Mom Catches 12-Yr Old Daughter Posting Inappropriate Pictures to Facebook – Her Response is EPIC

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

That’s one way to do it.

The mother of this 12 year old girl had her post her punishment online after finding out she had posted pictures online to a Facebook account that she shouldn’t have even had (You have to be 13 to have a Facebook account).

The pictures she posted were of herself holding an alcoholic beverage.

Her mother immediately grounded her for the act, but then took it a step further.

She made the girl take to Facebook to deal with the consequences publicly


“Since I want to post photos of me holding liquor, I am obviously not ready for social media and will be taking a hiatus until I learn what I should & should not post!
BYE – BYE :(“

Now you can see from the girl’s demeanor above that she is quite upset, so this is sure to have a major impact on her. And perhaps many of her friends too.

What do you think? Too harsh and humiliating? Or well deserved and valuable lesson?

Let us know in the comments below…

  • Ron Cre

    Good for the mom.. We need more like her..

    • Mourning Warbler

      We do need more moms like her. The thing many parents here simply do not understand is that Christian and non-Christian people provide discarded cell phones to kids and many of these phones without any payment for service provide instant and unguarded access to the Internet in wifi areas; they’re little computers.

      • RonKeffer

        are you kidding me. where do you live that you can go on the internet via cell phone with out service….

        • gina

          Easy there are wifi areas everywhere that you can go on with out cell phone internet services….where have you been….

          • RonKeffer

            I guess under a rock somewhere….being a scuba diver, maybe I should have been under water.

            I stand corrected……..thank you

          • Mourning Warbler

            We’re all always learning. Some more info interesting to me:
            A BREAKPOINT audio (ErIc Metaxas author of AMAZING GRACE & DIETRICH BONHOEFFER bios, etc.)

            “Parents seeking to restrict their children’s access to cell phones, tablets and electronic games have a surprising ally.”


            (Oops Forgot how this work. Tried to move this… but it never really deletes so it’s probably going to be here twice. Sorry.)

          • avengeflipper

            Don’t be too hard on yourself. This is part of the problem. Our kids are more tech savvy than we are – and we are shocked because we are still busy laughing at our parents trying to get on the computer and make it work correctly. It never occurred to us our children would eclipse us and find work arounds to the system. I had my reality check several years ago when my teen son figured out the computer by recording my finger movements without my knowledge. I only figured it out when I hit the back browser on my site and realized someone had been looking for hot teen girls on my computer.

          • RonKeffer

            I guess under a rock someplace

        • Easton

          You can go on the internet on a cell phone without service at any mcDonalds, Starbucks, public library, many malls, etc.

        • Guest

          We’re all always learning. Some more info interesting to me:
          A BREAKPOINT audio

          “Parents seeking to restrict their children’s access to cell phones, tablets and electronic games have a surprising ally.”

  • Marica

    What is a 12yo doing on Facebook in the first place?

    Props to the mom.

  • Marica

    What is a 12yo doing on Facebook in the first place?

    Props to the mom.

    • Wiggle D

      When have age restrictions on the internet have ever stopped anyone?

      • SirAlbertL .

        It is called parenting. Find out what that means.

        • Kathleen Magill

          I really doesn’t matter what the parents say because if children are using computers at school (which they are with internet) they get on Facebook and other sites even if parents say no.

          • KK

            Social media is blocked on the school computers here….so no, they’re not likely doing it at school

          • Neil_Parks

            Lots of school children know how to get around such “blocking”.

          • KK

            So, you’re telling me that the parental controls that are such a big deal right now are basically worthless if kids can get around “blocking”? Kids here are issued iPads for their schoolwork. I know kids that have tried their best to get on social media and CAN’T….so either I’m right, and they’re really blocked, or I know some really stupid kids.

          • GloriaStewardSkowronski

            There are back doors to all web sites. I.have caught my children on sites at school.and called and told. So either the child are not doing it or do not know how

          • rochesternative

            Depends on the blocking…and the kid. My oldest and youngest can’t get around the blocking @ school, but the middle one….Oy!

          • Kathy Rust

            This likely depends on the age of the of the kids. Some of the older ones MIGHT be good hackers. lol.

          • Until the parents pass down their “old” Iphone (or whatever) to their kids w/o thinking of them just like computers…

          • Deb

            There’s ways around it.. Proxy servers…

          • KK

            I guess I know some pretty stupid kids then. The kids here have iPads issued to them….I know kids that try everything they can think of and CAN’T access social media on them.

          • Deb

            That’s not nice calling those kids stupid. There are always ways around. Proxy servers pop up hourly and by the time the blockers pick them up there are new sites up.

          • Donald

            filter it so proxy servers cannot be accessed simple task.or limit the sites period. When I lock down a network I g

          • Kathy Rust

            That doesn’t make them stupid.

          • Bohunk

            most kids can find access to a computer that isn’t blocked…whether that of a friend, or at most public libraries and coffee shops.

          • Donald Lane

            keylogger on the kids device so you get email with ever site they visit, parental control software not the default built in controls will block a child from accessing proxy servers. My sons computer cannot load any sites above a pg rating unless he clicks a button requesting permission then I have to log in and allow that site. The program also has a whitelist and a blacklist. There are ways to stop it the issue is in alot of households the children understand the technology better then the parents. My son is one of the unlucky ones I work in computers he can’t go on a website or type a report I don’t know about 🙂

          • Kathy Rust

            You may be surprised to know that “what the parents say” does matter. Kids watch and listen a lot more than you might expect. But they do process the information… kids.

        • adoremeorelse

          This parenting you speak of is not so simple with the numerous ways our kids have of sneaking around… on phones, ipods, tablets, computers. It’s a near impossible task to know everything our kids are up to, considering they leave our loving arms for hours a day to be at school. I’m assuming that you either have grown children, very young children, NO children… or worst of all, you’re one of the ones who insist they’ve got a handle on every aspect of your kids’ lives – in which case you’re blind.

          • SirAlbertL .

            Easy, don’t buy them a phone at all.

            Add key stroke software on there home commuters, the schools already have them.

            Also communication and a house under god helps also.

            Course this will take hours from your busy party life.

          • adoremeorelse

            I’m pretty sure your god doesn’t waste his time contemplating whether or not your kiddos are borrowing a friend’s phone.

            Talk to us about parenting when you have a teenager!

          • SirAlbertL .

            already do. it is called taking time to get them to understand just social Media really is………data collection for the nsa.

            nothing more. once you show them that EVERYTHING they do in the presence of said phone is being watched by Government perverts. You’ll be surprised how fast they willingly give them up.

          • sjc0116

            gvt and NSA really is an over reach. more likely local perverts are the ones to watch out for. and my background is computers working with gvt agencies and private companies. electronics aren’t the issue. misuse and lack of parenting is.

          • Mage1981

            Hence my kids don’t have phones, tablets, consoles or computers. My kids have to OMG play outside and with real toys and read real books!! It is a lost concept I know because it is called good parenting…

          • adoremeorelse

            And that’s super until the kids are away from home. My daughter is 18… and you can’t imagine the number of times I confiscated her electronics just to find she’d used someone else’s. You’re well served being a realist who gives his children credit for being pretty darn smart. We all want to believe we’re doing it all right… we want to believe our kids are excellent… but if you think they’re perfect you’re setting yourself up. I was briefly that parent who thought her child could do no wrong, and then I woke up. Either way, good luck. Any parent of a teen needs it!

          • Mage1981

            Oh no I am not that parent who thinks their kids are perfect and won’t do any wrong, I was a kid once too and not one of the better behaved ones. I know what kids can do when parents are not around. Also the reason I have met and know the parents, numbers and addresses of all my kids friends. I do as much as humanly possible minus tagging my kids with a GPS chip to watch their every move. Once they are 18 though they are free to screw up their lives at that point as I have taught them to the best of my ability not to do that. At 18 the responsibility is all on them.

          • Deb

            True at 18 it is their responsibility but… even their mistakes have an effect on you because as a parent you still worry no matter what.

          • Catherine Stamnos Simmons

            That is correct Deb. Very well put. If you think (mage1981) that you’re all done when they’re 18, let me tell you, you are wrong. That’s when the fun starts, drinking and driving, drugs, sex, STD’s, possible pregnancy, all that good stuff. Small kids small problems. Big kids big problems. You think you’re all done by then, when they’re 18? You’re just fooling yourself, either that or delusional.

          • Cris Erickson

            You are correct Catherine. Just found out my 18 year old is pregnant. It’s much worse the older they get.

          • BusyMomOf7

            I was always taught that MY job is to teach them to make decisions. I started losening reigns when they were about 13 (not entirely though. Im not brain dead). As they started making tougher decision, I found they CAME TO ME to get advice. Really tough stuff, I still played the “parent card” and overruled their choices. My youngest is 16. Studen council. Varsity sports. Yearbook. Plays. Band. Working fulltime AND sports in the summer. I have to say, he has made a lot of great choices. I hold my breath to see if it lasts until he is 18. At that point, Im advisor ONLY. He knows consequences will fall into his lap sans protective parental net (I just don’t admit there will be one…) 18 is that double-edge sword … do what you want? Sure. But you pay the price for it too.

          • sarah

            I didn’t have problems with my two oldest children until they were in their late teens and early twenties. My youngest child started being bad in the 8th grade. And once she got to high school it got worse for a year and a half, then one day it was over and she behaved. Now all three are grown, two with children and they turned out to be great, responsible, and respectful. Some kids just take a while to grow up and some, sadly, never do. That was my experience as a parent.

          • Marsue

            Peer pressure is a lot of it and it takes a very strong constitution to say no to the crowd that tries to get you to do all of the things the rest is doing. They (most of them if raised right) will come out of it, some sooner than others.

          • Hope

            I’m sorry Cris. That is so hard. Life is going to be bumpy for a while, but you’ll all get through it. You have no choice, right? Best of luck, I hope you have a healthy grand baby. =O)

          • jeffunde

            I agree!

          • nan16

            This is so true. My kids are in their 40’s and still have big problems. You are never done until you’re dead!

          • Patricia

            And then come the grandkids. 🙁

          • texan

            With or without problems what makes a good parent/parents is when your children feel they CAN come to you and that you will be there without being judgmental or condemning. Communication is the key, they will stumble and fall as we did, so in our infinite wisdom we will pick them up, dust them off and together fix the problem ,no matter how big or small. My dad told me we stop being parents when we die. This applies to those who care.

          • Aye understand the concern [18+] here — however, a bit of enlightenment is in order . . . the 3 “normal” life ‘Phases’ (of Human Development) are: •Child … •Parent … •Adult . [Reference: “Winning: The Psychology of Competition” ; by Stuart H. Walker] … One should necessarily progress to the next level in order to mitigate & deal with life’s “difficulties” intelligently… “If,” one (or BOTH) individual(s) become “arrested (“stuck”)” at the ‘Child’ or ‘Parent’ level — unnecessary problems will continue indefinitely…

          • bertasis

            Yep Nan16 You hit the nail on the head!!!!!

          • Hope

            Any more, a lot of kids have started these kind of activities WAY before their 18th birthdays. Not all, but way too many. Our kids are in a big hurry to grow up. If they knew what it was all about they’d stay kids as long as they could. =o) I love that saying Catherine Stamnos Simmons – “Small kids, small problems. Big kids, big problems.” You are so right, nan16, this is so true!

          • Nathaniel Wayne Brooks

            You can still cut them loose when they are 18, if they are an idiot then thats on them. “drinking and driving, drugs, sex, STD’s, possible pregnancy, all that good stuff. ”

            Strange none of that happened to me when I turned 18…. Guess its because I played outside…

          • Mourning Warbler

            … but I hope and pray that by the grace and power of God your kids, Mage1981, get married and become excellent parents without getting into any real trouble along the way ever.

          • Melinda Jordan

            I’m with Mage1981, when my kids got 18 they were n their own two feet. I tried to teach them all they need for the big bad world. They were either in collage or had a job either way I was done raising them. To the lady who said her kid was in their 40’s and they were still helping and grand kids. Here is a good lesson learn to say NO.

          • Karl Dulle

            They cant even legally drink alcohol, yet are supposed to magically handle everything else life throws at them on their 18th birthday.. LOL the irony is ridiculous

          • BusyMomOf7

            That’s why you don’t expect that to happen. Its stupid. If thwy cant make good choices by 16… you’ve fucked up your parenting.

          • texan

            You’ve done what to your parenting? Where’s the bar of soap?

          • Marsue


          • Gayle Greenbank

            I agree, I’m 67 and every day is a learning day,I feel everyone needs someone to hear them out and help by passing on the things they have learned. I don’t feel abused or used when they want to talk to me about a problem, I feel good that they trust me enough to come to me and get my opinion.

          • ruthslater


          • Marsue

            yes indeed

          • Loreebee

            When you mother hen, and know every move, they are quite likely to go out at 18 and screw it up with their new found freedom. OR you can grow with trust, and expand their freedom each moment they get older.

          • Kathy Rust

            As a grandmother now, I can, with conviction, support your statement. I may have been a “mother hen” as to keeping tabs, but if the kids don’t get gradual responsibility, and the opportunity to learn when they mess up, they won’t have a clue when they turn 18.

