Muslim U.S. Olympian Says She Was ‘Detained’ by Trump’s Travel Ban… But There’s One BIG Problem

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

The leftist lies about President Trump’s immigration actions never seem to end.

The media and Democrats have attacked Trump for his entirely legal executive order restricting people from 7 high-risk nations entering the U.S. Every president since a 1952 law was passed has used it — including Obama with Iraqis in 2011 and Cubans in 2016, with zero outrage.

Not only does the press lie about the law, but about incidents they’ve falsely ascribed to Trump’s ban — such as the media’s fake story about an Iraqi woman dying because of the executive order — quickly proven dead wrong.

This weekend the media went nuts because a Muslim-American Olympian said she was detained by U.S. customs agents a “few weeks ago.”

U.S. Fencing team member Ibtihaj Muhammad claimed Trump’s travel ban caused her to be held by DHS in an airport. And the “outraged” media blasted Trump for “Islamophobia.”

CNN, NBC, ABC and MSNBC all ran reports on her claims.

Then we found out the truth...she told a bold-faced lie, and the Fake Media, to no one’s surprise, ran with it!

From Washington Examiner:

The problem, however, is that the alleged detaining apparently occurred in December, before Trump had even been sworn in as America’s 45th president.

When caught on the dates, Muhammad noted casually several days after her Feb. 7 interview that she meant last year when she said, “just a few weeks ago.”

To put it plainly, claims that Trump’s temporary immigration ban ensnared an American champion appear to be totally false, and by that champion’s own admission.

So Obama’s DHS detained her — if the incident even happened at all — and yet the media blamed it on Trump, and smeared him by saying it was because she was a Muslim.

Should we be surprised? After all this is the same media which also created a massive “scandal” over fake campaign ads they claimed Trump’s father made in 1969 — only to have those absurd claims blow up in their faces.

Mainstream media IS Fake Media. Joseph Stalin never had a media this compliant.

And what price will Ms. Muhammad pay for her lie?

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