Muslim ‘Refugee’ Attacks Bus Driver Who Wouldn’t Give Him Free Ride… Does NOT End Well

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

A Muslim so-called “refugee” tried to get on an Italian bus for free, giving various sob stories to the driver.

When the Sicilian driver didn’t want to hear it and told him to go buy a ticket, the young Muslim erupted, yelling an expletive and punching the driver in the face.

It took no time at all for him to regret it.

The incident took place in Palermo in Sicily, which has been besieged by Muslims coming through Libya since Hillary and Obama threw that nation into chaos by helping Al Queda-linked rebels kill Mohamar Gadaffi.

Delivering punch after punch to the entitled Muslim, the driver kept beating the idiot senseless until he was compliant enough to be removed from the bus. However, the beatings only continued after the driver dragged the Muslim off the bus and the two were outside.

Given the vicious assaults, rapes and killings Europeans have suffered at the hands of these migrant savages, it is pleasing many to see some payback caught on video…and they are sharing this clip across the web this weekend.

  • hk770

    Better than saturday morning cartoons

  • Gloria Haynes

    If that were here, the bus driver would have been arrested and also fired from his job.

    • Albert Schmitlap.

      And the “Refugee” would be invited to the White House for a public Apology.

      • chicobill

        Yes, Obama would introduce the Muslim to his daughter

        • John Smith

          No, sent him to meet the daughters of white people.

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          • Maria1425

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      • Renee Curry-Harper

        All done via the Rose Garden.

        • Joan Bryan

          And, I suppose Obama gave a wonderful speech.

    • arnie

      You took the words out of my mouth! Dri
      ver would have lost his job and the worthless city whomever he worked for would have prosecuted him.

    • usakindatheart

      I don’t know the refugee hit him first, but yea oba would of called the Muslim American CAIR and apologized for it, but would of said it was a white guy that abused the poor misunderstood Muslim, then slowly over weeks say instead it was a Sicilianan.

    • Juliemnm12

      That’ll change, once TRUMP is elected!

  • Russ Frame

    I have seen this clip a few years ago so I am calling BS!

    • Danny Chase

      please post proof

  • Danny Chase

    but I thought migrants and muslims belonged to the religion of peace and only beheaded people for cartoons

    • Tamara Burks

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    • Joan Bryan

      Yes, of course, that’s what Obama said.

  • Tim

    Looks like the DummFuk got off easy….lmao

    • Joan Bryan

      GOOD ONE.

  • John Michael Hutton

    Don’t mess with an Italian bus driver. I wonder if he had to ice down his right hand. He wacked that asshole about 15 times and they were all rights.

    • Marty Conomos

      Italian men in Palermo are like bulls don’t try the s^%$t there he got what he deserved

  • Billy Bong

    This is the best thing i saw on the net in a while 🙂

    • Mens1961

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      • 4august20

        our you working on the street corner

  • BuddyLuv

    I suppose this is the first time you ever ran into a bus driver – Ralph Kramden

  • 4406pak

    ? is why did he stop ?

    • Jesse Beaumont

      Cause it’s easier to get him off the bus if he’s conscious.

      • 4406pak

        just knock m out and kick m off ! lol

    • arnie

      His fist was probably a little sore….lloolll

  • Joatmoaf


  • Cindy Cron Baker

    It’s the only thing these wukfits understand. There is no reasoning with barbarians.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Auh he stopped too soon. It was just getting good. Now watch the Socialists in Italy demand the driver be charged.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Hopefully the Sicilian “Bad boys” will find this moron and finish what the driver started.

  • Greg

    My guess is that the bus driver is a member of the, “Family.”

    The Muslim refugee kid that wanted a free ride on the bus, more than likely got a free ride to the hospital.

  • carl arasi

    Great Ass wooping

  • Bryan Bennett

    How funny.

  • Christus_Regeln

    A feel good moment . . .

    How in the world did the punk walk off the bus? That many hits should have made him unconscious.

  • Dandydanderoo

    Now, I suppose over here, the driver would be fired and prosecuted and the perp invited to the WH and given free tuition to Harvard and food stamps!

  • schr8er

    SO glad that SOME people understand the problems these “refugees” cause…. just like a bunch of free-loaders that feel they are ENTITLED to free housing, food, cars, medical care and everything else while they sit on the butts and do NOTHING to make their lives and everyone elses better….. SCREW THEM… and Obama and his FREE RIDE programs….

    • Joan Bryan

      Not only do they think they are entitled, but they roam the streets, attack women, beat up the local men, and stay out all night in mobs.

