MSNBC Host Who Calls for Higher Taxes Hit With a HUGE IRS Tax Lien


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

MSNBC’s ultra-liberal anchor Melissa Harris-Perry has for years railed against the rich for not “paying their fair share” and glorified higher taxes to redistribute wealth to the “poor.”

She has told people they should be “happy” to pay taxes, as it allows big government to do all the wonderful things liberals love. And she claimed to happily pay her taxes herself:


Only one problem: Perry didn’t actually pay her taxes. 

That’s right, the IRS has slapped Perry with a $70,000 Federal Tax Lien for non-payment of her own taxes.

According to the IRS, although she likely makes a substantial living anchoring a weekend MSNBC show and as a professor at Wake Forest University, the left-wing Melissa Harris-Perry does not pay her taxes. The Internal Revenue Service just placed a $70,000 tax lien against Harris-Perry.

She is the second left-wing MSNBC anchor caught not paying her fair share. Al Sharpton reportedly owes Uncle Sam upwards of $3 million.

Harris-Perry is infamous for her the terrible things she has said about Mitt Romney’s black grandchild, wearing tampon earrings, and telling parents that their children belong to the community.

And now you can add one more item to her deranged resume: tax evader.

In other words, yet another liberal hypocrite.



  • JPM

    Typical liberal, do as I say not as I do. What morons

  • another_engineer

    Does that surprise anyone.. ?

    3.6 Billion dollars have been owed by federal employees for years.. and they’re not gone after.

    Hell, Birkshire Hathaway has been fighting off a 1.3 Billion dollar tax bill for years.. all the while their “founder” is sucking democrat sch**ng.

    • Tasha

      Not every federal employee makes enough to even owe taxes..

      • James Bond

        But EVERY Federal employee is IMPOSSIBLE to fire because of Union protection… The working 5% that earn their keep justify the other 95%.

        • Jennifer Loper

          And that’s not true, either. In my post office, I know of at least three rural carriers who were fired and it stuck. Union couldn’t help them.

      • Roger Coke

        Bull!!! Show us your proof please! Most are overpaid for what they do by industry standards! The only ones I can think of that pull their fair share are the Rural Mail carriers and the Military!!!

        • Jennifer Loper

          Here here!! I’m a retired rural carrier who receives $360 a month retirement. Not one of those federal retirees everyone talks about, making it better than fine on their pension.

        • Leo Ayers

          Rural mail carriers? What a joke!!! I agree the military are way underpaid as well as urban mail carriers who walk to deliver the mail. I live in a rural community and my mail person is too lazy to step out of her truck to deliver my mail if the trash can is by the mailbox and she can’t drive up too all the while she is on her cellphone!!!

      • farmer93

        Maybe not every employee but there are a bunch of them that do. Take a look.

  • B

    Never trust a woman with a hyphenated last name.

  • Michelle Mexico

    She’s revolting on so many levels.

  • CaneRVa

    Maybe we can have a national bake sale fundraiser for her and Al Sharpton.

    • Lawrence Lutz

      You can’t have a bake sale unless Moochelle Oblamer gives you permission to sell that type of fatty food.

      • My 2 cents or sense worth

        I know your saying this in jest, but why would we want to fund raise for these two idiots? They obviously don’t deserve it. He’s been mooching off people all his life. All he knows is how to stir up as much trouble as he can. Poor example of an American, both of them. Heck, I’d have already been hauled into tax evasion court if I even owed $500.00. Like always said, “it’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know.

  • Lady TNY

    Why does she wear tampon earrings ? I must have missed something

    • colt721

      Some kind of protest against Texas and it’s stand on abortion. The earrings are actually unrelated to this issue except to point out that she has been a bit nutty for a long time this isn’t the first time.

      • Lady TNY

        Thank you. I don’t have cable so I’ve never seen her but the minute I saw those earrings, I knew she was a fruit and not worth my time.

  • joe

    Prison time

  • Davey Dunn

    she is one of obamas quran pigs

  • Ken Darby

    So, The Wassally Wabbit (MHP) really has been hiding from Elmer Fudd (The IRS ), Suffering Sucatash!

  • Ed Woodson

    Another one of those liberals who “forgot” to pay their taxes

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