping all of them together? That is like saying all Catholics are pedophiles because of the priests. Or all “chrisitans” are racist hate mongers because of westboro church.

      • weikamis

        Then maybe you should go live with them in their country! Take off your heavy duty blinders and earplugs and move into the real world. You would not have been saying this if you had been standing either in The Twin Towers on 9/11 or on had lost family members! OR at the Boston Marathon…..

      • Tesla Rawks

        You are in America now.. Learn to assimilate.

        • I was born in america and we could really learn some lessons from the muslims to better ourselves. Not including the extremists, they are a noble and peaceful people. I can only hope that President Obama will continue to lead us to become more like the muslims in many ways.

          • Tesla Rawks

            Yeah I will think about that when Christians hijack planes and fly them into Americans work places or enter places of worship and blow themselves up killing people who don’t go along with their religious beliefs. you should practice the 5th.

          • If Muslims would have actually done that I would have agreed with you. 911 was an inside government job. I talk about things like this on my tumbler blog and there is a ton of proof out there to show it wasn’t a bunch of Muslims who overtook planes with nothing but box cutters. But I suppose sheeple like you will believe whatever the government and corporation controlled media tells you. Just another mindless drone.

          • Tesla Rawks

            When I see people like you having a melt down over a youtube video saying 911 was in inside job and you back the muslims who never stand up against the islamic mad men or against terrorism It just tells me that I am stuck wasting my time having a discussion with a conspiracy theorist who is easily been deflected from the truth. Why hasn’t anyone in the middle east came to the rescue of the Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East? It looks as if everyone has an ak47 and a RPG and yet not one story of any muslims coming to their aid.

  • Jesse

    I don’t have a problem with Christian beliefs or that of any other religious faith. I don’t have a problem with them on government buildings, as long as Christians realize that this country wasn’t built exclusively on top of the Christian faith. This is ridiculous. Establishing courts is one thing (The Amish do this too BTW but no one went after them for it) but wearing religious headgear as a punishable offense? I hope America doesn’t come to this. If it does, I’m moving out. The entire problem with this country is that no one can agree on anything anymore. The liberals are all up in the clouds and the conservatives want to stay in the mud. Instead of meeting each other on the ground, we all walk around with our noses stuck in the air, thinking that the other team thinks it’s better than us. It’s a wonder we don’t drown. Oh wait. . .

    • Al Parsons

      This is NOT about religious beliefs, this is about showing RESPECT for her adopted country and for the court she was in. Congratulations to Judge Marengo for insisting ALL cases before her show the proper respect for the court. Now, if the US judges had her balls, we would have less of a problem in this country!

      • JO

        Al, someone made a comment earlier regarding if this is the case, would this same judge require nuns to remove their habits? I really doubt it. And it does need to be consistent.

      • Glad im not you

        headgear in court is not going to solve this countries problems. Neither is treating everyone like they are the same exact person with the same exact background. Most every person has some traumas and tragedies in their lives that shape who they are and who they become. As well as fortunes and privileges. We were all brought up by different people in different families. Once you think every person should all be able to live their lives according to the same rules then we all might as well be robots. This is one of the most ignorant articles and group of commenters I have ever seen on the internet.

      • Jesse

        Since she’s Canadian, I can’t argue with you. However, In the US, we’re not supposed to infringe upon religious belief. It makes us hypocrites. Saying one thing and allowing your fear to lead you into doing another is called being two-faced.

      • Reason

        Even the “booyah” Marines put God BEFORE country. Putting respect for your god before a civil court is not contempt of that court. The US court system was based on the idea that God trumps the human judge when it required witnesses to swear on a Bible. (Fortunately it has progressed to allowing personal affirmation instead.) For this woman to do that, she has had to forego her civil rights. Sad. What’s next? No wearing cross necklaces or prayer shawls in court? Maybe to be truly equal we should all wear a uniform or be stripped naked? If the judge had any civil respect, instead of dismissing her she could have allowed or even appointed someone to represent the woman in court so she could retain her religious dignity. You can’t judge the merits of the case because the judge didn’t provide the opportunity to even hear the case.

    • WhiskeeTangoFoxtrot

      You’re moving out? Please tell us which country will take you. Keeping in mind that unlike the U.S., every other civilized nation on earth vigorously enforces its immigration laws and has specific and strenuous requirements.
      This is why people who say “if so-and-so gets elected I’m leaving the country” NEVER do so.

      • Jesse

        I’m leaving anyways (whether so-and-so gets elected or not), I’m tired of all the idiots. My plans are already made. I’m leaving on a student visa. Some “other” countries recognize the importance of education and not bickering among themselves, like we used to.

        • HarryTheCat

          I’m sure you’ll find whatever country you’re going to will be a completely idiot-free academic paradise and a “bickering-free zone”. /sarc.
          Just don’t burn your passport when you get there. When your student visa expires they’ll toss you back to the U.S. in a heartbeat. Illegal immigration by overstaying your visa is taken very seriously in other parts of the world. Oh, and be sure that you major in something that will allow you to support yourself once you return. That degree in 18th Century French Poetry will only help you land a job here that comes with paper hat and a pair of tongs.

          • Jesse

            I don’t expect it to be an idiot free zone. My problem isn’t with the idiots here. Although it would be nice if they all died (democrat and republican alike). I’m just tired of a country which practically brainwashes unity into their citizens head (the pledge of allegiance is a prime example) all running around, so scared of this and that happening, that they’re willing to give up their freedoms for the sake of being secure. The American spirit I was raised to believe in was, you take care of your own and I’ll take care of mine. If you start messing with mine, I’ve got a bullet with your name on it. You have a right to believe what you believe and I have a right to believe what I believe. It seems as though everyone complains about freedoms being violated by at the first sign of danger, we’re o so quick to run back to our oppressive government and say, it’s OK. Oppress away if it keeps me safe. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Banning religious head coverings would only mean that it is justifiable to ban other religious things as well.

  • fafhrd

    Frankly, I can see the woman’s point of maintaining her ‘modesty’ by continuing to wear a headscarf in accordance with her religious beliefs.
    This having occurred in Canada, I’m not sure if their Constitution (or guiding legal principles) has anything like the American First Amendment….

  • JPM

    Never see this happen is America these days, our judges don’t have the balls to stand tall against islam.

  • Tina

    Good job Judge! Glad to see someone not bending backwards for these muslims. She calls herself a Canadian? Canadian citizens do not wear scarves on their head! Muslims do in their countries!

    • dg101

      It has nothing to do with her location. It has to do with her religion. It would be like telling you that you are no longer allowed to wear that lower case t around your neck because it bothers me.

    • Andrew

      I didn’t realize Canadians had a dress code regarding what “true” Canadians do and do not wear.

      • Casey

        its court you stupid punks. last time I checked crosses dont obstruct the line of vision of an overwhelming portion of the body like like head clothes do! Where is the respect for the court of law?

  • WhiteGuy2

    On WELFARE! why is all these people come to western countries and go on welfare. If you cant support yourself then stay in your homeland.

    • Silvergryphon

      The ones that get me are the ones who come here, and try to change things to like it was where they came from. If you liked that system so much, GO BACK!

      • Anja J

        well they have the entire democratic party telling them it is their cultural rights to NOT follow the rules and regulations of the USA, same thing they tell the hispanics, They don’t have to learn english, they don’t have to honor our country, flag, culture, they can keep their own while living here collecting welfare as long as they vote democratic.

        • Centered

          Anja J, did you read the article? It happened in Canada, not the USA. Find someone else to blame and hate. Better yet, learn the truth before posting.

          • WhiteGuy2

            American democrats are the same breed as Canadian socialist so what difference does it make. They are both western societies.

          • Jack

            Centered – Anja was responding to Silverg’s response to Whiteg’s post about people coming to “western countries.” So her responding about how it is in the US seemed quite reasonable to me, considering how close Canada & the US are (geographically and socialistically).

          • mikey

            Whether it is the US or Canada the lib’s still read from the same play book. Anja J is spot on!

        • Vera Rami

          Not all Hispanics I’m from PuertoRico grew up in chicago my grandfather served in the military and I am a USA citizen and Damn proud of our flag and our constitution it’s not the Ricans it’s illegals and terrorist that don’t respect due to politicians protecting them

          • madalon baum

            Sweet Home Chicago….Sorry, I know it has nothing to do with the conversation. Just thought I’d throw that in after I checked “like” on your comment.

          • PTM123

            Thanks, Vera.

          • Carrie Barton

            Then you don’t need to worry about it. Stop being so sensitive.

          • tick tock

            Thank you!

        • guest

          Hispanics are American born. Mexicans are born in Mexico. There is a huge difference in the two.

          • TRH86

            Hispanic does not mean born in America. Simple look up of the definition would have told you that. of or relating to Spain or to Spanish-speaking countries, especially those of Latin America. So if you meant Latin American countries like Mexico then you would have been correct.

          • madalon baum

            Under that definition it does say “Spanish speaking person living in the U.S., especially of Latin American descent”. Doesn’t mention place of birth.

          • Peter S. Jennings

            Hispanics are anyone of Spanish decent (no matter where they were born in the world.) However I agree that Anja J. did generalize and it’s not fair to the ones who follow the law.

          • T Mee

            “Hispanic” is a word made up by someone in the HEW in the 60s.

          • Wendy Fisher

            sorry confused what do you mean by hew….looked it up besides chopping wood only other terms I could find:

          • T Mee

            HEW was the Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare, the predecessor of the HHS. Not everything is in the urban dictionary

          • Wendy Fisher

            Thank you..I am in Aus so totally did not get what it meant even after google search 🙂

          • Jeff Allen

            right before that it was spanish

          • T Mee

            It was Mexican. Spanish people come from Spain.