          • Cris Erickson

            In theory that sounds very nice. In reality, not true.

          • ruthslater


          • Cris Erickson

            I knew all parents, addresses, friends, best friends, new friends & STILL my kids found ways to do what was not permitted. It made no difference what I took away or if they were grounded. My kids are smart…too smart for their own good. If I had them post a pic with their punishment advertised it would have been no big deal to them. BTW, I’m a single parent with 4 daughters and absolutely no help or contact with their father. It’s tough!!!

          • BusyMomOf7

            Grounding is bs. This mother was right… public humiliation. They can’t get around that one

          • Yolanda Walkling

            Your children will grow up. Will always need you. Free to screw up or not.Two of my kids are post 18 years old. Just because they hit a certain number doesn’t mean their brain does. My 21 year old made the Deans list at the University and at the college he went to and has been offered a job by the University yet he has not matured in a couple areas in life. All kids are different. Let them know you love them, help guide them and pray for the right decisions to be made. Ive seen both sides if it. Unless you’ve trained your kids thoroughly it’s like throwing a baby bird out of the nest. There’s so much out there waiting to devour them. Tough love is good. Kids crying and embarrassed and really grounded works but kids need to know your serious and if your divorced. Both parents have to be on board. Kids will play parent against parent and say,”I will just move in with Dad. It’s like oh you think so? Dad has to say No. Kids have to know parents discipline is a mobile unit. It goes ANYWHERE. YOUR GROUNDED WHEREVER YOU GO. TALK TO THE OTHER PARENT OR IF NECESSARY get juvenile services involved if dad or mom is not supportive in any way. Children are growing up and the next generation is worse then the o be before. How bad do we need it? Armageddon bad? We need to draw the line of Disciplinary Standards for our kids. Some of us know this because one of our loved ones downfall has shown us. It has to start somewhere. Parenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have after the age of 9. It’s never to late to try. I’m 43 and it’s been so hard because I was on my own at 18. All alone and I wasn’t a tough bad kid. I didn’t smoke or drink but my mom had a very mean streak. I know it’s not easy being left alone to mess up.

          • BusyMomOf7

            My hat’s off to you. I wish I had my ex onboard more often than I did. Blackmail and threatening worked with him. Unfortunately, not all men are as up-to-date in their parenting skills as they should be.

          • ruthslater

            WELL YOU PICKED HIM ! PAY MORE ATTENTION WITH WHO YOU LAY DOWN WITH NEXT TIME 🙂 .Now theres a lesson to teach your kids .

          • Marsue

            Ruth, you don’t always know the other side of a spouse until after they become your spouse, so paying more attention to “who you lay down with”, does not always work in the right order. You may think you know an individual but you don’t until you marry them, and then sometimes it does not happen until they become a Father (or Mother) when you see the real personality.

          • Sam

            Gee, that GPS chip/transmitter sounds like a great idea. Wonder if they sell them at Radio Shack or something. Bet it would help lower your blood pressure if you knew their whereabouts.

          • RonKeffer

            Yes and if you did your job the kids will be successful. If not,” you reap what you sow”

          • avengeflipper

            Not sure how much I agree with that. I’ve know great parents whose kids turned out to be druggies and horrible parents whose kids turned out to be great contributors to society. It’s a crapshoot, really.

          • Kathy Rust

            Kudos for realizing kids will be kids, even the good ones. Those of us who were typical good kids waaaaay back when, remember doing some stuff that, while not life changing, tended towards the stupid side. You also can’t stop trusting completely because responsibility, dumped in total on an 18 year old, will not end well. Responsibility needs to be gradually earned. So I do disagree with Mage1981 “just don’t let kids have all that evil technology”. My girls are responsible adults now, but at least a few of their friends who didn’t have any freedom until they were legal, didn’t know what to do with it at 18.

          • BusyMomOf7

            Technology is not “evil”. That’s true psychosis talking. I seem to remember trains were considered “from Satan” back in the days before toothpaste. The same as electricity isn’t evil. Nor cars, airplanes, or televisions. Grow the hell up. It is a NECESSARY learning tool. You CANNOT go to college without one now. ALL schools require them, as do highschools and even middle schools now.

          • Kathy Rust

            I did say I DISAGREED with the concept that technology was evil. I was quoting someone else when I used it in the discussion. My point was that you have to give kids gradual responsibility, not tie them down till they turn 18.

          • Bobby Riffle

            Oh! I see what you are doing….setting up your excuse ahead of time. “Oh, you think you know what your kids are doing? Ha ::) a so did I but just look what happened” lady that’s pathetic!

          • Guest

            18 is grown, legally. That’s not 12!

          • BusyMomOf7

            18 is a useless number that is totally dependent on the psychological and emotional development of said child. Not a legal mandate, but a guideline that ANY judge can overrule.

          • sjc0116

            Sorry busymom but not a guideline which a ‘judge’ can overrule. Try this is at a federal level. Not sure how old your kids are or when they turned 18, but when mine did .. according to every state and federal gvt agency I no longer had ‘rights’ to information about them or could make decisions for them. They were still in HS and living with me. I was financially responsible for them but couldn’t know what their grades were, what their dr reports were, what the balance on their medical bill was even though I was paying them. Couldn’t make a dr appt for them and I was the one driving them. and that was just starters.

          • BusyMomOf7

            I don’t know ypur situatipn, but I wasn’t talking about medical privacy issues. TOTALLY different. BTW, you have no rights to your childrens medical reproductive decisions at 14. So if your 16 yr old is pregnant, taing birthcontrol, or has an STD, you are SOL. I was talking about criminal issues. Totally different. That’s why a 16 yr old can be tried as an adul.

          • Mourning Warbler

            I think the legislators in the 1960s felt guilty about sending 17-year-olds to the VietNam meat-grinder and lowered the age of emancipation from 21 to 18. It had nothing to do with common sense or frontal lobe development.

          • kasia62

            When young adults realize that there are actually ‘real’ eyes on their social media such as their parents, they are less likely to engage in inappropriate behaviors. When we start with them as soon as social media is introduced in their lives, by the time they are 18 and older, there is usually this little jab (conscience) that they may in fact get caught (because there were consequences from earlier experiences). It never guarantees perfection because none of us are perfect, but it may just be enough to curb or avoid the real dangers out there. Maturity then adds to the development of this inner gauge that hints at the wrongness of certain actions. Parents need to realize that part of parenting requires ‘sneakiness’ in the sense that what parents do is parent’s business and just part of the job. Intrusiveness is over-used because a parent needs not be disrespectful toward their child in order to be monitoring. A private means of expression and freedom such as a diary and/or journal is one thing…when children are involved in the public arena..well they tend to forget that the public does include their parents as well!!

          • sjc0116

            My daughters are 23 and 26. If you raise them right, you don’t have this problem. I raised them solo since they were 7 and 10. so be cynical .. you obviously missed something in raising your daughter

          • Mourning Warbler

            You missed something too.

          • sherry8260

            All we can do is be diligent and do our best….then when the kids eff up they can’t blame us. There will never be a perfect outcome because making mistakes are part of growing up. Every generation looks back at mom and dad and says “I wished I would have listened”. EVERY GENERATION!! The most gratifying part of being the parent of an adult offspring is when they say to you, “You were right”. And we all get to hear it at some point, every generation. So you do your best, remain diligent and driven and, eventually, the child grows up and knows, without a doubt, that you loved them enough to take the time. Both thumbs up way high to this mom. Brilliant.

          • Marsue

            You live for the day when your child says to you “Now I understand why you did what you did or had certain rules”. Usually does not happen until they have children of their own.

          • Linda

            If even then! Doesn’t always happen……depends on the “kid’s” personality and level of arrogance!

          • ruthslater


          • Jamey Byers

            Has social media contributed to moral decay, or has moral decay contributed to social media?

          • Mourning Warbler

            Your attitude is called never had the other person’s experience I’m perfect arrogance.

          • Hope

            Well, that was uncalled for. Mage1981 is doing all she can to be a good mother, and that’s all you can do. Even she admits her kids are not perfect and neither is she. Some people turn a blind eye and then wonder “what happened?” What happened is that you didn’t do all you could and now everyone has to pay the consequences for your bad parenting. She won’t have to worry about that because she is doing all she can to be a responsible parent. “I’m perfect arrogance?” I think not.

          • BusyMomOf7

            I agree. Awareness of our weaknesses and shortcomings as moms is our first sucess. Ignoring technology is our first mistake. It’s there. It’s in the schools. It’s mandated by law to be taught and used in teaching. Being aggressive to follow up on our kids is priority #1. As a “medling mom” I’m proud to say my son is mostly terrified to have me find something I shouldn’t. Good. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
            Rule #1 NO PASSWORDS ON ANYTHING. I have complete access at any time whatsoever.
            Rule #2 Any breach of morality, decency, etc previously agreed upon, you lose. Period.

            Rule #3. See Rule #1.

          • Mourning Warbler

            Madge said: “Hence my kids don’t have phones, tablets, consoles or computers. My kids have to OMG play outside and with real toys and read real books!! It is a lost concept I know because it is called good parenting…”

            People are in many different situations. It is a blessing she could have that control. Not all parents can. She is riding the wave of success while those who are in the mire of sorrow wish they could slit their own throats.

          • Hope

            You’re right. True on all accounts. There are so many different scenarios, that one situation definitely does not fit all. I guess I was just trying to say that I didn’t think it was fair of “guest” to say that Mage1981 had an “I’m perfect arrogance” attitude. It wasn’t right of me to call her out on that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and everyone can interpret a comment differently. I sincerely apologize “Guest”.
            As a parent, I know that there are many things I would do differently given another chance. I wish I could of had the control that Mage1981 has with her children. But, as you said, everyone has a different situation. We live in a fairly large city and I’ll have to admit that my son spent a lot more time indoors than I would of liked him to, simply because I couldn’t always be outside with him. At least if he was in the house I knew where he was and could monitor his TV and computer. I grew up on a farm in the 1970’s and 1980’s – Gasp! that was eons ago, before computers and every other fun electronic gadget came along – but that’s all we knew. Playing outside, reading, piano practice and plenty of chores! We didn’t own a TV. It was a childhood that I wish I could of given my son and had kept him away from computers/phones/tablets/video games as long as I could. I will admit that I was one of those parents who used the computer/TV as a baby sitter when my son was younger, on more than one occasion. I work outside of the home, and at times it’s hard to get the work done at home as well. Let’s face it, it’s hard to get everything done PERIOD, whether you have a job that takes you outside the home or not. Parenting is a more than full time job by itself. I’m not trying to make excuses about my work/home/school commitments, because as you said, everyone has a different situation, and this was mine. I’m not saying it’s right or it’s wrong, I did what I could do at the time like a lot of parents do. I’m not one of the parents who wish for the sweet release of death, but there are a lot of things I would certainly do differently if I could the second time around. All we can do is TRY to be the best parents we can be. Don’t compare yourself with anyone else, because everyone’s “best” is something different, and everyone’s situation is different as well. =o) Now that I’ve rambled on forever… Have a good night everyone, and a good weekend as well!

          • rochesternative

            When my kids were young I was a big believer in “play-outside, minimum tv (and THAT was closely monitored) etc. However, the older they got, the tougher it got. As Adoremeorelse says, kids WILL find a way, unless you keep them completely isolated from other kids. Now at 14,16,18 I find my control is limited to having a password on my computer and locking up the tv cord when I am not home. It certainly doesn’t do anything to keep them off electronics however, since they have access at school, and after school at the library if they so choose.

          • Kathy Rust

            I remember back in the 80’s, one of my oldest daughter’s friends in 6th grade, left home with no make up on and put on an abundance after she arrived at school. She is now a great mom and responsible adult, so that little stunt and the consequences of discovery did not leave her permanently scarred. lol.

          • judy

            Thats right my kids do the same thing they play out side…… catching lizards, at the pool, scooters, bikes, friends, beach ect…..

          • Catherine Stamnos Simmons

            So mage1981, your kids, how old are they? I’m all for playing outside and reading, but when they reach a certain age you cannot control them. It’s just the way it is. When they reach the age of 18 you cannot control them. And trust me, I’m sure they have access to any of these devices

          • catholicchristian

            Catherine, you need to sit down with your 18-year-old (who I assume is still living in your home) and lay down the law – in other words, while they live there, they will accept your word as law for their behavior both inside AND OUTSIDE the house, and that this is a condition of living there. Yes, they are no longer under a legal requirement to obey you; yes, you are no longer under a legal requirement to support them or permit them in your home. Yes, this is a negotiation; a negotiation means that either side is prepared to walk away if necessary.

            Love means doing what is best, long-term at least, for the other person. Permitting them to engage in destructive behavior while supplying them the means – of whatever kind – to do so is not a loving action.

          • BusyMomOf7

            BRAVO!!!! We have 3 grown boys (24, 23, and 22) living at home. Our house. Our rules. They are NOT living on their own. When they are, they can make the rules. Chores. Expected. “Rent”. Expected. Accountability for their whereabouts amd actions. Expected. If they can’t give us the decency of those 3 things, they cannot stay here!

