Muslim Attacks Crew, Threatens to Blow Up Plane in Air Over NYC, Media Buries the Story


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Something stunning happened last week on a JetBlue from New York bound for South Florida, but most of America hasn’t heard a word about it.

Because it was done by a Muslim, and the media doesn’t want you to know that.

There has been scant coverage of this incident. No big media, no mug shots, nothing. But it’s a big story. Punching out flight attendants and threatening to blow up the plane is terrorism

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – A Queens man has been charged after he allegedly shoved two fight attendants, punched a third attendant and threatened to blow up the plane during a flight from New York City to South Florida.

Alija Kucuk, 29, of Middle Village in Queens, N.Y., is facing federal charges of interfering with a flight attendant and threatening to destroy an aircraft. He is jailed in Palm Beach County pending a bond hearing Monday in federal court in West Palm Beach.

Kucuk, a Muslim immigrant from Albania, was aboard JetBlue Airways Flight 153 from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Palm Beach International Airport on Thursday night, investigators said.

Around 8 p.m., just after the flight leveled off after its ascent, FBI agents said a male flight attendant was preparing food and drinks in the rear of the plane.

The attendant, Whitney Rolle, was also monitoring the aisle as he worked, authorities said.

“Rolle observed Alija Kucuk run down the single aisle of the aircraft and push two flight attendants on his way to Whitney Rolle,” FBI Special Agent Robert McGuire wrote in his report. The attendant tried to get Kucuk to calm down by asking what was the matter with him but Kucuk pushed him into a door and “punched” the victim in the face, witnesses told the agent.

“The altercation that transpired between Alija Kucuk and Whitney Rolle included verbal epithets and racial slurs by Alija Kucuk. During this time, Alija Kucuk also yelled … he ‘would blow up the plane,’” agents wrote.

According to commenters on local news site NY1 who claimed to be passengers on the flight, the Muslim man Kucuk yelled “f**king nigger” at Rolle, a Black man, and threatened to “cut him” and “blow up the plane.”

The flight attendant was able to restrain Kucuk and he was detained for the rest of the flight. He was arrested when the flight landed in South Florida.

Court records offer no information about a possible motive and FBI officials declined to comment on the case.

Attempts to contact possible relatives of Kucuk for comment were unsuccessful. One man hung up the phone when asked if he was a family member and voicemail messages left with other possible relatives were not returned late Friday.

The Federal Public Defender’s Office was appointed to represent Kucuk during a brief court appearance Friday but office policy prohibits lawyers from commenting on cases.

NY1 also reported that Kukuk has an “immigration issue” of an unspecified nature.

Huh? Is he here on an expired visa? Illegal alien? One of those wonderful “refugees” who so appreciate our generosity, as the Tsarnaevs did?

We apparently cannot be told. Meanwhile similar incidents by Americans on aircraft, whether drunk, belligerent or otherwise. A mom of two who was kicked off an American flight last week for merely complaining about a delay became national news that made all the network morning shows.

But not this story. No national news coverage. No details on the immigration situation. No mug shots., only one, unconfirmed photo provided by a blogger in NYC, which was reportedly taken during last year’s Albanian-American parade in New York:


Why so quiet, national media, about an apparent act of Islamic terror that may carry a 20-year sentence?

  • Faye Vance

    Where was TSA?

    • Guy Fleegman1

      Playing golf with Barry Soetero

      • sandwalker

        bath house barry the true isis terrorist

    • pookieamos

      TSA are not on the plane……Federal Air Marshall’s sometimes are.

      • Albert Schmitlap.

        WOW, you actually thought Faye meant THAT??? You’re a Dumbocrat,,,RIGHT?

      • Faye Vance

        Air Marshall’s work for the TSA.

    • Albert Schmitlap.

      You mean they were supposed to STOP people like this,,,I though they were just their to Grope and Sell X-ray pictures of HOT Passengers.

    • rhcrest

      Feeling up little blonde girls on their way to Disney World with their families. For sure they will have explosives in their Princess underwear!

    • Murphy’s Mom

      Stealing luggage at the airport?

    • Stanislav Aksenov

      Groping teenage girls.

      • Joy Beum

        And babies in strollers.

    • Mike Nelson

      @ Faye Vance feeling up Grandma before she could board the plane.

  • Scotty P

    Obama has already invited him to the White House, put him up in the Lincoln bedroom for the night, and gave him staff position.

    • pappymatt

      Now that’s funny!

    • sandwalker

      would not doubt that one bit im amazed obama didnt have other staff to help him to blow it up

      • tmnba

        why are you making this about Obama….just another hater I guess. Time for another cup tea, maybe??

