MSNBC Host Says Something HORRIBLE About People Who Like Country Music


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Liberals have gone nuts since Sen. Ted Cruz announced his run for the presidency on Monday, using every hysterical description in the book to try and convince Americans Cruz is some kind of right-wing fascist maniac.

But what one MSNBC guest host said was by far the most despicable of the bunch.

During an interview earlier this week Cruz mentioned he enjoyed country music. According to columnist and MSNBC contributor Jamilah Lemieux, those who listen to country music are evil racists.

She said:

Nothing says let’s go kill some Muslims like country music. Fresh from Lynchburg, Virginia. Someone who obviously doesn’t want to be a polarizing candidate to bring people together.”

Wow. That is sick beyond words. So sick, that MSNBC issued a very rare apology — hours later , after much online bashing.

This Tweeter noted how, despite the belated apology, the entire staff laughed when she uttered her disgraceful slur — including that RINO doofus Michael Steele, who once pretended to be a Republican:

Just imagine any White FoxNews commentator saying that Hip Hop music makes people want to rape, assault or murder. They would be shredded for “racism”, fired, hurried off to an undisclosed location, never to be seen again on cable TV.

But MSNBC said they have “no plans” to keep Lemieux off the air. So you can be sure she will be on the Democrat network MSNBC again within a few days, as if nothing ever happened.

Such is the hypocrisy of the Left.


  • gator53


    • Robert Leona


  • Tim Vanover

    Country music is for killing muslims yeah because that music that they call rap is just saying lets all just get along.

  • Pam

    If MSNBC was upset about what she said why did they air it?


    People who love country music know we dont need to murder those who hate it, for they already have no

    And National Review has the gall to call the Right “irresponsible”.

  • Robert Leona


  • Peter L Marzullo

    Well THAT would be racist. As one commenter put it “don’t blame us,we have suffered enough” speaking of black or African-Americans. They just want us to pay continual reparations for something that no one alive did,is responsible for and ended some 150yrs ago. They truly believe they are owed something and that the world owes them a living. They are believing a false narrative and don’t really know the history of slavery,how it began,who sold their ancestors into slavery,that there were white slaves as well and that the first American to own a black slave was a black man.

    • Chris

      Isn’t the fact that they aren’t a part of the current fight for survival in Africa, reparations enough

      • Peter L Marzullo

        You would think that and that everyone who lives in the USA and enjoys our freedoms should be happy they are able to and not live somewhere else like you suggested. However,you’d be wrong if you thought that as evidenced by this continual,incessant, demand for reparations. I’m sick of hearing them say they’re rights are abused and white people are “privileged”. If anyone is unfairly privileged in this country it’s them,illegal alien invaders and welfare frauds with all their entitlements. How’s the guy say it in that old movie from the 70’s? “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

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  • Horace_Centz

    Or write a country song about her….

  • Horace_Centz

    All the Jihadists whose praises are sung in country music – and the mother of the announcer who is talking right now….

  • Jerry Saylor

    The statement, “a rare apology” says it all. It isn’t a normal thing for a liberal media to apologize for anything.

  • Dee Allen

    more reason to never watch this …. beyond wrong…

  • Vincent Vega

    there is nothing more close minded than a leftist with an agenda. the bane of critical thinking and they all believe they are so enlightened.

  • WatrGrrl

    jamilah Lemieux is an editor at Ebony magazine, huh? She seems to be pretty vicious, I don’t think I’d want to be working in her organization as I tend to shy away from racial arsonists of either color. And she certainly declared herself a racist with her comments… Of course, that’s the kind of hyperbole that MSNBC strives for, beacon of journalistic integrity that they are…

  • Stevo

    I guess it just shows how shallow the MSNBC newsprogram is. No wonder they are dead last in the ratings…who the hell is running things over there? It is okay to have a difference of opinion, but she is just plain stupid to say what she said. What an idiot…and they allow this on their program? Lame….very lame.

  • Guest

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