Michelle Obama Claims She Experienced ‘Racism’ During a Visit to Target, America Does a Face Palm


Above: The eternally bitter Michelle Obama, and spouse

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Michelle Obama has a remarkably pampered existence, the entitled recipient of lavish, taxpayer-funded vacations that cost tens of millions. But she just can’t shake that trademark bitterness for which she is known.

In a cringe-inducing interview with People Magazine, the Empress Michelle tries to exploit the unrest over the Michael Brown and Eric Garner incidents to make absurd claims of her own “racist” treatment.

The Obamas talked with People about dealing with their “own racist experiences,” as the magazine described.

Michelle Obama told one story that recently took place, even as she was first lady of the United States:

“I tell this story – I mean, even as the first lady – during that wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf. Because she didn’t see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her. Those kinds of things happen in life. So it isn’t anything new,”

Um, ok. How exactly is that racist? Keep in mind, Michelle Obama is 5’11”.

Reaction on Twitter was instant and appropriately mocking:

It gets worse. Turns out Michelle was LYING about the incident — and was quickly busted for it on Twitter.

Yep. Unbelievably, she told this story before — two years ago — and framed it very differently than she does today:

Unbelievable, and so low class.

Unfortunately, Michelle was not done.

She also said that her husband, Barack Obama, was asked to get coffee when he was wearing a tux.  “He was wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie dinner, and somebody asked him to get coffee,” she told People. 

Interesting. Does she mean just like Senior White House Official — and Black woman  — Valerie Jarrett did in 2011? The DailyCaller reminds us:

(B)ack in 2011, Obama’s top adviser mistook a four-star general for a waiter during a fancy dinner hosted by the Alfalfa Club. According to a Daily Caller source, as the general walked by Jarrett’s table, she signaled to him that she wanted more libation. 

“I’d like another glass of wine,” she reportedly said.

Like a gentleman, the career military man didn’t make a fuss of the matter, according to the source.

The guy dutifully went up and got her a glass of wine, and then came back and gave it to her and took a seat at the table,” the source said. 

RACIST! Oh, wait…

Not to be outdone by his wife’s ridiculous claims, Barack chimed in with his own:

 “There’s no black male my age, who’s a professional, who hasn’t come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn’t hand them their car keys,” Obama told the magazine.  

Like this?

The race-baiting has no limits with the Obamas.

And I just love how our president never generalizes when it comes to race. You know, like when he called illegal aliens “fruit pickers” a few weeks back.

764 days left of this insufferable pair, my fellow Americans. God help us!


  • Susan R. Powell

    A 2 year old joke with Letterman about thinking she was undercover in target a lady very nicely asked her to reach the detergent, then said you didn’t have to make itlook so easy, because she was short and Moochelle is 5’11”
    I was a victim of racism because: a woman asked me to help her take something off a shelf!
    She really needs to get a grip on reality, and lose that snarky sneer!

    • A.B.

      yep…just sad. She prolly has never experienced racism and this was the only story she has that she thought she could twist into a racism story just so she could identify with the disgruntled black community.

    • Onion

      my .. check out the post right here .­­­,.­­R­ea­­d he­re

  • Lauren

    People thought my husband was a target employee once because he wore a red shirt there. They asked where something was. He pointed them in the right direction.

    • Shawna

      Wow, that was so racist! He should’ve started looting and rioting immediately!

  • christophers mom

    moochelle is a kunt…….nappy headed one at that. She needs to STFU and go back to Africa with all the other antique farm equipment.

    • Lydia0hLydia85

      F u die pos redneck white trash

      • Helen Decker

        You must be from that trailer trash park across town. You talk just like them. Have a nice day.

      • Steve Zero

        jeeesssuussss, it was a joke you twat.

        • I see nothing funny with it. It’s stupid, lame, and mean. And it makes no sense, because we ARE the same species. Different races are still the same species…..

          • christophers mom

            one is pure…..the other was created by breeding with apes. If you can’t see ape in the woman on the left you are in need of an eye exam. AIDS…..EBOLA…..look where those diseases started. The media wont cover it because it doesn’t fit the narrative……but facts are they come from negros not being able to keep their cawks out of monkeys.

          • Dee

            I say the same thing, maybe not the same words, but that AIDS and EBOLA
            come from screwing monkeys! I’m an RN. I call it like I see it!

