‘Might as Well Just Say No Black Folks Allowed’: Bar Under Fire for ‘Racist’ Dress Code

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Can a dress code be “racist”? That’s what some people are calling a Minneapolis bar’s new clothing policy, KMSP-TV reported.

“Might as well just say, ‘No black folks allowed,’” local Michelle Horovitz said. ”It’s ridiculous.”

Horovitz runs Appetite For Change — an organization that espouses a “dedication to racial, economic and social justice.”

The policy, posted in Bar Louie’s uptown Minneapolis location, bans a host of apparel on weekend nights, including “flat bill hats,” “large chains,” “long plain white T-shirts” and “excessively baggy clothing.”


No Flat-Billed Hats
No Sleeveless Under Shirts
No Excessively Baggy Clothing
No Large Chains Worn Outside Of Shirt
No Long Plain White T-Shirts
No Athletic Apparel
No Sports Jerseys Unless Collared

Some onlookers agreed that the policy was effectively targeting black people.

“If you do not want African-Americans to frequent your establishment, then maybe you should just say that and not just break it down to the dress code,” onlooker Imani Vincent told KMSP.

But most commenters on KMSP’s website seemed to completely disagree, saying it was about conduct, not race.

Flat bill hat = hispanic
sleeveless undershirts = white trash
baggy clothing = black
Equal opportunity offender, finally, a store that wants decent people.

How did anyone come up with this Dress Code being Racist and Targeting Black People?
I see plenty of Whites and Hispanics that dress like this.
I look at the list and they are Targeting Gang Bangers, and wanna-be Gang Bangers.
And lets not look into Michelle Horovitz she has no agenda here.

Yes, she does, as noted: “Social and racial justice”.

And we see that agenda in full Progressive mode, as she continued to comment:

“Minnesota might be the nicest, healthiest, cleanest state in America, but we have huge issues as far as segregation, racism, systematic oppression — and people want to look the other way,” Horovitz said. “This is not okay, and we’re not going to patronize you if you don’t change your policy.”

Somehow I don’t think she’s ever stepped foot in Bar Louie. Maybe Bar Alinsky.

What do you think? Is the bar being racist?
Or being prudent to keep out “lowlifes” of all colors and creeds? Let us know in the comments below…dresscode-thumb

  • Uncle Scrappy

    Doesnt sound racist except for those who believe in sterotypes. Sounds like they want a decent upscale crowd that will appreciate the atmosphere & ambience they are trying to offer.

    • Irene cooper

      I agree with you Uncle Scrappy !!

      • lcjack

        People will find offense where they want. I don’t like seeing armpit hair, boxer shorts and butt cleavage, and I was raised that you do not wear a hat indoors unless you are a lady attending a church function. Having standards should not be something that we bemoan, but something that we aspire to.

        • BEVERLY


        • Jon Berkowitz

          icjack: hallelujah! you said it just right.

      • Jeff

        “I agree with you Uncle Scrappy !!” Ass kisser!!

    • So what. Where do I get the tee shirt?

    • I agree with Uncle Scrappy too. But let them keep up the accusations, look what it did for Chik-fil-A with the Christian crowd.

    • steve

      i bet if some of my brother came in all tattooed and wearing their biker cuts theyed have a sign saying that could not be worn and alot of bikers are some of the most upstanding, and caring people you will ever meet, as long as you ass isnt hanging out of you pants there is no reason for a dress code unless you are a high end establishment cating to the wealthy, and this place dosent look like it fits that bill

      • Matt

        So dress codes are only for the wealthy? If it’s OK for a more expensive, higher class place why is it not OK for anyone else? You’re smarter than your response. I’m sure of it. I require a dress code at my house. Does that make me a racist?

      • johnny whittle

        steve; take the chip off your shoulder. the bad in this is the bad made it bad

      • Jeff

        Could you please repeat that in ENGLISH??

      • steve

        if you don’t like the rules then don’t go there how hard is that

      • Steve, be thankful that you are from an era that even allows crappy dressing every day of the week. When I was a kid you couldn’t even get into Disneyland with Jeans on because only the rowdy dressed like that. As for Tats, only wonderful service men had those to represent they were tough and an erring in a man’s ear meant you were married to an Island girl. As for bikers it represented danger, hostility, and a trashy way of life. The reason our country is in the shape it is now is no one has much self respect, dignity, honesty or regard for it’s fellow man. Men were thought of as the king of their castle and now they are regarded as woman abusers and lazy creeps. That is if you can figure out if they are even a real man. There seems to be so many feminine males walking around it’s become a competition for woman to find the right man. As for this posted sign, there is nothing racist whats so ever. Every race, creed and color has it’s nasty looking people running around and if a person has no dignity to go out dressing appropriately then this establishment owner has the right to not allow them in. Don’t let me even get started on how bad females are looking in this era.

    • cad

      agree uncle Scrappy, they don’t want the trouble makers in. they want an upscale clientell that respects what others in the place are doing

    • KBRUN


      • Angie

        My thoughts also. This wasn’t racist until someone said it was making them the racist….geesh.

        • Fred Matsch

          The owner can set the rules. If you don’t like it go somewhere else, and don’t try this racism bit. Typical libtard. They don’t like something they try and change it with taunts, threats, name calling, and legal maneuvering. A conservative will just ignore it and get on with there life.

          • Don’t sit here saying it is liberals that see this as racist, I have been considered a liberal based on my views and not for one moment would I think of this as racist… I think they are trying to keep things at least a little classy. I have never dressed in any thing on that list, nor do I keep company with people that dress that way, that is my choice… and it is the owners choice not to allow that in their establishment. This is not any sort of political fight and shouldn’t be clustered as such.

      • Tawnee

        Exactly. I know my personal African American friends and family members don’t dress that way. Sides if your going out at night you should dress to impress.

        • Jeff

          What, exactly, is an African-American? Isn’t that someone that was born in Africa and then later became an American citizen? Because if you were born in America, you’re just an AMERICAN!!!

          • Connie Crouch

            I’m SICK of those insecure hyphenated PC idiots. If I were stupid enough to do it, I’d be forced to call myself an English-Irish-Scottish-Welsh-Danish-Dutch-German, French, Amerind (Cherokee & Iriquois), Russian Jew-& God only knows what else!

            _I_ call myself an AMERICAN. It’s an old world. ALL rge races have been mixed. Get OVER yourselves, PC schmucks!!!

          • Susan


      • ma Nell

        I agree. Lots of people of different color dress this way.
        So this Michelle whatever thinks that freedom is only for people who don’t own businesses?
        It’s a private business. They can exclude whomever and whatever they wish. It IS still America!

      • sue

        Great reply, KBRUN!!

      • Sophie

        Seriously! I read this and I’ve seen white people wear this, mexican, asian, etc. It’s not pointed to one. I live in vegas with dress codes like that all the time. Fancy establishments want to keep their high rating. Not “white only”

    • Jim Waters

      I agree Sir…

    • American Dad

      i agree. Besides that since when do we have African Americans? i am tired of that label. if you want to be an African American then come from Africa. If you were born here that makes you guess what? An American!!!!

      • Jeff

        A G R E E !!

      • You are 100% correct . You don’t see Irish American , or French American . If you’re born in America then your American .

    • I agree with Scrappy. But this country also has media that reads so much into nothing, it’s pathetic. This is where the real problem is and most folks only listen to them. Too bad.

    • Ryvhe

      The REAL problem is assholes like Horovitz..Do this country a BIG favor and LEAVE it…Its people like her that are DESTROYING this country.Fuck off Horovitz…

      • Michael

        This is just great. We should be friends. lol

    • jalithe

      Well, for Pete’s sake. All I want is to go to a nice place without peoples underwear showing, or their complete lack of common manners. So. I guess I am a racist. Whatever. Sick of the whole race thing, anyway. Whenever something doesn’t go just the way the ‘tolerant, accepting, diversity seeking’ group of people think, this is the latest rant. Get over it all ready. YOU (the lib’s) are the one who is keeping the whole race thing going.

      • Thank u sir. Well stated. Please, people, look in the mirror.

      • again, not a political thing, no need to blame liberals…

    • Jean

      Is not racist. Have seen plenty of non black people sporting that apparel. Take a look in the mirror. You do not look good if dressed like that. Especially with your pants down around your upper thighs.

    • ruben

      Very well said Uncle Scrappy

      I’m a Hispanic man and I don’t feel like anything in that list is racist

      Bottom line is, dress nicely, or take your business elsewhere

      Most clubs in NYC have the same rules, they are not posted anywhere, but the bouncer won’t let you in

    • shack

      plenty of whites that dress the same way !

    • Justin Clark

      I don’t agree.. I’m native american and this code would keep out 75% of people I know BUT so what! I wear baseball caps and wouldn’t be offended if I had to leave in the car to get into a bar or club.. people r too sensitive and I strongly believe that all races openly look around to find “things that offend them”.. quit crying and dress like a grown up..

    • Samantha

      Couldn’t agree more! people will use any excuse to pull the race card

    • Gina

      Sounds like my son wouldn’t be allowed and he isn’t black. This may be more age discrimination than anything else.

      • Gina, there is no discrimination of your son on this issue. Maybe you should just teach your son the facts of life. Not everyone is going to like what he wears and if he chooses to dress the way he does that would keep him out of a place like this then if he wants to enter this establishment then he should re-think his wardrobe so he doesn’t get turned away. Better yet you can teach him to just not enter. I don’t see anywhere on that sign regarding age. But if he’s under 21 or what ever age the state allows for drinking age then maybe that is why your son would not be let in. Good luck to your parenting.

      • Connie Crouch

        What, you think only YOUNG people dress like slobs?? Get real. I KNOW people who live i baggy, grungy clothes that do it no matter HOW old they become! Teach your son how to dress properly, & then, he’ll find many more doors open to him–or would you prefer people eschew his company? I’d imagine any MOTHER would desire the BEST for their child, not cry “agism.” Good grief!

    • Agreed!

    • I agree. Heaven forbid we dress appropriately for dinner out!

    • Ranger Dave

      I would like to add, as a golfer, I know that most all country clubs have a dress code. Collared shirts, no denim pants, minimum inseam length for shorts, and possibly sport coat in the dining room. This says nothing toward singling out race, sex, financial status, etc… Many Restaurants do not allow hats inside, many employers do not allow facial hair or visible tattoos. Some establishments do not allow foul language.
      This whole issue is about the typical judgmental person that creates these stereotypes. Now, go ahead and guess my race and career.

    • sue

      I agree with Uncle Scrappy! A school in Florida is trying to enforce a dress code for parents – no pajama pants, no pants hanging lower than the underwear, no hats, etc…This is exactly what I see going to schools in my Massachusetts neighborhood. It is not blacks, whites or Hispanics. It is a combination of many races and nationalities that can be grouped as “Low Lifes” who need to show a little respect for themselves, their children and the school system.

    • po44105

      Agreed, why wouldn’t they want their clientele to took decent. What is the difference between that and “no shirt, no shoes, no service”?

    • baldwind

      To me it sounds like they want a upscale but not uptight crowd since they didn’t ask for coats, ties and cocktail dress for the ladies. I really don’t see a problem except that the is a lawyer is trying to make a name for herself

    • mike

      I haven’t had a drink of booze for twenty years but I remember a bar in long beach CA that had a similar dress code that was a black establishment . I believe it was because they wanted a place with class !

    • Tom GIlbert

      I agree does not sound racist to me as i have seen plenty of whites dressed that way. The business has a dress code if you dont like go somewhere else and look like a ragmuffin.

    • Edward

      Since I’ve probably seen at least as many, if not more “WHITE” kids (guys…people…whatever you please) wearing flat billed hats, chains and “wife beaters,” I guess I’d like to take offense to her gross generalization in this matter. And being that I live in an area that ALSO has a Bar Louie, I guess she can speak for herself as to whether or not “we” will patronize their establishment or not….I’m more likely to go there myself now, JUST TO SPITE this RACE BAITING ATTENTION WHORE.

    • Dean Hayes

      I wear a flat bill hat and sleeveless t-shirts every day. Does that mean I’m black?

    • Dee

      The bar owner should be able to set any dress code he/she likes. It’s HIS/HER bar. If you don’t like the dress code, go somewhere else. Not racist at all. It’s freedom for a private sector businessperson. We still live in America, yes?

    • iamamerican

      white guys wear this crap too

    • louisiana

      When I read the dress code list I envisioned a PERSON that is normally seen hanging in the streets or in unsavoury environments. When I read the article that’s supposed to bring awareness to this establishments codes, all I really hear is racial profiling from an organization that’s supposed to practice racial justice. Hhmmm, did Ms. Horovitz stop to think that bringing light to this situation in this context is a direct contradiction of what she’s supposed be fighting for???

  • jan donelson

    This is not racist. A business has the right to have a dress code if they want, and many people of different race wear this type of clothing. Looks to me like they want what is called a high class of patronage coming in. That s their right and if you do not want to give them your business that’s fine.

    • A friend of mine opened a pool hall in California about 20 years ago. His rule: Baseball caps to be worn not turned around. He would say, “Turn it around or turn yourself around.” He is still in business and in charge.

  • Bob

    The racists are the accusers for thinking that this dress codes specifically describes Blacks!! It’s a private business, they can set the dress code for their desired clientele, and if you don’t like it don’t go there.

  • Ralphie

    Calling that dress code racist is the most racist thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Tim Pierce

    Nothing racist about it. Clubs I have frequented often have the same dress code. It keeps out the low lifes, gang bangers and encourages normal people who know how to dress nicely and act accordingly to visit their establishment. Besides….it’s a private business, privately owned….they can do what they like.

    • I for one am appalled to see people walking in to Wal- Mart wearing PJs, furry house shoes and pants sagging. What about health code? Last time I looked we were in America and if you own a business you should have the right to refuse service at your discretion.

  • Fed Up

    It is absolutely not racist! I would patronize that place any day of the week. I’m tired of seeing people dressed like shit; they’re everywhere. Malls, restaurants, airplanes…it’s pathetic. I long for the days of people caring about the impression they left; what the hell happened to that?

    • Debbie Harris

      Amen….I, too, am sick and tired of people not caring how they look in public and how they act in public. It’s been proven that the nicer you dress, the nicer you behave. I’m totally 100% for the dress code.

  • Patricia Molinar

    People used to dress up when they went out for the evening, They used to dress up when they traveled, went shopping, went to restaurants, women wore gloves and hats, men wore suits and ties and fedoras. Now people go to the store in their pajamas, bathing suits, gym apparel. People don’t take pride in how they look anymore. This is a bar/lounge that is trying to step back and ask their patrons to show some class. Take pride in yourself. And show some respect to the people around you and the business you support. It’s not a black, hispanic, white-trash thing. It’s a people thing.

    • LaneRob7

      Well said… it’s what our parents called the good ol’ days.

    • debbie

      well said!!!

    • Michael

      Amen to that. When I worked at Costco people ACTUALLY wore shirts that said, “I’m with Stupid”. It is really sad what is happening to people. More and more people just don’t care about their lives.

  • Zander

    Not racist at all. It’s keeping a good group of people in their bar and the bad group out. If you are to call this racist, what about college scholarships for black only students? That right there is what’s really racist. People will defend it but if I as a Caucasian make wanted that scholarship money, the people in charge of it would deny me because of my color, the real racism. This bar is 100% within it’s rights. Last time I checked, clothing choice is not a race.

    • cad

      meet the dress code it’s not racist & not unreasonable if u can’t dress nice you probably can’t afford to be there anyway. or won’t act accordingly to properly to be there

  • Kindenver

    Plenty of trashy people of ALL colors dress was this way. Black people need to get over themselves. They don’t have a patent in dressing badly. Remember that song “she’s so vain”?

    • Kindenver

      Actually, it’s “you’re so vain” and have you been to Wal-Mart recently?

  • Jackie

    The person who says this is racist is LOOKING for racism. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge that racism is alive and well in America. But this person whole world is seen through the “racism lens” of life.
    I see plenty of white kids that dress this way too. It is a “gangsta” style of dress of “wanna-be’s” and members. The bar is trying to prevent gang problems from happening inside. Any gang problems or fights could lead to the bar losing its license. All I see is an establishment setting a dress code to reduce problems and survive in the very competitive bar business.

  • Jonathan

    This is a ridiculous girl who seems board and looking to stir the pot and find something to do ,if she really wants to help. she would show you kids the path to success , tutor children that could not otherwise afford to pay for a tutor . thats how we Improve the lives of the people in these communities she is trying to help.

  • I agree with the bar I can’t stand to see someone’suunderwear and don’t understand why a male would want to walk around like that if they are not gay that came from the prisons and jails so other inmates would know you was willing to take it up the butt pull your pants up and act like civilised human beings not thugs and I could care less what color your skin is

  • Grace

    First of all I don’t see this as racial because most white guys I know dress like this. This doesn’t stop blacks or Hispanics from coming in, it just says they want neater appearances. If it’s an upscale bar, then I would think you would dress appropriately anyway. Why would you go into an upscale bar dressed like a slob. The gentleman who they interviewed would have no problem going into it – had on a nice collared shirt, he also most likely had on nice slacks. Does everyone have to jump on the race card every time someone says something? This bar looks like it is located in a business area and people probably come for lunch and after work in their work clothes. Why would they want a bunch of people dressed like thugs – you act the way you dress, ever think of that?

  • Kathie Gunderson

    No I don’t think it’s racist. As pointed out, many different races of people dress this way, and how many athletic shirts do you see on a Sunday during football season that are worn by white people? I also think the owner has every right to want his clientele to be looking decent and behaving in a civil manner.

  • james

    this is racial by all means;;; it was posted to keep low life people of ALL RACES out

  • John

    I can see why they would want to keep out troublemakers. No matter the color of ones skin, people in the position of keeping peaceful operations in this bar know that this dress code works ! Anyone with a brain can tell by looking if someone is associated with a gang or not. Lots of bars have dress codes by requiring a shirt and tie ? If you want upscale patrons, you must keep the riffraff out ! Common sense. I’m sick of this “Racist” term being flung about the way it is these days. Its like the scarlet letter and people know how to use it ! You don’t like something , shout RACISM !

  • JH

    They are definitely being prudent. This PC crap has to be stopped. The business has the right to refuse service and/or entry to anyone that they deem is offensive or problematic! The real racists are the ones that see racism around every corner…paranoid little rats with low self esteem that only feel better when they can blame their problems on others!

  • Phil Wojo

    Not racist at all. I agree with the comment that states you see people (and I use that term loosely) of all races dressing like those banned.

    It’s high time people stop throwing the race card out. If an establishment wants to cater to well dressed, courteous customers, then let them do such.

  • AnonymousCitizen
  • If they get upset about a dress code they really are niggers in its true meaning. Such ignorance.

    • Jeff

      Thanks, Honkey!

  • so I suppose “No Shirt, No Shoes, No service” is also racist? People should just get over themselves…this planet doesn’t revolve around on race, or creed…if you think it speaks about black guys, you haven’t been to CA. I haven’t seen a white boy in years that didn’t have his ass end falling out he back of his pants, and then to cover it all with a jersey…GIVE ME A BREAK…

  • May

    I’ve gone to many bars and lounges with dress codes. Many of them have no sportswear, gym shoes, hats, sleeveless shirt or t-shirts allowed.

    These dress codes at bars have been out for at least 25 yrs that I know of!!!

    I do NOT think it is racist. It’s just the owners preference for their clientele to be of a little class and don’t want people that look like thugs in their establishment.
    If I were to own a bar, I’d probably have a dress code as well.

  • Grace

    I’m glad to see so many people agreeing with the bar. They have a right as a private business to set a dress code. I went to a Catholic school, they had a dress code, we had plenty of blacks and Hispanics, who dressed properly. Anyone can do it. if you want to wear this style of clothing, look for a corner bar in your neighborhood. If you are looking to enjoy an evening out, do a little dancing, and meeting friends then you dress appropriately. If you are just going to the bar to get drunk, maybe this isn’t the place you are looking for. And to the young lady who is complaining, you’re the one pushing the race card. You appear neatly dressed – how would you feel going to this bar and being hit on by thugs?? Not to say that thugs can’t dress nicely, they can. So if they want to go here, put on some “nice threads.”

  • beverly mccusker

    If you’re looking for racism or discrimination, you’ll always find it. Perhaps it’s time to make a stand on social values and that seems to be what this bar is attempting. For far too long, we individuals have allowed the mentality of “whatever goes on is okay.” Well, not for me, and I’m not afraid to make a stand.

  • Kara

    I am a Caucasian American woman and my wallet is a chain wallet. It belong to my Caucasian American brother who died of an OD so whenever someones points out my chain I will tell them the story. It wasnt just heroine, barely any heroine was found in his system. He took what druggies call a Hot Bag and he passes out, dies and the guy he was with left his body in a car for 4 days at a shopping plaza I have a hard time even passing.

    So no, not only do the black race wears that stuff. My brother was a rocker, loved Greatful Dead. He had a harley davidson chain wallet. White and black dress ISNT ALL THAT DIFFERENT! Who says a white man cant wear a black mans brand of clothing? I call THAT racist!! STOP BEING RACIST AGAI ST WHITES TELLING US WHAT WE CAN AND CANNOT WEAR!

    • Kara

      This message was actually sent 11:35am EST. Time stamp is way off…

    • Jeff

      OK, Kara, they weren’t talking about wallet chains like bikers wear. They were talking about them great big old anchor-looking chains that they wear around their necks like a necklace with a big old clock on it, rappers wear them??
      Anyway, even if they said something about a long wallet chain, all you have to do is shove it into your pocket.
      Sorry to hear about your friend that died from the OD. Very sorry for your loss. You’ll meet again.

  • Angus McRory

    I see no problem with this situation. If you dont like the dress code, drink elsewhere.
    Stop whining and let your dollars speak for you, drink elsewhere.
    The owners of the establishment can dictate dress code in a free market system, drink elsewhere.
    Stop complaining to draw attention to yourself and just drink elsewhere.