          • Jeff Allen

            and they took over mexico, the vast majority of mexicans are of spanish descent, hence the term spanish then theres the mexican language, again spanish

          • T Mee

            The “Spanish” spoken in Mexico is, for the most part, is a very different language than actual Spanish. It has influences from Mayan, Aztec, and many other Indian dialects, making it a very different language.

          • Jeff Allen

            your point?

          • Dwhippin

            Dude this is hilarious you all have the internet yet your all wrong about all this shit. Latino and Hispanic are derived from what Spanish country you hail from. Hispanic is Mexico Puerto Rico Cuba and so on Latino is Portugal, Brazil, Venezuela and so on. Dudes seriously read something from time to time. If you speak on something just google it first and be objective to your info, all this mild racism is unintelligent

          • Michael M

            Brazil is not “Hispanic” as they are speakers of their own version of Portuguese. Also by US definition, Cubans and Spaniards are not “Hispanic” either. What is left is anyone from a nation south of our borders (now or originally) that came from a Spanish speaking country.

          • pelones

            If you are American born then you are American. I am part Mexican, Scot, German, and Italian and those downwind of me think I may also be French (just kidding) and I am proud of all of them. It would be silly -and inconvenient- to list all that and hyphenate with “American” when I am really just American. It’s good to be proud of your past heritage but don’t use it as part of your identity. Make your own mark and be known for that.

          • because i can

            now THAT is a mouth full of bullshit.

          • Cat Carillo

            I cannot stand the word hispanic or latino. I am an American end of story.

          • Choco Maniac

            you are the exceptions! It’s one thing to be proud of your heritage & another living in America but refusing to acclimate

          • Dwhippin

            It’s not a heritage thing it’s a religious thing. It would be like saying you can’t wear a cross around your neck. And your religion states you always have to have a cross. That’s what a hajib is.

          • TyredofLibs

            The hijab is, and always will be, the muslims #1 sign of women’s oppression. Cover up so you don’t tempt your rapist neighbors, women can’t go out without a male family member escort (who sometimes ends up stoning her when she does get raped and he blames her). Backwards thinking, and it is and IDEOLOGY, NOT A RELIGION. Until the world sees islam for what it is, we are headed fast and furious towards a war to suppress an invasion.

          • Jeff Allen

            wrong, hispanics can be from any country, thats a race where as mexican is a nationality

          • Michael M

            Hate to burst your bubble but “Hispanic” applies to both. As for polls, stats and such, the term refers only to those that respond as such. You can blame Viva La Rata and the rest for coining the term hispanic to mean anyone who is from south of our border originally. Strangely, it doesn’t include Cuba or Spain.

        • Christy Grayson

          you are misinformed on all levels. What democrats tell ppl this?

          • Jason Kulisek

            The President, Luis Gutierez, etc.

          • Choco Maniac

            same goes for Cicero!

        • Joy Beum

          The demoncrats are anti-American traitors, along with all obama’s cuddlemuzzies.

        • Ken Arts

          It’s called assimilation. Plain and simple. Adjust your thinking and actions, or leave.

          • President Borat

            no. and im staying.

        • alittleunwell

          That’s a stupid statement. Hispanics do assimilate. True that the older folks don’t speak English, the first generation immigrants, but you won’t find a Hispanic kid that has grown up in the US that doesn’t speak English.
          Hispanics love the US, the serve in the military and often do so just to gain citizenship. Did you know the first American killed in the war with Iraq was a Mexican national that joined the military to gain his citizenship.
          It was given to him posthumously.
          Hispanics were here before the Pilgrims landed. They are the ones that settled the West, from Texas to California.
          Stop spewing racist b/s that has no basis in reality.

      • Kay

        Big ups bruv

      • Alexander Smith

        The welfare check where they came from is zero. If people don’t wake up to the fact that their governments are importing welfare leaches incapable of working a single day in their lives but capable of spending millions in government (tax payer) benefits, then the Western society is over as we know/knew it!

        • President Borat

          you’re less smart than alfred e newman. no one in the west has ever worked a day in our lives, barely. we live in a jobless, automated post industrial system.

          • Mr Poitier

            Are you one of them Retards I’ve heard so much about?

          • Pam Dworshak

            I agree with you, he sure is a special kinda stupid.

          • Mr Poitier

            Shut up you chubby slunt

          • Pam Dworshak

            I wasn’t talking about you, I was talking about President Borat. I said I agree with you.

          • Mr Poitier

            I know sorry. I deleted

          • Pam Dworshak

            Maybe you haven’t ever worked a day in your life, but don’t think we are all lazy like you.

          • Mr Poitier

            You are a lazy chubby skank. Now keep your face covered. Do us all a favor. Hahaha ha

      • barbie

        Thank GOD not all of them drink the cool-aid. I thank GOD for the ones that their eyes are open. I fear that in the future even Americans will not want to live here. It has no resemblance of the America I grew up in. Some times I weep. It’s the wise immigrants I wish could bring in their entire family that could see and read the history of the democrat’s voting record history

        • Jodee Millett

          I’m sure you will absolutely like this site! There are many topics that are related to muslim and not only 😉

    • Beach Actor

      that’s why they come to the United States. because they want to be taken care of by the government

      • Raylusk

        This happened in Canada not the US.

        • Russell

          Your right! The U.S. would have taken care of her, while still draining us to support her.

          • George Murrey

            One of O’s daughters?

          • CanadianKyosa

            Americans would just have her shot. Simpler (and simplistic) to them simpletons.

          • Timothy Hall

            And as a American and a Vet….Your point is??????

          • CanadianKyosa

            The Americans would rather invade, dictate to, or kill what they do not like, understand and/or does not assimilate to their ways. Yes, I may be generalizing it but I read the above from 90% of American comments on other people and cultures. In other words, they go to extremes, in my view. The way this judge acted is against the way Canadians typically act and that Canadian way is the opposite of the typical Americans, too. I am against a chunk of the American mentality.

          • Martel

            If America is so full of haters, killers, and racists, why is half the freakin’ world trying to get here, legally or illegally. Dumb Ass.

          • CanadianKyosa

            Because they have never been here, Idiot. It is a no-brainer to those of us with one.

          • President Borat

            both things could actually be true at the same time, warranting no further explanation.

          • Mr Poitier

            You are dumber than box of rocks lmao

          • Jack Turner

            You just proved who the simpleton really is!

            She’d be allowed to wear her scarf in a US court you moron.

            And….how about backing up your stupid statement with a link to a story about an American court shooting a Muslim.

            Only happens in your shallow and uneducated mind.

          • pat

            Assimilation, speaking a common language, a Country founded on Christian values is a huge reason we became the Greatest Country in the World…how stupid can you be. The biggest mistake was allowing people who can’t do this enter this Country.

          • CanadianKyosa

            Neither Canada or the U.S. were founded on “Christian” values. Buddhism had those values 1500 years before a Christ or god were even on the white board let alone created.

        • Katie Jones


        • Alfredo Chua Alcazar

          Yes sir that incident happened in Canada and do you know that it’s also happening here in the U. S. Most of the Muslims here are also on welfare. one thing that gets me when I read that they want their laws from their country to implemented in the U.S. First thing we did not invited these people to moved to the U.S. they came here in their own and they should obey and respect our laws. They are #1 burden to the U.S. taxpayers.

          • CanadianKyosa

            Bullshit about most Mulims being on welfare. That is no different than saying all Orientals get 90s+ in school, Jewish are money geniuses, etc.

          • Mr Poitier

            No dear. Most IS different from ALL. You phucking moron. Lmao

          • President Borat

            who gets the 6 trillion plus dollars spent by usa governments every year? muslims??

          • Mr Poitier

            You really are a retard

          • President Borat

            the best part is that statement combined with your photo

          • Mr Poitier

            Phucking Retard

        • Chia-Li Sung

          you can bet anything you own that infestation of these leeches has been going on for YEARS!!!!

    • Chester St1

      No where in the article did it state that she was not a native born Canadian. In Canada, like the United States, you have the right to be any religion or have no religion if you so chose. I am not taking the woman’s part and feel the judge was right, but we still cannot assume she was a foreigner. There are many natural born American citizens who are Muslims.

      • Anonymous opinion

        She says she became a Canadian citizen in the video, and they said she was from Kuwait.

        • John Wesley

          She needs to go back..

        • Joy Beum

          And she gave birth to six suicide bombers. Great…just great. 🙁

        • Toni Welnhofer

          And she has been there for 12yrs,. Thats nice, has she been collecting welfare for the last 12 yrs. also instead of getting a job? I hope the USA courts do the same as this judge, cuz it is about equality. Nothing worse than a bunch of ppl invading your country and then want speacial treatment. I didnt have speacial treatment busting my ass all my life doing my job.

          • JML

            Kruchshev said to the U.S. in the U.N. back about 1968, “We will take you from within.” (Only paraphrased) This is what is happening here today. We have a (denying) Muslim President that is leading us down hill. There is going to be a revolution in this country if we don’t get some solid leadership with a congress that can get something accomplished with both parties cooperating. The American people are letting the politicians know that we don’t want career politicians running the country anymore. They just keep mucking it up. Most high school grads could do a better job.

      • Ken

        She said she came from Kuwait and , that she wore her rag on her head when she went before a judge to become a Canadian citizen.

      • Julie Smiley

        It explicitly stated she was from Kuwait…….

      • Tina m

        The video clearly states that the woman came to Canada 12 years ago FROM KUWAIT! !!

      • Linda Phipps

        The reporter clearly said she came to Canada 12 years ago

      • farmer93

        Perhaps you need to go back and listen to the video again. It states that she came to Canada from Kuwait.

    • Harry Butch Schexnayder

      They wouldn’t be separated in their homeland!!!

      • NHPat

        Why do you say that? Divorce (at least for the man) is very easy in Islamic countries.