          • Sharon

            Still like this rendition of the clown in office…

          • Steve Zero

            you act like you’ve never in your life heard a joke that wasn’t funny…Seriously use your brain, actually i see that’s hard for you since you actually just pointed out that different races are still the same species like nobody here knows that… obviously two humans no matter the color are the same species, but the joke is that one is incredibly hot, and the other is incredibly ugly, almost looks like a gorilla, and the gap between them is so immense that they might as well not even be the same species. i know you’re going to post, “oh you’re a terrible person for saying she’s ugly, and you’re stupid for saying they’re not even the same species” so save it please.

      • xmrax

        spoken like a true liberal believer

      • jon ray

        Hit a libtard, nerve? lol

    • Lydia0hLydia85

      You wouldn’t dare say that to a black woman’s face. Keyboard coward. *spits*

      • Viking_61

        Get over yourself. Our “First Lady” looks like a drag queen and acts like a petulant child.

        • Lydia0hLydia85

          She couldn’t care less what you sloppy pink pigs think.

          • Viking_61

            If she doesn’t care, why does she spend a fortune trying to not look like a gorilla? She must spend millions on hair straightening products.

          • Lydia0hLydia85

            Why is that your problem?

          • KingObama

            It becomes all of our problem when she is an overt racist and lives in government housing.

          • Dee

            and liposuction! All that healthy eating she does!

      • Doug Campbell

        Don’t have to I just arrest people like you.

      • KingObama

        So black women are mean, eh? Can they fight well? Probably so. Some jungle instincts survive even while in captivity.

      • christophers mom

        why would I not say that? call em like I see em

      • christophers mom

        I love Idaho!

      • christophers mom

        call em like I see em

        • KingObama

          God loves them both equally.

        • Niki

          But we are the same species. Different races….same species. You just like to stir the pot obviously.

          • christophers mom

            are we? savage is now a species?

          • Louis Villaume

            you are easily the lowest form of human.. both sides can see that.

        • chopper

          I am sorry, but if you are christopher’s mom and you teach him stuff like this, I feel sorry for him. This is no different than the black people calling all white people racists. In fact, it gives them ammunition. You should dial it down for his sake.

        • jon ray

          I almost puked seeing the one on the left.

      • jon ray


      • GROW UP!

        WHY? because all black women are violent? is that what your trying to say? now who’s a profiler here ? umm you!

    • Shawna

      I don’t like our President or his wife, but that’s really ugly and unnecessary and totally disrespectful.

      • Cedric Ian Anthony

        it may be disrespectful, but there does need to be a nice cup of STFU in there, for Obama and his wife to en,,,er for them to drink, and for us to enjoy.

      • christophers mom

        so………those two blue lips squatting in the White House can disrespect the American citizens and we have to take it? GFYS!!! I’m done taking it in the azz dry by these clowns.

      • Clay Burruss

        I think people earn respect and they sure as hell haven’t earned any.

      • Linda

        YOU could be called a traitor Those who didn’t vote for him, she called them traitors.

      • G Hale

        So is your comment

    • Louis Villaume

      wow. so eloquent. you represent the right very well. you are either a troll or a very, very ignorant person. disrespecting women and african-americans all in one little post… impressive.. what’s left? the blind, or the elderly?

  • Bill Burns

    I am a six foot tall, sixty year old, white gentleman.

    I cannot count the number of times I have been approached in department stores, hardware stores or grocery stores; and asked to reach something off the top shelf for someone.

    I have never taken offense at these requests.

    Should I have been insulted?

    Was I being height profiled?

    Should I contact the local TV news to report this outrage?

    • Shorty

      Yep, right away! And gather all the other tall people you can with you to loot and riot! This is a terrible travesty and must not be tolerated!

      • annie stowell

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      • Michele J. Haag

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    • Simon

      Trigger Warning Below:

      Me also (6’5″ here)

      All these short-privileged people expecting me to get things from high places offend me. Their tall-ism makes life unbearable. (SOB) I feel so OTHERED!

      • Margie Bowman

        I’m 4’11n I’m claim cuz unless its heavy I do it myself n I’ve heard short jokes all my life it gets old but notching to sue n wine over just like tall ppl get tired of the heights jokes
        U grow a thicker skin because of it

      • Coll

        I’m highly offended by your shortist comments Bill (insert sarcasm). I am not short, I am vertically challenged. It’s been a real hardship, always being looked down upon (literally). It’s gotten to the point where I can’t shop anywhere without my 6 foot tall husband. Everywhere we go people are always asking him to reach things….these people need to get their own tall helper…he’s mine!

