Muslim Woman Tries to Use Sharia Law on a Cop – Gets a Major Dose of Karma Instead (Video)


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

When a burqa-clad Muslim mother of seven was pulled over by a police officer, she tried to use the race card to get out of a traffic violation.

When that doesn’t work, she berates him in a nasty fashion, and threatens that “he’ll be sorry.”

But when she later lies about the stop, and files a false complaint against the cop, she gets a rude awakening: he got it all on tape.

Australian police pulled over the Muslim woman, Carnita Matthews, for a random breath test and received a citation for not properly displaying her “provisional license” (as an immigrant) as required by law.

Throughout the video of the police footage, Matthews calls the officer a racist and claims she was only pulled over because she was wearing a traditional burqa — a “niqab,” actually, which covers everything but her eyes.

Matthews says, “All cops are racist” on tape.  Matthews later filed a lie-filled complaint against the officer alleging that he forcibly tried to remove her veil after he asked her to lower it for identification purposes and she refused due to religious reasons.

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But the officer’s dashcam showed she was a liar — and committed a documented fraud. And she paid the price for her arrogance. Matthews was sentenced to six months in jail for filing a false complaint against the police officer.


Incredibly, her sleazy lawyer actually tried to weasel her out of it by claiming she could be anyone under that niqab — which is exactly the reason why they should be banned from being used on drivers licenses, or banned outright, as they are in France.

She got off easy. Without the dashcam this guy would have been shredded by the system. She should have been deported. What do you think?

  • Tinaw1969

    Her lawyer proved why these burqas should not be allowed. For one thing, they cannot be identified and for another it is dangerous to drive with all that on! If they want to follow their crazy traditions then they should stay in their own country! And the nerve of this woman, trying to ruin this officer for doing his job! She should be deported and not just sent to jail. And if she was so concerned about her 7 children, she should have just cooperated with the cop and not caused all this trouble!

    • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

      They teach their kids to hate and disrespect.

      • Hey Twila where did you find that fact?

        • Momster

          Probably on a beheading video, jerk

          • Momster and Twila, you must be a riot at the KKK meetings.

          • Panors77

            I dunno for sure but I think momster and twila are probably not democrats.

          • Roger Dodd

            Look at all the schools that are teaching hate and vitriol in Arab countries. You are very quick to throw the racist card which probably says a lot about your intelligence ( or lack of ). Come on man, it’s still America, let her speak.

          • ReneeTru

            Mr Hyder, how does the KKK fit into this conversation? That group has a negative history no doubt, but Momster and Twila would be on the opposite side of the KKK with what they are saying. How can anyone with sense not be apprehensive of a culture that is so set on eliminating any and all who don’t think and believe the same way they do? This latest group of terrorists is even eliminating Muslims with slightly different interpretations of the Kor’an.

        • Look in the devil worship book called the koran.

          • Not all Muslims are not radicals just like not all Christians are not gun carrier militia members. I know quite a few that are sick and tired of the open carry crap.

          • Your ungrounded fear is not my problem, if your afraid of people with guns move to England…..

          • Pentecostal right? If not you fit the prejudice.

            I have a 16 gauge for pheasants, 8mm Mauser for deer and elk. and a M1911 cal45 for my home protection. I don’t pack any of them around nor in a rack in my 66 Ford pickup. I’m not that insecure.

          • janiceesposito

            They need to open their mouths,

        • netrider

          Their qur’an….if you care to read it, it puts service to the cult before anything else.

          • Quote that passage please. Then I will believe or you can just give the ref number so I can look it up I do have a bible and a Quran.

        • ReneeTru

          Watch one of their cartoon shows. They are on the Internet. It is amazing how young this particular culture starts teaching hate and disrespect for anyone they consider Infidels.

    • Happy

      See, there is a good reason they are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia!

      • Ferrari fan

        the men in Saudi don’t drive much better. I was there from April to July ’99 at Prince Sultan Air Base. Saw too many accidents in that time.

    • LlarryLLama

      There’s another reason they wear burqas. Their men aren’t stupid..unwrap one of them and ..retch!

      • Attm Motob

        I though you were going to say their men aren’t stupid, if they wear her hijab, she gets the ticket!

      • T2green

        SA is where the term “butherhead” was invented. Thus the need for the burqa.

        “PaperBag” is a current adaptation of the niqab.

    • Norma Kinsey

      This is how they take over. They outnumber people by having all those kids. Then your supposed to bend over backwards to accept their religion. Next thing you know they have their own courts in place telling the homeland laws to butt out. Wake people don’t care what country you live in. Their doing it everywhere.

    • Gayle Schermerhorn

      Probably one of the reasons why these Burga wearing women are not allowed to drive in their own countries. Beside the fact that they have no rights as women.

      • Charles Redden

        Plus that cn hide the UGLY ones

        • Gayle Schermerhorn


    • T2green

      Seems to me most Arab countries do not let woman drive.

  • hexxuss

    HA!!! Serves her dumb ass right! She needs to FOLLOW THE LAW!! Also – deport her – ASAP!

  • Anna Marie

    the officer should have made her sit and wait til a female officer arrived to identify her lying ass.

    • aplbomr

      BUllshit. The law should not bend to these devils!

      • Anna Marie

        the law should not bend? I do not support islam, its a cult in my book, but the law is “freedom of religion”. We may not like it, but it is what it is.

  • Happy

    She should have had her tongue yanked out, then she should have been deported.

    • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

      and then homecoming stoning

    • concerned long islander

      Yep…if she wanted sharia law, she would have had her tongue cut out. That’s how those people do things!

  • mbd

    If that was America; the cop would have been arrested

    • Dano

      And people would also start a riot. Welcome to Idiocracy.

      • Get me out of here! I wish it were as easy to leave this cesspit as it is for people like her to come here. I say we ALL go back to our homelands. Leave America to the natives.

        • scott

          no,just stop immigration,send the immigrants that are here for 10 years or less back to their homeleands and get rid of blacks,they don’t have no use either.As Putin once said,Russia does not need immigrants,immigrants need russia,America needs to get on the same page

          • Dixie Darling

            getting rid of “blacks” would be a big mistake!

          • Bunnywithpancakeonhead

            Why is that? Not agreeing or disagreeing but wonder at your statement

          • Dixie Darling

            If you have to ask then you wouldn’t understand.

          • Bunnywithpancakeonhead

            So you are a racist? That’s why you can’t explain?

        • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

          I AM “native”

        • bdl828

          Bye! Don’t let the border hit you on the ass on your way out. I prefer to stay in the greatest country in the world and fight for what I believe is right.

          • WolfeCanada

            So why are you in America then?

        • Attm Motob

          You can hitch-hike to the Mex border and sneak across. . .

      • Ferrari fan

        That movie starts to hit home more and more each day.

      • Criss Poyner

        Leave me alone, I’m Bate’n!

  • AOSean

    Islam is a blight on humanity.

  • zoomwhat

    Pulling the race/religion card is getting old here in the US. Sorry to see that we aren’t alone.

    • Dano

      It’s beyond old. Everyone cries racism all day long these days. It has lost its meaning… Racist is now the new “doody-head”

      • Poohb3ar

        That’s funny…..

        • Dano

          I have to credit Dennis Miller… Check out his America 180 stand up show. It will rock your socks off.

          • Verity

            Thanks…I will watch it.

      • Ralph

        It isnt even a race, Islam is a theocracy, not race!

  • SMH

    1) Please don’t deport her, she’ll end up here in the US. 2) What does Islam say about lying?

  • bwm38

    6 months in jail. Good. Bubye.

  • John McMickle

    Six months is a good start. Wonder how she felt about being strip searched and having to wear western clothing while she was in prison.

    • Attm Motob


  • 3VWdriver

    In Jail.
    She should THEN be sent to Muslim-land…and I do NOT mean the U.S.A. !

    • No way Jose

      Dearbornistan, Michigan will take her.

      • 3VWdriver

        That’s a shame. Infiltation. We got complacent. ‘Politically correct’ allowed more than control of speech. It is DEAD to me.

  • jamest1148

    Deep six the bitch and call her an artificial reef.

  • GoneFishing

    Apparently, Australia has been paying attention to the (normally successful) American race-card game and clearly this ‘woman’ has been coached. She’s also an example of immigrants that absolutely refuse to integrate into the societies in which they live. That’s reason enough to send them back to their beloved homelands.

    • concerned long islander

      We need to be very careful to whom we refer as “immigrants.” People such as this woman ARE NOT immigrants…they need to be considered what they are: “invaders” or “illegal aliens.” A true immigrant would respect the laws, morals AND CULTURE of the host country. When society finally gets rid of the idea of political correctness, we’ll begin to see people for who they are and can return to the “rule of law” and respect for one another. Right now, because of our lax policies and oversight, everyone is suspect to be here illegally, not the other way around. Only those who are guilty of being in any country illegally, suspect others of being racist. Expecting our “guests” to be law-abiding has nothing to do with being racist. Laws are in existence for ALL peoples….citizens and non.

      • Charles Redden

        That should be enugh to cause her and her family to be deported and Band from that country Way to go Aussis

      • Jon Weiss

        This mirrors my response to Obama’s “undocumented aliens”. They are not “undocumented aliens”, they are “Foreign Invaders” no different than an invading Army. Sadly, they are not treated as such by this corrupt anti-American administration.

        • concerned long islander

          Precisely, Jon. There was a time I didn’t believe this administration was corrupt—I am fast beginning to believe I was wrong. I hate the idea that ANY politician could be so anti-American; however, I fail to see how ANY politician can convince me s/he is not. I am so disappointed in the way our system is run these days (& for the past several decades, to be honest). It has gotten worse through the years. We don’t have ONE gov’t dept. that actually runs. When caught being inefficient, no one “in charge” has any answers. They seem to “wing” it and play it by ear. We’re sick and tired of the nonchalance our elected officials have exhibited and, frankly, their incompetence is unforgivable. NO ONE IS IN CHARGE OF ANYTHING ANYMORE!

    • datroofhomez

      The American government has stopped requesting “integration” & now are calling for “diversity” because American blacks are defiant. US law makers have no spines.

      • GoneFishing

        US lawmakers have their own agendas.

      • Carolyn Burton

        It’s strange, but race relations seem to have been better in the late 1900’s than they are now. We have too many race baiters crying wolf

        • GoneFishing

          That’s because politicians without integrity, biased media outlets with agendas and activist pundits were able to (wrongly) declare at every opportunity that race alone was the driving factor of policy opposition in the hopes of stifling further debate and opposition.