            BRAVO, BRAVO, BRAVO

          • Margaret Stanley

            Sorry to say, but my kids have the phones, computers and tablets, they also play outside, read books, do their chores, go over to their friends houses and get good grades. Kids will be kids, It is our jobs as parents to teach them what is right and what is wrong. My kids have never (as of yet) posted anything inappropriate on the internet but when and if the time comes that they do, they know they will lose their electronics. I wish people would stop using all these electronics as babysitters and then blame the electronics and social media when it all goes wrong.

          • Bobby Riffle

            My God you women sound like you hate the kids…please don’t have anymore…if the ones you have knew how you feel about them you probably wouldn’t have about them………..They would move away! I know if I heard my mom talk about me this vile I’d move away.

          • sjc0116

            with your ability of observation.. I’m glad you aren’t my dad. you apparently only see the negative.

          • Bobby Riffle

            Have an adult read these posts to you and explain them and the venom in them! My wife and I raised two wonderful children both married, no criminal records, one in the air force in Japan, one a happy housewife in Michigan, both had computers… wife and I instilled good values and common sense into both children and trusted them. That, along with being constantly involved with their lives gave my wife and myself one of the greatest experiences of our married lives.
            You would have been blessed to have had the love and understanding that we showered our children with. A fact they have thanked us for many times since they have started their adult lives. …I’m sorry you didn’t have that love. Try to heal.

          • Mourning Warbler

            You were such good parents; wonder why God did not send you more?

          • Bobby Riffle

            Not that it’s that important but my wife had some issues with polyps on her ovaries and the Dr said to avoid”complications” in the future she should have a hysterectomy so we did what the Dr said as cancer runs heavy in my wife’s family but we have been blessed with some voulenteer work and helped raise her brother when her mother wasn’t able to. I help out the youth club close to my house.(although my health has slowed me down,I still help out as much as I can, being blessed with the gift of gab I’m good at getting donations from corporations!

          • Mourning Warbler

            Good for you, Bobby Riffle! You should write a book. Some would be “perfect parents” and “experts” if they had had stopped at one or two kids. On the other hand, some families struggle under inordinate condemnation when their one or two kids (and counting) have gotten into truckloads of trouble over an extended period of time… even before the Internet age. When I was an expert parent (with no kids older than twelve), I wondered when a retired missionary cried when I asked her about her children; she was not alone in her sorrow. Having seen good Christian people struggle with such disappointment (kids not walking with the Lord and dominated by bad company, drugs, out-of-wedlock-sex/pregnancies, murder, etc.), and having seen not nice Christian people smug and arrogant even as they sharply criticize or (on the other hand) undermine other people’s parenting, I just know it is can be very hard and lonely to be a Christian among wolf-Chrsitians. It may seem ironic, but many Christians think about killing themselves every day.

          • brenda chafin

            Good for you, conversation is a lost are now that Texting is easier for kids to stay in touch, So glad I raised my son before cell phones and computers, he is raising his that way too, they play lots of sports, and the main computer in the house is in the living / den so they don’t have the opportunity to get in trouble.

          • sjc0116

            having used computers for 40 yrs, my kids have always had them around, the trouble isn’t the electronics.. it’s parenting or lack of it.

          • Tree Cooke Nofsinger

            Just because kids don’t have phone tablets or computers DOESNT make it good parenting. Bad parenting has nothing to do with whether they have them or not. Bad parenting is blatantly not caring what your kids are doing not watching and not disciplining when they are misbehaving. Because first rule of parenting… No matter how good you think YOUR kids are they will surely prove you wrong at some point.

          • sjc0116

            how old are yours? I was a single parent and raised my 2 girls solo from ages 7 and 10. I told them when they were little that at the time they thought I was the smartest person they knew. I said when they became teenagers they would think I was the dumbest person they knew and I wouldn’t be the one who changed. They are now 23 and 26. I have never been disappointed in them. we don’t always agree but that is because they can think for themselves. They are both the kindest and nicest people one could meet. as for electronics people.. I’ve worked with computer for 40 yrs so they have always been in my home. the electronics aren’t the bad/evil things, people are.

          • David

            Just remember with the way some cities/states are now, if your children aren’t old enough to be out alone then you will get reported for abuse, neglect, and child endangerment. It’s not like it used to be anymore, teaching your child to be responsible is now bad, per the US government. SMH

          • sjc0116

            even if they walked 1/4 mile to a friend’s house after school. You are so right David. when my daughter was 6 she came home from school and said I couldn’t spank her. she could call the police if I did. I rarely spanked anyway. I asked where she got that from. her 1st grade teacher told the class that. the beginning of gvt interference with parenting.

          • Dodging bullets in Salinas

            Wow! Your awesome! not too many parents nowadays will even let their kids play outside they just thrown them a tablet to keep em quiet! Good for you! 🙂

          • Jennifer Keaveney Kain

            Do your kids have friends? If so, they have access to all of the above.

          • Jo Ellen Lukpetris

            God bless you! This is what we need for future world leaders, conscientious and responsible parenting!

          • ruthslater


          • TRG

            But when they go to school or the library they have them and when they go outside they can go to a friends house and post and oh make sure they are of age or you will be arrested for them going outside to play by themselves. Just saying that there ARE ways for them to do what you don’t want them to do. Don’t tell me you never got one over on your parents.

          • ace1981

            Lol, schools provide plenty of internet. As do libraries and friends with cell phones.

            Real parenting by the way, isn’t keeping them away from technology, it’s teaching them how to use it appropriately and being involved.

            A healthy combo of outside, reading, games, internet and family time is what you should strive for, instead you think you’re the epitome of a good parent. There is no one size fits all, snob. Get over yourself.

          • Carolyn Burton


          • Karen House White

            How old are they? I agree they shouldn’t have them as small children, but by middle school everyone has one, and it is a way of life. I would imagine it is difficult for children to not have something that even welfare considers necessary.

          • Catherine Stamnos Simmons

            Well said, adoremeorelse

          • catholicchristian

            Parenting is, in fact, fairly simple. It just takes thinking.

            Rule 1: Put the long-term good of the child ahead of all other considerations.

            Rule 2: If you have any questions, see rule 1.

          • Michele O’Nan

            From your comment, it can only be assumed you’re one of “those” parents who believe it’s everyone else’s fault when your child misbehaves and that you refuse to take responsibility. Just for your info, this comes from a mother of six who DOES keep a handle on my kid’s lives. I can’t say they don’t do things that are wrong, but SirAlbertL called it right – it’s called Parenting. Correct them when they’re wrong.

          • cpt g

            The bulk of parenting should be done by 6 years old….if your child is sneaking at 12 you failed!

          • Bobby Riffle

            So…..What do you suggest…just do nothing? Because that’s how your post sounds

          • Nathan Gonzales

            Get the child a basic phone with no internet no tablet or I pod.. If they want to listen to music get them an MP4 or Mp3… We grew up with out all this tec… And menu people turned out… So why can’t our children

          • Roger Bence

            12 year old shouldnt have ipod or cell phone or access to computer without supervision

          • Vicki Noel Harrington

            We still need to hold them accountable when we do catch them. Not sure if this is appropriate or not, but kudos to the Mom for caring enough to set a consequence

          • sjc0116

            absolutely.. the big word ‘accountable’. every action and decision has consequences.. good or bad. the parental action has to be appropriate and immediate.

          • ruthslater


          • Truth Bearer

            Parents are GET THIS in no way obligated to provide all of these electronic devices to their young 12 year-old daughter who is obviously now mature enough to understand the full ramifications of her actions by her posting personal inappropriate pictures of herself out on the world wide web for all of the web to see. Which can and possibly will perhaps cost her possibly good jobs that she might have been qualified for had she not revealed way too much about her self on Facebook or any other media sights!

          • RonKeffer

            Well……I guess we will see your kids in prison…….I knew what my kids were doing each and everyday. I didn’t ride herd on them. I taught them right from wrong when they were toddlers and up. If the kids know you mean business and you communicate and communicate by talking and listening instead of demanding etc. Your life and their lives will be much easier. It is easier to do things right than doing them wrong…….

            Parents these days try to be the child’s friend…..It doesn’t work. you need to be in control……….

            remember respect, good behavior, and good manners start at home. not in school, not in sunday school……….at home………get it.

            one other thing I would love to comment on is. If you have a 10, ten being the best, as a trainer, you will never get a 10 as a result. So that being said, if you are a 2 how in the hell do you expect your kid to be anything but a good citizen

        • Catherine Stamnos Simmons

          Really sir Albert? you have perfect kids right?

        • Carolyn Burton

          When my sons were growing up, (before smart phones) the pc was in the den where there was no privacy. They weren’t thrilled by it but it kept them from going where they shouldn’t

      • doc mathis

        It should always be a factor

      • Earl O

        There aren’t any but it’s the parent’s responsibility to monitor their child and obviously these parents are doing just that. Good for them.

        • Kathy Rust

          Also, parents should not underestimate the benefit of extended family being involved with the children. With 2 sets of grandparents, 2 aunts, an uncle and his parents, my 14 year old grandson has the proverbial village involved in his life.

    • Katherine

      You would be surprised… Anyone can sign up for an account doesn’t mean they are the appropriate age.

      • rochesternative

        Or even who they say they are. I caught my one son signing up for Netflix’s free trial over and over…with different made up names. I was livid. Short of taking the tv with me every day there wasn’t a lot I could do. I contacted Netflix, they told me they’d look into it…

      • Kathy Rust

        My son ‘n’ law is a computer tech, so my grandkids are very exposed to technology and play various games etc. They are not extremely restricted, but they are well monitored.

    • Gaetano

      someone should invent something for kids. I agree with you Facebook is not an appropriate venue for children.

      • Kathy Rust

        Facebook is the grown up’s MySpace. My kids had MySpace accounts, but outgrew those as adults.

    • Mike Santino

      What is a 80 yr old doing on facebook

    • ChitterChatter

      you would be surprised
      my niece signed her kids up for myspace and facebook I reported both myspace took them down facebook didn’t care

    • Jean Frost

      Why do you question facebook. Question the 12 year old with liquor!!!

    • Mike Roberts Sr.

      posting inapropriate picture like every other teen. parents are stupid or they dont give a crap.

  • Sarah Mahala

    a very well deserved lesson if her mother can actually keep her off social media…..

    • Mourning Warbler

      Indeed; seems many critics here don’t realize how difficult that can be. There are PCs and those hand-held devices everywhere. Our teen son was given a number of them by well-meaning knuckleheads. Several years later I doubt any of the do-gooders realize the long-term harm they have caused with their Christian charity.

      • SLJones

        Of course you can always take away a toy if you don’t want your child to have it. Then tell him why you object to it. You’re kind of in the same boat as everyone else. Imagine what the pagans are going to offer him.

        • Mage1981

          This Pagan parent has no issues with their kids getting on social media and making jack asses out of themselves. My kids have to read real books and play with real toys as they do not have a computer, tablet, cell phone or any game console. They know right from wrong just like any Christian kid should. Religious upbringing really has no say over good parenting.

          • Debby Morge

            spoken like a true jehovah,the internet is a beautiful thing,the world is a different place ,full of sick people bangers my kids go out and if i look out the door and i dont see them i panic,just like anything theres a amount of time,to play games go on the internet,

          • Mourning Warbler

            Are you calling yourself a Paganparent, Mage 1981? Or are you one of the good Christians that God has put in charge of setting everyone straight?

        • Mourning Warbler

          The pagans wouldn’t offer him any more. Many pagans are better than Christians, because many Christians are posers.

          • SLJones

            Just as it doesn’t take much courage to criticize other people while hiding in the safety of a fake identity (like any bully), it doesn’t take much clarity of vision to see the faults in other people (as any self-righteous poser can). These are no extraordinary virtues to be proud of: any 3-year-old child can do as much. It takes clarity of vision to see the faults in ourselves. I think you have a lot of soul searching to do.

      • Norm Simpson

        Who’s the knucklehead? You let it happen. Stop trying to put the blame on others.

        • Mourning Warbler

          Knucklehead is just a “nice” way of putting a term to the kind of person you are, you muscle regulating the flow of nutrient waste.

  • Terri DeBruler

    Seems like a good idea too me !! Hopefully she will learn from her mistake !

  • ppuckett

    Not too harsh at all. I wish more parents would discipline their children.

  • Cathy Scott

    good Mom! and I hope Mom keeps it up!

  • fistfulofrain

    Nice work for the mom! Not so much for the daughter…

  • Enough

    Bravo Mom!

  • Lisa Raquel

    The parent could have been held liable for the child having access to the liquor so, i don’t blame the parent for being harsh. I hope the girl learns from this.

    • Margaret Hart

      Being held liable for my child’s action is a minor consequence. It is every parent’s duty to teach their children right from wrong, appropriate from inappropriate. Kids don’t just grow up perfect!

  • Josh

    By her post, she doesn’t grasp the severity, nor does she seem to care….