  • Dr

    Absolutely NOT racist. I have PLENTY of friends… and I have never seen even ONE of my black friends dress as described on OR off the clock. Additionally, I have NEVER or would I ever sit in a bar if it were filled with people described in the dress code policy. I would not feel safe.

  • Bobbyvand

    Michelle Horovitz is a racist for thinking all those stereotypes only apply to blacks. Trouble comes in all colors and wears all those types of apparel.

    • Kara

      Thats what I said to myself. But what about all the white people who DO dress like that? Can a white person be badgered for wearing vlothing that looks like a black mans clothing?? Thats what I call racist and I think this lady should speak with Eminem first…

  • Not racist. NOT!

  • emmayche

    I am starting to get very tired of the liberals projecting THEIR racism on US. Skin color has never meant anything to me except where your long-ago ancestors were from; your character and your actions are how I evaluate you.

    • Angus McRory

      Very well put, thank you.

    • Connie Crouch

      Same here!!!!!

  • S Colby

    Their business….their right to set a dress code! This is America people and if you don’t want to honor the dress code, go somewhere else!! I do not at all see it as racist. Plenty of people of ALL RACES dress what others consider poorly, and if this business wants to maintain a standard, more power to them!

  • janb

    I think the bar is simpley trying to keep out the riffraff and lowlifes! Think about it, if anyone dressed like what this new dress code rejects were to apply for a job at, let’s just use General Mills for an example, do you think they’d land the job? Anyone against such a dress code has, without a doubt, ‘created and enabled the chance to be profiled’ by their very behavior!!!!!! It’s the behavior they are rejecting! What the bar is saying is “If you want to frequent this establishment you better dress and act like a decent human being, not a ‘whiney over sensitive potential trouble maker’ but thug just the same!”

  • jessica

    Oh geez give me a break. Its requiring people to dress classy period.

  • It’s not racist for the country club to say no to these items: jeans, sleeveless shirts, and sandals. What makes it racist for a bar to do the same thing with different attire? Both are trying to set a standard for not only dress but the conduct that often comes with the attire. Is a Presidential Inaugural Ball racist for also not allowing the items on Bar Louie’s list?

  • Hening

    So let me get this straight, people believe that Black Americans are both to ignorant to have a photo I.D in order to vote in elections, and have to dress like stereotypical caricatures…..and that’s not being racist?

  • King John

    This bar’s owner should run for President!!

  • travis

    being prudent. there is lots of bar’s in denver and seattle that have this same dresscode. Basically, they want upstanding clientele. not thugs and criminals. I’ve been denied access to a some of them based on how i was dressed. so it’s not about race.

  • Doug

    Sounds to me like they just don’t want Justin Bieber walking in the door…

    • Jo

      I was thinking the same thing!!! LOL!

  • Kendra

    Actually, the people saying this policy is racist are the ones who are racist. Are they saying it’s impossible for a black person to dress like a decent human being? Wow! What a racial slur! I guess if you’re black, you’ll never be allowed to be seen outside of the ghetto because you are incapable of dressing yourself in clothing other than gang-banger apparel. Wanna play golf? Forget it! You’re black, so you can’t possibly own a golf shirt and a pair of slacks. Wanna eat at a nice restaurant or club? Sorry. Black people obviously don’t own shirts and ties. Why do we let these idiots get away with crap like this??? Talk about hypocrites!

  • Jim

    I fully support Bar Louie’s dress code, as I remember going out whether to dinner or to a club was an occasion to dress up and look one’s best.

    Nothing peeves me more than sitting in a nice eating establishment (i.e. Not Olive Garden, Appleby’s and the like. Being dressed in a jacket and tie for a special occasion and be seated next to someone in shorts and flip flops.

    I don’t think they are targeting racial groups, just bad taste.

  • Barbara Tatusko

    Not everything is about race, I know may white guys that dress like this. I do not know the place mentioned, so I can not speak for them.

  • D.B.

    FINALLY!! A business that is NOT afraid to tell the public what kind of business they are attempting to become. I TOTALLY AGREE with -Patricia Molinar-….

    This country lets almost EVERYTHING slide… namely,
    Taste, Class, Standards, Effort, etc. . People who want to find fault and call them racists will always be a part of society. I would call people who take offense to this as “Haters”. I WISH MORE businesses would stand up and enforce a positive dress code. Those who don’t should EXPECT trouble, ie; fights, abusive language

  • Realize the truth

    Black people self-segregate all the time. I’m so tired of this BS. The dress code is requiring any race to dress like self-respecting adults.

  • Shirley

    I believe they are referring to (baggy) as pants to the knees with underwear showing all….that is multicultural. If everyone can put blame on themselves, and they can….all are guilty. Hats, baggy jeans, all of it. It would be a great society if all people dressed with self respect, others would respect them also. You don’t see many young people dress respectfully. This is not racist, it applies to all.

    I look at the list and they are Targeting Gang Bangers, and wanna-be Gang Bangers.

  • Louise

    It seems to me to target all people who want to adapt and practice low standards of dress. it could include any race and I agree with them in their attempt to run a clean and safe place for decent people to congregate.

  • Donna Nash

    Soo ridiculous! In the city near me, there are people of many nationalities who fit this ‘do not enter’ parameter. And, I haven’t seen one black! I say it is racist against the owner (whatever race he/she is) to screw around with their right for a respectful environment. The rights groups should be protecting this owner! Not the low life’s……. Whatever race they are. Trust me, there are enough low life white, Asian, etc…….. I am so very appreciative of the respect comments. You people rock!

  • janb

    The word racist is wayyyyy to over used and should be banned from the English language! Racist is when you hate them all with no differentials (very few people fit this category!), where as prejudice is when you hate the ones who DESERVE it by their behavior and lack of character! Martin Luther King would be very very ashamed that he fought and died for the likes of Al Sharp-tongue and Jesse ‘cheats on his wife and fathers children outside his marriage’ Jackasson! Martin Luther King was correct in preaching that the character of a person’s soul has NOTHING to do with skin pigment!!!!! Which is why Obama should be impreached, his very soul is corrupt and he is bent on harming America any way he can get away with! He is a angry mulotto and that makes him and his cronies dangerous!!!!!!

  • Bravo! This is not racist. People who think everything is racist are just agitators and need to find something constructive to do with their lives!

  • Gerry Nance

    Not at all! It does not say, “No Blacks Allowed.” It says everybody is welcome providing they follow the dress code. Have some pride. Dress up, not down.

  • Tony Antionelli

    Wow… Guess it blocks Italians too… but then I hate to say it I see PLENTY of white people wearing those clothes. It would block Justin Bieber, and many others.

    It seems like they want CLASS and black people (and Italians) would be welcome if they dressed up a bit. Guess I have to tuck the gold in.


  • Tina

    I think the people they are interviewing are being racist! They are saying only black people dress that way which is wrong! I see white people dressed like that all the time!
    I think it is NOT racist! They just want nicely dressed people in their establishment. I think if you’re going out for the night you should be dressed nice anyway. Why would someone go out looking trashy?

  • Bobthebuilder

    What’s ridiculous is them calling this racist. I live in Arizona and a lot of Hispanics dress like this as well as wannabe whites. It’s a protection thing to keep out gangs and troublemakers. Please people give the political correctness a break!

  • Lil Boozy

    If blacks don’t patronize the business, the servers and bartenders may actually make money. Blacks don’t tip, and that’s a fact. They know that people don’t expect them to tip, so they just go along with it, and don’t bother tipping. That is why bars and clubs don’t want blacks at their establishment. This coming from someone who has been in the bar business for 20 years. I have seen the same behavior forever. The reason we have a dress code like that is because it’s illegal to say “no blacks”

  • Steph

    Stereotypes, exactly!! Nothing racist about it

  • Bob Weir

    If people decide not to patronize the place, the establishment will be forced to make a market-driven decision. That is called allowing the free market to decide; not allowing government to intercede on decisions made by management. .

    • Lil Boozy

      NO BAR EVER has gone out of business because blacks stopped going there, actually it’s quite the opposite.

  • Edward Morriale

    I think we have taken the race card as far as it will go. I have seen it used for everything. from excusing theft to murder. When will we as a nation grow up? If it were my bar, I’d have a similar dress code. Who wants lowlifes, or, wannabe lowlifes as patron? Since when did being scum become cool? The only racial barriers I see are the ones the media keeps creating.

  • Ronin

    The only lowlife racists I see are the three making the negative comments in that video.

  • Andrew

    Looks more like they want a more upscale crowd instead of a bunch of young street punks. The clothing described isn’t limited to blacks. A lot of teens to mid 20 year olds wear stupid clothing like that whether they are black, white, brown, yellow or green. Disneyland has a similiar dress code and it isn’t to keep blacks out. It is to keep the gang bangers out. This is meant to make your target audience feel more comfortable being at your establishment but a lib can and will turn anything and everything into a race issue.

  • No, no, no! I owned a bar and was an officer, court official and correctional officer. These are gang related clothing. You start to lose your customers because they get scared, you get a reputation as a gang bar, they usually are gang and claim your bar as territory and fight other gangs who enter, damage your stuff and leave. Plus who wants to look at that crap. It’s not appropriate. Baggy clothes lol. Let’s see, pants off the butt, hanging, boxers and Crack showing, gross and stupid. History behind sagging pants was the way of letting other inmates now you will trade sex for protection, drugs, cigarettes and food. Hey, it attracts same sex from experience and usually starts a fight. If you are going to interfere with the pride of a bar owner, you are then judging him for his beliefs plus you better get ready to fight half the bars united states wide. Go to a bar convention, you will see. I take deep offense to what you are doing and feel like you are racist for trying to prevent my beliefs as a white female from being heard. It is a free country and all you are doing is making it where people can’t be free. There are racists out there and no matter what you do that will not change unless you change. So suck it up and go do something useful like supporting Cancer, abused children, rapists and drug dealers to go to jail, fighting illegals getting what you and I have worked for, just something because I am very disappointed in you. GEEZ!

  • Brittany

    There are plenty of bars and clubs that require guest to dress nicely or they won’t be allowed in at the door. Button up shirts, dress shoes, dresses, heels. Maybe this one worded it badly, but people are too sensitive.

  • Steve Wimer

    It doesn’t discriminate by color. I don’t blame them for not wanting people dressed like clowns in their bar. They probably want people to wear suits or dress clothes to attract big spenders.

  • The bar is not being racist. It is just trying to be a bar that has an upscale clientele. There is nothing wrong with trying to keep out the riff raff. And if someone thinks that only black people wear that type of clothing then that person is racist, not the bar. Saying black people only wear trashy clothes is completely discriminatory. So the person accusing the bar of racism should be sued for being racist. The bar, just like any other business, has the right to deny service to anyone for any reason. They just do not want trashy people in their bar, that is not a crime. Most restaurants and bars have signs that say: no shirt, no shoes, no service. It is the owners choice of what kind of establishment it should be and this bar chose to be upscale. So stop calling racism for stupid shit that is far from actual racism.

  • cassie

    No, its not racist. There are black, white, asian, mexican, italiian, rock stars, sports figures…..most dress like this one time or another.GET OVER IT!!!! Not everything is about race!!!


  • Another Social Justice Warrior on the Warpath. We have a bar in Tallahassee called Johnny Ringo’s that requires Western Boots, Hats and nice jeans with button down Western shirts. I own none of the above, and don’t frequent the establishment (plus I’m REALLY not into Country Western Music). Is that prejudicial to a person like me who likes Jazz, Classical and Heavy Metal? Not really. They have a standard they want to set, and I’m not willing to meet that standard, so I don’t go there. Social Justice Warriors seem to want to turn every establishment into a mediocre one size fits all venue. If people want that, go to football games, basketball games, rock concerts, hell, even soccer games. What about nightclubs that specify coat and tie? They don’t specify what skin color must be under the coat and tie, only that you dress in a classy manner as befitting the image they are trying to project.

  • lori

    I am so glad to see comments here from intelligent people who realize that this dress code is no where near racist. We need more places setting dress codes, codes of conduct, etc. Maybe America would once again be a place to be proud of. I miss the days when people actually got dressed to go out of the house. Now people seem to think it is quite normal to go out in pajamas, dirty, torn up clothes, or dressed like gang bangers or sluts. Doesn’t anyone have any personal pride anymore? But to call any of this racist is ridiculous. All races have idiots and scum bags. They all also have wonderful people who contribute to society. This is simply a matter of asking people to have respect for themselves and others when in this restaurant.

  • This isn’t racist it’s about wanting people dress and act accordingly at their establishment. Clubs n bars and restaurants all over country do same thing get over it people. Should we ” white ” people be up in arms if we go to a prodominunant colored club and they don’t play music we ask for. Just stupid things make arguments over. It’s simple just don’t go. Steak houses make people wear a suit coat is that being social racism because I don’t have a suit !!

  • I think it’s racist to assume that only white people would want to patronize a place with a dress code. Dressing nice and being around others who care about their appearance is not a race issue.

  • Tater

    This to me seems to be more directed at those stupid Lookin white boys that walk around guilty of every one of the listed banned attire.
    The brothers can pull it off while dressing in the above mentioned items but white boys look ridiculous.

    That’s what I think. The code is to save the embarrassment for these silly Caucasian fools.

    • Kris Rahm

      ‘This to me seems to be more directed at those stupid Lookin white boys that walk around guilty of every one of the listed banned attire!’ Namely, but not, unfortunately, Useless Boober! 🙂

    • kindenver

      Oh yeah, the brotha’s look good with their dirty tighty-whity’s hanging out…not. No one wants to see that. The origination of it is embarrassing, prison submission anyone and they’ve been dressing like that since the early 90’s! Time to change. Good Lord!
      They all look stupid and uneducated. Thugs, all of them no matter what color.

  • Vinnie

    Many clubs and bars have this dress code, they are targeting it for their own agenda.

  • Kelly R

    Finally a place were you have to dress decent!

  • Doug

    Nobody complains about clubs that select their patrons at the door to fit a certain clientele. Ones attire can make a huge difference in the decision as to whether or not you can get into club frequented by celebrities. But as soon as a no name local bar tries to attract a specific clientele they get called racist. Plain and simple, we live in the land of the free, that freedom must also extend to the rights of the business owner to run their business in the way they see fit and meets the wishes of his customers. Nothing in the clubs rules refuses to admit blacks, hispanics or anyone else if they meet the dress code. If they want to get in they need do nothing more than dress appropriately. Whites will also be denied access if they don’t meet the code, so where is the racism?

  • Desert Denizen

    My establishment, my rules. If you do not like it, you are free to go somewhere else.

  • Kris Rahm

    I agree, they are targeting Gang Bangers, and wanna-be Gang Bangers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! 🙂 Also, as noted, if they don’t like the dress code they are welcome to drink elsewhere!

    • Charles

      Patricia, what a perjorative staement. Talk about sterotyping people. My grandfather was a millionaire a cpuple of times over when he passed away in the late 60s.. He earned every penny ot it and never cheated anyone or committed crimes against them. In fact, that’s how he prospered back in an era when being a helf breed Cherokee was the same as having ‘colored’ blood. He always told me ‘do the job right or get out of the way for someone who will’. I find your accusations of ‘rich’ people to be particularly insulting of his memory and others like him. There are many more self made millionaires than born. You sound like a born victim feeling envious and covetous.

  • It looks to me as if we have a lot of replies about “High Class” and “low life” which appears to be the new norm. in judging people. Rich verses poor. Most of the rich either inherited their first million or were involved in illegal, immoral, or scandalous activities to get started. Once you acquire enough money you can do illegal things and make millions and pay lawyers to get it all forgiven by paying a few thousand in fines. What a good deal. Or you can buy the government and a few justices of the supreme court and have laws made and the constitution changed to suit you and your rich buddies. Then they can get the congress to pay them subsides and cut their taxes and blame the state of our financial situation in America on the “low lives”. It has been proven over and over in the USA history that corporations can afford to pay a living wage to it’s work force, with safe and decent working conditions and still make their big profits. Also for those who can’t work or can’t find work America has given help to them but they in no way make them rich. It benefits the rich corporate greedy bunch to keep harping on how lazy the poor are which is a lie which will help them lower the wages and raise the price of living. This whole thing about rich/poor, white/ other.. And the so called religious right is so non Christian it is pathetic, Love You neighbor as you love yourself, feed the hungry, help those in need etc.If we are indeed Christians, we are followers of Christ, so ya need to start asking yourself what would Christ do. Congress what laws would Christ agree with? What would Christ want our taxes to pay for, war or peace, helping the poor, disabled, the elderly, or giving more to the rich. And would He approve of the oil companies and the corporate giants continued pollution and destruction of the beautiful world He made for us? Mean what you say, and say what you mean.

    • Jim

      And what did your rant have to do about a dress code at a bar in Minneapolis ? Or did you just want a free forum to throw spaghetti against a wall and hope some sticks ? Laughable…

  • rt

    And NO pants allowing butt cracks to show.
    This is NOT racist. This is only common decency to dress appropriately in public.
    Too bad that these minorities will not dress appropriately and blend in with the 98% of the population! If they don’t like it, LEAVE!

  • Jay Walker

    this bar has the right to determine what kind of clientele comes into this bar no matter what color the gang banging scums are. this is definitely not a black thing a white thing or a Hispanic thing this is a straight up they don’t want game related activity in their bar and they have that right being American. one question though, do you think they would allow leather wearing white motorcycle gang members in? if you said yes then you need to look at you bring the racist.

  • Bill

    …looks like Justin Bieber won’t be getting in….

  • I am a bar/restaurant owner and if need be, I would entertain a sign like that. I have families with children that come in everyday and they don’t need to see somebody’s under ware, ripped clothes, and hats all sideways looking stupid. This sign is not racist in any term, sure they are targeting some “sort” of groups but it’s their rights as a owner to make sure their customers are happy and will return.

  • Ronald Word

    A individual does not have a right to go into in business. Even the government requires that people must meet certain requirements to enter some businesses. The owner has the right to the requirements for entering their business. The individual has a right to do business with that person or not, If a business wants to stay in business then they will make the decisions that make the most money.

  • Barbara

    I have to agree..this is not racist it is merely stating they want people properly clothed and will probably properly behaved. Just like some places require a tie and jacket They don’t care what color you are. they just don’t want low class people

  • jay

    I see many bars with the same type of dress code. It’s meant to stop or alleviate any kind of gang activity

  • Kay

    Has nothing to do with Blacks, it’s just a dress code. Some blacks dress pretty nice, just like every race, some dress neat, some are slobs.

  • Seems to me they are trying to keep this a nice place for all people to have an enjoyable visit.

  • Joel Riggs

    I’ve been to the Bar Louie in Fort Worth, TX. and its a very nice and respectable place to go and everyone there was dressed up not like the heathen that the Minnesota location is keeping it out so i completely agree with the dress code it keeps the place more upscale, and not trashy like the people they are keeping out.

  • Tarantula

    I was driving through Erie Pennsylvania a few years ago and temporarily got lost and ended up in a black neighborhood. There was a local corner bar and I was struck that it had almost the exact same sign on the door. “This is a quiet bar: No baggy pants, etc…”. I went in for a beer, the only white guy in there. I told the guy I was impressed by the sign. We parted as buds…

  • Liz

    Maybe Bar Louie’s is just trying to make THEIR place a dressier place and have a nice evening out the way life used to be a long time ago. These days you can’t sneeze without someone calling out “that’s a racist sneeze”.

  • Dutchuncle

    I would go to eat there, it would be SAFER then other places that allowed this crap. White, Black, Hispanic, regardless, the people that wear this crap are TROUBLE, bar none. It seems to go along with the dress type. It is a private company and they are concerned about the safety of the customers. Nice place to take he family,,, you don’t see shootouts in a place that carters to Western Wear do you,,, haven’t heard ONE in a Bill Miller’s Bar-B-Que or Poorboys but I have heard of LOTS in places that Cater to the afore named Rags these people claim as clothes. I worry about the safety of my Family,,, screw their Dress types,,, there are a lot of other places to eat,,, go there,,, leave the NORMAL and Working people alone. We have an old saying here “Never trust a person with a Flat Brim Ball Cap” they always seem to have a Negative/Bad Attitude. No matter WHAT race they are,,,

  • Roy

    WHAT! Are people stupid. Wait – don’t anwser that – it’s self evident. So they want their customers to be well dressed. There are places that require Jacket and Tie – is that racist too? I have both African-American and Hispanci friends. Hell, even Hispanic family….. they don’t wear half the stuff listed. Flat Brim Hat – that’s a baseball cap – some Bars and Clubs in NYC don’t permit it. No sleeveless under shirts – well that’s an acceptable request. You want to show of muscles ot tattoo’s wear it somewhere else. To say that this dress code is “Racist” is to also say that “YOU” believe only a specific nationality wears these items.

    A “baseball cap” with a “Sleeveless shirt” and “Baggy Pants” with your butt sticking out along with a wallet with a “2 foot chain” – that decribes half the white people I see walking around where I live. How the heck did they associate that with African -Americans or Hispanics?

    I think people just love to hear themselves complain. If you are that ignorant – I wouldn’t want you as a customer anyway. What has happened to this country. We can’t even say “Merry Christmas” as it might offend someone. Slowly they are taking the “Pledge of Allegiance” out of schools as that too offends people. They want to remove “In God We Trust” from our currency. All of this going on – and people are worried because someone cannot wear a baseball cap in a bar.

    When did this stop being – America?

  • Jesse

    I think this is a genius idea. You say it’s racism but in fact it’s no different than an establishment saying you have what formal attire. If every business were to do this it would definitely clean up the appearance of this “it is acceptable to look like a thug” nation. Before you start playing the race card ask yourself this, do you really think MLK fought so hard for equal rights just so you can dress and act like a slob? At least he presented himself in a proper way and wanted the best for everyone not just his people.

  • shotgunsusie

    I think they have a right to a dress code. This media PERSONALITY is just that.

