Muslim Students Rush Stage, Force Cancellation of University’s ‘American Sniper’ Showing


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Muslim students continue to wage jihad against one of America’s most admired war heroes, using protest and intimidation to shut down showing of ‘American Sniper’ on college campuses.

Earlier this month the U. of Michigan cancelled a showing after Muslims called the subject of the record-breaking fil, the late Chris Kyle, a “racist” and “mass killer” — only to reverse themselves after a huge outcry that included their new football coach Jim Harbaugh.

Last weekend, another Michigan college, Eastern Michigan University, planned to show two screenings of ‘American Sniper.’

But during the first showing, four protesters climbed onstage at the Student Center Auditorium chanting anti-American slogans and demanding the screening be stopped. The four were briefly arrested:

Four students at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) were arrested Friday after disrupting and causing the cancellation of a screening of American Sniper.

The Echo, EMU’s student newspaper, reported that roughly 35 students walked onto the stage at the Student Center Auditorium in protest during the 8P.M. screening of the Academy Award-winning film. The group of students worked together to try to shut down the 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. screenings of the film about the deceased Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle.

“The reality is, this is about a process of not allowing cultural appropriation for the movies being allowed into the university.”

This idiot progressive Islamist doesn’t even understand his own liberal claptrap. So-called “appropriation” is when White people anger ethnic activists by wearing a turban, or sombrero. All American Sniper portrays is Chris Kyle killing the enemy. But if you support that enemy over America, that certainly might upset you.

Protest leaders Ahmed Abbas, Layali Alsadah, Jenna Hamed, and Sabreen Dari were arrested after attempting to shut down the 8 P.M. screening. The protesters were successful in getting the 10 P.M. screening cancelled.

How were they “successful”? By getting surrender monkeys who run the school to knuckle under, which they did:

Student Body President Desmond Miller, the decision to cancel the second showing was a joint-decision he made with EMU President Susan Martin:  “The conversation we had wanted to make sure student safety was at the forefront. We wanted to make sure whatever happens, students would be safe. The second part of it, which is actually just as important as the first part, was making sure we have a very serious dialogue about the movie and the propaganda associated with this movie,” Miller told The Echo.

Completely caved to violent intimidation (“student safety”) and Islamofascist ideology — accusing the film itself of propaganda, instead of the anti-American Muslim students themselves.


Want to give EMU President Susan Martin a piece of your mind?
You can do so at 734.487.2211, or via email HERE.


  • Iowan

    So, these women have a problem with terrorists being attacked? That says a lot about them.

    • Josh Pierce

      Lock and Load, anyone who stands against the fight against terrorism shows that they support terrorist activities and thus become the enemy themselves.

  • Waldopepper

    They’re protesting free speech? They should be expelled from the university and their visas revoked. Let them return to their homeland and all it’s associated freedoms.

    • Jim Robinson

      Their homeland is most likely Dearborn, MI.

      • Lady TNY

        Sad but probably true.

        • Guest

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    • UpNorth2

      For many of the “students”, home is just down the road in Dearbornistan.

    • bertasis

      This is what happens when the PC are in Charge!

    • garybkatz

      They only want everyone to hear their speech. Nobody else gets a voice. Obnoxious and arrogant.

  • FloridaViking

    This is what you get in return for trying to help people to live better lives, just ungratefulness and demands.

  • 44219

    send them back we don”t need them

  • Conservative411

    Real Americans need to stop muslims from coming to the U.S..

    • Wiggle D

      Like Japan does?

  • Kerry Vail

    Cut their heads off as that is the only message they understand.

  • Brenda southerland

    Well next time you show bambi they will rush the stage then too since when do these godless sons of pigs rule our loves that just shows they are terrorist and need to be deported WE ARE SICK OF THE DAMN MUSLIMS>

  • Haywood Jablowme

    thank God I was not there I would be n jail.and when I said thank God I did not mean the false god of Islam.I was not thanking the child rapist Mohamed.

  • Speeder

    so telling the truth, even as close as Hollywood can, is now viewed as propaganda? Maybe they would be happier showing ISIS performing beheading or public executions in Saudi Arabia.

  • Tina

    When are we going to say enough and throw these anti americans out of our country?
    If these muslims feel that Kyle was a racist killer, then they are the enemy and should be arrested and deported!

  • carti

    (eyeroll) My husband watched American Sniper at the Dubai Mall. No rushing of the stage.

  • Barney

    cave to the enemies of America…way to go

  • Ken Darby

    Play charlotte’s web in the prison cell and serve them Bacon. This is the Hope and Change Idiots asked for. Freaking Morons

  • dan52d

    Free speech does exist in Islam. Does here. Piss on Muhammad.