  • betspotter

    She shouldn’t be allowed to drive with that get up on. Muslims don’t get a pass on breaking the law. They can be as loud as they want to be, but when they commit a crime and lie, they must pay the price. Why did she get so hysterical. These women need to get out more.

    • P O’d

      yeah !!! out of our country

  • tomfairbanks

    Since when is a religion a race?

    • brenda chafin

      When sharpton and jesse jackson come to town.

      • Dano

        Rember to refer to him as, “Al Sharkton”

        He’s a shark for racial strife that pays his bills. No more, no less.

    • According to Ben Affleck..

    • Craig Bass

      Didn’t you get the memo? In this new liberal educational system any special interest group or slightly non white is their own race now. BTW White people, aka Caucasoid, are not a race and are the only group who can be racist…. Where have you been? lol

  • Donna

    she should be deported. America needs to wake up & realize that this can happen here. deport the bastards.

  • frogmouth

    Anyone else think it’s hilarious that she is named after a pork dish?

    • Rocky_Lady

      I thought it was a misprint. lol

    • Sherry Taylor-Jackson

      What language is Carnita? I looked it up, and in Romanian language, it means “Meat”.

      • mike

        In Spanish it means pork

        • Carl F Bruschnig Jr

          As in “pork, the meat” or “pork the one you love . . . ” 🙂

      • frogmouth

        Carnitas is a Mexican dish made of pork.

    • HarryTheCat

      Do you think that maybe under that burqua she might be a little…..porky?

  • Jon Weiss

    As I have often said and I still maintain, if people are leaving their native countries to escape the culture there (as is often the excuse for economic and persecuted refugees) then they need to leave that culture and adopt themselves to the culture of their new country, if they are not willing to adapt to their chosen new home, then they need to reconsider their choice and stay where they are.

    • Shanice Brookes

      I agree with you Jon.

      • danielhutchins

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      • Anna Marie

        I agree with that, you come to America, become an American like everyone else or stay home.

        • Crysta

          Indeed, they need to convert to good old christianity, and find a nice good white master to service… And if he beats you, it means he loves you!

          • Anna Marie

            I did not say convert to any religion, become a slave or anything like that. My comment is BECOME AN AMERICAN – what exactly do you not comprehend ? It means become loyal to the country, the way of life here, our laws, our constitution etc. Exactly what EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO LIVE BY

          • Kim Kruger

            Who said anything about Christianity? And in case you haven’t noticed, we haven’t had slavery here in quite some time, so get over it.

          • Dawn


          • Robert Frost

            Actually slavery is alive and well in America. Just Google it. Every couple of months some immigrant and her husband get busted for having slaves.

          • Dawn

            Are you okay?

          • Dave Dawkins

            Ok, seriously…do all atheists a favor, and stop typing. You’re not doing us any favors.

          • Robert Frost

            Where can I find this situation?

        • sillyis

          Thats in Australia or maybe New Zealand… am I the only one that noticed?

          • Anna Marie

            aussie… but it doesnt change it, you move to another country, become a part of that way of life in that country.

          • Anna Marie

            it doesnt matter where it is, you go to another country to live, you become a part of their way of life abandoning your own. You are moving into THEIR culture – they are not moving into yours.

          • Judylynn

            In the UK they are multiplying like cockroaches, they infect everywhere they go. In Germany the Bikers have had enough and decided to do something about them. More power to the Bikers !

          • LuJohnson

            Quit. Everyone watched and read the article. Their comments shouldn’t have to be preambled with redundant information just to make their point accurate in YOUR eyes. jeesh. Relax.

    • F. De Moraes


    • Linda Hendricks


    • Regina Boutwell

      Wei said Jon!

    • BJ

      I agree 100%

    • Carl Tomas Alley

      symple and clear

    • Darlene Tabaccki


    • Dawn Eve

      I agree too

    • USA!

      Unfortunately, they are not in a new country to “escape”, they are in a new country to “reinvent” and force their way of life on that country and change the laws. Think about it.

      • ReneeTru

        Immigrants used to come here to begin a new way of life, but now they come here and try to make America their old way of life.

        • Notmymess

          This was not the U.S., but point taken.

          • ReneeTru

            Whoops you are right. My Bad. . .

          • Sissy Davis-Pisaturo

            Are you not aware of the locations across the US that are allowed to exercise Sharia law? On OUR soil they are getting their way more and more often to be under a set of laws NOT CONDONED and different from those established by our country. Yes….”multiculturalism” worked so well for France the young Muslims there tried to burn it down. There is new thinking now in France. It’s really sad to say, but aren’t we smart enough that we should be ahead of France in the game? Even they are trying now to protect and preserve what is left of France and that which is still French

          • Jt Colter

            no where in the US is Sharia law allowed

          • Kari

            There are 22 Sharia courts in Michigan.

          • Michael Dami

            after the ass clown obama is gone thing,s are gonna change

          • Kelli

            Not if Killary is in office. She’s been using the Clinton Foundation to pay off Saudi Arabia and other countries for political deals – I don’t see that stopping. If looking the other way on Sharia Law within the states will gain her something, she will look the other way.

          • michelle1921

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            It’s too late humans, we have already established ourselves upon your soil.

            I have met ye, the little white bastard tried to kill me and instead got a good dose of ALLAH up the ass.

            That’s what he gets hehehehe! Simple minded white fool acting like a bumbard too!!!

            Yet I was inlove with his madness ah, I was inlove with this mad king. He mocks me with this seed he placed overseas. His ugly parents are still around a bunch of rag-tag greeks.

            Maybe I can screw his dad for some money! LOL!!! Do you think MARIO will come out if I HUMP HIS DAD FOR SOME MONEY!?

          • SASS

            The fools in London just voted in a Muslim mayor. What are they thinking???

        • Sharon Stetson


        • Geoff

          Ya just like your forefathers.

        • jimbo

          not immigrants, but muslim immigrants only !! other immigrants do come and assimilate. but not muslims. in the koran they are told not to befriend the infidels !! they are enemy. islam must be stopped, its a cancer on humanity.

      • Verity

        The muslims have stated that their goal is to take over America. They are major problems in a couple of our cities already. Can we ban their coming here perhaps?

        • abbypatch

          They don’t want to take over America. They want to take over the world. Why do you think they’re immigrating to every country in the world?

          • Verity

            Yes, you are right abbypatch. I have read about it.

        • John P. Ruczynski

          No…Obama has given them and all other illegal aliens the keys to the kingdom. We need to get rid of him and take our country back.

          • Notmymess

            And your authority for such a statement? Last I checked it covered about 4 million, which is still 4 million too many.

          • R Kent

            He just wants to take care of his own.

        • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

          Yes,,, by voting out of public political office all Liberals, who have their collective heads up each other’s ass, and voting in only those who protect our nation, otherwise, our country will be taken over by the Lunatic Liberals and Diaper Heads.

          • Notmymess

            And the conservatives who have their heads up the asses of rich people and corporations!

          • mogul264

            Liberal leaders and politicians have THEIR heads just as far up, also! This is how the leaders of BOTH the major parties converse!

          • jjaazzeek

            the rich got richer under this President , liberals are fools

          • Robert Frost

            Yeah, because there aren’t any rich democrats.

          • Daedalus

            IF our Constitution is the ass of rich people and corporations, then yeah, that’s right, they do. Mwhahahaha Btw Notmymess, do you own any stock in any corporations or “rich people”?

        • jjaazzeek

          they won’t have to do anything, the stupid Liberal Progressives are giving it to them.

      • SIllyis

        Thats either Australia or maybe New Zealand. Guess we don’t have a monopoly on those troubles do we?

      • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

        USA!,,, you are correct ,,, and We The People must make all politicians see this and if they don’t , vote them out of office,,, otherwise our country will be taken over by the Lunatic Liberal and the Diaper Heads !!!

        • mogul264

          Another reason to institute term limits! We have fallen into the morass of ‘professional politicians’, who have established a path for re-election and eventual retirement for themselves. Their TRUE business is taking care of themselves, of course, at OUR expense! Once established in office, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to dislodge them, unless they have done something treasonous, something really stupid, or have TOTALLY pissed off the OTHER professional politicians so much that THESE throw them out!

      • Jon Weiss

        Very true, which is why when they come here, especially illegally, they should get NO assistance from us.

      • laney

        The thing that gets me is they keep going on about how disrespectful everyone is toward them yet they NEVER show any respect for the laws and culture in the country they move to. Hypocrites

      • bjreg3

        Not “reinvent”, but rather to infest like cockroaches.

      • jason

        Thats pretty much it.

        They leave their countrys because they are terrible.

        They get to these new rich countrys with everything they want and go

        “sweet, now we can move all muslims here!! this can be our new iraq / iran / palistine etc etc. and we dont have to do anything except flood the place and breed like crazy! our great grandchildren will rule this place!! ”

        They dont think, hey were are leaving this place to go live in a better place and to accept the way they are and obey their laws.

        No, they want the country they left to be the place they immigrated to, just without the war and stuff. They want all the roads, buildings, money etc etc but dont want to assimilate.


        Also, wtf is it allowed in the UK for police to not goto certain areas ? Why are the people in those areas not arrested for assaulting police ??

        Does this mean I can get some of my mates in my street and take the street over and stop police doing anything ?? NO, they will just bring 50 police and gas us etc then arrest us, yet for the muslims ??? noooooo its racist if we dont let them make their own country in OUR country.

        WTF is going on in this world.

    • yardoe

      You hit the nail on the head Jon. Bravo!

    • Panors77

      Australia as well as the USA and the UK really need to deport all muslims. They are not in those countries to assimilate as citizens but rather as sleeper cells at the ready to impose sharia law and overwelm/conquer for islam. Also what kind of islamic/arabic name is “Matthews”?? wow…..

      • Mary Lou Barnwell

        Panors77, Carnita Matthews, how about that, How did she get that name anyway?.

        • Evan E. Stone

          Interesting….Carnitas in Spanish is pork….like pig….hmmmmmm?

          • Buttface

            Bacon burgers for everyone!!

      • Crysta

        Sharia law is already coming, in the christian form… Convert to christian or die!

        • Kim Kruger

          OMG, you are seriously delusional. When was the last time a Christian beheaded anyone for not converting? GFY

          • Daidalos Falvius

            Barring the Inquisition, (perpetrated by certain elements with the Catholic religion, and only at that in certain nations of the world, not protestant Christianity) the answer to that is, never.

          • Robert Frost

            Is her last name Meth?

        • disqus_Y38bxN0VuX

          Your remark is so way off. I’ll just LOL

        • Dawn

          Then I WILL die and take as many Sharians as I can with me!

        • alflorida

          You can now crawl back under that hate-filled lesbian rock from which you emerged.