    Right on to the owners for being their own bosses!

  • jennifer

    I don’t feel it’s targeting race rather the conduct of the people who normally dress in this manner. I’ve seen all races dress this way. I agree with their dress code and wish more businesses would follow suit. I personally don’t care to frequent an establishment where someone’s rear end and/or undergarments are visible. It’s about propriety and decorum. Not race.

    • Me

      Well said!

  • Ted

    The Liberals of ALL races, especially Whites show their ignorance. A business can’t have their dress code has now become insanity. Good luck America, the Illegal Immigrants will teach you what to wear. SAD!

  • David

    I think the people that think only and all black people dress that way is racist. Stop sterotyping people.

    • Michele Schaffner

      totally agree! the racist are the ones who think all blacks dress like low lives!

  • Danny

    More power to them!

  • Michele Schaffner

    looks to me like the racist are the ones who think that all black people dress like low lives! sorry people but many establishments have dress codes because they deal with higher class people (higher class people no matter what color they are) They don’t want the riff faff in (no matter what color). So the racist are the ones who put blacks in the category of all dressing like low lives.

    • Rhgates

      The sad part is we have to emphasize “no matter what color”. We have become a society that is terrified of being labeled a racist, and a few slimeballs play that to their advantage to advance their agenda. They would be irrelevant if there was nothing to “cry racist” about.

  • Sarah

    I would definately go to that bar ! It isn’t racist at all. I lived in a state that everyone who pretends or thinks their “thugs” wear those horrible clothes everywhere. The color of skin makes absolutely no difference where I am from. Get over this racial stuff. Not everything is about race! If a bar, club, restaurant etc want decent patrons dressed appropriately then I agree with them. They have that right

  • Rhgates

    The dress code does not refer to any race or skin color and therefore by definition cannot be racist. If people want to associate those clothing styles with a particular race then they are the racists who are backhandedly pushing stereotypes.

    This is a free country and a business owner has the right to enforce a dress code. No flip flops, no baggy clothes, no baseball caps, etc. are a few of the dress codes I’ve seen at restaurants.

  • Stop the PC insanity

    So this dingbat and her supporters aren’t going to patronize that bar anymore? ummmm GOOD! Mission accomplished!

  • this is not racist the bar has a right to ask for a certain clientele no trash no trouble makers if you think its racist maybe thats on you

  • Not racist as far as I can see the issue would be different only if they allowed a white person wearing the types of garments listed in!

  • Charles Ruggiero

    I got one thing for this michelle Horowitz. Stfu and stop with the racist card. Its people like thats whats wrong with this country. That sign applies to all races who wanna dress like trash. If you wanna respond heres my email. melissashubby0311@gmail.com

  • Jim Waters

    I see other than just African Americans dress this way from time to time. In my opinion some could say a person is racist to claim only African Americans dress this way.

    • Jeff

      What, exactly, is an African-American?

  • Debra

    I have to say, I do not think this is targeted to African Americans, I have seen plenty of white and Hispanic people with the baggy clothes, the large chains, the overly large shirts, etc… Personally, I think if someone states that particular clothing is limited to blacks, then they are the racist. I agree that it sounds like they are trying to keep the gangs and the people looking for trouble out.

    • Jeff

      What, exactly, is an African-American?

      • Ric

        Is that someone who lives in both Africa and America?

  • Rosanne

    Nothing wrong with a dress code…Men should take their hats off at the door (anytime in a building it should be off). No one wants to see someone’s underwear. All pants should be up on the waist, this includes women! I don’t think belly buttons are sexy, nor when your boobs are hanging out of your tops! And I don’t see the point off chains except to hurt someone or themselves..in years to come and your back will hurts, and you’ll wish you never wore the chains! T-shirts are meant to be worn under your shirt, it is an under garment, much like bra’s are to be worn under women’s tops! And this should include pajamas that should be worn in the home when going to bed! Sports garments, sweat pants and the like are not clothing to go out in! If you need to wear them, then go to the track and do some exercise! I don’t think this is racist, I think this is common sense! Look nice, feel good about yourself. Don’t look like a slob or hoodlum!

  • P

    Is it ratings season?

    Nothing in the sign suggests color. This private establishment can see if you are well dressed you tend to cause a lot less problems. Not any different from bars that do not let people younger than 35 in after certain hours or malls that require teens to be with a parent on Friday and Saturday nights.

  • Holly Packy

    What’s racist? Other than assuming they are targeting a specific race by asking patrons to dress appropriately.

  • Max95

    Only a racist thinks this is racist.

    • Jeff

      It has NOTHING to do with SPEED…

  • Me

    This is dumb. Sure, certain races can be linked to favoring towards these certain ‘styles’ (not all) but it’s not about that. Unless the people make it that way. You go to a classy nice place, which I’m guessing is the goal of this place, you can’t come in with street clothes. You gotta dress up peoples! So go get a collard shirt, maybe even a tie and jacket boys. If looking classy and nice isn’t your style, then don’t try to go to places like this. Simple. I grew up in bars, my mom dJs as well as I, owners set a standard to help filter out the trouble makers too. If your mama raised you right, you go to someone’s house that is just impeccably nice, you’d act careful not to break something, offer to take your shoes off and be extra polite. Same thing at public places. If the ambiance is set from the start, people are less inclined to get stupid drunk and people are more friendly to each other and have a great time. It’s the guests that make it a racial issue, not the business. (And before the ignorant people start to judge me, I’m white/native, speak Spanish, with a mixed blk son.) Not racist here. Just aware.

  • Todd

    Wow. You mean I have to put clothes on AND look decent to go in? Damn! How dare they!


    I just got back from New Orleans. It was ESSENCE Festival time. Black Americans sure do dress up well. WOW some really stylish clothing. This Bar in allowed to have a dress code and it is not racist. I wish there was a dress code for the Theatre and weekends at 4 and 5 star restaurants, too It gives the whole event a feeling of class.

  • Liv

    I don’t think it’s racist at all. As a matter of fact, I think it is racist that someone would say it’s racist! lol. I know that sounds strange but hear me out. Saying that the dress-type described is typical of a particular race is stereotyping at it’s finest. And stereotyping is a form of racism. How funny that the accusations of racism comes from someone who runs an association called Appetite for Change. Maybe they aren’t as hungry as they claim to be.

  • Robert

    This isn’t racist at all. They are just making the playing field fair so all can enjoy themselves. If a person wants to dress like what this establishment is against, I’m sure there are plenty of bars and taverns that will except them.

  • It’s not racist I am a security officer at a bar in Albuquerque ,NM and we implement same dress code on weekends except were a tad bit more strict no hats at all no baggy clothes no tank tops pants must stay at waist level if your sagging your kicked out sneakers must be covered by pants no neck tattoos no fight gear such as affliction no jersys pretty much if you want to come in dress like a adult !!!

  • dwr3333333333

    If it were my bar I would do the same and its no ones business why! Follow the rules or follow the sidewalk!

  • Mimi

    Noy racist at all, just weeding out the rif-rafs

  • Jim

    Oh please….Sounds to me more like they’re trying to rid the place of gangbangers and the sort. Is THAT racist, or just plain smart business trying to protect the patrons of the establishment? I’d be more inclined to go there and feel a LITTLE safer knowing if I bump into someone by accident, my chances of getting shot or stabbed are 10% as opposed to 30-40% with the scum that like wearing that kind of outfit. And just black ? No way…I see FAR more whites wearing Flat Bill Hats than anything else. I wouldn’t want them in either. It’s not a race thing to me, it’s a style of life.
    You could get up in arms over gays being banned. I would come to their defense immediately, because gays don’t normally convey an aura of “Look how bad ass I am, and if you don’t think so, let’s fight”. I would LOVE to see the bar filled with everyone that that dress code is trying to prohibit, and invite Ms. Horovitz in and see how long she lasts. Some people just don’t have enough to do. The only one that made any sense was the African-American guy who said, basically, just don’t go there if you don’t like it and hurt them in the wallet. Bravo to him…only.

  • Steve

    This is good policy to get people to dress appropriately in their club, but will not stop “rough housing in the bar. ” Just because people dress different doesn’t mean they will act differently. And who ever thinks this is racist does not remember the real slim shady… He was white and wore this attire. Plus, it is worn by other races. Just google “Flat billed hats.” This is just another weak argument to for specific black people to think they are being oppressed.

  • Lois

    I see this as trying to establish themselves as an upscale, more classy place to be for an evening out. I don’t think of it as racial as much as behavioural. Maybe because I am Canadian and the attitude is a bit different up here, but I see far more white individuals dressed like that than those of African heritage in this area. In days past it used to be that places required jacket and tie to be admitted for an evening – at least they are staying a bit less formal, but they want people to be somewhat dressed up. I would assume these codes are applicable to women as well as men…. I would be inclined to add no halter tops and no baseball caps to the list as well.

  • common sense

    The dress code is whats racist?? Really? How about the stereotype that black people have got to wear this crap, to me that is what is racist. You’re telling me I should wear that stuff because I’m black?? No I don’t wear it because I’m not a loser.

    • Marilyn

      Good for you! I agree!

    • Jeff

      YOU are AWESOME !!

    • iamamerican

      thats your liberal media saying look,all my friends are black,and we stand for black people because this is what most black people wear. like i said before,there are white guys that dress that way too,and i think the white guys that dress that way are probably more trouble.

  • Robert

    Wear a suit and tie and the problem is eliminated.

  • Uncle Tom

    quit playing the race card darkie!

  • Hagman1

    I have an old friend who runs one of the few remaining “juke houses” in the Mississippi Delta. Everyone is welcome in his business. He does enforce a dress code. If you stop to view the signs on the front of the building you will see that he does not tolerate the same kind of dress mentioned in this article. His establishment has been in constant operation for 50 + years. By the way he is black and his business is located in an old tenant shack that he has been in the whole time. He is listed on the National Blues Trail Register.

  • Marilyn

    I don’t think it is racist. I think this establishment wants a classier clientele. Lots of people like to dress up a bit and go for a drink. I think the bar is looking for those folks.

  • Shaun

    I don’t find the dress code to be racist. It’s a DRESS code. If a black man dresses to code, they don’t make up a reason to keep him out, he goes in.

    What IS racist, is this Michelle Horovitz, who seems to think that all black folks dress against this dress code. You see it as racist because you apply the look that this code restricts from entry to black people, and that IS RACIST, seeing racism where there is no racism, IS RACIST.

    It’s not like it says no lotion,or something that is actually medically related to the race of the person being banned from the premises. It doesn’t outlaw speaking spanish.

    I myself know of … maybe two black folks I’ve ever met that would be banned by this dress code. By FAR the majority of… truthfully every minority in my area would be completely unaffected by this dress code, meaning it’s not racist against one racial group, it’s a stand against the kind of person that is correlated with this kind of dress.

  • Corey

    I am still looking for how the dress code is racist. you dress how you want, not because your race. I would not be allowed in the bar and I am white.

  • Racist? Only blacks dress this way? ALL blacks dress this way. STOP screaming racist about everything. It’s about attitude and safety!

  • Any business has the right to refuse Anyone for not being dressed properly and if they have to list the reasons…how can this be racist??? Go figure the person who started this racist thing Is the Racist!!!

  • Right on Shaun.

  • H. Johnson

    It’s not racist at all. It looks to me to be anti-dumb-ass. Flat billed hats, sleeveless shirts, baggy pants, large chains…all pretty much attire for your average dumb-ass. Dumb-asses come in many colors and they’re easy to spot, just look for the flat billed hat, sleeveless shirt, etc.

  • Mike

    Have zero problems with the dress code. All races have people that dress like what is banned. It is the business prerogative and right to set a dress code. It is a privilege for the consumer to use that business but the consumer’s right whether to do so. I am not offended by the dress code and wish more places had standards such as these.

  • Beverly Helms

    sounds like every other place in these United States. Get a life and quit trying to make every thing about race”””””””””””””””””””””””””””””””

  • Heather

    I remember the days when you where required to have a coat on to enter a restaurant and if you didn’t show up with one the restaurant would provide one for you. And yes i am not that old (41 yrs).

  • scott

    The dress code isn’t racist, it’s racist if the bar enforces it unfairly.

  • Ray

    Again, the Alinsky idiot communists just have to be screwing with a policy that is set to protect the respectable patrons from the slimeball bangers and wanna – be ‘ s that would ruin the business faster than the mafia.
    America has no room for the Leftists interfering with everyone’s personal lives, and the removal of them will be very soon.

    Businesses generally used to have the right to protect themselves and customers as THEY saw fit, but since the ’60s, Berkeley, the socialist/communist pigs have steadily grown, killing our Nation and our GOD given Right to be free.

  • j

    Don’t dress like a thug and you won’t be treated like one. BTW, the Bar Louies in the DFW areas are packed with black people on the weekends, with DJs playing rap, hip hop and other ghetto fabulous music. Pull your head out of your ass and stop playing the race card every time you get butt hurt.

  • Marty

    Although I can see how this would be interpreted by some, it appears to me to be mostly about keeping gang-bangers and wannabes out. No problem with that! But it depends on the REAL intent of the owners.

  • Sweet blog! I found it while browsing on Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Cheers

    • Jeff


  • mrsc2117

    This person obviously has no idea what she is talying about. How are you going to accuse this establishment of being racist when many bars and clubs enforce the same dress code! It’s called trying to be classy and not trashy!

  • Tiggis

    I agree with that dress code . You can dress casual. Why would you want to be seen in public looking all trailer trash or thugish?

  • Alyssa

    Bar Louie is a chain, and the dress code is not just at that location. My local one is in Murfreesboro, TN. I know of a girl that was asked to leave one night due to having on shorts that were too short. And she was white. Kudos to the chain with class!

  • Nadiam57

    There are bars and restaurants with dress codes and although it is not “detailed” and listed out like that…that is exactly what it means!

  • Ulysses Steuck

    People who dress like that are typically gangsters, no matter the color of their skin. They scare decent people. I can guarantee that Michelle Horowitz would take steps to avoid crossing paths with a corner populated by a group of guys with pants sagging below their underwear line, wearing lots of gold chains and baggy t-shirts, no matter whether they were black, white, yellow, or any other ethnicity. Many establishments have dress codes, and you either abide by them or you can’t enter. A black person not dressed like a gangster would not be barred from this place. Leave it to the tree-hugging ultra liberal/progressives to put a racist spin on this.

    Question for Michelle: Would let anyone dressed like the people described in the dress code into your house? I don’t think so!!

    • Bill Gargan

      Right on, especially about her home and her double standards..

  • george macaulay

    No I do not think this policy to be racist. The race card is being overly played these days and it needs to stop!

    • Ric

      Amen, not a moment too soon.

  • Matt

    This article pretty much says if you wear flat bill hats you’re a lowlife. I’ve known plenty of classy people who wear flat bill hats. I’m pretty sure a hat doesn’t classify people as lowlives.

  • MJ

    The only person i know that fits all the criteria is Justin Bieber. I say kudos!

  • Bill Gargan

    I’m in Northern California….This is fine, not stating anything about any race, religion or creed.

  • Casey

    The only thing that dress code is “racist” against is people of any skin color who will buy a new pair of Jordan’s without a second thought, but wouldn’t dare to buy a decent button down shirt and pants that actually fit.

    Whatever race that is, that cannot culturally dress themselves in a respectable manner, I guess you could say that’s racist.

  • Perspective

    I think that if this is a privately owned business (it probably is) and in the great State of MN if it is the law to “refuse service” to people based on a particular criteria and they apply that criteria consistently, then the “racism” accusation is a point of view but not a relevant “charge”. Some can make an argument based on ethnic style that this dress code is racist, but its very selective to do so. Many “black tie” establishments would far exceed this example as being racist because they ONLY let people dressed to the 9s in. Also there is a concept in our US law that has to do with allowing the region to define what is offensive and what is appropriate. Such a legal standard is what determines which communities are “dry” and which will sell alcohol. How far away you can build certain questionable establishments to a school or a church, etc. Ultimately if this community finds this type of dress to their disliking at that particular private business, then that is how the law and communities work all over the US.

  • LeAnn

    No racist at all…. I agree that ANY color person can wear ANY of those. and the the owner has the right to keep a level of… safety and standards that the OWNER wants. There is WAY too much “turning into a racial issue”. I believe it is a control issue on the part of those stating this is a racial issue. its no different that “white trash” (I am white), not wanting to wear shirts and not being allowed in a store that has a sign “no shirts, no shoes, no service”. Its the OWNERS right. Lets not start taking business owners rights away because one race wants total control and throws the “race card” whenever they see ANYTHING that they can turn around. Why don’t you put the focus and attention where there really is racial bias…. African American College Fund, Blacks in Government, Black Cultural Center, Black graduate students organization…. and a hundred more… How about we make a White graduate students organization…. or a White American College fund… and see? Leave business owners alone. You don’t like what they require, there are a thousand more places to frequent.

    • Jeff


  • mark

    this is retarded. i’ve seen plenty of bars/clubs especially in tacoma-seattle areas that have stricter dress codes than that. ever been somewhere that has a dress code of no t-shirts, button ups or collard shirts only, no athletic apparrel large chains of jewelry hanging, no tennis shoes and no hats, and all clothing had to be well fitted not excessively baggy. so your telling me all those places with that dress code are racially profiling? funny.. i saw every race under the sun in those clubs, they got along just fine.. and a shocker.. nobody got shot for stepping on someones jordans either.

  • Why is it that everything white people do is racist. How many white people do you see in a black bar. The only ones that go to white bars are decent black, white, or hispanic. That’s because black bars can be dangerous. Look at one of them the wrong way and it can be dangerous for anyone who is not into that scene.

  • I don’t see how this can be called racist, I see many races of people dressing like this. I believe they want a good clean group of people using the establishment. Anybody can wear appropriate clothes for this place. Just go out and get the clothing!

  • taylor

    The only color I saw on that sign was referring to a Tshirt. I say get over your whiny ass self and abide by the rules of the establishment. It didn’t say you had to go in there.

  • Sandee Hietala

    I do not see this dress code to even hint at racism. What I do see is an establishment that actually cares about the clientele that they are drawing in.

  • Chelsey

    Nothing racist about this dress code. It targets common “low class” looks from every race, not just blacks. If Club Louie wants to be known as a higher class club, they HAVE to enforce a dress code. Sad, but true, if you don’t tell people what they can and cannot wear, plenty of people will show up in their PJ’s for pete’s sake! There is a local honkey tonk in my town that doesn’t allow backwards caps and requires that any shirts without squared bottoms to be tucked in. Again, still not unreasonable. Privately owned businesses have the right to portray any image they like, and they do so by limiting what their patrons can wear.

  • Eileen

    Stop the whining. Dress code at this place is not racist. Are we not allowed nice establishments to frequent where we feel safe from thugs?

  • nick

    A dress code is by no means racist. If a bar wants to enforce a dress code that is their decision. And if you dont want to abide by it then its your decision not to go to that bar. But to say that this dress code is like saying ‘no blacks’ is ridiculous. Come on people, some times I swear people go out of their way looking for racism ..

  • Bob Roberts

    I owned a bar that was located in one of the most entitled white trash and white religious zealots with the largest community of active and retired police workers in the USA. I refused to let any male in with a tank top. People wanted to fight me every minute I was open.

    • Kelly


  • Josh S

    Who cares if the bar doesn’t want a bunch of dirty niggers in it. They are filth anyway. Grab your Obama phone and kick rocks boy.

  • Fucking crybaby niggers !!! Don’t like it don’t go !!!!!!!!

  • john herren

    Sadly, it’s in the eye of the beholder. As the trend for races to intermarry continues it will be more difficult to be racist. People will find other reasons to hate each other. Perhaps a religion of Love will catch on.

  • Kelly

    FINALLY……A bar owner that wants decently dressed patrons in his establishment……I’d definately frequent that place

  • Kristen Cannon

    I do not belive the dress code has a racist tone of any sort. I’ve attended many clubs and bars across the United States and in other countries. This dress code is common in many establishments. I too enjoy wearing casual clothing and relaxing in athletic wear. However, there is a proper time and place for different types of clothing. If you are offended by the Bar Louie dress code, perhaps you should google proper dress etiquette for different occasions….regardless of what your race is.


  • james

    this has nothing to do with race, all races dress these ways and some establishments just want a higher class of all races comeing into there place. this is just someone trying to cause trouble where none is needed. let the owner or manager have the clintel they want and if that’s not you then don’t go there!

  • Big Lips In Yo Face

    What’s dis be all about? What be wrong wif yo ass?

  • I dont think its racist unless wanting a certain type of clientele is now racist too. Its their restaurant, they should be able to make the dress code anything they want. If people who normally wear the banned clothing want to eat there then they can get dressed up and wear the appropriate clothes. Today on TV, I saw an ad for “blackpeoplemeet.com” dating service. Now THAT is racist. Can you imagine what would happen if there was a ” whitepeopemeet.com”? It would be closed down with one ad, if it even got that far! Wake up America!! Double standards prevail!

  • Terri

    I see it as not wanting gang bangers or guys with their baggy pants down below their asses. Why do people always got to make it a racial issue. I wouldn’t want to loose customers because of gang bangers coming in either.

  • KD

    Rediculous… this dress code pertains to alot of the gangsters or under dressed of all races. I see nothing that is attacking black people specifically

  • Bob

    Lets see, any business can have a sign ” We have the Right to Refuse Service to Anyone.” That is not racist. Specifying ” No shirt, No Shoes, No Service” is not racist. Very detailed description of what is not allowed is not racist. Too many people want to play the racist card in the US today. You were allowed to enter this country to pursue your dream and follow the American Way. If you don’t like the American way, you are allowed to leave, also. Sometimes you will even find lots of help to leave, just ask.

  • Some Guy on the Internet

    “This is not okay, and we’re not going to patronize you if you don’t change your policy.”

    Good. They don’t want customers who are too stupid to dress properly.