    • Raylusk

      The welfare comment was editorializing on the part of this conservative author in order to suck in you conservatives that fall for this crap every time.

      • Phil Coates

        I guess you were sitting in the court room and heard everything that was said?

        • Raylusk

          No I wasn’t. But the article also didn’t say she was on welfare. So how did you come to the conclusion that she was?

          • Venus

            Still El-Allou refused, and attempted to play the ‘woe-is-me’ welfare card, speaking about her kids, and how she desperately needed her car back.

          • NHPat

            The article DOES say she is on welfare.

          • WhiteGuy2

            This is a common problem with the leftist socialist. The majority have a condition called diaria of the mouth. Symptoms include inability to shut their mouths long enough to listen and learn. As a result many are completely uninformed or misinformed about the facts, and end up on WELFARE!

          • Phil Coates

            Mine was a question to you which you replied.

          • Ancient Dude

            DIMBO listen to the video, but you must take the ear buds out so you can listen to the sound not bonging music!!

          • Phil Coates

            I didn’t come to any such conclusion.

          • Kirby A. Morrison

            Yes the article did state that she was on welfare and she needed her car for her children. Which is also why she was in court because on of her precious child was driving without a license and they impounded her car. Reading is fundamental you should try it sometime without your socialist rose colored glasses!

          • Ticker

            1:53 mark, in writing and her own voice… I am on Welfare. Try listening before showing your ignorance.

      • Mike Berry

        Oops. I guess you didn’t watch the video where she says to the judge that she’s on welfare.

      • NHPat

        Listen to the video – the woman says she is on welfare. Probably a good idea to take in the whole story before you start ragging on conservatives.

        • Ancient Dude

          Oops, he had blinders on!! couldn’t see..

      • Ticker

        1:53 mark. I am on Welfare…… nuff said and so much for your BS Raylusk.

    • I love how “christians” are only “christians” when it serves their own selfish purposes. Isn’t welfare for the needy the “christian” thing to do?

      • Chuck Taylor

        Religion and racism. For God sake, get over it. Take it for what it is, and leave your political correctness in your ass. Thank you.

        • My comment is 100% correct and you are just mad that you realize how right I am.

          • Chuck Taylor

            Why not get back in your cage and run in the wheel?

          • That’s what I feel like I am doing when arguing with some of you crazy people. Why you just won’t look at things with an open mind I will never know.

          • Janice O’Neil Field

            Because we are sick and tired of you stupid ass, bleeding heart liberals!!!!

          • Kirby A. Morrison

            No your comment is just generalization. I know of many Christians who gladly give and have no problem with people on welfare. What they and others like me don’t like is paying for lazy asses people who won’t even look for a job. They expect us (society) to pay their way. Screw them I have been working since I was 13 yrs old and served in the military! It chaps my backside knowing I’m 50 yrs old I still drag my arthritic body out of bed everyday and go to work. While lazy people far younger than me feel like society owes them! And the foreigners piss me off even more that think they can come to our country and not be a productive citizen just sponge off of welfare! Screw them !

          • Perhaps if they were given an incentive to get a job they would. But welfare is such a small pittance and the second they get a job it is cut off. Where is the justice in that? These people need our help and it is our duty to help them. Sure some are just lazy, but that doesn’t mean you just let them starve to death. That is just how some people are, we must take the good with the bad.

          • glenn

            i can let them starve to death. I like Kirby have worked since I was 13, younger if you count mowing yards. I am 68 and still working. I would step over their bones to get to work each morning.

          • That is horrible, these are fellow human beings that may have other issues you don’t have such as mental health problems, divorce etc. Also if a woman is on welfare and she gets pregnant she may not be able to work if it is a complicated pregnancy. How about a little compassion for your fellow man.

          • glenn

            yeah the women on welfare who get pregnant because they can get another check. and in the process have drug addicted babies who are ruined for life because they can’t let go of the dope for the 9 months it takes to create that new welfare check. mentally ill people should be cared for but they should also be neutered. having a marriage go bad is not an excuse to ride the welfare program. not my problem they couldn’t cut it.

          • Sure it’s not your fault any of these people fell on hard times, but it is your responsibility to take care of these people. That’s what makes america great, that we watch out for our own. Well, at least we should be. It’s too bad your comment is nothing but prejudice from what I can only think is a very unhappy person. Neuter the mentally ill? That very well could be the stupidest thing I have read this year. If that was the case, you wouldn’t be able to have any children.

          • Col Wheeler

            I don’t mind helping our people but we do not need to go to other countries and bring them here and set them up on welfare when we have enough already here. And people wonder why we are going broke and roads and bridges are in a shambles, or our Veterans not getting the services they need and why ? Because we need to bring in outsiders and spend our money on them

          • Col Wheeler

            How about they stay in their own country and not be a drain on others. I don’t mind helping people, but to bring them here with out the prospects of them being productive is just plain stupid We work hard and she stays home and reaps our benefits I don’t think so

          • paul jones

            I heard chipmunks , pluck ducks ,go pluck a duck and leave the grown up’s alone!

          • pelones

            There is nothing anti-Christian about requiring those who can stand on their own, to do so. When Jesus explained to Peter the parable of teaching a person to fish instead of just giving them a fish, this was part of the wisdom. He knew that sometimes giving the fish is the right thing to do but it should never be a permanent solution.

          • Dawn Marie McNamara

            No you’re wrong. ..its my duty to feed MY children! If you’re stupid enough to take food out of your own children’s mouths to feed these invaders than by all means….go for it. ..but I DOUBT you have kids… you’re still living in a fantasy land expecting others to feed you… have no clue how it works in the real world

          • You rightwingers should go take a flying leap. If you left things up to us much smarter liberals, we would have this country straightened out in no time. I bet you have like 5 kids from 5 different fathers don’t you. You are probably benefiting from the welfare system so I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to support it.

          • paul jones

            What do you say? You are smarter ? I know some rongwingers like you and they all have to read the directions on a role of toilet paper every time they try to use it !

          • JimC

            If welfare is such a ‘small pittance’, isn’t that enough of an incentive to find a job?

          • JimC

            Ooops! Sorry Chipmunk, didn’t realize you were trolling….

          • Bubba66

            Since welfare is such a “small pittance”, maybe they should stay in their own country and collect welfare there!!!

      • glenn

        Jesus did not say we had to feed dead beat drug addicts so they could lay around and have more kids. being able to work but taking handouts is a sin and they will be punished. by not feeding them we help them get to judgement day faster.

        • They are not all like that, very few are. Now grow up and make some adult comments.

          • joelie10

            You should take your own advice to “grow up and make some adult comments”, Chipmunk. You are not as smart as you believe you are. The “philosophy” and “innuendo” you are expounding proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

      • Dawn Marie McNamara

        the system was set up for AMERICANS who are TEMPORARILY down on their luck……not for every foreign invader to come and live off of it;!!! keep bashing Christians you look like a fool…’s a government program…not Christian….moron

        • Really??? Wow, I did not know that. You really are a piece of human excrement. Christians have caused 95% of the problems in the world today. And if you had gone further than third grade in school you would have realized I said it was your christian duty to support these people. There is a huge difference. Now go pop out another baby or something.

          • Brenda Cressey

            Sin has caused 100% of the world’s problems. It is NO Christian’s duty to support the devils followers.

      • CdnWreck

        needy not lazy

    • Alfredo Chua Alcazar

      Because we have stupid politicians running the good old USA. We don’t need these damn Muslims in our country. Take a look at England and Germany, they hated muslims because they’re trying to change their laws. They come to the USA just to get welfare. Try to observed muslims shopping at WalMarts, they all use food stamps. They are able body and they’re lasy to find a job.

      • President Borat

        all hispanics use food stamps far as i can see

    • Deborah K Commissaris

      Not defending her actions but how do you know she is on welfare? The article said she tried to play a ‘woe-is-me’ welfare card, in other words trying to get entitlement to present her case even though she refused to do as the judge said by using her poor kids needing her to have her car back.

    • Lyndau123

      On Welfare but she had the thousands of dollars for the plane trip to GET here! If she is so damn poor she should get a job or FLY her ass HOME!

    • M Meier

      Hate to tell you this, WhiteGuy2, but our country is BRINGING them here (reloacting them from “war-torn” countries as refugees) with the promises of being able to practice their religion, etc., etc., etc.
      Why can’t they be settled in countries that follow the same laws and religious traditions???
      Oh yeah, because all those countries are at war with each other! So much for Islam being peaceful!

    • gingerpal

      Probably no welfare to be had there. The welfare program needs to be revamped. It was not meant to become a way of life, rather, to help one through a difficult time brought on by circumstances outside of their control such as a divorce and no support. As it is now, it is drawing people from all over the world. The worst part is those same people ridicule America and try to change it. I know this instance happened in Canada, but we have the same problem.

    • mona_l

      She Became a Canadian Citizen while she was on Welfare. and not after . So maybe this is a rule that should be brought up also,

    • banger377

      Thank that bastar d from Massachusetts, Ted “the bastar d” Kennedy.

    • Dwhippin

      You would actually be incorrect to make that assumption. Most immigrants make more than the modern American, they work harder normally own their own businesses faster than Americans, and use welfare for what it’s supposed to be used for. To get you out of a tight spot. So funny though all these comments “go home” that’s an interesting clan saying. Let’s not forget though, “give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breath free.” ” “Not go home lazy imagrants”

    • Mggie

      They come here for Us to take care of because no one in their country will. Fk’n Leeches.

  • Kathryn De Laughter Patterson

    I can see the headscarf. What I cannot handle is the face covering. The headscarf would be ok because I grew up going to Catholic school with sisters who had their heads covered as part of their particular order’s habits. And still, today, there are Catholic sisters and nuns who continue to wear full habits. But they never hid their faces.