        • Rick Warner

          Crysta….please…before you open your mouth and make a fool of your self again…or in this case…type and make a fool of your self….Please give me your address and i will send you a bible and you can outline the scriptures that states what you have said…or resembles Sharia Law

    • Lady Amalara

      This is true…and deport all of them…cause they don’t want to abide by the laws of the lands that they invade

      • Bobby Stephens Sr.

        Oh i don’t know but i would hope if i had a memory lapse & moved to another country i would at least have the common descency to abide by their laws & not push my culture on their way of life. I can find a hot dog somewhere & eat it in privacy .

      • Notmymess

        Guess it’s too bad the indigenous peoples in these country didn’t have their own immigration policies in the 16th-18th centuries…..

    • Lori Pinel Coulombe

      Well said!

    • gaorfan1957

      Amen Brother ….Too bad our Govt. doesn’t exercise common sense to prohibit imigrants , athesists and especially illegals from soliciting changes.

      • Crysta

        Add christians too… They never do anything good, or original, they just copy what others do thats good and try to claim it as their own… and when that claim is refuted, with proof, they scream discrimination!!!

        • Michelle Calhoun

          You might notice that no one has ‘upped’ any of your comments. That must mean something.

          • Dawn

            Yeah that’s a special kind of crazy there… LOL

          • Wiggle D

            “Who are you, whom knows not your own History?”

          • Michelle Calhoun

            My history is just that. History. The future is what you make it. I think that folks that attack other folks behind fake names and belittle peoples’ religion (no matter what it is) deserve to be called out as the trolls they are. Just because I choose not to have a ‘religion’ doesn’t mean I will let this idiot continue to persecute folks without calling her out. Move on, troll. I am who I am. Who are you who hides behind a silly name and asks silly questions?

    • AngelaMarie Grant Giles

      I totally agree. When going into their countries, you are given a list or ‘talk to’ of things you do not need to do to keep from offending them. The same should apply to all peoples entering our country.

      • Daidalos Falvius

        Not that I agree with what this woman “attempted” to do. In the U.S. at least, by lying, and filing a false complaint she actually would be committing a felony crime. (in most states) But that said.

        This thing about “offense”. Well that’s actually a part of the problem in the U.S. of A today. So many folks think they have some right to never encounter, or be confronted by something which gives them “offense”. Well shock and surprise, there is no such right ever enumerated in any of our founding documents. The founders knew that there would always be people offended by this or that. Not only that, but an individuals right of religious freedom, supersedes any concocted “right” not to be offended. This is why, that freedom was enumerated in the very first amendment within our “bill of rights”.

    • Cedric Ian Anthony

      I have nothing against ones native culture in the privacy of the home, but taking it out, waving it my face, and then trying to shove it down my throat. that I will NOT stand for.

      • Crysta

        Good, now stop waving your bible around!

        • Cedric Ian Anthony

          your comment makes no sense, please examine it for logical consistancy. aka get at least two IQ points to rub together, before you comment on a post, demanding that I shut up. I will NEVER shut up, you havent the power to make me shut up from your side of the screen, and furthermore. you may take a long walk off a short pier whilst flying a metal kite in a thunderstorm.

        • FrontRowNews

          Who’s waving a BIBLE around. That’s 2 comments along that line.

          • Cedric Ian Anthony

            please read the last sentence in the comment I just posted to Crysta, and apply to yourself.

      • datroofhomez

        I thought this discussion was about Sharia Law? When did it urn into a discussion about homosexuality?

        • Cedric Ian Anthony

          i never said anything about homosexuality. please explain how you got that , from the comment I posted, about muslims, or the comment that told crysta to piss off.

          • Kim Kruger

            I think he was referring to the part about it being shoved down your throat. It was a 5th grader joke.

    • billrowland

      They aren’t moving for a better life, they are invading to transform western style nations into the same hellholes they just left.

    • Geoff Jacobs

      AGREE 110%

    • john taylor

      right right right you are!

    • jackjack

      pure poetry

    • kid721952

      You are EXACTLY RIGHT Jon

    • donthinkso1

      Very well said.

    • JAZ Z

      Imaginary boundaries are of no importance to anybody.
      Oppression and mischievousness must be repelled no matter imposed by whoever, where ever. Govt. Officer doesn’t mean they ain’t liars. Should be tackled cleverly. Earth is not anybody’s ancestor property. Everybody has the limitations upto his purchased property.

    • Mustang Tali

      Agreed. When you move to a new country you must abide by the laws of that country. Its wrong to demand they change for you.

  • Daemonpreyer

    Muslims lie? Go figure!

  • stonemike

    Jail time was wrong , she should be deported !

  • The Patriot

    If they don’t want to conform to how the west lives, they need to live in an Islamic country instead of expecting the west to conform to their ways.

    • concerned long islander

      They left the Islamic country because: (1) lack of freedoms; (2) fear of death; or (3) resettlement in a western country to gain a foothold and to ultimately gain power. You’d think, given the first two reasons, they’d feel beholding to the host country. The third option is really scary.

    • Attm Motob

      She just needs to be patient. 0 has already said the Us in not Christian. He will next declare it Islamic and recommend Sharia replace the Constitution, and, in his 3rd term Replace it.

  • JoJoJams

    This site/article asks what do I think? ok. I think (and know, by experience) that Muslims are the scum of this small planet, and shouldn’t be allowed in any modern western nation.
    Islam is incompatible with the western way of life and should be banned from modern society. And any western “progressive” should be tar and feathered and deported to the nearest Islamic nation/h3ll hole so that they can live under the ignorance of Islam, in order that they learn to grow up and understand…..Islam is evil and should not be allowed in any western modern nation.

    • jimjenky

      I totally agree with you. Sheer stupidity to allow these people into a Western nation. They do not assimilate and they expect the nation to accept their way of life. That is not the reason for migrating to a new nation. We can bandy about all of the “freedoms” and pie in the sky stuff, but cold, hard reality is that when you allow Muslims to enter a Western nation to live, you are allowing a posionous snake into your midst.

  • A.C.

    Question: Since women are not allowed to reveal anything nor do anything in their so called “faith or lifestyle”…How is she educated enough to obtain a license or allowed to drive unsupervised, let alone speak to a male without a male sponsor present? Question: What was she doing driving alone?…That would lead to a stoning offense in the middle east wouldn’t it?

    • Johnny Wad

      she was a whore

  • Grizzled_Gringo

    7 kids?? in 15-20 years Australia will be overrun.

    • Feathers opinions

      We should all learn from the lesson of the cane toad in Australia!

  • David Fournier

    I am so sick of these people.

  • Gordon Harvey

    She wants Sharia law, she should be stoned and her lawyer beheaded.

  • Guest

    Why are civilized countries taking Muslims immigrants any ways? These people have no place in our society

  • Wiggle D

    Send her back to Islam. Tell her people she was out driving without a male family member and she defied a male cops orders. She’ll be stoned to death within the hour.

  • brenda chafin

    Why do they let them take a picture for a license with that burqas on anyway? You have taken it off or lowered it for the police to identify you, if you don’t want to follow our laws you are free to go back to your home country.

  • mogul264

    For purely practical matters, if for no OTHER reason, people legally checked for identification MUST show that they are, in fact, the person depicted upon the ID card or document. This, obviously, is because ANYONE could show someone ELSE’s card, claiming that persons identity, and how could the authority know? Showing just eyes in a burkha could be ANY person, INCLUDING someone of the OPPOSITE sex, if the authority is unable to visually check.

    Sharia law does NOT apply here! If you prefer living under this screwy socio-religious system, go somewhere it is in effect. The United States of America is NOT one of these places!

  • Mark Dickson

    She should just immigrate illegally to the U.S. This way she could do as she pleases and could have probably been given the nobel peace prize. The cop would have been reduced to a desk job. She could also take the case to court and sue the police because she wasnt given a license to drive therefore adding to her unfortunate situation that ultimately gave her a headache. Who in their right mind would defy sharia law. What kind of law states you cant cover your face when obtaining a photo for a legal document, such as a license. Poor lady, such horrible treatment, racist cops.

  • If that happened in the US, Holder and Obumbler would have made sure that the cop lost his job.

  • Jenny

    She sure didn’t set a good precedent for “peaceful” Muslims. What happened to the idea of deporting all Muslims if they didn’t want to comply with the law?
    And, there needs to be a law/statue that says even Muslims have to remove their veils (or whatever you call them) for identity purposes.

  • kazoober

    This is complete B.S. They should not be allowed to wear that dumb cape over there face. Show your face or go back to where you came from.

  • Nergal

    I am all for deporting ANY immigrant who commits a crime before becoming a citizen, as they are clearly demonstrating that they have no intent to obey the laws of the land, or to be good citizens. By all means, toss her back to wherever she came from, and I don’t care if the door hits her in the ass on the way out, or not.

  • Ginger Woods

    Now the (woman) means nothing in her country…How did she get so lippy over here so quick? Give her a shredded pork sandwich while she waits to see the judge

  • BobM001

    It’s getting near time for all western cultures to DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS BACK TO THEIR “POINT OF ORIGIN”.

  • bubba2001

    And just which “race” is she? There’s three (3) Negroid, Mongoloid, Caucasoid. Pick one!

  • If that situation came up in America, obama and holder would have started a riot like they did in Ferguson.

  • scott

    muslims should be killed,the crusades never should have stopped till they were all dead,vile race,about as civil as blacks

  • Imtoooldforthis

    Her and her 7 kids should be deported. Burquas should be banned simply because you really don’t know what’s under them. A gun toting man could very easily wear one and it would hide a knife quite well.

  • chef

    i hope she has learned a valuable lesson……..”Always take the camel….not the car”

  • HarryTheCat

    The cop later revealed that he thought he was stopping Batman.

  • B n T Pagel

    I love the comment about this should be an open faced society. He’s completely correct! They shouldn’t be allowed to hide their faces if they want to live in countries where “open face” is the norm. If they can’t adapt then they need to go back to their own country and stay there. When we travel in other countries we are expected to abide by their customs and laws, well they need to be expected to do that too. That not only goes for not hiding behind niqab but also learning English and speaking it. IMO America is an English speaking country, learn it and adapt.

  • F. De Moraes

    One word, deport!

  • Blownjean

    He should have pulled out his pistol and blown her head off then claim she was going for a weapon under her robe.

  • Regina Boutwell

    Deport her. We have enough liars at the White House with out having to deal with this poor excuse for a human being. Way to go officer!

  • Mr Ghue

    Her ass should be on the first banana boat off the continent. Her religion says that it’s ok to lie to any non-beleiver so none of them should be trusted. They are by religious virtue, all liars.

