Mother Banned From Son’s School After Speaking Out Against Common Core (Video)

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by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

The Federal attempt to take over the nation’s schools called “Common Core” continues to divide America.

This Trojan Horse that was foisted upon 46 states under the guise of “Race to the Top” money to “help” them, has been slowly and methodically exposed as a Progressive fraud and an educational disaster.

Even liberal education activists and states are starting to back away from Common Core, and one national committee member who had helped to draft the “standards” now calls the program a “disaster”.

As a result, there has been a huge backlash from parents across the nation — and Progressive bureaucrats don’t like dissent.

A Sacramento school has taken an unusually tough stance against a parent who spoke out against Common Core and has banned her from going to the school for two-weeks.

Katherine Duran received the “suspension” from the Mark Twain School in California due to a disagreement between her in the principal over the school wanting to enact the Common Core standards.


School officials claim that the suspension came because Duran was “disrupting the school” by distributing information to the students, which Duran had never done.

A spokesman for the school, Gabe Ross, said that “It appears (she) went a little too far with regards to how she distributed information at school sites, distributing information to children directly,” when he was asked to clarify why she was banned.

Duran said that she never actually distributed anything to the students directly, nor did she distribute anything on school grounds and “the district itself even acknowledges that Ross’s claims were inaccurate”.

So they lied — on camera. But she is still suspended? Yep. No resistance to neo-Progressive ideology can be tolerated.

The dispute is over op-out forms that parents could sign to prevent their children from being taught the less-than stellar curriculum.

“This is a method of teaching that’s untried, untested, unproven,” she told a reporter for News 10 in Sacramento.


With that belief, Duran sent several of the forms to the school with her son so he could pass them out to other students and have their parents sign them. The principal of the school, Rosario Guillen, intercepted the forms and took them away from Duran’s son Christopher. This caused Duran to go to the school and confront Guillen, and the school says it was that meeting that resulted in the ban which was delivered to Duran’s home by the police.

Guillen sent the note with the police that included a “Withdrawal of Consent” for two-weeks and threat of arrest of she violated it.

Additionally the letter stated that “District will seek reimbursement for attorney costs the courts may impose.”

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Or let Mark Twain School principal Rosario Guillen know what you think at (916) 277-6670 or via EMAIL form.


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