  • Ridic Ulous

    Unfortunately and ignorantly, those that are stating the dress code is “racist” are perpetuating a stereo-type that “black folks” dress this way.

    It’s not about conduct or race either. It is, in all its simplicity, about the dress code. I know people want to read more into it than that, but take it for what it is. It’s a dress code that is setting the expectation of dress. Nothing more. Even at some fine dining restaurants you are not permitted without a sports coat or dress on. Some golf course clubhouse restaurants dress codes do not allow flip flops, spaghetti tops, mid drifts, JEANS or T-shirts. It’s not being racist or prejudice. It’s the requirement to dine/drink at said establishment.

  • Proud of you

    Good for you, I am happy to see they are saying they want their business to be open to all people but please dont walk in looking like crap. No matter your color just dress decent. How is that raciest to say they have a dress code. Stop with the race card it is getting old.

  • Philip

    There seems to be a push in this country to make everything about race. This “dress code,” is nothing more than establishing what is an acceptable level of attire, if you want to frequent that particular establishment.

    I have been to establishments that require guests to wear collared shirts, ties and sports coats or jackets. Does that single out a particular socio-economic class? No more than the prices on their menus. I have also had ties cut off at restaraunts, just because it was against their “dress code.” They made their dress code well published and I wore a cheap tie and they hung it on their wall.

    The bottom line is that businesses have “the right to refuse service to anyone.” This dress code is a way for individuals to “save face” and the establishment to limit exposure to potentially hostile encounters when they exercise their right to refuse service to people who don’t meet the dress code of the establishment.

    People just need to accept it for what it is and exercise their choice to either conform with business’ requested attire or go elsewhere.

  • Ridic Ulous

    It’s astonishing to me how many of you are calling those that violate this establishment’s dress code “trashy”, “gangsters”, “low-lifes”, etc… It’s comical, hypocritical and so terribly sad how the cycle of prejudice and profiling just keeps rolling along. Truly ignorance is bliss.

    Clue: A flat bill, sports clothing/jersey, white t-shirt, lots of jewelry, undershirt or baggy clothes don’t make you a trashy, a gangster or a lowlife… being trashy, a gangster or a lowlife make you that way.

  • Sean

    Did that lady just say Minnesota was the nicest and cleanest place? Minnesota is cold and depressing. Also, she is the one pressing the stereotype saying they might as well say no black people. That is assuming that every single black person dresses in that manner. So sad.

  • Lynn

    Who cares?? I believe a bar or restaurant should cater to the type of clientele they want in their business. Don’t like it, don’t go there.

  • Michelle T

    Hooray for keeping out lowlifes! Dress like that to go to mcdonalds or any fast food not an upscale restaurant!

  • Jeff

    Naturally, a business establishment has the right to refuse service to anyone it chooses. This is America, Americans have many rights and so so businesses.
    Now, if a business decides that they do not wish to have Hispanic gang members or persons who resemble such, they may refuse them. Same principle applies to White, Black, Asian, Russian, Eskimos or even Midget troublemakers.
    Bottom line, NO, the sign is NOT racist. It is not directed at a specific race, nor a specific ethnicity, gender, age group or sex. So, all you card holders cam JAM IT!!

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’ll be the first to reply…
    I’ve seen plenty of “non-black” people fit into this attire description, hell, I even had a friend (white dude) who dressed like this!
    This is not “weeding out” black people….. unless of course you are making the assumption that all black people dress like this.
    I know many fine young (and older) black men & women that have respect enough for themselves & the people they associate with that not only dress like a human being (meaning not like a thug) and even thoughs who make a suit look FINE!
    I think the person who made this assumption that the bar is trying to weed out blacks is racist herself; you have to have some degree of prejudice in your blood to make a comment like that!
    The comment about “white trash” etc is valid… the “wifebeaters” aren’t just a black person thing, but across all ethnicities!
    People, please, can’t we all just get along?
    How can you put down a bar owner for wanting to keep the riff-raff out?
    All they want is a nice place for people to come & socialize without the worry of “trouble” in their place!

  • Bill Tidler

    As long as the dress code applies to everyone, I see nothing racist about it. Dress codes are nothing new.

  • They just want to keep Justin Bieber out of there.

  • Greg

    ANY place has the right to not serve anyone they don’t want to…and I agree they seem to be targeting Thugs and Gang bangers…..way to go !!!

  • Chris

    It’s not racist. People of any color can choose to wear whatever they want. If they don’t allow it there, they don’t allow it there. Why play the race card unnecessarily?

    • Dee Kellum

      THANK YOU!!

  • jon

    Looks to me like they wanted to keep out Justin Bieber! Sounds reasonable!

    • Ric

      that’s what I thought…

  • We would not hear a peep out of this Jewess if it were the other way around. And if this were a jewish establishment, she would be defending it! White people pay attention!!!!

  • Nancy Mascarella

    The published dress code seems reasonable to keep possible riff-raff out of this establishment. It is the prerogative of the management of a business to set standards for that business. This is no different from a upscale steak house having a business formal dress code that requires a suit and tie for men and a dress or suit for women. Would people prefer the establishment have a “dressy casual” dress code and leave the determination for questionable clothing items to whoever is at the door?

  • Terri

    It’s people like “Michelle Horovitz” that stick their nose in places they shouldn’t and come up with these idiotic statements “Might as well just say, ‘No black folks allowed,’” Someone please tell me how she came up with this unintelligent sentence!! A dress code is a dress code plain and simple! Nowhere on that sign do I see ‘No black folks allowed, Rather you are black, brown, red, yellow or white what is wrong with going out for an evening and dressing up in nice clothes?

    The world is the way it is today because of people like Michelle Horovitz stirring the pot and starting a feeding frenzy over nothing!!

  • Chip

    With the dress codes standing the way they are, I wouldn’t be allowed in. I wear long t-shirts. But, I don’t frequent bars, so…

  • Michael

    “prudent to keep out “lowlifes”

  • kiwi

    wow…yeah bc it’s CLEARY written *no blacks allowed… Guilty minded much? I know white guys who wouldn’t be allowed in too. Stop being a cry baby, and suck it up pal! I’d love to go somewhere w/out staring at your boxers

  • The racist party here is the person who claims that these are items only seen on blacks- she’s stereotyping and generalizing that this is how all blacks dress. Sad to think that asking your clientele to dress appropriately for dinner out elicits claims of racism. Just shameful.

  • eric

    I don’t care, Freedom is the issue, not race, if the owner wanted to put up a sign that said no blacks, no whites, or no women allowed, that is his right as the owner of the establishment, just like it would be the right of the people to NOT GO THERE.

  • Aly

    Why is everything racist these days?

    So would these people who are complaining about this get angry if people said all black people wear baggy clothing, chains, and wifebeaters? Or would they howl and say that’s an awful stereotype and not true? They can’t have it both ways. Either they’re stereotyping themselves or they need to realize anyone can dress like an idiot, white, black, or purple.

    And it is absolutely the right of a private establishment to have its own dress code. There are plenty of fine dining places that won’t let a man set foot in them without a suit and tie. You don’t like this bar’s dress code? Go somewhere else. If there business takes a serious downturn, that would be a stronger signal to a business than any amount of bitching about nonexistent racism.

    And coming from Chicago, maybe it’s just me, but some of the types of clothing they banned can often be gang related – hats, jerseys, chains, etc. I wonder how much violence happened at or outside this bar before the bar decided to release this dress code?

  • Ryan

    If I were a black person I’d be offended by Miss Horovitz. The items banned by this dress code are the uniform of a wide rainbow of dirt bags and low class individuals. Where does she get off ascribing all of this attire to the black population? I think of the black people I know from my church and career, none of them would be caught dead wearing this garbage because they have far to much self-respect. This isn’t a matter of race, it’s a matter of taste or lack there of.

  • ray

    It’s racist to think that all the things listed are pointing towards African Americans. Grow up America!

  • Peter Rieck

    As a retired New York State Trooper, I see nothing “Racist” in this dress code, what I see is trying to keep gang-bangers, and wanna-be gang bangers out. It is gangsters, and gang bangers who dress the way that they are trying to prohibit! I have seen Whites, Hispanics, as well as Blacks dress that way!

  • sue

    Who is being targeted at beachside establishments?…no shoes, no shirt, no service…At the bank?…remove hats and sunglasses…At the restaurant that requires a shirt and tie? Bar Louie is not saying “you can’t come in” just that you need to adhere to the dress code. Black, White or Hispanic…this applies to all.

  • Stephen

    It is only racist to the willfully ignorant.

  • A “Horovitz” stirring the pot and complaining that Minnesota is “too white” (and that’s what she means by “nicest, cleanest, and healthiest”). Who would have ever expected that?

    If “flat bill hats,” “large chains,” “long plain white T-shirts” and “excessively baggy clothing” means Black people, then by the authors own logic “nice”, “clean”, and “healthy” means any and all things that are “too White”.

    Once more, a “Horovitz” telling us what we can or cannot do in our own homes or with our own businesses. If she thinks people who wear “flat bill hats,” “large chains,” “long plain white T-shirts” and “excessively baggy clothing” make for good customers, then she can go open up her own bar and welcome them into her establishment, but who the hell is she to tell these people who they must allow into their bar? Will she pay for the added security and lost wages? What if naked people felt excluded, would she demand they be allowed in too? Where is the line drawn?

  • I guess that says they have never been to a black tie affair, or a dress jacket required establishment? Oh excuse me did I say black tie? I guess it doesn’t matter if the word black in that definition means elegant, mannered, respectful. What if it was a red tie affair for valentines day or Christmas, does that mean the Indians are going to protest. Why don’t they go sue the gang territories. You won’t have to worry about discrimination there! They’ll just kill you because you are not one of them REGARDLESS of who you are!
    It’s way past time we tossed political correctness in the trash and simply appreciated people for who and what they are with the limits and respect of others and the laws of common sense.

  • Damian

    Looking at the list, I guess they would not let Justin Bieber in the bar and he is as white as can be. It is not a color thing.

    • Rob

      I wouldn’t let Bieber in period. The crap that follows him is enough for a dress code as it is. Your right. Its not a color thing.

  • Kyle Appleton

    Both my grade school and high school had a dress code pretty damn close to this. No hats of any kind were allowed to be worn inside the schools, no sleeveless shirts, no offensive t-shirts (even my Corona t shirt I bought on a family holiday to mexico wasnt allowed), no large size necklaces were allowed and pants had to be worn with a belt at waist level. And I grew up in a 98% caucasian area. And if people broke the dress code, they were given a written warning and then sent home to change, and if they broke it again they were suspended for a week, and if they broke it again they were just kicked out of the school. And this was all in Canada

  • Bob Clarke

    There is nothing racist about having a dress code. The thought that was put into this one is right on point. If you want to go to the bar, dress like an adult, otherwise there are plenty of other bars that will be happy to have you spend your money in their places.

  • Bob Clarke

    There is one item that they need to add to the occlusions on their list. No whinny pain’s in the butt named Michelle Horowitz!

  • steve

    if you don’t like the rules don’t go there how hard is that

  • Bobby

    Somebody said it’s ridiculous but what is ridiculous is saying that it’ s racist! A private business owner on private property should have the right to set whatever dress code he or she desires. It’s their business. they pay they taxes, they keep it up, and it should be their right to determine the dress code if they so desire. Whether black or white, if you don’t like it then don’t go there. If you want to go then simply abide by the dress code. Offices have dress codes, schools, clubs, etc…. No matter what people say, that type of dress code is generally associated with a gangbanger mentality no matter what the race. What happened to true freedom? Am I free if I can’t even establish a dress code in a restaurant that I own? Just a step away from telling me what I can or can’t do in my own home. It’s not my right to go into a privately owned and run business, it’s a privelege! Think about it; should the government be able to tell a private business owner who he or she HAS to serve? That’s no different than telling him what hours he must be open or regulating his menu. In the liberal mind it’s not ok to tell someone how you want them to dress in your place of business but it IS ok for the patron to tell the owner how he or she wants to dress even if it’s offensive to the owner and other customers. Who is losing their rights here?

  • Kat

    I am so done with this ‘ RACIST BULL’ There are tons men and teens from other races INCLUDING WHITES!!! who wear that ignorant clothing. Moreover, bagging clothing especially, they hide weapons easier in it, even rifles, and they can hide the stuff they steal better. These blacks who carry this chip on their shoulder and hate for whites are the problem, and the intelligent blacks agree and are embarrassed by these people as whites are embarrassed by their idiots..

  • Leon McKemy

    Just a quick, five stars to the BAR. ***** Nothing, whatsoever, RACIST, about a DRESS CODE” >L.M

  • i work in a place that has a great variety of dress worn by persons of all races, one of the best dressed persons there is an african-american man who has dressed so well i once asked him if he was applying for another job. i think jerseys are great relaxation wear but why would you wear someone else’s work shirt to a bar.

  • Captin Obvious

    Can we adopt this dress code at the welfare office? How about at the borders? I would drink to that!

  • Connie Crouch

    Oh, B.S. Barbra Streisand, even. This kind of “dress” is found on ALL races. If that female doesn’t want to “set foot” into that bar, I say, “GOOD!” She isn’t welcome. Tell her to stay out, & let DECENTLY-dressed folks enter!

    Oh, & while the article=mentions= “baggy clothing,” I saw no rule against it. More’s the pity; it SHOULD be there!

  • Lester

    This, to me, is just a measure of protection of a public business establishment. Bottom line: they don’t want gang bangers and thugs in their establishment no matter what race they are. I have seen all races of young people dress like this. Not saying that all the people that dress like this are bad, but Bar Louie is saying that they don’t trust that you won’t start trouble or try to rob the place if they let you in dressed like what the general public perceives as a thug!

  • Joe

    How much did they pay all these people to say what they said?????????? Racist my ass, they just want a clean cut family oriented clientele to patronize their restaurant………..

  • So Stupid

    Establishments of every type have the right to deny entry or service to whomever they please, as long as it’s not based on one of the protected rights (race, religion, etc). If this bar wanted to only serve people with blonde hair, they would be perfectly within their right to do so. They clearly want to keep their clientele classy. Nothing wrong with that. Big bars have doormen who pick and choose the best looking/dressed people to allow entry, and no one ever cries the race card for that. Get over yourselves. If you want to wear a wifebeater, pick somewhere else to go. Upscale restaurants have dress codes requiring collars, long pants, and blazers. What’s the difference?

  • I really like what you guys are now up to. This type of great work and reporting! Keep up the very good work friends, I’ve added you my blogroll.

  • Steve

    Lefties obsess over this stuff so they dont have to honestly look at themselves. Never met one that wasnt a miserable, sniveling malcontent and busybody. Organ donors, thats all they are good for.

  • Michael

    I do not see any problem with this dress code. It speaks to people dressed gangs do, bangers do, and those looking for a fight. Here in Boston we have similar codes and there seems to be no issues. It’s noted the clubs with no code have experienced more violence.
    I say it is great, having people dress properly according to the establishment or management.
    If you do not want to be stereotyped..change.Duh.

  • Dee Kellum

    If you want to frequent that establishment so badly, if it is so dire to your existence, then follow the dress code. If anyone wants to take personal offense to it, through their own feeble stereotypes within their own heads, that sounds like their own personal issue. Either don’t go, or open your own place with your own rules and dress as you wish (try a sign that prohibits suits, casual cardigans or ascots~~for those pesky ‘Artie Johnson types’). Hell, I get tired of looking at the cracks of people’s asses, too. And, ‘NO’, I don’t find ‘wife-beaters’ suitable as outerwear for ANYone, unless your only going to put out trash or are cutting grass on a hot day. The flat-bill hat, I don’t get, as I have not been formally ‘out on the town’ in years, but whatevs. Please, GTF over it and worry about real issues, instead of creating nonsensical propaganda. The only people offended are race-baiters and idiots…I shall not partake in this Tom Foolery.

  • Dee Kellum

    (*Side Note*) I apologize for the inaccurate spelling of ‘you’re’, when reffering to ‘wife-beaters’. I’m no Rhodes Scholar, but those things really vex me, and I hadn’t caught it until I’d already submitted my comment.

    • Dee Kellum

      Damn it!! *referring*….aging!

  • Ric

    IF This policy is racist, So is every school I attended, from grade school right through to college, Almost every job I have ever held, has had a dress code. And for goodness sakes ANYONE who has any dress code must be racist!!!. Then again, wasn’t anyone who didn’t vote for Obama is a racist too, right?…I say let em all go naked and end the clothing issue all together 😉

    • iamamerican

      you also cant wear a hat and sunglasses in some banks,i say boo hoo to these idiots,pull your freaking pants up nobody wants to see how stupid you look with your pants down. and white people do wear this stuff,i wish these stupid people would get a life. i hope they trip on their pants and braek a nose

    • iamamerican

      i bet if you invited only the people who wears that stuff there would be a murder at least once a month

  • Mom

    You cant wear a hoodie in 7-11 what if your just cold

  • Bill Cowell

    Why does something always have to be racists? I’ve seen “some” black people and White Trash dress like this for years. The bar simply want’s an upper scale cliental, whether they be black, white or other.

  • Rob

    It could be looked at as racist if you look too far into it. My take is the owners want to run a nice place without people coming in looking like they were just on one of the MTV channels. There is nothing wrong with a dress code. And btw this place may have had past problems with people dressed like that. So put up a dress code and hope for the best!

  • hmmmm

    First the dress c ode is not racist and if you can prove it is then majority of the dress codes set by schools ( government funded) and companies would also be racist. Second the word racist or racism has become a tool for someone to sue majority of the time anymore since a lot of the time when someone yells it they are the one thinking in a racist way not the one being blamed for it.

  • nhladyk

    I would like to see added to that sign…No fleece pajama pants and No T-shirts with holes or ripped collars. How about…No spandex leggings that give you camel toe? or No sports bras worn without a shirt over it?

    • iamamerican

      you are so right

  • Darkerdaze

    Pretty much the only one being racist here is the writer. You just stereotyped all black people as being the only ones that wear this clothing. I just thought of someone who is ghetto coming to the club. There are white, brown, and black ghetto people out there. Def not mad at the nightclub for having standards to get into their establishment

  • Alison

    About time a bar raises its standards! Nobody likes undesirables. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen nice establishments close their doors for good because they turn ghetto. This is why we can’t have nice things!

  • Clifton Palmer McLendon

    RACISM: The assumption that psychocultural traits and capacities are determined by biological race and that races differ decisively from one another which is usually coupled with a belief in the inherent superiority of a particular race and its right to domination over others. [definition taken from “Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language Unabridged” (Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.; 1981)

    The posted dress code shows no assumption that psychocultural traits and capacities are determined by biological race and that races differ decisively from one another, nor does it show a belief in the inherent superiority of a particular race and its right to domination over others, so it is, by definition, not racist.

    Any business owner has the absolute right to serve, or refuse to serve, anyone he wishes. If this bar owner wanted to serve no one except left-handed Esperanto-speaking Australian aborigines, that is his undeniable choice.

  • Angie Rozar

    I work at a major hotel & dress code for employees is the same + tattoos,piercings,beards & unusual hair colors. for all colors of people not just black ! liberal sensitive PC bullshit.

    • brenda chafin

      If I were checking into a hotel that allowed porters and food service people to wear odd colored hair, piercings baggy uniforms I would check out and they would loose my business.

    • Steve

      I owned a company and had a great (white) young man working as a proj manager for me. 26, good guy…with an earing and a pierced tongue. I said lose the Bar in your tongue at work, put it back in after you leave. He did, no problem – working in Telecommunications and at a high level. “They” accepted the ear ring no prob. Was that racist? no. It was dress code appropriate for MY workplace and my clients….”MY meaning I pay the rent and his wage, so “I” dictate the rules, don;t like it? go work somewhere else. (I am a really nice guy too).

      • nmpher29

        And you’re good looking too. Who could ask for more? 🙂

      • Anne Warren

        good for you-I have gone to stores that allowed those disgusting impalements stuck in their faces, all over including skin actually pushed away and you can see inside their mouths from the side and all other manner of mutilation. They get sent to run a register and you would see huge lines at all other registers because they could not look at the guy without feeling the imagined pain it must have taken to do this insult to his body and how messed up he must have been to allow it to attempt to ease whatever internal pain he was suffering from. The risks of infection, choking, and other problems didn’t matter. They finally had to find him a job stocking or whatever because no one would go to the register.

    • Steve

      I also had black guys working as techs in the field, they did wear their pants a little big loose and down a few inches but nothing like you see on the streets – and my guys were from NYC, but realized work was work. No different that entering into a place that says TIE AND JACKET required….Racist? ha no – just the rules of that establishment. do it or don’t go in. duh.

  • John Pfeiffer

    This racial rallying cry against the club is chilling proof that it’s open season on anyone who has a sensible ideology or set of logical (and across the board) rules
    that protects patrons and differentiates from those who continue to survive on obvious loopholes and
    non-stop bullying in their quest to keep the past alive.

    • Bosco

      So, in plain English, what in the heck did that mean?

      • dt

        Come on now, do you really need an interpreter?

      • sammy518

        Can’t read plain English?

      • brenda chafin

        keep the past alive? Never Never have I seen any pictures or Television or history books from the 20′ 30’s showing blacks / hispanics or asians or whites dressed like the little gang bangers of today,so what history or past are they trying to keep alive? and if the thought of leaving the house in cut off short shorts or boob hanging out … you can bet my mom was all over that. my brothers always left the house in clean ironed jeans and even t-shirts tucked in with a belt as well.

        • common sense

          He isn’t saying the club is trying to keep the past alive. He is saying the people who keep bringing up this “racist” issue are living in the past saying they are still being persecuted for being black.

          • nmpher29

            It’s nice to see common sense once in awhile, common sense. 🙂

      • Susan Lenard

        That was plain english, of course he used words bigger than 2 syllables so that may be where he lost you.