  • LeAnne Eveve

    Are they really trying to imply that taking away PRIVILEGES is too harsh? This world is crazy. Pretty soon we wont be able to even tell them no

    • Tom Stewart

      Hey, several States have enacted laws allowing

      • doc mathis

        If spanking was allowed everywhere at the discretion of the parent this world would be a much better place. Kids pay very little or no attention to rules because there are no consequences for their bad behavior.

        • NukeWaste

          Whipping the parents would improve student behavior also.

          • Txgator15

            Now that my son is grown and I know he never got into trouble, I agree…lol. THIS dad was in a LOT more trouble than he ever was. And I told him that if the school asks for permission to whip him, I will happily sign it. 🙂

      • Allen

        Spanking was always law in my house. If my kids did something to warrant it.

        • catholicchristian

          In my house, the spanks were just the attention-getters. The procedure was:

          1. Detect the bad behavior.
          2. Give the child two or three spanks.
          3. Ask the child if they know why they were spanked.
          4. Explain the bad behavior whether or not they knew.
          5. Get the child’s agreement that they had been told not to do it.
          6. Ask the child what course of action can be taken to prevent the bad behavior from happening again (punishment).
          7. Implement appropriate punishment, often what is suggested by the child (it’s amazing how imaginative children can be).
          8. Throughout the entire procedure, emphasize that you are involved here because the behavior is wrong and destructive, and if you didn’t love them you’d simply ignore the behavior and let them self-destruct.

          Spanking cures nothing but a temporary lack of attention.

    • smbakk1

      No, they are implying that posting the punishment on social media for all to see could be the wrong way to handle it.

    • Stan Bryars

      It’s not the taking away of privileges that is too harsh, it is the public humiliation that may well cause other issues

      • matwood17

        Wah! Wah, wah, wah. Someone is going to embarrass me! Wah, wah, wah.
        Get over it. You are going to embarrass YOURSELF at some time in your life. Learn to live with it, it’s reality in a real world.
        Bet she doesn’t make THAT mistake again, whatcha wanna bet?

        • Stan Bryars

          And on what is it that you based your oh do intelligent opinion?

          I can tell you from experience that she may very well have to make that same mistake again, or a bigger one.

          • catholicchristian

            And I can tell you, Stan, from what is likely far more experience, that the minor embarrassment of what is essentially a “time out” will pass – except for the lesson learned, which is that refusing to follow the rules carries consequences which are unpleasant. If your children had to “make that same mistake again, or a bigger one,” then I conclude that you’re doing it wrong. (FYI, I have 5 children, the youngest of whom are 14, and am the oldest child of a family with 20 children.)

          • Stan Bryars

            I can see you are one of those asshats that thinks they know all about a person that they have never met and assumes that they have lived more than anyone else. I also see that you have some inductive reasoning skills that are equal to your lack of reading comprehension skills.
            Nowhere did I say or even imply that children have to make the same or bigger mistakes as the parent.

            My experience comes from being the child of an abusive asshat like this attention seeking mother.
            When the child is publicly humiliated like this she is forced to prove herself. That she is not some little punk. Not even the broken bones could cow me.
            But I can see from your user name that you are OK with this type of abuse, based on the Catholic school education we had askids

            This “mother” was simply seeking internet attention for herself or she would not have posted it on her own page.

            And by the way oh great experienced on, my youngest is 23

    • Kathy Rust

      Taking away privileges is never too harsh, but just never letting them have any privileges in the first place won’t keep the kids out of troublel.

  • Azrael

    the punishment is too lenient

  • Patricia Shaw Lutz

    Way to go Mom!

  • Lady_Clare

    I saw this some time ago. I wonder what happened to the girl since? Did she learn anything?

  • BlueFalc0n

    Not harsh enough IMO. however, we don’t know what happened before the pic, nor afterward.

  • Jypsie Anna

    Theres children all over facebook, Good job mom!! You are being a parent. Unlike many moms and dads out there not doing anything. I feel children on facebook isnt the issue. I know good kids on FB, But to be influenced by drugs and alcohol and then posting it to social media, Kids dont realize that the peer pressue may make them look Kool but actually, its harming them. Social media is good for preteen kids. Teach them to be courteous to others online. Make pen pals all over the world, With proper parenting theres nothing wrong with kids on social media in my eyes… at least they arent out on the streets killing people …

    • moi2u

      I did not permit my kids to have a social media account until they were 14–and even then I had to have their passwords to ALL online accounts with the understanding that I would monitor them and pop in them to have a look around whenever I wanted. They also knew/know that that if I found anything at all contrary to MY rules, I would not only deactivate ALL social media accounts, but their email addresses as well and they would lose any access to electronic devices for a year. Lucky for them that they knew I meant what I said and followed my rules.

      • Norm Simpson

        Your Awesome. And I’ll bet you have great kids.

        • moi2u

          Thanks 🙂

      • Cynthia May

        I don’t know if you realize this, moi2u, but you are a rare parent. My parents were “super strict” (my view as a teen), but looking back, they were giving me the tools that I needed to survive adulthood and be responsible. Good for you for being such a great parent. 🙂

  • kazoober

    harsh? How can holding a sign and taking a break from FB be harsh? She got off easy.

  • SCAnn

    Just hope it works..

  • Theresa Benecchi

    I think it’s great that the parent made an issue of it. too many parents either don’t pay attention to what their children are doing or just plane don’t care. It’s way different to be a parent in this new generation of EVERYTHING being out there for everyone to see and alot of these postings will come back to haunt them for the rest of their lives.

  • melissa

    well deserved! good for mom!

  • jlenoreb

    Well deserved!!!!!!!!! Should have whooped her butt too!

  • Harry Pennington

    mom did the correct thing I commend her on the decision it was the only thing to do as for me she would be banned from using any device with internet access for at least a month.

  • Rhonda Lewis Hunt

    A great punishment. Fits the crime.

  • BonnieSinc

    I will never understand why parents let kids use the internet unsupervised or give them phones than can go online. They should only have phones that talk and text. Let’s hope her hiatus is until she is 18.

    • jhk

      Inappropriate pics can be sent by texts too! Just saying… I am so glad my kids are grown and were grown before social media took over! LOL.. I do worry about my grandkids someday tho! I think the mother did the right thing!

    • Wiggle D

      They do have cellphones that can only call specific numbers. I don’t understand why parents don’t jump on those.

      • They do? What kind of cell phone, please tell!

        • Donna

          Called Firefly…check with you carrier to find them

        • Lynnann

          Verizon Wireless has an app called Family Base…you can control when they talk and text, there is a trusted numbers list they can call regardless of the time restrictions and if 911 is called you are notified and all restrictions fall off so you can both deal with the emergency. You can also limit the amount of data they can use on the phone. It is an app for the entire account so more then one kid no problem $5.00 does it all. You can also block picture messages so all they can send are regular text messages. There are solutions to help parents we just have to ask.

          • Norm Simpson

            Too cool, thank you. I’m going to copy and paste this one.

          • Stan Bryars

            We have these phones where I work. Just be sure to do random checks from time to time. Somehow some of the guys have figured out how to defeat the feature.

        • Michelle Smith

          Actually ANY phone!! My kids have a regular cell phone but I’ve turned on the parental controls and so they can only make and receive calls/texts from the phone numbers I have put in their phone. Unless they crack my security code they cannot add phone numbers.

          • NukeWaste

            That would take 5 minutes.

    • NukeWaste

      Why text? Kids don’t need texting. It only gets them in trouble in school.

    • Norm Simpson

      Your so right. Friends of mine had the computer next to the t.v. in their living room. Unless Dad or Mom was in there watching t.v., the computer didn’t go on. The computer was on the left, the t.v. on the right. They could watch both at once. Pretty good rule if you ask me.

    • Resdya Darkwatch

      With my NetGear Router I can also block websites specific through individual MAC addresses. They give free software to place on each computer and I can control them all through MY computer. This applies to cell phones on my wifi, laptops and desktops. Also you can have it sat as a key logger that sends me daily emails of all communications on my kids computers.
      I do not do this because I am nosy, I do this because I want my kids safe and to protect them. I am their parent not their buddy.

  • GabbyGibby

    Excellent “Mom” knows best. Her daughter will not like this now but later on in her life she will appreciate this moment.

  • Roger

    Well deserved and valuable lesson. Kudos to the mom.

  • Gloria Haynes

    Too harsh? Are you serious? I’d have beat her butt good for her.

  • Barbara Finger

    WTG — my parents would have done more than this

    • Greg

      My sign would have said “Let the beatings begin”

  • Pat Fricke

    Good Job, Mom!

  • Peggy Holoboski

    Pretty tame response for something like that…

  • onesoldiersmom

    Social media should be viewed as a privilege. And, like any privilege, it’s earned and kept based on conduct and following the house rules. I am so glad to see the lengths parents will go to, to regain control over the situation and to parent their children, teaching them the values and life lessons that will serve them for a lifetime. God bless this mother for raising the bar and demanding high standards of morality and discipline. She has my full support. Her daughter, is one lucky young lady. This act of love proves she has a fighting chance.

  • Dottie Mertsky

    Perfect.bravo to Mom.

  • Wiggle D

    Public shaming is the only way to get it through the minds of children these days. Whatever works for your child though. Gotta say, she was pretty dumb if she made that image obtainable by her mom given all of the privacy options.

    • Ghost_Babel

      Or there’s always love and discipline.

      • Lolly

        The Mom’s actions are PART of love and discipline. Each child learns their “lessons” (hence discipline, original root meaning “teach”) in different ways. Clearly, by the reaction of the daughter, this method of teaching her consequences has SOME effect. Making your children feel emotional/physical pain momentarily teaches them lessons which are vital. Those kinds of actions are the epitome of love.

        • Ghost_Babel

          If you can discipline a child without violence or embarrassment, why would you choose to do so? Choosing to cause pain is NEVER about love. It’s about anger and control. It’s teaching a bad example; if I’m mad at you, I can hurt you and it’s alright. There’s nothing healthy about that.

    • Ruth Simmons

      Pretty dumb ? She was twelve,how smart does a twelve year old have to be to not be called dumb?MOM, you did the right thing!!!!

  • Roland Garnett

    Way to go mom

  • dmar003

    good for the mom. i would have yanked any type of computer/phone etc. for a looong time. if she wanted to do something make her read a book, an actual book. good going mom

  • Joe Torres

    It was NECESSARY. Good for mom!!!

  • Chad Calpito

    Good for the Mother. Her daughter needs to be taught a lesson. Period!

  • Osweetp2

    Right on mom

  • Lindsay McGeorge

    You’ll live.

  • Ghost_Babel

    That’s about right. Good for mom! Children do not belong on Facebook. Period.

  • Stephen Zorn

    A parent doesn’t try to be friends with their children, they discipline them.

  • MBN550

    A Mom’s got to do what a Mom’s got to do. Young girls truly don’t understand the dangers to which they are exposing themselves. This may seem harsh, but if the girl is as stupid as I was as a teen, this is just the method that may mean something to the girl. Keep up the good work, Mom, and you will raise a fine young woman.

  • Houdini50

    i like it

  • Frank Carlson

    Mom did the right thing.

  • Darryl Lee

    If the mother dose not put the fear of God in her… She will not respect you god or authority…. God will become the laughing stalk of her kids…. You are right to slow her down and show her your trouble before it becomes trouble…. God respects your right to punish her…. For the bible says spare the rod spoil the child. The Bible also says that if a patent dose not care to teach correct and punish that. Actually the mother has no love for the child… If God dose not correct and punish us then we are basterds…. I use to think that it was wrong for my mom to scream at me… But you know what if she did not include would have never got it in my big fat head… The Bible says be angry and since not.. So sometimes it’s righteous to display your anger while teaching your child especially if you know thir disposition…. Parents pick up on a lot that we do not know about ourselves and in these cases such as this the patent brings out the trait of character we refuse to correct or see… Then when we get corrected punished and talked to… We understand more about our evil that we didn’t think mattered…. I have stood where she is… But I know it’s because my mom loves me……. But nobody likes punishment.?.. The Bible says honor your parents for it is right in the Lord… Or like bill Cosby said… Don’t touch my drink i come back and it’s gown… Are my children brain dead… Yeah how funny we forget when we don’t want to get caught..

  • Bill Mattingly

    Kid, your mother LOVES you, she knows whats best at this age. Soon you’ll be old enough to drink and I hope you find its not such a big deal.

  • Jeff Carroll

    I don’t think any child should be publicly humiliated. Does the child deserve to be punished? That is the parents decision and I agree with the mom to take action. I think public humiliation can be psychologically damaging.

  • Marie Ballard-Anders

    I salute her Mother. If she had been my daughter, she would also have gotten a spanking and more!

  • Lorna Danicek

    Great Parenting.

  • Mike Armstrong

    Well deserved , gotta stop it now or it wont get any better !

  • Lorna Danicek

    Marica, what is a 12 yr. old doing on facebook? I was a school bus driver and I had a few students with cell phones. they were 3rd. graders. 8 yrs.old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    Kids don’t think, they just do. Mom scored a mental point. Maybe a bit of Church or bible reading would help. Focused so much on the minute, but the big life picture is not in focus!

