Muslim Woman Arrested by Police – Now She’s Suing Them for ‘Religious Discrimination’

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Police in Michigan are facing down a Federal civil rights lawsuit, after arresting a Muslim woman and requiring her to remove her hijab, or head scarf.

Malak Kazan, 27, was pulled over for a traffic violation on July 9, 2014, and upon running her license, police discovered it was suspended. Kazan, who has several prior arrests and convictions, was detained for a traffic misdemeanor, and when they brought her to the station for booking, she was required to remove the hijab for her arrest photo — standard procedure in most states for any head coverings.

The Detroit Free Press reported:

Because of being forced to remove the veil, Kazan filed a discrimination suit against the Dearborn Heights Police. She claims discrimination because the tenets of Islam require the hijab for “covering her hair, ears, neck and part of her chest when she is in public and when she is in the presence of men who are not members of her immediate family,” according to the suit.

“Your religious freedoms are not stripped at the jailhouse door,” said her CAIR attorney Amir Makled, according to MyFoxPhilly. “It’s part of the cannons of their faith to wear a head scarf. For her to have it removed in front of a non-relative male, would be a non-pleasant experience for her.”

“Non-pleasant experience”? Um, that’s what happens when you break the law.

Dearborn Heights Police Chief Lee Garvin disagrees with her attorney, and he says that the police have to look out for their own safety before anything else.

“Articles such as hats, caps, hijabs, can contain concealable items that could pose a threat or chance of injury to the cops or to themselves,” Garvin said.

Kazan claims to have explained to an officer that she can’t remove the hijab because it’s a part of her faith that would be violated. Her suit said that she was told there are “no exceptions” to the head cover rule, and that she had to comply. She also said that her request for a female officer was denied by the department.

Screenshot 2015-01-25 at 6.27.39 PM

“Our procedure is to have them take the hijab off in the presence of a female… We don’t always have enough female officers present in the station. Our Number one concern is security of our officers and the prisoners.” Garvin said. 

That isn’t good enough for Muslim supremactists — who are always protraying themselves as “victims” of non-existent “Islamophobia.”

Chief Garvin has refused to apologize or cave in on this matter, for which he deserves much credit. However, as Eric Holder’s DOJ has intervened on behalf of Muslims on such matters in the past, this could become a “Federal case” very soon.

Of course, what is forgotten is all of this is that this woman has several prior arrests and convictions for various misdemeanor offenses, from driving with a suspended license, driving without insurance, and simple assault.

And while everyone does indeed have the right to religious freedom, certain rights are also suspended upon your arrest, which is for the safety of law enforcement personnel. Just as I don’t expect to be able to bring a gun into a police station after being arrested, I don’t believe that my religious rights are protected if they could possibly put an officer in danger, and being able to hide a weapon under a hijab definitely seems like it would pose a danger.

Hopefully the courts side with reason, rather than cave in to an aggressive minority that is ceaselessly claiming “victim” status, mindful of how demands for “Sharia” adherence by secular authorities in the past had led to major conflicts over Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis and Maine refusing to transport blind passengers with guide dogs, or even carrying closed bottles of wine — due to Muslim prohibitions.

What do you think? Do you side with the police, or Muslim woman and her CAIR attorneys?

  • Gloria Haynes

    Do the tenets of her religion bar her from obeying the traffic laws and license in force laws, too? Perhaps if she obeyed the rules like others do, she wouldn’t have had this problem.

    • MadPunter1963

      I suspect that a recidivist scofflaw like her doesn’t recognize our laws — only Sharia.

      • Sharon

        If she only recogized Sharia law she would not be driving.

        • MadPunter1963

          Actually, Sheikh Abdulatif Al al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi Morality Police (aka the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice) has stated that the ban on women driving is NOT part of Sharia. But if it were, it would further suggest that Ms. Kazan is a hypocrite since she would be cherry-picking the elements of a religion to suit her needs.

          • Susan

            Actually while driving might not be against the Koran, appearing in public without a male escort *is*.