  • John Smith

    So with that in mind, I guess black people see themselves dressing like thugs and gang bangers? Better question yet, what happened to when men automatically put on a suit and tie when going to a nice establishment? Now you gotta tell them to at least wear more than an undershirt and pull your pants up. What a world we live in. SMH

    • Sinclair Phos

      Exactly John-have some respect for yourself and your appearance.

    • Herman Vogel

      You EARN respect,,,you don’t demand it. simple, huh.

      • WaRottie

        When you must demand it something should tell you that you don’t deserve it.

        • Herman Vogel

          You would think so, but some people are NOT wired like that or they have listen too long to Haters that tell them they deserve things they NEVER worked for and are starting to believe it. sad, huh

    • Gregory Courtesis

      As far as I’m concerned, the suit (three piece) and its cousins need to go the way of the dodo bird and the dinosaur. In the “real world” what purpose does a suit have except for funeral directors, accountants, and lawyers?

      • Sherry De Marco


      • Scott

        Do you not wear a suit to work? Do you not work in a business setting? Suits are still the most common business wear in America and if you’re saying that suits should be extinct, you probably need to work on your character. stay classy and wear a suit, it might actually make you look like you’re not trash.

        • gingerdog

          So you would consider my husband and son as “looking like trash” because they don’t wear suits to work? My husband is an engineer, and my son is an engineer. Neither wear a suit to work. In a manufacturing setting, a tie is, actually, a safety hazard. My husband works an average of 70 hours per week solving complex problems. In the summer, temperatures can reach upwards of 120 degrees. Wearing a suit in such a setting could be dangerous.

          Are you seriously so disconnected from the reality of differing jobs that you cannot understand where a suit would and would not be appropriate? It seems that YOU are the one who needs to work on YOUR character.

          • Rbjk Rbjk

            Geez, switch to decaf. That Gregory clown made it sound like suits are never to be worn, on any occasion. That’s ridiculous.

        • jimnbubba

          Scott: I didn’t wear a suit to work but then again I was a hardrock underground miner , I even got dirty

      • monicamccarthy93

        Gregory…it depends on where you work. People look far better dressed up than casual. If you are a mechanic or garbage collector (both respectable jobs), then a suit is not proper attire..But as you stated, many accountants, lawyers, and business men need them.

        • Rj Whodafux Barron

          I think they make you look like a tool.

          • Rbjk Rbjk

            No, dressing like a thug makes you look like a tool. Dressing in the right suit makes you look like a million bucks.

        • Anne Warren

          does not need to be suits-clean, fitting regular shirts that don’t expose hairy underarms etc are just fine in most places. Anyone can afford to wear clean clothes and Goodwill can make any man or woman look sharp for a small pittance of money. Hats were traditionally removed indoors by well raised gentlemen-it is only the lazy uncouth generations of today that do not have that class. Ties are not essential either even though a manly man should be able to tolerate that for the short time of a dinner and to show his respect for those dining with him.

      • joe

        and your alternative formal wear would be?

    • Rj Whodafux Barron

      The sign is inherently bigoted. The woman is inherently racist. This argument is inherently dim witted.

      • Larry Sloan

        The sign is not inherently bigoted… YOU are inherently bigoted… see the difference?

  • Sue Riggs Johnson

    Once again, a business owner has the right to decide what dress code they desire for their business. If you find the dress code racist, then it must apply to you. There is absolutely nothing racist with having a dress code policy that is respectful of all clientele. I get so sick and tired of seeing how the younger generation has no respect for themselves, let alone anyone else. I do not want to see ones underwear, nor ones bra and panties. I certainly do not want to see the hair on your chest or under your arms. I do not want to see your butt cheeks nor your breasts. Leave something to the imagination. Quit giving out all your info in one glance. Have some respect for your self and others!

    • Emily Craig

      Thank you Sue for including women. Honestly men don’t have to go to strip clubs anymore. Just go to the mall on Saturday and see all the women competing for who can have on the lowest top or shortest shorts. Oh, and their adolescent daughters will be right there with them.

      • Anne Warren

        real gentlemen do not go to those clubs-just losers and boys who never grew up and probably some very dangerous types with ideas of “showing the women the sinner in themselves, and some very nasty ways of showing them “the way” to god or whoever. There are many classy places to meet people but sadly the mall is really not one-too many slutty types of all ages frequent them not always to shop.

    • Deanna Wood Short

      Well said, Sue!

    • Sherry De Marco


    • John Mccullough

      I agree, have you EVER seen anyone dressed like that in church?

  • The DA

    So, according to her, if they don’t change the dress code, they won’t frequent the establishment. Isn’t that what the dress code is trying to do? Sounds like they’d be better off without her or her gang bangers.

  • CDavidS1951

    their right as a business owner to just say no blacks allowed.

    • Robert DeSantis

      Actually thats illegal. Here in Portland we have a bakery that is in deep doggy do for telling a gay couple to get their wedding cake elsewhere , because the owner did not agree with their lifestyle . Also a bar that banned a unruly group of crossdressers , was hammered by the state to the tune of $750,000 for violating the crossdressers rights . You can not exclude customers based on race , color , religion , sexual orientation , disability .

      • CDavidS1951

        but that’s Oregon. The land of fruits and nuts.

        • Robert DeSantis

          Law to do with discrimination are federal , thus applicable across the country . Maybe you’ve heard about it , they are called Civil Rights . Don’t know if they taught that where you went to school .

      • Mark Yarbrough

        But you SHOULD be able to is the point. If a bar could survive with exclusive policies, more power to them. Personally, I think they would be few and far between. Firstly, I believe the overwhelming majority of people would not patronize such an establishment. Secondly, those that will would be discouraged by the protesters out front. Still, a private business should have the right to serve whomever they please.

    • Rienne Cakin

      I applaud you for being an uneducated idiot. Please read this http://freelawanswer.com/law/2140-2-law-2.html (if you even know how to). It’s people like you who make race an issue in this country. It is allowable for the business owners to make whatever dress code they would like. But, do you see leather biker vest, spiked accessories, camo, or board shorts on that list? It’s pointed out as racially targeted because everything on the “no” list is typically worn by african american males. I go out on a regular basis & one thing remains the same excessively baggy clothes, undershirts as outerwear & jerseys is on every establishments “no” list.

      • CDavidS1951

        You ignorant piece of liberal crap. You think only those black boys dress that way? Besides, if I own a business, I can make it a private club and cater to who I want to. We still have some freedoms left in this country unless little black sambo in the white house does away with them by executive order.

        • Rienne Cakin

          I will no longer attempt to educate you. I clearly stated it is TYPICALLY worn by african american men. Not that it is SOLELY worn by them. Clearly you are of the racist AND illiterate category. Even though you could run your business in that manner, it’s highly likely it would fail. Racial discrimination is highly frowned upon in this country. In the case that you weren’t aware mixed babies are very real.

          • CDavidS1951

            I’m sorry reading comprehension wasn’t taught in your little hood. You’re too racist, ignorant, stupid, or just illiterate to understand. Where I live, whites, blacks, hispanics, all wear despicable clothing that look like this sign says.

            I really feel sorry for the ignorant like you that hate white people so much, you have to find offense in every manner white.

            Get over it your ignorant whore.

          • helinski

            I’ll bet that as soon as this dress code is enforced, and the hyper sensitive african american contingent and their caucasian sympathizers boycott this establishment, that the business will absolutely spike with new customers and great business. This is a commercially viable move for Bar Louie.

      • RonKeffer

        having a sign or an addition to the dress code that they have the right to refuse service to anyone, that would take care of the biker attire, the smelly arm pits, spiked accessories, camp or board shorts……….blacks wear that attire as well…….

  • checkwolf

    Well, figuring that most, if not all, of those “black” customers voted for Obama–yeah, I’d kick them out, too.

    • Emily Craig


    • sammy518

      Took a lot of white votes too-and got re-elected, wallow in that.

  • LadyScot

    How is this any different than an upscale eatery having a dress code? Your sure as crap could not go into one of them dressed like that.

    • Robert DeSantis

      Ssshhhh Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will march on those restaurants .

      • John Smith

        They are nothing but race baiters.

      • RonKeffer

        let the games begin

  • DA

    Totally agree with the bar. No self-respecting person wears attire like that unless they want to be portrayed as a banger or low life. Good for them!

  • Bosco

    They’re just wanting to keep out low lifes of all colors.

  • Grits.N.Jowls

    Hey it is what it is. Some businesses don’t want guns brought in and others don’t want slob dressers of a certain type. They’re telling you in plain English they have a dress code and if you can’t abide by it don’t bother coming in. I like it.

  • Robert DeSantis

    Its not banning ALL blacks , and its not intended for just blacks . Brown , White , yellow or green they don’t want that type of dress in their club . If you don’t like it buy and open your own club then you can make the rules . Why do blacks jump to racism whenever they don’t like a rule ? I’ve been turned down for jobs because of my long hair and tattoos , never once did I attack the company and call them racist . Always figured it was their company and there rules .

    • John Pfeiffer

      Robert, the card gets used because the card gets results. Once the card stops being acknowledged, the card stops working, and the card (and the cardholder) goes away.

      • RonKeffer


    • bobfairlane

      Where do green people live? I keep hearing about purple and green people. I haven’t met any yet.

      • Denise Weiss Asmussen

        on the skittles rainbow of liberal PC..lol sorry you asked and I couldn’t pass it up

      • RonKeffer

        they are all over the place. open your eyes

  • Adan Starr

    Black is a skin color not a dress code. If you want to go there where the appropriate clothes geez what the hell is racist about this.

  • Mark Muylaert

    I don’t see the racism, I see people who have high standards, but I guess some people just can’t see it.

    • John Smith

      There’s some that like to cry racism and stir the pot any chance they can get. i.e. Sharpton, Jackson, etc.

      • RonKeffer

        Jesse Jackson never talks about his son being in prison. whats that all about

  • Holly Warner

    I think Michelle and other people saying it’s racist because all black people dress like that, is racist. The black guy in the video complaining about the dress code being racist is wearing an outfit that would be acceptable for the bar, so y is he complaining that it’s racist if he, as a black person, would be accepted into the bar? I dont see the racism here, it’s no different then a nice restaurant requiring it’s patrons to wear a blazer.

    • John Smith

      “Some people” aren’t happy unless they’re bitching about something.

  • Charles Prince

    I’m black and I sure would have the same dress code if I owned a business. So sick of the liberal hypocrisy!

    • John Pfeiffer

      Charles, im with you. Great observation! If i had a business, my goal would be to attract a specific clientele. Thats my right, and my mode of operation. Skin color has nothing to do with it.

    • Jim Trent

      Yep. Not sure how dressing semi decent is considered racist. Like someone said that some of the rules for dress code in this are not just for black people. Flat bill hats are generally associated with hispanics and white sleeveless tshirts have been associated with white trailer trash wife beaters.

      • avallliere

        I’m Caucasian and my son wears those hats and has for some time now and his pants are low – at least when I don’t see him. I yank them up and he hates that. All nationalities wear these idiotic clothes because someone said those clothes were fashionable – which i laughed at.

        • Art69z

          You should be yanking his pants down…he would hate it even more.

      • Robert Beaudreault

        Can I “like” your reply a couple hundred times?

        • Dan the Man

          Typical conservative, thinks they deserve more than one vote.

          • rcfrt

            Typical liberal, can’t understand the use of hyperbole to express support

          • JMG

            You are talking about Democrats!!!

          • Robert Beaudreault

            Looked back at your replies to different things….. You have nothing good to say about anything and something bad to say about everything…. Must suck being you every day with that attitude. Were you born a natural ass or do you work hard to maintain it?

      • 1grayrebel

        Just because they wear sleeveless shirts , doesn’t make them trailer trash, dipshit! Get real asshole!

        • anna thomas

          Wow, classy response. What number is your trailer ?

          • Imtoooldforthis

            I guess he didn’t get the part about people need to dress like they have a little class and that all races of young people dress like trash today. Not all young people but all races.

          • BobKat

            That was a stupid self centered remark, u sound racist and 1grayrebel is right, anna u should not judge people by what they wear, this is about wanting appropriate attire for a classier place to have fun. U need some serious help if that is your response

          • Jim Trent

            Bobcat and 1grayrebel need to read the whole thread before commenting and showing their stupidity. At least there were a few others who could see you guys were cluess.

            1grayrebel are you really not that smart to know that the white sleeveless t-shirts I was referring to are also known as wife beaters? I didn’t want to say that term because some might get upset. I guess I should have figured the gene pool was more shallow then I thought and someone would not be clever enough to figure this out.

            Bobkat Do you know what self centered is? I doubt it since you used that comment in response to anna. Also do you know what racist is? What makes her comment racist? Because she mentioned trailer? You really should have started reading at my comment and you might have been more on topic instead of cherry picking what to read and comment on. This discussion has been about appropriate attire and no one was saying any particular race dressed like this.

          • BobKat

            LOL Timmy, Timmy you are such a joke, if U had a brain in your head (DOUBT IT) your comments had NO real value to the conversation, and to attack 1Gray about a gene pool at least he has one, you were found under a snail slim ball, and if u could read, I did say PROPER attire which means proper dress, not the wife beaters as you so described I am sure you are very familiar with them, from the sound of your stupid remarks. Racist is also a person who judges another by attire so anna is one, and her righteous comment about a person place of resident’s, is also being a bigot same thing. Cherry picking no don’t care for them, but it might be a problem for you, but I think you have little man syndrome and should see a Dr. about your issues, doubt it will help, but what the heck give it a try, it can’t hurt, the way you talk you could use all the help u can get. have a nice Day Timmy.

          • adoremeorelse

            Of course we judge people by what they wear. We judge peoples’ hair, clothing, dialect, jewelry, posture, etc because that is how humans make determinations about other humans. Much like dogs sniff butts to determine if another dog is worth it’s time, we humans initially judge the quality of other humans by outward appearance. Everyone judges based on looks, so climb down off your cross and use the wood to build a bridge to get over it.

          • Rbjk Rbjk

            Now that’s racist. Oh…wait, you insulted a white; never mind.

          • 1grayrebel

            If I had one it would be right next to yours. Now mind your own business!

          • Says the person who posted in a public thread.

        • Laurie Wingo LeVal

          On the sleeveless Tshirts, I’m thinking they meant the “wife beater” type T’s…just a guess

          • ejarrell

            No such thing, just made up!

          • Laurie Wingo LeVal

            what is made up

        • bigsurprise

          The owner has every right to set a standard dress and is simply wanting to attract a more upscale clientele who dress to a higher standard than those listed .For anyone who want to boycott…likely because they dress that way… I am sure the owner is fine with that. I don’t dress like that and could go in if I choose to and would be happy not to see those dresses as on the list as well. Some people appreciate some standards placed on places they want to frequent

          • adoremeorelse

            Amen! I enjoy being in places where the people around me dress as nicely as I do. They appear to be of the same mentality as me and everyone feels more comfortable around their own kind.

        • Anne Warren

          would you like to be looking at some guys sweating smelly armpits while you try to enjoy a meal at a place you could only afford once or twice a year? You are right-manners are gone-just watch the shock on people’s faces when rare kid actually says “please” and “thank you”. My family we all program our kids from about the time they get a voice to use manners verbal and physical. They clear the table at restaurants and use manner s to all staff. They are always welcome back, and if they are really good-
          they get to pat the bill-little ones love that. 1 restaurant let them sign the receipt even when we paid cash. Thank you Imtooold for this-for your service from the army. Surprisingly, the military seem most active in manners-when my son graduated navy basic in 2001-many for the 1st time in their lives were saying “sir” “,mam” “please” etc-it was amazing!!!


        • jimnbubba

          I don’t want to go to dinner and see some a holes hairy underarms and ass crack

        • Frank Loftice

          So do you live in a double wide or single. Wow you even speak trailer trash talk

      • Imtoooldforthis

        My husband wears flat bill hats in the summer. One was his dad’s ship name from when he was in the Navy and another from when he was in the Air Force in the Strategic Air Command. We’re both 55 and our generation was taught that when a man enters a dwelling his hat comes off. It was just manners. I guess those don’t exist anymore.

        • Dan the Man

          A business is not a dwelling. A dwelling is a place of residence, not a bar.

          • Imtoooldforthis

            Manners work everywhere. Try them and you’ll see:)

          • Kevin Stall

            you remove your hat when you enter any building. Hold over from the military.

          • Edmund Long


        • nmpher29

          My dad was in the Navy. I never say him wear a flat-billed hat. It was shaped more like a baseball cap. That’s probably what your husband wears. There’s a huge difference.

    • Deanna Wood Short

      That’s because you’re smart, Charles. You actually think!

    • Janine Lea

      Frankly, I find this person to be racist if she thinks that only black people wear clothes like that.

      • KWT

        Personally, I don’t think that ANYONE should wear those articles of clothing anyway… talk about a lack of self pride to be dressing like that… sheesh..

        • Guest

          Who are you to judge someones pride? Talk about stuck up and self absorbed.

          • nmpher29

            Stuck up and self absorbed? Because people dining out don’t want to look at someone’s butt crack while eating their meal they’re stuck up and self absorbed? Your comment is beyond ridiculous.

          • Edmund Long


          • KWT

            And the TROLLS come out…. I am not judging… just expressing MY opinion…. like everyone else is doing… At least I do not hide my ID under “guest”

          • Helpful Conservative

            You honestly believe wearing that kind of clothing indicates pride? You have reached a new level of dumb!!

        • Rj Whodafux Barron

          You are a bigot.

          • Jim Lawson

            so anyone who dose not agree with you is a bigot

          • Debby Morge

            damn right pull your pants up

          • Ardee J Mucha

            AND YOU Rj ARE AN IIDIOT !

          • Edmund Long


        • Rbjk Rbjk

          You’re right. It’s called self respect.

          • Pav
          • Mike Cazer

            Absolutely agree

          • Goingnowherefst

            I would LOVE to have the gentlemen in the lower picture patronize my establishment. Raise the standard!

          • James

            Thank you for understanding but I would like to interject that the standard has already been raised. We just have some in this part of my culture that continue to try to drag it down. The same applies to Black women and what some call hood rats.

          • a lìnk was found by me and í placed it ìn my own profìle… ít shows how people are earning a few hundred weekly wìthout leavíng theír employment

          • James

            THANK YOU!!!!

          • Rachael Lefler

            Dress like in the lower picture, you’re more likely to attract women anyway, I think. Only stupid whores want to date guys who dress like thugs. Whores who will cheat on and leave your stupid ass. Not decent girls.

          • creep64

            And spend all your dope money on weaves, fingernails, shiny stuff and paying another whore to mind the welfare babies while she goes clubbing.

        • Dan the Man

          Baggy clothing and flat billed hats are a sign of a lack of self-respect?
          And you “don’t think anyone should be dressing like that” I get it, your pro-America, but anti-freedom of expression. A very sensible and justifiable stance.

          • Heartland Patriot

            Because the best way for a business to operate is to let gang-bangers and wanna-bes into the place? Gimme a break.

          • James

            I believe that this is the very point. Not every man wearing this attire is a gang banger; however, a great deal of those wearing this attire are young Black men/boys. This can be thinly seen as classifying all Black men as gangbangers.

          • Frank Loftice

            When you dress like a gangster you get treated like one, no matter who or what color you.

          • Debby Morge

            you can have all that just not there

          • ibpenny

            You don’t believe the owner of a business has the right to make it casual or formal, etc…??? If I ask you to dinner, you come in a sleeveless tee? Classy, Dude. This has not one freakin thing to do with race. The proprietor simply wants a dressier dinner restaurant. Grown UPS do this sometimes, you know, actually dress for a nice dinner. Wear your flip flops at home with your dial up pizza! Its considered polite.

          • scott

            when I moved to the Atlanta area some time ago,i went to a bar to play pool,had a button down shirt,I got hot,took shirt off,had a wife beater on,I was told,”No wife beater shirts allowed”I had the choice,put my shirt back on or leave.I am white BTW

          • James

            She absolutely has the right to determine what the atmosphere of her restaurant is going to be but it’s not what you do it is how you do it. She comes across as one who is stereotyping and perhaps could have, instead, put up a sign that read BUSINESS CASUAL AND BUSINESS ATTIRE DRESS CODE STRONGLY ENFORCED. This way if anyone came in dressed in the other attire they could be stopped and informed of the dress code then presented with the list of what the restaurant sees as acceptable.

          • WaRottie

            You can love America and express yourself all you want dressing like people who associate with gangs. Just not in that business establishment. What some people simply fail to understand is that most people do not feel comfortable when they see groups of people that look like this. And it’s not just about keeping people comfortable in their surroundings when they are paying for something. It really is about keeping out the riff-raff as well. Who decides what the riff-raff is? The owner.

          • nmpher29

            I think if you try really hard you can come up with better attire to show your “freedom of expression”.

          • Lynette Constable

            When someone owns a nice restaurant, there are quite often dress codes. Sometime those even include “No Tennies” or “Jacket and Tie Required” It is not racist on any level. Rather someone wants to have DECENT looking clientèle.

          • Edmund Long


          • Jose

            You’re just ignorant.

          • Aggie Carlson-Chiarillo

            How about pulling the pants up. With having raised 3 boys who wear comfortable clothing and sometimes its walking around in their shorts, so what, this is at home. So who wants to see it outside of the home. NO ONE that I know of. Its called dressing respectfully. Try it.

          • Candy

            Dan the Man – like it not — Appearance matters and CAN in many instances have an effect on behavior. A person is less likely to roll in the mud after donning his best clothes than if he has on jeans and t-shirt. It is common psychology. Although you can take the thug out of his thug clothes, you then have the thug in dress clothes. The core personality is such that the thug will refuse to honor the dress code thereby keeping him out of the establishment. Mission accomplished.

