Muslims on Welfare Demand That Their Free Food Meets ‘Islamic Requirements’


Above: Somali “refugees” on lifetime welfare demand their free food adhere to Islamic Law

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Whoever said “beggars can’t be choosers” never met Somali Muslim refugees in Minnesota.

These Muslim imports in Minneapolis are now demanding a tax-funded “halal” non-pork food shelf at a free food pantry for the poor.

As if it’s not bad enough that nearly all the “American” Muslims who have joined ISIS have been Somalis from Minneapolis, their relatives here are demanding that Americans adhere to the same Sharia Laws the Islamic State fighters are trying to impose throughout the Middle East.

A group of first-generation Somali Americans says they need help in developing a food shelf that specializes in healthy foods that do not contain pork or pork byproducts. “It’s about human rights also, basic human rights to get the proper food and also healthy food,” said Imam Hassan Mohamud.

“Human rights”? Seriously? Their arrogance and self-entitlement has to be unprecedented for a group on the public dole.

Tens of thousands of Somalis settled in Minneapolis/St. Paul after Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and later Barack Obama imported them and funded massive “refugee” centers there. Welfare, schools, hospitals and social services have been crushed by the burden of immigrants who lack the most basic skills to live in a modern society.

Screenshot 2015-01-31 at 1.54.48 PM

This is hardly the first demands Somalis have made on the good people of Minneapolis. When the influx of Somali thugs natually resulted is a massive increase in crime a decade ago, Somalis demanded a $48 million Sharia-compliant “youth center” to keep Somali gangs “out of trouble”.

We have read for several years now how Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis and several airports have kicked out blind passengers with guide dogs (dogs are “unclean” in Islam), or customers transporting alcohol. They came here, taking advantage of American generosity, and returned it by enforcing their own brand of Sharia Law upon us.

Liberals in Minnesota have bent over backwards for them, setting up foot-washing basins in their airport and even at a university, in response to their demands.

But as with most appeasement, these refugees keep making more demands. Now it is for “halal” products (meat slaughtered with Islamic prayers and a ban on pork).

The Imam leading this protest actually claimed that there were beans with pork in it and this was a “literacy” issue that required more government funding and special halal-compliant beans. But one commenter on the article from Minneapolis wrote:

As someone who made use of the foodshelf recently, I can tell you that most of the food doesn’t contain pork. I hear what they are saying about a literacy issue, but can’t the food shelf people just point out the cans of pork and beans? Besides, the food shelf is based on donations!

This is not about Muslims “making do” or getting help on what to eat. The Koran demands that Muslim make any country they live in adapt to them and Sharia Law. The last thing they plan to do is assimilate.

One blogger added:

How long until they demand separate entrances to the food pantry for men and women and separate entrances for Muslims who don’t want to see any Christmas or holiday food or decorations?

The state of Maine has also been crushed by Somalis that Obama has forced upon them. The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage has valiantly been trying to cut off cash aid to Somalis – nearly all of whom are on welfare – since Obama has purposely dumped thousands of them in Lewiston and Portland.

America got Black Hawk Down and 18 dead Americans. Somalis got 90,000+ “asylum” slots in America, free housing, Sharia-compliant facilities, and a lifetime of welfare. How do you say “chumps” in Somali?

  • rcfrt

    And who is forcing them to use this food bank?

  • pdigaudio

    Have some of this.

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      • butchieboi

        YEAH baby!!!!!!!! I’d love to go throw some bacon on these ingrates!!!!

        • TheSeeker

          i bet you threw rubber dolls at the baby killers coming home from vietnam too.

          • butchieboi

            Yeah, that is what I did “TheSeeker” with my baby bottle in hand and all. GO f#@K yourself.

          • TheSeeker

            evolved. i see that now

          • Daniel Davis

            You sorry son of a bitch.. you ever go to war? Did you know the Vietcong rigged their babies with grenades and sent them into camps? Those boys that were sent over there didn’t have a choice but to go or be locked up. Someone should beat your sorry little hinder ass down. Go out in public and say that. You’d be dead before you could get back to your computer c@nt.

          • TheSeeker

            apparently you are so shellshocked you cant tell when someone is being facitious and when they calling someone a liberal. I have been to war, a war where there never was uniforms. Come to my home and ill say it to your face, and well see if you make it back to your computer.

        • Daniel Davis

          Hogroast for Allah!!!!! Adresss for food shelf and someone with a keg required… I got the hog and cooker.

    • cub68134

      Damn, if they don’t eat pork, all the more bacon for us!!!!!!!

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      Sh*t, I’ll come for some of that!

    • Guest

      Which way first?

  • TheRealSouthernBelle

    Deport every f-ing muslime back where they came from! Close our borders NOW!

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      • Gary Pifer

        They are here in San Diego and the women dress like they are still in the desert. Free Food, Free Housing, Free cars.

        • cjmengel

          Please show me the link to where you got this information as it is false.

          • diger56

            Tubby, protecting terrorist!! Democrats are fat, perverts and dumb as a rock!! There have been 35 Americans that went to fight for ISIS from this community, google if your fingers are not to fat!!

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          • Sharon ODonnell

            whats false the muslims demanding halal slaughter or that they are in Calif. on the dole in large numbers soon to be all over the East coast …

          • sherimac56

            You still have your head in the sand, don’t you! you better wake up moron.

          • Scott Mohr

            She like all DemonNAZI party lover’s will be the first ones that those Spawn of Satan’s A$$ use their head’s for bowling ball’s. We REAL AMERICAN’S will sit back our popcorn and weapon’s and when they have finished every last DemonNAZI Terrorist off then WE will EXTERMINATE

          • Ben Dunn

            I don’t care what political party cjmengel belongs to, or if he/she hasn’t been paying attention/has been misguided. Everyone deserves a fair treatment until proven otherwise. It may have been sarcasm, but I can clearly see a request for a link. Now, sarcasm or not, the best thing to do is be polite, give them the link, be done. All of you getting pissed off may have been what they want, or maybe they did just inquire about the link. Either way, this thread’s comment, like so many others, was handled terribly. And because I have a feeling someone will try throwing accusations, I am a conservative republican, and I am also only 17 years old. I know that I am young, but that doesn’t mean that I am wrong.

          • InfantryGuy

            17? No. Muslims have had their “fair treatment”, kid. Ive been fighting them since you were just out of diapers. if you value your way of life, and your future as a free American, you must wake up and see islam for what it is- a threat to our way of life. Dont believe me? Look at most all of the european countries that have let them immigrate. Thats just for starters, then look at the dozens of other countries that are having problems. That should get you started. If you dont see the problem then, youre hopelessly lost, im afraid.

          • Scott Myers

            Are you fighting all Muslims, or just certain Muslims?

          • Dennis Smith

            He said nothing about “fair treatment” for muslims. His comment was about cjmengel’s comment. Read the comment.

          • Richard M

            “Everyone deserves a fair treatment until proven otherwise”. You go back and re-read.

          • Mary Lewison

            too young to know crap

          • Scott Mohr

            17? LOL! Do tell us old people all the wisdom of the word you have seen since the day 3,000 Ameircan’s were slaughtered for going to work. Tell me how you felt as you watched or listened to as the Planes were destroying building’s and American’s of whom over 2,500 still have never been found or identified. Oh that’s right. You were only 3 years old. At 17 you have little clue what being a Conservative Republican mean’s. Get back to me when you have been one for 33 year’s and counting.

          • victoria

            How rude can you be? What does the bible say? Truth shall come from the mouth of babes? Wisdom does not come from age nor experience, and the kid was right. You’re too ignorant to understand that. I spit on your conservative republican party, and I spit on the government. You get what you get for raping, killing, and putting my ancestors in concentration camps and taking our land. Hitler used YOUR design of concentration camps for the genocide for native Americans to do what he did in world war two. Your country is founded on murder, thievery, and genocide and also forcing many to convert to your ways. How could you possibly see yourselves better than them?

          • Evan

            You truly are stupid! The Nazi party was a SOCIALIST party!

          • Scott Mohr

            LMAO! You inbred’s need to study something other than the Propaganda you have been fed. Funny you preach the Bible yet spew inbred garbage. None of you have taken what I stated part by part and PROVEN MY WORD’S WRONG! STFU and PROVE MY word’s WRONG!

          • Elaine Blackman

            Did you intend to address Evan in that way when he was responding to Victoria instead of you? I think the response got twisted there, right?

          • Carl Tim

            Oh shut up and go drink yourself to death you blabbering idiot.

          • Scott Mohr

            Well put, Carl. It’s amazing the DemonNAZI party lover’s preach the Bible yet MURDER BABIES at Planned SLAUGHTERHOOD daily and preach a book they don’t believe in.

          • Scott Mohr

            You’re a DemonNAZI party loving voter. YOU MURDER BABIES OR “BABES” AS YOU PREACH. DEAD “BABES” can’t speak by what YOU believe in.

          • Nathanial

            The Amerindian tribes were no better. Always at war with each other, picking on smaller, less warlike tribes, forcing their beliefs on other tribes, and “gasp”…….owning slaves and making sacrifices. They were no better than the white men who kicked their bare arses all the way across the country. My recent ancestors were/are tribal. I have no beef with tribal people. I do, however , have a problem with liars and self righteous idiots who want to blame everyone but their own people for the past. Grow up, and move on.

          • Richard M

            Rude hell, how about realistic. How about just telling the damn truth. You people are so full of PC. You are a problem for this Country.

          • Jimmy

            calm down there bud

          • Mary Lewison

            many of them are taught to hate and kill from childhood. They come to the US and don’t conform to American ways…then stay home! Don’t be stupid. Do you not remember 9/11 and San Bernadino and many many other acts of terrorism. There is no way to tell the good from the bad and the US cant save every nation. In the mean time…we also are becoming a third world country

          • Ellen

            We need to help our young people understand, not criticize, for they will not listen.

          • Scott Mohr

            You can’t help PROPAGANDAIZED idiot’s that leave OUR public school INDOCTRINATION brought to them by MORON’S that vote DemonNAZI party.

          • Fred Bogoslowski

            She should not make statements like that without repercussions.Again idiot.

          • Azula

            I agree with you 100%. I am glad to see that at your age you are as open minded as you are and willing to use common sense before judging others. There is hope for this generation.

          • Carl Tim

            piss off.

          • Richard M

            I’m sorry….F*ck polite. It has helped get us into this mess. Polite=Political Correctness. I rather call a spade a spade.

          • Elaine Blackman

            Some things don’t have a link. You just know what’s going on. When the Vietnam war was over, a lot of Vietnamese came to our neighborhood. They were put in government apartments, given money to buy cars and money to start their own businesses that citizens never had the opportunity for.
            When the people from New Orleans were relocated after Katrina, there were people with church affiliations who fixed up houses for them to have. The houses were offered to some of those living in hotels thinking they would be happy to get them. The NO welfare recipients asked if they would get free maid service and free meals delivered to their doors and when the answer was in the negative, they declined the homes saying they liked the maid service and other benefits they were getting.
            Some things you just know from what you hear personally and there is not a link and there were definitely no links back in the ’70s with the Vietnam refugees. One thing about the Vietnamese, they worked hard and they studied to learn the language and to do well in school. They are to be commended, but the fact that they got advantages that citizens didn’t remains.

          • maggie

            Read my post I live in Minnesota its pathetic all that they get free and I worked for over 40 years and got 0 free…

          • Queen

            Wait to you worked half your life and half your income goes to taxes and taxes feed the welfare system. If you need the help get the help them get in your feet and get a job so you can pay taxes back into a program designed to help NOT LIVE OFF OF OR EXPECT MORE THAN A HARD WORKING TAX PAYER age 53

          • Herman Vogel

            Please show US where you think it IS False.

          • Scott Myers

            That’s not how it works. This person asked someone to prove their claim. I see nothing wrong with that.

          • dennis

            Really, it’s on video right before your eyes. Or are you deaf, dumb and BLIND?

          • Mark Allen

            Its not false and if you weren’t hiding your head in the sand, you would see it. obama voters live in a dream world

          • rob

            no gary is righ, it isn’t false, where did you get information?

          • aa

            NOPE…IT’S NOT…they are trying to change America to THEIR Islamic way

          • Fred Bogoslowski

            You are ignorant cjmengel,they do get thousands in startup money for housing,and free food.If they were not getting free food we would not be reading this…you are an IDIOT

          • solidspine
          • Stu Sandnes

            You’re lazy

          • EyemNotFree

            You are a liar

          • David Israel

            Will you trust a CBS story saying the same thing? Yes? Good, here it is!!!

          • Freedom

            Wow! Thanks Obama for bringing in all these Somalis.

          • phildavis
          • Ernie Jones
          • OBVIOUS AS HAIL you did not READ the Article SPARKY !!!!! LMAO—–SPARKY did you not watch the VIDEO documenting the people arguing their POINT? I bet your ash voted to RE-ELECT HUSSEIN Obammie the not one thin dime JAMMIE

        • xmrax

          we just got a new shipment in providence, rhode island. it goes right along with all the illegal Mexicans here.

        • wandakate

          Makes one wonder who in the world do they think they are. This country is in a big mess and there is coming a day when we won’t be able to get food. What about an EMP, no food delivery anytime in the near future and then those people will be getting whatever they get even if it is a piece of pork. If they are hungry enough they will eat what is given to them. They must not know what it’s like to be “hungry”, if they did they would be happy to get what they can and stop the complaining. What nerve!!! Not grateful, not thankful, just demanding and full of themselves.

          • Ellen

            And many are taught to hate us! What irony.

        • Carl Tim

          You guys should revolt with a well armed Militia!!! Oh, wait!…..yeah.

        • Zelsdorf

          They need to work. Ship them out to hog farms to help clean up the pig shit.

        • maggie

          its really bad here in Minnesota…

        • syl1969

          You know nothing and are full of shit. They don’t get free anything, especially cars! You’re an idiot!
          Show me one CREDIBLE source for this crap! And not some right wing rag article like the one above. Completely FALSE!!

      • Mark Jeff


    • Cody

      Hell yeah iv’e been saying this for years

    • Greg Jones

      That would be to easy. Great choice but who would the citizens of the U.S.A have to serve in our country. But I like, no, I love your thinking.

    • mee

      Welll.. help them with what they want, if only pork u can serve then keep it yourself and eat it. Smh

    • april


    • Aaron Kitzmiller

      so you would be going back to Europe right?

      • Nathanial

        Sure. Why not. And the tribal groups here who call themselves native, can go back to their native land too. Asia. And eastern/central europe. Let’s all leave amerika, and nobody is allowed to live here.

    • Ellen


    • mezcukor

      I agree. Would be nice.

    • Murphys Perez

      Really and had someone said that to your ancestors? Muslim doesn’t equal terrorist just like southern belle doesn’t equal redneck nor white Christian equal Godly. What if these were Jewish refugees making the same request?