    • JO

      Good point. I doubt the same judge would have required nuns to take off their headgear.

      • dick picker

        most judges will require sisters to appear in accepted secular apparel. thus the secular inclusion in this judges ruling.
        nuns are permitted to ‘drop the habit’!

    • WhatMeWorry

      Would be fascinating to see if the judge would require that of the nun.

      • down_with_BongHit_Barry

        I think this is more a matter of giving the figurative finger to the muslims for always demanding that people in the countries they attempt to infiltrate adhere to their customs than it is about whether or not this woman’s headgear is akin to a full face covering. Good for the judge.

        These people are not here to be anything but trouble for the countries they’re essentially invading. If they’re willing to become citizens of and adhere to the cultures of the countries they’re asking/demanding to be welcomed into, fine. If they’re not, they can pack their sorry asses right back to where they came from. Try going to Iran and demanding that they accept your way of doing things in front of an Iranian “court”. Instead of whining to a reporter about how mean the judge was for not giving you your way, you’ll soon be headless.

      • dick picker

        secular is the definition she used. a habit is a religious garment. my bet is nuns are taught this and don’t go to civil or criminal court in their sunday best!

      • Wiggle D

        Nuns are too busy polygamizing over an entity that supposedly shuns such an activity to care.

    • Dave Bernheimer

      I’d like to see a nun in court. I doubt they (nuns) do much of anything to end up in court.

    • Ronnie

      When was the last time a nun blew something up.

      • Donald Swanz

        Blew someone?

        • Phil Coates

          Stop arousing yourself!

      • Andrew

        So you’re punishing someone for something they did not do? That’s the conservative view of Freedom right there.

        • Casey

          I believe she’s sharing her opinion not condemning the woman to death by decapitation.

  • mtin

    This is awesome.

  • Helen Talia

    Newsflash! She’s not Canadian!! A piece of paper does not change who she is!!!

    • Andrew

      Sure it does. Just like a piece of paper changes what your child’s name is and if you are married to someone or not.

  • Jay Page

    God Save the Queen.

    • dick picker

      freddie mercury lives!

  • Nancy Robbins

    At least the judges in Canada treat everyone fairly, here, it seems we have our laws, and then there are their own personal laws. Everyone has to follow the same rules, regardless of religion, color, body type, etc. no hats, means no hats, no scarfs means no scarfs, if you don’t wear shoes, you will not be allowed in a court room, if you don’t wear a shirt, in a lot of places you get no service. follow the rules and you will be treated civilly.

  • Bob Rtarp

    get with the program, these rules are in your favor as a woman.

  • freeman2night

    to Kuwait ad take your tree boys. You’re no Canadian…go back ere you belong.

  • mark g

    Thats awesome! I give major respect to that judge, if everyone is not allowed to wear anything on their head, then these muslums or anyone else should not be allowed to wear towels or whatever on their head.

  • redeemed357

    If you are not feeling Canadian any longer—go on back to Kuwait where they won’t mind if you wear a scarf in court—oh wait—women can’t go to court and be heard in courts unless a MAN goes. GOOD GRIEF!!!

  • Connie

    If you want your case heard take it off. Follow the rules just like everyone else has to!

  • Peter Shane Downie

    That judge deserves a medal. Why should she be allowed to disrespect other countries laws. Maybe they should setup a special Sharia court for them

    • dick picker

      gawd, i hope that was a twisted attempt at sarcasm! no sharia laws in the free world!

  • 1AmericanKat

    well done, Judge….too bad America cant follow in the same steps. we have the same rules here. too many liberals catering to muslims and yet the attack a Christian…

    • dg101

      How are christians being attacked again?

  • David Sneade


  • Bacchus

    NO moslims can in any way swear to uphold the laws a any nation since ALL moslims know that “allah makes NON to snare his government” She lied when she swore to uphold the laws of Canada

  • Greg

    you were NEVER Canadian, on welfare thieving ,take your 3 little GOATS and go back where you came

  • Gordon Harvey

    She should be stoned and beheaded…Problem solved.

    • dick picker

      that’s not very christia… err, canadian of you! in her original country both penalties can be applied by the court!!

  • Carlos Valdés

    Great, send her back to the hell hole she came from….

    • NHPat

      One of the things you should keep in mind is that she is from Kuwait. Kuwait is one of the few countries that still have a high opinion of the western world because they deeply appreciated our help in defending them when they were invaded. Kuwait is actually a relatively decent place to live in that part of the world.

  • mstew3b

    hmmm…would she ask someone to remove their yarmulke? or someone with a serious medical condition to remove their dark glasses? how bout a cancer patient to remove their headscarf that is covering their balding head due to chemo treatments? if the answer is yes, then by all means equal across the board…but I’m not so sure the answer would be yes…and if it was how many would be siding with the judge? just pondering…

    • dick picker

      it is noted in the report that the judge has discretion over what is acceptable in their court.
      the same legal branch of discretion afforded law interpreters that obama uses to pardon illegals.

  • Not Anonymous

    fastest growing cult in the world!

  • William

    How was she able to get on Welfare? In the United States had she been sponsored by an organization or person they would have to sign an affidavit of support you the sponsor have the means of assets and financial ability so these people do not become a public charge meaning welfare. I wish judges in the United States would start doing that, lets get this judge and Judge Judy to preside over these ragheads.

  • Greg

    typical MUZZIE LEACH, she needs to hop on her Goat and take her 3 little RATS and go back to where she came from

  • Tim Marks

    These people move here and don’t want to understand our laws and cultures……screw them and move back to where you came from.

  • Denise

    Woo hoo! Love this Judge!

  • Jeremy Waugh

    I have been to court and had to take my hat off why should she be able to wear her head gear

  • Gerald Atherton

    They did not make me special WWWWAAAAAAAA

  • fistfulofrain

    This judge’s decision pleases me greatly.

  • jwbaumann

    Stupid ad keeps playing and playing. Screw it.

  • John Smith

    IT’S NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE! FOLLOW THE RULES! OR LEAVE! easy. And everyone should have to follow the same rules in certain places. Like Courts of Law and Government Offices. If you can’t follow the same rules as everyone else, THERE’S THE BORDER! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

  • Tarantula2

    Good job Canada..

  • Guest

    Good for her!!! Too bad the judges in

  • Tired of it all

    If she doesn’t feel Canadian anymore, maybe she should just go home.

  • PixelPusher777

    This may be extreme, but courts have to draw a line somewhere. What if they came across a religion in which people wore no clothing at all and bathed in oils that smelled like rotting fish?

    • Jesse

      It’s legal in the US. Nude colonies 🙂

      • Wiggle D

        I don’t think nudists in the states are powered by a religion… People just want to be nekkid. And if they came across such a religion, pixel, their people would have them slaughtered.

      • PixelPusher777

        We all know that. This discussion is about appearing before court in respectful attire…

  • Kentucky red

    It ain’t the hijab that bothers me. Its their behavior that bothers me!

  • Anja J

    Good for her, I WISH it could be that way here too. Heck, a couple of muslims whine and complain, and they ban the movie American Sniper from being shown at the university in Michigan—and those in charge of the university BOWED to these couple of complainers! Until we decide this is OUR country, OUR rules, we will continue to be more and more segregated into separate little “ethnic countries” that bear no more resemblance to the America we all held dear for 300+ years.

  • Guest

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  • Robin Rider

    Liberals in the USA aren’t upset over this, nor would we be. In fact, This is what we are wanting, EQUALITY, the KKK I mean Crazy Concervative Christians aka TEALIBAN are the ones preaching hate and intolerance and wanting special treatment and are trying to make the entire country live by one bogus religion.
    I’m good without that.
    I’d prefer to be like the dude in the book yall pretend to follow and teach love and compassion. help those less fortunate, heal those that are sick and feed those that are hungry and everybody work together on it. He even hung out with thieves and whores…. not too mention what they hell he went through for you to spew hate in his name. Good call
    Christians seem to forget that part

    • 1972patriot

      Tealiban? Really? Next….

    • Brenda Cressey

      Sounds like you hate Christians lol too bad it’s the muslims who want a one world religion/global government. Life on earth is gonna really suck when that happens.

  • B Dog

    Religious persecution is tough when the shoe’s on the other foot?

  • JustStop

    Oh well. Don’t feel bad at all.

  • rsolid

    Will she run for president ???

  • WanderingStray

    Good for the judge. She says she became Canadian, but she did not. Assimilate or leave. Cannot have it both ways, cannot have special privileges because of your religion. Kudos to the judge on this.

  • K Edwards

    I love Canada !!

  • April Lawson

    WHen in Canada obey the laws…..

    • Trey Kendall

      Along with her children before they become terrorists.

  • thug nasty

    why wasn’t she jailed for contempt?

  • Marco Beeman

    Too bad OUR judges don’t have the same guts as this Canadian judge does. I am sick to death of the war on Christians, both here and abroad, and of all the people that bow to the “political correctness” INSANITY! CRUZ/LEE in 2016 to restore SANITY to our country!!!

  • VNVElectro

    WE need more Judges or just plain people like her!

  • Kathy Starke Hickman

    This judge is so right and obviously can get away with it in Canada, so not so in America

  • June Smith

    Playing Devil’s Advocate – are Catholic Nums held to the same standard?

  • Davey Dunn

    obamas quran piggs

  • gbp91

    on welfare? take the scarf off…………or go back to where ever you came from

  • George Murrey

    The old adage applies in this case “When in Rome, do as what the Romans do.” She is not special and not privileged. Follow the rules and laws of our country.

  • Damien Cross

    That judge is AWESOME.

    No judge, here in the USA would do that because they are pussies!

  • Molly B

    Way to go,Judge!!! I wish I could vote for you.