          • funnygirrl35

            True story Candy…..I remember when I went to Grad Night at Disneyland (1985). There was a dress code for Grad night. All the girls had to wear skirts/dresses & heels. The guys had to wear dress pants with ties and dress shoes. It’s hard to be too crazy in heels. Also one of the clubs that we used to frequent has quite the dresscode. No jeans, no t-shirts (either men or women), no hats, men had to wear collared shirts, no tennis shoes. There was always a line to get in, and no one had a problem with it , everyone looked great and everyone behaved.I miss those days 🙂

          • James

            Perhaps it was just her opinion which ties in with freedom of speech, as well, since she expressed it. There are no actual ‘Fashion Police’ so people can dress the way they want to but they should understand that where sanity rules the way that they present themselves is the way that they will be treated.

          • brenda chafin

            its not anti freedom of expression, they can dress that way and go to another place that caters to that group, or they can change clothes and come on in, great pictures by the way.

      • AntiObama

        Doesn’t say a thing about Black people. Plenty of gang banging whites and they don’t want them either.

        • Dan the Man

          So everyone who wears baggy clothing and long white t-shirts is a gangbanger?

          • Vunderlak

            No, there are the wanna-bees, as was pointed out.If you can’t put your pants on, go to a place where that is accepted.

          • Frank Loftice

            So go to a biker bar. They might let you in

          • Debby Morge

            but will we let you out lol

          • Debby Morge

            just badly dressed

          • Jody Cordell

            Yeah dan they pretty much are!

          • ibpenny

            No. Doesn’t say that. It says that the owner is running a restaurant that’s a bit dressier than others. Some people still like to dress nice for dinner. Frankly, if I’m eating, I don’t relish the sight of dirty toe nails, someone’s butt crack, nor their underarm hair. Silly me!

          • SouthernSiNN

            No,…but it shows an extreme lack of ability to properly dress yourself. Anyone with any respectful place of business, puts restrictions on what their customers can and can not do. The people who OWN this business, don’t care to have these “styles” (if that is what you would like to call it) of clothing, and other articles inside their establishment. My husband and I will pay a much higher price at places that have dress codes, just so we don’t have to endure clothing “atrocities” of this kind. And let’s not play the naive card,..everyone knows that this form of dress is ABSOLUTELY associated with people that are in CONSTANT search of drama, and/or trouble,…FACT!

          • bringerofchill

            Fact, you’re a racist, your picture says it all.

          • Leon Polk

            No, of course not. Some are wannabe’s.

        • Lisa Shepherd

          Bottom line, no class.

          • AntiObama


            Subject: Re: New comment posted on ‘Might as Well Just Say No Black Folks Allowed’: Bar Under Fire for ‘Racist’ Dress Code

      • Gunner

        Honestly, that clothing style has been popularly identified with “Thug culture” and I would personally not want anyone who identifies with that lifestyle patronizing an establishment I ran regardless of their race. If you identify with a culture that opposes a law abiding culture,then find a bar or restaurant that caters to that kind of thing not an upscale bar.

      • Debby Morge

        frankly she never said that you did

      • nmpher29

        Racist. There’s that word again. Don’t people get tired of using that word? I know I’m sick and tired of hearing it. Dig a little deeper and see if you can come up with a legitimate response. No one but you mentioned any color. If you’ve ever been in an upscale restaurant you would know that those who go there expect, and should get, a higher class of customers. They pay a high price not just for good food, but good service and a good atmosphere. Someone waltzing around with his butt hanging out isn’t appetizing. Get real.

    • Evasive Taco

      I am with you too, Charles. Cutlass speaks for me as well =)

    • D.j. Frank

      Amen, Charles. Liberals always make everything about race. The fact that the liberal outrage is based on THEIR OWN PIGEONHOLING of the black community is hilarious. They are too stupid to see that THEY are putting all black people in a poorly wrapped (dressed) box…shows that they think only black folks can dress like thugs or bums. Morons. Liberslism is a brain eating disease. (Clearly)

    • Edward Conley

      Right on Charles. Businesses have the right to have a dress code. I remember when I lived in NYC in the 70’s and there were strict dress codes to gain entry into a lot of clubs. Nothing racist about it at all.

    • Keatonbuster

      High five, Chuck!

    • Imtoooldforthis

      Thank you. We have 4 children who are half Mexican and adopted a Black son when he was a teen. Not one time in their lives did I let them use the excuse that they didn’t get something because of their race. They are happy well adjusted adults who know that if you want something bad enough you will work for it. If you want people to show you respect then don’t dress like a thug. Simple life rules.

      • Anne Warren

        you can purchase really nice clothing at Goodwill or Salvation Army so there is no excuse for not be being able to dress like normal human beings with class-my high school granddaughter (many teens would not be caught dead there) but she deliberately went to Goodwill with us to buy all her school clothes as did her 12 y/o sister and to an Army surplus store for her backpack and the other kids were jealous of the nice outfits she wore to school that year. We took them to Walmart for a just a few items as a reward for being so smart and the leftover money we saved was theirs.

    • William Snapper

      I’m White, your Right !!

    • Tonya M. Torrey

      Im hispanic and me too!

    • William Snapper

      I’m White, you’re Right !

    • don


    • WaRottie

      I like how they interviewed a black guy, wearing a nice polo shirt, looking like a respectable citizen, and even HE was convinced that this is a racist dress code. This is proof how people really do believe a lie if it is repeated over and over again. What is wrong with people when they can’t understand that a business really does want to keep a certain KIND of clientele out of their business? If they don’t know exactly WHO those ‘types’ of people are, are they simply need to do is watch the local evening news and see who is doing the shootings at the local night spots and see how they are dressed. Nine out of ten times their questions will have been answered and this will have been put to rest and the owners of this place vindicated.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Yeah, I think its more about gang-bangers and wanna-bes, and there are plenty of those of all races and ethnicity.

    • MaximusX67

      It’s certainly biased … it’s trying to ensure no douchebags! It’s not about no black people allowed, it’s about keeping out those who dress like total idiots. I’ve seen plenty of white guys dressed just like this as well. It’s a terrible look though, regardless of your color. I am all for the ‘no douche’r’ dress code!

    • Frank Loftice

      Bravo to you sir. I couldn’t agree more

    • Anna Marie

      exactly, what is they use racism to suit their purpose. Its called swag, I know just as many white boys who dress swag as I do black boys. Its a STYLE…….geezzzz

    • Bob Petersen

      I’m with you. In my day it was Bell Bottom pants. They were associated with the Hippy culture but became a big part of youth fashion. It’s the same with this dress code, and I think the restaurant owner absolutely has the right to require a dress code for the comfort of her preferred clientele.

      And those that don’t like the dress code can go where they are accepted, it’s just that easy.

    • Vicki Roman

      Thank you, Charles Prince!

    • Mike

      Bu to them that would make you racist too, I totally agree though. Sometimes people look for the worst things in an innocent incident.

    • hk770

      You better watch out buddy. Bill Cosby spoke of decency and integrity, which pissed off the blacks, and look were he is now.

    • alexanecol59

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    • Goingnowherefst

      thank you for your honesty.

  • dt

    I do think she believes, as other race baiters do, if she cries RACISM at the top of her voice she can drown out the logicaly thinking in most level headed humans.

  • Donna McCracken

    People are milking this racist crap on anything they can find. All there is here is a very upscale bar/lounge where people dress up to come to. Tell the swanky establishments in New York, California, heck even here in Myrtle Beach SC there are restaurants, clubs, etc that all have dress codes. This woman wants to make an issue where there is none. She said she would not go there any more. THAT’S the answer to her problem!

  • FunctionalForm

    I’m honestly not sure how Bar Louie is being equated with being upscale (I’ve been to several in multiple states–that place isn’t a dive, but it’s also not a five star establishment)–but that’s a bit beyond the point of the idiocy behind claiming that expecting people to dress appropriately for being in public is racist. I’m black, and quite honestly I avoid going to Bar Louie precisely because they tend to let people saunter in there, wearing God knows what, behaving like God knows what…and I’ve seen people of ALL races pulling this nonsense. So a restaurant wants to actually have standards for their clientele? Good for them. And a restaurant which actually is accessible to most economic demographics, which wants to ensure that all people are comfortable going there? That’s not racism–it’s common business sense.

  • Eric Scott

    Doesn’t say unwelcome, just says not dressed like that!

  • Emily Craig

    Here is the way I see it. If a company is privately owned, they have the right to run their business anyway they want. It will be up to them to do things in a manner in which they survive as a business. Also all this “thug” dressing should be banned and would be in my establishment. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. One thing I have noticed lately is how many positive role models minorities have in the movies, TV and media. Thank God for that. You don’t have to talk slang, you can be educated and when you are, you find that people don’t see color anymore! But as long as you differentiate yourself by what you see as your culture, you are going to be at a disadvantage. Why are you so surprised at that? White people face the same obstacles, many come from poor families, even families full of crime and they have to climb out it. If you want acceptance, be something that everyone admires, educated, intelligent, hard working people…NO color seen at that level.

    • RonKeffer

      I enjoy being around educated people of all colors. I do not like being around those who despise what we stand for, people who pushes the system, and people who would rather be on welfare than have a job. go ahead say I am stereotyping cause I AM.

    • Steve

      keep in mind Emily is not saying she would like to be around educated black people dressed in traditional african clothing……again color would disappear if the person was nice/respectful/educated etc…..and I agree with her. Color? I only see it when its shoved in my face without respect.

    • Steve

      pardon me – comp problems – Emily is stating she wouldn’t care about the dress so much if the attitude was not present – and that NORMALLY disappears with education (unless that’s how you make your money). My point was an educated person is just that – a meeting of minds. we dont see black to white we see discussion of viewpoints. Whatever.

    • Ronald Olson

      Yeah, tell that to the bakery who didn’t want to make a wedding cake for 2 Lesbian’s. They lost their business after the Dyke’s sued them.

  • Kathy Shealy

    Hold up,didn’t FUBU stand for “For Us, By Us” or was that just a rumor?

  • Paul Hue

    If you don’t like it, don’t patronize. Start your own restaurant. If you think that these retarded dress standards apply to all blacks and no whites, than who is the racist? I would prefer to patronize a place that discriminates against retarded dress.

  • Rhonda Lewis Hunt

    I don’t think it’s racist at all. It’s a matter of having good taste.

  • catm beretta

    This is what happens when you start labeling people. the people labeled believe and cry foul. this is not a sports attire, contruction clothes or underclothes bar. This is a collar shirt,

    • Rienne Cakin

      Where did you see collar shirts & slacks?

  • Jay

    Uh, no. It’s not racist. A black person, hispanic person or a white person can walk in there wearing a properly sized t-shirt, or polo, with a properly fitting pair of jeans, or khakis etc. If they don’t want me walking in wearing a “wife beater” or my Packer jersey, I can accept that. There is nothing wrong with an establishment having a dress code. It’s no more racist than a restaurant declaring “formal attire only”. Political Correctness running amok yet again.

  • chuck

    I think its racist to assume that this applys to blacks.
    This sounds like a nice bar with zero thugs in it.
    Probably wot be a shooting in there, either.
    Thugs hide their illegally owned guns in their baggy pants and cover it with long shirts.
    Sports jerseys are associated with gang colors for a reason.
    Thugs were these to represent.
    I’d love to check out this bar when I’m in town.
    I won’t feel like I will catch a stray bullet from some POS gangbanger wanna-be.
    Blacks are clearly welcomed… just not anyone wearing thug attire at a nice place.
    Freaking stay away then!

  • Jim

    Why don’t they just change it to “NO OBAMA VOTERS”?

    • RonKeffer

      I like that

  • Bruce Becker

    mission accomplished

  • Alex Fml

    Haha! I love this post. It’s true. These “Street Nigga” jerks should seriously be more civilized. In case you don’t know what a “street nigga” is, I found this on google. howtobeastreetnigga.com

  • brenda chafin

    It their bar, they can run it the way they want too. Personally I would feel much safer if all bars posted this and stuck too it. those baggy pants and sleeveless hairy armpits, not attractive.. Gangs and thugs are not all black or hispanic or asian some are white and other ethnic groups.. Posted requirements apply to all.

  • HarryTheCat

    In other words: No Clown Costumes Allowed After 9:00 PM.

  • helinski

    I didn’t see anywhere on that list wherein black or mexican or any other race was not allowed. It just simply said that EVERYONE (denoting impartiality) was banned from displaying specific textile expressions in their bar. HOW THE “F” IS THAT RACIST?

  • helinski

    Yeah-it’s not like they banned fried chicken night-or said no one by the name of Shanika or Tyrone can enter the premises. Then we would know who they were targeting.
    And what about all the baggy pants wearing “hispanics” and white kids? I didn’t hear anyone complaining about anti-“wigger” racism against white thugs. Hmm.

  • Makesmegiggle

    Seriously why on earth is everything having to do with race? When I read the sign, I thought of the Italians I grew up with, who wore the same kind of clothes. People only see racism because they WANT to. We need to stop all this political correctness crap. It is killing uniqueness, and it is stifling free speech. Enough!

  • fiona

    Gang bangers wear sports jerseys? I thought sports fans wore jerseys

  • lastrohm

    It’s not racist. My 16-year-old, white step-son dresses like this when he’s with his mother – like a hoodlum. It’s embarrassing as heck. I wish more places had such rules to dissuade kids from dressing like criminals and prisoners.

  • mtin

    Want to talk about how this enforces stereotypes, what does it say about you if think this refers to one race. Must be nice to yell racist at someone when you are just as clearly saying the same thing. I have to laugh at the people beating the racist drum when they are basically saying that all black people dress like urban thugs. Whats next, going to claim the No Shoes, No Shirts, No service is racist against Shoeless, shirtless people! Give me a freaking break!

  • Jim Trent

    This is as bad as the articles I read today that said Thomas the Tank Engine was racist because the diesel engines that pulled pranks blew black smoke while Thomas who was a good train blew white smoke.

    Or the college professor was accused of being racist because he corrected one of his college students paper and corrected her grammar.

  • Rick Sanford

    I feel this is not racial profiling. No one is offended by a sign that says, no shirt, no shoes, no service but everyone gets up in arms about specific styles of dress that seems like an attempt to single out one ore more demographics. In this litigious society everyone is ready to sue over the most asinine things and this is merely another attempt to undermine what is clearly a policy put in place to make the patrons comfortable and thus making their establishment a bit more upscale. Why does no one complain when an establishment requires a jacket and tie. Golf courses require in many cases collared shirts and no shorts. Even some schools have a uniform or dress code policy. I commend Bar Louie for their stance. And yes I am black.

  • How can a dress code be racist. If you associate a certain negative slovenly manner of dress with a certain race then you are the one that is racist. This establishment wants to ascertain that when you eat there you will not feel like you are eating in the hood and hopefully will have a clientele that will act accordingly to the manner in which they appear. No matter what your race
    I am certain that you would appreciate this businesses effort in assuring its patrons have a pleasant dining experience including what the other patrons are wearing.

  • Rebecca Sipe

    Thanks for the heads up. We’ll be sure to dress our best and enjoy our visit,… Even if we have to drive extra miles to support your business the next time we’re near your vicinity!

  • RonKeffer

    go soak your heads…..everyone wants to make something racist out of nothing. So you know this is deteriorating our country. Get a life

  • JonRobin

    Just to add to the fodder…..
    look @ lilly white Justin Bieber…
    ~ flat bill hat- √
    ~sleeveless or sports jersey – √
    ~excessively saggy clothing – √
    ~exposed chains – √
    now, all you that find racism in every turn. get a life.

  • Herman Vogel

    I have a saying that has served me will and the majority of the time rang true. “Never trust a person wearing a flat billed ball cap”. They seen to be the Biggest Racists. sad, huh

  • william

    too many try to add colour to every situation. where i am is almost all white and this dress code would fit nicely

  • Always Right

    It has nothing to do with race, it is called civility. People are looking too hard for issues to divide us; thanks to Obama and Holder’s constant rhetoric about race, while they hold the two most powerful positions in the world.

  • Josh Rubin

    Or you could say if people want to visit a classy establishment, dress classy.

  • Michael Lowe

    “No shirt, No shoes, No service” is also a dress code and I see it in many establishments in the south. This is NOT racism, and anyone thinking it is are attention seekers wanting unwarranted publicity. They also, whether intended or not, keep racism alive by doing so.

  • radrachel

    It’s not a race issue its a gang issue and plenty of people that aren’t black are on gangs. Next they’ll say the golf course is racist for requiring a collard shirt.

  • Dan Fridenberg

    Sounds like slim shadey is excluded

  • David Pendleton

    So suit and tie establishments are racist as well then?…..anything for liberals to bleed over, you give a bum a dollar and the libs cry because it wasn’t 5 dollars, you give a bum 5 dollars and the libs cry because it wasn’t 10. Nothing you do will ever be good enough for these people so why even try….There are signs in almost every business that say “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”…..guess those are not signs anymore but “racist placards”

  • Doc Mathis

    The only difference between the dress code in this place and that of other nice establishments is they put it in plain english for all to see what the attire should not be. Having a dress code reduces low lifes from coming there kind of like some places that have inflated cover charges.

  • sgttom

    lol all one has to do to eat there is get some clothes that are semi formal and that fit properly. There is no mention of changing skin color.

  • wwefangirl

    I don’t see anything wrong with having a dress code. As someone who works in the public I wish more businesses had one. I’m sick and tired of seeing grown men wearing a belt yet their entire ass is showing. I don’t want to know the color of your undies. I think it should go further to include low cut tops on women, I don’t want to see your cleavage, nor do i want my 7 yr old seeing it. I don’t want to see your belly ring or your thong. I don’t need to see a slit up your thigh in your way to short to tight skirt.

  • Southern Rebel

    Hell Black People are the most racist people I know , that why they yell racist about everything, that way it takes your eyes off them. I say load them up ship them back to Africa.

  • John Tapp

    Clothes are racist. Naked people only. No uglies, fuglies, or dumpster fires – sign outside my bar.

  • I see white kids out here in the stix dressed like this. They should include ugly, poorly done, or obscene tattoos. I miss the days when only sailors and ex cons had them.

    And it’s not “Liberal” hypocrisy. They’re commies. Call them what they are. Calling them by their cute names only helps them hide their evil from the ignorant.

    Don’t understand? Go to freekentuckydotcom. Read the quotes page first.

  • Gary Warren

    If people look like slobs, why serve them? Why cater to them? They aren’t in prison and they’re not being persecuted. So turn them away until they decide to become part of a decent human race.

  • Dr Moon

    Nothing racist here. The place wants people to dress decent instead of like bums,

  • ronhd


  • kanenas101

    Why are the people complaining about this policy so racist as to assume that only blacks dress in this manner?

    And why shouldn’t a private business, if it chose to do so, not be allowed to discriminate against anyone it wants to for any reason? Sure it is dick move, but why shouldn’t a private business have that right?

  • Les K

    A dress code is a dress code. You don’t like it, or wear that crap, then you don’t go there. End of story.

    Not everything is about race. It’s not like they said No Afro’s, no “Sheen” or “Jerry Curl” hair products, or No gold teeth.

  • Denny Tropics

    I think this article is racist in nature! When does your pigment dictate what you wear? I have seen all manner of races wear these types of garments. There is no crime in a business wanting a bit of class in their establishment.

  • Jesse

    I wear sleeveless undershirts, REALLY baggy clothing, and what some would call a large chain from time to time, I guess no German-Jew-Native American-Irish customers are allowed either.

  • Deanna Wood Short

    I think it takes guts to have a dress code like this, although the nicer places have a code like this, they just don’t post it. Instead of posting it, the bouncers will just turn you down at the door. I, personally would rather have a “heads-up”.

  • jtbrother

    I have been to restaurants where I was given a tie to wear because I didn’t bring one. Was that racist too?

  • Sam White

    I don’t see how this dress code is pointed towards blacks. I am black and don’t dress like this and neither do any of my black friends. I know white people and latinos and blacks that dress like this and if they want to get into this bar, they will have to wear something else. Plain and simple.

  • milehisnk

    If you really wanted to separate those different distinctions, it’s pretty simple:
    Flat-bill hats = just about everyone except an outdoorsman or athlete
    baggy pants = goths and old school skaters (typically white)
    sleeveless undershirts (aka “wifebeaters”) = everyone in summer, white trash and hispanic year ’round.
    big chains = italian decendents
    long plain white t-shirts = who wears plain T-shirts anymore?

    athletic apparel = everyone

    sports jerseys = Everyone

    • milehisnk

      And personally, they should include “skinny jeans” on that list as well. Just my .02…

  • mary witte

    it has nothing to do with race they just don’t want slobs in their bar

  • durand cornish

    It’s their business, and they can set their standards. If you can’t do it, don’t go in there. It’s THAT simple. Offended? WHO CARES? Nobody ever died from being offended, so don’t be stupid. You’re NOT entitled, regardless of racial background, and NOBODY has to kiss your behind. You aren’t special, actually.

  • rockinout4ever

    White guys wear stuff like that too… come on people, the business wants to uphold a DRESSY image.

    You wouldn’t show up to a business interview or to a 5-star restaurant in a long white t-shirt and baggy pants, would you?


  • Kathy Pozel Clark

    They just don’t want trash in their place of business, POINT BLANK! I see A LOT of white people dressing like this too. So, that means them too, along with any other race that dresses like this.

  • Kay

    It’s because if you can’t dress appropriately, it is unnerving and annoying. All colors of persons have ways they dress that they think is great, but others hate it because it is tooooo much.

  • Eric Gullett

    When I was a senior in High School we had senior night at Disney Land. If we wanted to go we were expected to wear nice clothes because people are less likely to cause issues if they are dressed nice. The same goes here. If you walk into a bar dressed like a hood, you are probably going to cause trouble. This is not racist, just proper policy.

  • LEL

    They left off the most important one, no exposed under wear. No one wants to see your under wear. Baggy Clothing could mean Burkha as well.

  • Susan Lenard

    Unless you belong to the THUG race there is nothing offensive about this dress code. Why do people feel the need to look for something racist in everything? If they would only realize it makes people immune to their complaint, so when it is real they don’t pay attention. Remember the little boy who cried wolf?