  • Robert Goodyear

    this mom did a great job bot i would have went one more step and get ride of computer and tell her she can only get on line when she can buy a computer her self with money she gets paid to work at a job

  • DaBear

    Just right.

  • tim

    Perfect, Good for Mom!! The punishment fits the crime.

  • Dena E. Casey

    Good!! Hopefully this young girl (who probably thinks she should be treated like she’s 25) will learn some reality lessons during her “hiatus”.

  • Cheryl Willingham

    It is time that parents were allowed to step up and discipline their children. I am surprise that a spanking was not also involved. I do believe that this was the right thing to do and I support the mother fully.

  • HonestC

    Apropos for the “crime.”

  • Kevin J. Young

    Good for Mom.

  • 4theLord

    It is a start.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    mom was spot on.
    little children do NOT need to be on facebook. and most certainly not having anything to do with alcohol!

  • Jackke Friend

    12 is far too young 2 b on FB

  • Doris Storlien

    That girl has a good Mother.

  • willie windom

    Way to go Mom, you’re an inspiration for other Moms out there, Dads too for that matter!

  • Colleen Young

    good for you mom!!I hope she is not old enough for social media for a few years….teach her to write with paper and pen and use the family land line phone to talk to her friends…

  • Carle W Riley

    As Cinderella would say: it’s. Just right.

  • Mike

    Spot on…

  • Hope Reid

    I think it fits the crime PERFECTLY!!!! Way to go, Mom!

  • fpbiv375


  • Jimbony

    I approve of it 100%.

  • moi2u

    Way2Go, Mom!! The punishment matches the crime! Highly appropriate!

  • Don Ely

    Het, Mom: How did the 12-year-old get the FB account? … or the drink? Sounds like the supervision showed up a bit too late. At least you handled properly when you finally got around to it. Don’t blame the kid for it all, though. You need to be there for her and teach her right from wrong.

    • moi2u

      Why the judgment on the Mom?? Many adults keep beer, wine coolers, wine, etc. in their fridges. (we were never alcohol drinkers in my family, not even wine, so it wasn’t an issue). Also, if your kid has access to a laptop, PC, iPad, Kindle, or cell phone they can easily create a fb account without your knowledge. Most, these days do. My kids were seriously restricted to not have a social media account before age 14 and they knew if they disobeyed me they wouldn’t be permitted until age 16, plus one of my rules was that i had their passwords to ALL Internet accounts, including emails so I could log on and take a look anytime I felt like it. They had to demonstrate to me they knew the dangers of the Internet and how to handle potential bullying, both on and off the Internet. before opening any type of Internet account. If they broke my online/internet ‘rules’ in Any way, they knew their Internet privileges would be revoked until age 16. I had their p-words and monitored everything until they turned/turn 18. My kids knew/know I meant business and never challenged me. I was fortunate.

      • Don Ely

        Because the mother is responsible from step 1. You’re being WAY too permissive. Don’t allow the kid access to the laptop, iPad, Kindle, cell phone, etc. unsupervised if she can’t be trusted. Trust is something that must be earned. I’m not saying that the kid should be smothered, but be responsible, make the effort, and use some sense. ALWAYS keep the liquor cabinet locked. Never store ANY alcohol where minors can get to it, wine coolers included. My underage daughter’s friend’s mom set-up a FB account for her without our knowledge or consent. I said no, my now ex-wife wouldn’t lay down the law. My daughter kept violating the house rules and her mother continued to permit it. Start with rules and guidelines designed to put children on the right path, enforce those rules lovingly, but without deviation, and the children will come to understand the reason for – and wisdom behind – those restrictions. Lazy parenting destroys children. Lazy parenting = unloving parents.

        • moi2u

          Exactly HOW am I being ‘way too permissive’ in my response?? Because I’m not judging the Mom as a bad or lazy parent, like you, obviously, do?? As long as the Mom abides by the law regarding underage drinking, (which I have no idea if she does, but I don’t have enough info. to say she doesn’t, either). Although I don’t drink, nor does anyone in my family, it makes sense that people would put a case of beer in the fridge to get cold. My Dad did now and again, (God rest his soul) and us kids knew better to Never touch the stuff…or else!! Then again… Maybe she doesn’t allow that in her home at all, and the girl got it some other way… not enough info. on that either. Did you not read that I would have revoked my kids’ privileges until age 16?? By ‘Internet’ access, I mean any and ALL access (laptops, PCs, cell phones, iPads, etc.) Did you not read that my kids were not allowed social media of Any kind until age 14?? (and one of my daughters, not until age 15). Never would I allow one of my kids’ friends’ moms set up any type of social media account for my kids. Would Never happen, and if it did somehow, my kid would never be permitted to visit that home again. You, sir, lack basic comprehension skills and are a highly judgmental individual when it comes to passing judgement on others–especially when there is so much ‘unknown’ info. to begin with. Just because you perceive your Ex to be a ‘lazy parent’ doesn’t mean all other Moms are. You should get counseling for your, obvious, ‘EX’ anger issues that are apparent in your post.

          • Don Ely

            Are you done ranting now? I didn’t ask you. You don’t know me. You don’t know my ex. And you’ve made it quite apparent you don’t know else. Please get over yourself and leave me out of it.

  • fromthemomma

    Good job mom!

  • Sherry Taylor-Jackson

    It is a tough lesson, but I think her mother handled it correctly. Since she was posting things online, I feel that the punishment fits the crime.

  • William Neal

    Congratulations to the Mother for being a parent. She used appropriate action and punishment.

  • Francis Seibert

    I agree with her mother.

  • Kimberly Morris

    No this didn’t go too far at all. Grounding, staying off facebook and even the posting of the sign are all fine!!! This parent should also look into all the parental control stuff she can find to keep on top of what this girl is doing whenever she does like her access the computer again!!! We can’t molly coddle kids. We have to discipline and then see it through all the way or the continue to do the same things over and over. So stop being afraid to put a stop to crap behavior, discipline don’t beat them but make them know you mean business!!!!

  • James Bond

    Do any of us have any idea what kind of parenting has taken place before this action? All you have is a picture of an upset kid holding a sign. To criticize, condone, applaud or judge the mother or daughter in any way knowing nothing more is ridiculous.

    • moi2u

      I don’t have to know all the facts–if my (or any other child I had custody of) 12-18 yr. old daughter OR son ever posted a pic of herself on fb holding an alcoholic beverage, she would be in serious trouble with me, period. If the infraction was merely posing with the beverage she would lose her fb and all other social media and electronic privileges for a year and I would make her last post of her with a sign like this Mom did. If I found out she actually drank any of the beverage, there would be even more serious consequences!! Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about booze with either of my kids– it just wasn’t on their radar. They never subscribed to the ‘need to look cool’ mentality.

  • Judith Spisak

    Good move mom!

  • Michael Gerardi

    Well done, mom. It’s about time we had HARSHER punishments, not easier like they’ve been handing out for the last, oh, fifty years. Whatever it takes to get through kids’ thick heads.

  • Charles Adam Gunter

    Good for mom!! We need more like her!!!

  • Rick Gannon

    I did close to the same thing when my daughter wrote some things she didn’t even know what it means. I grounded her for a yr. That was 13 yr’s ago and she is now starting her family with her new husband. I can honestly say she has more morals than most. I am very proud of her.

  • Rose

    Well deserved, for a start.

  • Becca Tart

    you go mom there need to be more like you and hopefully your daughter will learn

  • ashizuri

    some “parents” shouldn’t even be having kids.

  • Jim Britt

    This is a GOOD mother! If we had more mothers (and fathers) like this the gang problem would go away.

  • Michael L. Roenicke


  • Greg Miller

    Good job mom, we need more parents taking interest in their childrens lives.

  • Suzanne Hughes

    good parenting!!!!

  • Charlie Rock Collins

    great job. now if more parents were this way

  • Doug Foulke

    DEF not too harsh and very appropriate

  • Karen Anderson

    Harsh? Hardly. It’s called being a loving parent.

  • Connie

    In this day & age, while some parents are lax in supervising, guiding & teaching their children… it’s refreshing to see the parents who care to be involved in their kids’ lives. This does not rise above the level of acceptable discipline. And it will only enhance the child’s chances of growing into a productive & responsible adult. Kudos to this kid’s mom!

  • AmericanJones

    Deleting the FB acct in front of the 12 yr would have been good.

  • Selkiescot

    Good for Mom!

  • Michael Finnegan

    Harsh? It should only START there.

  • Bonione

    Hoorah for Mom!!

  • smbakk1

    Good for this mom for stepping in right away! But if the girl is not upset about losing her social media privileges by day two, I’m guessing she’s found a way to access it elsewhere, or else she’s just pretending it doesn’t bother her.

  • Joe Efurd

    lucky she was in a good mood that day and didn’t think of someethinfmore devious…. lol… just right!

  • ShamanBlair

    ‘Bout right, I’d say. Creative,not “harsh.” Great parenting!

  • Helgeorge

    outstanding mother, wish I could give her a hug……….great to see a parent who really cares..

  • robgc11


  • scott

    if more parents today took this amount of time to care about what their kids are doing,they might grow to be better adults

  • vaugh

    Oh goodness sake, poor little souls might get their feelings hurt. I think this is the most responsible thing to do because it tells all her daughter’s friends on FB that you might want to stay away from posting this stuff. How about the deeper issue of glorifying alcohol?

  • Dennis

    I’d have shown her face too – obviously she’s crying.

  • BuckTard

    Good for mom indeed. Thats parenting right there.

  • gtec

    Seems appropriate to me. It also seems like Mom doesn’t need a million strangers to help her decide how to raise her daughter.

  • Carl F Bruschnig Jr

    Damn straight, good job MOM!

  • Ben Norton

    That’s a good Mom right there. Thank God…

  • Kurt Ritchey

    Not too harsh at all .. I would call that good parenting

  • Joyce Riebe

    Mother being a mother. Awesome!

  • Richard

    Not harsh enough. She needs a good ass whoopin (sic).

    This signals a bigger problem in the girl’s home life.

  • hayrake

    lol…Highly unlikely that this is a psyche warping punishment. Way to go, mom. Not too harsh at all.

  • Pamela Lobdell

    Great parenting!

  • Debra Brocato

    Three cheers for the Mother!!!

  • Beverly Lawson

    A valuable lesson and a great mom. Not harsh at all.

  • Sharylle Morrison Ballengee

    Sounds like a Mom who truly loves her daughter enough to want her to become a responsible person. Kudos to her.

  • cbaycove

    MOM SCORES! Obviously this kid had too much time on her hands…..chores!!

  • Mama_Bear_369

    Kudos to the Mom…..

  • Nancy Robbins

    12 years old is too young to be on Facebook. Most do not realize the consequences of their behavior on social media. Unfortunately, predators watch these sites also. the punishment fits the crime, however, I would have also taken away the phone, if the girl has one, and any tablets, notebooks, etc. that would give access to media sites.

  • Victoria LeMaire

    good for mom!!

  • Coretta Shelton

    agree with mom

  • Les K

    Perfect. Nice job Mom

  • gracecc5249
  • MSGran

    PERFECT! At least there’s one mom taking responsibility for her children, who in turn is making her child take responsibility for her stupid action!

  • Guest

    was expecting something hash

  • sgttom

    I was expecting something harsh

  • Well done Mom keep her from having kids at 12 and joining the ranks of the welfare rolls if more parents did this there would be a lot less unwanted children in this country

  • linda diaz

    Hat’s off to this mother many out there turn an eye or just don’t care. Good job Mom 🙂

  • Kim Schmitz

    Not to harsh at all. I hope she sticks with it tho. That is the hardest part.

  • Kevin Maehrer

    Absolutely agree with Mom; let the punishment fit the crime.

  • Terri Emley

    If more moms were like this….we wouldn’t have things like the “knock out game” thugs and problematic teens that we do today. Good for you , Mom!

  • Seeks_the_truth_421

    It’s called good parenting.

  • natxlaw

    I am going to swim against the stream and say “maybe too harsh.” When you punish your kid in a manner that is public and has the potential to go viral and introduce them to the world, that should be the last rung on a long ladder, and that rung should be after you have made her go live with her grandparents in another state for a year, not before.

  • countrylove

    You rock, mom! Good for you. Kids need to learn early the difference between right and wrong!

  • Lynette Speroni

    Mom was right on.

  • Robert Brumley

    No not harsh at all but rather intelligent on moms part, Back in the day’s when I was that age, and didn’t something equally as bad I’d got the hell beaten out of me and grounded from playing with friends for at least a week, I’m 58 and not criminal record of any kind and hold no animosity toward my loving parents whom have long past away,

  • Jan Brent

    Good parenting

  • Lobo

    At least this Mom is trying to get her child to straighten up!!!!!!!! We need MORE of these Mom’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • babs

    Good for the Mom. The girl will get over it and maybe learn something.

  • Julian

    seems like the mom did right… social media didn’t start with Facebook,, it started more back in the days of bbs systems before the internet.. always be careful what you do…

  • Native Texan

    I tip my hat to a parent who cares about her child more than being her “friend”!