        • Renee

          The haters not only hate, they’re totally ignorant. The two traits go hand in hand. These types of people are the worst of the worst.

          • phunny pharm

            Low info people have no clue why we are making this about obama. Try to keep up with obama’s activities.

          • Renee

            We know exactly why you are making this about Obama. Like you make everything about Obama. Unfortunately, you low info people will always continue your ridiculous notions, because you won’t accept the truth. That’s where the hate and ignorance comes in.

          • Joy Beum

            Renee: Does obama coddle thugs? (i.e. ‘if I had a son, he would look just like trayvinnie’, clock boy invited to White House, etc). obama is always quick to call terrorism anything but (base shootings: workplace violence; Oregon shooting: deranged individual, and he was a muslim). The list goes on and on, but you really don’t want to know in black and white. You want to sit and make excuses for him and try to hush it all up. And when you have no answer, you call people names, especially racist. Try looking at what is going on in this country and world objectively. Look at the issues instead of licking obama’s boots.

          • Renee

            I do look at issues, each issue individually. I do not assume something just because I want it to be so. My point is made because the title of this article is leading certain people to believe something that probably isn’t true. I know that the person in question was never identified as a Muslim except on right wing sponsored news outlets. There was never any reference to his background in any report other than the fact that his name is middle-eastern. That was enough for certain groups to twist the story into a headline that would incite the most hate. The actual report only says that a man attacked crew members, made a verbal threat about blowing up the plane was subdued and arrested upon arrival. At no time does it reference him as a Muslim. If in fact he is a Muslim terrorist, then the facts will come out. Otherwise, you just believe what you are told to believe and that is sad. Just like the lies about the President.

          • Scotster

            There were plenty of apologists for the Nazis in the beginning as well.

          • Terry

            Do you live in dream land? Obama is encouraging this and most people get it. Thats alright though theyll just go to jail we have to pay for and streets will be safer. They won’t say muslim but you can bet if he was white or christian it would be all over the news and Obama would be congratulating the man for stopping him. He’s playing race games and it’s only backfiring. Why, because whites don’t need pandering, white Sharptons and if they get in trouble they don’t make excuses for them unless innocent not when guilty just because they’re the same race so who’s racist. That’s just a excuse to get around wrong doings. Lame excuse overplayed. Since when have you ever heard a president getting involved with a thief of his own race and saying he could be his son. I’m not saying what the other did was right but he wasn’t white either.

          • Joy Beum

            Terry, It states very clearly that the terrorist was ‘a muslim immigrant from Albania’. Why do people go onto these sites and argue the facts which were clearly stated in the article? Why do they defend terrorists? They have no idea what they are dealing with. They do not realize that the ones they are defending would kill them without blinking.

          • Terry

            Like that saying, You call me paranoid, I call you uninformed. They want to be the pleasers and or believe when their being abused it’s their Fault. They could also have a self interest. A few reasons, none rational or show any survival instincts me thinks.

          • Joy Beum

            Renee: Did you read the article at all? Go back and read it. This time, take the time to read each word. It stated clearly that the terrorist onboard was ‘a muslim immigrant from Albania’. An FBI agent stated that there was ‘a problem with his immigration status’. He called a black flight attendant the ‘N-word’ (remember, muslims hate anyone who is different than they are). Renee…do some open-minded research, or are you too indoctrinated by the libtards for there to be ANY hope for you to get in touch with reality. There is a war coming Renee, and it will be fought in your own country. You had better make sure you are on the right side because the muslims will kill anyone who is not muslim.

          • Renee
          • Renee

            I happen to have more info on this event than you will ever have. I know exactly what happened on board that aircraft. I also know that there is a clear and present danger that we all must be aware of, but I don’t fall for every right wing, nut job, red alert that is set off by inaccurate or false media reports. I’m not at all making light of the situation, but I do know that some of the reports are not completely accurate. There is enough to worry about without all the false alarms being set off by the right wing hate mongers.

          • Trisha Holmeide

            Renee–if you are employed in some sort of government agency involved in investigating or sorting out the facts please say so directly rather than saying you know better than we do and blaming our so-called ignorance on “right-wing hate mongers.” Do you not understand everyone on this blog is just an average person who would so much rather be involved in their own individual pursuit of happiness than laying awake at night concerned our children and grand children will be enslaved in the very near future? do you think we have nothing better to do? PLEASE! If you have truthful and valuable information for us to read and understand give it to us or shut up because you are just a phony liberal trying to cause doubt so we go back to sleep and ignore the dangers.