  • Diana Combs Durden

    I’m so grateful to finally hear someone stand up to what they believe in the judge was in her RIGHTS they are not special

  • Ian McCrimmon

    So she says she feels afraid and no longer Canadian. Nothing more Canadian than a hijab. Try wearing a touque into court.

  • C.w. Wayne S

    Way to go thank you judge this is the united states of America it’s our way or the highway if you don’t like it GET THE HELL OUT

  • Janet Dillon

    Canada gets it… Why can’ we?

  • Ron Terry

    Thank God for this Judge, and for standing fast!

  • Paul Floyd

    why did she allow her son to drive without a licence? Why cant they join in and obey our laws rules etc . They don’t like them then go back to where you came from, that’s what you want enjoy it in Yemen

  • john smith

    Big azz whoop!

  • Bobby Arkolakis

    Its called 1 LAW for all….there should be no exceptions…no matter what religion or color you are.

    1 LAW for all that’s what the judge was pushing….

  • njdvorak

    Way to go Judge.

  • agkcrbs

    Dumb joke, lady judge — in your opinion, “religious symbols on persons”, which could be anything on them, must be discarded or disguised away so they do not offend your personal idol gods, the Gavel and Robe. All of us could find ancestors who covered their heads for modesty’s sake in certain settings. Western court rules against wearing hats, originally from sacred traditions, rightly apply to men, not women. But here, one clueless woman meaninglessly persecutes another clueless woman; the first barely has the most infantile sense of human culture, and the second decided that gender-neutralized, atheized Canada would make a good place for a normal person to seek freedom in.

  • Les K

    You go judge.

  • katy

    Good for her all judges should do the same , no more special treatments!!!

  • Mike Hunt

    Good for the judge!!!! Go back to Kuwait if you can’t live within the country’s rules.

  • dg101

    Actually, those “leftists” just don’t want to have Christianity forced upon them in a country that is NOT a theocracy. You have people wanting the government to ban or make things illegal because “the bible said so.” That’s not how it’s supposed to work in a free nation.

  • kiowa

    We need more people like that judge, kudos to the judge, booo to the rag head

  • Deborah

    It’s about time. So glad someone is finally standing up. I also hope other’s follow the same practice.

  • Anna Rose

    OUTSTANDING! A fair judge at last! Wish there were more of them.

  • pmh dayton

    If the irresponsible father of the children had not deserted her, she would not have to take welfare from working Canadians, and raise her children alone, so one could drive without a license, and lose her car. She should be crying over the no-good husband and her bad decisions.

  • proud American

    Centered- muslims are muslims and hate America, you dumb ass!!

  • James C. Higgs

    In the USA, in a location with an RFRA, she would likely. Get her day in court. We protectreligious freedom and while protecting court decorum is a compelling government interest, creating a generally applicable rule, without religious exception is not the least restrictive way to create decorum.

  • frances chipps

    Hurray for that judge- its about time someone told all immigrants this is America or Canada. You come to our country you obey all of our laws, it has nothing to do with religion.

  • Scott Starrett

    Canada, where the women have bigger balls than our politicians!

  • thatguy

    All muslims out of all western nations, NOW.

  • Richard M

    I actually have to take a bit of umbrage with this one(I must be delirious.) There was a time when it was acceptable for a woman to wear either a hat or a head scarf in this country. Granted, it’s not a hijab but it is a head scarf never the less. I’m not sure this was the appropriate event to push a point.

  • Kornél Zoltán Várhelyi

    The judge did the right decision!!!!

  • martin

    Someone way smarter than me needs to come up with a way to get these people where they belong. Can’t afford to live here? Leave. Can’t acclimate to our laws and customs? Leave. I have been reading and watching this cult quite a bit lately and cannot believe what the west is letting these people get away with. Screw political correctness. Deport them all back to their third world countries!!

  • ED/PHX

    Any chance this Judge might move to the United States or at least come down and give Saturday lessons

  • Stephen E Birmingham

    Finally a Judge with the “BALLS” to do the right thing

  • arnie

    Thank you judge….for doing what is right!

  • Br28

    This woman wearing a Hijab in court is no different than a christian woman wearing a vail.

    • dohfugwimee

      Christian workers aren’t stoned by their communities if they don’t wear veil.

  • stablepar

    Gonna be hard moving from the warmth of Florida to the cold of Canada??? hmmmm

  • Stacy Riedl

    good for the stick em all on a slow boat back to there country…

  • George Patrick Shiflett

    fist of all the left wants no religion in government , not just Christianity well maybe that wrong the left as well as all good CHRISTIANS want the right wing evangelical gun totting nut ball Christians to go and find another planet , we will actively persecute the right wing Christians , your dam right there , especially you worthless con artist TV EVANGELICAL PASTORS SUCH AS ORAL ROBERTS PAT ROBERTSON AND ALL THAT BUNCH , TV scum

    • Brenda Cressey

      Don’t worry, us “nut ball” born again Christians will be gone soon enough. Probably around the time the muslims get their global caliphate led by one supreme religious/political leader. Have fun with that lol

      • George Patrick Shiflett

        My country’s constitution guarantee’s me that no religion shall govern this country , it guarantee’s me i have the right to worship as i please or not to worship , that i have the freedom to be a Pagan and not a Christian and every one else has that same freedom , so lets leave the constitution alone

  • Ancient Dude

    One thing I can say about this Judge, SHE HAS A PAIR. Would that go here in the states? “NO” it would not because of all the BLEEDING HEARTS, DEMODUMMIES & LIBERBUTS. GET OVER IT RAG HEADS, GET A JOB BE A HUMAN NOT A WELFARE JUNKIE.

  • Patti Krouse Drury

    Way to go Judge Thank you your honor for FINALLY making people see true justice. It is NOT fair that we extend special favors for certain groups just because they make noise about it. Fair is Fair and You are awesome for standing up for the right thing Great job!

  • Vera Rami

    God bless America and God bless that judge ….so right they have no respect for our country at all can’t wait till our next republican president

  • shaganasty

    love this judge….. one for all

  • This is an outrage. It is not like this is a personal choice it is part of her religion and this judge needs to realize this. He is a racist and should be removed from the bench. As far as welfare, our new citizens need help and if you so called Christian’s wouldn’t be so two faced you would see it is the “christian” thing to do.

    • dohfugwimee

      Religion is not a race..thus your racist comment is null

      • True it is not a race. But the comment has the same racial tone issues tagged to it. Thus calling it racist will work.

  • catlady

    that judge needs to run for office

  • blestou

    The judge was terrible. Canada is developing a terrible reputation against religious liberty. I am glad I live in America.

    Bill of Rights > Charter of Rights

  • Lin


  • Ryan Schultz

    That woman, Rania El-Allou, had appeared in court trying to her her car back. It had been kept in the pound since her son got arrested for driving without a license.


  • Katie Jones

    What a great Judge!

  • michael foster

    Good for her…bigger ovaries than most male judges have balls

  • go to hell scarf lady. it is not suitable. she is a whiner……take better care of your son whiney lucky your husband hasnt beheaded you…secular baby…

  • Susan Schoner

    America should follow suit! Stinking Islamic freaks don’t like anything about our country, want us to stop pledging allegiance to the flag, dont want us to worship god, want us to bend over and do what they want. Deport their asses – If you don’t love America then get the F out!

  • Notorious_bob

    “her her car back”? proofreading, its not just for literate people anymore.

  • BAHL

    I wish the judges in the United States had the backbone of this judge. Ok sorry some do but there are too many others that don’t.

  • Richard Crayne


  • tony

    Judge was wrong in not granting this woman her car back. It’s not like she was some criminal or something. Judges are public servants, yet a lot of them think they are superior somehow to the average person. respect people’s religion whether you agree with them or not. People around the world are just like you and me. This type of judgement only makes people hostile to each other. Shame on the judge. She should have more common sense. Muslims are not going to back down. Perhaps if they receive better treatment we wouldn’t be at war with each other.

  • Jimbo

    Doesn’t feel Canadian anymore? Fine. She can leave our country and the handouts she’s getting and practice her religion in her own country..

  • Sooneridver

    The sad part of this story is it took place in Canada… not the U.S A.! Secondly, in Quebec they demand to be treat differently than the rest of their country. if you are facing a city government office in Quebec you better speak the language if not you pay for the translator. But let them come outside of Quebec and they can demand that they be served in their language..

  • Joni Short Hamilton

    Two thumbs up for the Judge!

  • Shelly Torres

    Thanks to the Judge. I agree and have been saying this for a long time. We should be able to wear a hat if it’s part of our out fit. They say it’s part of their culture and Ik this is AMERICA where we except every one and everything. But, they leave their country to get away from the way they get treated. So why continue to live that way. Our problems as AMERICANS IS. WE DONT KNOW who is who. Are you here for the rite reasons or wrong reasons what you see to be rite. You say if we don’t preach to ala then we r wrong. Jerusalem is wholy ground, Jesus, God came fro there. We don’t care who you preach to as long as it don’t bother us. The land you live on is beautiful stop the hating. If you live on our land you should abide by the American ways. If we came over to you then you would want or make us wear it even though we don’t want to. Because you seem to think that a female should be covered but y we r beautiful you should not be ashamed to show who you r show your beauty. I’m just saying.

  • Jens

    The Judge 100% correct. Like to say there you go Welfare not working making others to pay her bills,

    I think everyone is tired of this crap, if not yet soon will be. the B/S is shining through

  • Julie Smiley

    Three cheers for this judge……..

  • Sue Riggs Johnson

    Way to go to that judge!

  • thatguy

    I don’t know how you could make this story a left or right thing. judge had rules and applied it. this “War on Christianity ” is a joke. they outnumber all other groups in the Americas yet they feel like their rights are being stomped on, when in fact other people are just given the same opportunities they were afforded.