      • Ruby

        Except that according to their belief system we are alllll infidels…
        For the most part – They cannot live in harmony with us. At least not as long as we are not worshipping Allah & following the Koran. Muslims are now attempting to take over just as Christians have done throughout history.
        Example- St. Patrick driving out the “snakes” from Ireland – meant killing all the pagans that would not convert.
        Example- The slaughter of so many tribes of native americans, because they were heathens….
        Example- the Salem witch trials…..
        Etc etc etc
        Now this…… it’s just not the Christian killing now.

    • Alliyah Brown

      Somali’s don’t make up ‘every Muslim’.

  • James Berry

    Tired of this government kowtowing to foreigners who want nothing more than for us to all die. Eat your pork or go hungry until you work for a living.

  • Tinaw1969

    We need to get these people out of this country! Who do they think they are! We have to stop catering to these people, and then maybe they will just go on their own!
    If they don’t want to eat Pork, then just don’t eat it! Idiots!

    • TheSeeker

      we said the same thing about the chinese after the civil war.

      • diger56

        You must be really old. I did not say that. You like them, get on the plane with them and leave fool!! This country does not need liberals period!!

        • Dee Nicholson

          FYI I am a liberal and I want there asses out of my country. The More you know 😀

    • cjmengel

      If your disabled are you not getting help too??

      • Dee Nicholson

        and wow you responded in the wrong thread. Yes I am disabled I get SSDI thanks to the damn Illegal that Hit me. do I get Help No I get to much SSDI $1200 a month I guess for a US Citizen is more then enough to support a family but hey these refugees get free housing food stamps Cars Rec centers and so forth while Citizens get treated like crap which makes me think you hate your fellow Americans if you want to take care of non-citizens before again your own Elderly, Disabled and Veterans. What a great Patriotic American you are Screw our people lets take care and bend over for the non Americans. Or are you one of those people that would choose to ignore the severe problem in this country?

      • Tinaw1969

        I’m talking about getting muslims who aren’t happy here, that they should go back to their country. And of them complaining that we don’t cater to their culture and supplying them with special food. AND, you throw at me…..
        If YOU’RE disabled are you not getting help too?? What gives? You not following the story?

        • Dee Nicholson

          no she is a self absorbed twit who thinks she is educated and smart. I can only assume from her Photo she is a armchair instigator who thinks she know all. She is the typical American Stereo type sadly.

  • Cornelius Von

    One does not have a right to demand anything at a food bank. The food is donated from the community, not purchased. You get what is there. You don’t get to make a shopping list. If you don’t want it, don’t eat it. These immigrants, or refugees, whatever the term is need to be educated. If you’re hungry enough, you’ll eat anything. If whatever you get is free, then you shut up and take it or leave it.

    • Bill Mattingly

      If we could get the ASSHOLE in DC to adopt your policy, things would be better !!!!

    • Patty Andert Zimmerman

      And none of them look like they are starving!

      • Elizabeth Owens

        All of the women in the picture I saw were very obese. Must be from all the food they refuse.

        • Julie Rein

          Right on Elizabeth I totally agree

        • Greg Jones

          No, that is not obese, they are just putting on their winter coats……
          Sarcasm if you are wondering.
          The women just don’t miss any meals…

    • Royce Bendix Ramos

      they sure look like they eat anything. toughen upa bit, America. throw these bums out.

    • Sharial

      They can pick up what is ok for them to eat and leave what isn’t. If food banks go Halal, I will stop donating.

      • Bruce McMahon

        How decidedly “Christian” of you.

        • Rp Moon

          Christian” has nothing to do about it. If you are so fired up to help them do so, and keep your mouth shut.

        • Daniel Davis

          So you agree that you should have to go out and buy special products to appease these men and women who won’t go out, get jobs so they can buy for themselves? So if an American demands they have thick juicy prime rib, t-bone steak, or God forbid a f-ing pork chop, they should get it? NO! You’d be bitching that if you have to support their sorry butts , you just won’t donate. Well let me tell you brother…I’m gonna help those who show humility and those who are humble and thankful before I help those who demand and protest. If that doesn’t make me Christian, well that’s gods decision not yours.

        • Eve Arr

          2 thess 3:10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” right from the bible ms. christian….
          We should not be a burden, but should do our part… those who don’t work don’t eat….. If you are sickly or have some issue and can’t work, that is one story, but when you just want to sit on your fat rump and expect everyone else to take care of you…. OH HELL NO !!!

          • LinusToo

            Yes, anyone can cite Biblical verse to support their biases, bigotry, inhumane, and unChristian stances. But then one must also site those verses totally devoid of context –just as you have done here with the infamous “unwilling to work” quote. In context, that verse you’re quoting does not mean what you want it to mean.

          • Eve Arr

            men will work to feed their families…. and women will bear children with pain…. Genesis… that’s what god saw fit as punishment for our disobedience…. nowhere does it say, Christians… be fools… feed, clothe, house your enemies…. be a stepping stone for them… don’t tell me that we have an obligation to our enemies…. you’re just a fool….

          • LinusToo

            Romans 12:20-21 ESV / 7 helpful votes
            To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

          • Rose

            Now you are using it to your advantage… This passage does NOT suggest that we feed everyone, it is meant to say, instead of following their evil ways and letting them change you, show them compassion to see if they will find his word in your kindness, IT is SYMBOLIC not actual, yes we should feel that we need to feed and quench everyone’s thirst, but you are suggesting that THEY do not need to do ANYTHING except sit in that chair and DEMAND that we feed them WHAT THEY WANT instead of what they can get! THAT is NOT what the bible says… People PLEASE STOP posting verses of the bible… If you are going to do that POST THE ENTIRE BOOK because each passage is written to explain or give direction to the subject in that book, using it out of context does NOT serve his word well.

          • LinusToo

            Funny how, when adhering to the Bible doesn’t jive with our personal biases against and hatred of “them” and “the other”, the Bible becomes merely “symbolic.” But if a Bible verse seems to support our biases, our hatreds of the other, then the Bible is to be taken literally. But, please, see discussion below with Bunny Johnson Courtney re context.

          • sherimac56

            Linus go back to sucking your thumb and hugging your blankie and let the adults speak.

          • Bunny Johnson Courtney


            “6 But we command you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you withdraw from every brother who walks disorderly and not according to the tradition which he[a] received from us. 7 For you yourselves know how you ought to follow us, for we were not disorderly among you; 8 nor did we eat anyone’s bread free of charge, but worked with labor and toil night and day, that we might not be a burden to any of you, 9 not because we do not have authority, but to make ourselves an example of how you should follow us. 10 For even when we were with you, we commanded you this: If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat. 11 For we hear that there are some who walk among you in a disorderly manner, not working at all, but are busybodies. 12 Now those who are such we command and exhort through our Lord Jesus Christ that they work in quietness and eat their own bread.” ~ 2 Thessalonians 3: 6-10~

          • LinusToo

            Adding a few verses before and after does not constitute context. This is taking context into consideration: As is this:

          • Robert P. Le Count

            you sure can tell who the free loaders are by there replies to post

          • Philip Galindo

            2Th 3:6 Now we command you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you withdraw yourselves from every brother who walks disorderly, and not after the teaching which he received from us.

            2Th 3:7 For you yourselves know how you ought to follow us. For we did not behave ourselves disorderly among you,

            2Th 3:8 neither did we eat any man’s bread freely, but we worked with labor and travail night and day, so that we might not be heavy on any of you

            2Th 3:9 (not because we do not have authority, but to make ourselves an example to you, to imitate us).

            2Th 3:10 For even when we were with you, we commanded you this, that if anyone would not work, neither should he eat.

            2Th 3:11 For we hear that there are some who walk disorderly among you, not working at all, but being busybodies.

            2Th 3:12 Now we command and exhort those who are such, by our Lord Jesus Christ, that they work with quietness and eat their own bread.

            2Th 3:13 But you, brothers, do not be weary in well doing.

            2Th 3:14 And if anyone does not obey our word by this letter, mark that one and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed.

            How’s that for context?

          • Nathanial

            Oh for crying out loud. The bible is a load of fecal matter, as is the Qur’an, and every holy book ever written. When will people stop citing stupid books, and think for themselves?

          • John Dewar

            my bible verse: i really do not want those mother fuckers flippin my burgers or driving my around when i am pissed……..or gang raping my daughters.

        • sherimac56

          Well they aren’t “Christians” so who cares. I wouldn’t give a dime to those murderous thugs that follow islum.


          You are one stupid fool.

        • dj7161

          A lot of church’s have food pantries

        • Don & Cristina Smith

          How do you know who is Christian or not?

          Tell the truth are you a TROLL?

          Which one are you?

      • Julie Rein

        I agree I will stop donating too

        • Ellen

          I’m stopping anyway. It has all been so corrupted. You see people walking in with the newest style clothing, expensive sneakers, acrylic nails(expensive), hair braided, straightened (expensive), smoking, etc. and on all kinds of welfare, but still want free stuff. It’s not right.

      • spro23

        don’t be naïve – all these people are free loaders. stop helping these monkeys

        • Sharial

          In what way did it look like I was helping? I wasn’t giving in to any of their demands. I said they are stuck with the food that the food banks already had, and they could choose from what is offered. Try reading comprehension 101.

    • TheSeeker

      we bring people into this country and protect them under the 1st amendment and you are saying our constitutional rights are somehow selective?

      • Argo

        Sorry seeker but your e not grasping whats going on here ….our liberties are under threat directly from people who practice and would impose Sharia law on us given the opportunity . Why throw any kind of support to THAT barbaric way of thinking …do you think its fair to stone women to death for not marital sex ?….and your’e concerned about their religious diet ?????

        • TheSeeker

          i think you are so brainwashed you are missing the idea behind freedom of speech. i think in this country they will not be stoning women to death because there are laws against that. I do however believe they can cry and complain about anything they want, because there are laws for that. The irony of these comments is on supposed “patriot radio” we are all throwing hot language around about denying people constitutional rights. I cant help but wonder if it is because you have been conditioned to not value them.

          • Rose

            NO ONE here is saying they cannot sit there and hold their signs.. THE issue is, they do this and the OVERLY soft liberals in this country think we need to change EVERYTHING to accommodate them! WE don’t need to accommodate them, they are in a safe place with water and food, to DEMAND more is not ok with those that try to help out whereever they can.

          • Den Hoag

            The Seeker, Lets take a look at how American Muslims uphold our 1st amendment rights when the shoe is on the other foot and lets see if they would stone someone here on our soil regardless of our laws. This took place in Dearborn Mi. in 2012. The first 40 or so seconds is Obama making a speech shortly before the rest of the video took place. I understand some will say they were provoked simply by the presence and message of the Christians, but that is where their intolerance of our 1st amendment comes into play.

          • Nathanial

            I’ll have to admit, mr/ms/?other seeker, you have a darn good point there. I may not like it, or want to admit it, but….you gotta give credit where credit is due. Unfortunately, it’s a moot point, as both sides of this argument are wrong. HUMANS SUCK! LONG LIVE THE ANTI-HUMANS! Seriously though…….what’s wrong with a good solid middle of the road stance? Besides the fact that you get hit by traffic going both ways, of course. I swear, conservatives can’t spell their way out of a first grade spelling bee, and liberals are so blind and deaf , you might as well be talking to yourself.

          • TheSeeker

            i remember brown vs the board of education. people saying why should we have to change for them. the simple answer was “its the right thing to do”

    • cjmengel

      Heres where you are wrong most of the food is purchased at a large discount. check your facts.

      • diger56

        The only fact here is Democrats are Idiots and screwing this country!! I would not piss on a democrat if the pig was on fire!! Pakyu Pig Pig CJ

      • Cornelius Von

        No, check your facts which would involve checking every food bank in the nation. They have different methods of collecting food. Many of the the food banks around here are strictly done on donations from the community. Many are done that way. So don’t tell me to check the facts when you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Alex B

    I admit upfront…. I didn’t read the article…..but I say Let them eat pork or not at all !!!!

    • diger56

      you are a hump!!

      • Darlene Fowler Chen


  • Donna Morris

    then pick something else not beans, better yet can’t your man support you instead of us!

  • diver_girl_64

    lack of pork is NOT a “human right”. If you’re on food stamps then just don’t buy pork products. When I was in Oman, one grocery store sold pro for the ex-pats, why are they more tolerant than we are “demanded” to be?

    • Jamie

      I don’t eat pork because it upsets my stomach, but I don’t demand a special non-pork shelf I use common sense read what I’m buying if I’m unsure and only buy what my family and I can eat with out issues and generally what we like

      • Jeff Miletich

        I had a cab driver cancel my ride home from the grocery store because I was sitting in front of the liquor store. I was there because there was overhead cover from the rain & a place to sit. I waited over an hour with frozen foods thawing before I got a ride. Had I not called the dispatcher after 30 minutes of waiting I would have sat there all day….

        • Pclages

          Revoke the guy’s cab license.

  • Gregory Johnson

    Where can I go to find these low-life scum bags? I’d love nothing better than to give them a piece of my mind (and maybe a piece of my 16″ truncheon)

    • bigsurprise

      GO FIND THEM !

    • Gianni Paone

      Many of them sit around the bagel shop on 24th & Riverside on the West Bank.

  • Jerry Fleming

    You want it — work for it…
    that would be different…

    • TheSeeker

      i hope the canadians tell you the same thing when we lose our AA credit status, and you are in toronto begging for food.

  • Tinaw1969

    Get the hell outta here! Get them out too! If they don’t like it here and what we have to offer them, then they need to go home! If their ways/country is so wonderful, why the hell did they come here?? Obviously, their way sucks!

    • TheSeeker

      im sure they had a choice to exactly where they were re-located. Abu Dabi must have been booked for the winter.

  • Gordon Harvey

    Take them all to the U.N. and send them back to their backwards countries.

    • Carolyn Burton

      The U.N. is all for this “New World Order” crap and thinks the U.S. should too. The U.N. needs to be disbanded

      • Jamie

        Unfortunately you’re right the UN no longer looks at the big picture but instead has taken a view point similar to what I like to call the bleeding heart liberal view, oh look at these poor children that are sick/starving lets send this country’s government millions in aid never mind the fact that we’re in the hole and the leader of this country isn’t going to use it for what we want them too, oh look at those poor people living in a religious war area they just want what we have religious freedom nevermind the fact that they believe any that don’t believe as they should die, oh lets just adopt them all dump our economies and let our people fend for themselves and start the destruction of our laws to accommodate for the few that don’t like them. And this is why I believe mass murder of leaders who are stupid, don’t care about the area they are in charge of, and lack an ability to connect the dots should be legal, too bad they’ll never make it legal

      • Jeff Miletich

        Or at least kick the UN out of this country. they all hate us anyway.