          • MadPunter1963

            I saw no mention in the article of her being unaccompanied. Unless you have access to other information about this particular case, I believe that’s an assumption.

            Furthermore, if she had been unaccompanied, then she is providing even more evidence that she selects the parts of a religion to suit her rather than being a faithful adherent.

          • Susan

            That was my point 🙂

          • Art69z

            I don’t think people were being issued driver license’s back during the 6th Century. Unless they were issuing a license to ride a camel.

        • me

          True true! But she gets to pick and coose what part of her religion she wants to stick to depending on her situation.

        • sofi

          There were no cars therefore Sharia laws don’t apply. Dummy

          • Ferrari fan

            it does apply if she were unaccompanied though. doesn’t say in the story if she was.

    • Susan

      Technically, she is not allowed to *be* in public without being escorted by a male of her family. So she can’t have it both ways. Either she can take the d@mned hijab off and drop the suit, or she can leave it on and stay home. Hypocrite.

      Does she think no one else knows the Koran and its rules???

    • Richard M

      Actually, I thought sharia would not allow her to drive. Off with her head.

    • colleenf

      Just think of what would happen if the religious police in Saudi Arabia caught her driving a car in the first place????????????
      You don’t like our laws? Go back to where ever you came from.

    • Ferrari fan

      funny thing is I bet the first thing to go is that hijab if she was arrested in her home country. have a pretty good feeling the police there, religious or otherwise, have no problems doing a thorough search.

      • Trisch B. Terrien

        Full body search !!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo Cheap thrill for HER !

    • Kathy Bamert

      If I am not mistaken, they are also not allowed outside without a male chaperone that is a family member. If that is the case then should should also now be punished according to Sharia therefore beaten and stoned, Follow the laws of our country or GET THE HELL OUT.

  • ozarksunshine

    Remember that her religion allows her to lie to nonbelievers. She needs to be deported and her lawyer needs tobedisbarred.

    • PeteyGLaFlare

      I think it’s a stupid lawsuit and it is entirely her fault for breaking the law. However, I think the lawyer is just doing his job, you can’t get disbarred just for defending a client with a dumb case. She will probably loose and the lawyer will end up with her money, sounds like a perfectly fine outcome to me. One of the beauties of the american court system is that people can challenge things without fear, so while I disagree with this lawyer’s argument, I celebrate his right to make it.

      Edit: Not only that, but if this case is heard, the ruling could become law. So if she loses, and the ruling says requiring the removal of headwear for a mugshot is constitutional, that will serve as a precedent for all future cases so others can not make this same complaint. So basically, taking this to court may end up getting it written in to law, which would be a good thing if they rule it to be constitutional.

      • Chris Culotta

        I wouldn’t have any problem with the lawyer as long as when the news referred to him they added, “CAIR was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest successfully tried terrorism financing trial in U.S. history”.

    • Lori

      I agree with you

  • kdog

    The writer of this article, probably does not believe there racism in America. F tard.

    • cassie1655

      i guess you missed this part of the article…”this woman has several prior arrests and convictions for various
      misdemeanor offenses, from driving with a suspended license, driving
      without insurance, and simple assault.” Now, who is the real F tard here? Not the reporter, but an idiot as yourself!

    • Chewable Germ

      There’s not enough. If there was more, maybe these animals would be easier to control.

    • dan52d

      Wow you must be an English major!

  • 1jabber

    Export her.

    • Jim Trent

      Export her? I guess in a way that could be correct. We would be sending her someone else. But the word would be deport her.

  • RHaav

    Deport this POS

    • NorCalOffspring


  • Lori J. Cole

    Why are the lawbreakers always the ones to claim discrimination?

    • Matthew Arthurs

      because it is the easiest way to get out of trouble.

  • Jerry Verdugo

    So, her attorney says that she was photographed away from officers? They don’t take pic’s of prisoners outside of the PD. She also loses many of her rights after she is legally arrested.