  • Dennis

    Good. Rules are rules. What if I was part of some religion that required me to smoke a joint every 15 min…then what? Rules are there for a reason – suck it up.

    Sick and tired of the lopsided rules and ‘tolerance’ the ‘balanced’ left always seem to show…f-ing dolts, many of them, particularly the leaders…

  • urbsdetector

    Good. Should have held her in contempt. Congrats your Honor.

  • Churchill4President

    If you don’t like our laws and customs then GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!

  • Donny

    She doesn’t feel Canadian because she isnt. She’s Islam, Being Canadian only for the welfare. No respect for abythibg. Deport.

  • FlatusOhlfart

    that’s such BS – I’d bet she’d let a nun keep her habit on…

  • Dudetou

    They can get SSI too as they claim they don’t know English and can’t spell. NEED MAJOR welfare reform across the board.

  • Rose

    Great Big Thank you to the Judge – Used to be standard in America. Somehow, a group of SO-CALLED “Public Servants” now think it is their duty to be TRAITORS, instead of supporting the Constitution of the United States of America.

  • Jordan Platt

    I wonder what the judge’s reaction would have been to a crucifix pendant…

  • Edward belliveau

    thank you for that judge im from the US but I show much respect for that only wish the judges here would do the same

  • toobored54

    Hope nobody walks in there with a cross on a chain around their neck!!

  • C Swanson

    Do nuns have to remove their habit when they enter a courtroom? Just wondering if there was any viral video about that.

  • Guest

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  • Billygabe

    Judge was a dick.

  • Connie

    I agree with the judge. I would hope that our American judges would do the same.

  • love it

    great decision !!!!! keep it like that.

  • mickey eichhorn

    bravo to the judge !!!!!!

  • Angelia Marsh Hilley

    If only things like this would happen in America! I truly love this country but honestly…. we need to start showing some balls! Learn OUR language. Learn OUR Constitution. Respect OUR laws. Take the curtains off your head and pick up a Bible! Because in God We Trust! And last but in no way the least…GET A JOB!

    If you want to live here than leave your old ways behind. It’s really quite simple…. if they did it better where you came from GO BACK!!

  • Moderate Atheist

    It’s sad that so many people are degrading this woman for her religion. If someone was wearing a crucafix, they would not be told to remove it. Muslims are not looking for handouts, and it is wrong to generalize a group of people. There is nothing wrong with wearing a garment related to one’s religion. It is true that the judge had the right to choose what was suitable, but these comments are xenophobic and ignorant. Regardless of where it took place, its wrong.

  • Christy Grayson

    as a liberal and an atheist, I honestly resent your opening comment about us…. I find this ruling to be fair and just. People have the notion that we are against only christians but kiss butt to other religions. That is 100% false. We believe in equality for everyone. If you wanna believe in christ, you go right ahead just dont tell me im going to hell for not. You shouldnt also use your religion to deny someone goods or services. That is what we stand for, no matter what your beliefs or lack there of. Everyone should abide by the same laws and regulations and treated with equality. That is, after all, what AMERICA is all about, correct?

  • Col Wheeler

    I have an idea everyone quit your jobs and go on welfare and see how long before the country goes broke because there are no tax dollars coming in. I guarantee as soon as that happened the libitards that don’t know crap about running the country would come around to the right way of thinking

  • Stan Hoffman

    I believe this Judge has made a proper decision. Muslims need to learn that they are not above the law. Now if only American Judges would learn from this Judges decision.

  • Jennifer Weber Swingle

    A hijab is closer to wearing a cross then it is to wearing a hat or sunglasses. I believe the hijab would also be closer to not being allowed to cut ones hair due to religious beliefs. As a Christian (specifically a Lutheran) I am horrified that this poor woman has to deal with this type of ignorant judge. The judge is simply throwing her lack of beliefs onto or over this woman’s religious beliefs. This is court, the facts, Judge, strictly the facts need to be heard. To my knowledge of their religion, she is not allowed to remove the hijab. She is not trying to be disrespectful in any way. It doesn’t seem that the woman was playing any type of card, only explaining her situation and why she needed her car back. This disgusts me that something like this is happening in 2015. I don’t know the Canadian law but if this happened in the USA I would hope the judge would be asked to step down from her position as it seems she can’t handle her power appropriately.

  • Guest

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  • Jamie

    The first paragraph of that article was so stupid that I couldn’t read the rest for fear of laughing myself to hospital.

  • 19mad74

    At least this Canadian judge has the guts to do what should be done in this country.

  • Muslims always demand we kowtow to THEIR preferences, but then also want to force their medieval ways upon us. NOPE.

  • La Gray

    Judge, if it please the court, would you please come sit on the Supreme Court un the US?

  • madalon baum

    If it were a religious thing, I’d say she went too far. BUT….while hijab is associated with Islam, it is not required that women wear it. It is not in the Quer’an. It is cultural, not religious..

  • Bob

    Thank you Canada. Americans are a little slow at times.

  • HisCrownJewel

    That judge better watch her back. Dissenters (that is those attempting to enforce the law equally to all) have a mysterious way of disappearing or turning up dead, from stuff like “self inflicted gun shots” cough, cough.

  • frillbot

    How old is this story? Why am I seeing ‘comments’ from 3 months ago? At the top of YOUR page, you’ve got it posted on June 30th, 2015… if this JUST happened. And by the way…..I used to be a member of the Christian cult myself. They’ve been the 1st in line to hurl the proverbial stones at anyone who doesn’t fall in line with their antiquated belief system. And as far as ‘liberals’ showing some sort of ‘widespread support’ for Islam……..I don’t buy it. The vast majority of pro-Islamic statements I see ( on a daily basis ) across social media sites……are coming primarily from Muslims themselves.

  • JRocked

    should have found her in contempt of court and arrested her ass and thrown her in jail. where they strip you down to nothing. hand her an orange jumpsuit.

  • SMFtwstdHICK

    Good job judge.

  • Brenda southerland


  • rockinout4ever

    Just take off the damned head scarf like others have to dress appropriately

  • csrdrunner

    To that judge (notice America this was a Canadian judge!) I salute you.

  • USN Veteran

    If a judge in America tried this, & sadly 90% of them wouldn’t, that judge would have to leave town,
    as thousands of paid agitators would show up at his house literally with torches & pitchforks.

  • Gary Meschede

    now that is a fair judge.

  • johnrhett

    It is perfectly appropriate for a woman to wear a hat indoors, anywhere. Not so a man. These are long-standing rules of etiquette in Western society, but the judge must have been raised in a trailer park and never learned any better.

  • Davey Dunn

    good for the muhammad goat or pig

  • hjole

    good on the judge, now go to DC and reach our SCOTUS about law and knock off the politically correct BS.

  • Brat Wingz

    Good for the Judge.

  • B Atw

    shes welcome to leave at anytime she sees fit i say go on back ! you must obey laws and many others should take a lesson from it!

  • Brawndo

    You can clearly tell by the tone of the broadcasters that they do not support the judge.

  • JonRobin

    A shining example of a judge that isnt politically tainted. I hope the US judges take note.

  • Judy

    That is the way it should be, everyone should be held to the same law. If the law or court says you can’t ware hats or any other thing in the court room then it should be that way for all.

  • That was a Canadian Judge, here in the USA many of the Judges would get down from the bench and bow to the muzzie like the usurper-p0tus does when he encounters a muzzie…..

  • Nonya

    Cry me a river or better yet cry yourself a river and swim or however you got here and go back to your country…She said the judge made her afraid to be Canadian yet she refuses to remove her rags and admits to being muslin….WWWAAAAHHH WWWWAAAAHHH…..I am SO SICK OF THESE PEOPLE!!!!! To the point that when they go to my place of employment I refuse to attend to them….Especially because they pay with and EBT card…..I let someone else take them…..They literally make me SICK

  • David Ford

    Big thank you to the Judge ! Our law is our law and if you don’t want to follow it leave this country !

  • MariaRRoy

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  • Freddy St. LOUIS

    American judges got no balls. The Muslims tell the judge what to do and how high to jump.

  • joe

    She is on welfare too, kick her out of the welfare program and deport her

  • Tony Rader

    A judge who is applying the law fairly, religious issues should end at the stoop of the building of our courts.

  • Dr. Death

    All she would have had to do is pull it off the front of her head, over the top and rest it on the back of her neck. I bet she could have even left it up halfway on the back of her head and the judge would have seen her as complying. I can tell you from personal experience you will not get far when arguing and not complying with the orders of a judge. Also don’t ever laugh at them and say, “Are you effin high?” I’m not sure but I don’t think they like to answer questions lol.

  • AnnieAStepp

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  • Mary

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  • Ronnie Richmond

    You people just don’t get it. It’s painful to hear your arguments because the facts are always so twisted around your points of view.

  • jk

    I salute to El-Allou for resisting the judge ‘s ridiculous rules.. for not removing her modesty (hijab).. it really shows how disrespectful the canadian judge is, disrespecting other culture and religion is unacceptable. She made the smart choice to obey the highest and most powerful law ( God’s Law) rather than a cheapskate, skimpy dolittle court law there.! God’s punishment and retribution is much more severe than ur court law.. be prepared ya! And kudos to El -Allou .. u r great! Dnt worry .. God is not sleeping .. he is with u !

  • Carlos Ramirez

    The funny thing is that she is not allowed to remove it according to her culture.

  • Unkie Numbnuts

    Why is she driving a car in the first place…Muslim women are forbidden to drive cars…And where is her male escort…Not allow to be out in public alone…Where the husband too and why is he not supporting that family of 7 Muslims.

  • Larry Archer

    How the hell is she on welfare???? Is she a US citizen??? How did she afford a car???? This must be some more of asshole Obama’s crap letting them into America. If you come her to America you get NO FREE RIDES. You have to obey the laws and earn the right just like us true Americans. Hell I can’t even get any food stamps and I have worked for over 60+ years.