  • Keith Lacey

    Several people pointed out, what’s a 12 year old doing on FB anyway. If I am not mistaken, you are supposed to be at least 15 to hold a FB account. Regardless of that, good job Mom for reeling her in. Think she is lucky to have someone that cares…

    • moi2u

      The age is 13 for fb, although I think that’s too young of an age for social media.

  • Dennis Laumeyer

    That’s a great mom!!

  • tomah57


  • Nannette Smith

    Too many parents don’t even know what their kids are posting on facebook or texting to their friends. When you don’t pay attention to what your kids are doing, you get what you deserve. I’m glad to hear a parent not only knowing what her child is up to, but disciplined her appropriately. Good job MOM!!!!!

  • Joan

    Well, I have mixed thoughts on this … I don’t think it is too harsh, but is she learning the right lesson? She seems to be learning it is ok to have the alcoholic drinks as long as she doesn’t post them. Maybe I’m wrong and I hope I am. But.

  • Meme

    Good for her mom! I hope she also made a serious impression on her behind too since the sign will soon be forgotten!

  • Oingo Boingo

    What concerns me is who/what influenced her to pose with liquor and who allowed her to lie to FB about her age? (13 years is the minimum)

  • Barbara Miraglia West

    Congrats to mom. Hope the daughter knows her Mom did this BECAUSE SHE LOVES HER.

  • Margaret Eaton

    Great parenting. Too many people who give birth to children think that their responsibilities stop with food, shelter and clothing.

  • lorenv

    I like that mom. She’s not afraid to be a parent.

  • Mourning Warbler

    Good. Problem is, Christian adults and kids in my teen son’s life gave him access thinking they were helping a deprived kid. 🙁 There are many even well-meaning people out there ready to step in and “help” kids have their “rights” today!

  • Jim Phillips

    If this was all that was done, Mom needs to step up her game….

  • gingerl

    Now……that is great mom!!!!! I don’t think it was harsh at all.. in fact, I think it was appropriate and maybe not harsh enough. But judging from the looks on that girls face….it did the job!!!! Great Parenting, MOM!!!!!!!

  • CF Gourmet & Gifts

    Not harsh and FB says you have to be 13 – follow the rules

  • S.P.

    This ‘story’ is from late May 2012. Not exactly ‘news’.

  • Thomas Meadows

    Need more discipline like this! EXCELLENT RESPONSE

  • LuJohnson

    The simple process of learning the concept of “no” from an early age is crucial to the development of good character and respect for others. This is how that is done, and I think many kids would prosper if they had a mom like this little girl’s.

  • Bill_S

    YES!!!!!! Go for it mom. Wish there were more like you in the country (and the world).

  • Kelly Knight


  • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

    Way to go Mom. Maybe more parents should check their kid’s sites, might save a lot of people’s lives…

  • wbrandolph

    I like it but, I think it was too light…

  • NukeWaste

    Take her cell phone also.

  • bweez b-wildered b-wise

    If the inappropriate act was done in private, then the punishment should be private. If it t was done in public… then the punishment should be public. This is hardly humiliation… just embarrassment. She’ll get over it and hopefully learn a good lesson. Good parenting.

  • Exactly, Marica! Kudos to the mom and she should not permit her daughter to have a FB account until she’s at least 16, now. With supervision. But then the daughter will probably set up a fake account. Discipline needs to make a come-back everywhere.

  • Big Dog9MM

    Good mom

  • rdytogo

    GOOD for you Mom!

  • Marlon Miller

    Great parenting involves knowing what your children are doing on-line. 12 yo never should have been on in the first place.

  • MontieR

    God God a parent actually parenting. What is this world coming to. (sark off) This gives me a little more hope for America. Not all parents are swallowing the bent liberal mindset of if it feels good do it. Great job mom.

  • Doug Wotton


  • Jane Q Citizen

    That’s about right…I thought we were gonna see a video of daughter getting a beat down, I like this response better!!!!

  • larry917

    way to go MOM. you RULE

  • Joe Hermes

    ABSOLUTELY WELL DESERVED ! She got off easier than she should have.

  • Allen

    Not harsh enough. My summer would have ended along with earning my parents trust back. That could have meant half a year at least.

  • Nevir

    How long until “Child Welfare” starts wanting to take kids away for this kind of thing? You know it’s coming in this sick world.

  • disqus_RnIsATDU0g

    way to go mom

  • Jason Ashby

    Good for her mom, we need more PARENTS

  • Mark Colwell

    Just right

  • Norm Simpson

    Great Mom. The girl is only upset that she got busted by Mom. That being said, maybe Mom should keep better control of the home pc, and a better eye on her kid. It wouldn’t have gotten this far.

  • justapatriot

    Good job, Mom!!

  • wayne8734

    Good for you mom!!!!!!!

  • Ron Croy

    W. T. G. Mom !!This country needs many more like her.

  • nanap

    Good for mom. Better the daughter should learn early before she gets into trouble she can’t handle.

  • Joe Baker


  • Michelle Ruth McManis

    Good job

  • Willy Rho

    Way to go Mom!

  • Alyce Zenzinger

    Good Mom. We need more like her. The child is getting an easy punishment.

  • MLM

    How did she get access in the first place? I have kids all social sites blocked, in fact they can’t even get on the internet without me putting in a password..Don’t allow access and none of this will happen. Oh yay she can’t have social sites, sorry but they shouldn’t have seen them to begin with. Until they’ve reached 18.

    • wow. keep your kids completely ignorant of technology until they’re adults. Way to go mom! That’s how you compete with the Chinese. LOL!

      • MLM

        Really kids need social media to get ahead? Hmm Who’s the idiot? Go take a selfie moron

        • Name-calling? Really? Grow the F-UP! Somebody should have blocked your access to all social media sites.

          • MLM

            LMFAO! You really are a moron…….don’t allow strangers get to you. Life will be good…..hahahaha

          • Oh no worries, you most assuredly have not “gotten” to me. You haven’t the wit. Name-calling seems to be the extent of your intelligence. I don’t think you block your kids’ access to the internet so much as monopolize all the computer time for yourself. Have a great weekend!

          • MLM

            Thanks I will have a great weekend!!!

  • tim

    now that is a good parent

  • lucky

    good for mom

  • MLKvalues

    Youngsters should stay off of Facebook. Facebook’s new decency rules allows full frontal nudity if it is done as ‘art’ and isn’t specifically a pornographic act or involves underage children. Not a fit atmosphere for youth.

    • You have a problem with the human body in it’s natural form as art?

      • MLKvalues

        Ok, so you’re a nudist. A parent still has the right to control what their children see on the internet and to not be ogled by perverts such as you that claim you are only enjoying the ‘art.’

        • Nope not a nudist or a pervert, just not afraid of the human bodies that God gave us. Makes no sense to cry over seeing a nipple.

          • MLKvalues

            So you are OK with perverts who do get their jollies ogling underage children? I also infer from your comment you oppose parental rights to protect their children?

          • You inferred incorrectly. & You’re lying. Policy states that the nudity cannot include children. You said so yourself in your original comment, so ogling children is not even part of the issue.

          • MLKvalues

            NO, your perverted mind read it wrong. You think it is OK for children to view nudity? And scantily clothed children is not prevented by FB’s policy which I’m sure pleases you to no end.

          • Nope. You’re changing what you meant after you said it to serve your own purpose. You’re the one with the dirty mind. As far as children seeing nudity? they see it every time they take a bath, go to the bathroom, or get changed for bed. They see it when a woman nurses her infant. Nudity is not some dirty shameful thing. It’s people like you who make nudity into something perverted.

  • lark07

    13 is the age allowed by FB anyway, Good for her.

  • Susan Ellinwood

    Finally a parent who takes a responsible step towards their childs behavor. Way to go mom.

  • Martins Lanaya

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    • Adobo? It’s great on chicken!!

  • Stan Bryars

    I know people these days seem to think that a child can be molded by being beaten or humiliated into submission, but trust me it does not work well.

    First we have to consider where she got the bottle she was posing with
    The we take into account that it was unopened, therefore she had not consumed any alcohol.
    The we look at the comment about wishing she could drink it, not that she is going to drink it.

    I think the response was over the top by a parent that also wants attention, which may be where the child gets the trait.

    Simply suspending her from social media or the computer altogether along with some drug and alcohol would have sufficed, but then we would not be talking about the mother.

    • I was not aware that she did not drink the alcohol and that she also did not CLAIM to drink the alcohol. If true, that sorta changes things IMO. Sounds like mom wanted to get famous for being a giver of “tough love” publicly.

  • Ken Gove

    This is great stuff. What is a 12 year old doing with alcohol anyway? This is the discipline needed for today’s kids to get them back on track. It should have also come with a good ass whoopin’ as well to remind her of the consequences of her bad ways. We got our asses whooped in our day and we turned out good for the most part. Bring back the belt on the back side and it would solve a lot of the kid problems today.

  • Laura Bradford

    Should have got an ass whipping too!!!

    • Judging by the face she’s making, I think she did.

  • Dan Booth

    The sad part is that this is unusual in the first place. this should be the norm.

  • James Calvert

    Way to go Mom.

  • muggs monahan

    Mom handled it the best possible way. Kudos to you MOM

  • joe

    Good job Mom!

  • David Harrison


  • Tammy

    It’s called consequences. I can only hope that the poor mom won’t get bullied by people who think consequences are overrated.

  • Txgator15

    Great Parenting. One day the daughter will understand and laugh about it. And hopefully be prepared to do the same.

  • Txgator15

    We wouldnt let our son have any devices till he was 14. Heck he couldnt even watch Family guy till he was 17 (I did, lol). And when our neices stayed with us, they were under the same rules. Then one night there was a blow up because we took one phone away from one who was getting calls from a foreign country. Her dad had a meltdown and she left to go stay with him. She is now 17 with one kid and another on the way.College dreams have gone bye bye and probably a high school degree as well. One thing sometimes DOES lead to another. So be brave and be strict. And above all, TALK TO YOUR KIDS! My son was ALWAYS nervous when we went somewhere because he know a “lesson” was coming…lol

  • Ballard Smith


  • Canis Scot


  • Lynette Potter

    Good for Mom…..!!!

  • MJ Oneill

    Hooray! You go mom! Our kids have to learn there are consequences for everything we do…both good and bad. In this instance it is grounding with a little humility thrown in for good measure. Out there in the REAL grown up world, if not taught a lesson at a young age by a parent, breaking the rules and the law could mean fines, jail time or much much worse.
    It may sting a little now but hopefully a very valuable lesson learned!

  • Conserned

    Its called home training, more people should do it

  • Don

    Good for mom!

  • Paula

    Not too harsh and good for mom… More parents need to take more actions like this one..

  • Brenda lakey

    GOOD FOR YOU MOMMA…. IM with You…..

  • daretodiscipline

    I think it’s perfectly appropriate. She wasn’t beaten or humiliated, she’s embarrassed and should be. The law doesn’t even like people spanking their kids anymore, and you can see the effect of spoiling kids; is their rude, swearing at age 3, jumping on chairs in restaurants, throwing tantrums, sexting, not knowing how to spell and can only have conversations by ibonics texting and with only the “f” word every other word, and then they are growing up not knowing what it’s like to earn a dollar or respecting their elders. Many turn to vandalism, drinking, drugs, and overt sexual behavior. Hey, don’t get me wrong, each generation has their share of mischievous behavior, our youthful indiscretions, but there is such a thing as too much and too young.

    • Wow your kids sound like animals.

    • The reason kids do not know how to have conversations is because their parents don’t TALK TO THEM. Talk TO your kids, not AT them.

  • Trissie Dietrick

    She didn’t look upset to me. I saw a smile on her face like it was a joke.

    • In what world was that a smile? She looks like she’s crying.

  • Gunner

    Technically at least in Virginia, as long as a spanking doesn’t leave any marks, it is not illegal. I have and will again if necessary use spanking or the threat of spanking to discipline my child, it in the long run makes her a better person with respect for authority.

    • eh if you think that really works. We got hit all the time, all it did was make us try harder to not get caught next time.

  • Robert Shown

    Not to harsh at all. Should have banned her from the internet completely for a month!

    • I would think that the ALCOHOL is the more pressing issue, rather than the internet.

  • Good job mom! but I think that the more important matter is the fact that your 12yr old was drinking alcohol. The posting it online is really not the worst part.

  • Back in my day we sneaked our alcohol, we didn’t take pictures and BRAG about it. You’re just begging to get caught.

  • Kellie Honnage

    Love it, great idea. Actions have consequences

  • OK So, another poster wrote that the bottle was unopened, she did not claim to have consumed any of it, & that she only commented that she ‘wished’ she could drink it, not that she was going to drink it. If this is true, my opinion on this matter has totally changed. Sounds like “mom” wanted her 15 minutes of fame and a “cookie” from the public for being the bringer of ‘tough love’ into her daughter’s life. No wonder she’s crying, she’s been punished for NOT breaking rules. It’s simply a matter of poor taste, which should have required nothing more than sitting down with her kid and TALKING TO HER! I see buttload of posts about hitting and spanking and consequences but nothing about a simple conversation. Doesn’t anybody know how to actually sit down and friggin talk to their own kids anymore? OH but NO, why do something so completely crazy when it’s way easier to just swat them on the nose with a rolled up newspaper while shouting the words ‘NO!! BAD DOG!!’ at them. People love say that social media & technology has made our kids sociallyretarded, but I think it’s the parents. PEOPLE, HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH YOUR KIDS ONCE IN AWHILE! You had them….TALK TO THEM! JEEZ!