      • Steve Zero

        seriously, i’m 5’11”, not even that tall yet all these shorties act like i’m the tallest person in the world, they’re just sizeists, all short people are sizeists. #shortprivelage #cantreach #gimlineedsabox


        • avengeflipper

          I’m tired of heightists building cabinets that I cannot reach! Personally, I think I’m going to start a riot. Oh yeah! Look down and you’ll see all of us coming from you… look down further… you’ll see us. 🙂

          • Steve Zero

            avenge stop blaming us tall people because you drew the short straw (lol)

      • LR

        Ya ! I’m six one, and I am always being asked to fetch stuff from top shelves etc. Too ! Why are tall people being singled out for this? Is it our fault God built some peoples butts closer to the side walk ? Stop this vertical Racism !!! Bring a foot stool or something !

      • avengeflipper

        You clearly don’t understand your height privileged,

    • Sure It Is

      Bill- I’m in desperate need for someone to clean the top of my frig!! LOL

    • MysticPizza

      They must have been bigots.

    • Nutbar Mcloony

      I’m also white, 6’2, and have been asked to get things off top shelves many times. Should I take offense?

      Modern definition of racism: anything one doesn’t like.

      • avengeflipper

        If someone is asking you to grab something for them, they feel safe in your presence.

    • Bruce Christopherson

      Hands Down! Don’t Reach! No Justice No Groceries!

    • JMudder

      It’s called heightism!! That detergent woman wasn’t a “racist” she was a heightist!

    • Stan Bryars

      I’m also 6′. Just last week this sweet little Black lady asked me to reach up on the top shelf at the local hardware store.
      Little did I know that she was holding me responsible for the oppressive policies of my ancestors.

    • avengeflipper

      I am a five foot tall woman who has had it with grocery stores putting 2 liters of pop on the top shelf. If I ask someone to help me out, it’s usually because I consider them safe to ask, not because I am a racist who thinks they work there. Though, technically, don’t all races work and shop at department stores?

  • A.B.

    You know what…? Now that I think about it when I was in school and the teacher gave me homework….that was racism maybe even slavery….I mean she gave me WORK to do and didn’t pay me soooo there you go…..lol Where does this crap end?

  • Albert Gallagher

    So poor Michelle felt the sting of racism. Michelle Obama reeks of racism. Her husband is one of the biggest race baiters on the planet. He associates with Jessie Jackson,and Al Sharpton. Hie cabinet is full of peoe like Eric Holder. When Barack touches Michelle the racism drip on her like rain. The stench fills the air. You can see the hatred in her expression. The hatred for the white devil. The white devil we hear of from every terrorist. The mind set is identical. Only the smell of the white mans decaying corpse will bring happiness to her scowling face.

    • Unkie Numbnuts

      Michelle Obama calls it racism because someone asked to help her reach for an item???????

  • The Truth

    My God she is one ugly monkey!

    • jon ray

      How racist of you to insult monkeys. lol

      • The Truth

        I think we found the missing link.

    • Sharon

      This is a nice portrayal of of the mistakes running our poor country.

  • Sarah Mahala

    As if people cannot see the racist sneers on her face in every photo I have ever seen of her in a public affair when she is sitting near a white person. I have seen many photos of her with a sneer on her face looking down her nose at someone white sitting in her vicinity. Boo freakin’ hoo for her hurt feelings. I wouldn’t walk out my back door to see her or Obama if they were in my backyard. The only reason I would even open my door would be to tell them to get off my property, pronto!!!!

    • rickiet

      wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

    • Love_Virginia

      She hates us.

  • constitutionalist

    I see now that asking someone for help makes you a racist. What a sad pile of existence this woman is. The problem with this country is we have the most racist forms of life holding office in the US government.

  • Debi Hoagland

    Oh crap! The heifer and her position “husband” are just stirring up things….trying to make themselves look put upon. Neither of them are worth a crap…..