    • Dee Nicholson

      Um this was in Canada ….. just a FYI

  • Marie Joy


  • Mr Poitier

    Phuck that Muslim pig

  • Joy Beum

    Justice is fair and blind ideally (except in the USA under obama) and this judge simply meted out justice to someone who would not follow the rules of the court. How I admire this judge!!

  • Mr Poitier

    Muslim pig

  • Kathy Bamert

    Cool.You say you are no longer Canadian. Go back to Kuwait. The only reason you say you are unmarried is for the free stuff. LEECHES

  • eastedie33510

    Hooray for Judge Eliana Marengo!

  • schr8er

    She should be sent back with her HERD of kids… if ya cant afford them DONT HAVE THEM… just like anyone else… and abide by OUR rules, like them or leave… simple options that even they MIGHT understand

  • Shannon Vokes

    If she is afraid…. go home and learn what real fear is.

  • Rob Sheffield

    and we let this shit happen !!!!

  • Kyright

    Why is this muslime on welfare? Screw these rag heads.

  • Ken Arts

    Thank you judge. This is why they play the race card. they think they can get away with it.

  • may

    the lady refused 10000 dollars to cancel the case and by the way in Quebec it is too hard to find a job even for the Quebecers. God bless Canada for adopting multicultural society and that is Canadian people are very loyal to their roots and they never started the war against their mother” The Great Britain”

  • Rebecca Chandler

    She can’t play the race card, or discrimination card. This is about her refusal to follow rules that EVERYONE is required to follow. Here is a good solution – send these welfare leaches back to their own country and many cases are solved.

  • joe

    she should be cut off of welfare

  • Jack Turner

    Sorry but I don’t quite understand this judge’s reasoning. If she had her face covered, I would agree. However, a head scarf alone doesn’t conceal ones identity. If this were an Amish woman, would she not be allowed to retain her bonnet?

    I’m just as appauled as the rest of you however about her taking government handouts. I’m also rather amazed by that since if an American wants to become a Canadian citizen, they must first prove they are fiscally sound and self-supportive.

  • monalee

    how can you be on welfare and afford a car, Why have I worked on social security and if it wasn’t for my husband I couldn’t afford health insurance and food.

  • KG7412

    That judge deserves a medal! God bless her!

  • pelones

    I’ve never understood why someone would move here to escape the terror and violence perpetrated by the religion they practiced there, only to demand that they be able to practice that same religion as they want here. Women there are treated as subhuman, why would you voluntarily wear a reminder of that degrading practice. Be free ma’am. Throw off the yoke of a horrible existance and make a new way for yourself and your family.

  • Frisco1522

    Good to see at least one judge hasn’t caved to these cockroaches. They are sickening.

  • don

    If you can’t feed them on your own merits…. then don’t breed them

  • Lady Malefic

    Good for the judge! This is the US and US laws should apply. The arrogance of these muslims to us accusations of discrimination, etc. should not be tolerated. I’m all for rounding up all of them and deporting them along. Let ’em go back to their own countries and live. Don’t need their crap here.

  • Julia Barrett Gravley

    Why dismiss the case?? Hold in contempt. Let her get a good taste of justice.

  • CanadianKyosa

    The hijab is a part of the Muslim faith while the burqa is not. To remove that freedom is against the Charter of RIghts. Assholes can say different but the religious optional right to modesty is written into their religion. And all you assholes who want to start shooting down Muslims because you are too stupid to understand it, piss off now.

    • Ed

      No one gives a shite about Muslim tradition or faith asshat…get over yourself.

      • CanadianKyosa

        You may only wish to speak for yourself. I am quite sure that most people, but not many on these xenophobic website, a) actually have a brain in their head b) go out of their way to learn new things about other cultures and c) do not wish to sound like the xenophobic asshole you do.

        • Mr Poitier

          These sites are filled with retards like u. Asshat

          • CanadianKyosa

            Maybe all us “whities” and “honkies” should just say “Uncle Tom should go back to pickin’ cotton” because just because some may think that makes it true? Funny how the coloured people yell about racism and bigotry but they demonstrate it even more so than most non-“blacks”.

          • Mr Poitier

            Good idea dipshit

          • CanadianKyosa

            You need to go down to the southern, bible belt states and relearn what bigotry is.

          • Mr Poitier

            You need to quit being a pin cushion in your jail cell.

        • Ed

          Whatever Lib…I don’t have to agree to your views on cultural suicide. Your juvenile attempts at insults just display for everyone you’re an immature liberal…and I’m quite sure “most” people agree with my stand not yours.

          • CanadianKyosa

            I do not give two shits what you think, overall, or that others agree with me, Mr Xenophobe, since I know truths. I think what I think based on facts I know from friends and not shit written on webshit like this.

          • Mr Poitier

            You don’t know any any truths lmao. You are phucking idiot

        • Mr Poitier

          What’s funny is you don’t think you are a phucking idiot. Lmao amazing

  • jay2010master

    The reason they are on welfare in case you don’t know is that in the oil countries where they come from the government supports them with oil money every single month. So they think that is how the USA works. The gov supports you.

  • Brian

    go back to kuwait

  • Cujucuyo

    Ah yes, the typical muslol, they want EVERYONE to follow THEIR rules in a country where they’re basically a guest, and if their demands are not catered to they go on about how they’re “suffering”. Pathetic.

  • Amma

    Fair is fair. I went to Court with my daughter & was told I could not go in the courtroom wearing a loose knee-length outfit because “shorts” were not allowed.

  • barbie

    I want the Muslims that kill men babies and women over their evil region burn in hell butttttt if this was in the USA she should be able to wear an apparel that is part of her religion. But I don’t know about Canadian laws so I don’t think my reply is relevant here.

  • Cat Carillo

    The law is the Law. End of story

  • Ed

    Muslim isn’t a race…Racism should never enter the discussion and anyone that says it does needs to be slapped down…hard.

  • southernyankee05 .

    ” She says I an no longer Canadian ” GOOD THEN GTFO AND TAKE YOUR SCARF AND KIDS WITH YOU !!!

  • juststeveb

    False argument — culturally deaf, and probably racist. What if a catholic nun came to his court room?

    • Mr Poitier

      Lmao you are an Idiot. Nuns don’t wear their habits to court you Dunce. Go to the courthouse you’ll never see a nun dressed up in catholic cult attire. Muslims are a death cult. Wake up idiot


    i am canadian and a recent convert to the truth,there is no stopping us we are coming.Convert now infidel or be damned when the great wave of islam comes crashing down upon you.i support isis 100% and cannot wait for them to bring hte rule of allah to this nation of infidels and barbarians.Praise be his name,god is good.

    And if you do not like it leave the country now or face the sword!!!!!!!

    • Mr Poitier

      You picked the wrong side sand nigghhggger. Phuucking dumbasss

      • GHUME

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          • GHUME

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          • GHUME

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    • Unkel Ruckus

      Can you tell us where to expect the next attack?

      Thanks in advance.

  • Troy Duncan

    She’s a shit idiot.

  • usakindatheart

    ah.. send her back to her homeland and her pack of rats

  • Burgess Krell

    He should have rescinded her welfare for being a parasite.

  • President Borat

    it’s hard to explain why, but wearing a headscarf is not the same as a hat. would the judge make an orthodox jew takes jhis hat off? how about eyeglasses from a blind man?

    good for muslim woman!! her car was stolen by the police. she’s more canadian, or american, than any of you bozos. WE DONT NEED A LICENSE TO DRIVE. automobiles are a common right in this day and age. Islam is winning because they have more dignity,than fat suburban slobs

  • Wendy Fisher

    I know some of the discussions are months old but some of the comments are so ridiculous and especially chipmunk who he/she is on their high horse about what’s right and wrong, and says we should respect people’s circumstances etc my husband passed away which left me financially screwed I lost everything we had worked for, but I continued to work, I don’t have a choice even though I was hospitalised for a mental breakdown because of being overwhelmed by losing him and the circumstances I found myself in, so I struggled along and I mean struggle every single day, I have faced many challenges in my life because of the circumstance I grew up in..if falling on hard times means witnessing murder being abused, raped, tortured and terrorised, due to this abuse I had complications prior during and after pregnancy which required surgery to amend, which I paid for myself. I don’t like my hard earned taxes going to people who leach off the system. I accept it as part of my life I have no choice, but it is in the past and take responsibility for myself..I will never get over the loss of my beautiful husband, but I have no choice to face each day other than to end it all which is something I still consider at different times but I can’t bear the thought of my kids (adults now) facing the loss of another parent. I own my past but I don’t use it as an excuse to keep demanding others care for me or give me special treatment. When attending court matters I had to remove sunglasses from my head, when travelling through airports I have to remove sunglasses, my winter hat or take down the hood of my jacket otherwise I am refused to be able to board the flight. Also in reply to one of chipmunks statements I have two family members who are “using pc term mentally challenged”.. 6 children later which they are unable to take care of and of 6, 5 have disabilities yet they still continue to have children, one of my nephews who is incapable of even working, but is quite capable of fathering children, that leaves a burden on other family members and the government welfare system and health care. I believe a vasectomy would be the right choice. Rania El-Alloul 12 yrs in a country that offers so much, this woman should be respectful to those laws and get a job and think about maybe not getting pregnant continuously if she cannot support them by her own means..apart from the fact she allowed her son without a licence to drive her vehicle, and refuses to follow court etiquette as everyone else has too, I honestly don’t see how she has been discriminated against.