    • dark186

      LOL! You don’t even have any kids do you. Do us all a favor and don’t.

      • Do us all a favor and gfys, I don’t feed trolls, dickhead.

        • dark186

          I guess I found your sore spot. LOL! Before you go on a rant about raising children, at least have the decency to have a child first.

    • docscience

      the mom got it right. whether or not she was drinking or just holding the bottle, she indicated she wanted to drink…at age 12! the parent hammer should’ve come down, and the daughter proved to all that she was not in any way socially responsible and could not be trusted on FB, or any other social media. and how do you know that mom did NOT talk to her daughter? I bet she talks to her all the time…if you want your kids to not become dropouts, pregnant too early, drug addicts of any type…you have to be aware of everything, incl. inappropriate postings on social media. I am betting you don’t have any kids, and have no idea of the constant worry when you are responsible for them. why are you against this tough love? the mom didn’t beat her, she just took away her social media at age 12…when she shouldn’t have it anyway at that age!

      • I am a mom and I am well aware of what my son is doing both online and off. A conversation with your kids goes a long way toward them knowing what is and is not appropriate. I make no apologies, because I see it too many times. The carrot and the stick, but way to much stick, not enough carrot. I’m not a liberal parent at all, but I don’t believe that every lesson you teach your kids HAS to ALWAYS be a hard one. & I also don’t see every single need for correction as a need for a severe punishment as well. & you know that if mom WAS having regular conversations with her daughter, this probably wouldn’t even have come up; she would have already known that what you post online stays with you forever. Future college admissions and future employers will look at your social media. That is first and foremost for THEIR OWN good, not simply because it embarrasses mom. & you said it yourself, she shouldn’t have had a Facebook page at the age of 12 anyway, yet she did….Mom’s fault again. Mom let her have access to social media without setting the ground rules first & the moment she does something unacceptable she takes it away. Rules first, THEN consequences when the rules are broken. When you set no limits then offer nothing but punishment when those unspoken limits are surpassed, it’s bad parenting. Then putting that punishment out for the purpose of shaming your child while expecting kudos for yourself-that is a real; special kind of narcissism! It’s sick! No, mom getting it right would have been it not happening in the first place. This public shaming happened because mom got it wrong from the start.

  • Mark Yarbrough

    Wish I could give that mom a big hug! Whether she is fighting a losing battle or not isn’t the issue; the fact that she is trying hard to instill values in her children is what counts. If only all other parents would at least try…

  • daretodiscipline

    Actually, they were good kids and grew up to be good men. I think you missed the point of my comment. I wasn’t speaking of my kids, I gave my kids love, but disciplined them when needed. Im speaking of what I’m seeing around these days. Maybe this mom couldn’t get her point across with words or basic discipline, not all kids are the same. Im just applauding her for trying, as I see many parents not trying and sometimes even encouraging bad behavior.

  • Janine Lea

    Congrats to Mom. More parents should be that aware of what their kids are up to.

  • Nick Lenarz

    LOVE IT! More of that, please! If more parents actually stood up in the standing-up place and PARENTED their children, rather than coddling them or trying to be their BFFs, we’d have a lot more rational, well-behaved and well-adjusted children, and less of the dreck to which we’ve been subjected..

    Sadly, I fear those days are gone. We, the thinking few, have been outnumbered by those whose feelings overarch their now-primitive and unformed thought processes, and who have been intentionally lied to by the education and government systems that they are blameless for their actions, like infants. These people accept this as gospel, which frees them to act on their id to whatever purpose or end they desire, with no repercussions. As of right now, they have created TWO generations of thoughtless, guiltless drones, with the second now breeding the third.

    The powers-that-be like it, because a) they are assured voters who want nothing more than more of the same, b) they get minds in lockstep with their decrees, and c) they have a WILLING flock to fleece of their earnings for future expenditures of unearned largesse.

    God help us all.

  • Denise Poston

    Interesting that the mom’s focus is on the posting and not on the fact that her daughter is 12 and drinking alcohol! Missing the reality right in front of her face!

    • BuddyLuv

      The note said she was ‘holding liquor’, not necessarily drinking it. I didn’t have my first alcoholic drink until I was 22, but held bottles and cans of liquor before that.

  • Tin

    So she goes to a friends house every now and then and updates her account… Not all parents are as concerned…

  • Ann Parmenter

    good for mom.

  • Renee Arruda


  • Deela


  • Susan J. Barretta

    Good job mom!

  • Barbara Stewart

    Rock on’ Mom…..very appropriate punishment…..more parents need to be like you

  • Cara C

    Public humiliation isn’t good parenting.

  • Facebook is a curse on humanity. FB should be a fine means of keeping up with friends, but in this age, the young are exploited by ads [sexy enticements that if you own or buy, you are in the group],FB joins the list of media that exploits.
    The young arevulnerable in this age of explotation and thus find nothing wrong with appearing . . . The mother is correct in dealing with this issue in a strong manner.

  • 5topAmnesty

    Sounds a LOT like racism. She was singled out because she’s black. I’ve NEVER see a white person have to endure this type of HUMILIATION.

    • So her MOTHER is racist? Now that’s rich.

      • 5topAmnesty

        I haven’t seen a picture of her mother, but if she is white, then YES!

  • Bette

    God bless Mommy for doing her job.

  • moovova

    This mom is SO going to jail for child abuse.

    Facebook is a constitutional right, don’t ya know…along with free birf’ control pills for the 12 year old…

  • Caniac Steve Henderson

    great move by Mom..way to go !!

  • cam_s

    What the hell is she doing with liquor in the first place? Hopefully that will be dealt with as well,

  • Nancy Nesbitt Johnson

    Take away her phone and computer. Make sure the school doesn’t let her be on computer unless it is in a class. Then after 3 months give her a week back on while supervised. If that is good then give her 3 more months supervised. She should have to earn their trust back.

  • NehaMerchant

    Not a lot to go on here. Was she drinking the beer or whatever or had she just gone in Dads fridge to get it? The caption made it sound like she was posting nude (inappropriate) photos. If Mom wasn’t allowing a FB instead of teaching her how to use one properly maybe this wouldn’d have happened, IDK its hard to judge without knowing all the facts,

  • Jeffrey Olah

    perfect…there is a reason the minimum age is 13

  • Nikky Mullens

    good job mom. At least you are paying attention. Too many Moms these days aren’t.

  • Pat Reedy

    With privileges come responsibility….Good job Mom!

  • Reilly Flaherty

    I’ve been drinking since I was 12 and I turned out fine, then again I did not use Facebook.

  • reshas1

    Just right..

  • Cat

    Perfect amount of punishment without belittling. Good mom.

  • Rob Waldrup

    If that question has to be asked, you should be publicly humiliated as well.

  • Marsha

    Yes, and it tells her friends she got busted too. Kids can get on FB on other devices, but if Mom has access to her account, she’s not going to get away with much. More parents of younger kids should be checking any social media their kids are on.

  • Kachina

    No child should be left alone when they are on the computer, anyway! Was Mom equally as guilty?

  • colleen Few

    I Would Do The Same Thing Kids Now Days Need More Super Vision It’s Not Like It Was When I Was Growing Up !!!

  • Catherine Stamnos Simmons

    WAY TO GO MOM!!!!

  • Why is it harsh? Because the little brat is crying? Explains a lot about the current state of affairs in this country! Great job MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakelandgirl1443

    Good job Mom..12 yr. Olds need to learn there are consequences for doing wrong!

  • Catherine Stamnos Simmons

    Seriously Marcia? You’re asking why a 12 year old is on FB? What planet are you from? MARCIA!MARCIA!MARCIA!

  • Gaetano

    Harsh, I wish my parents where that harsh, instead I got to cry out in pain every time i sat. This little girl is lucky.

  • Nathan Addison

    Good job mom! Parental responsibility is a lost art nowdays.

  • Lillian Walters

    Its about time parents start PARENTING their children!

  • Patricia

    My 13yo daughter has had a FB account for several years. With her being the child of Army parents, she has moved a lot!! So, with the idea of keeping her connected with Family and Friends, her father and I discussed it and decided that it was beneficial for her to have one. Her Father, Stepmom and I all have her password and check it as often as we feel, and we have mentored her along the way about what is proper and improper. So Marica, asking a question about what a 12 yo is doing of FB, I think teaching her how to responsibly has much more benefit than just banning her from it. Everything can be used as a learning tool.

  • Lolly811

    Good for Mom for trying to bring up a decent young woman.

  • Dale R Kopko

    Heartbreaking for the mom to have to do this I’m sure, but if she keeps an eye on her daughters behavior and steers her in the right direction I’m sure it will pay off for them both. God bless them and watch over them.

  • Libertarian_Mama

    Good job Mama. Perfect response.

  • Ben Mitchell

    Brilliant! GO MOM!!!

  • SoCalCop

    That’s more than what I would have done. I would have simply changed the code on the computer, and not let her use it. Of course, back in the 90’s, it was easier to control access to the internet. Not so easy today. She could easily go to a friends house or just use a smart phone. So mom will have to keep a very close eye on what her darling daughter does.

  • jill

    of the century!!!!!!! Good for her for checking on her daughter
    (personally I think 12 is too young for FB. But that’s just me) Too
    many predators out there. Give the kids a chance to be kids. They will
    be inundated with too much technology soon enough. Don’t rush it. And
    always and I mean ALWAYS do random checks of their phones, computers
    and anything else they can get their hands on. Filth runs rampant
    through technology…BE VIGILANT. Be a parent.

  • Janet


  • Debby Morge

    i dont think shes to young,but these kids dont realize that once its out there its forever,and if they become a politician or minister this will come back to haunt her

  • Meredith

    WAY TO GO MOM!! Just recently did the same thing to my sons account (although he wasn’t grounded for anything near this problem!!) They have to learn that THEY are not in control and what they do can hurt them!!

  • TexasDey

    Absolutely appropriate. I wish more parents would be as proactive as this mother is.

  • Paula

    that mom is doing her job

  • Janice Wood Jordan

    Good job Mom!!

  • Abe Lincoln

    Hail Mom!

  • Lecia Tallman

    Good Job Mom.

  • Peggy Batte

    nope not enough punishment. close fb, take the phone away and give her a older phone wo internet or media. make her stand in the publics eye with a sign too…..just then maybe she will learn her lesson.
    there is laws against adults to seek and get inappropriate pics of young ppl, but no laws for young ppl when they do it on their own……..their needs to be

  • Margo Epperson

    Wonderful, loving mother!!

  • Hesh Follman

    good job mom…! go out and give parenting classes

  • Lisa Perry

    Good job mom!!! What is a 12yr. old doing with alcohol???

  • Roberta Giefer

    Well deserved! Immediate consequence where it hits the hardest…online.

  • Loneagle

    Spare the rod spoil the child is not legal today. I think this mom found an acceptable alternative.

  • Susan M Mueller

    None of our darn business. Unless the child is bleeding and/or has broken bones, let the parents be parents. (Bravo Mom)

  • Dennis Johnston

    Now that’s parenting!~! Way to go Mom.

  • Douglas Teramoto

    The mother should now make the child do research on the abuse of alcohol and on the abuse of privilages, which many youth consider their “rights.” Make her do some sort of service to the community and to her neighbors so that she understands responsibility and then once the responsibility has been proven, established and anchored, then consider restoring the lost privilages. Lessons earned are lessons learned.

  • David Snay

    This seems to me to be an appropriate punishment. What I can’t understand is why this punishment is considered special. It seems nowadays parents are afraid to show their children that there are consequences for their actions.

  • psl2010

    Right on mom. This is what kids need a parent who parents. This is how kids learn right from wrong. Now if we can stop the boob pictures I would be happy.

  • LChad

    Spanking too

  • Michael Tinsley

    The child must learn posting publicly must also have public consequences. Goos job mom she won’t do that again and you probably stopped her from posting something worse.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    This girl is lucky to have a mom who loves her enough to discipline her. She will one day realize how blessed she is.

  • 65byteme .

    I’m sorry. Where is the part about the reprimand for having alcohol in your hand at 12? Priorities people, priorities.

  • Dana Lind

    Good a parent who is not afraid of being a parent.

  • Scott Mohr

    Awesome Mom. Not letting her child blame “whitey” for her behavior”

  • JpRAustin

    “Too harsh and humiliating?” are you serious?
    I agree w/ Marcia, what the hell is a 12r old doing on fb?

  • barleywheets

    That seems to be a very well deserved and valuable lesson!!

  • Kentucky red

    I like it!