  • Paul MacKay

    “She also said that her request for a female officer was denied by the department.”. It seems it would have been easy enough to do the required search and photograph but they chose not to make a female officer available. Why not? They’d be required to have a female officer on hand in case a strip search was deemed necessary and freedom of religion is one of the most important tenants of the constitution.

    • NotBrainWashed

      Sure it would have and they could have opted to shackle and bind her to a post for hours and hours until the next shift when a female officer was available.

    • Kristie Williams

      No they are not REQUIRED to have a female officer available, not even in the event of a strip search. She OBVIOUSLY has not had an issue with not having her face covered in the past…and if she seriously believes that she is “teasing and provoking unclean thoughts” by not covering her face…she has lost her damn mind. I suggest she research the direction she is choosing to take her life…or lack of as the case will inevitably be. She also needs to take a moment to reflect on just WHY she is choosing to involve herself in such…is it to please someone else? if so…just how many times has that worked out for her? NEVER as it is the case with anyone who does such…

      • MKE gal

        I don’t know the law in MI, but here in WI yes, if there’s a strip search (defined as seeing a prisoner’s genetalia, pubic area, or buttocks, or a female prisoner’s breast) it has to be done by a same-sex guard, with nobody else present.

        If they do a cavity search, it has to be done by medical personnel, and those do not have to be same-sex.

  • jhk

    I would lose my 2nd amendment rights if I were arrested.. correct? Once you are arrested your rights have to bend to the law…

  • NorCalOffspring

    If she has a problem with the law, she’s welcomed to leave along with every other disrespectful foreigner in our country!

  • jalowe

    Buy her sorry azz a ticket to a country where she can practice her illegal bullshit cult rituals there.

    • Linda Lewis

      She wouldn’t even be ALLOWED to drive in a muslin country. I am tired of the demands of special rights for them.

      • Trisch B. Terrien

        That would be spelled as such: …………Moo-SLUM. (oink oink)

  • Sheila Ray

    thats just too dam bad…dont break the law and you can wear it all you want….she is not covered by religion FROM BREAKING THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY….CASE DISMISSED

    • Mark Allen

      As much as I agree with you, the current climate in this country will probably find in her favor. The leader of our country promoted the riots in ferguson and he will probably order this court to pay her.

  • Larry Lynn

    It’s simple, take away her license to drive for failing to obey all traffic laws. Isn’t that whaty they would do to anyone from any other religion?

    • disqus_PjBpDnyQSS

      It already was taken away she was on a suspended license when she was arrested.

      • Larry Lynn

        Thank you for correcting my mistake.

  • disqus_PjBpDnyQSS

    She does realize this lawsuit was tried once before and her religion actually states that she is required to remove it if ordered by law enforcement??…. Stupid people don’t even know their own sexist racest murdering religion.

  • tom

    its our country, our laws, if you don’t like it, go home

  • Sharkey

    DEPORT her and Holder! Problem solved!

  • Sharkey

    Under Sharia law she wouldn’t be driving…she’d probably be buried and stoned to death!

  • Serrecko

    She was driving? In say Saudi Arabia, she would get 50 lashes for driving. Was she alone and without a male family member escorting her? Another punishment. See, if you want things YOUR way in our country, we will treat you as if you were in your home country, just to make it fair. Right?

  • Julie Smiley

    They think they are supposed to get special treatment………to hell with their religion, go back to your own country if you don’t like our laws.

  • dan52d

    Well to make thing fair for her why don’t they just take an idea from Sharia law and just stone her?

  • Bigbadvoodoodaddy

    She could reproduce. Put a bullet in her head.

    • charle helbot

      Really that sounds reasonable?

  • Kachina

    I am so sick of Muslims getting special treatment. You people are in America, now.. We all live by the same Laws and Thank God they have nothing to do with YOUR LAWS… If you want to live by your laws Leave America, please! You people are just too much trouble causing too much chaos in OUR Country!