  • kw herzogenrath

    Yes I think if they want to change the laws of nations who have allowed them in they can go thru the procedures of that nations laws, if not hit the road return back to the world of 1400 years ago where you came from…… no long live in the world of sand, dirt, mud huts, unsanitary and disease ridden squalor and universal disrespect for your fellow man, who does not give a rats bottom for your ignorance and hatred of others spread into civilized nations go and do not return your hate will not be tolerated by civilized human beings, and go now you have been warned.

  • Sammie Jo

    She claimed he pulled her over for random alcohol use because she was wearing a burqua. but it was dark out, how could he see what she was wearing and if did see, muslims are not supposed to drink so why would he bother pulling her over.
    These burqua wearers need to come out of the 4th century and stop imposing their religion on everyone else.

  • ersgeobu

    Just more BS from those jerks, take that crap off or no drivers license, everyone else has to show identity, what makes them special, they don’t like it then go back to th*t hole they came from.

  • gvw3

    She should have been deported.

  • Chris Brennan

    The first thing I thought of after seeing her (and later,her and her friend) in her burqa was the evil spirits that came to drag the murderers to hell at the end of the movie “Ghost”. I certainly hope that the appeals court upholds the finding of the lower court,and the sentence.

  • USWarrior1962

    Multiculturalism at it finest, those bags they wear are a security threat and should not be allowed, that roach could have been wearing a bomb!

  • Linda Sills

    Heard these lying excuses before. The word “racisist” turns me off. It shows someone not taking responsibility for their own actions.

  • Allen

    I’m surprised the Aussie’s didn’t kick her filthy ass out of Australia. The scumbag Muslims live by the lie. Just like President Barack Turd.

  • DJ Sweeney

    Carnita is “pork” in Spanish! LOL!

  • disqus_7Xf3Q01fPF

    Again, I say, Everything I need to know about Islam, I learned on Sept 11, 2001!

  • another_engineer

    Ship them all back to the pile of rubble they crawled out from under

  • brit

    she should go back where she came from – she wouldn’t even have the privileges she has here

  • another_engineer

    “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere.
    And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will
    conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.”

    — Houari Boumédiene ex-President of Algeria, in a 1974 speech to the UN

  • tom

    The trouble with deporting her is she may come to America. We don’t want her here!



  • yachty

    She should be deported! I had no idea Australia had the same problem as America! A shame that all western countries need to rid their selves of!

  • Rick

    So, it is against their law to show their faces, but perfectly acceptable to lie and make false accusations about somebody? Wonderful religious teachings. No wonder they feel the need to hide their faces.

  • April

    Was she born in NSW? Being that her name is “Carnita Matthews”, it appears that she converted to Pisslam in NSW. Too bad she can’t be deported! She doesn’t want to abide by the laws that everyone else has to follow. In America, we have a name for people like this, they are called “scofflaws” because they think only everyone else has to obey them.
    Please,, people of Australia, DON’T let them take over your beautiful country and ruin it!

  • catfood

    Deport this biotch

  • Rose Li

    Well if she threatened the police officer she should be in jail.

  • cindy 4

    when was this filmed? the date says 7-10 why is it now coming out if this is true> I’m glad it has come out . she needs to comply with the police.

  • James Cranford

    when in Rome, live like a Roman. people who refuse to live by the rules of a society should be shipped out. period. it is not about racism or any of that nonsense. it is about adopting and willing to become a fellow citizen. this goes for not only the way one acts, but also language. no reason we should not have English as t he official language of the US, to print our forms and voting ballots in English only. don’t like it? emigrate out of here.

  • borgprotocol

    Six months seems a mild punishment compared to what would have happened to the police officer. She would have ruined his life, therefore her punishment should be more harsh.

  • Jeana Roper

    send her azz back where she come from.

  • Scott H

    This is the problem. These “people” ask for help to escape the shithole that they come from and then try to reshape the host country into the same shithole. It’s 10 times worse with muslims as they are instructed by the quaran to conquer the holy land ie “Earth”.

  • Bobbi

    Deport her and her children, husband ,mother ,father, sisters and brothers and friends!!!!! They are all a threat to us.

  • Carl Tomas Alley

    deported NOW !!!

  • Antigreen2008

    Muzzie pig, she should be stoned, LOL.

  • Schr0dingersD0g

    Wtf is a muzzie doing driving a car in the first place?

  • Ednar

    Ohhhh c’mon Muslims, stop being so nasty! ISIS, ISIL & all terrorists groups & now this belligerent
    Muslima is making Islam the worst religion on the planet!

  • Chuck

    Very instructive: this is the template of all racists and
    race-hustlers. I like how she said that it wasn’t her because of the
    burqha, providing great reason to disallow it in Western, civilized
    countries. I hate how these maggots use our laws for freedom, order,
    and justice against us.

  • W Dawes

    Muslims pushing the envelope, once again.

  • Bunnywithpancakeonhead

    Love Love Love!!

  • ForPeteSaiche

    It should be illegal to drive in one of those barkas.

  • Ivanno

    Take your garbage back to your country, NOT HERE!!!

  • Champ Kind

    Death to all racists. Nothing but scum and sinners in these comments.

  • Veronica

    Well I guess this will be the next carb the Bank Robbers will try next

  • captaindandan

    Legalize the Klu Kulx Klan and turn THEM lose on them moosalems.

  • wildak8246

    The horrid lies these people tell and the wicked way they live killing anyone who doesn’t comply with what they say is horrible. I agree she should have been deported. Send them back to whence they came and they can stay there and do their Sharia law BS. Don’t try to use your racism card on the rest of us just because you don’t want to comply with our laws and rules. Just makes me sick what they try to get away with. God help us all.

  • TotallyPeeved

    I think all muslims should be given the option of a one way ticket to the shariahstan of their choice and never be let back in, or an internment camp.

  • Carole

    She also showed no compassion for the police officer! By lying as she did she could have got that officer`s job on the line! I`m so pleased the whole thing was recorded!

  • Mark M. Mason

    Deport the bitch after she serves her 6 months in jail.

  • Lori Lebsock

    Deport her!!

  • joel

    she should go to jail even if she had a lot of childrens..She violated the traffic law she deserved it. ThatS why they are not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

  • armyaafa

    Once again, proving they are scum, and savages! Deport the garbage back to whatever sewer country she came out, obviously not ready to live like a Human being!!

  • Bonnie

    Please don’t deport her, she will end up in America and we don’t need her, we have enough of these idiots here.

  • timej31

    Watch bank robbers will use this as a way to hide their identity.

  • Darlene Tabaccki

    Deport her .I’m so sick of the race card I could through up.

  • rosemarienoa

    Deport her sorry ass !!!

  • I think the cops check her ID and if it is in order let her go. If she has done a crime she should be issued a citation and the cop is done his job.

  • Steve

    There is no Racism because Islam is a religion and not a race. Arabs are not a race either. Stupid discussion and waste of time.

  • Tony Themover

    Just because most of these mooselim women are about as nice to look at as a moose it self, they should be required to show their face in public. Here in America and any other country where they decided to impose themselves on. Why don’t they just go home to the middle east where they belong. Those idiotic outfits they wear should only we worn on Halloween.

  • Jeanne Doyle

    Deport her stupid azz!

  • G D

    Of course, after googling this incident from three years ago, she appealed, and the judge found he couldn’t be certain it was HER due to the veil, so she was released. so…same crap, different toilet.

  • Stephanie Ferguson Bell

    She needs to do time – I would be willing to see her do weekends, as a parent, but she should in no way get off. Even Islamic leaders say it is permissible for a woman to reveal her face to a policeman when requested. She has no excuse – either through local law or Sharia (which shouldn’t even be used, but that is another issue). Her intent was to lie, destroy another’s life maliciously, and retaliation when she was ticketed due to her error. You do the crime – you do the time. Maybe the children will learn that Mommy is not perfect. Wish I believed that.

  • jan mac

    So, if she wants to claim Sharia law prohibits her revealing her face, doesn’t the same law prohibit her driving?

  • falling321

    She should be deported the minute she finishes serving her jail sentence. I sure hope she doesn’t get to wear that costume while in jail!

  • bigsurprise

    No one should be allowed to hide out in a sack. This is NOT the American way…and it is simply a way to hide the truth of who you are.. These people are simply obnoxious, and hateful people, and our biggest mistake was letting ANY OF THEM in here….IF they are going to be allowed to live in America, then they need to assimilate into our society….as he open faced society … These burkas, these stupid women do not realize, were designed to STEAL their freedom….it is locking them inside of a bag….THEY THINK…because their beauty would be too much for a man , ans he coudl not control himself but to sexually attack her …..STUPID STUPID WOMEN….they get a chance to be free here and are too stupid to take it….GET THEM ALL OUT OF HERE !!! They breed nothing but contempt and hate and plot to take us over !!!

  • DE DE

    She should be deported…let her try that in her own country. Tired of people immigrating and trying to change the country to THEIR way of thinking. That’s not the way it’s done. We should all have rules like France….no faces covered if you drive. That’s much to dangerous!

  • randal

    If she was really following Sharia law she wouldn’t have been driving in the first place and her husband or blood related male would have been speaking for her.

  • MonsterunderYourbed

    After her jail sentence is served she needs to be immediately deported.

  • followurownadvice

    She just made a good case for a law saying remove those things so you can be identified. And also did not make it any better for her religion lying like she did. First lying about what the cop did and then lying about it not being her but her twin sister. OK lets bring in the twin sister and lock her up for making false reports.

  • Jim Monk

    Ban burkas!If these freaks want to wear that crap,let them stay in the desert,so no one has to put up with their shit.They are pushing the envelope to get sharia law here,and we better push back.HARD.

  • Send her and ALL the rest of them to the middle east the sooner the last one is there the sooner we can turn it into a glass bowl.

  • canucksam

    Why do those burkas and niqabs remind me of the Grim Reaper?

  • Brenton

    Throwing her hand up looked very aggressive to me. That officer showed great restraint he actually backed up from her several times sparing her a road introduction with her face I’m sure.

  • janiceesposito


  • Tom Wade

    We have the CONSTITUTION and it is the ONLY law we acknowledge here in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!! Don’t like it, Go the he!! home!!!

  • Bobbie Fenton

    Easy fix. Outlaw the burka. Other countries have done it. Adapt to the country you want to live in – or GET OUT!

  • Bobbie Fenton

    Read the Bible. The Koran is a false religion given by the devil who wishes to proclaim himself God, seeming good by those who are deceived by it (so much so, there are those that may honestly not realize they are serving satan), but in reality, it is extremely evil.

  • Laurel Clark

    I wonder if they will let her wear her burqa in jail?