        • Pclages

          Naw, defund the UN, but keep them close… maybe in the Greenbriar Hotel bunker.

  • Dee Nicholson

    wth we have elderly citizens that are homeless without health care scraping by on SSI That deserve our help far more then these terrorist I thought we were fighting terrorist why the hell are they even here round them up and ship them back please if they do not like our culture they can go back to their own.

    • cjmengel

      And you know for sure they are terrorists how? I see a group of older women advocating for thier religious rights and community. Dont they deserve the same rights as you and I believe you are an immigrant to unless you are full Native American.

      • Rp Moon

        I see that you must be a true blonde lefty for such a dumb post.

        • cjmengel

          Such a witty reply, still no answer to the question.

          • diger56

            I can’t understand you with all of that food in your mouth piggy!!

          • Dee Nicholson

            hey lets keep this somewhat civil ok cause honestly she picked the wrong person to reply to with her crap as you will read below this comment.

          • Dee Nicholson

            and yes I did reply to your comment it just so happens to be below. SO try reading below to see how I responded.

        • Dee Nicholson

          FYI I am a Liberal my self but with certain things I am all about the law and protecting our country and rights which if I am to understand is a righty view pint so go figure some Leftys do believe in the same things the right does. I can I think say a lot of Americans fall into the shades of Grey we agree on some of the same stuff and dis agree on some of the same. So there you go from a Liberalish kinda lefty.

      • Dee Nicholson

        No I am not of the People but my Son is. And yes he has a Issue with them demanding help when we have people all over this country with out roofs over their heads not enough food yet they are getting it all for free while US citizens and as you call them Natives live in 3rd world conditions. My family ran for the colonies in 1630 they were also on the mayflower that landed in 1620. I have relatives that have fought in EVERY war in this country from before its founding. I think I have a bit of a say in what goes on in this country along with the millions more who did the same our familys came (yes we took the land from The People I am sorry for that ) and we fought to create this country and to have people come and take advantage of our generosity irks the hell out of me and spits on what my ancestors went through to create it.
        I can only conclude you care more for these people then our own Veterans and Elderly? Do you think they should be catered to again before our own citizens that have worked or fought for this country put there whole lives or their lives on the line again for this country??? They are not US citizens they are not working they are putting no effort into the country that took them in to protect them from a environment that was detrimental to their lives. They should be thankful for just that not demanding more free things and building and etc. They should be thankful they are here safe and not in a tent in the mountains barely scraping by.
        They may or may not be terrorist but the fact that they came here have not adapted to american way of life and are demanding a FOOD BANK to cater to them is outrageous. I am on SSDI and barely survive I volunteer at a food pantry the gall they have demanding separation and demands to get pork free items is insane its not a right the items are donated from kind hearted souls trying to help and this action will push those people away. They are not immigrants they are from what I can tell refuges and if they do not like how we have run this country can go back.
        As to religious rights fine then I demand time and a place for my religious rights I demand certain foods made available to me because my god demands it.
        I am sorry maam but it irks the hell out of me went some one pulls the we are all immigrants card yes we all are even the natives/ The People they just immigrated 10,000 years before we did.

        • Eve Arr

          Agree with you 100 % see my comment above

          • Dee Nicholson

            thank you Eve. I hate freaking uneducated twits. Thank very much 15th generational American oh wait several of those generations were BEFORE we were america That right my relatives fought in the revolutionary war to make this a country. So as they said back in 1776 BUGGER OFF CJ

          • cjmengel

            So your reletives were slave owners and believed iin slavery and your proud.

          • Dee Nicholson

            omg you really like to make assumptions don’t you. you really are uneducated not every person in the USA that had relatives/ ancestors that came here before the civil war had slaves you do know there is this place called the North that fought for the freedom of the slaves. So in your we little brain every american had relatives that were slave owners you know what yeah they did when they were Vikings back in 900 AD they had Slaves ( yes I can Trace my family Back to the Vikings 978 to be exact) So did the English so did the Greeks and the Romans.
            As to my family no we did not my family settled north of Boston and were fishermen and carpenters, no slaves honestly. I probably know more about my family history then you do so do not bring my Linage into your convoluted ideas of our founders which btw a Majority of our Presidents had Slaves and yes I am proud of them They were our FOUNDING FATHERS.
            So there goes your assumption out the window. and again not a good come back honestly your painting my fellow liberals as morons. I would kindly thank you to come back with a more intelligent response and explain why you think hard working US Citizens Taxes should go to Non residents that do not want to assimilate to our country. When in reality it should be going to OUR VETERANS and ELDERLY.
            I can not believe that out of all I wrote the only thing you could say was I was proud of my relatives being slave owners. No I am Proud of them setting out on a UNKNOWN path across a ocean in a tiny wood boat packed like sardines to a pretty hostile and established wilderness and forging this country, You know the one you live in DO NOT PUT DOWN THOSE PEOPLE ALL OF THEM ALL THOSE LIVES MADE THIS COUNTRY POSSIBLE, you sadly almost come across as American Hater. Again bugger off Newbie ( I am guessing oh look I am making a assumption about you are a fairly new transplant to the USA since you like slagging on it so much) or come up with a better retort.

          • Not everyone that was here before the mass immigration through Ellis Island owned a slave.

          • Dee Nicholson

            THANK YOU. I swear to the Gods above the woman is so close minded and dumb and short sighted that I think she believes the crap spewed on Fox News. I now get why people are so fired up about Liberals being so blind and dumb and I am a freaking Liberal. UGH

          • Greg Jones

            So Dee, let me get this straight, you claim to be a liberal? And Fox news just spews crap? I guess your thinking is right. So, Fox is all lies, President Obama does not have a previously used Social Security number, which is the only S.S.Number to ever be used twice, and the country is safer now than ever by Obama’s vacations/golfing leadership. Like Mooochelle said, “I’m proud to be on vacation now, I mean to be an American.” Dee, may the Good Lord have pity on your soul and just remember, you can’t fix “Stupid.” So try not to show your ignorance to all of us.

          • Dee Nicholson

            I am not stupid. I guess in the past few years the divide bewtween the view points has become sharply divided. I could say I am socially Liberal I believe we have the right to live our lives as we wish barring Harm to others. I believe in helping our elderly and Vets more then I do for illegals and refuges. I believe we have the rights to bear arms and think the death penalty is justifiable for certain crimes. Abortion is a womans right but I have issues with it past 3 months. I do not think any person who is intelligent could be totally Left or right you would have to look at the situation and weigh out the issues.
            As to Obama yeah I voted for him am I happy with what he has done …No. Am I pissed they are pulling the crap they do Yes a large portion of our country is floundering Badly the divide between the rich (the 1% and the rest of us) is growing larger and larger I have issues with our pathetic News serves that panders to the lowest denominator.
            I am guessing you did not read any of the other rants I laid on this woman CJ you just took the last response and replied to that I do suggest you read all that I wrote and find out I am largely a shade of grey person I am not a Dem or a Rep both parties are full of idiots and I believe the system is now so broken that it needs a full over haul.
            Now do me a favor and read all my replies to the truly liberal idiot CJMENGAL and you might see that we do really agree on a lot of the same things.
            Also kindly do not assume that I care what your good lord thinks about my soul as I do not care and you made a knee jerk assumption about who I am.

          • republicans suck

            learn to spell you hillbilly twat

        • cjmengel

          Just wondering how you ar e nit full Native but your son is..even if his mother was full that wouldn’t make sense…try again

          • Dee Nicholson

            omg I said anyone born NOW in america would Technically be a Native American as we are born here so we are Native to the United states of America. Not one of the native tribes of indigenous people that are also called The People as a collective. My Son is Half Blackfeet /Sioux his dad was full. Are you really that dense I just gave you my genetic lineage if my son is half he is considered one of the People oh wait Native American Indian better do you understand. And again stop focusing on minutia trivia you are coming across as one of the sheeple that believe everything Fox News feeds you. Bloody Hell woman read what I wrote and respond with something more intelligent. you are focusing on dumb points rather then the main one these are not nor do they want to be Americans they want to install there system of government here. Gods Woman now I get why conservatives call liberals dumb and think. I am really beginning to to ponder the fact that I am a liberal if the majority are this dumb. I mean I knew America was getting stupid but wow you prove it quite well bet you are a Bible belt thumping overweight mom who thinks she is far smarter and worldly then you actually are. Have you actually ever left your state or even another country multiple countries or lived in other countries are you aware of what is going on out side of your bubble? and one sentence replies really dumb you down. Think and respond intelligently please or shut up and accept that you do not understand the world is a far larger place. And not everyone in the world is a bible thumping Christian and would prefer you dead because you are to them a infidel pure and simple you dead gets them to their heaven.

      • Argo

        great should we also allow them to stone women to death for adultery,or allow honor killings of women or cut off arms for stealing , welcome to Sharia law ..which is what they practice … want to support that system of belief in the name of 1 st amendment rights ….sorry but your out of order /broken like our government ….these people are not for our constitution

      • Daniel Davis

        No they are being picky about food that doesn’t cost them a dime. They get food stamps so let them go buy their healthy non pork food. Btw, Muslims look down on people who cannot support their families and have to resort to begging. Ofc you don’t like it, go with them.

      • Eve Arr

        If you did your homework you would know…. they are not your friends… I’m not even sure you can call them human… they are a big burden on us…. not only that, their goal is to destroy us… but we have to feed them, clothe them, house them, give them cars, etc…. really…. AMERICAN’S HAVE TO WORK, BUT THE ENEMY GETS IT FREE…. WAKE UP…. IT’S DUMMIES LIKE YOU WHO IS ALLOWING AMERICA TO BE DESTROYED !!!! SO SAD TO SAY… “UNEDUCATED THINGS LIKE YOU ACTUALLY VOTE !!!” SCARY….. NO WONDER AMERICA IS IN THE SHAPE IT’S IN

        • cjmengel

          Uneducated..please check my credetials and yes “they” do work, harder than you. Yes I know many muslims and different religions of African people. You are a racist and truely need to educate yourself most Americans feel differently that’s why America still has immigration….just sayingI proudly vote for equality.

          • Dee Nicholson

            you might have a piece of paper that says you have a education but learning does not stop once you are out of high school. Where am I suppose to “check your credetials”? you mis-spelled credentials btw. She is not a Racist, Racism is based on ethnicity not religion its called Religious Discrimination.

            And what go you know about Africa have you ever been? Have you talked to people that live there? Guess what I have. Reading about it in sanitized papers is not educating your self about other countries and their cultures Traveling interacting learning about them immersing yourself in their culture teaches you more then you can imagine then just sitting in your recliner reading about it.

            YOU are what my friends in Europe call the uncouth uneducated barbarians who always complain about the local country you are in and that you assume everyone should speak English even though you are in the rural country side of …say Eygpt and no Speaking louder does not make them speak English.

            Avez-vous même parlez une autre langue ?
            Cualquier idioma Inglés al lado ?

            Igjen din jævla idiot har du til og med reist utenom din egen stat?
            educato mio culo.

      • diger56

        Cedar Riverside and St.Paul Minnesota have had over 40 Americans have been recruited by Somali’s to fight for ISIS. Google it you FAT Fluck!!

        • Dee Nicholson

          was that to me or the uneducated twit who relied to my post? cause I will admit I am 30 pounds over weight due to the fact that I am handicapped left leg useless But I ain’t obese thank the Gods

        • cjmengel

          Yep and what about the white pure bread American s who are terrorists here and fir Isis and the talaban? “THEY” HAVE JOBS AND STILL NEED HELP LIKE MOST AMARICANS. Sad read your bible and you will see the same similarities

          • diger56

            You misspelled America princess!! What is sad is you TUBBY!!

          • Dee Nicholson

            Bible? I have a Bible no I do not sorry not a Christian. kindly please do not tell me to read it I have my own faith. The Point is THEY ARE NOT AMERICANS they are not citizens they are refuges. Again not citizens not American. Gods you are coming across as the most typical Self Centered American Stereo type that you are right your way is right to hell with everyone else they are wrong but I am to think to come up with a intelligent response other the BIBLE.

  • diger56

    Can you say “DRIVE BY”!! Are you kidding me?? What Political leader thought this was a good idea to let these F–K ups in our country?

    • bobalouie

      Liberals!!! That’s who!!!

      • Jeff Miletich

        Really? I didn’t know George W Bush was a liberal???

        • tgoyer

          Well, he was. There wasn’t a single entitlement bill that he didn’t champion. Remember No Child Left Behind? That was him.

        • NukeWaste

          Hell, YES! Bush was a total libturd!

    • Az Patriot

      The ‘leaders’ who supplied busses for these non-English understanding muslims to get to the voting booths en masse and ‘helped’ them with their ‘identities’ and ballots. I saw videos of them arriving by the busloads at precincts with their ‘helpers’. They DID vote and 0 carried Minnesota and this is why.

      • Elizabeth Owens

        How did they get the right to vote?

        • Az Patriot

          They didn’t. Their ‘helpers’ were seen giving each of them their new identity papers as they got off the bus. They could not speak English so their helpers had to speak for them and had all the answers.

    • TheSeeker

      the same ones you elected…. duh

      • diger56

        Nope!!!! I don’t vote for limp wristed, pillow biting, lying, scum bag, left wing liberal cowards like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Berry the Fairy, that would be you, chump!!

        • TheSeeker

          oh so your saying you dont vote for the people who win elections? well at least you arent a sore looser.

  • Bradley Graves

    More and more of these stories. What will it take until the masses (we) decide to start taking matters into our own hands? “Civil” war? Or do we need people to simply say no! Your demands will NOT be met here.

    • diger56

      We have to organize and make some noise like the left does!!

      • whisper

        Conservatives are hard at work trying to pay their taxes and reap out somewhat of a living, while liberals suck the life out of us. They play while we pay.

        • Travis Rodgers

          So true! I still have plenty of weapons and time to defend this country if the call is made for a civil war though. I’ll make the time to protect my son’s future.

          • TheSeeker

            right after he gets drafted.

        • Jeff Miletich

          Excuse me, but this liberal worked since I was about 8 yrs old. Shoveling sidewalks & coal bins in the winter, mowing lawns in summer. Had a paper route, too. I’ve worked two jobs, double shifts, 7 days a week for many years. Stop drinking the Fox News Kool-aid….

          • Pclages

            Excuse me, but it is NOT about you…. it is about the country and the unsustainable course it is on….

          • TheSeeker

            that has everything to do with a few refugees and nothing to do with us printing 48 billion a month to cover interest on war loans?

