Montana Dumps Michelle’s School Lunch Program, Losing Funding, But Sanctuary Cities Lose NOTHING

by Bill Callen | Top Right News

A school district in Bozeman, Montana has decided to cancel its participation in the federal school lunch program ruled by First Lady Spouse Michelle Obama.

Because of this decision the district is being punished by losing about $117,000 in federal education subsidies.

But not one ‘Sanctuary City’ that has blatantly violated Federal immigration law by releasing illegal alien criminals into the general population has lost a single dollar for it under Obama. They get to keep all the billions that taxpayers send in aid to those cities.


As Warner Todd Huston of RWN reported:

The Bozeman school board decided that there was just too much waste of food going on as its students throw most of the horrible food Michelle “I’ve Never Been Proud of My Country” Obama forces on kids across the country.

So, they feel it makes more sense to dump Mean Michelle’s inedible food scheme and put in their own system that will better serve their students.

But the federal government is now in punishment mode.

The Bozeman School Board has voted to discontinue the National School Lunch Program at the high school after deeming the nutrition rules too strict.

The 5-3 vote this past week came after the school’s food program lost $35,000 last year and officials predicted that losses would deepen as federal food rules tighten in the next few years.

The Bozeman Chronicle reports that the decision to drop out will mean losing a $117,000 federal subsidy. But officials say it will give the school more flexibility in local food offerings while still maintaining healthy menus.

Above: One of Michelle Obama’s disgusting “lunches,” as exposed by one Mom

So, this school will lose money that goes to educate Montana’s kids because Michelle’s putrid school lunch program has been dropped.

Yet cities that purposefully ignore immigration laws and become so-called “sanctuary cities” that allow rapists and murderers roam freely through the town killing and raping American citizens at will can still get all the federal funding they want?

That includes San Francisco, which released a 7-time convicted felon illegal alien who soon thereafter murdered Kate Steinle — and won’t lose a dime!

This is Obama’s America, folks.


[h/t Warner Huston, WeaselZippers]


  • Susan Schneider

    What a travesty. Michael and Obama go to Hawaii and eat a $1500.00 a plate meal and they want to shovel this unappetizing drivel down everyone else’s throats. I don’t think so.

  • ElmerJFudd

    It should be first bitch not spouse.

    • Brian

      I’m as right winged as they get, but honestly… shut up… stop acting like name calling cry baby because Obama is president. I hate it just as much as the next guy, but this country is already the most divided we’ve ever been. Stop acting like the unintelligent liberals who all they can say is names cause they know nothing… stop swooping down to their level with shallow name calling… Contribute to America by creating unity, not dividing it more with these stupid comments.

      • Alois

        Tell that to your beloved illegitimate lawless fool obama !!! He could use a good talking to !!!

  • independent_az

    What a ridiculous “article.”

  • Elizabethwyoung

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  • jerseycat406

    go bozeman

  • Had Enough

    Good for Montana. The obummers need to realize that people are utterly sick of their bullshit. Is it election time yet ???

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  • DaveB

    Glad to see that Bozeman folks have seen the light! The tactics of the Obama administration are similar to those of Germany in the late thirties.

  • Wendy Shumski Buzzanga

    I wanna punch her in her ugly face!!!!!

  • Wendy Shumski Buzzanga


  • Alois

    Look like Government blackmail !!!

  • Jerry

    This just a small peak at what our Representatives (Republican and Democrat) are doing to this country. They are going to control every ones lives, even what you are going to eat. They rob us blind, cut our benefits while they line their pockets with money. Stop thinking we need to be a Republican or Democrat and start thinking about our way of life and our freedoms and the future of this country and our children and grandchildren. Get politics off the brain, stop blaming one party or the other, it is our responsibility to take charge and rescue this country from these criminals and traitors to the Constitution, Wake up, a two party system has not worked in history, research it.

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