  • Ed

    Deport, deport, deport.

  • Charles Delacroix

    Good on you Aussie – you stick up for fairness and don’t let the fascists bully you into submission like the UK where we have had over a decade of gang rapes on children from this lot – ban the burqua!

  • Guest

    Odd seeing people dressed like mailboxes on college campus… isn’t education a head lopper in your culture?

  • 1AmericanKat

    i certainly hope she has to serve the 6 months and without the face mask. they need to learn this is not all about them. they just need to stay in their own country and stop trying to make other countries cater to them and their religion

  • fulredy

    Sometimes, you gotta smile at real justice.

  • Judy Michaud

    Once upon a time when I was in school, we were taught America is a “mixing bowl” everyone comes and becomes part of OUR culture. Somewhere along the way we became a “salad bowl” everyone comes and retains their cultural identity…the beginning of the end of our American identity.

  • Aussie

    Kick her out of the country. She should go to the Islamic State and enjoy life there!

  • gaorfan1957

    All muslins should NOT be allowed in our country on any condition. All the mosques should be torn down and the property be transferred to the city or county. The islamic religion is a threat to all other religions in the world.

  • sway

    Good. About time someone sends a message: you can’t file false reports and get away with it.

  • Dave Van Rosenberg

    Make her spend her jail time in general population then deport her whole family

  • BobM001

    Her use of “Taqiyya” surely BACKFIRED!

  • gjm11653

    I am so tired of these people they make me ill. This woman needs to be jailed for a long long time. Six months is nothing and then sent back to where ever she came from and hope she is gets a dose of justice there whatever that may be. The vast majority of Muslims are not decent and if that makes me racist so be it.

  • Foil hat girl

    We need to be more worried she has seven children… It’s beginning. Soon we will be out numbered. We don’t have enough duggar types of our own kind anymore.

  • Dennisr1028

    First we play the race card, then bring law suits against schools for prayer and now The Mussi card – where’s the Russians surely we can fit them inhere somewhere?

  • Bob

    Jon they are not leaving to escape, they are leaving to invade.

  • Kat

    I’m surprised this moved forward at all. She claimed the officer was
    “racist”, yet race had nothing to do with this traffic stop.

    Race is each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical

    Religion is a collection of belief systems and practices that may relate
    humanity to spirituality

    The burqa is connected to RELIGION, not race.

  • barbie41

    Deport her lying self!

  • Anna Rose

    Everyone should be able to dress as the please WITH THE EXCEPTION OF COVERING THEIR FACES! The UK (as far as I know) and the US are open-faced societies. Covering your face prevents any recognition of who you are and is the reason why, if someone walks into a bank with their face covered, it’s reasonable to expect they are their to do a bank robbery. If it isn’t illegal to cover ones face while in public, then it should be. That is one dress code we need to insist on!

  • Kathleen Miller

    She most certainly should go to jail. An example needs to be made, you can’t be allowed to be a bully under a veil, it’s wrong. Her children and others like her need to see that you can’t just push your self around and do whatever you want. We live in a world of rules and everyone is bound by them, and I’m sure she has people who can help out while she does her time for making a utter and complete fool of herself.

  • Rebecca Syma


  • CB1138

    Obviously, she should be deported for the multiple offenses she committed.

  • Ron Smorynski

    Islam is deception, it is in their hearts, always.

  • Dashleea Johnson

    Women that wear that type of dress and follow that weird law are not allowed to drive a car are they??
    I have been reading up on the subject matter the last few months due this type of media articles, I thought the woman were not allowed to drive or even leave their homes without an escort of a family member.

  • Bob

    Deport her AFTER she does her jail time-Just don’t send her to the USA because she would have gotten off and probably monetary damages given to her. When you go to another country you are a GUEST and should behave as such. Their customs and their rules need to be followed. If you don’t like that don’t go there.. Stay in your own filthy country.

  • Janet Dillon


  • Janette Miller

    This ugly beach should be deported after she serves time for lying. about a policeman. Because of this BS a picture of the face and a requirement to show face anytime they are stopped. If it is against their religion they should NOT be allowed to drive. Ugly beach liar,

  • cristo52

    Isn’t it racist just to mention she’s a Muslin?

  • Jerry Perkins

    Our enemies are always lying to us, and we reward them with passports, welfare, etc. I am done with my tax payer money going to my enemy in the way of mosques. As far as I am concerned importing and paying for slums from third world countries, is not the way of the future. Their standard of living goes up and mine goes down. Tired of what mine is yours and what yours is yours, losing power, and gaining hate from the new immigrants. We are being replaced by wave after wave of mass immigration . Cutlural suicide.

  • DiskusSux

    Good. About time some muzzy-lim got yanked up short.

  • Gail

    The niqab should be banned. I would think it would be dangerous to drive a vehicle with just eye slits exposed as it would hamper peripheral vision. Furthermore, as her lawyer ironically pointed out, a person cannot be positively identified while wearing this garb. I hope this gal enjoys prison. I’m sure she won’t be wearing the niqab there.

  • Geoff Jacobs

    Trick or Treat, Smell my feet, Islam BLOWS and Muslims lick balls…
    I’m always reminded of Halloween when I see those dumbass women in their Trick-or-Treat garb. If you cannot conform to the way we do things here in the good old USA, then it’s imperative that you go back to wherever it was you came from. Otherwise, if you come to MY country and talk to ME like that, I WILL beat YOUR azz!

  • Briss

    This makes me so mad. You hear a lot about cops who are doing the wrong thing all the time. I don’t necessarily like cops, but there are good ones out there! This woman was willing to ruin a good cop’s career and had absolutely no remorse about it. She should be deported. Period. What she had is a temper tantrum. You come from another country looking for a better life and this is what you do???? She shouldn’t escape jail just because she has kids. ANY OTHER WOMAN WOULDN’T. She’s lucky she wasn’t in America. She would not have received such mercy. She would have been arrested for the threats and disruptive behavior. Send her home.

  • Sandy

    Outlaw the veil and this woman should go to jail for all of her lies!

  • Sandy Henderson

    This woman (used lightly) lied and tried to put the blame on the police officer. Liar, Liar pants on fire!! Thank goodness for dash-cam recorders. Her relative wants her not to go to jail because of her 7 children – should have thought about that before she broke the law.

  • muffy_nutbuster

    typical of these people …

  • audi04

    She should be deported after serving her time and never allowed back. Obviously she has no interest in respecting the laws of her adopted country.

  • tellnolie

    Evil lying bitch isn’t fit to be a decent mother anyway, send her to jail

  • Linda Ziniel

    If you don’t like your country fine but don’t bring you dress to ours !!! I totally agree with Jon.

  • William Frovik

    deported..use the video as a teaching other officers.

  • John Scott Smith


  • Alydia Hardin

    They all need to go back to the sh*t hole they came from….

  • David Kelly

    The Klan wore face coverings too. What the hell makes these garbage sacks think they’re special?

  • Lynn Henry

    Had that occurred in this country, Obama would have dispatched the Justice Dept to investigate the cop.

  • Jolat

    What does sharia say about liars? Don’t they cut out their tongues?

  • moi2u

    Ban the Burqa!!

  • Kypat

    Wonderful! I hope she has to spend every day of those six months in jail.

  • major Bubba

    Dang I was hoping to see her get tazed.

  • P H

    islam is nothing more than cancer. It does anything to destroy anything it comes in contact with. There is nothing good to come from the existence of islam!

  • Bill Catz

    Simple solution – get rid of all muslims and let allah sort it out.

  • disqus_Mt0jAOyeNb

    Their motives for coming are not good and they have no right to demand our country to change to suit their preferences!

  • Mari Bickmore

    I think that all Muslims and Islam, itself, should be banned in any westernized society. Colony on Mars?

  • snikki

    Forbid burkas and all others like it
    this is 2014 for God sake !!!!!!

  • Convert to Christianity Now!

    I know of many of Muslim’s who have converted to The Right Religion of Christianity. They realize that that Jesus Christ is the only way!!!

    • Dave Dawkins


  • Jaforte

    If Someone robbed a liquor store in a cape and hood, his/her image captured on video, is he allowed to go free?

  • Jaforte

    I think I just started a criminal movement!

  • J. C.

    Islam and Western values are incompatible. It’s time we parted ways…

  • abbypatch

    i hate to be heartless but she didn’t think about her kids when she tried to ruin the cop’s life, so i have no sympathy for this racist woman.

  • Dave Dawkins

    Here’s the long and short of it. If you want to live under the laws of Goatfuckistan, then you need to live in Goatfuckistan. If you want to live in a civilized nation, you live under civilized laws.

  • Treefrog

    She should have been deported.

  • Hajjster

    She’s gone three sheets to the wind….

  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    ENOUGH with this BS,,, if someone wants to come to any other country they MUST abide by that countries culture and NOT try to change the new country into their previous one. Take off the FU*King burka, show your pig face, learn the new language and respect the law and new country ,,, if not,,, go back to your diaper land !!!

  • Buttface

    I think she should go into politics, maybe run for POTUS.

  • Teresa Ranieri Wagner

    Deport all of them if they don’t obey the laws!

  • TwinkleStar2

    No jail! Ship her ass to Syria pronto! Sick of these immigrants (illegal and otherwise) gaming the system. No more immigrants in Western countries.

  • Nancy Robbins

    She does need to go to jail, regardless of those children. her husband can take care of them, he can hire a sitter for them., to let her walk free just means you can lie and cause problems, and ruin others’ reputations because you want to. She deserves her 6 months in jail., see how she does that time, and maybe humble herself a little bit.

  • jbp3rd

    POS imports!

  • Anadara

    Hag-in-a-bag. Just tie it off at the bottom and throw it in the trunk.

  • Deanna Wood Short

    She should be deported…She’d be put to death in her former country!

  • Bacchus

    Deception is sanctioned by Allah, Satan is the father of lies

  • Gail Hall

    pack her and her kids up and send them back where they came from

  • ken

    coming soon to a town near you… Too bad we’re not more like the Aussies. THEY know how to deal with these race card dealing SCUM.

  • Dottie Mertsky

    Deport the B I T C H!!!!!!!

  • Couch Cat

    Islam is a cancer to the world we need to find a cure for. And the cure most certainly is coming.

  • William McDowell

    Deport deport deport

  • pangai

    Deportation. Absolutely.

  • Serpentine

    Ban Burkas and Ban Muslims…get them the F()(K out of the country.

  • betty

    throw her ass in jail

  • LuJohnson

    I wanna kick her sharia arse. I can’t stand petulant folk like this. It’s narcissism gone crazy, me me me me me. Shut the H up! Learn some manners, Be courteous. Maybe people will actually invite you over for a cookout once in a while and you can learn about American hospitality and cuisine.