          • whisper

            NATO allies are aiding the Terrorist. The US created AND funded these terrorist. So, be MAD at your worthless do nothing Congressmen who do not up hold the constitution and are more concerned that you remain asleep and do nothing to STOP them. Out of CHAOS, comes ORDER…. THE NWO.

          • Liz Vanderhoef Crane

            VOTE them ALL OUT!!!

          • TheSeeker

            apparently Putin didnt get the message from the Rothschilds, cuz he is using order to create chaos, not the other way around.

          • Jeff Miletich

            Fox news, much?

          • whisper

            Stop walking in step with the communist in this country then. You, Sir are part of the problem. Join the millions in this country trying to resist the Communist take over of this country!!! WE the people are NOT the problem of WHY you work your fingers to the bone and never get to keep what you work for.

          • Jeff Miletich

            True Communism is all about sharing — what’s so bad about that? I’d say that selfish people-are you one? – are THE problem. Most of the good things that make this country great were brought in by liberals.

          • Daniel Davis

            Not all democrats are bad…just the asshats that feel we owe the world our lives and our country. Those who bow to the whims of the people they bring in. Like the man who beats his wife and pleads sharia law and gets off. Or the man who murders his daughter for the honor of his name and protests when he does get sentenced. Is it fair that we must adapt to suit them. I was born in this country. I’m 1/8th or more Cherokee. So should I bow and praise Allah? These people hate us and we are becoming divided over them.

          • Nathanial

            I like kool-aid. Sharkleberry fin is the best! I do miss root beer kool-aid though. I like flat pop though, so at least I don’t have to drink nasty city water

        • Pclages

          Maybe it is time for conservatives to stop being ‘ Mr. Nice Guy ‘, and decide to do whatever is necessary to stop the insanity.

          • TheSeeker

            maybe its time the country unites under a unilateral movement, instead of worrying about the petty squables that their party helps them identify with.

      • Jeff Miletich

        It’s not a matter of right or left. it’s a matter of common sense….

        • TheSeeker

          and common sense dictates that we are nearly 10 trillion in debt, and refugees account for exactly 0% of that

          • Rose

            I would LOVE To see where you came up with THAT number???!!!

            Where does the money go that is SENT TO AID REFUGEES OF OTHER COUNTRIES??? Stop talking down to everyone because you hide behind a blank profile.. You are no better then them, it is coming down to TRUE AMERICANS; (CJMENGEL this is about AMERICANS, not Native Americans, Or Indians or whatever they want to be called this week) AMERICANS that have gone to work and paid their MANY O MANY of taxes and raised honest kids to do the same trying to allow our grandchildren the right to the same kind of life we had growing up. WE DIDN’T get this far by bending over and kissing some other country’s AZZ!! We got here because there were brave men and women that signed up to do a job and the rest of the world took note!!!! We were powerful and respected and it is idiots like the 2 of you that are breaking down this country with all your sympathetic rhetoric about how we need to be tolerant of those that come here looking for a hand out.. MAYBE IF WE STAND UP FOR THIS COUNTRY WE WON’T FIND OURSELVES ON CANADA’S DOOR… YA THINK???? Make me sick, I hope you were not born here so I can understand how you can wish dimise on this country cause YOU and all your family are going down to, and just because you say you are with them… they will use you as a human shield or bomb! Get with it already!

      • TheSeeker

        liberal dont win elections. they are probably too busy making noise

    • Jeff Miletich

      Halal Bacon…..

  • Happy

    Off with their heads…. problem solved.

    • diger56

      Why are they alive?

  • Regina Boutwell

    Let Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama feed them and support them or send them home because they don’t appreciate America.

  • Sean Nagel

    Get the F*&# OUT of the USA. You don’t like it – LEAVE! So sick and tired of PC and the USA bending over for foreigners. Pressing 1 is BLLSHTT in our own country.

    • Earthgal

      I Concur!!!

    • Jamie

      What’s sad is when you have to press 2 for English and the entire message before it was in Spanish and yes I’ve had that happen

      • Pclages

        Currently, product info on packaging is in both English and Spanish, usually English first…. I am waiting for the order to reverse, as a sign of the times.

        • TheSeeker

          ahhhh, but you will notice that there is no labeling for GMO in either language. isnt that a sign of the times

      • TheSeeker

        i guess that has everything to do with government, and nothing to do with international corporations that hire foreigners and operate in foriegn markets because of NAFTA.

    • TheSeeker

      if the US loses its reserve currency status, the canadians will be saying the same thing as you try and sneak over the border.

  • Dawn Miller

    Separation of church and state. You want halal, get it from your own fake “church”. Our government shouldn’t be supporting these people.

    • TheSeeker

      thats right, we shouldnt be supporting these people…. we definately shouldnt have supplied the weapons that put these people into refugee status

  • Anthony Bradley

    Screw the muslims and bo. Put them on a PORK boat back to the hell holes they came from.

  • Sick-of-it-inGREENBAY

    Send their entitled Halal lazy, worthless, Anti American, terrorist loving, FAT asses back home…

  • Kklgma

    For crying out loud……you’re in America now, the land of opportunity. Quit whining. Take advantage of the opportunity to provide well for yourself and you won’t have to depend on the charity of others and use a food bank. You can buy whatever food your little heart desires! Geesh……..

    • diger56

      little heart my ass!! They are some gigantic girl apes!!

      • John McMickle

        In that part of the world fat women are highly prised.

      • Kklgma

        They are some hefty mommas, aren’t they!?!

    • Elizabeth Owens

      Does the koran also tell muslims to not work and expect those who do work to support the muslims? If so, then it is truly a false book and should be shunned by all who call themselves righteous muslims.

  • diger56

    They don’t look like they are missing any meals do they?? Big Fat Black APES!!

  • Flapjack

    Bacon grease filled hollow points. That’s what *I’m* loading.

    A 45 ACP pork injector!

    Marinate your ISIS fighters!

    • Carolyn Burton

      Great idea there

  • Raymond Walters

    go to your own country tio bet food.I dnt like all myself b its free.

  • constitutionalist

    They can go back to Somalia if it is to tough for them here to assimilate!

  • Doug mau

    Worked all my life. Became disabled and can’t get squart and these people come here and they just give them every thing! There are veterans homeless can’t get medical care or housing but the sameones they fought get free housig and medical care. When are we gong to wake up!

    • Jeff Miletich

      I hear you – same boat here……

    • TheSeeker

      veterans dont get housing because they dont want to be in society. the programs are there, but 33,000 homeless vets dont want to be a part of the system that screwed them

    • cjmengel

      Can you tell me what these people get? You can use a food bank too, it does not mean they are not working. I bet all of their husbands are and many of them are too. How do you know all of this TO MAKE THESE ASSUMPTIONS..?

  • Faylene Marie Gostanian-Whalin

    These people need wiped off the face of the earth.

  • John Spruce

    And again I ask…..why is there ALWAYS an ad for on THIS site all the time. Me thinks this site is fishy

    • Carolyn Burton

      Not long ago I think FB targeted me on Obama posts. I couldn’t send a post about him without having to enter a captcha codes

  • bigsurprise

    And I am sick of looking at their ridiculous middle eastern costumes… If you are going to live her….dress a little more like normal condervative Americans….how about it …. and covering your hair…..really ??? Ooooh , might drive some man wild and he would sexually assault you ….because what…they have so little self control …these people are just ridiculous to me and I cannot stand looking at them anymore

    • bigsurprise

      sorry for the typos

    • Ashley Marie Wallace

      Ok I 100% agree that they do not need to receive special “non-pork” options however why do you care what they are wearing? I just feel that has absolutely zero relevance to anything at all lol.

  • Bobby O’Dell

    Is any of this even true?

  • Mark Setser

    If they’re legal residents, and work full-time for minimum wage, then they still qualify for food stamps and have every right to make these requests. Christians aren’t the only ones who get to make decisions like this.

    • JoeFab29

      This is donated food for crying out loud. What is your solution, Mark, force the donators who give from the goodness of their hearts, to donate to order?

      • Mark Setser

        People are often rushed through these food pantrys. All they’re asking for is a shelf of food that the pantry already has, to have only food their religious beliefs allow. The constitution protects their freedom of religion, including what food they can or can’t eat.

      • Mark Setser

        In the video, they ASK for help in setting up a non pork shelf. There’s nothing wrong in that. They didn’t DEMAND anything. This author of this post, is a bigot, racist, and a hater. That is obvious. If any of you care about your religious rights being trampled, but don’t care if these legal immigrants rights are trampled, then you’re a hypocrite and a bigot. Look up those words if you don’t know the meanings.

  • cub68134

    May a pig find them exciting enough to screw!

  • Honorable_DonEleuterio

    Human Rights….under Sharria Law they mean. These people are a cancer!

  • Mark Setser

    All of you making hateful statements are descendents of immigrants (unless you’re native American) and American citizens at that time acted like the spoiled brats that you are now, towards your ancestors. Some stupid people never learn from history.

    • JoeFab29

      You’re crazy Mark. These people want YOU to live under THEIR law and want to force all of us to submit to their will. History teaches us that appeasement is FATAL.

      • Mark Setser

        Sharia Law sounds EXACTLY like Christians TRYING to call the U.S. a Christian nation. The founding fathers had faith in God and trusted him, not Christ. Also, they wrote freedom of religion, which includes freedom FROM religion, into the constitution. Freedom of religion. It’s right there. For all to read.

        • JoeFab29

          The founding fathers “had faith in God” thing was primarily for the purpose of asserting that there are certain rights accorded to man (and women) that were granted by God and not government. Therefore, those rights cannot be taken away by government. It was definitely not built into the Constitution to support stupid stuff like the right to not say “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance or in other oaths.

          • Mark Setser

            Under God was added to the Pledge of Allegiance in the 1950’s by Republicans. Looks like someone is pretending to know their history. Also, plenty of American Christian preachers have shamed some sinners while ignoring others. Leviticus lists many sins but only the sexual ones are talked about.

          • JoeFab29

            I’m not writing about specifically about the Under God thing in the pledge, it’s about the intent of the founding fathers with regard to God and religion. I don’t think you can get past your PC viewpoint to even begin to open your mind to understand history.

            Oh yeah, the Under God addition to the pledge was passed by a joint resolution of Congress in 1954. Both presidents Truman a democrat, who was president when the movement to include this began and Eisenhower a republican who was president when adopted, supported this inclusion.

          • Mark Setser

            You brought it up. My point was, the original Pledge of Allegiance didn’t include “Under God”

  • AZjohn

    Let them eat bacon or let them starve. Simple as that. If they don’t like it they can leave. Demands my a$$.

    • John McMickle

      Have you looked at the price of bacon lately. Give them something like the shoulders.

      • Az Patriot

        pigs feet are not as expensive.

        • John McMickle

          How about chitterlings, they are fairly inexpensive, Although cleaned and cooked by someone that knows what they are doing can be tasty.

  • Cheryl Ann

    Its time for us to clean house. This “political correctness” needs to be OVER. We MUST take our country back…..from the politicians, the Latinos, the Muslims etc. It is out of control

    • TamLin

      Latinos and Muslims are Americans too. America is just not defined by your prejudices.

      It’s our country, not “your” country.

      • John McMickle

        No wee are talking about immigrants that refuse to accept our culture and want us to adapt to there culture. If you do not want to be part of our culture do not come here.

        • TamLin

          Is a pork-free diet not part of American culture now? That will be news to millions of Americans throughout history.

          Islam is part of American culture. Being an immigrant is part of American culture (the most important part, actually). America does not consist only of the things you like. Sounds like if anyone is having trouble accepting what it means to be American, it’s you. Perhaps you should take your leave of us.

  • John McMickle

    Has anyone considered explaining deportation to them. Anyone that has a relative fighting for ISIS should be deported. If they do want Halal food let them buy it.

  • Sgt. EZ

    They can go fuc- themselves if they don’t like the freebies then they can (1) get a frickkin job and buy their own food (2) learn our language we are not Somalia where they drag and desecrate American soldiers by dragging them down the streets. Learn to eat pork

  • Cheryl Ann

    re-posting with pic

    • Cheryl Ann

      funny, won’t post..being censored?

  • Arelar2

    Nope this is America not Somalia. Start your own welfare if ours does not suit you

  • Vincent Goularte

    There worse than roaches. The only way we are going to get rid of this filth is to do it ourselves. As a country of Americans sticking together. They cant put us all in jail. Stop using there cabs, Stop shopping at there stores, Stop donating food at places they infest, stop being the nice people we are to them. Make them feel unwelcome. Spit on the ground they walk on. Many of my friends died by these people. Why do we have our enemy living next door to us. I went to iraq in 2002 thinking that they are not all bad. I came home think every man woman and child there need to die. They are evil people.

    • TamLin

      You just wished death on millions of women and children and in the very next sentence claimed that “they” are evil. You’ve got a sickness. Get help before you hurt yourself, or someone else.

      • Vincent Goularte

        Have you seen what these people do. You may be one of them. I am all for the extermination of people like this. Every one of them are evil. Evil must die.

        • Spleena

          I’ll bet that you thought Hitler was a swell guy too.

        • TamLin

          Seek help, Vincent.

          • Vincent Goularte

            Thanks for the advice. And you muslims burn in hell.

    • Pclages

      Need to form a U.S. Militia…. and get a very conservative government elected, to keep the Feds off our backs.

  • cactusue

    Forced cultuturalism is back firing! Wait until Obama gets done and see the anger. Not that we should not be compassionate but it works both ways.

  • JoeFab29

    I hope the good citizens get to vote this stupid commissioner out ASAP. He’s falling all over himself trying to appease these people who believe it is their right to eat what they want and the citizens pay for it. He should be telling them that this food is free to those in need and it is being made available from the kindness of the hearts of those who donate it. If you don’t like it, find your food elsewhere. Sheesh, is this that hard to do?

    • Carolyn Burton

      People and places are PC now – they don’t want to offend anyone. Well as an American and a Christian, they offend the heck out me!

  • ladyscientist

    What kind of food would we demand if we were getting free food for our lifetime in their country? Oh wait, that lifetime would quickly end. If they came here for a better life, then they need to live the life we do. It’s better, right? If not, go where you can eat what they are used to. And if they like their laws so much, why did they leave?

  • Doug Bristow

    Send them back to Somalia and be done with them.

  • Greg Perkins

    Give em a pound of chitlins and put them on a leaky boat back across the ocean !!!!!!!!

  • Ron

    Eat what you get or starve. Taxpayers are not caterers. Go eat rice and rat meat.

  • Clucky7

    They are slowly turning US like England and France, soon they want to imposed Shariah Law!

  • JeanluvsCa

    Let the freaking Muslims set up their own food pantry.

  • Eric Exaybachay

    Dirty, dirty people all around….and we let them in…

  • James Bond

    This is nothing but a concerted effort, initiated by Clinton, ignored by Bush and accelerated by Obama to drain the resources of those that work. Once they have burdened the system into bankruptcy they will simply take whatever they want.

