Missouri Students Walk Out Of Class In Protest of Transgender Locker Rooms


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

In what is may become a common occurrence in the near future, 150 Missouri high school students walked out of class Monday due to a disagreement as to whether or not a transgender student who was born male should be allowed to use the girls’ locker room.

From KMOV 4 St. Louis:

The walkout lasted for about two hours. Roughly 30-40 people showed support for senior Lila Perry, who wants to use the girls’ locker room during gym class. Perry was born a male but said she has identified as a female since 13.

“There’s a lot of ignorance, they are claiming that they’re uncomfortable. I don’t believe for a second that they are. I think this is pure and simple bigotry,” said Perry.

A short distance away, a counter protest was being held by people claiming they have relatives at the high school.

It appears that the students were split as to whether or not they felt comfortable with the arrangement and the ordeal lasted for about 2 hours.

The school apparently offered Perry a gender neutral bathroom, which he rejected claiming, “I am a girl, I shouldn’t be pushed off to another bathroom.”

This is probably the most interesting aspect of the story.  The school, which was clearly caught in a tough spot, offered a perfectly reasonable compromise to the situation and Lila Perry refused.

The way things are trending right now, the LGBT community doesn’t really care whether or not parents are comfortable with their teenage children being forced to share bathrooms and locker rooms with children of the opposite sex.

Perry even went so far as to say that he doesn’t believe the situation bothered anyone, opponents of the move were just bigots.

This represents the false liberal narrative that has been successfully used to demonize anyone who doesn’t agree with absolutely everything the LGBT community is asking for.

A parent who does not want their child, who they still have full legal control of, changing in the same locker room as a child with the genitalia of the opposite sex is not a bigot.  Automatically labeling them as one does nothing to further the conversation.

Perry dropped out of the gym class but will keep using the girls’ restroom.

It’s hard not to be concerned by the degree to which the PC police have taken over society.  This serves as yet another example of the supreme intolerance of the left.  “My way or the highway”.

There is room for different opinions in this world, but it is the parent’s decision what their children are exposed to when they send them off to public school, not the media’s.  Period.

  • Larry Lynn

    Here’s the deal. If you have a penis, you’re a boy no matter what you say. If you want to be a girl, get your penis changed into a vagina. Nobody with a penis shall use the girls locker room while girls are in there.
    Don’t like it, tough shit. We are going to revert back to common sense.

    • Arizona Willie

      How about a female who ” identifies ” as a boy?
      Is it ok for her to use the mens locker room?
      Is she going to rape the boys or shock them showing them her coochie?

      Is the boy who ” identifies ” as a girl going to rape the girls?
      Or somehow molest the girls with the room full of other girls?
      Is he going to ask to see their coochies?

      Do you see how stoopid that is?

      All bathrooms of either sex should have private stalls and privacy shields between urinals.

      I just don’t see where it is such a big deal … they very likely share bathrooms at home.
      I don’t see where anyone is going to be harmed if a queer boy uses the girls restroom.
      Girls get enclosed stalls to do their business anyway … it is the boys who are expected to display their genitals and urinate side by side with other boys.

      If a lesbian girl wants to use the boys room — what is she going to do in there?
      I doubt she is interested in a peep show because she likes girls and boys don’t interest her.

      People just gotta stir shit for the sake of the smell.

      • pmoore40

        Any problem with a “male” teacher saying he feels like a woman, thus using the girls’ bathroom with your 12 year old daughter in there? If not, you are one sick human.

      • Wuz nt Me

        Quite ironic…
        To use your own logic, where is the harm if the gay boy just deals with it instead of making it an issue for everyone else…? Is he going to rape the boys!? Nothing in there he hasn’t seen before. How harmed is that one special snowflake going to be if he just sticks with what he’s already been doing all his life anyways?

        If it wasn’t for this one confused boy, would you be rallying for boys and girls to share bathroom space anyways?

        I’ll borrow your own ending because it’s so fitting. “People just gotta stir shit for the sake of the smell.”

      • cobey24

        How about in a shower? Or,,, simply changing clothes for gym???

      • phatazz

        “If a lesbian girl wants to use the boys room — what is she going to do in there?”

        I guess she can sit on the urinal???

        From the story above – “Perry dropped out of the gym class but will keep using the girls’ restroom.”
        Will he sit down to pee?

      • GROW UP!

        Dipshit !!! use the same bathroom at home duh but not at the same time I’d kick my brothers ass off if he tried to come in the bathroom at the same time !! just like I’d kick the snot out of this one’s if he came in the bathroom while I was there it’s not Moral and it’s disgusting to force that kind of change on people !!

      • Rennie Press

        They aren’t talking about a restroom. They are talking about a LOCKER ROOM and CHANGING CLOTHES.

        • jhk

          AND taking showers…. NAKED!

    • gofer1

      Changing the faucet does not alter the plumbing. Its offensive that a man can put on a dress, make-up and long hair and call himself a woman. Is that all there is to being a woman? No man knows what a woman feels like. Its impossibe and playing dress-up does not change that. Its extremely shallow.