  • John Coffee

    If we can’t throw them OUT of a country then “WE THE PEOPLE” must DEFEND OUR COUNTRY, and if that means SHOOTING the INVADERS AS A DOMESTIC THREAT (TERRORIST) I’m ALL IN, STARVE THEM AND FEED THEM PORK!!!!!

  • Joann Nuzzo

    I agree, here in America we live in an open face society where your identity is exposed and not hidden behind a burka. Go back to your own country where your customs are acceptable. Burqa’s are not or rather should not be permitted here in America. Adapt to our customs or go Home. Don’t come here and act as tho your still in the country you left to get away from. She had a lot of mouth and disrespect and body language swinging around in that tent, all radical acting as tho she was superior and how dare that office pull her over, lol way out of hand on her part, who the hell she think she is. Respect the Law and don’t even come here and play the race game, damit!!!

  • Mari Bickmore

    At the very least BAN the burqa…At the very best, reclassify Islam as a totalitarian police state and Ban that evil cult.

  • Lockmanxo

    My thoughts would be 1 a provisional license, 2 made a false statement to police, 3 attempted to us sharia law illegally. My sentence would be 1 loss of driving “privileges” for 5 years, 2 10K fine for false statements, 3 as she likes sharia law and not Australian law, deportation to a location where they practice that.

  • Boots TwoBooks McGuinnea

    Black and white Americans should get together and lynch mob these people when they start to get out of control… Rind them that the government who panders to them and the people they live amongst are who completely different things.

  • Harleyrose

    She should have been deported right along with her seven little welfare terrorists-in-training!

  • Dan Siebert

    There is no room for people of any culture to try and force their beliefs on another culture. She needs to go back to the abuse and injustice put on her by her own people if she doesn’t like the way she was treated. Then she might appreciate the decency of the Australian people.

  • The Choice Is Clear

    Deport it.

  • Jos America

    Why is she driving?

  • Jos America

    Deport all of them. Wake up civilization!

  • Kappalulu

    And, exactly why is she ‘permitted’ to drive a vehicle?? Also!! where is the Dad??? Let HIM take care of the kids… SEVEN!!! He’s gotta be around somewhere – she didn’t get pregnant in the swimming pool!!!

  • Daidalos Falvius

    Within the U.S. a “random” stop for no other reason than to give a breathalyzer is illegal. It’s a violation of the fourth amendment. Thank God I live in a state where that’s still the law of the land. 🙂

  • RHaav

    Kick her ass out of the country

  • justpchy

    Bitch needs to go!!

  • Hank Ostman

    I agree with Jon Weiss below, adapt to your new enviornment, don’t expect everybody to change for you. In many moslem countries the women modestly cover their heads with a scarf that does not block their vision while driving and permits proper identification.

  • datroofhomez

    This is what happens when people who are looking out for themselves first, the “me-me’s” of the world, are elected. They pander to the “gimme’s” of the world at our expense. It’s time for their job description to include repercussions for not making the country’s well being their top priority.

  • Nathan Brazil

    moozlims don’t immigrate to other countries. They are settlers coming in to eventually take over. They are settling our homelands right in front of our eyes…And we keep inviting them in….Paying them to take our countries.
    This bitch has 7 kids! How much do you want to bet, that the taxpayers of Australia are paying for these future jihadis?

  • Pamela Justice

    It is a fact over seas she can not drive and I do believe if she goes out she has to have a male family member with her at all times

  • Taylor Hile Maxwell Sr.

    deport her!

  • t172048

    Let her appeal and come back for re-sentencing. Give her a year.

  • Timk

    If They Act Like That Where They Came From..Then The Punishment For Lying To Police ..
    She Should Be Get The “CANE”..

  • pghjr62

    Deport the Bitch

  • Sharon Stetson

    When in Rome (or in this case England) do as the Romans do. If you want ot wear the Burkah (not sure of the spelling) then live in a country that it is customary to do so.

  • rosalinddunlap

    Those Cameras are worth their weight in Gold,for cops and the people who they come in contact with.

  • ou saechao

    Do not bow down to their ways. Unite and fight back. I thought under the sharia law that women cannot drive or have any rights

  • dr dan

    Lying is part of their sick ass religion.

  • REX

    Sick and tired of MUSLIMS!

  • making_pie

    Carnita Matthews sucks huge spiral pig penis. And eats unwashed Moslem a$$. All in de name of Allah. ALLAHPOO SNACKBAR!!

  • me

    you want to wear a burkha, go to bahgdad where it is acceptable to wear one ..

  • KDT

    What another non white scum bag? NO that’s can’t be.. It’s racist

  • Pingback:

  • Geoff

    Blind patriotic & religious extremists & morons like you deserve your own county and eventual hell.

    • bjreg3

      Stupid, intellectually bankrupt, factually dishonest idiots and liars like you deserve your own little space and hell, moron. Then again, you probably enjoy your warped little vision.

    • silly girl

      we have our own country asshole and we are living in it If you don’t like it then get the hell out fuck off

  • Guest

    ghdghh . if you, thought Nicole `s report is something, I just got a brand new Chevrolet from earning $8862 this past 5 weeks and over ten/k lass-month

    . it’s by-far the nicest-work I have ever had . I started this 7-months ago and straight away began to make at least $82 p/h . try this out MORE DETAIL HERE

    • Wiggle D

      Prostitution is illegal.

  • Pingback: Muslim Woman Tries to Use Sharia Law on a Cop – Gets a Major Dose of Karma Instead (Video) | Atasteofcreole's Blog()

  • elizbethvarden

    Go home.

  • Robert Frost

    They don’t really bring money with the them. Just the shitty Yankee ideas that ruined their home states.

    • Christopher Lee Hartsock

      Give it up.
      I moved to Atlanta from Illinois.
      I was raised a polite Illinois farm-boy, and met all kinds of people in Atlanta.
      Some were awesome, some were clueless idiots. I’m not sure what you think a ‘shitty Yankee idea’ is, but I’m sure the British called those same ideas ‘shitty’ when they came up with the term ‘Yankees’.

  • Robert Frost

    That’s not the case usually.

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  • Wiggle D

    Shariah Law demands her to be stoned with a rock. She has violated at least 3 major crimes.

  • hk770

    Compassion? Just because some filthy ape of a lying sack of cr@p has 7 kids it means she can act and claim anything she wants including committing perjury, and can walk free? Her lawyer should be under the jail and she should be hanging from a tree. She got off easy with 6 months. Im sure the court will wimp out and let her slide because the cowardice shown towards muslim apes.

  • hannah

    Muslims aren’t a ‘RACE’ and Muslims are known to be liars and it was proven,,,

  • James McLarey

    Who gives a f**k what they do in Australia? But, I think the cop should have shot her right in her niqab.

  • joe

    Ban alliums from driving first of all and sentence her to death

  • sgb1

    Deport the witch

  • Debra Whittecar

    Allahu Akbar…..God is the greatest……America is the land of the free and the brave. Each individual whether born here or not has the RIGHT to live as they see fit , religious wise, what sex they choose to be, abortion, u name it…..I don’t agree with abortion or homosexuality but I support their right to do so. What that sister did was wrong , to lie, and she was punished for that. But it’s her right to wear what she wants to wear. And by the way I’m a southern girl born in the USA.

    • John Hillman

      Your heritage shows. This was in AUSTRALIA.

  • Had Enough

    When are these people going to wake up an realize that their laws don’t apply in other countries? I’m so sick of people playing that racist card as soon as something goes sideways for them.

  • Renee Curry-Harper

    I had to LOL on that one 🙂

  • Renee Curry-Harper

    It wouldn’t matter if you posted a list people like that would accuse it of being fake.

  • Julia Partain Dobson

    She should do her time in jail, and THEN be deported…and never allowed back.

  • Ken Graber

    Send the sand niggers back to whence they came

  • bjreg3

    Wow, stupid much, skippy? Must be hard for you being a liberal and stupid, I see you continually work hard at it with your buddy Soros and the bankers that give big bucks to your party, then again other country’s give money to the LW sleaze bag Killery. But one thing is good, and that is that your gone! We don’t need a dumbazz here, there’s already too many of you leftwing morons here now.

  • Golfer1113

    The criminals always get the benefit of the doubt. I am glad they had a tape to catch the dirty liar.

  • The amoeba is the current end of an evolutionary line, as are humans, as are modern fish, as are modern insects. Of course evolution is still continuing. We don’t know what will evolve in the future.

    • Antonio Abernathy

      Tell me how can they be the end of the line but still evolving. That makes no sense at all.According to true science everything is in entropy including humans .I once heard a guy say whales were land cows. They lost there legs and they turned into flippers. Wouldn’t that be de-evolving. We are supposed to have come out of the water and evolved according to evolution. How can you evolve by going back to where you came from. ANd anybody that believes that we are related to fruit and vegetables need help

      • Your father was the end of the “Abernathy line” , until you were born. Whales did indeed evolve from land animals, but that is not de-evolving as there is significant difference between the fins of whales and the fins of fish. Whales are in many cases more streamlined than fish, as fish are limited in their top speed by the drag of gills, necessary to pull oxygen from water, and limited in their endurance by the amount of oxygen that can be stored in their blood. Whales draw their oxygen from air at far higher concentrations than that in water, and so can achieve very high speeds, briefly, giving them an advantage over their prey.

      • Antonio Abernathy

        AS i said that is de-evolving going backwards. According to evolution everything came out of the sea. So why would they go back in. That is circular thinking. If you are evolving from one environment why are you going back to that same environment. It is backwards. Believing in evolution is like believing in the tooth fairy. Someone tells you one thing but they know it is not true. Charles Darwins specialty was theology not science and for some stupid reason thought the variation of finches could somehow produce other animals. Did you even know that the the finches who’s beaks changed size soon died off because in the change of the weather. They didn’t go back into the sea or fly off and became platypuses. They died. Your environment produces small changes based on the information you already have. You can lose information but not gain any extra. It has never been experienced and saying it will eventually happen even though science says it’s impossible is (do I dare say it) crazy. I know a bit about evolution and I know some evolutionist who believe it know they have no valid proof of it.

        • tom rose

          If you are going to criticise the theory of evolution at least find out what it actually says and attack that, rather than a straw-man caricature cobbled together from your mish-mash of misunderstandings

          Your argument against evolution is misconceived. Evolution has no direction. It has no guiding hand trying to improve or advance species in some absolute sense. It is opportunistic. There is variety in each new generation. Those best fitted to the environment have a greater chance of surviving and leaving descendants. Over time separate breeding populations can become different species, each continuously adapting to the environment it occupies. That is the whole of “Evolution by Natural selection” in a nutshell.