  • Mark Dickson

    Holy moses, its not enough that theyre living here free of charge. They actually have the audacity to look a gift horse in the mouth. Hey somalis from minnesota, the food at the food bank is donated. Ask your country to support your disrespectful, greedy and so very ungrateful demands. Go home and enjoy your diet of hate food. How dare you take a helping hand and spit on it. If you have such a diet that requires certain items needed to sustain life like sugar-free or non dairy items then get a doctors note and some money to buy it yourself. You already rape our system financially. GO HOME, THEY WANT YOU BACK, AS IS NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT. BESIDES IT WILL SAVE ON AMMO, ONE BOMB ON A BUNCH IS BETTER THAN BULLET FOR BULLET. YOU UNGRATEFUL BUNCH OF LOSERS !!

  • pigypigy

    I want to beotch slap these POS a holes with a 50lb pork belly then shove pickled pigs feet up there asses.

  • Michael Brennan

    A total piece of nonsense written to inflame idiots.

    • Ed Lover

      People like you are the idiots who keep denying there’s a problem until it’s too late, then you cry and whine for the government to fix it. Small wonder our government is so bloated and out of control, progressive minds like yours turn a blind eye to the nonsense until it’s too late, then you’ll blame the GOP or Bush when things go amiss,

    • globeflyer

      Michael, you need to get out of your gated-community and see what the real world is like. If you go to Minneapolis and spend any time at all, you will see that this piece (even if inflated slightly) is not far from the truth. The fact that so many of the American-born Somalis have gone to the Middle East to fight, tell you that we, the U.S., overcompensated by bringing them here.

  • David Yeager


  • Michael Brennan

    Pure nonsense written to inflame idiots.

  • Rob Hartman

    I believe that would be unconstitutional since it implies the establishment of a religion. If the government is truly secular as they claim, making special laws or establishing a special place for halal food at a government owned facility is just as much of a violation of the 1st Amendment as having the 10 commandments on a courtroom wall.

  • Codgewife2

    Time for Americans to start marching on DC to demand a few things for our own poor, sick, elderly and vets. F-them.

  • Ran into a similar situation when I was teaching in Atlanta. The school where I was got a LOT of Somali refugees. Everyone of them I had to deal with had an entitlement mentality.

  • lili5044

    Remember Obamas words “I will stand with Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”. So settle down folks…you elected this traitor for your President. The Muslims are here to stay. Just stating the facts.

  • Anna1441

    They fled to the United States to flee from what? Conform!!!! You want to be an American prove it!!! Start acting like one!!!!

  • adrianne vasquez

    They have mosques. Why can’t they go there to get halal food? Why are they coming here implementing their requirements in America? You go to a food bank because you are hungry and need to feed your family. This is donated food from the community. I am sure Americans need to go there, also. There should be a selection. If muslims don’t like it, go shop at your supermarket and purchase whatever you like. Go home and you won’t have problems. This is a pork chop and bacon eating country. Oh, so yummy.

  • HarryTheCat

    Hadji Lesson #1: How to get halal food.
    Welcome to America, the land of opportunity. There are three ways for you to obtain all the halal food you want. Feel free to try any or all of them, or just starve to death as you see fit.
    1. Get off your stinkin’ fat butt, get job and work for it.
    2. Get off your stinkin’ fat butt and plant a garden.
    3. Get your stinkin’ fat butt on a boat and go back to the third world craphole from whence you came.

  • Doncharles715

    They need to be gone from the USA and gone now. Here is hoping when we get a new senate and a new president they will do right by the TRUE AMERICANS and not these savages who suck us dry wanting free stuff and their own way of living. Screw them all and get them out now!

  • Earthgal

    Eat what our Country gives you, Go Home, or Go Hungry!!

  • Rose Blankenship

    Here is my thought on this…..we need to do a million American march on the capitol. This is getting out of hand.

    • outlaw

      We can’t keep allowing this to happen, Some day our children will be living in American under Sharia law. Sounds far fetched? Not to me, we are rapidly going to be the minority in this country. Americans are so busy working trying to support their families but in reality, we are so busy working to support these freeloaders and their families as well. “We the people” need to figure out how to stop this. This is making me sick!

  • Rachel P.

    I have to admit, this isn’t appropriate no matter which side you are on. If you cannot work, and you are living on handouts, you do not have the ability to request certain items. To be polite to your hosts, you can refuse politely what was offered or accept it. To make demands is not and never should be alright. Why can we not offer them work so they can earn money and buy what they want on their own? That sounds reasonable to me. Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. I understand that they want to eat according to their religion. When you are trapped in a religion that requires rules and things you have to do to please your god, this is the byproduct. I am so thankful I was born in America, where I can believe that Jesus died for me and freed me from such laws!

  • Jay

    How can I get on this free gravy train?

  • Beckwith

    This is simply Islamization — Stage 3:

    From 5% of the population — and on — Muslims will exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population.

    They will increase their demands for Sharia-compliance — as an example they will push for the introduction of halaal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply.

    They will demonstrate for perceived insults to Islam, the Quran or Muhammad. (United Kingdom, United States).

    Here is the complete process:

    You should be aware.

    • Dontazemebro

      Oh, I’m fully aware but, unfortunately; most Americans are not. It ends one of two ways – civil war or the Islamization of western civilization and I’m betting on the latter.

  • Paul Hosse

    Do they not understand this is handouts? Charity? People with jobs buy this and then donate it.They get what’s available. As far as their footwashing basins, I’m surprised no one isn’t using it for a urinal.

  • Joseph Kiesznoski

    Sorry all we have s PORK.

  • Jay

    They don’t look like they have missed any meals.

  • Mark Muylaert

    I like the old saying, beggars can’t be choosers. If you don’t like what is offered then don’t take it, and if that offends you get the hell out of the country.

  • aten

    Just what we need

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    This is the result of libtard policies.

  • Robert Beaudreault

    The next step though is they are not even supposed to have pork available where they get their food

  • Tori Ketcham Guthrie

    I feel pretty sure there are enough non-pork items available at that food bank…beggars can’t be choosers….SCREW ‘EM!

    • Legirons

      Run through the food bank and drag a salami over all the halalalala food

  • Mike Santino

    Separation of church and state, or is islam not a religion, can;t have it both ways

  • Len Reeve

    ..i have an idea… if ANY imported human, for whatever the reason, continues to bite the hand that feeds them… Politely place them on a plane, place a cold drink & package of peanuts in their hands, fasten their safety belts…& return them from which they came… allowing them to exit via parachute. If they are going to train for jihad against us, we are kinda stupid to keep their bellies full… til they meet their virgins…!!

  • Ed Bangs

    Now I’ll have pork chops for lunch screw the Somali’s we save them, give them all kind of welfare benefits if they don’t like the free food go shopping or go back where you came from

  • Joanie Selman-Prince

    Ungrateful human beings……if they don’t like what they receive, for FREE, then do without! I, personally would not be kissing your —- to give you free food! They need to be educated as to how this system works, or better yet; go back where you came from!.

  • Mysin

    Everybody who donates to that free food bank should donate all pork products. After all it’s free food they don’t like it they can go back to there own country and make there demands , Our country is letting us American people down after all we are the ones supporting them . Send them all home Now!!

  • Suncoast

    The welfare food bank should have 2 lines.

    One line with Pork products.
    The other line should have one way coach plane tickets to Somalia.

    Human rights! Let THEM chose which line they want to stand in.

  • Joe W.

    They certainly don’t look like they are missing out on any meals, that much is certain…

  • Theres plenty of non pork based MREs around….plenty of Vets can vouch for that!

  • planetman

    The surely don’t look underfed, heaven forbid they actually work and walk in a normal grocery store to spend their own money, basically the old adage, beggars can’t be choosers, If they get off their fat rears and work they can open their own store and run it how they want, they take the donations but what do they give us back in return? Maybe a nice old fashioned Somali dish of sand and bugs would comply with the Koran better.

  • canucksam

    My blood pressure just hit the roof. Tell those whiners to get off their lazy arses and go to work or back to Somalia. Normal people who don’t like conditions where they live will just move out. Too bad our military couldn’t complete the job by taking them all out. So now we have them here instead. And they’ll just keep procreating until they outnumber us.

  • Ravenhawk Remington

    gee i wonder what would happen if i went to there country and tried to get a bacon sandwich ?
    so sick of the peoples bitching if its not the pedophile muslims its the illegal leaching mexicans

  • Xanderpuc

    Go to work, buy what you want, or go back to the home you love. Why be here at all if you hate us and hate what we eat? We owe you NOTHING.

  • Alana Marie Woolard

    What happened to coming to America and assimilating? If they arn’t willing to change, they need to go back to their own Country! This is rediculous! Are these people United States citizens or are they just here? We need to tightly close our Borders until we get a firm grip on who is here legally and who is here illegally!! Sick of all these issues with illegals and refugee’s who arn’t legal citizens! ASSIMILATE or get out!!!

  • Bill Mattingly

    I’ll pay for a few to return to their HOMELAND were than have HALAL food, whatever that is !!!! Be DAMN grateful the TAX PAYERS are feeding you fat ass now. Bet you weren’t that heavy in SAMOLIA !!!!!

  • Rae Berry Bracken Henderson

    You want special food….here is a thought, get a JOB and buy it for yourself. As an American I wouldn’t dare go to another country and DEMAND that they feed me a special food or demand that I get some special treatment. How dare any foreigner do that here. But we allow them rights we don’t even allow natural born citizens. Our country is going down a very slippery slope and we had best stop it, or our future generations will be in real trouble.

  • Jon

    Get your filthy scumbag butts out of this country and back to the land of satan where you belong
    you filthy foreign cruds. Why in the worlds are we importing these bags of worthless human debris. The only consolation is that they settled primarily in Minnesota the rancid armpit of America.

  • Shankar/Selina

    I donate to the food banks. From now I will make sure that pork/bacon a must in my donation. Meanwhile Send these people to a reeducation camp.

  • alwaysright21

    they look well fed. I am sure there friends in the motherland would love to eat them.

  • lewpubco

    This is what you get, liberal Minnesotans. Minnesota is a nice liberal state, you now have these sweet muslims taking your tax dollars and demanding more, more, more. I like this story, it’s sort of a comes around, goes around. Enjoy your halal meals.

  • Rhgates

    Sadly mainstream media will not report and some “progressive” will appease their demands on the grounds of “equality”. Ridiculous.

  • ace65

    Beggars are choosers .

  • MrsBrion Furgerson


  • Chelsie Schellhas

    Seriously? most of all you people are being a bit hypocritical; most of you are not pure Indian so does that mean I get to say get the f* out of the country NO, you say don’t like it leave and this and that, half of you white people don’t like much of what the country has done either so why don’t you leave if you don’t like it; oh wait that is right you apparently own this country? no you are dumb, how about being rational about the situation and learning there language or trying to respect some of their customs. Good luck you will see how hard it is for them to understand; put your self in their shoes for once instead of being so selfish this isn’t your land this is not theirs either but this is AMERICA land of the FREE ,welcoming, land of opportunity and such people come here to get away from the bad. And I don’t think they should be protesting its a bit much all they can do is ask for the food shelf to have a area of food without pork in it they already do stuff at university’s for them and airports so why not make a section of food for them, everyone is blowing this issue way out of proportion. Grow up stop acting like 5 year olds. In America we make a section for vegans, gluten free we have all accommodated to those people so what is the big issue. Relax and calm down.

    • Stop2think

      Excuse me genius, but Native Americans did not sprout from the ground here. They emigrated from Asia. And Native Americans, I was taught, never knew of the concept of land ownership, being at one with nature and all…so it seems to me, white Americans, as you call us, took nothing from no one. There was land with no title and we took it. Sure wars were fought over some, but every nation faced that issue and it goes on still today. And why should the host country learn the language of the immigrant? My grandparents never had idiots like you supply them with Italian voting ballots, or welfare or free housing. They learned English. Imagine that! You truly have a warped sense of nationhood. We owe nothing to no one. You come here legally, fine. The rest is up to you.

    • mrparker1

      “but this is AMERICA land of the FREE ,welcoming, land of opportunity and such people come here to get away from the bad.”
      And I think they should accept or decline what’s offered, after all, they have it MUCH better here than in Somalia. If they don’t want it, then go hungry. The islamic concept of Zakat, if they followed it, would tell them the same thing. Beggars can’t be choosers.
      Why are these fat lazy women getting welfare, they look like they could warm up an entire apartment by themselves. They sure don’t look like the stick peopleI’ve seen in Somalia.

    • Dontazemebro

      Kids, don’t do drugs or you’ll wake up one day without a brain just like Chelsie.

    • midwstgirl

      Should have kept those damn dirty Irish out too. They were so smelly they weren’t allowed to ride in the train car with others…

  • Tana Sigsworth


  • Patty Andert Zimmerman

    I’ve said it before…ONLY in Minnesota Land of the Liberals

    • mrparker1

      You need to make big changes up there this fall.

    • Dontazemebro

      No, you’re wrong. The virus of liberalism is just about everywhere. Time is not on our side and soon there will be nowhere to hide.

    • Warren

      I scratch my head at the so-called leaders in Minneapolis and Minnesota itself. You need leaders who have a pair of huevoes in their scrota.

  • kalle

    ahahah they get free food, free everything and now ,,,,,,, they want none pork bliz obama

  • Royce Bendix Ramos

    look at all them fat entitled turds.

    • Royce Bendix Ramos

      why are they spitting in the eye of one of the very few governments on the planet that would even stipend them and feed them free? send them over our way, we’ll send them south of us where they’ll have to fight the hogs for slop.

      • Dontazemebro

        Do you talk to yourself, often?

        • Royce Bendix Ramos

          Do you practice ugly on a daily basis?

    • Royce Bendix Ramos

      i will not apologize for hating. it’s a human emotion that evolution infused in us FOR GOOD REASON.

  • crgregg

    This is BULLSHIT they come here & are instantly granted life long welfare & now they want NONPORK shelves ? GO BACK TO SOMALIA YOUR LIVING OFF OUR DIME THEN YOU CAN EAT WHATEVER IS AVAILABLE.

  • crgregg

    We have our own citizens that are unable to ( or unwilling to work) that use those food pantries , I’ve used them before when times were hard for me . They good enough for OUR OWN CITIZENS then they are good enough for them. If not , go home

  • Annie

    What? EBT isn’t enough? They have to felch from food pantries too? Are they exempt from finding jobs too? They look overly fed.

  • Annie

    If I lived near that food bank, I’d be donating more pork products. But just you watch, some community organizer is going to make the pantry turn away all pork products.