  • barleywheets

    when my children broke the rules, (I did NOT allow violent movies or game, no cell phones or internet access without my supervision) .. by borrowing someone else’s games, movies etc.. to break those rules.. then the item was destroyed & my child had to work .. to pay that person back?! So they got in trouble two ways their friend that they borrowed from was extremely angry at them plus they had to pay that person money out their earnings.. & no other privileges were allowed until that person was paid back! It only happened a couple of times & word got around NOT to loan my kids stuff! It worked quite well!

  • Josette

    Good lesson.

  • teejcee44

    Great discipline technique! Love it.

  • Geraldine Sesto

    Good for you Mom, I would of done the same.

  • Linda Cox Bireley

    Awesome mother. I totally agree with her no matter what age the kid is STOP her from looking cheap, nasty and crude. I would have gone one step further and taken her for a visit to the police department so they could tell her what happens when she is arrested with alcohol, then a trip to the hospital to find out what happens to people who drink to much alcohol.

  • Roger Bence

    very appropriate in fact i would have gone further would be grounded with curfew for 6 months

  • odinsthunder

    Good job mom. Can the kids circumvent the punishment and use somebody else’s electronics? Sure, but the bottom line is mom’s paying attention to what she does, sets limits and teaches. Mom’s involvement is far more important than the infraction or the punishment. Those are just part of the day to day challenges of having kids.

  • kasia62

    Great consequences! Follow-up..Mom needs to make sure that all the Moms she knows are aware of this act so that the other Moms can check out their own children’s photos. When parents ban together, generally behaviors like this can be exterminated because parents are then part of the ‘limits’ which kids need and don’t get from the social media…who really don’t care about them. And social media include, no phones capable of communicating via chats and stuff!

  • Happygramm

    Good job monitoring…keep it up. That is part of parenting, protecting and training our children in what is right and wrong and WHY. Good mom.

  • Linda Gilliam Wilson

    I agree!

  • Gary Atwood

    GO MOM!!! Maybe you can find a way to get more parents involved in their kid’s lives.

  • Mary Ann Holliday

    Parents have to step up like she did be parents! Kudos to this Mom!

  • Codgewife2

    Absolutely the right thing for the mother to do.

  • SylviasDaddy

    The girl should have received a thorough switching as well!

  • Debra Sites Brooks

    Way to go Mom!!

  • BusyMomOf7

    THIS is good parenting!! Shame on those that DON’T humilate their children when they go too damn far (NOT TO MENTION breaking the law in thw proces!). Kiss MY ASS if you think this doesn’t work! Consequences must be taught. If you don’t teach them to your children, society will… the harshest way possible. When they are faced with humiliation, they think TWICE… THRICE! Before doing anything else outside the rules!! Humiliation is one of the rare punishments the kids CAN’T ignore, blow off, manipulate, or have shortened. Done is done. Grounding is feble, pathetic and useless bullshit kids CAN manipulate. MY kids learned it early. My step kids are learning the hard way.

    • BusyMomOf7

      And if you think this is harsh (waaaah), society has a jail cell or a slab at the morgue for your kids.

  • Joey Walker

    GO MOM

  • Seth

    Epic…………. Good job MOM!!!

  • Allen H.

    Not harsh at all. I thing it fits the crime. I would have been given a spanking to boot.

  • badman400

    Our nations needs more parents like hers!

  • Patricia

    Not too harsh at all. Good for the Mom for monitoring her daughter. The problem with today’s children is that parent’s don’t keep tabs on their kids and let them do as they please, be it bullying, or whatever. Parents need to keep a step ahead of their kids and nip bad behavior in the bud. The punishment fits the crime and that is a good thing.

  • Cindy

    Possibly if more parents paid this close attention to their children’s behavior and took appropriate action (yes, this is appropriate – the only thing the child has suffered is embarrassment and she’ll get over it – but she’ll never forget it!), then we would see fewer children disrespectful, inconsiderate, selfish, rude, thoughtless, in trouble, hurt, maimed, or dead…just my humble opinion…:) Bravo, mom, Bravo!!

  • GrammaJo Irish


  • Daniel Gomez


  • Robyn Stewart Hansen

    Very appropriate. I admire mom.

  • flyright66

    It’s called ‘parenting’ for those who don’t know what that looks like….duh

  • Steve Novotny

    Great job mom!

  • Xxandera

    Good. Kids gotta learn, new age, new punishments

  • Gordon Harvey

    With the new social media comes new rules for use. Parents need to monitor and punish where appropriate. Good on ya to the mom!

  • Steve V

    Good for the mom…

  • OhOhSayCanYouSee

    You have a wonderful Mother, young lady. To bad you won’t realize and appreciate that for another 20 years.

  • Bob Petersen

    I think the mother needs to praise her daughter for ignoring the rules just like Mama does. You reap what you sow!

  • John

    Great job! Great Mom! Well done!

  • crexcats

    kudos to her mom! trying to raise her child correctly! I hope this girl learns this and will realize how lucky she is to have a caring mom. Need more of these moms!

  • sheryl

    Good for her mom!

  • Kevin

    Good Job mom! Very appropriate! Humiliation for something like this is appropriate!

  • Dannie McKay

    Good for you Mom, kids need to know they are held accountable for their actions.

  • Dorotha

    Good for that mom, to bad there are not more like her, kids are allowed to act way to OLD for the age they are .At 12 years old this LITTLE girl has NO business on FB period!! keep up the good work mom !!

  • ruthslater

    i have to laugh , all these mothers on here they all try to slam the one mother when she says something that requires something more than letting their kid stay on their phones all day like going outside LOL NOW THEY ALL SAY THEIR KIDS GO OUTSIDE , AS USUAL IN THESE CASES you know some are just lying .

  • gunniesack

    Oh hell It aint like she’s dying.
    She lied about her age to start it up anyway.

  • Janey Siegrist

    Good mama there

  • Anita

    Good Mother. America needs more of them. When your daughter is grown she will come to you and thank you for being the Mom you were when she was growing up. God Bless both of you.

  • Cindi

    I think it’s awesome!! I was this type of parent and I’m glad. Bravo mom

  • Lynn

    Appropriate action. I am quite certain that the 12 yr old will survive this epic punishment. Lol!

  • bertasis

    YEAH MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kyra Johnson

    perfect punishment. perfectly deserved it. cant believe she even posted stuff like that. but right punishment. surprised no one told her mom or anything about it earlier

  • Berniee2000

    Kids need boundaries. Mom should have started sooner.

  • Terri Emley

    Good for the mom.

  • Sam

    You know what they say; spare the rod and spoil the child. I bet this little one has learned her lesson and won’t be crossing mom again soon.

  • Marsue

    I think it was the right thing for the mother to do. Sometimes it takes a little bit of humiliation to set them back on the right track.

  • upload

    Perfect. Thank God there are still people who actually want to do the hard work after the kids are born.

  • Janell D. McFerrin

    I think mom had the right idea, but this may have been overkill. True I do not know the child, but this has the potential to backfire. Peer pressure and bullying is at a peak and this could be detrimental in other ways. Teaching children lessons should never include public embarrassment to this degree since self esteem development is very vulnerable at this child’s age. I see fear and distress on the child’s face. From the other comments I will probably encounter disagreement but this should always be considered in child discipline.

  • Truth Bearer

    Not in anyway too hard she needs to learn that everything she posts out there on the World Wide Web will be out there for the rest of her life and whatever she posted will probably haunt and embarrass her for many years yet to come!

  • David Lowe

    I think that was a great move mom, good going.

  • Nathaniel Wayne Brooks

    well deserved and valuable lesson

  • Dawn Appelberg

    WTG mom!

  • S.j. McIntyre

    Good for that Mom! Bravo …

  • JonRobin

    good for mom, but not harsh enough. I have yet to understand why children have any need to have a web media presence, profile or anything else of the sort. The first time I saw a 6 year old with an Iphone, i nearly dropped my lunch. Many of us as parents are FAILING our kids by using technology to babysit and raise our kids for us.

  • Hunter

    Good for mom!

  • Aaron McCament

    Good for the mom… but we as a society should also police our own and help the moms and dads out there by telling all kids that this type of behavior is incorrect.

  • Winterlynn

    I’m against extreme forms of public humiliation (e.g., making a kid stand on a street corner with an insulting sign); however, I don’t think this crosses the line. The message isn’t derogatory or insulting – it merely states what all of the girl’s Facebook friends probably already knew by virtue of being her Facebook friends (that she had posted pictures of herself with alcohol) and explains that because of this, the girl will not be allowed on social media for a while. Not at all unreasonable, in my opinion. Yes, a little embarrassing for the girl, but not overly so. Good job mom.

  • Greg Prewitt

    Well done mom.

  • Katielee4211

    Her face isn’t showing, so other than those who know the situation, and her friends list, nobody else can identify her. I hope she learns a valuable lesson.

  • Mike Roberts Sr.

    my child came home one day from school (middle school) and said all the kids at lunch time gather around the kids that have iphones (and other times) go on the adult sites because of the wifi they get there through their phones…

  • Josie

    Well deserved and valuable lesson one would hope!

  • Sherry Taylor-Jackson

    Although I don’t advocate humiliating anyone, especially children, and online at that, In this case the mother handled it correctly. She posted her rebellion online, she faced the punishment online.

  • Thomas Lee Mullins

    I think the Mom did the right thing.

  • z–man

    Many more parents like that, please…

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  • Judy

    Way to go Mom! Is something she will remember the next time she starts to post something on face book or cell phone.

  • Allie Bradshaw

    Good choice the Mom made, cause it could of lead to something even worse. Kids don’t realize there are creeps out there looking for kids.

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  • enrique

    Good for mom but I have a question .why was there booze in the house and why was she able to get her hands on the bottle ?

  • Mike Cazer

    Good for mom, personally I don’t think it’s humiliating enough

  • nancyj1922

    Parents need to be much more involved in what takes place on internet…where there kids are hanging out online and what messages they are putting out there about themselves. Too bad the girl didn’t make better choices up front and do what she knew was right not what she thought was cool.

  • Aggie Carlson-Chiarillo

    Good for the mom. Hope she doesn’t have any more repercussions from the pics though. Kids these days will share their stuff with other kids, unless you are willing to follow your kid pretty much 24/7 365 days a year you better hope they understand that all their actions will have consequences some good (which is ok) and some bad which causes problems for the whole family (not so good). Once you have kids you are a parent for their entire lives. When kids start into school the peer pressure starts at a young age, so hope that you have helped your kids to chose their friends wisely. You will never know all their friends parents and your kids locations at all times and if you think you will you are in a dream land.

  • freedomseaker1 .

    Not nearly enough, Take her to the morgue and let her see a few DEAD teens who died dew to underage drinking!

  • Cap_nbob


  • ED/PHX


  • Michael E Clayton

    good for the mom

  • adobong_paksiw

    Harsh ? Humiliating ? When my dad caught me drinking gin at 13 he made me drink five bottles more until I threw up and didn’t know where my ass and my mouth were then 3 more that landed me in hospital. You think he said he was sorry ? Didn’t see his face once in two days of hospital stay, and holding a sogn for friends to see is harsh ? And yeah I did not touch alcohol again till I was 20. She got off easy. But way to go still, mom.

  • Tina

    Wish all parents were on top of their kids like this! Good job mom!

  • Kathy Murotani

    Perfect, good for mom!!!

  • pearlhix

    Good Mother

  • Jennie Lawrence

    well deserved

  • Larry C Mason

    SPARE THE ROD.. SPOIL THE CHILD…. Needs more than just posting just a NOTE of EMBARRASSMENT. Why not take her 300.00 IPAD – Phone FROM HER and deactivate her Internet Also. Get her a phone that you just TALK ON.. Nothing More ..

  • whytoldbear

    Valuable lesson!

  • PatrioticMary

    I commend this mother and I would bet it’ll be a very long time before this young girl pulls any stunt again that her mom might find out about. You know the old saying, “A lesson hard learned is a lesson well remembered.”

  • David Fournier

    Proper for Mother to do so good for you Mom

  • Cathie

    Yeah, mom!!!!

  • catlady

    go mom

  • Pamela Wilson

    that’s what i would have done too. there are all kinds of people on the net and not all of them have morals. fortunately my kids are in their 30’s now, so all i had to worry about were the locals and i lived in a small town

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  • Truthsayer

    I love this approach. Good parenting.

  • mary witte

    go mom

  • Rick Saint

    A perfect punishment. Today it was her holding an alcoholic beverage tomorrow it could have been her getting drunk and fit for “Girls Gone Wild”. Mom stepped in just in time.

  • Mark Yarbrough

    Good for her mom!!

  • Emma Ann Barton

    Although she may cheat and get on the internet and Facebook, etc behind her mother’s back… she’s so humiliated by this and would be punished more severely… so would it be worth it to her? Not if she is learning and has any sense of right and wrong! If she doesn’t have that by now… she’ll never have it! Obviously her mom is trying to teach it to her!

  • Carla Sacco

    BEING a mother and NOT just a friend. Good for her.

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  • Sue Clayton

    I agree with the Mother, she did the right thing and more Mothers should take this attitude.

  • Dana Andrakowicz

    Kids are just trying to grow up too fast these days period!

  • Tony Fischer

    Perfect. Hats off to Mom!

  • jean

    good for the mother .

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