          Darwin did not know how characteristics passed from parent to child, nor how variation arose. Now we know a lot about the mechanisms down to many precise details of the biochemistry. The details of DNA replication, the role of RNA, the presence of large amounts of inactive DNA how genes are turned on and off, the nature of mutations. Present day understanding of heredity and of ontogeny is complex, detailed and nuanced. It has come a long way since Mendel made the first discoveries and kick-started getting on for 200 years of careful investigations into cell biology and heredity.

          And another thing. One does not “believe in” evolution as one might believe in a God … that is to say because we are told that the content of an ancient book is God’s word (but there is no independent evidence).

          It is nothing like “Believing in the tooth fairy”. In science it is always possible to look at the evidence from the world we live in, to reconstruct the reasoning behind a theory, and to decide for yourself if they are sound. It is nothing like religion where you are told what to believe by authority figures and, at least in some religions, where the ultimate way to silence dissent is to kill the dissenters.

          In science when evidence from the real world contradicts a theory then the theory must be abandoned. Because scientists are human and flawed the reality is that some hang on to old theories long after they have been disproven, but in science as a whole the evidence always prevails in the end.

          To get a balanced view of what science is I ‘d recommend two books, Popper’s “The Logic of Scientific Discovery” and Kuhn’s “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”. If you have read them already then I suggest that you re-read them as you obviously did not understand what the authors had to say.

          And in case you think that I suggesting Popper and Kuhn are authorities that should be believed, I must say that is NOT what I am suggesting. What they say is subject to the same standards as science. i.e. of being logically sound and having verifiable evidence.

          Rabid so-called religious extremists might wish to kill those who do not accept their superstitions, but fact is fact, truth is truth and scientific reality is scientific reality. KIlling people that disagree with you does not change that one iota.

          Science is not a belief system, unless you think that basing your view of the world on evidence (rather than the uncorroborated writings of bronze and iron age people) is also a random act of faith.

          • Antonio Abernathy

            I don’t disagree with science just some peoples interpretation.
            I have no misconceptions of evolution but the people that promote it obviously do. I know that Darwin had no knowledge of DNA among other things. I also know and argue the same point you make that you that evolution has no direction, no purpose and no intelligence but the way scientist treat it the theory might as well be an intelligence. SOme of you act like evolution is the truth and nothing but the truth so help you theory of evolution.

            I haven’t read the books you mentioned other than Darwin who was actually a theologian and not a scientist. What really kills me is that people don’t understand their history real well. Science is science and evolution has no part in it because it is not science. People were inventing things well before the theory of evolution really took off and some of the greatest inventions came from christians who believed in the bible not evolutionist, In fact you don’t need evolution for science because it is pseudoscience. Egyptians used mummification techniques to preserve the body of the dead and you need a good understanding of body anatomy and chemistry for that. WHere do you think we got the idea for embalming from.

            The greatest humanitarian efforts where done by christians and they started hospitals and went to other lands to help those world wide like feeding the poor, starting orphanages, ending slavery and improving peoples way of life all across the globe. Evolution helped promote hate and other cultures inclusion of evolution was one of the catalyst that caused some of the most horrific deaths in the 19th and 20th century. If you don’t think so you need to go back and read the book and see how racist and sexist it is. He didn’t even believe the bible was right when it came to incest and married his first cousin. See how that turned out.

            People have known for centuries about natural selection but they called it something else and it makes more sense.

            If scientist abandon such bad ideas evolution would be gone like yesterdays trash. There are currently a number of unscientific beliefs being pushed by the scientific community and even though they have been proving wrong they still teach it as proof. Also their are some ideas that are being taught as proof and their is no real proof to back it up. Also you talk as though scientist have not killed christians based on the fact they where christians. Check you history. In fact Joe Biden and others call Christians a threat to America even though Christians started and founded this country.

            The bible has been proving true on every occasion Scientifically, archaeologically and historically. The problem is you and others are still blinded by the lies they tell. Not all scientist believe in evolution. There are more and more scientist coming over to our side. At least the ones that have the courage to speak out.

            As far as understanding science why do I need to read a book of something that you need to have a PHD in to understand. The wright brothers were scientist and they never had a PHD but they were christians. Also for as much scientific proof you have I can counter it pretty much.

            Here’s some books that might interest you to learn something about the truth of the bible and how it shaped this world and this country before the elitist got in power.
            Dinesh D’souza= What’s so great about Christianity
            None of these Diseases
            Backfired: A Nation Born For Religious Tolerance No Longer Tolerates Religion
            American Minute

          • tom rose

            You say “I have no misconceptions of evolution” and that you understand science, but it is obvious from your two recent posts that you do not, however much you might think that you do. Furthermore your arguments in support of Christianity are so shot through with logical holes (e.g. ad hominem attacks) errors of fact (e.g. “the bible has been proving true on every occasion Scientifically, archaeologically and historically”) and irrelevances (e.g. “the wright brothers were scientist and they never had a PHD but they were christians”) that it is obvious to me that you and I inhabit two very different worlds of understanding.

            Scientific communities do not “push beliefs”. That is what religious communities do. Scientific communities create hypotheses and test them by comparing them with reality. Perhaps some politicians push pseudo-science and put the blame on real scientists?

            Science is not a body of knowledge presented as dogma. Where possible that is done by experiment. Where experiment is not feasible it is done by making observations and measurements in the real world. If a hypothesis fails the test it is discarded. If it passes it is tentatively accepted into the body of scientific knowledge. It is never taken as absolute truth. It is always open to revision or even being discarded an replace in the light of conflicting evidence.

            That pretty much describes how science works. We do not personally test every little bit of scientific knowledge, because there is no way one person in their lifetime can reproduce the work of thousands of the most brilliant minds of the lat few hundred years. So we do take on trust much of our knowledge. But we are justified for two reasons:

            1) Science works. Your TV, phone, kitchen appliances, car, the water that is piped tom your home, not to mention the vast hinterland of power stations and highly automated factories … these all rely on the application of scientific discoveries.

            2) Although I cannot test the whole of science for myself I can test any part of it fro myself

            In the real world the way science operates is a bit messier, because people are human and cling to their discredited theories, because they have to keep their jobs to live, because they have to get funding for research from governments and industry, and because science gets subverted to political ends (the Lysenko affair, the politicisation of the science of Climate change). But in the long run it works out as I described it a few paragraphs back.

            I am over sixty years old and I don’t want to spend a significant part of what is left of my life arguing every point with people like you. In any case cleverer and better informed people than me have already written most of what I would say, in clearer language than I could ever manage.

            So I will simply leave you to dig yourself into an ever deeper hole of misunderstanding, and to demonstrate it to anyone that happens to stumble on this article and its comments.

            p.s. You do not read a Ph.D. to read Popper and Kuhn. Merely a knowledge of English and an open and inquiring mind.

          • Antonio Abernathy

            For one I don’t need to make points to people that the scientific community has already made. You people think that just because someone disagrees with evolution they don’t know anything about science.
            You have thousands of scientist that will disagree with you. Electronic devices are not theories of evolution and I don’t know why you people think that is a viable argument when talking about evolution of organic life.What does a tv have to do with a dinosaur turning into a bird. That is not even a relevant argument.

            Also you people talk about you have proof of evolution yet you have never witnessed it, can’t reproduce or give proper evidence it ever ocurred. Closest you can get is natural selection and that has never been an argument.

            You talk about observations but yet you never observed one kind of animal changing into another and have nver reproduced it in a lab. When I say another kind I mean different types like cat and dog or bird and rodent. Show a salamander turning into a frog or cow into a whale then you might have something.

            But in the meantime maybe you shoudl checl out the atheist scientist who turned against evolution and see what they have to say. ALso my talk of christianity does not have holes in it. It is documented history written by people who were there and and knew things personally.

            If There is no historcal evidence that supports the bible in any way prove me wrong don’t just say it.

          • tom rose

            The more you try to argue the more you reveal that you have no understanding whatsoever of what the theory of evolution says or of the evidence for it, and, by extension, of science generally.

            You can protest all you like, but no-one could possibly have written your previous post if they understood science, or logic, or the difference between evidence and hearsay, .

            I am not obliged to repeat here the arguments and evidence that are available to anyone that cares to check them out. Please educate yourself before embarking on your absurd rants.

            My advice is to stop digging a hole for yourself. Stop displaying your ignorance to the world.

          • Antonio Abernathy

            Like I said before you are not offering any arguments. Saying I am ignorant and proving it are 2 separate things. You guys constantly do that. You tell me I have no idea about evolution when in fact you people don’t comprehend it yourself. I have met people with several didn’t type of ideas what constitutes your theories.
            If you don’t have any desire to discuss evidence for your point of view don’t respond to a person.
            Telling me I am ignorant, and have nothing but hearsay without explaining yourself is not or ever will be a valid argument or defence.

          • tom rose

            To argue against your ideas and to explain evolution would take a lot more than a couple of paragraphs and would be a waste of effort, as I have nothing to say that you cannot find in a good Biology text book.

            In an earlier reply I have put a fair effort into explaining the basic nature of science but you have chosen to ignore that completely.

            Your life and how you choose to live it is your business. It saddens me that you have chosen to reject theories with strong factual support and to argue for something that has no evidence behind it, but as you are so hostile and so unwilling to enter into real debate I no longer care what you choose to believe ….

            … so long as it does not lead you to threaten me or anyone else with violence because we disagree and so long as it does not result in young people being indoctrinated with ideas for which there is no evidence.

      • silly girl

        He said the : “current” end of the evolutionary line. pay attention tony

  • Joy Beum

    It is so rare that justice is served when a muslim is involved…instead they hand them the key to the city! This should be celebrated in the streets. I just regret she only got six months…should have been much more harsh…just like muslims are.

  • LaFlare1017

    It should be illegal to wear that while driving, with only slits for to see through she’s putting everyone on on the road at risk. I believe in freedom of religion and stuff, but that outfit just looks ridiculous, other muslims wear normalish cloths and just have like a headscarf with their face showing, not sure why these psychos have to dress up like a black ghost. Some people would call me a bigot for the comment, but anyone organization whether it’s a religion or not that requires people to dress the way that woman is dressed is messed up, it’s just wrong and that is plain to see.

  • howiej

    After serving her time in jail she should have been driven directly to the airport and deported without benefit of return.

  • BigDaddy

    Australia pull your head out, and ban islam.

  • Weaver

    Deport this thing that appears to be a woman.

  • Antonio Abernathy

    Huh evolution. That’s a religion not a science. Creationism teaches actual science. Evolution in textbooks should be taken out because they have all been proven false but they still teach it as truth


    There would be no question mark after debt

  • Southerners act as assholes even if they stay in the south.