  • GlarryB

    Some of these people, of all colors and races, need a lesson in dress code. Even Waffle House has a sign stating, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”.
    I don’t know why so many black folks want to scream racism over every little issue. I’ve heard the charge of “racist” for a country bar playing country music. They said its designed to keep blacks out. Good Grief, haven’t they heard of Charlie Pride ???

    • artemis133

      And Darius Rucker.

  • Ronald Olson

    What racism? That would also apply to Biker’s, rednecks or those coming in after a ball game of any kind.

  • Jerry Nostrant

    I cat stand when i see people sagging their jeans below their ass. I don’t get why they think that’s ‘cool.’ It’s disgusting and nobody wants to see that trash!

  • Susan Lenard

    The guy in the video complaining that it is racist has on an outfit that is acceptable to be a patron, so WTH is he complaining about?

  • Aaron Stites

    Yeah, because only black people dress this way, right? Get outta here with this crap. The dress code isn’t describing a race it’s describing fashion worn by trouble makers of various races. I was at the bar last week and some white guy was starting trouble after they cut him off and told him to go home and sleep it off. What was he wearing? Baggy pants worn below his butt and a tank top. I’ve seen tons of other fights over the years and they have always had at least two if not all of the described clothing on the list and it had been by people different races. It isn’t an issue of race but of thug mentality that has been popularized by the music industry.

  • rlstout

    The dress code sounds reasonable to me. Maybe the complainers should heed the dress code and see how they are treated as individuals. That’s the only fair way to judge their intentions.

  • spinbubba

    I find absolutely NO problem with this dress code. (Read to the end to see what qualifies my comments). Dress codes have been around for generations! When I am home…I will usually have a sleeveless shirt on…because I am working and doing chores around the house or just hanging out because I like to wear sleeveless shirts. If I go to the lake or river…I may have a sleeveless shirt on or no shirt.
    When I go out to eat…I usually have a polo or button shirt on. If a place has a sign up and says suit and tie required…I know that I am not welcome there due to what I have on. I am not offended…I just go down the street. I wear shorts…Blue Jean or Dockers…in the warm months. A few places say No Shorts allowed. Not a Problem…I just go on down the street.
    I have both collared and un-collared sport shirts. If I have a shirt on that does not get me in the door…I go elsewhere…and that happened on June 17, 1994…in Colorado Springs. I had been to a AAA ballgame in hot weather and had a sports tank top on and was not allowed in the bar because of their dress code…Whooppee…I went elsewhere…(oh…how do I know what day it was you ask…it was OJ’s truck chase day!!)
    So there you have it…over 20 years ago I was not allowed in an establishment because my clothing did not meet the requirements!! Crying racism then or now never entered my mind and is simply BS.
    I am a white heterosexual male who looks Hispanic…big deal. I am actually 8% Native American (Indian). Who cares…our family has never played the minority card and never will. Those that do are simply Losers.

  • Robert B Turner

    Is it not racist to think all blacks dress only like bums , gang banger , drug dealers , and thugs ? Maybe Michelle Horovitz , and Appetite For Change It was him who said “Might as well just say, ‘No black folks allowed,’” Does he not believe Black men can dress in a way that they would be aloud to go in to that bar . If someone being racist in this story I think it is Michelle Horovitz .

  • Jerry Nostrant

    I would eat there. Don’t have to be around trash.

  • Florence Lane-Smith

    I would do the same who wants people to walk out I want money and a place has to be a nice place not a hangout

  • Aaron Kelley

    The Bar Louie in my area seems to be attempting to attract an upscale clientele. With $4 drafts and even more expensive mixed drinks seems to enforce this better than a dress code, but I will admit that this dress code could be better enforced with different verbiage. Positive rules are generally more acceptable to the public than negative. Tell folks what IS acceptable attire rather than what is unacceptable, Or if you prefer, list suggested attire after listing a negative dress code.

  • chris

    Nothing wrong with a dress code. Boardwalks in NJ said no baggy jeans. Not racist just they just don’t want a bunch of thugs and low life’s hanging out.

  • alnga

    Strange as it may seem that not all Blacks wear the clothing described, I sense this is simply a political game of some kind. The two Black folks interviewed would be welcomed any where. How can anyone assume that this is strictly

  • river231

    i believe it is a right for a business to impose a dress code ! if you don’t like the dress code , don’t patronize that business !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Clussman

    How is this racist, I see Hispanics and whites wearing this Bar wants is a strict dress so their customers feel relax and spend more money. So stop with the race baiting tactics, I’m tried of it.

  • kevin

    this is ridiculous. My son dresses like that and he is white, and I would totally resect this dress code.

  • FJoachim

    Liberals always looking for something to impose their PC on. PC is ruining our country. Horovitz your a sad little man

  • Rebecca Cecil

    Um, I’ve seen plenty of young white men wearing flat billed hats, my stepson included, so tell me again how this is racist?!! An establishment wants RESPECTFULLY dressed customers?! God forbid!! Grow up and get over your PC self!!! That business has every right to have a dress code!

  • Richard Sanchez

    this is F’ing stupid. They are just trying to keep the criminal element out. And lets face it those who dress ike that tend to be of the criminal element. NOT RACIST, JUST DON’T WANT TROUBLE AND MAINTAIN A SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR THEIR PATRONS.

  • Cathy Doyle Kelly

    yup lets pull out the race BS Stop it dress nice and you can come in white black yellow purple green

  • Timothy Williams

    If it’s an upscale bar, whats the problem? And why is creating a nice atmosphere for your clientele considered racism is this country? As far as Horovitz not patronizing them, I don’t believe that they have ever asked her if she wanted to be one of their customers. And why is it that a business doesn’t have a right to have and run their own business? There is no discrimination here, unless it’s is going to be enacted against legal US citizens.

  • Sherry De Marco

    its not racist they simply want well dressed, nice people
    , night clubs have BEEN doing it for YEARS!!!!!

  • Zachary Lovett

    Why does this bar hate Justin Bieber?

  • Shelly Baker Chang

    Damn I am offended by liberals who think all black people are so bad off they don’t want to or can not dress for diner. Really? So glad I don’t run with liberal hypocrites. They (libs) are far too stupid for my taste.

  • john backus

    So what if they’re bieng racist. They dont wont low life, gang bangin scum In their establishment.!

  • Stan`

    …if you want to be liked, then you have to make yourself likeable…
    … if you want to be accepted, then you have to make yourself acceptable…
    …if you want to be respected, then you have to make yourself respectable…
    … it’s really that simple…
    … and if you want to enter that business establishment, then you have to comply with the requirements for entry…

  • Chuck_Key

    Yep, there are a lot of equal-opportunity MORONS who will make *every* issue into a racial one.

  • Bob Truthteller

    This is clearly an attempt to keep gang-bangers out. Anyone who watches Cops will see the repetitive nature of the arrestees for drug sales and gang-banging…..always wearing this type of clothing. (not to mention the white criminal types also) Why doesn’t an establishment have the right to keep out gang-bangers and other dangerous people and to protect their customers? These leftist/progressive organizations definitely don’t have the general public’s best interests at heart when they want to advocate for gang members and other criminals at the risk of the law abiding public. They most likely won’t be around when the shooting begins. Some other innocent person will pay the price.

  • Lisa D. Boozer

    I am a black female and don’t see this as racist at all! I don’t want to be in a nightclub that allows any of the clothing mentioned on the sign! It sounds to me like they are trying to have an atmosphere where adults will feel comfortable. Good for them! Everything is NOT about race!

  • Shelley OBrien

    Since when keeping club somewhat classy considered racist? Back in my day, I remember clubs required women to wear a dress and men had to have a jacket and tie. I loved getting dolled up in a pretty cocktail dress, stiletto heels and wearing my signature perfume, Norell.

  • Darrin Bourgeois

    Its not about Race. Its about dressing properly, and stopping all people who want to act or dress a certain way away to keep a place reputable. Wanna be gang bangers need not apply. If the old gangsters were around fron the 20’s and thirties i guarantee they would have something to say about these gangs today. again not about race. Its about reapect.

  • Terry Lee Mace

    Got to laugh when I hear ignorant white people play the race card such as this lady theres a lot of white people that fit the same bill.

  • Bob Truthteller

    The baggy-pants fad started in prison and was associated with attracting other gay men. Funny that the gang-bangers picked up on the trend in order to hide guns more effectively. They may have just known that their ex-con friends used the style and it happened to work with packing a hidden firearm. Now, when the police have to chase the criminals, half the time, they catch them with their pants half-way down their legs and having some difficulty running. Yes, these are the clientele I want in my establishment. Great way to be successful. NOT.

  • Rational Girl

    People will see problems if they want to see problems.

  • mtin

    Not to offend black people, but sometimes they come off as just looking for any reason to cry racist. If the owner had just said Dress cloths only, I’m sure that he would have still been accused as a racist. Racism is never going to go away if every time something happens, you have someone shouting “Racism”. He looked at me, must be a racist! I got stopped for speeding. He only pulled me over because of my skin color! I didn’t get the job. The boss was a racist because he hired a white guy over me. FYI, racist don’t only come in the color white. If you are black or brown and you think that every white man is out to get you. Then you my friend are a closet racist.

  • Dawn Summer Graham

    Wow.. whining is now a national pastime. It isn’t RACIST, people. It’s called STANDARDS.. things we all used to have. And I like Janine Lea’s comment 🙂

  • PureGenius

    Folks, folks, folks, calm down here. It is clearly not the actual clothing restrictions she finds racist, it is the fact that the sign also says at the bottom that Bar Louie accepts only “valid I.D.’s”. That’s the problem, just like voting! Libtards.

  • Drew

    Looks to me that they are just trying to keep it classy. I don’t see anything racial here.

  • Lyle Elias

    so it’s racist because a business actually want there patrons to actually dress decent. can’t people let them just run there business as they see fit. if you don’t like, stay the hell out

  • RN01

    He’s not targeting “blacks” because there are many, many blacks that don’t dress like what he’s prohibiting. MAYBE it will affect a large number of young blacks, but the main point is dress standard, not race. I’m sick of so many making everything about race. People are “offended” only when they choose to be.

  • Bruce Hershberger

    People need to honestly just grow up and start acting like the adults they demand to be treated as! Whatever happened to “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” ? Many businesses have a defined dresscode that works out just fine because their clientele respect it. Being a bar, perhaps this business owner felt the need to establish a firm definition up front. Make yourself clear and you may have less work for the bouncer.

  • Scott Wilcox

    Umm….isn’t assuming that only black people dress like that…in and of itself…Racist? Head to any mall, you will see all sorts of people wearing those types of clothes. I wear athletic apparel/shirts, Bruins Jerseys, Red Sox Jerseys etc. I also wear brimmed athletic hats. Keeps the sun out of my eyes, and the rain off my head. You can drive down any white suburban neighborhood during the summer and encounter countless white folk mowing their lawns in various wife beaters….err….sleeveless t-shirts.
    Bottom line here is this place is trying to establish a dress code without going totally upscale. Just saying.. “Hey, look presentable/respectable”, but not going hey wear a shirt and tie. Nothing in that sign says… no black people. Everything in the article attitude says, I am gong to find racism everywhere I can.

  • Carmen A.

    Liberals hate black Americans they want them on their Welfare farms far away from them just ask Al and Jesse whom the live next to and there not Ghetto people Liberals go away.

  • tom

    it could apply to my grandson and his friends all of whom are white

  • pas49

    When are people going to understand that Progressives are RACISTS.

  • Acadian Flag

    Isn’t it racist to think that all black people dress like that or that no white people dress like that?

  • bluzzone

    Why is that if there is something they don’t like it is racist. I think they are clueless.It is a dress code.Dress appropriately.

  • Mert Wilson

    I can see the owners point of view, but the money is all green and that is what keeps the doors open

  • Ruth Simmons

    He has every right to have a decent dress code in place The business belongs to him not anyone else If YOU don’t like the dress code go some where else that will condon your way of dress and actions !!!!

  • jalowe

    It’s a BUSINESS… it BELONGS to to someone trying to make a LIVING. If a government entitlement program is supporting your azz through us the TAX PAYERS… shut the f—k up!!! Many of these grieving neurotics are of the worst form of race-baters…. AMERICA HATERS! Many throughout this country and the WORLD-AT-LARGE are blinded by all these US government handouts… not the people giving them but the people recieving them. People who are under total economical government-controled slavery. These are sympathizer RACISTS that’s slinging the word racist around like it’s some kind of defense shield for protecting their own special government interest… it’s sickening really!!! Why work when you can make more money with being on government handouts… have no responsibilities or anything else to do except bitch about things… on a community organized effort to get more for doing NOTHING

  • Marcia Christian

    Ok, then the signs that say, no shoes, no shirt, no service must also be ‘racist’! Dumb people. I agree that there are people of all races that dress so horribly that they shouldn’t even be allowed to leave the house. Besides, aren’t we all of the human race?

  • avallliere

    I absolutely love their dress code. Who told these folks that everyone wanted to see their underwear or their butts? The hats that are being worn are so damn ugly and they leave the price and information stickers on them????? As far as everything else – just fine with me. If you don’t like his rules don’t frequent his establishment…very simple. But no…the race card gets pulled again. Damn that Emancipation Proclamation and Desegregation. The Dumbocrats started the KKK and now they’re the one’s condoning the pulling of the race card????? WTF????

  • Sandy Groepel

    There is nothing wrong with a business wanting people to come in dressed appropriately for his business. I do not see where there is anything racist about having a dress code. In Florida many places say no shoes, no shirt, no service, is that racist, or aimed at people in bathing suits and from the beach with no shoes. He is not being black specific he simply does not want riff-raff in his establishment.

  • DE DE

    If I was a black person, I would find it racist saying that it was targeting me…she is saying black people have no taste in clothing; no self-respect. THAT I find insulting. I wouldn’t want slobs in my business either. Clean, decently dressed people…of all races!

  • Jason Ashby

    you can make anything racist if you try hard enough. Blacks are not the only ones that dress like this, however it does lend itself to a wide variety of disrespectful punks and wanna be’s.

  • Toni Ryan

    I’ve seen white and Asian’s dressed like that so I don’t see the racism. Anyway, doesn’t matter, it’s his business and if you have a dress code, then you have a dress code…period!

  • Terry Marcie Arthur

    Seriously. People (of any race) have a choice about what they wear. And before someone argues that some people can’t afford new clothes, my response would be then why are they going to a bar to spend money?

  • Robert Beaudreault

    I know MANY white guys that this would apply to and I also know MANY black men that dress a whole lot better than I do!!!!!! Go try and start a fight over something that matters!

  • Deborah

    The really amusing thing about the Horovitz broad is that she would think anyone gave a rat’s ass that she and her loser cronies didn’t patronize the establishment! In fact, we are even more likely to spend every free minute and every free dollar there just because she isn’t there!!! Who’s up for Bar Louie??? Suddenly I need a drink! And, if I ever decide to open a bar, or any other business, I already know exactly what my dress code is going to be!

  • joe

    If that is what they want, they should change the name of the bar to Flanagan’s Irish pub. they will never have another black customer.

  • Jon Leblanc

    We have a bar louie here in AZ as well, i wont be going there ever again.

    • Andrew

      Good, the dress code is working.

  • Rj Whodafux Barron

    Its not racist – it’s bigotry. The woman’s opinion that the sign alludes to black people IS racist. Neither is very attractive. “Learn to ‘English'” everyone.

  • That’ a list of known gang attire. There are more hispanic gang-bangers dressed as such than blacks. Only a dumbass JINO Liberal can screw up a simple observation. (JINO-Jewish In Name Only)

  • JoAnn Rivera Summers

    this sh!t just keeps getting more stupid as the days go by. Pull your pants up you look like you sh!t yourself. Chains can be weapons. Open your eyes ppl ITS NOT ABOUT COLOR!! WTF. How bout the guy wants to present his establishment in a decent manner. Walking in a place with your pants to your damn knees walking cockeyed like ya got ram rodded up your Sh!thole. My kid tried that once. He walked by me and bamb. His drawers were on his feet. Keep wearing them like that. I’m yanking them down every time. Stupest trend EVER!!!

  • AWCheney

    It really does sound more like they are addressing potential gang attire…and very, very poor taste at the same time.

  • umgoblue80

    So should they have just put up a sign saying, “No thugs?” And let people make their own judgement calls?

  • Charlotte Christovich

    no Justin Beibers.

  • William Snapper

    Many if not most golf courses require collared shirts, and, no
    jeans or cutoff shorts. Does not make a golf course racist, well dressed people
    are well dressed people.

    Everything is not racist, get over yourselves!

  • Jerriatrix

    So let me get this straight, the public school where I live has a dress code for all students and that’s not racists, but if a business wants to have a dress code, it’s suddenly racist. If you don’t like the dress code, don’t go, simple as that.

  • Shane Philbrick

    I think its a good deal I don’t think it is racist. I see morons that dress this way all the time it don’t matter what color they are wife,black,gray, pink, purple iv seen them all dress this way. They want a set inviting atmosphere. There choice some people just want there 15 min of fame

  • z–man

    So, Bar Louie doesn’t want a bunch of slobs showing up. It’s their right to so do.

  • frank

    Wow you people are retarded…… And by “you people” I mean anybody who trys to make this stupid sign seem racist.

  • ann

    Just another example of people looking for racism that doesn’t exist. I would go out of my way to frequent this establishment if I lived there. Seems they are catering to a more professional clientele. There are plenty of other bars and clubs you can go to if you don’t like it. Believe this will attract more people than it will turn away.

  • Mike Birk

    Get over it! I’ve seen plenty of young white guys wearing the same attire that is being banned from this bar. We need to get the chip off our shoulder and quit playing the “Race Card”…Unless that is, that you are saying all blacks dress like thugs and no white guys do.

  • Kris Stoneburg

    I had the same dress code when I was in school 20 years ago it’s still the same now as it was in the 70s it was designed to make ALL students look respectful and decent. That’s all the owner wants a nicely dressed clientele not jersey shore

  • Right Wired

    I want to go to a flea market and buy like 1,000 belts and keep them in my car.

    And then any time I see a gang-banger, whether he be white or black or Hispanic, walking around with his pants on the ground, I could just toss a belt out of the window and say, “here you go, lil guy. “

  • Michael_Smith69

    The flat billed hat is this generation’s dunce cap

  • Proud Patriot

    Oh, the bleeding hearts. I see degenerates of all races that dress like that.

  • AntiObama

    Basically it says. NO gangbangers or anybody that looks like one, that means black white or any other color. In other words they don’t want gang bangers shooting people in front of their establishment. Hard to blame them.

  • Woody Nelson

    Could be describing the way a lot of bikers dress. If someone takes this dress code as racial then that person has a race problem.

  • pmeee

    Nothing black about this, sounds like my son’s dress code, I hate it but yes he wears this sort of clothing! White to the bone, LOL I wouldn’t allow him to go into my place of business dressed like this

  • Brian Silvernail

    Ya and I couldn’t get into a bar saturday night because i had a hat on……an MSU hat i had worn next door at the watch party. Once I revealed I had a hat at all I was told I had to bring it to my car? I claim discrimination against 50 year old bald white guys who prefer to wear a hat too. Bald people should be protected minorities too.

  • Gunner

    If you don’t like a dress code at a business, don’t patronize that business, don’t try to make it some terrible big bad racist plot against the black man Most of the time, it is plain and simply a dress code. it could be achieved as easily and with less BS by saying collard shirt, slacks and shoes requied.

  • Thomas Meadows

    Were it my business,YES that dress code would be in place.People who have respect for them selves always dress nicely,the rest,GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

  • planetman

    I think it targets poorly dressed people, just like the owners intent, not everything is about racist views, get over it , I am so tired of politically correct to the point nothing is factual, over compensation for races and sensational coverage by the media over nothing.

  • don

    IF it is MY money that opened a establishment , what ever it is ..I have the right to say who, when or what happens in that establishment, according to MY beliefs and wishes….So – you don’t like the rules… go elsewhere

  • bill

    I am curious why no flat bill hats are allowed yet the curved bill hats are allowed. Seems to me they are saying no young folks allowed, only those old guys are welcome.

  • Linda Burns-Fletcher

    Some “people” must be the center of attention no matter what is said or written. “They” need to get over themselves. Act right, dress right and there will be NO PROBLEM!

  • Richard Grooters

    I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and regularly see multiple races of young people in every type of dress prohibited by this establishment. Some people need to take a deep breath and get a hobby.

  • Cheryl Fugate

    I would like to go somewhere to eat or meet with friends that would set standards for their guests without really having to do post them. However, since many people don’t know how to dress in public or in a way that won’t offend others or destroy the ambience of the establishment, businesses have to post them. Miss Manners was thrown out with the bath water and our society has turned into an “I can do whatever I want, anytime I want, and I don’t care what others think — until they tell me I can’t” culture. I’m sick of it. Hurray for Bar Louie!!!!

  • Heartland Patriot

    Dirtball “social justice warriors” at it again, stirring up trouble and making a stink about something to purge their “white guilt”. Well, I wouldn’t want gang-bangers or wanna-bes in my establishment either, no matter what their skin color might be.

  • Kathy Leary

    Why is this racist? I would rather go to a restaurant with this dress code than without it. I totally agree with the restaurant!

  • Robert Evans

    this is no more racist than a nice restaurant that requires tie and suit jacket. The difference is they are naming a few things they don’t want to see rather than saying everyone has to wear this.

  • CaneRVa

    Lots of trashy white guys where this stuff too and no business that wants to stay in business wants trashy people driving away non-trashy paying customers. Deal with it. Out.

  • Wesley Brian BeShears

    You don’t like it, don’t wish to spend your money there, don’t go. I work in a restaurant with a 5 star platinum star rating, that does not allow the same. Bar Louie doesn’t seem to be racist at all, they do not point to one ethnic group, it’s well within their legal rights, I feel, and more likely than not, undoubtedly, has been advised by their lawyers that this is Legal…

  • Virginia Gander

    There is no difference from establishments that require a tie and jacket. A dress code simply requires an individual to take pride in their appearance and respect others. I for one do not appreciate looking at someone’s armpits or underwear when I am able to enjoy a rare night out.