    • robertkwheeler

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  • How about the food bank take a stand….This is the food that we offer….If you do not like it well then it sounds like you have a few choices to make; Don’t take the meat that we offer(become a vegetarian) or get a fricking job and pay for your own food!!!!! Food banks are set up for people in need, not for people to demand entitlements!!

  • J T

    we can’t deport them load them up and send them to the White House. The President and former Presidents have made this an issue for us so let them go stay with the President.

  • DeanC

    Yet one more reason I’m glad I recently moved from Minnesota after living there for 31 years.

  • Dontazemebro

    These people are on government assistance which begs the question, who paid for these “third turders” to come to America?

  • Jazzkid

    Yes this is down right silly,we need better food than you’re providing for us for free. I don’t care who you are or where you were born .The U.S.government should not have to provide your friggen food!!!

  • Glock29

    Uh “foot-washing basins” is that what they are heII I have been using them as urinals!

    These people will never assimilate and will never be compatible living with infidels!

    • Pclages

      Neither the illegals nor the Muslims have the least interest in assimilation….

  • Steve Morra

    If they don’t like the donated food then let them get a job and earn the money to purchase anything they’d like. I understand supporting them for a short while but NOT for life.

  • Sandra Jordan


  • Melissa Grant

    Keep ranting bozos will change nothing

    • midwstgirl

      Didn’t most of them move here in the late 1990’s and throughout the early 2000s?

  • Joe

    THIS IS THE USA.not Somalia! Feed them all pork until they leave and go back!! WTF! If the american society goes along with them and kisses their ass, I think there is going to be a problem!!

  • Sue Knapp

    Go Back to your country and quit living off my dime and demanding special treatment!

  • All those who voted for Obama – should invite these UN-Grateful %^&$’s to their homes and get them off the Public dole

    • midwstgirl

      Um yeah most of these came WELL before Obama. Just saying…

  • AND — Keep all these notes for the next election [and for ALL elections] and insure that our elected representatives represent US….

  • Juanita Reynolds

    My take on the mess… send everyone of them HOME! I will donate to that!

  • Katie Wiberg

    When you get a job and buy your own food then you get to have an opinion. Until then STFU

  • mary witte

    if this people want a specific kind of food let them grow it raise it get it for themselves personally I rather have a pig for a neighbor then one of these people

  • Sharial

    I will only donate food to non-Halal food banks. I have no problem with this. I do not feed Muslims. I will only be donating pork and things with pork in it from now on. Thank you for helping me to decide what to donate.

    • ruburnt

      Great idea!

    • Henry Rollins

      Wow, brilliant idea. I’ll pass it along.

  • rdc101

    Minnesota should “round up” these free-loading beggars and send them back to their poverty ridden, Islamic believing idiots back to Somalia where they came from. They should also take the liberals who support them and send them back with these seditious and unappreciative hoodlums. How blind can these liberal/progressive people be? Can’t they see what is happening. These ingrates are sapping every aspect of this country and trying to convert America and every citizen herein into living under Sharia law. These people who believe and share inhumane acts consistent with uncivilized behavior are “GUESTS OF AMERICA AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. AMERICA DOESN’T OWE THEM ONE DAMN THING!!!

  • Mark Hermann

    Either integrate into our culture like we had to when we immigrated here or go back to your shithole country!!!!

  • ruburnt

    Columbus, Ohio has a HUGE influx of Somali’s…They’ve become a part of the “New” entitlement class…They’ve taken over the neighborhood around may fathers, once nice neighborhood…They demand a lot..Are disrespectful and expect everything to be given to them…..Around the same time of the Somali influx..a high school class mate..was introduce to radical Islam…He is currently serving a 20 yr sentence for terrorism…Unbelievable! I have to wonder if these new refugees had anything to do with his conversion….

  • NukeWaste

    Get Smart! Send them home. They aren’t happy here. Don’t force them to stay.

  • Philip J Membury

    Tell ’em to go “fund” themselves.

  • pudgycat

    Stop feeding the vermin. Send them back where they belong (anywhere but the US).

  • Elizabeth Owens

    If life is so bad in the U.S., GO BACK TO SOMALI!!! We don’t need more blood sucking leeches, we have plenty who were born here.

  • Curtis Rietveld

    C.Rietveld from C.G.

    • Curtis Rietveld

      They got a way ticket here — Give em a one way ticket back so they can eat there goat

  • MerlinMedic

    Let their mosque feed them.

  • Laura

    That is BS! I would tell them to kiss nass and they could go hungry! Get their f-ing asses out!!!!

  • Huskergram

    Let them have there Hellall food. Tell them that whatever food is donated that fits their demands they can have. Since food banks rely on donations, don’t complain if they don’t get much. And, since this is Minnesota, I suggest people donate Spam.

    • Dee Nicholson

      and see I am on ssdi scrapping by and donate my time at a food pantry and I can just see donations going down because of this attitude. Think of it why would you donate anything if they are not thankful for getting what I am willing to donate???

      • sandycm

        Why don’t the well-off Muslims just donate “Halaal” food??? Or, why doesn’t the Iman and his mosque have a food pantry with their “Halaal” food for Muslims, as many churches do???? Otherwise, they should pick out what they CAN “have”, as Muslims, in a food pantry and be thankful for that.

  • ConcernedGom

    Remember Obamass said we are not a Christian nation. I think we see what he meant. Impeach, arrest ffor treason & then ship the Sharia’s home to their messed up nations.

  • Jennifer Ess

    Why do they feel so entitled…I am a Minnesotan and raised 3 kids on my own…I worked three jobs just to keep my head above water…I never got a hand out or ever expected thing to be given to me…in my religious belifes Love thy neighbor as thy self…please dont come to my home state and have every thing revolve around your religen or use it to get a hand out …get a job 2 or three if need be…there are so many Minnesotans that work so hard and give more than they have to give they know the value of hard work….this just makes me so darn mad….

    • cjmengel

      If you worked 3 jobs when did you take car e of Your 3 kids?

  • Kirk Kintop

    I am currently going through the immigration process for my foreign born fiancee (from Romania) and I do specifically remember that one portion of the I-129F where it states that I have to sign and verify for my income because it would be illegal for my fiancee to be on state sponsored welfare. Where do muslims get off the hook on this? Because we had three criminal presidents that allowed it to happen? Ship them all back to the desert…

    • Dee Nicholson

      and any illegal immigrate non should be on any form of public aid. Refugees I can see getting a bit of help to get established but after that get off the aid.

  • Churchill4President

    Send them all back to Crapistan!

  • Carl Stevenson

    Let them starve. Better yet, send them back to Somalis and let them starve there.

  • Pclages

    Crazy !!

  • jim taraczkozy

    we should start selling pork near the food give away or pour pig blood near the door, go to where they live pour pig blood on the steps to there house then
    see if the go by there rules

  • Henry Rollins

    F**K your stupid a$$ islamic law and GO AWAY you worthless sh*ts. You add nothing to MN’s economy, culture or anything else other than more complaining. Gee you wonder why you can’t assimilate here. Try this, DO IT YOURSELF. Good Lord, I’m sick of paying for every POS that comes here and wants everything else for free while I work 2 jobs to NOT go on the public dime.

  • Cindy Walling

    Since when does the definition of a refugee mean we owe you anything? Also, just because you are a refugee does not mean you are exempt from working. Seriously. Ugh. A food bank is for the needy during hard times, NOT to feed refugess who refuse to work. We owe them NOTHING. If they don’t like something then they need to get off their ass and work for it!

    • Henry Rollins

      We need Halal friendly/safe workplaces for them to get off their a$$es.

  • Natalie

    how will they sustain it? perhaps by muslims who show compassion to their own people by donating food. And non muslims can go there to if they want. It’s all donated food. It is not basic human rights. What BS. But politicians will bow down to islam. This guy acted like he was intimidated. they should not have allowed the room to be full of protesters but only let a few in. The put him in a minority position outnumbered significantly. What a wimp…”it’s all about the budget” What? who’s budget? The local mosque can help their own.

  • Allie Erickson Kurschner

    Frustrated in Minnesota!!!!!

    • Henry Rollins

      You and me both Allie.

      • Allie Erickson Kurschner

        We need to start a conservative group in MN to start fighting some of this. No one here speaks up about anything conservative.

  • Tammy Krause

    I want to badly to sit in front of them with a huge plate of ham and bacon and just eat away!!!

  • cjmengel

    If you watched the video no one demanded anything. I have no problem with people wanting to stay within their religion and not eat pork or pork byproducts. I also dont see a problem educating us on this topic. It saddens me the amount of hate on this page. I would remind everyone of you unless you are indigenous native Americans you are also an immigrant.

    • Henry Rollins

      So called indigenous native Americans are also immigrants so I have just as much a right to claim native American as they do. As far as not being getting something thats already free being good enough, they can go back to their crap hole if they don’t like it here.

      • cjmengel

        You sir do not have any more right than the recent immigrants. You have no right when it comes to Native Americans this is and always will be their land. You could always leave if you do not like it.

        • Dee Nicholson

          Henry is a Native American he was born in the country known as America the Indigenous people are just that the Indigenous people of this land mass as a whole in north america known as The People (any person of any of the Tribes feel free to correct me as I was told this by his Sioux relatives) America is a established as a Country 240 years ago anyone technically born in the USA is a Native American, technically. There ancestors came here and adapted to our culture and there it is they accepted and adapted to the country the way of life the acceptance that we are a melting pot of cultures when each immigrant wave came they did not go to city councils and demand things they build and did it themselves they built there own churches there own food stores their own neighborhoods and they were absorbed into our society.

        • Henry Rollins

          So they’re more special than I and I’m no more special than they are? Wow, that makes a whole ton of sense lady. You and morons like you are the reason this country is going to hell. My family has been here since 1866, assimilated into the culture, didn’t take a handout, gave charitably when needed and didn’t ask for special freebies or rights. Now we have a current crop of immigrant that refuses to assimilate and expects us to bow to their wishes, won’t work (hispanics excluded from this comment) and thinks those that are here should GIVE them things instead of working for it. F–K THEM. I work 2 jobs already to keep what little I do have and refuse to take handouts. I was born here, will die here and would like the children who are here to enjoy the freedoms and lifestyle we have left.

  • Terrence Jackson

    Do NOT DEPORT THEM ! ! They came here of their own free will. They can ASSIMILATE TO AMERICA, or they can take it back to SOMOLIA with them! ! ! !

  • Imahippyburning

    I demand that ALL muslims either live within our Freedoms and Liberties or they can ALL die trying to change them! No More, No Less!

  • Imahippyburning

    Time for a massive uprising in this Country! These Bacon Haters can all leave, drop dead, or die trying to change the USA!

  • common-sense-needed

    Why don’t they get jobs and buy what they want?

    • Henry Rollins

      Because its easier to take from others when the Gov’t lets you.

  • jtak101

    Welcome to America…now shut up, take a bath and eat your damn bacon.

  • A tax to support their religion? Really?

  • Michael J. Friedman

    Oscar Mayer has a great tasting, nitrate free, all natural bacon, yum!

  • Argo

    give them bacon…………….If you want to practice Sharia in my country GTF OUT BARBARIANS !!!!

  • sandycm

    Oh, PLEASE, Minnesota – do NOT give in to this!!!! WHERE DOES IT STOP???? People DONATE to a food pantry – the government isn’t supposed to DEMAND they give food and what KIND of food they are to give. And a religious groups has NO rights to DEMAND what kind of food the food pantry has on hand!!! If they don’t eat a certain food, fine. But there are OTHER foods they CAN eat and they can just eat them instead of DEMANDING their Sharia laws are put into practice.

  • maryjane

    Drop dead or go back to your country

  • LinusToo

    Reading the comments here, it would seem that the poor and hungry just aren’t allowed to have sincerely held religious beliefs. Guess you have to be Hobby Lobby rich for that privilege.

    • diger56

      LMAO!!!! You would have to ask the democrat party, they out raised the GOP 380 mill to 250 mill this year. I guess it is to much for Somali to learn English living in AMERICA!! Go make up a war on somebody peanut head!!

      • LinusToo

        You might want to check in the mirror but, if your reply here is any indication, your Reynolds Wrap cap is slipping.

        • diger56

          Google it smart guy, I read it on ABC. com Sunday.

          • LinusToo

            The fundraising? Don’t doubt that. Bravo, DNC. However, I was referring to the fact that your response was wholly nonsensical in the context of my original comment.

        • diger56

          It is called Tin foil, moron!!

          • LinusToo

            ROTFLOL I guess I’ll have to defer to the expertise of one who sports the headgear.

  • Sarah Mahala

    DEPORT AT ONCE!!! NO GIVING IN TO DEMANDS FOR PORK FREE FOOD! PUT PORK ON EVERY SHELF AND ON EITHER SIDE OF THE DOOR, RUB BACON GREASE ON THE DOOR AND THE FRAME. SMEAR IT ON EVERY SHELF IN THE FOOD PANTRY. Beggers should not be allowed to be choosers! Close our borders, send them all back to where they came from, and let their beloved ISIS and Sharia law give them what they want. On lifetime welfare, living in the USA, UNDOUBTEDLY FREE EVERYTHING and still making demands. Let them starve long enough and see how long it takes them to quit making demands.

  • bill

    They really picked up on the liberal ways here quickly didnt they. I dont need to work, buy my food so I can sit on my big fat ass

  • Julie Rein

    Yeah they get everything for free and we have to pay for it so therefore I absolutely refuse to say Happy Holidays to anyone so to those who don’t and refuse to understand American Traditions all I have to say to you is Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas. Oh and the other thing the Somali’s also refuse to work on their holidays that aren’t American customs and we are supposed to cater to that too when most Americans work on our holidays. I work every holiday every year and have for the last 10 yrs. I totally agree with the Real Southern Belle send them back home where they belong.

  • I highly suggest they starve themselves to death for their cause. It would really impress us and also make us laugh.

  • Robert

    If they want specific requests then go out and get it yourself. Free is just that…………Free. You get to pick and choose Free.

    Pussification of America!!!!

  • Dean

    Awww, whats wrong? Christians been demanding their religious freedom to make everyone else fall in line with their beliefs but when the shoes on the other foot it’s “How Dare They!” Perhaps if all of ya’s just keep that garbage to yourselves and take care of you and yours alone, you wouldn’t be seeing a lot more of this in the not to distant future.

  • Kimberly Snow

    Republicans are pretty much wrong on every issue and make up so many lies it is hard to know what is the truth. But is there is one iota of truth in this it is indeed wrong. Beggars cannot be choosers and if they are going to move here they must adapt to OUR customs and assimilate. I do not believe in giving aid to immigrants. They need to pay into the system like we all do and earn them. NO religion not Christianity, not Buddhism and especially not Islam should be allowed to creep into our laws.. Signed a Proud Liberal Atheist.

