Muslim Beats and Drags His Wife Behind a Car in Front of Their Kids (Video)


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

In a shocking attack that recalls prior incidents in the U.S., a Muslim man beat, then dragged his wife from a car, with their two kids inside the vehicle .

In the incident in Dearborn, Michigan, The woman got into an argument with her husband and father of her children. The man, 34-year-old Hassan Sayed, reportedly started hitting her. So she pulled over and told him to get out. When he wouldn’t leave, she did. Then the situation spiraled out of control, as ABC 7 reported:

This was no lovers’ spat. It was the beginning of a disagreement that erupted into a full blown attack on a mother and her two children. (ABC7)

With a 2-year-old and 3-year-old in the back seat, police say 34-year-old Hassan Sayed forced his way into the driver’s seat, but not before chasing the woman into the street, taking her purse, pushing and hitting her.

Police say he overpowered the mother of his children, and with the kids in the back seat, drove away at a high rate of speed dragging the mother caught in the door. (ABC7)

“She was still attempting to get him out of the car when he took off with her hanging on to the side of the vehicle,” says Dearborn Police Detective Patricia Penman. (ABC7)

The entire incident was caught on surveillance video:

Hassan Sayed is facing several years in jail, according to authorities, due to an extensive prior criminal record. He is now facing charges of stealing the woman’s purse, kidnapping, negligence, child abuse, assault with a deadly weapon (auto), stealing the woman’s cell phone, and endangering a child.

The mother suffered deep lacerations that required a hospital stay.



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