      • rosejmunoz

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      • rosejmunoz

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    • Diana Kerr

      Penis or not, XY chromosomes STILL equals male! Just because you “THINK” you’re a girl does NOT make you a girl!

    • satin85718

      DNA will always tell the truth!

  • Tina

    He is not an adult yet. He is a boy in high school. I would not want a boy in my daughters locker room in high school! That is ridiculous! I don’t care what he says he want to be recognized as! When he is an adult and has a sex change and no longer has a penis, then he can call himself a woman! And use a woman’s bathroom/lockerroom!
    I say let and let live, but when they are adults! Not as children! As a parent, you need to teach them what’s right! You do not encourage your male child to go into a girls locker room and feel that it should be fine!

    • gofer1

      Dna can’t be change. He will always be a man. Call yourself whatever, but do not expect people to join in on the fantasy.

  • JSM422

    I’d be willing to bet this walk out had more to do with an excuse to ditch class than to protest some boy wanting to use the girls locker room.

    • silly girl

      you are just as demented as that weirdo little cross dresser. He needs to use the boys rest room or the girls need to put his head in the toilet and hold it under until he agrees to leave permanently

  • jeradl

    This type of behavior is nothing more than chemistry gone wrong in the brain. Whether it is genetic or environmental it is abnormal chemistry. What you feel and who you are attracted to is purely determined by chemical reactions. Now for any other behavior generating brain chemistry gone wrong we correctly label them mental health disorders and give them names (Bipolar, OCD, Schizophrenia, MPD, etc.)
    But now all of a sudden because this one is more benign and deals with attraction we are just supposed to suddenly accept it instead of treating it for what it is? Scientifically it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

  • Kaitlyn Thomas

    This is so screwed up ! I understand why these young women feel uncomfortable sharing their locker room with a male person, who says he’s (she’s) a girl but yet still having all the male body parts. I can see where they would have a problem with him (her.) The school has offered him a solution he should have taken it, he’s (she’s) being very self-centered with no consideration for the young women

    • Jeff Allen

      Thats how most gays are they want to be the center of attention

  • christophers mom

    that’s one ugly dude. but I find it rather easy to beat off to this video

    • retired_geek

      And what pray tell, does that say about you?

  • Jerry

    We used to be able to help people face biological reality through therapy. However in a culture that survives only by lying to oneself, this is no longer permitted.

    Sir, I want back my old culture and my old science.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    So, now we have to allow BOYS in the GIRL’S locker room because He/She can’t make up its mind what it is…? Not on my watch. Someone would be losing their jobs.

  • Connie

    He or She whatever they want to call themselves should not be in the same bathroom as the girls. Sorry but if my daughter was still in school and this happened I would be raising tea total he11… Either get them their own bathroom or change when everyone else is out.

  • Aldous Huxley

    Stupid liberals! This is all your fault.

  • Sheila Cloudcroft

    Solution: Neutral Sex single stall bathrooms, a few of them for anyone to use. I had a transgender male look through the crack in a stall I was in at my University. If a woman did that I’d have felt just as violated. Thing is, why did he-she do that. Not a casual glance. A continual process. The world should not have to make their choices with transgenders. The world should not have to pay for my individual choices either.

    • Carolyn Burton

      The rules shouldn’t change to suit the minority and ignore the majority

    • Wiggle D

      According to the story, the student was offered a gender neutral bathroom, but they refused to even consider it. The school made reasonable accommodations for this student’s ‘needs’ that doesn’t compromise the needs of everyone else.

  • Jeff Allen

    Let the little fa@@ot try to use the restroom my daughter is in it would be the last one he ever used

  • dan52d

    If some dude tries to go into a locker room, or restroom, where my girls are… well I’m gonna be arrested and he’s gonna need surgery to have my foot removed from his arse!

    • retired_geek

      For just a moment I thought you were going to say “he’s gonna need surgery to reattach his tally-whacker”

  • Biff

    “she’s a human and has human rights like everybody else”. Yeah. “She” also has a package sticking out of “her” skirt. I’m cool with it using the girls locker the very moment it passes a DNA test saying “female”, so in other words, never.

  • Wiggle D

    The issue with most progressive liberals is that they cannot comprehend that the problem might be them. It’s always someone else. I left one of my ex-boyfriends for that reason.

  • John McDonald

    What if all the boys decided they are girls during Gym Class? Does that mean the girls will be forced to disrobe and shower with them or be labelled as hate filled bigots?

  • Oingo Boingo

    He is transvestite not a transgender. The whole idea of gender being something that you self identify is a incorrect. Gender is dictated by your physical makeup. Just think about it, when you are born does the doctor tell the mother that the gender of the baby has not been determined since it can’t communicate that? He is a transvestite which comes from the french word vestiment (various spellings) which means to clothe. As the one young lady stated he has not gone through ANY physical changes and therefore doesn’t belong there. If the school wishes to accommodate him and others that have mismatched gender and gender identity they could provide separate facilities. Heck they have prayer rooms for Muzzies as if they are the only people that pray.