  • Frank Loftice

    I support the dress code completely and I have no idea where the racist thing came from. I’m continually amazed at the clowns who feel the need to make everything about race. The people who try to make every statement a race issue are the very reason it’s an issue. Get a life moron.

  • Garth Häävelschlockë

    The real racists are the folks who say things are racist.

  • Jack

    I would certainly go there, and I applaud them for keeping trash out.

  • kaye cantrell

    Everything in this World DOES NOT revolve the BLACK race! I wish they would just get over themselves and act and react like the HUMAN race!

  • Jeff Gabel

    Above mentioned clothing often associated with gang banger attitude not color. Good idea for the bar to maintain order and dignity.

  • David Smith

    the only racism I’m detecting is from Michelle Horovitz

  • Cyndi Babish

    I see nothing wrong with enforcing a dress-code in an establishment that I own or run. If people don’t like it, eat somewhere else. Has nothing to do with being racist. My place, my rules.

  • Ginger Woods

    I see nothing that makes that sign racist. We have a parking lot that has a Hugh sign stating *Parking for Tenants only. A young man pulled in and started to leave his car and when I told him it was private parking,he asked if this was a black thing. I said Read the sign and move.

  • Dorothy Stuart

    Racist? I don’t think so. Businesses have a right to post what kind of dress is or isn’t allowed. Or are these dopes the kind of people who would say it is discriminatory towards nudists when a business says “No shoes, no shirt, no service.”

  • DCS

    Laughin… so… hard!!! People keep making STUPID things about race. The hard-working, self-respecting black people of America are sick of this crap. Quit perpetuating that race is an issue. Quit dressing like a duck, acting like a duck, and talking like a duck if you don’t wanna be fed by the little old lady at the park! Quit associating and dressing and acting like a thug and getting BUTT-Hurt when people call you on it because they don’t want that crap in THEIR establishments. Grandma said it best, “my house means MY rules. If you don’t like it, there’s the door!”

  • FishCO

    More sensationalist progressive liberal crap. That’s just a smart dress code that targets morons and wannabes.

  • margaretbugg

    Not racist at all. How can people think this stuff is racist?

  • Pretty simple really.. They want a classy place filled with professional type people. Doctors, lawyers, businessman and women.

  • Marilynn

    I think the dress code is just requiring people to dress respectful. Those who see it otherwise have a problem.

  • Worried

    only a racist would think this is racist

  • rcfrt

    It’s a very simple proposition: if this is a place you want to go to, you will dress appropriately. If you don’t want to dress appropriately, you don’t really want to go there.

  • Cheryl McMaken

    KWT has it right on the spot.

  • Anna Marie

    its called SWAG….and for those of you who do not know…..white boys dress swag just as much as black boys. GET OVER IT.

  • Guest

    So freaking tired of the race card!! It just says dress properly or go elsewhere. I don’t care if you’re pink orange black purple if you dress like that you’re not welcome. Owners choice. Lots of restaurants have dress codes !!!

  • chickief

    It could have said, No A$$#013$, would that have been better? Same difference. Calling a spade, a shovel doesn’t make it any less a shovel.

  • s.l.k.

    The bottom line is that it is their business., their dress code. Don’t like it, don’t go. You want to waste time taking it personal that’s your problem.

  • 19mad74

    A lot of bars and restaurants have had dress codes for years, especially in liberal California. I know because I used to live there. And now suddenly, dress codes are racist? Give me a break. When does the P.C. insanity end?

  • Eagle View

    Just like the dress code at Hulk Hogan’s Club, this is not racists. A matter of fact I would have to say anyone that sees or claims these dress codes are racists are the actual racists.

  • Eagle View

    So why did this station only show interviews with people who think the dress code is racists? Just more diversionary tactics by the far left liberals.

  • Jody Cordell

    No thug wanna be is welcome no matter race color sex or age! Thats what it says.

  • ibpenny

    I think the proprietor of any business should be able to decide….cigarettes or not, barefoot or not, checks or cash, etc… Had absolutely nothing to do with race. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT RACE!!!!!!!

  • Pumiecat

    Personally when I’m out and about, I’d rather see tight jeans on men and a nice shirt that shows off a bit of biceps and triceps. White tees leave nothing to the imagination. Large chains are tacky. Anybody going out in a jersey needs to rethink their inner Fashionista. You are going to a club not tailgating! Dress to impress. If you look good, you feel good. No racism. That goes for all 🙂 No skin color involved.

  • Timothy White

    so lets break this down item-by-item for these incompetent protesters, like this Michelle Horovitz:

    no flat bill hats, aka baseball hats – historically known to be used to represent gang affiliation. (all races.)
    no sleeveless under shirts, aka tank shirt, wife beater, dago-tee – so you really want to go out and impress the ladies by wearing a shirt like this? showing off your hairy pits??. (mostly white and hispanic.)
    no excessively baggy clothing – regardless of how white middle-class kids think it’s cool to dress like hip-hop artists, 95% of those artists come from the streets where this was how gang members dress. like baseball hats, used mostly to repesent as a type of thug or gang member. plus it just looks sloppy. (all races.)
    no large chains worn outside of shirt – this is just tacky to begin with, same as the sleeveless shirt. (they can try to say its a black thing, but Italians and Greeks started this 40 yrs ago. so all races.)
    no long plain white t-shirts – this is the new gang member model. they no longer where colors or items where they can be identified. they now all wear ling white t-shirts and blue jeans so they all look alike and nobody can pick them out and cops cant ID them. (all races.)
    no athletic apparel & no sports jerseys – so no gym shoes or jerseys. just like school or work. considering this applies to just about ALL males between 21-35, how can this be seen as a race thing? (so all races.)

    now, since a business has the right to tailor to a certain client base, why is this any different than a theater or restaurant where you are expected (if not required) to at least wear a suit and tie? are those places racist now as well?

  • Reba Wolff

    I agree with the bar owner. He is not addressing black people only. He is addressing a specific style of dress that is not appropriate in all settings. And he does not feel it is appropriate for his bar/restaurant. Deal with it. Grow up and stop making something out of nothing.

  • Kevin Stall

    Thinking that this dress code is racist is racist. You are assigning race by what people wear. No flat bill hats could refer to a cowboy hat or a british driving cap. No collarless jersey means wear nice clothes not some rag tag jersey you have laying around. People push the limits, they could require coat and tie and these people would interpret that as racist.

  • Christopher Mercer

    I find it more racist that she thinks this dress code only represents how black people dress. That likely means this is how SHE views black people. Many people don’t realize their folly when claiming racism and end up looking the fool themselves.

  • Lisa A Black

    What is wrong with them not wanting to have people that can dress appropriately for an evening out

  • Henry Murphey

    Doesn’t bother me, except last item on game days. However not all bars are sport bars.
    I have been in many bars that those dress codes would apply.
    They normall have stated business casual as their dress code.

  • Jpr

    It is not just blacks, it seems people in that dress are the people who cause trouble. It may only be a small percent of them but one bad apple…..

  • Vicki Roman

    When someone throws the “race card,” you know they have nothing else.

  • Sterling Spencer

    sounds like he just want a clean safe business to me.

  • reggie98ud

    Of course everything is racist, that’s what Owebama wants and what he has been getting from the liberal media.

  • Arthur Morse

    Any person that throws the word ‘racist’ around is a racist.

  • Lance Sjogren

    Much of the anti hate movement has the mentality of an arsonist fireman.

  • david b cordick

    do you know that back in the old, old, days when americans were respected throughout the world, we actually all dressed appropriately. kids didnt run around look like, whores and pimps and call that cool. and in every business establishment had a sign prominently displayed, from a mom and pop store, to the biggest department stores. the sign simply stated, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. what happened to those signs, we knew that if you looked like something that just crawled out of a garbage can, you knew you were going to get thrown out. but now all you have to do is yell discrimination and the business is destroyed. when you pay fifty bucks for a pair of jeans that are full of holes or a couple of bucks for a little bottle of water, somethings gone wrong. im confused, i dont know what to tell my kids to learn. spanish, arabic, chinese or russian

  • Mark Gooden

    I believe in dress codes. it keeps the riff raff out.

  • Cathie Maisonet

    I think they just want decent people not people that dress like thugs. All races sag pants wear baggy clothes & oversized shirts. People should dress decent been they go out 2 clubs

  • SgtMac

    Everyone wears clothes like that…and they all look stupid, moronic, and out to cause trouble. They think it makes them look tough.

  • Ziva (Candace) McCabe

    Upscale establishments require appropriate attire! Sooo no comfy flip flops for me, or other dress down attire. They have a right to set the dress code and I don’t see how it excludes a soul! If you want to go there, dress accordingly!

  • globeflyer

    If anyone thinks the dress code described is only about blacks, I’d suggest they are racists. I have seen all colors wearing that attire and most of them are trying to make a statement. A statement that Bar Louie doesn’t think is in the best interest of it’s clientele. Somebody will try to, legally, make them serve people dressed like that; when that happens you’ll see all the “no shoes, no shirt, no service” signs come down as well.

  • Melissa Hamari

    Seriously, they just don’t want slobs.

  • Earthgal

    That is in No Way Racist! I know many white people who wear those items that would have no problem not wearing them into this establishment. Get over the Race Cards People!!

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  • (Face Palm)

  • Don

    I agree with and fully support the dress code, you go out it is good to dress up a little. Don’t see how anyone in their right mind could see this as racist!!

  • Tina

    That is such crap! Not being racist! All races dress with clothes like that, especially younger adults! Anyone is allowed to come to this place as long as they are dressed nice! And I find nothing wrong with people having to dress nice to go out for the night!

  • Norma Jean Wimbush-Burger

    I don’t feel like it is just about blacks, a lot of people wear crap like that. I don’t and none of my family does…so, all they have to do is dress a little more stylish when going to this place…

  • mary witte

    his business, his dress code.don’t like it, go some where else

  • Lisa

    I have no problem with it when you don’t have that type in your establishment people can enjoy themselves without any worries,, Every business has the right to refuse service to anyone..

  • coppermouse

    going out to a nice establishment wear decent clothes, going to the corner bar, wear whatever. blacks , hispanics, whites or whoever, going to a nice place show some class and dress up.

  • Me

    Try dressing like you belong to an upscale establishment so you don’t have to be turned away-morns, and oh yea..pull up your pants no one wants to see your skid marks on your panties

  • livin free 2010

    I can see their point but seriously – the baggy clothes are so dumb looking. Give it up already.

  • thug nasty

    I wish the COLLEGE I work in HAD that kind of a policy, fkn slobs..

  • candyman49

    What’s wrong with it? Why can’t a business have decently dressed people in their establishment? It isn’t racist, it includes everyone, black, white, hispanic, etc. Do you really want people walking in dressed in gang colors etc.? No? then shut your libtard mouth

  • GLB

    In my opinion, this bar is being selective for all the right reasons… trash is trash regardless of your ethnic background. This owner is trying to create a nice atmosphere in his business and there’s nothing wrong with his selectiveness

  • Mike Uguccioni

    This is a large part of the black culture. no one to blame but themselves!

  • RichmondVaCane

    Businesses don’t want trashy looking people of any stripe in their establishments. Get over it.

  • Rob Waldrup

    Aw, she won’t get stone drunk there. Get to packin’, bieyoutch!!!!!

  • Steven

    It’s their Bar???? IF this is still America, they have that right.

  • Joel Zimmerebner

    This happened last year. July 2014. Come on TRN. Surely you can find more recent news to tell us.

  • Frank Loftice

    Sounds to me more like “if you want to come into my bar then you must dress appropriately or go somewhere else”. How exactly is that racist?

  • Crafty Shak

    It has nothing to do with the color of your skin.. It has to do with taste in clothing. They do not want you to look like a slob…and that is ok.. it is their business and they would like you to dress nice …..nothing wrong with that….

  • Kenneth Hoffmaster

    How is this dress code racist? Only a true racist finds it racist

  • Gregory S Mcclintock

    They just looking to keep out low life weather they are white, black, yellow, brown or green would I go there no but then again I am a biker

  • frgough

    Ah, the famous liberal soft racism of low expectations, where liberals think it is impossible for people of a given skin color to change how they dress.

  • Rationalthinker

    Come on everyone…can’t we all just get some “common sense” clothing laws? Think of the lives it would save!

  • Freddy

    What’s wrong with a dress policy. Some people are really STUPID. This bimbo is racist to pick out this particular establishment.

  • BT

    The policy is clearly targeting ghetto trash with no taste and little decency… Yes, that would be some blacks but not all of them. Only the ghetto trash with no taste and who can’t behave in public. This dress code would also apply to white ghetto trash or latin ghetto trash but let’s make it about race just like everything else these days…. poor victims… tsk tsk

  • Connie Lee

    How is it racist? All they have to do to go in is not wear that stuff? Try walking into some fancy restaurant in NYC dressed like that.

  • Cobalt

    So…… black people are stereotyping themselves now?

    • Wiggle D

      Where have you been? Under a rock? They’ve been stereotyping themselves for ages. Anyone who doesn’t follow their lead is automatically shunned.

  • harriet

    “Customers must wear shoes and shirts”. How often have I seen this warning at different venues. Think owner has a right to determine the dress code for his/her establishment.

  • Christine Silfies- Price

    It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with dressing like a normal person. With clothes that fit you.

  • Lillian Walters

    They just want people to look and act civilized. The race card has been way overplayed. Now its just a bunch of sheep crying wolf

  • Dan J. Wachter

    It is one thing if a black man is dressed very well and is not served. Where as any man who is dressed poorly and is expected to dress in appropriate attire.

  • Mahhn

    I’ve been a bouncer at a few bars, dress codes vary if any. I’ve told kids to pull their pants up on my own. Had to tell people no boots or hats (any kind) allowed, and tank tops on guys aka wife beaters are a dead no always. It’s a night club, not a back yard ball game. Some bar’s require dress shoes and colored shirt, is that racist? obumber wears that all the time… Oh and how about clubs that say “NO COLORS” never see bike gang members crying about that. Respect the dress code or go some place else.

  • TommyR

    Obviously, she is the racist for assuming it only applies to black people. Pigeon hole them black people, much?

  • Julie Horton-Kamphaus

    MAYBE, they want a customer be that dresses like reasonable humans

  • Ann

    Plenty of white people have just as bad taste in clothing.

  • ClaraPNelson

    ….All time hit the toprightnews Find Here

  • Growing up over the past 63 years, I can recall seeing signs everywhere I went saying “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”, and I guess today people would call that racist. If I owned a bar or restaurant I would have someone on the door who only let in people I wanted in. Dress codes in private establishments are not a new thing. You do not go to a 5 star restaurant in shorts and flip flops. Is that racist? But please, keep finding ways to keep us divided and publicizing it.

  • Bernard Alfred Stearos

    Dress code is logical and appropriate for anywhere. If you do not like the dress code, then do not frequent this establishment. Go somewhere else. Real easy!!!! Stay home. Ya want to do articles about racism, then go to the urban inner city and plant your big fat liberal white butt in the center and see how long you last.

  • Linda Sills

    To even be discussing this as racist is simply stupid.

  • LaneIHoyle

    @Ultra Income source by toprightnews Find Here

  • Olecove

    < ?????? +dilbert +*********….. < Now Go R­e­­a­d M­o­r­e


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  • JonRobin

    it doesnt matter what the dress code is. If you want to have a classy establishment and keep the thugs out, there will always be somebody that gets offended.

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  • eastedie33510

    The bar has a right to require a dress code.

  • Jim Kress

    Standards of ANY kind are anathema to the Left. The Left wants to return American civilization back to the Stone Age.

  • Godsbreath64

    More of the usual black people looking for anything to cry racism. The problems is when the dress code is applied equally across all races, how is it racist?

  • White Devil

    The bar/restaurant has the right to refuse service to anyone. So if you dress like a wanna be thug your not allowed inside. Why is that so hard to understand?

  • robert_copeland

    I think people are being plain stupid. If you have a problem then don’t go in. Period! That’s not so hard. Like the 2 queer women at the bakery. Now the sluts are sueing the Christian couple that would not bake the poor little things wedding cake. A quick buck.

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  • If they believe in and prefer those rules, then leave them alone and let them post anything they want – it’s their club, and people can then decide to patronize the establishment, or not. Also, just because YOU wear any clothes they mentioned, does NOT meant they are saying you are a bad person; that said, ask yourself if there is any wisdom or truth into the kinds of clothes they listed as unacceptable, if any bad behavior is associated with those who, generally, wear certain kinds of styles.

  • thephranc

    So blacks cant wear any other clothes?

  • 1frances1

    seriously I would just be happy if hey would all just hitch up their pants! I don’t know even on lady, gal, woman, or girl that finds that remotely attractive. Those slingshot Ts are great for sleeping in, but that’s about it, as far as the athletic wear goes? Hmm fights over team logos maybe? but I do see a lot of young women, ladies, girl’s wearing those little thong thingys on the outside of the workout tights and that’s just nasty, excessively baggy saggy pants usually signals SHOP LIFTER to anyone with half a brain. I have to agree, I just think this bar s just trying to clean it up a bit, so that they can attract a better clientele. You know, one with son $$$$

  • Accountable_ish

    Both of these phrases are factually and intellectually inaccurate:
    “All black people and only black people wear saggy pants, flat billed haps, and bling”
    “Banning saggy pants, flat billed hats, and bling is racist.”

    The left is so self involved that they set up straw man issues just so they have something to bitch about.

  • Jim Parsons

    Here is the Ladys facebook page that is starting all this trouble.. She is just trying to make a name for her company.. Send her a nice little message on facebook.. https://www.facebook.com/appetiteforchange

  • Randall Benson

    racist my aching butt,if you dont like it dont go in.
    bunch of whining cry babies.

  • LB

    Respect yourself and go where you please, If you want to be a thug there is a corner at the end of every block.

  • Janice Nunley Erickson

    good for them There should be dress codes in far more places than there are

  • ozarkat

    So, prove them wrong by dressing appropriately and going to the establishment. If you’re black and get kicked out anyway, then you may have a point.

  • nadinemccarthy

    Not racist. They just want people to dress decently in their establishment.

  • Kanray

    Their business, their rights to have a dress code. The only thing I see racist is the race baiter that complained.

  • Cherilynne Churchill

    dang I thought they were keeping out Rednecks… my bad.

  • Connor J Mitkowski

    they want to cater to a more upscale clientele i can respect that shoot ill just go to another bar in my sweat pants and long sleeve shirt in the middle of an Arizona summer

  • Goingnowherefst

    COMPLETELY overlooked by Horovitz is that it is only after 9pm, when trouble often starts. Rest of the day you are free to wear what you like. EVERYWHERE by ALL TYPES of people, no matter how they are dressed.
    Years ago i bartended PT at a popular bowling alley. come 9pm hats, colors, logos were off ALL CUSTOMERS, and we had uniformed off duty officers for security. Owners weren’t messing around. There still were incidents, but most were for underage or poorly behaved patrons.

  • Julie Callahan Medina

    If you see rascism in that sign, YOU are the racist

  • Tina Stewart

    Fine don’t go to Bar Louie, but remember they like you have the right to have a dress code as you have the right to dress how ever you see fit. Don’t make it out racists. Where I live there are just as many whites dressing saggy and all and a good number of hispanics. This clothes issue is about respect. Self respect and respecting others, plain and simple.

  • Tina Stewart

    Burger King and McDonald’s will let anyone in go there dressed the way you want.

  • Tim

    being prudent to keep out “lowlifes” of all colors and creeds

  • James

    Why not just state, ‘BUSINESS CASUAL DRESS CODE STRICTLY ENFORCED’?? Personally, I don’t wear any of those items but the break down of the dress code was as if this type of person closed his eyes and asked himself how does a Black person look…..then, printed out the sign. Virtual clear cut stereotyping, I’d say.

  • brenda chafin

    I agree, people just act better when they tend to their appearance. I don’t find the list racist to anyone, actually it’s just to keep out the rif-raf that don’t know how, or appreciate dressing appropriately

  • Pingback: alksdjflajsdlfasfasds534()

  • The rules are really no filthy slob. To accept this requirement is racist is to accept that all blacks are slobs. I strongly disagree.

  • Aphriclese

    But… I don’t understand. All of the people interviewed could get in, even the black guy. If the dress code said no mullets does that mean no white people? I don’t have a mullet, does that mean I’m not white? The black guy interviewed did not have a chain or a jersey on. Is he now white for wearing a polo? Like I said before… Confused.

    • Emperor Donlon

      So is he.

  • Dave Perala

    You open a bar/restaurant with a certain clientele in mind.
    There are always going to be those that get upset because they will feel slighted by the rules.
    If you want hoodlums and bangers, you tailor to them. If you want an older more respectable crowd, you tailor to them. If you want jerseys and ball caps, you open a sports bar.
    Just because they dictate the prefered dress of their clientele doesn’t make them racist. Sorry, but when I goto a bar or restaurant, I really dont want to see someones ass hanging out of their pants. That screams no taste, or manners either.

  • Grog

    Ill be more than happy to patronize that place!!!

  • Callie Ge

    The sign specifically states FROM 9 PM til close, They are the rules, the dress code that I have been used to my entire life for any pub, club or bar, casual dress is fine but after 9 pm every male is expected to dress like a grown up, put on a decent pair of pants, a collared shirt, and lace up shoes, (BTW a sports shirt with a collar is a polo shirt, it has a three or four button placket at the neck instead of buttons all the way down.)

  • realetybytes

    “This is not okay, and we’re not going to patronize you if you don’t change your policy.”

    I kinda think that’s exactly what they wanted in first place! Bye-Bye!

  • Marmotjmarmot


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  • SoylentGreenTea

    “This is not okay, and we’re not going to patronize you if you don’t change your policy.”

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