  • Danielle

    Anyone surprised by the fact that an Obama lied lives with their heads in the sand. If their lips are moving, they’re lying and they’d lie even if the truth sounded better.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    make it so that they get no money EVER from the government once Obummer and his @#$ er wife. goes with him

  • LSKKMa

    I do not believe one word Ms. Obama said about her trip to Target, except for the part that no one greeted her. I guess she expected to have the red carpet rolled out for her… the servants bowing to her. As for the woman asking her to reach something for her, that is a crock… like the secret service would allow anyone near her. Hardly a racist thing and if that’s all she’s got, she better go back to Oprah to learn what racism is(only a real race baiter would know. I am a 62 yrs young white woman who is 5’5″. I am frequently asked in grocery stores to get things down from the higher shelves, very often I offer to help someone who appears to be having trouble reaching something. I do thing happily, frankly its no big deal. I don’t look at or care about their color… It is called being a HUMAN BEING.

    • xmrax

      she is just used to shopping at walmart, she didn’t realize that target does not have greeters

      • jon ray

        Walmart no longer has greeters either, They haven’t for at least 3 years.

      • Sharon

        ***Warning. The following reply is to be said in a very sarcastic manner.***
        Walmart?!? I am very offended by your post. Are you insinuating that because she’s African American she can only afford to shop at discount stores? That is so racist.

        • Cris

          So what do you think Target is?

          • Mark

            Target: the middle_class walmart.

        • xmrax

          well missy your remark offend me. and by the way missy, I am not insinuating a thing, if the shoe fit wear it.

  • Lovey

    I am 5’10 and people always ask me to help the, get something off the shelf for them. I really do like her, but its sounds like someone is trying to stir up trouble.

  • Guest

    another reason these people want to promoteBlacks hating whites!! really, WTH is going on with this white house, or is that racist as well the Blackhouse, is that better?

  • drewder

    Not sure how she believes white people are treated at target.

  • Gloria Haynes

    I’m 5’0 on a very proud, feeling good day. I apologize to every other person in the world whom I’ve asked for help to reach things for me. I know realize I’m a racist and not at all handicapped by my diminutive stature.

  • John Arvidson

    Michelle is the “Face of Racism”!

  • kennyusa

    Really, another reason these two idiots are promoting that Blacks should hate whites! WTH is going on in the white house, op’s thats racist I mean in the black house! is that better politically correct now!

  • KingObama

    How did this racist ever make it through college?
    Oh yeah, she blamed whitey for everything wrong in her life.

  • conserv&preserve

    I think she thinks it racism because the woman didn’t recognized her

    • xmrax

      and bow down and say yes my lady.

  • marg

    I am disabled. I don’t look like I am, but I am. I have asked many people over the years to get something for me not just on the top shelves but also the things way down low!!! I have asked people to help me put things in the trunk of my car!!! Never thought for one moment that it was racist, I just needed the help!!! How stupid is this woman????? Why does EVERYTHING have to do with race??? Give it up folks.

  • Cyber Liberty

    I don’t believe his anecdote about being mistaken for a valet. If that really had happened, he’d have stolen the car.

  • Sure It Is

    The problem as I see it is we have people running our great Nation who are certifiable. That goes for all of them.

  • yardoe

    She and Obama are the biggest racists of all, along with their little buddy Al Sharpless.

    • KingObama

      Black lies matter.

  • Patricia

    I am 5’2′ tall, and anything on the top shelf that I cannot reach. anyone nearby who is taller than me, (black, white, green or yellow or whatever, makes no difference to me, I will ask them kindly to please get it down for me if they can reach it. I then thank them and they are always glad to do it for me. Is she better than anyone else?

  • Daenerys Longbottom

    Someone once asked me if I wanted a refill on my ice tea. I have never experience such racism in my whole life.

  • canucksam

    Those 764 days left will feel just as long as the last 6 years. Would someone please b****slap both of them upside of the head? They are the most disgusting and sickening pair of pathological liars.

    • Nutbar Mcloony

      They both seem like total narcissists. I loathe them but pity their girls.

  • Robert Andrews

    Um yeah ok racists to ask for help? How bout lazy uptight and snobby to not help

  • Robert Andrews

    I don’t care who it is if your panties get in a wad over helping some one then get the hell out of the political arena and get your husband to resign too. Tired of him trampling the constitution. .. and give my kids lunch back and leave them alone too

    • Sharon

      I agree. My son hasn’t eaten a meal at his school since she took lunches away from them and made them eat “garbage.” I feel terrible for him… Though not sorry for him (he refuses to take anything from home)

  • Sean Jewell

    Hmmmm…. “There’s no black male my age, who’s a professional, who hasn’t come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn’t hand them their car keys,”…I’d expect POTUS to have much better grammar. How are white patrons of these restaurants handing the keys to their cars to the black patrons if the black patrons haven’t come out yet, and why are they waiting for their cars while still at the table? If you want to wait for your car while your getting your food go to a drive through. I wonder how many white people have handed Michael Jordan their keys thinking he was a valet? I’m willing to bet none.