  • Grabber

    Desmond Miller, I’m sure the focus was exactly the opposite of what you described.

    First issue: How do we get this movie shut down?

    Second Issue: What’s a good reason? Ans: Student Safety.

    Too bad your University President (Susan Martin) has set up an environment where different views can be absorbed and discussed instead of being BULLIED off the campus!

  • Gary Bell

    Rush them out and off the stage. Rub them down with bacon grease and slide them into the Dean’s Office with a request for expulsion. If they do not expel them stage a nice riot.

  • ross mcglockness

    i would’ve pelted them with bacon. then, i would’ve kicked their a$$.

  • tired of the race card

    I thought with their political religion didn’t allow the women to talk to strangers

  • Mike Lapatchak

    cut their heads off like they would get Pakistan or Iran.

  • fireart

    The student body president said it all but was too ignorant to realize what he said. “We shut down the 10:00 show for student safety. “

    • Paul Floyd

      just following in his idol’s footsteps — LOL

  • Zero

    Go home then. Dirty sand jockeys.

  • Herman Vogel

    Isn’t this a Denial Of Civil Liberties issue. so why are they still on campus. Fire the Dean, bring in an American.

  • David

    Get them the Fu** out of MY country

  • mtin

    Someone needs to wage a jihad against those students. Maybe someone needs to treat them the way that their people treat everyone else who doesn’t agree with them. They want a jihad, then maybe it’s time to give them a jihad.

  • David

    Lovers of the child rapist myhumpdi*k

  • Rboo

    Anyone who chants anti-American slogans does not deserve to live in this Country, much less be getting an education here. They hate our Country, however they want the knowledge from our schools and freedom to speak what they want, they deserve neither and should be sent back from where they came from.

    • Eric

      “Anyone who chants anti-England slogans does not deserve to live in these Colonies, much less be getting an education here.”

      Seriously… we’re a country BUILT on rebelling against its former government. Why the hell are you people this stupid?

      • Dale Burris

        ARE you so stupid to realize that we rebelled against not being treated the same as people in England were? We were being forced to pay taxes for for thing we had no need for!! You are comparing apples to oranges

        • Eric

          …you do realize that a lot of Muslims feel like they aren’t treated the same as other religions / minorities… right?

          Or, are you that dumb?

          Never mind the fact that I was pointing out the idiotic generalization of “if you don’t like it, leave it!” Considering, again, we’re a country based on “not liking it, leaving it”.

          • Rboo

            Are you so stupid to realize that Muslims hate Americans and want us dead? My brother has put his life on the line 5 times in Iraq & Afghanistan. Muslims are in Washington gathering and chanting their hatred for America and spitting on soldiers. If they hate America they don’t need to be here. You are the minority here.

          • Eric

            Your post is so laughable it’s sad.

          • Rboo

            Why don’t you f**k with everyone else on this site and leave me alone? I don’t give a sh*t what you think. I’ve had enough of the hateful Muslims killing innocent Americans and killing our soldiers, so talk all the bullsh*t you want doesn’t change the facts.

          • Eric

            “I don’t care what you think.”

            Posts anyway. lol

          • jay2010master

            If muslims think that they they are retarded and stupid. They are treated better than most people that were born here. They get medical care most of the time free, we pay for ours, They live off of social programs. etc. So they can believe what they think is unfair, and blame everyone else for their terrible situation, however that doesn’t make you better. It makes you a target. Furthermore how many skinny woman muslims do you see? practically none – why? Because they are at home living off the gov. and getting fat. Not contributing to society – only taking.

          • Eric

            [citation needed]

          • jay2010master

            Just go to your local grocery store and look at who pays with a gov. debit card. Its pretty easy to figure out unless your blind to it.

          • Eric

            Went to local Wal-Mart. White mom with two kids paid with debit and had WIC paperwork with her.

            Next idiotic statement?

          • Rboo

            Mexicans, blacks, Muslims & some whites! You’re the only one making idiotic statements.

          • Eric

            [citation needed]

          • jay2010master

            And she’s an American more than likely. The point is that we should not support immigrants when they come here and hate our country or how we take care of business. If you are some bleeding heart you can join them and go back to their country and follow Sharia law. I have no problem supporting Americans because more than likely she probably did work at some time in her life in the USA, unlike the immigrants. Next dumb comment from your mouth?

          • Eric

            “More than likely.” Wow, what an amazing factual foundation.

            “The point is that we should not support immigrants when they come here and hate our country or how we take care of business.”