  • Thomas Meadows

    I am all for them eating what thy like,but to DEMAND WE SUPPLY IT?GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND EARN IT WITH A JOB!!

    • Dean

      Get ff your high horse and GROW A HEART!

  • Sally Larson

    Load them all on a boat, ship them back across the ocean from which they came and make sure their are dogs and pigs a plenty on board.

  • JonRobin

    this is the problem with the vast majority of all immigrants. They refuse to assimilate and fit in to the American way of life. If they want special food, its their responsibility to learn english, EARN A WAGE AND BUY IT. Otherwise, learn to eat pork and whats given to you.

  • wane

    a real hungry person would eat what was handed to them these people just take it cause its there and free shut up eat it or go buy what you like with your food stamps , from now on im only donating pork products knowing it will go to people that will appreciate the good will of others

  • Fold Ulast

    Go to HELL rag heads.

  • Greg Jones

    Heck, free food and they want to complain, how much is the U.S. going to do to give the refugees everything they want but do not deserve. Let’s just change our name to the U.S. of ISIS. Hey, let’s just give them keys to the U.S. mint so they can just take all the money they want. And then we can all labor for them to sit on their butts and tell us what else they want us (that’s the legal citizens of the U.S.A.) to do to make them “comfortable” in our country.

    • MargaretJMaltby55055

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  • ThePatritoteer

    Screw you and the camel you rode in on. Back to the camel dung stuck in the middle ages
    country you came from.

  • baha

    They should add pork to every food item there. We know that everything tastes better with bacon!

  • Robert P. Le Count

    I think a good response Peter could made would been to sit there and eat a plate of pork and beans and BLT or ham sandwich

  • tindalt5

    Easily settled – For those who do not wish to support these ungrateful foreigners who are here only because of the arrogance of our leadership, lets put the foodbanks back in the Christian churches and then those who wish to support those who appreciate the generosity of others can do so – If someone is offended by giving to a Christian institution then they can give to the govt food bank – But if they donate Halal, don’t they then defeat their own contentions of the separation of church and state

  • mike

    250,000 more on their way here.

  • Melissa McCoy Flaig

    It’s a food shelf…it’s not ur basic right! It’s donated food ..get a job and go buy the food urself if ur going to be picky

  • RonKeffer

    Is all you have to do, where there are muslims, is to have women run around naked in public. If a man sees a naked woman other than his wife, they are suppose to commit suicide. Here in California, once a year they run around naked………I like to see beauty like that

  • Patricia Whyno

    BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Presto88

    I donate to food shelves…but from now on I”m donating pork products only. This is BS, how ungrateful can you get? “Demanding” Halal food shelves? They are in no place to demand anything!! Get a job, or go back to Somalia!!

  • Louis Copechal


  • MILAN68

    We need to open our eyes,there’s over 11 million illegal immigrants in
    our country some are criminals our border policy is a joke they’re
    laughing at us.. .The government is spending millions of dollars on them
    on free housing food healthcare,obama cares more about those who come
    here illegally,than he does about the American citizens..We should come
    first to be taken care we have people in need of housing and food
    healthcare,there are American children who are homeless ,hungry
    in need of health care..Giving jobs like these 30k soldiers to illegal
    immigrants,Americans need jobs how easy do you think it’s going to be
    for these soldier to find a job..We are losing are freedom our rights to
    a bunch of criminals from all over the country crossing the border
    illegally..They want to turn our country into the country they came fro

  • Richard Daniels

    What? I thought Muslims didn’t believe in government assistance.

  • John Kaczmarowski

    Wow. You guys are all assholes; ignorant, xenophobic jagoffs with nothing of value to offer any society. When are you planning the rapture? I’m quite looking forward to your removal from this earth.

    Repugnantcan twats all…

    • WhiteGuy2

      idiot, no one is stopping you from giving these people anything. In fact why dont you empty your bank account to support these people? Its because you are a hypocrite.

  • Guest

    These “people” think they have some power or pull and can demand whatever they want – bullshit !!

    As posted above- my fathers generation of immigrants came through Ellis island and had to eat WHATEVER they could to stay alive – they did not demand special food or services – they were humble and THANKFUL people that worked hard to make a better life here –


    GET LOST !!!

  • Guest

    These “people” think they have some power or pull and can demand whatever they want – bullshit !!

    My fathers generation of immigrants came through Ellis island and had to eat WHATEVER they could to stay alive – they did not demand special food or services – they were humble and THANKFUL people that worked hard to make a better life here –




    These “people” think they have some power or pull and can demand whatever they want – bullshit !!

    My fathers generation of immigrants came through Ellis Island and had to eat WHATEVER they could to stay alive – they did not demand special food or services – they were humble and THANKFUL people that worked hard to make a better life here – AND THEY LOVED AMERICA, SACRIFICED FOR AMERICAN AND BUILT EVERYTHING WE HAVE HERE NOW !!!





  • Chris

    People who donate food should just donate food with pork for a few months…Those muslimes will stop going VERY quickly.

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  • skshello

    First one thing and then the next. Nip it in the bud Minnesota or you certainly will regret it. Sounds like it might be too late already. Send them back.

  • Mark Allen

    Disgusting dirty smelly people. But their pimp obama will continue to take until we go to his office and drag him out of it

  • Sean Hendricks

    they are giving stuff for free: housing and food and then they decide that free isn’t good enough. well if they don’t want it they can use their own money to buy their pork free food. No one is saying they have to eat it.

  • Warlord1958

    I just dropped something for their food shelf. It’s packed with peanuts ‘n corn.

  • Stephen

    Here’s what TR had to say.

  • Diana

    well then can I ask for help to buy my foods since I am diabetic and chronic IBS ! LOL just kidding folks.

  • Julian Maddox

    Takeing from the system never putting in a penny, ship them all back to ragheadland yesterday 50 years ago.

  • guess

    People in hell wants ice water. But that will never happen. Get a job and get off the welfare.

  • xprocowboy

    I will fight to protect my family, property, community, and self against the sons and daughters of Satan

  • livin free 2010

    There needs to be a law that no immigrants can be on welfare of any kind. Not even food stamps.

  • Grand_Old_Partier

    If I lived in this area, I would only donate food that contained pork products and would encourage all my friends to do the same.

  • Vyper3000

    You pay for it… you get to choose. You don’t pay for it, you have no choice. Very very simple.

  • Meredith

    You cannot wake someone who pretends to be asleep.

  • Sons of Liberty

    Chop up some camel dun)g and give it to them.

  • bigsurprise

    They need to be told, you are in America now…you abide by OUR laws and the allowances we GIVE YOU , FREE ….OR you can choose to return to where you came from …PERIOD !!!

    • moi2u

      If they want special foods, etc. put them to work for it and make them earn it themselves. If I want ice-cream from DQ everyday, I have to work to earn the money for it.

  • Guest

    Just out of curiosity, where in the Koran does it say that Muslims must make their adopted country adapt to them and Sharia law? Please enlighten me.

  • md

    Be thankful that we give out free food in this country and don’t freaking complain.I’m sure that food pantries don’t exist in their country,their government tortures and starves their own people SMH

  • David Fournier

    F&$king unbelievable

  • illegalgarbagegohome

    Poison them. Poison them all.

  • TiredOfStupidPeople

    Well, everytime I here of a food drive for a shelter or food bank, I know what I’m donating… PORK AND BEANS and SPAM!!!!!

  • Mother_of_4_Original

    When someone is giving your something for free you don’t complain about it.

  • John

    Instead of being “on welfare”, they need to be “on a plane back to the middle east”.

  • april

    if they don’t like what we have as a america, then they need to pack up there crap and move back were they moved from.

  • tim

    time to put pork in all foods

  • B White Eagle

    I demand they take their welfare moochin butts and leave!!!

  • blaine clipperton

    give them a pork only food card…lol…

  • Paul S

    Why don’t the go to their mosques or to any philanthropic Muslims in the community and start their own food bank???

  • jimmy jack james

    War is coming soon to America. Be ready.

  • Daniel

    Looks like it’s time to purchase a rifle, scope, and a ticket to Minneapolis.

  • moi2u

    Send them all back to Somalia. That’s what happens when you give in to the demands of a group with an ‘entitlement’ mindset. They spit on your generosity by demanding more…and more…and more and demanding that everyone bows to their will instead of assimilating into the society that took them in.

  • jc

    Send them back, just do it.

  • Justice

    After eating my pound of pork, instead of donating it to the toilet, I’ll donate to the muslims…eat my s**t

  • স্মৃতিলেখা চক্রবর্ত্তী

    Beggars must not be choosers.


    They look like they could do without a few feeds the fat f**ks


    They are trying to do the same in Australia but we the people are fighting it we’ve seen what has happened in Britain

  • cap10d71

    Do some research people….. Just because its on the internet doesn’t make it true. What a bunch of dumbasses..

  • Dawn Miller

    Separation of church and state. The state should not provide specific foods. Have their mosque feed them.

  • John Coffee

    We all talk about this problem but can we do anything to stop it? I’m not afraid to go bust some heads, first reason I’ve had to live with going to a food shelf (yep had to swallow my pride) but I took what the lord gave me. and if I go down defending what I believe in, I know there will be others again that will stand, THEY CAN NOT be allowed to chance this country to suit what they want, “We The People” have spend to much BLOOD to ever see US loose OUR FREEDOM. As far as I’m concerned take ALL muslims and either throw them OUT of the USA or turn them into TARGETS. maybe then they might get the idea they aren’t wanted here.

  • William Stearns

    Once again people do not seem to understand the phrase CHARITY! Since when does a beggart make demands. If you want your charity to meet Islamic requirements then seek it from and Islamic supplier. Be grateful for what you receive and move on. If you don’t like getting non Islamic food then by all means turn it down and get a job. I really wish that people would stop coming to American ad then trying to turn it into the society they left. if where you are from is so great then by all means go back and live there.

  • liz

    Cjmengal, Ive read a lot of posts on here, and about a thousand of your answers. All I have to say is everything I read from you is anti American, ignorant & ridiculous. BTW, you should learn to spell if you plan to be such a prolific commenter, you even mispelled AMERICAN in some of your posts. Are you autually an American, or maybe you are an illegal immigrant, refugee or terrorist??
    In any case, you really need to get a life or a job or something, because you have way too much time on your hands!

  • Larry Notton

    And these are representative of the same ilk, as those loping off heads across the Islamic held regions! They are not deserving of even being given the time of the day, much less selected menu food! items!

  • Mike

    Absolutely sickening. We need to just say No. If they can’t assimilate, go back to where you came from. We don’t want you here. I’m so sick of working so hard to support others. Maybe they should be at work, instead of this protest.

    • Wiggle D

      No human of worth protests their personal handouts in any form.

  • brian

    As they say, give them an inch, and they will take a mile.
    they have no intention of changing, OR leaving. because while they may dislike our laws and want their own, they still prefer it here more than their country, because they don’t have to worry about militants charging into the village with guns and jeeps and killing off entire families..
    But at some point. they will have to learn to either assimilate, or go home, where they are obviously more accustomed to living, than in a modern society. This point needs to be made clear, by NOT giving them what they want, not anymore. force them to deal with what generosity they are given, or tell them to go elsewhere for a handout. make them feel miserable and embarrassed to accept charity if they question the charity they get.

  • cbretth

    I have a better idea, if they do not like the FREE food the way it is GO BACK to their mislim country and cry for free food!!!!! Cheaper if we the tax payer buy their plane tickets and support then and their families forever!!!!

  • summer_sun821

    I struggle to buy food, I do Not get any assistance I pay for everything!
    To make special accommodations for and group is wrong to make them for religious reasons is a violation of the seperation of church and state.
    I now see their expectation of specisl acommodation giving them exemption to laws.
    We should not accommodate any group and certainly not them. In their countries and society they would never accommodate us let alone comsider our basic human rights.

  • Shawn

    I’m sure pigs don’t like the idea of being touched by Muslims either.

  • solidspine

    Those people could not be more disgusting, I hate all muslims, especially the colored muslims. They pollute and infect everything they come in contact with, where they live in Minneapolis is not the best place, I use to live there, it is adjacent the West Bank of the University. But why in the world are they there, we don’t want them, stop this tolerance and diversity nonsense and deport all muslims and exterminate the rest of them.

  • alilventing

    They wanted in knowing we who and what we are… nowntheybdemand to change our rules.? BS YOU LEFT YOUR COUNTRY FOR SOMETHING BETTER, EITHER FALL IN LINE WITH OUR RULES OR HET THE F@C# OUT. THIS OUR CULTURE, OUR COUNTRY, RESPECT IT!!

  • Don Newcomb

    How about a nice big bowl of pork fat soup!

  • Susie loves America

    we are out funded so much now Stop this now, send them home and let them eat high on the hog to their homeland!! America should not be a dumping ground for lazy ungrateful people I don’t care how they got here legal or illegal. Ask not what you can have or think you are entitled to do something good for America love us or leave ASAP!

  • toma kay

    Just for that extra bacon sandwiches, bacon bits and pork chops with pork gravy. Wait till you go to heaven and find out allah is God’s fu#*boy.

  • Gray Panther

    Christians commit as many atrocities as Isis, if not more, and the majority of lifelong welfare bums in the US are white redneck republicans from red states. You people need lobotomies. Too bad your Medicaid doesn’t cover that.

  • Golfer1113

    Take ha you are given you lazy bums or get a JOB. Then you can get what u want

  • pamsyp

    Here’s a novel idea. Go to school, get a damn job and buy your own halal food. Food pantries run on donations from the public. You don’t like what you see, don’t go to the pantry. My mom used to say beggars can’t be choosers. Have your mosque start its own food pantry. Problem solved.

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  • John Dewar

    wonder if i can make my dick halal………for the hoodies

    • GatorDog

      Just tell’m it’s all beef they look like they would eat the ass out of a goat.

      • John Dewar

        i have notice them looking at goat asses, i thought they were looking for the pregnant ones.

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  • GatorDog

    Maybe if the food pantry doesn’t suit their needs they should use their food stamps, if they can get up off their fat butts to go to the store. What a bunch of pathetic beggars. I would say go back to Somalia but we know that ain’t going to happen. This is just the kind of people we don’t need in America. Will somebody please Deport this trash.

  • Badkarma060

    It’s about human rights also, basic human rights to get the proper food and also healthy food,” said Imam Hassan Mohamud.
    I would like her to go back to Somalia, and make the same demands, she has a pair bigger than King Kong.

  • Chris .

    No skills, no loyalty to America, no desire to assimilate,nothing to offer but a drain on our assets..We’re doomed.

  • kathy kalb

    You eat what the food bank gives you! We don’t care if you don’t like pork!