    • Arctic

      She forgot her ninja ID card

  • Vet51

    This is a load of crap, people have to follow the law of the land they are in or visiting. This is the US and each state has city and town regs. If she doesn’t want to follow those laws then she should leave the country and go where she can do such. Lots of country’s aren’t allowing for head scarves and you can’t argue with them about it. Let all these people who want to violate the law go through the process just like everyone else, so stop bullshitting and stop defending those who do this to violate in our faces. Get with it or get out.

  • Marie

    I am sure that many people who are arrested do not like to be strip searched but when you break a law you have subjected yourself to this. Just because you are a different religion doesn’t mean laws are altered for you. In other words you are not special!

    • Muriel Katz

      I agree, Marie.
      There’s a lot of “rights” people lose when arrested. Maybe she should complain about the cops “kidnapping” her, too, since kidnapping involves being restrained and taken some place against one’s will.

  • Taylor Jones

    If she had obeyed the law, this wouldn’t have been a problem. So I am not very sympathetic. The only concession the police could make was have a woman do the photography. This is all a ploy to get the camel’s nose of this religion in the tent of our country.

  • Maggie

    Sucks to be her. Obey the law and you won’t have these problems. In our country our law prevails. Get used to it or leave.

  • Von Slazzenger

    It’s not discrimination if it’s standard procedure that everyone must remove head coverings.

  • Charles Alaimo

    She wasn’t discriminated against, she was treated just like everyone else.

  • alan

    lets treat like her country where we stone her for a traffic infraction

  • Gary29

    We have laws and if they are not willing to abide by them then they can go back to a country that is okay with people hiding their faces.

  • catlady

    then fkn leave stupid C*nt

  • aussie girl

    Wearing the hajib is a religious choice not law the law of the land outweighs the free choice she made to waer it and break the law several times, the police and court system also needs to protect the process as they have been known to state that the identification is flawed due to not being able to properly identify the perpetrator of the offence which is what happened here in our country

  • William 1

    Go back to your home bitch-!

  • me

    Of course they the muslims can discriminate against us and our beliefs but god for bid we do it to them…piss off w ur stupid crap…u broke the law u shld have to remove it. No special treatment for u so sorry! I hope the courts make the right call and dismiss her case. It’s just silly!

  • slink

    I thought it was Freedom From Religion. This was done to keep the patriots from being forced to join any one religion like the British were forced to join the Church of England.

    • Jim Trent

      Common mistake for people who don’t pay attention. It’s freedom of religion. It doesn’t say freedom from religion. As in the government cannot force you to pick a religion and it doesn’t stop citizens from practicing their religion. It’s when law and ones individual rights conflict does it cause problems.

      • Sher

        Right! So many think the constitution guarantees freedom from religion. It doesn’t, otherwise I could have theseJehovah Witness’ knocking on my door, handing out religious pamphlets arrested. They have freedom OF religion. I do not have freedom FROM religion.

    • Sher

      It’s not “freedom FROM religion” it’s freedom OF religion.

  • LVR

    How did she feel about the strip search?

  • SMH

    What part of her “faith” makes it okay to have several to have several prior arrests and convictions? How about, if you don’t like the way our laws work and what they require when you break those laws, don’t come here.

  • Michelle Berns

    I would also like to add after researching this article that Ms. Kazan is not above the law of the land like the rest of us. She FAILED to acknowledge ANY of her prior traffic violations! I hope to almighty God that the judge that gets this case throws it right out. Safety over police personnel trumps religious discrimination every time in my book. Boy this has got me hot! Please please please Malak, after this self-imposed debacle, go to Lebanon where your alliance seems to be…..

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    If she moved to Saudi Arabia she wouldn’t have this problem, as women can’t drive at all there.

  • francesca9

    i side with the police for sure, this is a person with a criminal record!

  • Unkie Numbnuts

    Three time losers are supposed to go directly to jail…And deported after serving a sentence if they are not legal USA citizens.

  • Gary R

    Move to another country, your culture does not mesh with American culture.