          • Renee

            You can name call all you like, but telling someone to ‘shut up’ because you either disagree or don’t want to hear something that is different than your view is typical of someone who doesn’t care about what the facts are. You and your children, today, have a better chance of being harmed or killed by an American wielding a gun in a public space than the danger you’re speaking of now. That’s what should be keeping you laying awake at night. I’ll state again, I know the scenario that took place on that flight, and, as always, as it is filtered through the media there are some embellishments and misinformation. Read into it what you like, this has nothing to do with being liberal, as you’d like to believe, it’s just about facts and what is known and not known at this time. Have a great night!

          • Trisha Holmeide

            Oh, what a crock of bull, Renee! You have bought into the government propaganda so much your mind is warped! Thousands of people are SAVED every year because someone had a legally owned weapon and knew how to use it to defend himself or others–me having a gun simply gives me an equalizer to use against the thousands of bad guys who would do me and mine harm using a weapon any day of the week. I’m not the bad guy, Renee. I’m a responsible person who deserves to have a means to defend myself and my family in case I have to. Please, enough of your drivel!

          • Trisha Holmeide

            YOU accuse me of name calling because I suggested you were a phony liberal when you have besmirched everyone on this site claiming we fall for every “right wing nut job?” What a hypocrite you are! What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander, but we all know you think you and your rot-gut comments should be off limits because you are “special.” right?

          • Carrol Brooks

            Question, why is it not illegal for the Media (or the government for that matter) to LIE? I would just like someone to tell me the truth, Please!

          • phnxgrl

            I believe you are a disinformation officer that would make the KGB proud!

          • Ken Graham
          • Gordon Street, PhD

            Umm. Renee? Which article did you read? The one’s I read said he is a US Citizen who grew up in NYC. No mention of any problem with immigration status.

          • Joy Beum

            The article we are discussing is at the top of this page. You stated that there is ‘no mention of any problem with immigration’. The article clearly states (and I copied and pasted this): NY1 also reported that Kukuk has an “immigration issue” of an unspecified nature.

            You also stated that the terrorist (meaning a person who causes terror) is an American citizen who was born and raised in NY. The article above states (copy and paste again): Kucuk, a Muslim immigrant from Albania, was aboard JetBlue Airways Flight 153 from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to Palm Beach International Airport on Thursday night, investigators said.
            Why cite some other article that neglected to mention the two above quoted facts? Is it that the above article does not agree with what you want all this to appear to be?

          • pegasusx86

            OMG, you just cannot make sense to these libtards. They are all this way. Trying to explain this to this crazy Renee is just pointless. She will never get it. Liberalism is a mental disease. Give up

          • Renee

            Talk about a group of people with a mental disease!. I agree with one thing, it’s impossible to try and explain anything to you people with small minds.

          • David Langley

            I know! And you, with your skewed reality and pretzel logic required to make Leftism make sense, have no chance in a debate with people who have facts and reality on their side! How frustrating it must be for you!

          • Ken Graham

            And liberalism seems to be universal in its effect on people. Here in Canada, we’ve got the White version of Obama and he’s as dumb as a bag of hammers but, libtards voted him into office ’cause he’s “pretty” …go figure. Unfortunately, stupid can’t be fixed!

          • phnxgrl

            Unfortunately it is true. Those mental defectives will be the first to face the blade once the Islamists take over. If you do not believe me read up on what the religion of Peace did after conquering the City of Constantinople.

          • David Langley

            How simple your world must be with all the Big Media types forming all your opinions for you, presenting you only with the important facts and opinions. How trusting you are to believe without question your Lefty produced version of the facts. Instead of questioning the facts of a story outside of your preferred outlets, ask yourself why those facts are not in the mainstream news stories. They have reported race when it’s a White criminal, but omit race when it’s not. They report religion when it’s a Christian criminal, but omit religion when it’s not. They have the Party affiliation in the headline when it’s a Republican, and bury it in the story, or omit it altogether if it’s a Dem. This bias has been documented for decades, and yet you still believe their version of reality over any others’. Did you not learn anything from the revelations of Johnathan Gruber? He was talking about you, you know, and it would appear he was right.

          • Trisha Holmeide

            What lies about the president? I’m just curious, Renee, because I actually believe he has done far more damage and harm to the US than has been reported and we have only been allowed to know (and always portrayed in a positive light by the main stream media) a small portion of his day to day dealings behind the scenes. What is it you think has been wrongly reported and who do you think wrongly “told” us about it?