            Oh? And how about if things start off fine, them not hating our country, and then something changes? You do realize that there are legal residents of multiple non-white descent who practice Islam and have been living in America for years or even generations, who had nothing to do with something like… say… 9 / 11, and STILL get blamed or persecuted. You do realize that, right? Or are you THAT stupid?

            “More than likely she did work.” Again, amazing factual foundation you have there.

            Being as no comments have come out of my mouth, nothing dumb has been offered by my side. You’ve been taking care of that enough for the both of us.

          • jay2010master

            I’m sure its comforting to know that you stand behind these people, when the Quran talks about killing anyone that has different views even when they ‘started’ out fine.

          • Eric

            Oh? May I see your poll results on everyone who follows Islam?

          • jay2010master

            Just in case you need a citation for that look at 2:216 or 9:5.

          • jay2010master

            Oh and by the way aside from whether they work. live off food stamps or whatever – what they did by stopping the viewing of a movie and the experience of others to watch that movie is a violation of Free speech. For your citation look at the founding documents for the USA. If you live here obey the laws. They can protest all they want – provided their protest do not interfere with others freedom to do the opposite.

          • Eric

            So… you’re jumping from point to point whenever you can’t back up a previous point? Is that your strategy here?

            And, protesting to get a movie shut down is not a violation of free speech. You can protest all you want that a movie, art exhibit, music, etc shouldn’t be presented to the public.

          • jay2010master

            You obviously didn’t read the last comment close enough. I said anyone can protest as long as they don’t keep others from exercising their own rights to watch that movie. You want to protest you do it outside the theater not on its own stage. See the problem there. Or are you that close minded. And no I don’t jump from point to point when you think one fails. I do that because it is obvious that you are not intellectually sound so I have to use all kinda of examples like a 1 st grader would need.

          • Eric

            I’m fairly certain I never said they should have gone on stage, could you point me out the part where I stated, specifically, that such was okay?

            It’s funny that you use the 1st grader angle now, I guess “more than likely” wasn’t a strong enough factual debate point.

          • jay2010master

            All – Eric is just an Internet troll that probably sleeps with the
            enemy. I would ignore him. Why? Let’s see you give him factual
            information like what the Koran says and he gently dismisses it by not
            reviewing it but moves on to another subject – why? Because he knows you
            are right. And then if you don’t cite something, he then ask for
            citation – like he is going to read them. He also fails to realize that
            certain people that come to this country are taught to hate all people that
            don’t believe their twisted view from the start. He doesn’t quite
            understand that when you are taught from an early age to hate, that is
            not easily deprogrammed. It is different than if someone was brought up
            in a different country, then turned to Islam. It is not rooted as heavily and you are still able to determine what is right and wrong.
            This is simple psychology 101. He also doesn’t realize that when people
            don’t stand up against what is wrong when others are doing it within
            their religion, that they will be blamed for things – right or wrong -that is how it is. He is a typical
            person that twist everything therefore a logical debate is impossible.
            In the end he will feel he won but he actually lost because everyone
            else will see through his lies.

          • Eric

            Wow, this is so laughable that I might actually need to see a doctor because I may have literally split my sides.

            It’s hilarious when people resort to the pot calling the kettle black routine. Pure gold you are jay, not at all for your intelligence or anything (because, I mean, after all… “more than likely” is a good enough factual foundation for you), but for the sheer amusement of your stupidity.

          • CsfhVwrbi

            If muslims got along with other religions they would have no problems here. They want to take over the world and they want their religion to rule it all. They all feel that way whether they say it or not. It’s because THAT is what their religion teaches and that is what they believe is true.

          • CsfhVwrbi

            My citation is the koran. Read it.

          • Eric

            “They all feel that way whether they say it or not.”

            Nice factual evidence there. You truly are good at debate and discussion using logic. Positively a marvel.

    • notasdumbasulook

      Getting close to treason, right?

      • Rboo

        He’s an idiot! (citation needed) Not all there either!

  • Wiggle D

    Notice how it’s only the women Muslims protesting here? They should be lucky. Anywhere else, and they might have been sniped or offed themselves, by enemy and their own kind alike. Hello, in your religion, you are property; completely expendable!

  • Michael

    What the hell are they doing they should be arrested for trespassing I’d like to know how many are US citizens

  • Robert Rath

    This would be like me protesting Selma because the white people in it are racist.

  • Ray Dees


  • Papamyk

    Ship their nasty asses back to join isis. see what kind of freedom they have then.

  • Carmen Chambers

    Let them go to their own country where they can do as they please
    Tbier country doesn’t believe in Western education
    What are they doing here then!