  • Les Blane

    She should have obeyed the law and ridden a camel instead…

  • jana

    I side with the police. Everyone has a right to be safe.

    • MKE gal

      Point to that in the Constitution, please?

  • Caroline Allen-pysell

    tell them rag heads to go home if they don’t like it here

  • anti-camel

    her beliefs do not mean anything in the U.S. Deport her ass. If all of her beliefs apply, then drop your pants and she will be shamed to death.

  • kilee


  • Alan

    Remember, in her mind she is a part of the solution. But she must remember, as many should, that once you are given a direct order that compliance is warranted. You cannot detour police via physicality or religion once you are arrested. If the officer does wrong there is recourse. Should you escalate into violence, police are trained to “win” in response.

  • George H Scaggs

    This is America,and if we were in her country we would have abide by their laws

  • Muriel Katz

    Maybe if she obeyed our laws, she wouldn’t get into these situations. Sounds like a person who thinks she is above the law just because she’s muslem!

    I worry about the cops and other people who are around any female muslem when she gets arrested. Weapons can easily be concealed in headgear as well as on the rest of their completely-covered-up bodies. Not to mention bombs. (Just because they’re women doesn’t make them less dangerous than their male counterparts.)

    If muslems, male or female, don’t want to obey our laws, then they need to get out of our country!

  • Mike

    Once she’s in her cell she can wrap toilet paper around her head. The lawyer is wrong, you DO lose your religious rights when incarcerated. Then they give you whatever rights they can reasonably give you that are compatible with the prison experience.

    • MKE gal

      Once she’s in her cell it’s unlikely she’d be seen by men… only other female prisoners, and (probably) female guards. I doubt they’d have men guard women.

  • Bluegrallis

    When she loses the case, she should have to pay ALL court costs and attorney’s fees for the defendant. If she wins, she and the judge need to be deported.

  • Richard M

    Side with the police. Rule of law trumps religion. Even a Catholic Bishop wearing one of those pointy hats would have to take it off. A Sikh would have to take off his turban.

  • June Smith

    Let her sue and see where it goes

  • Mike Sternberg

    Her case is stupid but the attempt to paint her as a hardcore criminal is just as stupid, traffic infractions and simple assault IE smacking or pushing someone are NOT a big deal. She’s a Moron and a rich jihadi skank who thinks she’s above the law but she’s not real criminal or a threat .

  • Sons of Liberty

    She has no case.

  • Dellburt

    America is going down unless the stupid lawsuits are stopped.

  • BoogieMan

    Get out of my nation … GET OUT.

  • toobored54

    Its a nuisance suit. I’d yank that sh*t off her head in a heartbeat for a booking photo.

  • Boatdrink

    Skip the trial, go right to Sharia law and decapitation

  • rhodes autry

    If removing the head dress is freaking her out, just wait until the cavity search!

  • rhodes autry

    Dearborn, MI is a test ground for Islam in USA… you can expect more of this.

  • ken

    Send the SH IITE BAG back to her sandbox.

  • Sheila Morlas

    Please send all those rats back to their country of origin. If they can’t obey our American laws they don’t belong here. They are despicable.

  • Janice

    She should be deported ASAP. I hope whatever court gets this suit, throws it out. Don’t be wasting the courts time with this crap. POS

  • mike

    in her case they should have left in on

  • Nevir

    What’s next? Sikhs demanding to be allowed to keep their kirpan (dagger) when arrested? No, wait Sikhs don’t usually demand special treatment like the idiotic Muslims. -_-

  • John Sayewich


  • MKE gal

    “She claims discrimination because the tenets of Islam require the hijab for “covering her hair, ears, neck and part of her chest when she is in public and when she is in the presence of men who are not members of her immediate family”

    No, it doesn’t.
    It requires muslims to dress “modestly” (men and women), and IIRC women are to dress more modestly than the non-muslims surrounding them.
    Women are required to be covered from neck to ankle, men from waist to knee.
    The whole bit about women covering their hair / ears / face / neck is simply custom from various places.