          • Renee

            Tell us what damage has been done by the president. Health care, lowering the deficit, best economy in years?? Or maybe it’s the way he refuses to deal with the lazy, good for nothing congress, that throw a temper tantrum every time they don’t get their way. Maybe he’s doing harm and damage by talking about some effect ways to stop the gun violence.??? Maybe he’s doing damage with his plot his take over of Texas?? Maybe the harm and damage is because of a lapel pin, or not enough flags in the background of a picture, or because he saluted while holding a cup of coffee, all major offenses! As far as the main stream media portraying him in a positive light, I’m sure at some point you’ve watched that fair and balanced Entertainment station, The Fox News Channel, who always portrays the President in a certain light. Have a nice night Trisha. I’m done wasting time here on this page.

          • Singerrlr

            Lowering the deficit??? It’s 18 trillion!! Not stupid enough to fall for that one! Don’t say u just mean mean the last few years because that’s because of the sequester and that was a republican idea. Obama gets zero credit for that because he was not in favor of the sequester. Last I checked the national debt is 18 trillion. It’s gone up more under Obama than all previous presidents combined!

          • phnxgrl

            What planet are you from? Lower Healthcare costs? Not so! Unless you get subsided version. Most got rapid 4 to 6 times premiums increases so more people have to drop their healthcare!

          • pegasusx86

            Renee, do u c that u are all alone on this one? Does that spark anything in your brain? A thought maybe?

          • Joy Beum

            Renee: Was going to respond to you ’til I got to your last line. You are in no condition to continue reading anything. Just take your medication. Hmm, I see I already responded a month ago. My mistake.

          • Renee

            Joy, seems you have some cognitive issues. Maybe you should take your meds. Although there is no cure for stupidity.

          • phnxgrl

            There are no Lies about the current occupant of the WH! you need to get your head out of the sand then look at the conditions around you. This is the results of only one person! The Muslim Iranian Spy Valerie Jarrett!

          • Ken Graham

            If I may interject. Obama may be the POTUS but that SOB POS has interfered with the recent Canadian election, just like he tried to screw with the Israeli election. Now, in Canada, we have an asshole for a Prime Minister who, like Obama, admires the leftists – and is a leftist, pinko, POS!
            Oh Bummer has caused all the shit that’s happening in the Middle East right now and the bastard is still arming ISIS which makes him a traitor.
            If things were working the way they should be in the US, he would have his ass arrested, tried, put up against a wall and shot for treason and other crimes. The man is pure evil!

          • Joy Beum

            I apologize for his meddling in your elections on behalf of the American people, most of which wish obama was sitting in a jail cell awaiting trial for treason, among other charges. He is using our tax dollars to fund his isis and other terror organizations and there is no one in this country who is willing to do a thing about it. We voted in Republicans in last November’s elections, thinking they would go to bat for America and they have turned out to be RINO’s…or they have been so thoroughly threatened that they are afraid to act. I have a feeling that there will soon be a full on civil war fought, yet again, on our soil. We have many military men who were pushed out of the military because they were patriots who are the perfect leaders of our many militias. God help all of us.

          • Ken Graham

            Amen, Joy, Amen

          • phnxgrl

            They are trying to practice Kitman and Taquiyya on you. Too bad they have not perfected yet!

          • Tom

            Very cute that you’ve tried to coopt Rush Limbaugh’s “Low Info Voter” schtick.

          • Ramona Crews

            The truth, like Hillary tells it? The truth that Obama covers up?? What truth do you refer?

          • 66lima

            Actually I think we are the ones that DO accept the truth.
            Basically Obama is not legally qualified to be president, isn’t FIT to be president and is a muslim sympathizer.

            And is doing what he can to aid the destruction of this country.

            Anyone that watches what he DOES instead of listening to what he SAYS can see that quite easily.

        • John Mitchell

          whatever it takes to get rid of that sorry son of a bitch!

          • tmnba

            Ohhhhh sure….and put one of those sorry ass bunch of clowns running on the GOP ticket?? Ohhhh yeah…Trump is the epitome of a qualified man to lead the most powerful country in the world. He sounds like he has an 8th grade education. Time for your dose of Koolaid…

          • Ramona Crews

            Trump is stupid like a Fox…..the best one for the job. Homer Simpson would be better than what is in the Whitehouse now.

        • David Langley

          Obama has taken up the mantle of the “Muslims are awesome, peace-loving people that should be spread to every country on Earth” movement, and is now the poster child for importing extremist and uncivilized people to this country. He’s forcing these people upon us, forcing us to subsidize their migration, housing, medical treatment, food and clothes. He demands we treat them far better than they would ever treat us, And he demands that we accept his homosexual agenda, and is willing to deprive us of our freedom and property if we don’t, yet he coddles and defends this murderous death cult that executes homosexuals when it has the power. He has brought Muslim Brotherhood members into his inner circle at the White House, and willingly spreads their absurd propaganda as fact. Obama is the face of Muslim America to many Americans, whether you see it that way or not.