  • Steve Doolittle

    This is ridiculous. I work at a new car dealership in Minneapolis. If you walk into our new car showroom, roughly 40% of new car customers are either Indian or Somali. These people, IN GENERAL, are arrogant, demanding, rude, and smell bad. The Somali women walk and drive with their cell phones stuck under their headgear and NEVER STOP TALKING on the damn things, even when they are asking you for help. They (in general) want everything at a discount (especially the Indians) and expect it done NOW.

    I am not blind to the fact that the USA has freedom of religion, and they are free to celebrate theirs any way they like. This does not, however, give them any other rights that every other American ( and they are not even Americans) is entitled to.

  • ken

    I hear there’s an abundance of GMO Pork that these deadbeats can have…

  • minute-man

    ” The last thing they plan to do is assimilate….” ? well,….

    GO TO HELL Muslimes …do not pass GO. Just LEAVE.

    GO back into that hellhole you crawled out from. Plain enough ? GET LOST.

  • Dave Andre

    They should have their own food pantry, one where only muslims can donate. Then they can get their own type of food from their own people.

  • Vueiy

    I believe the government should respond to them with one, simple line: “Beggars can’t be choosers.”

  • Mark

    Just like what has been said why feed our enemies, have them eat some generic mac and cheese for the rest of their welfare food ridden lives!! Or ship them the hell back home why are they here in the first place?? Im tired of struggling for other people especially ones that are not American!!

  • Minneapolis has the highest population of Somali’s. The crime rate in that city has fallen between 1992 and 2012, and it has fallen at a greater rate than many of the other cities where Somalis have lower presence.

    It’s a shame you “conservative Christians” are race-baiters, liars, and bigots. You soil the good name of Jesus Christ. I’d say you should be ashamed of yourselves, but I doubt you have a single ounce of conscience among the lot of you.

  • Carl Tim

    New Game: Whack-A-Burqua

  • Lvsrox

    Put them to work growing their own food and for others. Freeloaders!!!!!!

  • Americanpatriot2014

    This should never be allowed in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA — this like everything else they do is cruel and inhumane — they revel in the death of the animals, they do not stun —– EDUCATE yourselves on this —- this is NOTHING LIKE KOSHER

    This is the beginning of a huge extortion program — $$$$$ involved all the way around — only muslims can slaughter (because they revel in the suffering), only they certify……it will go on and on — WE MUST STOP THIS — it is already causing huge problems in Europe and Australia — share this horrid video with as many as you can — your governors, your congressmen…… IT MUST BE STOPPED

  • Stu Sandnes

    Send them all back, and don’t make the mistake again!!!

  • Mike Mike

    I didn’t realize it was the state’s job to provide for religious groups. I thought there was a separation in there somewhere ….or does that only count for Christians?

  • Supporter of pig farmers

    I have an idea go to work, and buy your own food. How dare you beg for food, then whine that it has pork in it.

  • Alexander Malcovich

    Feed them NOW! then one day when they are now accustomed and feeling comfortable in the US of A they will start BOMBING places here and there.

  • Pingback: You Won’t Believe Who Obama is Meeting at the White House Today — And the Press is BANNED from the Event | Top Right News()

  • Joe Ginther

    Great article until you had to bash Obama…he wasnt President when they came to Lewiston Maine. Seriously everything wrong in this world …Obamas fault.

  • gizmo603

    welcome to America where the middle class works to support the welfare system and Obamas imported terrorists and illegals. From the pictures in the article, these people did not look hungry.

  • Pingback: Somali Organizer Connected To Islamist Asks School Board For Money - Victory Girls Blog()

  • CmE

    Can you say I-D-I-O-T-I-C.

  • Richard M

    Send the ungrateful pos back to Somalia and let them return to eating out of the trash pit.

  • Pingback: These 16 States Have All Introduced Legislation to Ban ‘Sharia Law’ | Top Right News()

  • Maureen Pike

    you get what you get stop complaining no one else was able to choose their food so what makes you so special ? go home if you don’t like the food

  • Gene Grode

    Why do these pork haters come to this country when they can stand living here?? To grow more Muslims with the idea to take over! Ask Belgium!!

  • They come here, refuse to assimilate, won’t compromise & then they satart demanding. It’s like this everywhere.

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  • Anonymous me

    I don’t understand, if I want to eat a special diet or better quality food, I have to work and buy it, no one supplies me with any food. This is why only legal immigration works, legal immigrants are not eligible for welfare so they work and contribute, everyone else is a burden on society. I can’t believe they are so ungrateful for free food they that complain. Ship them back, please !

  • Pingback: 乌克兰抗投诉服务器()

  • Pingback: Blue Coaster33()

  • Carl Maquar

    I would slap a pork chop on the counter and say eat it bitch or else starve to death!

  • gidget

    If they don’t like the way we do thingsthey can go back home! They have a slacker life doing nothing and getting everything paid for on the backs of hard working americans who HAVE to work our butts off just to barely make ends meet. This is America and we should not even be asked to assimilate to freeloading lazy people that hate our country! If life was so good there ten GO HOME!!! ……This s OUR home! Love it or leave it! If we wanted to live like them then we would invade their country! WE DONT!!!!!
    Why are they admitted to LIFE on welfare? They should learn to do something or starve just like the rest of us. No one is entitled to a lazy life. And just for the record…does their country also pay for their food and housing and medical insurance like we are expected to do? Seems amazing to me that while they are upsetting our entire way of life with all the free time they have not working …we are forced to carry outrageous health insurance by law that most of us cannot afford forcing a lot of us to get second or third jobs to survive and they are getting insurance free….good insurance, I might add, paid for by us! I say they have a charmed life here and if they are smart they’ll thank us and assimilate to US and stop pushing for more. it is ridiculous that we are even doing wat we are doing and MORE is far far too much. I say we kick all their butts back out and that should make a pretty good dent in balancing the national budget and take some burden off the taxpayers at the same time…problem solved! They can hate us from there Im sick of being hated in my country by a bunch of self riteous BEGGERS . If you are going to ask for help you should at least be respectful of the ones trying to help you! ungreatful hateful users GO HOME!!!!

  • John VanBrunt

    Muslims are a world problem. after researching the evil occult whore book the koran. they are satanists , if you are stressed from seeing all their evil in the world. burn a koran for the almighty. God will bless you and keep satanic worry from your mind….

  • John VanBrunt

    Dont believe this….are you stocking infidels?

  • Mohamm

    Obamas Sharia Law will rule, death to all Christians, praise Allah and isil emperor Obama the time is here.

  • Pingback: The TEXAS Senate Just Made a HUGE Move Against Muslim ‘Sharia Law’ | Top Right News()

  • Pingback: Texas Moves Against Sharia Law - 'Nox & Friends()

  • Pingback: Muslim Welfare Leaches plan to financially cripple the Civilized World. | Thought Uncommon()

  • Pingback: Muslim Welfare Leaches plan to financially cripple the Civilized World.()

  • ZombieStomp

    If an American wants grass fed beef, they work and pay for it themselves. If they want their food shelf funded, they do that the same way. The women in the photos look pretty well fed.
    Charity towards immigrants is meant to be temporary. Do they errantly think it’s an entitlement that is permanent and should be indexed for more expensive halal?

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  • Linda Doucett

    What a load of racist bullshit

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  • pghjr62

    Take what your given, or go home and let your homeland government take care of you.

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  • Fat Mexican

    This is not okay kids in Africa would love that pork. Tell those muslims bitches to go eat a dick.

  • Michele Day

    Part of the problem today is that we’re so busy trying to be politically correct, that we lose all perspective .

  • Adrian Bell

    Tell them to fuck off back to where they came from, they want their shit, they can eat that shit back home. FUCKEN STAND UP TO THESE ASSHOLES~~!!!!

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  • Constantius .Constantius

    The Pope says to open your arms and take them in. They are not Christians. Why would you bring poison into your home to kill your own children? The liberals do it because they love them more than their own kids. And now we are all paying the price$Another tool to dismantle America. Thanks Obama.

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  • ThePatrician

    What a pack of inbred, stupid, hateful braying hyenas you are. I’m not crazy about Islam or “immigrant” Somalis or catering to them either, but you don’t need to undercut your own position by being such jackasses. And don’t even get me started on your abysmal ignorance about Planned Parenthood. Go read some statistics on the good work it does saving women’s lives, and stop obsessing on the nonexistent rights of a bunch of undifferentiated cells that you don’t give a crap about once they’re an actual baby and out of the womb. You make me sick.

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  • Zelsdorf

    Let them eat dirt.

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  • Joge

    What is wrong with the people in Mpls & St. Paul. Throw those Muslims out in the cold. Winter soon be here let them frezze their butts off or go back to where they came from. I for one will not cater to them. I’m ashamed to say that people in Minnesota don’t stand up against them. Let’s all get a couple of pigs for our yards.

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  • OhioMike45

    Send the whole stinking, ungrateful lot home NOW!

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  • ChristoD

    Insult, lie, misinform, accuse, lie some more, quote things out of context, misinform again, spew hate, fear and yet more lies. Welcome to the world of today’s Republican party where nothing is out of bounds. Not hate, threats, insults, lies and more lies. Trump, Cruz and Carson says it all. Extreme radicalism has enveloped the simple minds of the radical right.

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  • shadowmerlin

    I don’t understand why we force them to eat food they don’t want. Whoever is forcing them to eat it should be made to stop. If they don’t want to eat it that’s their choice and nobody has the right to force it on them.

    Oh — You mean we’re not forcing them to eat it? In that case, if they don’t want it, let them starve.

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  • William Heinrich

    They can eat what they are given, or get the hell out of the USA!

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  • Joseph Malbrough

    Fuck these ignorant Muslims and their Muslim in chief Obama they should all be sent back to where they come from this I America if you do not like the food starve. I pay taxes in this country and I am a veteran and these trash people eat better and get more free shit than they would ever get in their own country and they are demanding shit. Get the FUCK out and take that piece of shit Obama with you.

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  • you are in America you ass hats. if you want you terrorist requirements go back to your own country and get them. GTFO

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  • Sarah Miller

    I find this outrageous – I have to use a food pantry, and I have to eat wheat and milk free, cannot have this or that type of food – sometimes I get stuff I have to give away or only others in the home can eat, but I am not allowed to pick and choose – so why should they be?

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  • Alex Dilworth

    Am I the only one being radicalised and hate this “vermin” with every beat of my heart. They have destroyed their own countries and are a heartbeat away from the stoneage yet they have the audacity to make demands on the west when their own kind in the middle east and Africa refuses them succor. All I say is go to Hell.

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  • Bill Jones Sr.

    they get free shit and our ppl who worked all their lives aren’t even getting a 1% raise in their SS because gas prices are lower, of course they don’t mention that the insurance has gone through the roof. Hell the frikken politicians are asking for raises.

  • Chris hagan

    Cjmengel stfu u restarted liberals make me laugh u expect everyone else to do things nut u don’t do it urself how many refugees r u gonna open ur homes to them fed and clothe them douche

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  • Thomas Collins Jr June

    Give them a can of SPAM…

  • Beth Ballew

    That’s the key-it’s free-don’t take it

  • Gail Lengyel Foster

    If it’s good enough for us to eat, it SHOULD be good enough for them to eat!! It’s FREE….don’t like it or agree…GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY, MAYBE EVERYTHING THERE IS MORE TO YOUR LIKING! DON’T TRY TO CHANGE US!

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  • Juan Olivier

    Die antwoord is eenvoudig, hulle moet dan ʼn werk kry en hul eie kos koop. As hulle dit nie wil doen nie eet hulle maar vark of gaan dood van die honger, so maklik soos dit.

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    1. find your own sources of Halal food (actively get involved)
    2. find a job, and buy your own food

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    these people look far from malnourished. people back in somalia would be happy to have their good lives!

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  • mrhdl

    Get a job and buy you own food then. Problem solved!!!!!

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  • verntanny

    As long as people believe in these fairy tales, called religion things will never change. We lose our vets ever day, on the streets. These men went and fought over these fairy tales an now they are homeless on the streets. Do we really care if they do not like their free food? Don’t take it if it does not fit your fairy tale. Enough is enough and you youngsters that can not remember 911 need to wise up. And you bleeding heart women need to ready yourself for Sharia law, because it is coming for you. Don’t cry when you are being stoned in the streets for driving in your car. Give up shopping and voting. Also no more orgasms either, that is for your man only while he is doing your son and goat. The fairy tales must stop. Let Barry live with them. The oil will still be there in Africa, we know what you are up too.

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  • Brandon

    Well just don’t Fred them. And I guess these Muslims have never been to a city in the Muslim world cause there’s anaintersection in Kirkuk that has a liqour store on every corner

    • Brandon

      Feed them not fred. And an intersection

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  • The truth dammit

    I think we should import all the non Muslim Europeans over here to America to get away from all the Muslim thieves and rapists. Peaceful hard working people. Not the Death cult Islam. Keep muzzies with muzzies. Not here in America. And if you don’t believe That islam is the Devils cult then you should join them. Any Muslim no go zone in Europe has been turned into a ghetto and 80 to 90 percent on welfare. America has enough problems. Serve America first.

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  • Anni Mock

    2 Thessalonians 3:10 King James Version

    10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

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  • Haloge

    Their demands will keep on increasing.

    Send the buggers back to source. Items brain damaged on arrival.

    There are 49 muslim majority countries in the world. Suggest that they try their luck there, and stop trying our patience here.

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  • Sam S

    VOTE TRUMP to save your Country and your Job

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  • Ron

    Pres. Trump will send them back to Somalia where they can practice their sharia law and not worry about pork or any food.

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  • RealEyeCandy

    Time to send them OUT … they will NEVER be satisfied!

  • RealEyeCandy

    and those pictures indicate they are NOT missing any meals!!! Bet they’ve never worked a day since they were installed here in the US.

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  • maggie

    Why are they on welfare in the first place???? For example… one the young men going to prison n Mpls for wanting to join Isis, mother who cant speak English brought over 13 children, now who do you suppose supports them???? The people of Mnnesota first and then the Fed Govt,, I know I live here..its just getting to be too many demands from people who have not contributed much to society as they have not been here long enough and they bring their parents here who will not learn English and then get them all the benefits they can and they have paid 0 into anything. Just who do these Imiigrants think they are with all their demands, now its also the prayer issue at work and in schools.. its just more BS that the American people have to pay for… and the Fed Govt spends billions in getting laws translated as the immigrants wont learn English and they have to have translators at the hospitals..I see this eveyrday every where in Mnnesota..

  • maggie

    And now they want over 2 million $ to set up youth places for the Somalis so they wont join Isis what next??? They even have them now running for public ofifice here so they can get all they can from the state for their people. My grandparents came from Ireland and France with hardly any money and recd nothing from any govt and worked their arses off to make it

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