Mob Screamed “Kill The White People” Before Bludgeoning Murder of Bosnian Man Near Ferguson


Above: Ferguson protesters react to Grand Jury verdict; Zemir Begic and his wife of only six months

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Stunning video shot in the immediate aftermath of the murder of Bosnian immigrant Zemir Begic near Ferguson, Missouri features a local resident who had witnessed the attack revealing that “Blacks” had chanted “f**k the white people, kill the white people” before the brutal hammer attack which took Begic’s life.

Begic was killed in the early hours of Sunday morning when a gang armed with hammers attacked his vehicle and then set upon the Bosnian as he tried to confront them.

The same media which has done everything they could to make the Darren Wilson-Mike Brown incident racially-charged, despite clear evidence to the contrary, has been utterly silent on this brutal, racially-motivated murder.

And of course, the same Obama Administration which yesterday held meetings on telling White police how they should operate in “neighborhoods of color” has not commented on the attack.

That may change after the release of this explosive eyewitness video.

Ferguson protesters have openly called for violence, with one telling USA Today last week, “It’s sad to say, but this is the new civil rights movement for our generation, and there will be casualties and there should be bloodshed.”

Just two days later, the bloodshed came. Begic was savagely beaten from head to toe with hammers by an enraged, racist mob in the South St. Louis neighborhood of Bevo Mill. The St. Louis Mayor and Police have insisted the attack was not a hate crime, again despite all evidence to the contrary.

“There is no evidence that this was a crime occasioned by the race or ethnicity of the victim,” St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay declared in a formal statement. He added, “Speculation that this attack had anything to do with the Ferguson protests is absolutely unfounded.”

Baghdad Bob had nothing on this guy.

How they can continue to deny racial motivation after this latest video remains to be seen.

The video clip above shows the resident filming the scene from a distance as emergency personnel attempt to give Begic CPR.

“Arrest them all, f**k this shit,” he says, adding, “And, of course, it’s a White kid, right after Black people running up and down the street yelling, ‘Eff the White people, kill the White people.’ This is what we have.”

Begic’s family and other Bosnian immigrants who protested today in huge numbers called it a racist attack, and demanded justice. Two Black suspects were taken into custody, while two others, a Black teen and a Hispanic teen, are still on the loose.

Above: Members of the St. Louis Bosnian community march in protest of the brutal murder of Begic

What will it take for the mainstream media to finally report the truth about what is going on in Ferguson and St. Louis?

Rest-in-Peace. And prayers for his widow Arijana.



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