Muslim Students Rush Stage, Force Cancellation of University’s ‘American Sniper’ Showing


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Muslim students continue to wage jihad against one of America’s most admired war heroes, using protest and intimidation to shut down showing of ‘American Sniper’ on college campuses.

Earlier this month the U. of Michigan cancelled a showing after Muslims called the subject of the record-breaking fil, the late Chris Kyle, a “racist” and “mass killer” — only to reverse themselves after a huge outcry that included their new football coach Jim Harbaugh.

Last weekend, another Michigan college, Eastern Michigan University, planned to show two screenings of ‘American Sniper.’

But during the first showing, four protesters climbed onstage at the Student Center Auditorium chanting anti-American slogans and demanding the screening be stopped. The four were briefly arrested:

Four students at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) were arrested Friday after disrupting and causing the cancellation of a screening of American Sniper.

The Echo, EMU’s student newspaper, reported that roughly 35 students walked onto the stage at the Student Center Auditorium in protest during the 8P.M. screening of the Academy Award-winning film. The group of students worked together to try to shut down the 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. screenings of the film about the deceased Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle.

“The reality is, this is about a process of not allowing cultural appropriation for the movies being allowed into the university.”

This idiot progressive Islamist doesn’t even understand his own liberal claptrap. So-called “appropriation” is when White people anger ethnic activists by wearing a turban, or sombrero. All American Sniper portrays is Chris Kyle killing the enemy. But if you support that enemy over America, that certainly might upset you.

Protest leaders Ahmed Abbas, Layali Alsadah, Jenna Hamed, and Sabreen Dari were arrested after attempting to shut down the 8 P.M. screening. The protesters were successful in getting the 10 P.M. screening cancelled.

How were they “successful”? By getting surrender monkeys who run the school to knuckle under, which they did:

Student Body President Desmond Miller, the decision to cancel the second showing was a joint-decision he made with EMU President Susan Martin:  “The conversation we had wanted to make sure student safety was at the forefront. We wanted to make sure whatever happens, students would be safe. The second part of it, which is actually just as important as the first part, was making sure we have a very serious dialogue about the movie and the propaganda associated with this movie,” Miller told The Echo.

Completely caved to violent intimidation (“student safety”) and Islamofascist ideology — accusing the film itself of propaganda, instead of the anti-American Muslim students themselves.


Want to give EMU President Susan Martin a piece of your mind?
You can do so at 734.487.2211, or via email HERE.



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