  • grace


  • Doug

    The Koran does not require a woman to war a scarf vor cover her hair. Those requirements are sicher local las vor regulär, but not required by the religion. So basically she is full oft s… If she’s ging to sue then she’s ging to habe to show wäre the Koran requires it. Maybe then she’ll Wale up and see how she’s been lied to all her life from those freaks.

  • Maryann Gee

    What a load of crap, they think their above the law. Whats the world comming to, they are never going to abide by our laws, only their own way. So over their crap.



  • William L

    Something seriously wrong when a child can’t pray in school, or read a bible in school, but it’s a violation of someone’s religious freedom to remove head gear when they are arrested?

  • Hamish Gale

    “It’s part of the cannons of their faith to wear a head scarf.” – Err no it isn’t! The Quran only states that women should be dressed conservatively – the rest is cultural bullshit foisted on people by sects of revisionist misogynists like the Wahabbi sect in Saudi Arabia. Just look at the pictures of Kabul and Tehran in the 1960s. They were all Muslims then and there are virtually no headscarves in sight. So never believe this BS. It is all part of their agenda of provocation and victimhood.

  • The Optimist

    Typical, let’s use the “religion/race card” when caught breaking the law!! Now you just hope that the judge throws the case out and is not yellow bellied!!!

  • Codgewife2

    Don’t you just love these idiotic people who come here and then demand we change our customs and our laws to accommodate them…These butt hole muslims tried to change the law if FL that the woman could keep their face covered to receive a driver’s license on the same chant that their religion would be violated if they had to remove the covering…well the court ruled if you want to drive then your face has to be on your license…they finally shut up. Send her arse back to where she came from.

  • Stephanie Ferguson Bell

    No exceptions. She will get over it. I don’t think she should be able to keep it in jail either. What if she hid a weapon she obtained behind bars, under her wrap? Nope. It is just one more danger for the officers. Her record speaks for itself also. THAT is where this battle needs to go. And why is a terrorist organisation allowed to file suit in this country???

  • JDW

    This is how Europe is being consumed by Islamo-fascists: they play the victim card and progressives play along in order to be politically correct.

  • Teresa

    Everyone needs to follow the rules/laws of the United States. People immigrate here for “freedoms”, and they need to abide by our rules/laws.

  • arnie

    Typical stinking lawyer……These bastards will get their way and our damn country will let them……

    Until the people……US (WE) take over!

  • Chris Robinette

    CAIR are part of the Kharjees. Look up the word “Kharjee”.

  • Pamela Stewart

    So she’s upset about removing her scarf. WhAT ABOUT THE FULL BODY SEARCH?

  • Golfer1113

    Obey the law and this would never have happened. ALL those arrested must go through certain things and a picture is one of them. If no picture she could later say it was not her. This is a pathetic try to defraud the people out of tax dollars, nothing else.

  • Shod Pell

    Dearborn, MI. You laid down with the dogs so quit bitchen about the fleas you woke up with.

  • ejhaskins

    I would think that simply, we should insist in our ‘secular societies’ that Civil Law takes precedence over Religious Law.

  • ejhaskins

    We should also remember that “religious freedom” is no more than a freedom of belief. It gives the ‘believer’ no right to behave against the Civil laws of the Country. If people are not prepared to obey the laws of a country, then they have the right to not live there. If anybody wants to immigrate to any country, then they should be sure that the laws of those countries are acceptable to them. If people want to convert to a religion or even form their own, these religions give them no right to any exclusion from the existing laws.

  • pb

    The court should throw it out. Frivolous law suit…Waste of time.

  • trixie

    Go ahead and behead her and she won’t have to worry about that head rag.

  • James Dillon

    These laws are us laws take it or leave it. Why don’t they send her back were she came from. Sense she is now a criminal with prior arrest.

  • Nate S

    waste of space.