          • phnxgrl

            You forget he has the head of the Muslim Brotherhood living in the WH too!

        • Hillbilly

          cause he’s an asshole,

          • tmnba

            You screen name says everything we need to know about you.

        • Animal06

          Maybe it has everything to do with Obama wanting to bring more here. Maybe it has to do with his refusing to prevent more from sneaking in. Maybe it has to do with fast and furious that resulted in many more deaths than all the mass shootings that happened since he’s been in office. Maybe it has to do with him and his crew violating a federal court order and weapons laws through it. Maybe it has to with his continual disregard for our constitution and laws. Maybe it has to do with all that and nothing to do with hate.

        • Ramona Crews

          I prefer tea over Koolaid.

    • Susan Phillips

      and Dr. Oz had him on his show for a science experiment!!!

    • PapaLouie

      Did he threaten to blow up the plane with a homemade clock?

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        • Albert Schmitlap.

          Still can’t handle a REAL job huh..other then the ORAL you sell that is,,,how sad.

      • fireart

        That would really enhance his value as a Liberal Hero.

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    • Mike Pincelli

      Did you mean staff infection? Haha

    • Marcia

      It’s a sad situation Scotty but you made me laugh out loud.

    • chianasmoke

      Right beside the little punk clock boy!

    • LiberatedCit

      We need Trump this Muslim would be facing terrorism charges so quickly all the Muslim heads would spin.

  • Rick T

    If the flight was from New York to Orlando why is he being held in West palm beach???? Have to question some of these stories.

    • Leon Fowler

      Where is Orlando mentioned in this article?

      • Aunt Lynn

        Article said Palm Beach or South Florida. No mention of Orlando.

    • Dixie Glover

      Where does it say Orlando?

      • Robin Rose

        Excuse the fuck outta me, but what the hell difference does that make????

        • fireart

          OK Hillary, Enough.

    • Don Newcomb

      The flight was to palm beach

    • Chloe Rowles

      The flight was from NYC to Palm Beach International airport…..that’s why.

    • Robin Rose

      ? them ALL.

  • David

    Deport that bastard or have him shot by the firing squad.

    • Albert Schmitlap.

      DEPORT??? How about we just Force feed him Pork and shoot him when he steps off the plane.

      • rhcrest

        Just force him to hold a Bible and watch him melt

        • Carol Murfield Monroe

          I’m pretty sure the Bible would melt from being touched by that much evil! Lets don’t waste good Bacon on this creep just end him to Hell!

          • Murphy’s Mom

            OK, then let’s just smear him with bacon fat. Or better yet, forced labor at a pig farm.

          • Ken Graham

            Apparently pigs are very intelligent animals; they might, in their own piggy ways, let us know that they object to the company that they are being forced to keep.

      • David

        Sounds good!!!

  • dawn

    mucking fuslims

    • Joy Beum

      Creative new phrase. It just might catch on!

  • Jared Swets

    Can’t find any evidence of CBS-NY EVER mentioning anything about him facing “immigration charges”, I can’t find any news article ANYWHERE that says he is a Muslim, this really needs to cite sources for it to be credible. There are tons of stories posted about this but this is the only one that I can find that mentions those “facts”.

    • Rusty.Not

      Well the header implied a blackout. Can’t or didn’t? Yes there are tons. It is appropriate to cite sources. There appear to be eye-witness accounts.

      So what do you want?

      • Jared Swets

        If there is a blackout then WHERE did THEY get the information? Did they just make it up? They appear to claim that they got it from CBS-New York, but their story doesn’t mention him being a Muslim at all! They don’t cite any sources that they actually interviewed, nothing! Their link to “local forums” doesn’t actually work, and any “reputable” website would be careful for proclaiming that as actual fact.

        I want actual sources, not just made up information. You realize the “media blackout” tagline is just lies made up to generate clicks right? There are tons of stories available on it, just none that say he is a Muslim or an immigrant.

        • Rusty.Not

          Whose story? The AP story went on to say’ “…Kucuk, a Muslim immigrant from Albania,..” Yes NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) did’nt cite sources.

          You say there are tons “on it” Post such a link. You’ve taught us to be wary.

          You may be right but few expend the energy you appear to have expended without a vested interest. So, what’s your angle?

      • Gary Taylor

        Is this for real or is some one just trying to start shit. No way this went unreported.

