Mom Left Stunned by Boy’s ‘Power Move’ Towards Her Daughter at MLB Game


One mother was left astonished Friday night at Fenway Park when a young baseball fan immediately handed her daughter a foul ball he had just received on the third base line.

The nice gesture, which Major League Baseball referred to as a “power move” in a tweet, also grabbed the attention of the two broadcasters.

“I think that’s one of the nicest things I’ve seen at the ballpark all year,” one said.


“Somebody has made a friend,” the other echoed.

After giving the ball to her, the two broadcasters also noticed that the little girl couldn’t appear to keep her eyes off 12-year-old Ryan

A sportscaster ultimately paid a visit to the boy, providing him two baseballs. At the end of the clip, Ryan could be seen handing his new friend other gifts, including a bracelet.


[h/t Oliver Darcy]

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