      • Danna


  • FRED

    would’ve like to see that MUSLIM APES face smashed into the pavement

  • Tom Sizzle

    I’m living vicariously through that bus driver!

  • Mark Wurz

    nice work driver, good right hand

  • Mike E. Cooney

    I would have killed the muslim maggot rapist heathen dog.

    • eclemensen

      almost wished you were there. now you would be in prison for attempted murder.

      • Mike E. Cooney

        Almost wish you were here to get what your fellow traveler in the hoary world of hate-you mealy mouthed heathen dog.

        • DonnieDooochebag

          Another up vote for yourself.

          SO PATHETIC.

          • Mike E. Cooney

            Hey, it’s the anon pansy from Detroit, or is it Baltimore ?

          • eclemensen

            You can get what you desire anywhere in the country. Snacker.

          • Mike E. Cooney

            Pedophiles have their own heathen language that is undecipherable to normal folks….liberals-sex obsessed and as vile as vermin .

          • eclemensen

            Your the snacker, It’s your mouth that nobody wants to be near enough to understand.

          • Mike E. Cooney

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          • eclemensen

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          • Mike E. Cooney

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          • eclemensen

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          • Mike E. Cooney

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          • eclemensen

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          • Mike E. Cooney

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          • eclemensen

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          • Mike E. Cooney

            Didn’t read one word of your long winded diatribe you diseased swine…are all of you homosexual islamist cock suckers as diseased as you ? Don’t answer—-assholes like you are scat ingesting monkeys.

        • eclemensen

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          • Mike E. Cooney

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          • eclemensen

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          • Mike E. Cooney

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    • DonnieDooochebag

      Another up vote for yourself.


      • Mike E. Cooney

        Whine a lot don’t you you pansy cowardly anon twerp.

        • DonnieDooochebag

          Hey doochebag, you forgot to give yourself an up vote.

          • Mike E. Cooney

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  • Stephanie Tilley Wilcox

    The Muslim got schooled when you try and mess with a Dago! Lmaoooo

  • Chris

    That was AWESOME – if Obama had a refugee son, it would look like that punk

  • Byron Shutt

    My guess is he used to box. Ya Know, when I was young and didn’t have bus fare…..I WALKED.

  • mike reynold

    oblabber amerika the bus driver would have been arrested and the refugee thug would have gotten an invite to oblabber and the white house

  • Monte Mann

    Good for the driver. Nothing like a redneck Italian to make your day.

  • Cake Lady

    We cannot do that in America. Bus driver. would be charged with assault. Sad.

  • David Long

    Nothing better than a muslim ass whipping!

  • MsT303


  • edslides

    13 sicilian kisses!!!!!!!!! dude never watched “good fellas” BWAHAHAAAAAAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAA. this is coming to America, and it wont end well.

  • Holohoax

    America has an AIPAC sponsored immigrant in the Whitehouse.

  • Katie

    And how do we know this kid is a Muslim? Was he wearing a a yellow star that said Muslim??
    Did he have it tattooed on his head? Did he proclaim it before beating the guy? There is not even a name …

    • Ernst Zundel was correct.

      Maybe he looked, smelt and acted like one. Don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. Being a pinko, are you happy at the mess your idol (ex Communist KGB slut Merkel) has created?

      And by the way, if you knew your ‘real’ history instead of post-war, Marxist shite. You will know the World Jewish Organization asked to have yellow stars put on Yids, so that they might keep their identity as they were being booted out of their 105th country and transported through the camp system after officially declaring war Germany.

      • Katie

        So, in other words, you have zero evidence that he was a Muslim. Okay, that’s all you had to say. You made it up to get more likes and shares. It’s cool. I get it.

        • Maple Curtain

          go make some man a sammich. there’s a good girl.

          • Katie

            What an intelligent response.

    • 1337kestrel

      Well, the news article we’re commenting on says he was Muslim. so that’s documentary evidence.

      • Katie

        I can write an article about that Christian guy in Florida who ripped his girlfriend’s intestines out through her vagina and say he was a donald trump supporter… doesn’t make it true just coz I said it in an article.

        • Rattschidtt

          Go put on your burka, muzzie sympathizer1

          • Katie

            I don’t wear a burka. The vast majority of Muslim women actually do not cover their Face!

        • 1337kestrel

          You asked for evidence. Here’s more evidence: The guy is brown and in Italy. Statistically, he’s Muslim. Now in order to argue that he’s not Muslim you need to provide some kind of evidence more compelling than demographics.

          • Katie

            no you don’t get to guess… You want to say he is a Muslim. Prove it. You are the one making the accusation.