  • Barefoot in MN

    I suspect this woman is a wife of a muslim man, but not his “First” or primary wife. In muslim circles in this country ( USA ), muslims continue to marry up to four females (not all are adult women), as their religion allows; but they only acknowledge one as their legal wife, because US law only allows one spouse at a time. Thus, she has a “husband” (obviously!) who enjoys her physically, but he does not have to provide for her materially because WE do that for him. (Aren’t we nice ?!?) I hate to say it, but we taxpayers are financially supporting islam. This makes us, in the eyes of muslims, dhimmis – servants of msulsims – & whether or not we acknoweledge it, doesn;t matter to them.

  • Bigelvie

    Better still…why hasn’t this loose woman (single mother) not been stoned to death by true believers? Isn’t that what they do to loose women under ISIS law? Don’t know why she is single with 6 kids

  • Mitt Zombie

    Donald Trump wrote off 3.9 Billion dollars in bad debts for others to pay.
    Trump is the ultimate welfare queen.

    • Mr Poitier

      Get your mouth off Obama khhhock. You little Internet tough guy.

  • Sahiya Aigner

    I’m from America and this is ridiculous….. **Drops the mic**

    • Mr Poitier

      You are a Muslim idiot living in America

      • Sahiya Aigner

        ( Singing) PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!

        • Mr Poitier

          You’re proud to be a moron. Now let’s eat some Bacon

          • Sahiya Aigner

            Nope I like apple pie the best…

          • Mr Poitier

            Apple pie with bacon bits mmm

  • Sahiya Aigner

    I guess you guys would be happy to hear that their is a New judge ( IN NEW YORK) that wears a hijab and was sworn in WITH THE QURAN lol…
    Who wants to live in Canada anyway??


    • Mr Poitier

      No us Americans are not happy. It shows how phhucked up America is . We need to rid these scum from our nation

      • Sahiya Aigner

        First off sir ,(my inner English teacher is kicking in) , I don’t believe there’s a “PH” in Fu*k secondly , if I have to go back to where my I came from then I will make sure to make a pit stop in Europe to drop you off before I go…

        • Mr Poitier

          You need a good a bacon Burrito on yur way to europe

          • Sahiya Aigner

            Burritos are from Mexico by the way.. You guys are trying to kick them out to right? You guys are so backwards its hilarious

          • Mr Poitier

            Yes lol we are backwards you 1400s barbaric animals lol

          • Sahiya Aigner

            I’m going to go out on a limb and assume your uneducated trailor park trash who only feels good when he hates other people … You cant spell, your fascinated with bacon, your a racist and you live to troll on the internet…I bet your overweight too lol

          • Mr Poitier

            You’d be wrong Stinky

          • Sahiya Aigner

            To bring this ridiculous forum to a close I’m going to use something called “Logic” . you agree with this judge in telling this woman that she wearing her religious head covering in court is wrong . this judge (as well as yourself )are Christian so I guess Mary the mother of Jesus ( peace be upon them) will be told to take her head covering off too right? Or maybe a Nun will be told to dress different because it will be giving her “special privileges…wow lol do me and the world a favor quit the hate speech and go milk a cow or something….

          • Mr Poitier

            You Allah idiots have no logic lol you follow a child molesting murdering prophet lmao moron

          • Sahiya Aigner

            I’m a GOD idiot?? You keep proving your intellect with every keystroke Allah is the Arabic Name for GOD …if you were smart enough to learn any language besides English this would be obvious….I love showing trailer parks how dumb they are

          • Sahiya Aigner

            That’s like telling a Spanish speaking Christian” you Je’sus (pronounced heysus) idiot HAHAHAHA…Its funny because he’s stupid ( In my Mr. Chow voice)

          • Mr Poitier

            You’re an idiot period

          • Sahiya Aigner

            …an hour later..that’s the best comeback ?lol …….its ok you tried..

          • Mr Poitier

            Shut up goat licker

          • Sahiya Aigner

            Dude its ok dont feel bad some of my best friends are STUPID lol

          • Mr Poitier

            Pretty damn sure all your friends are stupid lmao. You phucking idiot hahahahahabababaha

          • Mr Poitier

            Lmao what a phucking haji loser hahahahahahahh

          • Sahiya Aigner

            “Haji loser”????? Do you even know what Haji means?? ( look it up on your hillbilly version of college … GOOGLE/ YOUTUBE.COM University LOL) .talking to you is like trying to talk to a donkey.. Lol

          • Mr Poitier

            It means you’re an idiot loser. A child molester given a title by other child molesters

          • Sahiya Aigner

            YOUTUBE. COM University’s best.. Try reading a book ( If its not too painful for you.) And you would know that your comment is not only wrong but ridiculous… Wow only the best in brightest from your school believe everything on WIKIPEDIA…** SARCASM**

          • Mr Poitier

            You are dumber than a three legged goat trying to bury michele Obamas turd on an ice lake. Bahahahahahahahabababbabababab

          • Sahiya Aigner

            Ok talking to you I feel my I.Q has dropped two and a half points..I’m just going to quit while I’m ahead have a good life… Salaam Alaykum

          • Mr Poitier

            You are that dumb lmao

          • Sahiya Aigner

            SARCASM a genius’s bestfriend … Bye bye now

          • Mr Poitier

            Go to bed stinky. You’re too stupid to play with Mr Poitier

          • Sahiya Aigner

            It makes sense of why you people are mad because shes on welfare ( not too sure about Canada) but in America stats PROVE that the majority of people on welfare are trailer park white trash…so It makes sense of why you guys are so threatened to the point of bringing up financial income in a case of a teen driving without a license….typical..

            I have to go now and live my sweet rich AMERICAN life …Salaam alaykum ( PEACE BE UPON YOU)

          • Mr Poitier

            You are a clueless Allah idiot leach

        • Mr Poitier

          Although I do agree you are her covering your faces is not a bad idea

  • Shaghayegh Hend

    “shameless welfare queen” Fuck you. The judge is a dumbass. A hat is different from a hijab bc it’s a religious grab you dumb fucks. Would they tell a nun to take off her habit???

  • pro-vo-ca-teur

    I was born in the Dominican Rep. Came here @ age 6. Love this country. Will fight and die for it. And yet American born blacks call me a sell out?

  • mcdoulble8

    You don’t call trailer park trash that got babies all the way back to the end of the trailer Welfare queens.Their are more Whites on Welfare than any other ethnic group.

    • Johnny Utah

      Lol shut up idiot

      • mcdoulble8


  • Albert Schmitlap.

    LIving on welfare,,,or in other words the tax money of maybe Christians? Send her to a country that allows this kind of disrespect for the courts.

  • Jeff Allen

    so can anyone explain what about this made her fearful?

  • David Bruce Craig MV

    muslim trollip

  • Kypat

    Good for that judge

  • John Mullendore

    Hell with supporting yourself just leave, no one wants your filthy ass here anyway.

  • Valerie

    This is exactly about frigid rights. Your wouldn’t all a nun to remove her head garment for a Muslim woman it’s the same. This six kids on weekdays today will be the future of Canada, !

    • Mr Poitier

      Yes moron a Nun would be asked to remove her habit. Nuns don’t wear their uniform to court liberal idiot

      • Valerie

        Strange that this is the first case then huh…. But I’m the idiot lol whatever. If they don’t act like you it’s wrong. Closed minded. Good for her that she put her relationship with God above man made laws meant to be challenged and changed for the better of ALL human race not just the close minded opinions of a few. She isn’t harming anyone. Nor is it disrespectful

        • Mr Poitier

          Only problem idiot, is her God is a Child molesting pedophile murderer.Wake up moron. They’re gonna cut your head off first

          • Valerie

            I lived in Egypt 8 years… Stop have my head…. And we all have the same God. Educate yourself before you speak.

          • Mr Poitier

            You are a liar and fat phucking moron

          • Valerie

            I’m am neither, but you are proving yourself to be. How many countries have you been to? You judge a culture you know nothing about, and yet you act like a know it all…… You sound ignorant. Maybe you should educate yourself before you try to educate others.

          • Mr Poitier

            I know when you walk up. People say. ” here comes that phucking idiot”

  • MemyselfandI

    We need to stop Welfare to all immigrants legal or illegal. And the others it should be you don’t work you don’t eat! That’s how us taxpayers live! SMH!

  • MikeBro

    Don’t agree with the judge on this one. If the woman’s face can be seen, as it can wearing a hijab, that should be sufficient. Sunglasses and hats aren’t worn for religious reasons. This judge intentionally required the woman to remove her hijab and was discriminatory against her religion in doing so. As for the other stuff, well, the country let them in, didn’t it? Nothing more to say.

  • banger377

    “single mother of six” my asss. This is one of four wives of a muslim donkey popper getting a free ride on the tax payers. Send this parasite home to the hellhole she came from and toss her deadbeat “husband” out with her.

  • Iam Rainwalker

    I think if it’s worn as religious attire, it should be allowed. I know of a few Catholic nuns who have been involved in court proceedings (I grew up in a Catholic school system ) and they were never asked to remove their habits, so why should someone have to take off a hijab…I mean it’s not a Burka where the whole body is covered, it’s just a scarf. I think a lot of you are confusing assimilation with religious preference. Assimilation does not require one to give up their individual religious preferences in Canada, or in America. Second, if she is receiving benefits of some kind, wouldn’t she have to be a citizen of the country? I’m not sure how that works in Canada, but here in the states (contrary to popular belief), you have to be a citizen to get government benefits like food stamps, etc.

  • tick tock

    The liberal commie scum scum have taught the muslimes how to be victims, just as the blacks are.

    Thank goodness there are a few good judges around.

  • What does Islam say about being separated?

  • Peter Bishop

    FUCK! it’s so refreshing to read these news. Why the hell would they come here and ask for special treatment. You don’t try to change our society to your own standards. You follow our rules if you come here, period.

  • eleni

    and you would say the same to a nun in her habit? or a sikh male? this is a nonsense. A niqab or burkha is a problem (as the face is obscured) but a hijab is not.

  • Quantcast

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