  • Rick Etter

    I find it amazing that more women don’t find this offensive. It’s like a ‘man’ has to come along to tell women how to be a woman and how to act.

  • To hell with this little pervert. Homeschool it. Block it from attending public school where it’s special needs obviously cannot be met. And parents? Try doing your damned job. This is ridiculous.

  • Cyclops

    That woman who doesn’t “believe for a second they are uncomfortable” is a moron. Teenage girls are often uncomfortable in front of other girls, let alone a guy who identifies as a girl.

  • LaFlare1017

    I know guy who was born with female parts but always looked like and sounded like a boy, so I believe it is possible to be actually transgender (for the person I knew, it was obviously not an act, I didn’t find out until over 6 months of knowing the person, and I could not believe it), it was just really how that person was born.

    That was totally UNLIKE this GUY in this video, who obviously looks and sounds like a guy and not a female as he claims to be.

    I think a lot of, if not the majority, of “transgender” people are deeply confused about their own gender, sexuality, identity, and the meaning of “male” or “female”. There is more to being male or female than looks, or even estrogen or testosterone. It seems like some men and women have an obsession with being a different gender, but it is psychological, like an addiction or mental illness.

    Aside from genitalia, the male and female brain is fundamentally different, with very different ratios of grey and white matter. Surgery and hormones can not change your gender.

    However, as I stated before, I do think there are some very very very very very very rare cases where a person actually is born on the fringe of two genders, and people like the one in this news video give a bad name to the people who were actually born a certain way and are not just playing dress up. Sorta like a how most people who are “gluten free” do not actually have a gluten allergy, and just want to say they can’t eat gluten when they really can, but there is still a tiny percent of the population that actually has celiacs disease and really can’t gluten.

    I doesn’t really matter what a person believes though, a person with a penis, no matter what they call themselves, should not be getting undressed in the girls dressing room. If that person don’t feel comfortable getting undressed with the boys, fine, let em undress in a separately, but no matter what it’s not fair for the girls to have someone with a penis in room while they get dressed.

    Even if the person actually did feel like a female on the inside, a penis is a penis, and girls shouldn’t be forced to undress near one. Period.

    • Julie Smith

      Well stated and without malice. Thank you

  • Mr. Rogers:
    Some are fancy on the inside / Some are fancy on the outside /
    Everybody’s fancy/Everybody’s fine/Your body’s fancy, and so is
    mine/Boys are boys right from the beginning…

    [Speaking] When you’re born a boy baby, you grow up to be a bigger boy, and then a man.

    [singing] Girls are girls right from the start.

    [Speaking] When you’re born a girl baby, you grow up to be a bigger girl, and then a woman.

    [singing] Everybody’s fancy / Everybody’s fine / Your body’s fancy, and so is mine
    / I think you’re a special person / And I like your ins and outsides /
    Everybody’s fancy / Everybody’s fine / Your body’s fancy and so… is…

  • jwood1952

    Can’t wait for the student body that registers themselves all as transgenders, then all can go wherever they want. That’ll be fun to watch. Liberals ruining our nation with their collaborated stupidity.

  • GROW UP!

    right now you are simply a cross dresser with a shitty attitude that wants it NOW !! like a spoiled child you are a dude DUDE!!!

  • GROW UP!

    let him use the teachers lounge since it don’t bother the teachers !!! maybe share one with the principal of the school or does that sound wrong and disgusting ? well that’s how most people feel disgusted !!!

  • Diana Kerr

    Sorry… but when I can see the outline of your penis through your skirt, you’re NOT transgender.

  • retired_geek

    I m just amazed t how tolerant America has become. Wy back when I was in high school the conversation would not have been about bathrooms and locker rooms, but rether how many times a day the “he/she” would have had the stuffing knocked out of him.

  • Stephen Houmard

    It’s a boy, male…..what it thinks it is doesn’t matter. What it IS matters. Somebody slap the crazy out of that boy then start in on it’s mother and father.

  • formercanuck

    Lets see… not that I’m going too deep into this.
    ‘BUT’ how many on here would have their daughter share a change room in highschool with a ‘transgender’ ? In this case (not that all are ‘equal’) – claiming that ‘she’ is a ‘girl’, yet can still impregnate the cheerleading team.

    If the genders were reversed, and you had someone that was physically female – in all the places that matter, go in and change/shower with the guys, would there be the same issue, especially if ‘she’ claimed to be a boy and wanted to use the boys locker room.
    I’m not sure about these schools here, but when I was in grade school/high school, the boys locker room was just that … an open room with showers against the wall.

    If ‘she’ really wants to be transgender… at a minimum, you’re going to have to have some surgery. Worst part may come if his hormones kick in, and decides… wait I’m actually a boy – then you’ll have a lot of students that need therapy, possibly some lawsuits and maybe some teens knocked up.

  • W Dawes

    I ‘Think” I am Hannibal, do i get to eat you? LOL This is that 60’s Hippie mentality. Hey Perry, think you are a butterfly and fly away.


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