          • 1337kestrel

            You’re the one denying a widely reported story with a video. Fine. I don’t care if he’s muslim. He’s just a brown atheist immigrant. A dirty, violent atheist.

          • Marty Conomos

            STFU your a male troll posing as a women Katie no woman women would be that stupid or that vulgar in reto our politics get lost your snagged.

          • Katie

            how was I vulgar?

          • Marty Conomos

            1337kestrel Don’t even pander to her annoyance heard through the grapevine Tulip Saddiq & Rose Hamid are staring a campaign against Trump these trolls are everywhere caught em 14 so far ignore them

        • Marty Conomos

          Katie Take it on the hop troll

        • 1337kestrel

          How do you know he’s Christian? What proof do you have?

      • Marty Conomos

        Check Katie’s site Our Prophet our Honor Trolls. They never admit the atrocities they never protest against it. Even when it’s n their faces what it tells me is they condone it.

    • Marty Conomos

      Katie do you think a Italian local would be fool enough to pull a stunt like that??????

  • Stano

    fukcing nice to see this for a change, fuck em all pedophile muslim followers

  • MissaJim

    Nice, just a preview of things to come. The orcs will come to regret this.

  • Raphael In Canada

    I have done close combat martial arts, a little rapefugee like this going for punches against that buy guy in an enclosed space is suicide, it’s like going to gun fight with a knife. Buy this Italian bus driver a few drinks, violence is the only language these savages understand.

  • ADNpress

    Funny how they’re weak little sissies when they’re not in a pack.

    • Marty Conomos

      Well what do you want they’re women beaters and abusers of children and animals they just raped and 8 year old boy in Austria did a lot of damage at a local pool sick degenerates how the hell do those women even look at these sub human low lives never mind stay with them when they had a chance to get away. They deserve what they get.

  • trs trse

    may they litter the streets rotting in piles of worthless flesh. no mercy.

  • Chance Boudreaux

    if Obama had a son in Italy.,,,,

  • Kim Kirk

    Glad to see there’s still at least one man left in Europe.

  • Quapa

    Allah Backfire… Allah Crowbar…. Balla Jabar… Awful K-Bar….. Alla Fruit Jar…. Somebody get this crazy Italian off my sorry muslim

  • Proudvietvet58

    Now, thats what I’m talking about!!

    A good, old fashion whup ass!

  • Deliciousfriedchickenisha

    Nice job, driver….YOU are my hero. That punk Muslim’s sense of entitlement and free rides for life comes from the liberal infested government. Europe’s ‘refugee’ problems won’t go away until the enablers in power are taken away (and hopefully strung up in a tree).

  • 4august20

    why to go bus driver people are starting to get tired of these savages and are fighting back .What ever it takes to get rid of their nasty asses

  • Sexual Harassment Panda

    Swinging on a man twice his size. Did he really think he had a chance? Typical runty, stupid little Muslim cockroach.

  • usakindatheart

    Woo hoo sicily just kick their butts!
    Muslim thought he was an old scared liberal.
    Wish this country would send them back!

  • Italians do NOT believe in political correctness

  • Shaniqua

    LOVE IT! Take em down again, paw!

  • Tarantula2

    Opened a can of…

  • another_engineer

    When will europe learn .. they are NOT REFUGEES..

    even the UN recently admitted that they were not in any sort of harms way back in their wretched homeland.

  • Robert Chambers

    Driver did not finish the job because the ahole was still breathing

  • MemyselfandI

    YAY! This country is finally fighting back! We pay all these taxes and are dictated by those who do not work and want everything free. Thank God…..the silent majority is rising up before it’s too late!

  • McFortner

    You don’t mess with Sicilians.

  • arnie

    Now here in the great USA the guy would be canned and prosecuted for defending himself!

  • Ghost Wolf

    The bus driver is Sicilian and possibly a member of some kind of local Teamsters Union involved with organized crime – so that punk is lucky he isn’t a skeleton wearing concrete shoes on the sea bed with crustaceans crawling out of his eye sockets.

  • Joan Bryan

    And Obama is now resettling thousands of Muslims here in the U.S. Most are still to come. Germany and other countries are having a horrible time with the Muslim refugees.

  • Joatmoaf


  • HDwidow

    The punk got what he deserved, I don’t care what religion he is or anything about him other than he punched this driver while he was just doing his job. I am sure that the driver has had to deal with a lot of rude and crazy people while driving that bus. I would give that driver a pat on the back and a hug!! Good Job Driver!!

  • TxPoor

    So very nice to see someone stand up against these invading, violent, criminal people.

  • bob rivers

    What a beautiful sight, made my morning breakfast taste that much better. Would like to see if happen continent wide.


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