  • Zombee

    Islamofasists and academic enablers should be challenged and not tolerated. 1st amendment rights are being denied by a fringe cabal of Islamic retrobates.

  • avengeflipper

    They should have had the second showing with armed guards to show they meant business. Freedom to choose to watch this movie shouldn’t be infringed on.

  • disqus_Y38bxN0VuX

    Send them back where they came from. This is America and we cannot tolerate any suppression of the lst Ammendment.

  • James W. Doran

    How about (A) expulsion for all 35 and (B) revocation of student visas (if any)

  • James W. Doran

    To stop this in the future, paint the stage with bacon grease.

  • jwbaumann

    Note that when “safety” is cited, it’s another attack on Christianity. Nowhere in the Bible are we advised to make our own safety a priority.

  • Kevin Looker

    Ok, and HOW many people were in the AUDIENCE that could have “escorted” them out of the theater?! If these cowards are just going to sit there and do nothing then they got what they deserved. Less lip service more ACTION!

  • american citizen

    what needs to happen is that the protestors be expelled from school for causing unrest and a hostile learning enviroment, namely not letting students who wanted to see the film, so they if they really wanted an open and frank discussion then one could take place. but they did not want that if they were born in this country they would know that there are was to protest and this isnt one of them

  • jb80538

    Maybe it’s time to start canceling muslims….

  • Chloe Rowles

    THese are not ‘terrorists’; these are the ‘peaceful’ muslims living among us. They protest against any show of Patriotism we exhibit, and call us racists. Obama wants us to ‘know’ that they are not terrorists, and yet, they support the terrorists, calling OUR ARMED FORCES racists and murders for killing these terrorists during wartime battles. These are Obama’s ‘peaceful’ Muslims, who fight, and demonstrate against, and condemn our American values and culture.

  • StevenE

    Write to Miller and Martin at Eastern Michigan University! Email. Is at bottom of article. This is despicable.

  • StevenE

    Guests from other countries need to mind their manners. I have lived overseas in different countries and Americans would never push their beliefs on others. Hispanics, Muslums are very demanding, pushy people. They’re relentless. If they don’t like how Americans do things, they should go back to their homelands. We’re happy here and abide by our laws.

  • Porphyry

    Push ’em all *off* the stage!

  • Mark Raymond

    Theres one solution to the problem. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! dont just talk and expect someone else to act you get up and do it Thats the problem in america No one will do anything and expect the police or someone else to do the dirtywork.

  • William 1

    Cowardly leadership! Fire them-beat the he’ll outta those Muslims-bring pigs to showings-they won’t come!

  • PTM123

    Time to start whipping some a$$ in my opinion.

  • Accountable_ish

    The school needs to hold Bacon Festivals every weekend with screenings of movies like “Babe” and “Gordy”.

  • Kerri Tang

    Why our country allows Islamic extremists to set up a city run by Sharia law, as Dearborn is, in this country is beyond reason. They should have to live by our laws, as every citizen in this country should ……or be deported.

  • 19mad74

    These so called students should have been hauled off to jail !!!

  • Harriet

    Miller: stuff it! Let me enlighten you as to what is outside your little box. THIS IS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!

  • dskofstad

    The movie isn’t even about killing jihadis. It’s about what war does to the people we send to fight. And the hard-fought battle to come back from it.

  • Rory Womack

    Only terrorist would protest this movie even the muslims in Iraq cheered when he put down the bad guys.

  • aproudamvet

    If they don’t like America…GET THE HELL OUT!!!! We don’t want you here!!! Go to the countries that treat you like 2nd class citizens!!! You won’t be able to protest there!!! This is our country and we can watch what we want to watch. You don’t have to watch it!!!

  • Larry C Mason


  • Mike Carter

    If these mutts were chanting anti American slogans they should be arrested and then deported. If they aren’t happy here why do we let them stay? Semper Fi and please stand up for all of our service people who risk their lives to protect us from our enemies.

  • Guest

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  • jay2010master

    I thought they were for peace? Why did they rush the stage putting people in danger? So interesting that the laws of this country only apply to its own country men but everyone else get a free pass. Ask yourself if you did this at a university, the next day you would be expelled.

  • SoniaFern

    These towel head’s need to go back to THEIR country.. We American’s won’t go to their country to protest, who wants to be in a pile of dirt..

  • Guest

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  • Guest

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  • another_engineer

    Why does this country keep importing people who hate us ???

  • chris

    Desmond Miller , pussy !

  • chris

    they are SCUM !

  • Harriet

    Are these students here on student visas??? Time to rescind that very hard visa to get and send them back.

  • garybkatz

    If I were running things, I would’ve added 5 more showings of the film and doubled security.

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