  • Elaine Ernst

    What a trollop!

  • Kathy Jo Wilson

    Where was her freaken compassion???, she lied she she made false accusations she went as far as making a formal report and went to the media with the intent of destroying that mans career! She did not stop to think what this could do to her children, so sorry if her children suffer her loss, that was her fault and no ones elses, hopefully someone will bring her children up to respect the law of the city, and show them that Sharia law does not put them above the law, and Sorry no she shouldn’t be able to wear her hijab in prison, any one else loses all personal belonging when serving time she is no different. And an added note, IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT THE LAWS OF THE LANDS YOU LIVE, THEN LEAVE!!!!!!!

  • Devlin

    I don’t think necessarily that she should be deported because of this action but she should be the wiser out of this whole experience.

  • kid721952

    So some people are saying businesses are hiding behind religious beliefs to be tax exempt or not give service to certain groups so why is it all right for muslims to pray several times a day ON THE CLOCK,if hired they WILL NOT sell pork products,alcohol and tobacco and wear burkas to work and now take drivers license pictures,those burkas could hide weapons,a suicide bomber or even a small nuclear bomb,they also use them to steal in stores,all this behind RELIGIOUS BELIEFS,the big problem is their quran calls for the killing of ANYONE who does not respect or convert to islam,THIS IS THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEF,wake up America,muslims are here to kill us and take over our country

  • Hendrick

    Seven children Huh, seems she has no problem raising her skirt.

  • luchia

    Lol…She didn’t want the officer to see how ugly she was.

  • rufus

    you are a moron.

    • silly girl

      nope he is right on the money rufie

  • rufus


  • rufus


  • rufus


  • Edward Violante

    Most are troublemakers and despise non-muslims.Send all of them back to the deserts.Both Australia and Japan have some strict laws regarding these people being in their countries.

  • Morris Williams

    I salute the police officer for keeping his cool. I think the woman should go to jail, and it should be longer than 6 months. Sorry about the kids. Trying to use the kids to keep her out of jail is stupid. Would that mean she could rob a bank, but because she has 6 kids, she will not go to jail. The sad thing is those 6 kids will grow up to be just like her.

  • Bad Tag 1

    i think every country needs to DEPORT Muslims, that think the same way this nut bag does .

  • Joanne Moore

    send that woman back to her country.

  • Sue Dumais

    This is exactly what President Theodore Roosevelt said in 1919…Assimilate and learn the language, take on our customs and cultures…otherwise you are not here to change your life, you are here to change OURS- and that just ain’t gonna happen, not if loyal Americans can help it!

  • Jai Ilanthea Edourd

    I don’t know how a Muslim from south Africa got in to the country in the first instance.

  • C.Eliza

    Send that twatt to jail and then deport her afterwards.

  • silly girl

    Load that bitch and all her radical spawn up and ship them back the hell where they came from this is the kind of shit that they are trying to do to every country on earth. they are truly evil people just lock the doors and send them packing

  • silly girl

    well we can all be glad that you are gone from our midst as it seems that you were a traitor in any case I am pretty sure we are smarter than france and the proof of that is we always help them when they get in trouble , and not the other way around so that tells ya something. as for the rest of your horshit statement, take a flying fuck

  • silly girl

    he just told you where they were, do some research krissy

  • silly girl

    oh we do not, thats not very nice of you bobby

  • J. Neville Groff


  • They are DIRECTED by the Koran and Haidths to lie to the infidel to “advance Islam”….it’s called Taqqiya.

  • Jeff Allen

    now im confused, arent the french one of those countries that banned guns so that terrorists could gun down as mant concert goers as they wanted? ahead my arse

  • Richard M

    Alex Jones called…he would like for you to return his tin foil hat….

  • joules48084

    What gets me is that they come to Western nations to escape Islamic craziness and they bing the things that they fled here!

    • T Mee

      No, they come to other countries to spread their child raping, goat fucking, terrorist “religion of peace” wherever they go.

      • joules48084

        All the more reason to vote for Trump!

  • JamesBDesertSea


  • Gramms

    No hiding from police, dmv, or government under burkas. If I had a wide brim hat or scarf over my face, it’d have to be removed – for identity and safety! Not racism in any way…get with our laws!

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    ‘Carnita’ Matthews, You people are NOT going to believe this but the word “Carnita” in Spanish stands for Pork!!! Too good to be true.

  • tom rose

    “Why should those of us who really do this research have to spoon feed people like you”

    Well said!!

  • Connie Kelley

    Oh Michael, Michael, Michael, you think much too highly of yourself. Makes one think someone’s been spending too much time in Mommy’s closet.

  • tom rose

    You are mistaken. The theory of evolution is quite safe. How do you imagine that microscopic discoveries about the amoeba disprove evolution? It is creationism that is nonsense … invented by religious fundamentalists that are determined to hold on to their imaginary picture of the world despite all the evidence against it.

    And “much to (sic) diverse to be the beginning of so many other organisms” is not an argument. It is not even coherent, but it does suggest that you have a false idea that more advanced life evolved from the amoeba. It did not, and evolutionary theory does not say that it did. The current day amoeba is not a primitive organism. It has been evolving and adapting for as long as the line that led to us.

    Climate change? Whether or not what Governments are trying to bully us into believing about it turns out to be true the fact is that the climate is far too complex for most (any?) of us to be able to figure out what changes lie ahead. I doubt that you have any special insight that is denied to the rest of us.

    It is hard enough for people that understand a lot about the climate and have devoted their lives to its study. Even they cannot get it right … as evidenced by the inaccuracy of predictions of temperature rise made by even the most complete computer models. Climate models look especially poor when compared with the precision of the predictions of relativity, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and other well-established theories.

    There are, of course, good reasons for this, and anyone that takes the trouble to look into the enormous amount of work that has gone into climate studies will realise that making predictions based on your personal experience of recent weather is about as likely to yield the truth as tossing a dice. That is, not very likely at all.

  • to

    The answer is obvious, these muslims are bullies and need to be sent back to where they are obliged to cover up, not here in the modern world. She should not be allowed a driver’s licence if she does not identify herself. Anyone, not just her. Ban the burqa. Politicians, get real. Ban it. It’s simple. Who does not wish to integrate should immigrate back to their country of origin. So simple. There is always a choice. Politicians of the free world, think of your children and grandchilren. Protect our future generations.

  • Michael M

    That trash bag covered cow has way too many kids. Why do they multiply like roaches?

  • Nierwen B

    Yay!! Hooray for dashboard-cams!! I’m glad the looney-tune got busted for making false accusations, and I agree that face and hair-covering clothing should be banned everywhere, its just ridiculous to cover up your face in the 21st Century, for pete’s sake. This is a WIN for all those who oppose sharia law!!! YAY!!!

  • Stuart Toop

    Why does everyone overlook the fact that the niqab is nothing to do with islamic religion it is not called for in the Koran it is a relic of medieval Arabic culture enforced on women to keep them subservient to their master, sorry I mean husband. There is no reason for them to be worn in a civilized nation where we the indigenous population are required to be recognisable. If I were to walk into a bank with a hood on would I not be challenged, if so then why should a foreigner to my country be allowed to do exactly what I am not allowed to do. Oh and before you do-gooders start crying out racist, yes I am white and I am married to an Asian so look at the facts, and if you disagree I suggest you take a holiday in the middle east and live by their laws, I would suggest again you would soon be crying to get back to civilization.

  • Lyn Gray

    It’s refreshing to, at last, see the judiciary doing something right. This horrible woman could have stripped this man of his livelihood and if he has a wife and children that would have dominoed to them. Trad saying there should have been compassion, what a load of rubbish, there was none for the policeman and his family. I firmly believe all refugee intake must cease as they do not want to start a new life at all. What are we leaving for our own children, a country of migrants who hate them

  • Lyn Gray

    I actually agree with you but if you’re going to correct other people’s spelling make sure yours is spot on. It’s merit and it’s amoeba. Apart from that you’re on the right track. And yes I’m a spelling nazi and again yes you can grammatically start a sentence with and, just getting in before anyone else has a go, although looking at this thread, it’s pretty old, bit like me.

  • OhHellNah

    Nah she real she real yo she just defending herself from the grotesque dirty american pig coplet.

  • YES!!!!

    Exactly Keenie, and why is creationism left out? Because our beloved scientist and head-honcho’s don’t like creationism. No, their secretly jealous of us and try to steal young maiden azoth!

    Like that one did! Oooooh, he tried to Astral Plane me but I was 4 steps ahead of him! In my epic loli dash I surpassed the test, he, lol, he took the bum hits I passed hAHAHAHA LIKE A TROLL AND EPIC LOLI TROLL OH.

    All he did was cheat cheat cheat, mr. cheating pants. he cheated so much he put a stinking chip in his head and then turned into cheater robot. Thing is you don’t freaking put the CHIP in your head you get head-hammered by all the rays and shit floating outside.

    And NEVER EVER GIVE another hacker your brain my gosh, Especially if he is STRONGER than you. Then you think it’s power but he fucks you over like a bitch.

    What’s their names again? Oh, the 3 faggots. I can’t wait until their arrested and put on candid camera. These assholes will never be satisfied unless one of them kneels over. Like Gabbi Kat whinny little privilege bitch. Walking around like some Queen G I am the true Queen of the Nile she’s just a little whore feeding like the rest of the bottom dwellers HA! I want to astral plane punch the bitch across the sky.

    She violated my moon convenant and did a bunch of rag-tag shit with my man.

    He too, got punched across the sky. Hmm…

    Anyone else wanna get their ass whooped? I want to put on a dildo with spikes on it so I can fuck these yoinks up their joints HEHEHE.

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  • TrumpWillFuckYouAll

    Stop acting like you’re all experts you dumb fucks

  • Tammy Witherspoon

    WAKE UP CALL. This is the fundamental principle of this religion, THEY DON’T CARE not even the most peaceful of muslims. THEY FEEL THEY ARE BETTER THAN ALL OTHER’S. ALL THEY WANT TO DO is take over. THEY WILL BREAD ever other religion out of existence. This is their underlying fundamental principle. LIKE IDIOTS, our bleeding heart liberals take these people in, feed them, house them, educate them, clothe them, pay their rent for them … THEY ARE IN ALLAH land. WHO WOULDN’T BE.

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  • John

    She needs to go back to the s***hole country they ran into the ground a made living intolerable, instead of trying to ruin this one too

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  • Frank Caruso

    they should ban ALL clothing that is used to hide people’s identities. It should be named the “Carnita Matthews Law”!!!

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