Muslim Woman Tries to Use Sharia Law on a Cop – Gets a Major Dose of Karma Instead (Video)


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

When a burqa-clad Muslim mother of seven was pulled over by a police officer, she tried to use the race card to get out of a traffic violation.

When that doesn’t work, she berates him in a nasty fashion, and threatens that “he’ll be sorry.”

But when she later lies about the stop, and files a false complaint against the cop, she gets a rude awakening: he got it all on tape.

Australian police pulled over the Muslim woman, Carnita Matthews, for a random breath test and received a citation for not properly displaying her “provisional license” (as an immigrant) as required by law.

Throughout the video of the police footage, Matthews calls the officer a racist and claims she was only pulled over because she was wearing a traditional burqa — a “niqab,” actually, which covers everything but her eyes.

Matthews says, “All cops are racist” on tape.  Matthews later filed a lie-filled complaint against the officer alleging that he forcibly tried to remove her veil after he asked her to lower it for identification purposes and she refused due to religious reasons.

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But the officer’s dashcam showed she was a liar — and committed a documented fraud. And she paid the price for her arrogance. Matthews was sentenced to six months in jail for filing a false complaint against the police officer.


Incredibly, her sleazy lawyer actually tried to weasel her out of it by claiming she could be anyone under that niqab — which is exactly the reason why they should be banned from being used on drivers licenses, or banned outright, as they are in France.

She got off easy. Without the dashcam this guy would have been shredded by the system. She should have been deported. What do you think?


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