        • Willie Bill

          That was my first question; is this real? Yes, unfortunately, it is. There was an article stating that the prick was released on $50K bail…that’s it, and has to go to trial. So, natural question to one’s self: isn’t this a federal crime, attacking flight attendants, beating them up and threatening to blow up a plane? As I recall, it qualifies as terrorism. Next question: WTF?

          Here’s the article:

          Next question: what if a black person did the same thing? Or, what if a white person did the same thing? It seems like all that matters is NOT offending Muslims! Not that I want to, but enough of this ridiculous pussy footing around political correctness: treat everyone the f*cking same already!! It’s 2015 for Christ’s sake! Though, if not a legitimate US citizen (LIKE IN THIS CASE, ahem!) guess what: you get no fucking rights!

          That douchebag is so fucking lucky I was not on that flight, I’d have taken him down and did serious damage along with it.

      • Kenny Amos

        It’s hush hush,, no news wants to air the facts.. they want you to think your always safe

        • Rusty.Not

          Thanks for digging. The OP chose to delete his posts. I can’t speak for him, but when I asked his angle, poof!

          • Kenny Amos

            your welcome.. enjoy your day

  • Buck Garton

    Give him bacon and eggs for breakfast, ham sando for lunch and pigs feet for dinner!

  • Cyber Slammer


  • David Weaver

    It doesn’t fit the agenda!

  • Shockwave

    If I was on this plane I would of gotten up and stomped the F*CK out of this maggot with in inches of his worthless life. Class dismissed.

    • Trisha Holmeide

      And, unfortunately we would have had to start a “go fund me” page to get you out of jail because you would have been charged with a hate crime no doubt!

      • Joy Beum

        You beat me to it. obama makes sure nobody hurts his precious little muslims. He will soon be powerless to defend them and it will be a case of muslimburger!

    • Murphy’s Mom

      And it is discouraging to know that the only one who acted to defend was the flight attendant. Given the choice between fighting an arse like that and waiting for the plane to crash I hope I’d choose to fight the mf’r.

      • Shockwave

        People better start growing a pair or soon we will end up with another mass casualty from these dirt-bags.

        • Joy Beum

          Growing a pair has been so discouraged over the last seven years with all the political correctness and encouraging homosexuality and trans-sexuality that most men don’t have even the start of a pair.

    • Tom

      I would have been right beside you. Were there no men aboard with any combat training? I don’t tolerate racism, but I sure as hell won’t accept someone threatening to blow me up.

  • Nelson Stanley

    Obama has invited him for a threesome at the White House !! Obama , him and a goat !!

    • GoodPeople

      But the goat has to be a virgin.

      • fireart

        Yes, but did it have FGM performed on it ?

    • Carol Murfield Monroe

      I wish we had like buttons on these posts, cause you deserve a big LIKE!

  • Bill Morgan

    When will the Nobel committee announce his prize?

  • Trisha Holmeide

    The media worships at the alter of political correctness and the Obama administrations’s wishes.

  • Christopher

    To many spelling errors in this story either bs or poor editing

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Did he have a “Home Made Alarm Clock with him…that alone would get him out of a trial AND an invite to OUR White House.

    • fireart

      And free scholarship by the owner of F.B.

  • dleeper47

    Where was the air marshal?

    • Dan S.

      Fast asleep, apparently.

      • fireart

        Waiting for a little girl to go to the bathroom without their mother.

  • Me2times

    We can’t report that! It’s discriminatory to Muslims! Let’s somehow blame it on the Christians, and the people on the plane, because not all Muslims are like that, but all Christians are!

    • fireart

      I know sarcasm when I see it , BUT did that not make your brain hurt.

      • Me2times

        Bruh…the hypocrisy of the left boggles my brain all the time

  • Ronald Humphreys

    I hope they kick him in his head many times good and hard at the jail.

  • Charles Purvis

    Some of this doesn’t make sense.

    If they’d “just leveled off after their ascent,” they would not have been “over” New York, but still very close.

    So why did they truck all the way to Palm Beach to get rid of this guy if he was such a threat? That’s about 1,000 miles. Normal procedure would be to get rid of him ASAP, like maybe return to New York.

    • Randy Lundgren

      I was thinking the same thing, usually they land at the nearest airport. Why risk having this guy go off or do something else.

      • David Osterkamp

        or push him out the door

    • debra jamieson

      Throw him off plane

    • amused2000

      Finally, an intelligent comment. Thank you.

  • Pray Hard

    “Why so quiet, national media, about an apparent act of Islamic terror that may carry a 20-year sentence?”

    You already know why.

    The only problem I see with this story is that he was arrested instead of being taken to the morgue.