  • bowhunterco

    come on man…..when u get arrested u cant hide behind anything…..period…..these people are going to earn the rath of the common sense American….it will be good for them

  • teri

    Law breakers are the ones who claim discrimination because our society kowtows to them! Once you say that word, we know WE are going to try to settle this case for as little as possible to quiet the offender. WE NEED TO STOP THIS MADNESS! Let her go to court! Hopefully, they will find a jury who will stand up and say you broke the law now YOU must pay! She gave up her rights when she broke the law plain and simple. If you don’t want to be arrested don’t commit a crime. If you don’t like our laws, then go back from where you came!

  • Linda Yoder

    she’s messed up . she’s in the UNITED STATES if they want to stay here they need to live by our laws. If you don’t want your scarf off don’t drive period. this is a good example of there trying to get away with all they can. If it’s not muslims it’s mexcans.

  • GatorDog

    In her religion would she not be a street whore if she went out un-escorted? I thought it was against the koran for a women to go out in public without being escorted. Off with her head… (-: oh, I forgot, that’s her religion. The one she forgot to follow.

  • StopTheFlood

    Does her religion give her the right to ignore or disobey the laws of the country she is living in?…supposedly living here because she pledges her allegiance here? If she doesn’t pledge an allegiance here and believes she doesn’t have to follow our laws then she should go back home.

  • Edward Annibale

    I side with the police 100%. If she wants to live in America and enjoy the freedom she is given here, she needs to obey the laws. If she doesn’t like it, she can move back to wherever it is she came from.

  • Karma Wynds

    wtf? she has priors and a suspended license…we have rules that apply to all of us and this is clearly NOT a case against her religion…shes just being a bitch…seems to have no respect for our laws…now THATS the real crime here…give her the boot in the ass…

  • Evo1340

    My simple thoughts…

    If she wants to claim discrimination based on religion. Fine!

    The by same token all the Requirements of her religion will then be applied to her and fulfilled.

    If she was out without a male family escort – Stoned.
    If she did not violently resist the removal of her Ha-jib – Stoned.
    If she was touched by a male not of her family – harlot – Stoned.

    I’m pretty sure when faced with this her charges would be immediately dropped.

    And if a Male family member was present, well then her Ha-jib can be removed without her impacting here religion.

    Grounds for lawsuit – Zero.

    • Pamela Justice

      yep they just want to pick an choose what laws they follow fact is she should never have been DRIVING

  • mary witte

    ifrried about men seeing her face why does she have it plastered all over the place

  • Garland Rose

    They should post her arrest picture on Facebook so she will remember what happens when you break the law. To bad it wasn’t in Detroit they don’t have any money.

  • Pamela

    in this case she shouldn’t be driving at all.. deport her

  • Terry Daluge


  • B Dingman

    Her own fault, she should obey the law just like everyone else! Removing the head covering was just for the safety of the arresting officers. This is simply stupid – and a waste of taxpayers money!

  • calypsodancler

    Ok new to the discussion, and maybe someone has already posted this but..If in fact she has prior arrests and convictions, wouldn’t those arrests have required the same procedure with regards to the headgear? If so why no outrage then? Seems too obvious an attempt to get out of me using the next best thing to the race card which is religious discrimination.

  • Suemustbe

    Live in American live by our laws or go home. Heard Michigan had problems with Muslims being their pain in the ass selves.

  • Dave Seligson

    She’s bitching about having to remove her Hajib? How about that anal cavity search? No sympathy.
    (Full disclosure — I’m just assuming about the “anal cavity” search, having not had an arrest experience of my own to draw upon)

  • Carrie Fisher

    If she didn’t want to get arrested then she shouldn’t of been DUS, that is her own fault. Should every sue the police department when they are arrested because someone doesn’t like what they have to do. No! We don’t get those special rights either, so of course she shouldn’t! Religion shouldn’t let you by past the law, especially if it could be a threat to the public. People are idiots, and she is one of those right now, if she just went with what the police officers were telling her to do then it wouldn’t of been such a big deal. If your religion is not to work on Sundays most jobs won’t hire you, are we going to sue them for it? No, we aren’t because it’s apart of how things work!


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