    • Pamela Justice

      AND YET WE NEED TO BELIVE he was not driven in a LIMO

  • Pamela Herring

    There is NO WAY she can go ANYWHERE incognito. She has Secret Service with her every second she’s out of the White House. Give us a BREAK!!

  • Vietnam Vet

    Here is my question: Why didn’t the Obamas refuse to move into the presidential residence (formerly known as the White House) then unless the name could be changed? The answer is: They didn’t see racism because they got what they wanted, subsidizes government housing.

  • Melissa Hamari

    Really? It’s racist not to recognize someone, apparently.

  • Paindora

    Personally I think the President and his wife should not race bait. It just shows you their mentality. Shame on them.

  • kbj

    Really? Where’s the part that she said is racist? More out if context fantasyland commentary. What else would you expect from the right wing nuts.

  • Patsy Vickers Blackner

    I am 5 foot tall and I am always looking for tall people to help me reach things at stupid stores who are systematically discriminating against short people!!! ( LOL! Sarcasm!)

  • scooter

    If that’s all they could come up with they are sad, race baiting fools. I’ve been profiled, been refused service at restaurants, and asked to leave stores owned by minorities. The only one I can blame is myself though, I just can’t shake this white privilege thing that follows me around.

    • Pamela Justice

      I get turned away because I am not Mexican and I will not learn Spanish !!!!

  • Vic N Linda Roman

    The reason she thought it was racist in nature, is because the woman asking for her help was white. Had the woman been black, we would have never heard about the incident.

  • Dee

    The person wasn’t a racist. Target personnel wear beige pants and red shirts. Lying bitch!

  • RHaav

    She is so full or s**t that her eyes are brown

  • Joe Tokoph

    Who cares about curious George, worst first lady ever, she has nothing to say and is as worthless as her wannabe king husband. Isn’t it grand we get to pay our taxes to make sure these people stay safe and have optimal health care while all of us deal with the actions this shitball enacts.
    Screw Obama and anyone that supports him.

  • I think, this is just my opinion, but I think Michelle Obama took more offence to the fact that was NOT recognised as the first lady (and bowed to her) instead of being treated like any normal human being, I think she’s finding a new form of racism in the way that she was not seen as a first lady… nevermind being black or white.

  • Two weeks ago when I was in a grocery store, a little lady asked me to get something of a shelf that she could reach and I did, the lady was black and I white. I didn’t know that I was being racists. Thanks Michelle for telling me that. Btw, I still will do this if asked.

    • Pamela Justice


  • Ed Woodson

    “Because she didn’t see me as the first Lady.”. How arrogant.

  • SineWaveII

    Video or it didn’t happen Michael..er I mean Michelle.

  • Bob Petersen

    The idiot and the idiots keeper. And best of all they are completely interchangeable.

  • JMudder

    4′ 11″ and I’ve had to ask for help in stores for decades. No one I ever asked had a problem with it, young, old, black, white, or purple. And most times I don’t even have to ask, helping out a fellow human, or noticing an opportunity to help someone is what people do. At least if they have been raised with any manners at all.

    • Pamela Justice

      Apes have not been raised as human

  • 999Greg

    And the SS did not clear the store/ vet those present because —–??

  • PapaLouie

    Isn’t it interesting how a story that originally made Michelle say, “I felt so good” suddenly morphs into an example of racism against her. Funny how someone’s mind can turn anything into racism if it has a vested interest in doing so.

  • Louis Villaume

    WARNING… IGNORANT POST BELOW (as you expected).

  • seraphina gonter

    Harry Reid “Obama Electable Because he is Light Skinned with no Negro Dialect”
    Basically Democrats believe they cannot be racist…

  • Debbie Redington

    UGH! I guess thats what it feels like to be an elitist. I hope I never know.

  • Vueiy

    LOL, I’m 6’1″. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked by complete strangers to get something down for them off a high shelf. I like helping people, so I don’t mind and am glad to do it. In a way, it’s blessing someone else with my own blessing, lol. 😉

    I’m surprised the person asking didn’t notice who it was, but maybe they were thinking, “There’s no way that’s the first lady in TARGET; must just look like her,” so they asked anyway (oops, uh-oh, do we all look alike? LOL). Why is it I can’t stop laughing at this…?