    How many more Muslims were on the flight taking notes? Remember, the one causing the ruckus might only be the distraction. Also, forget thinking “detaining”, “restraining” or any other such sissy boy actions. There is only one thing to do to a Muslim endangering a flight.

    • Murphy’s Mom

      it would be useful to know if this is a “dry run” for future terrorist attacks. But then, the marxist media army, supporters of the liar in chief, can’t seem to disarm Americans everywhere and it’s just too inconvenient to let the terrorists act out in weapons free areas like, say, banks, so better to act on flying missiles full of unarmed civilians. The psychotic drug addled teens have cornered the market on weapons free schools, so airliners are all that’s left for the terrorists. When are we going to learn?

  • Crystal Harshbarger

    I love how the author of the article claims “America hasn’t heard a word about it” and that “the media doesn’t want you to know”, yet a quick Google search of the defendants name brings up no less than 8 accounts of the story (not a single one of them who identifies the man as being a Muslim, or even being an Albanian immigrant, for that matter) from reputable news sites. They also list his bond amount, the fact that he had warrants on him from New York, what the names of his cousins who posted his bail are, and additional conditions of his release. Yet THIS particular site says all is being covered up? Do they think Americans do not know how to highlight a person’s name, right-click on it, and then click “Search Google for ____”? Stop being sheep, folks…

  • GAB

    So why nobody gave him a beat down on the plane?


    The real question is why did the Main Stream media not report something like this happening? If it were a white man it would be all over the MSM and the internet 5 minutes after the plain landed. I am so tired of the MSM pushing the Obama agenda and covering up it’s failures. It is about time the MSM shouldered it’s responsibilities as Journalists.

    • fireart

      Most of main stream (Media, Movie Production, and news org. have a majority muslim owner.

  • hiskid1964

    If you work for the national media you need to quit your job.

  • Ron Engelen

    Funny how when you read the CBS story about this incident there is no mention of anything important. The fact that he is a Muslim changes this story 180 degrees. The dishonestly of the MSM never ceases to amaze me.

  • 121212121212

    Free rp BUCK*urphy!

  • Michael

    Its election year and Obama is still in Office waiting another Criminal to take his place: Hitlery Clinton.

  • Murphy’s Mom

    Another test run perhaps? Checking to see how far the flight attendants would go to stop him, and others? Checking to see if the pilot’s door was locked? Another of obama’s sons?

  • 0_0

    Fuck Muslims.

    • fireart

      That is really nasty.

      • 0_0


        • fireart

          To — a muslim. That would be nasty.

  • ktholyk

    Media should have reported this as we the people have a right to know. Planes were used at 911 and muslims don’t care who they hurt as long as they get their way. Of course BO doesn’t want us to know what his brotherhood is doing to us.

  • Bob Smith

    It’s not a case of “terrorism”. It is a case of a nutcase on an airplane raising hell who happens to be muslim. Choose your battles.

  • USA has a terrorist-in-chief in the whitehouse – Imama Obama – who wont allow Americans to know all Muslims are terrorists

  • Dutra

    See you in the Rose Garden, dude.

  • Mauro-Mohamed Elkastawy

    When it’s a Muslim, its terrorism, when its a white dude, its a crime. It would be called a crime if this guy was white. I’m not saying this because I’m Muslim. The media would only show the ccrazy crazy people of a country. For example, if we had the same media in the Muslim countries, they would show only the KKK, the biker and other gangs. Not showing the good calm lady sitting with her friend and talking about her wedding.

    • David Reeves

      That’s because the white dude did not say he was going to blow up the plane. In you logic. Now Mauro if the white dude did what this nut case did he would be charged with terrorist charges. So find a real complaint.

      • Mauro-Mohamed Elkastawy

        I don’t understand what you are saying…

  • fireart

    If Obama Had A Son——————-

  • I believe President Trump will end POLITICAL CORRECTNESS garbage like this in very short order.

  • Spock

    Another of Husseian’s dreamers. As part of the illegal, candestine “catch and release” program for violent offenders, he’ll be released into a sanctuary US city.

    Here’s my alternative release: a) Start video recording and take the plane down to a safe altitude b) open the side door c) release muslim dreamer to the 72 virgins congregating outside the plane. d) close door and climb to crusing altitude. e) Release video to the Detroit mosques who propagate American hate.

    Serve cocktails and Trump campaign paraphenalia.

  • TexanForever

    The MSM has been in the tank for leftists and Muzzies for a long time.

    Trump, 2016

  • fireart

    I am 78 and want you to know the reason this nut muslim got on the plane. The TSA was too busy feeling up my crotch. That is what we have for security in the air.

