Montel Williams Calls for the Government to ‘SHOOT TO KILL’ Oregon Protesters…


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

More than 150 ranchers who formed a militia have occupied a vacant Federal wilderness building in Oregon in order to protest “tyranny” of the infamous Bureau of Land Management.

Local police and FBI have called for calm, and have stood down to try and keep the situation from escalating.

But for TV/infomercial celebrity Montel Williams, that apparently is not enough.

He wants them KILLED.

You heard that right. As reported by Federalist Papers, Williams, who amazingly is a former Marine, wants the National Guard to use “shoot to kill” orders and “take out” the rancher militia, despite their stated intention to occupy the facility “peacefully.”

In response to fans who said the ranchers were “just trying to get attention” Montel told his 150,000 Twitter followers:

“Then let’s give them some – put this down using National Guard with shoot to kill orders,” he tweeted.

And it got much worse….

Has he gone insane?

Hey Montel…did you also call for police to gun down the violent arsonists in Baltimore and Ferguson? Didn’t think so.

Meanwhile, protest leader Ammon Bundy insisted his group would not start any violent action, and were just trying to draw public attention to the overreach and “land stealing” of the BLM.

“We pose no threat to anybody,” said Bundy, when asked how he and demonstrators would respond to law enforcement officials attempting to them. “There’s no person that is physically harmed by what we’re doing.”


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