  • Mike

    Whenever I’m in a store and see an tall ugly black woman surrounded by men in
    suits carrying Uzis I automatically assume she’s part of the store’s

  • guest
  • william

    the obamas make me sick. cant wait for them to be gone. too bad we couldn’t send all their supporters with them

  • G Hale

    All of you old pukes that put these 2 in office have nothing to say. If you didn’t vote you have nothing to say. I bet 80% of the comments that are left here are by people who fit this profile. Old people are the majority of the voters…nice to know you idiots did it so someone could get the soap down off of a high shelf.

    • Doe Adeer

      So I guess you ‘young’en’s should have gotten off your lazy butts and voted!! First off, I’m not THAT old (55) and I did NOT vote for this fool. So, you young puke…..buzz off.

    • Pamela Justice

      I am 5’3 and white and no thank the one true GOD not alla I did NOT vote this POS in !!!!!!! OF FYI I AM OLNY 47!!!

  • Bill_S

    OK, so it was racist for the short lady to ask the tall one for help?????
    And anyway, when was The Mooch actually in a Target store without a flock of Secret Service around her so close that no one could get near?

  • modus

    I’m 4’11”, I ask anybody and everybody who is taller than me (this is the immediate world mind you) to reach stuff for me if they’re willing. I don’t care what color they are, they can be purple with pink polka dots, but when you’re “height challenged” lol

  • Hamcop

    I’m having trouble here… I ride a mobility scooter because of a disability. I was in the store today looking at some items trying to make a decision.. lady walks up to me and ask if she can reach something for me.. Now just exactly how should I feel insulted? .. To short, can’t stoop, disabled, did I look like a vegatable or a pudding cup? .. I can laugh at myself cause I appriciate considerate people which there are very few of anymore…. These two morons squatting at the White House on the other hand need a severe reality check.

  • MarieJ27

    The Obama’s are so petty. When an item is pushed back in the rear of the shelf, it doesn’t bother me to ask a taller person to get it for me. And due to difficulty with arthritis, I ask the bagger to remove the cap off my bottle of coke on the way out.

  • KL

    She forgot to hide her penis in her “manpon” screw that thing of a “first lady”.

  • Revisionist

    Its my white privilege to say screw them black race hustlers .. and every other black person that is a member of a race based organization

  • mammyinthemorning

    My husband gets asked to help reach for items off the grocery store shelves all the time by little old ladies. I think it’s very funny and always tell him that he’ll have no problem finding another wife if I die before he does! Michelle should just get over herself and stop playing the race card!

  • SpareMee MeeChelle Obummer

    I get picked on for my height all the time, not to mention discriminated against for being over 6 foot tall. The cars are made smaller for us TALLERS, space is more limited for us TALLERS, restaurants never seem to have adequate space and clothes are more costly and space consuming for us TALLERS,. I swear, people want me to constantly reach up high for things, grab things daily it seems like. I always get picked first for basketball, baseball, football or any chore related to trimming, pruning, and/or debris removal in “high-up” Places. My life is so hard!

  • acethestace

    I am 5 10..lily white and get asked to reach stuff for people in stores, at home and everywhere else. I gladly oblige and they say thank you. It is not racism, but rather a solution to their problem.

  • Josephine Earp

    Lie,lie, lie.! Secret Service would not let ANYONE APPROACH HER.
    I call B.S..

  • William Stearns

    Her “Racism” experience isn’t the person who asked her to help but instead all the people who ignored her. That also had nothing to do with the color of her skin but the fact that she is an arrogant , ignorant, tyrant who wants to tell everyone else how to live.

  • Golfer1113

    Do you know how to tell if she is lying to suit her purpose? Her lips are moving. It’s that simple. I have been asked to reach for things by people of different color and never once thought it racist.

  • Nigerama

    Micheal might get Lord Master to order target to change their name to onigerama in REMEMBERENCE of the occupational FAGGOCY in charge of our christian nation.

  • snookie calhoun

    People, she’s claiming racism by the fact that no one came to up to her and asked her if SHE needed help not because someone asked her to help them. She’s insinuating that no employee asked her if she needed help because she was black. I’d tend to think it would be because most people would be intimated by the first lady. There’s plenty to bitch about this story but at least comperhend it first. Damn

    • Doe Adeer

      I don’t think YOU comprehend snookie. She was offended because some short lady asked her for her help….possibly thinking that she (Michelle) worked there! That is what she thinks was racist! Not that she was tall enough to reach it, but that she was an employee! Heaven forbid she HELP someone!