  • Jeanne B.

    I recall a similar incident that happened with a Chinese passenger aircraft. Uighur Muslims on that plane threatened to hijack it and attacked the cabin crew and Chinese passengers. But the terrorists were subdued and later died of their injuries.

  • Mohamud the pig lover

    If Obama had a son…

  • ForLoveOfGodAndCountry

    What happened to air marshal’s that were supposed to be on every flight?

  • Bob 99

    Idiots. AP news story.National. I saw it and I don’t live in NY. Angry man on plane. No bomb. See a ton of these stories these days. He was arrested, not just kicked off the plane. Why is this even a story here. Just a good site for idiots to encourage each other to be more idiotic. Well done. there is no limit to human improvement.

  • Commoncents


  • Commoncents

    Soon it will come to an end. Americans by nature cannot tolerate his kind of crap. People will take matters into their own hands they will get the job done The news people are all communist Islamic sympathizers starting with the biggest pos Walter Cronkite and trickling down to the lowest life form shep. They all suck and that’s why they won’t report it. Need trump to let the military generals wage war and then there would not be very many m/e countries left. Cancer gone world at peace. I did hear on a news story he’s going to see I at the whitehouse.

  • Liquid55

    Would’ve enjoyed choking him out. All the way out.

  • Julie T

    So, you add a clip of the coverage by CBS and complain that no major news networks covered this?

  • FancyNancy

    I find this story very difficult to believe. Why would no one on that plane go to the media & talk about this??

  • Franklin E. Williams
  • David Reeves

    It’s not what the leftists Media and the Obama administration wants the true American people to know because we are fed up with this crap. Cover ups, scandles, lies, deceitfulness, and executive order with that pen. Time for a real cleaning in D. C. the garbage can is full.

  • Joy Beum

    Terrorist on a plane…threats of cutting someone and blowing up the plane…yeah, sounds like a case of workplace violence to me. love, obama

  • Gillettestevens

    He was probably just defending the no-go area of the plane…muslims only. The women wouldn’t have been punched if they had been properly covered…they would have been kicked. Co-exist.

  • robyn3pups

    All Muslims and all illegals are protected by our corrupt government.

  • Patricia Donna

    Why not reporting it’s an Albanian, instead of a “Muslim”?? I don’t believe in the Muslim hate, it’s either terrorism or not…the fact this word Muslim is attached to it, makes it fishy…Islam is just like any other religion a religion, nothing different therefore!

    • Patricia Donna

      Oh snap! This is a Mulsim haters page….duuuh!

  • Gordon Street, PhD

    Was story “buried” or just not considered nationally significant? Subsequent local media reports DID address his citizenship status. He is a US citizen who grew up in NYC. He didn’t actually have a bomb. He seems to be a depressed guy who overdosed on prescription medication. The stories were made available to other media outlets through AP, NBC, and CBS media services. Would anyone be suggesting this story SHOULD have been on the national news if this guy didn’t happen to be Muslim?

  • William 1

    Take the bastard out with a pig laced bullet!

  • disqus_XSJp6to93v

    What really gets me about the media and other politicians (other than Obama) is do they really think that by helping this administration try to turn this world into a hell on earth that they will not be affected by it? Foolish to say the very least ..

  • BigDaddy

    F em all.

  • You_R_Responsible

    Trump 2016 – We need to get rid of these people and NOW!

  • Dani McIntosh Secreto

    Another piece of proof -NO MUSLIMS IN THE USA!!! As an American Jew- I can tell you that Israel lives with characters attacking in public every day. MUSLIMS pray 3x a day to rid the world of all non Muslims. You will see this more and more with MUSLIMS here in the USA. They will NOT assimilate to American society

  • Sniffachoo

    Obama invited him over to have dinner with him and the kid who built the bomb clock.

  • David Russell

    second cousin of oBUMMA

  • Richard O. Mann

    From now on, when some one pulls this stunt, some one should make sure they do not leave the plane alive. Since the government is not going to do it’s job, it is up to us citizens to do it for them. And, you save a lot of tax money if they don’t have to go to jail or go to court.

  • hiskid1964

    Ban Islam

  • The_Questman

    and apparently He WASN”T on the NO FLY or the Terror watch list the Democrats have been touting lately.

  • Animal06

    Just like there was a bombing not far from here by a Iraqi refugee. It was about two years ago and he went after a social security office. My son in law was the cop that arrested him and told me he had all kinds of bombs and more things to make more. Bet the news didn’t go too far out of Az. Happened in Casa Grande Az.

  • emailprivacy


  • Pooh Percy

    The NY1 link is dead.


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