      • snookie calhoun

        You’re wrong. I understand that’s what the person who wrote this is claiming but read it really really slowly and use your own mind instead of just being told what to think. She IS claiming racism because the ONLY person that approached her was someone needing help not BECAUSE someone approached her needing help. Did you read the part directly quoting her or do you not bother reading everything before you form an opinion. “I reached up, cause she was short, and I reached up and pulled it down. She said well you didn’t have to make it look so easy, that was my interaction, I felt si good” If you can possibly read that and still claim you think she’s talking about that interaction as a racist interaction then you’re just to stubborn to admit you’re wrong.

      • snookie calhoun

        My reply disappeared so I’ll reply again, hopefully there wont be 2 replies. Did you read the quote of what she actually said? “I reached up, cause she was short, and I pulled it down. She said well you didn’t have to make it look so easy. That was my interaction, I felt so good” If you read that and still claim that she was talking about that interaction as being racist then you’re just too stubborn to admit you’re wrong.

      • snookie calhoun

        I’ll try this again as it doesn’t seem to be posting my replies. Did you read what she actually said? “I reached up, because she was short, and I reached and pulled it down. She said well you don’t have to make it look so easy. That was my interaction. I felt so good” if you can read that and still claim it was that interaction that she felt was racists (because of course racism would feel so good) then you’re too stubborn to admit you’re wrong

  • Nancy Albin

    this government officials “PEOPLE” sure have made a mo cur ee of what our for fathers fought for century’s ago to rise us to the new world of educated people and peaceful humane way of living & who said you were a slave because you helped your fellow human I was raised to help someone in need I never was told to look at their color. “Obama” when did that become a black mans last name … don’t you find it odd that he is Muslum calling himself a black man??? & now they are “Muslums” now with all the controversy “Wars ” on the news we are in trouble people look at the big picture please at our future … I’m worried as well as you should be!

  • Cathy Lowry

    I always get asked where things are in the stores or if I can help them get something off a shelf and I am 5’4″ and very white. I like that they approach me. I am a nurse, but do not tell people out in the public, but you would be amazed by the people who have shown me their scars and told me their health problems while waiting in line or at the deli counter. Some people are just lonely or need someone who would care. I must have that kind of face. People approach me often and I really do not know why. Michelle should be honored someone found her approachable. I have seen women doctors go in to examine patients and the patients ask when the doctor will come in. There are stereotypes all over. I have seen male aides be referred to as doctor as they are in scrubs and are what people think of when you say doctor. No one gets offended , its just that way ,,, for now.

    • Pamela Justice

      I get asked to help someone all the time and if they are nice I will be also no matter their color

  • The story she told on David Letterman ( over a year ago ) was quite different. She said it was funny experience and the white lady was short and did not think she was an employee. She thought it was funny, because the short white lady didn’t recognize her. She just changed her story. Liar just like Barry.

  • how

    Stop playing the victim thats not racism, its bad service and as a white man I have experienced the same thing . Example I once sat over 1 hour waiting for my order at a restaurant while every who came in after me received their order before me , thats not racism they screwed up. I dont shop at kmart because customer service is none existent ,thats not racism we all receive bad service. I have been seated at a dirty table with no utensils and had to ask for them even after my meal arrived , thats not racism just a badly run business. Life is full of these examples so just because your black doesnt mean you get catered to, Suck it up!

  • Pamela Justice

    MY Grandmother held open door for black woman decades ago because her arms were full bitch did not say thank you but told my grandmother it was about time whites learned their place !!! My grandmother did the right thing and put her on her ass!!!! Way to go GRANNYSO PROUD OF HER !!!

  • vince

    Money doesn’t buy class or respect. She will never get it.

  • Sam Cane

    it’s getting more and more careless with the brow wrinkling expressions. When the down-low truth finally comes out – it’s gonna be hilarious – and the truth always comes out

  • stone8

    Oh please! Seriously, really, get over your self.

  • LR

    Maybe she felt she was a victim of racism because the person did not recognize Queen Obama !

  • V.L. Green

    I have been asked for help by customers in stores..thinking I was an employee! I am a blonde with blue eyes…people make mistakes…grow up!!

  • Tina Harris

    Well my norm is to climb the shelves unless there is a cute man around then I may asks for a lift….maybe she asked you to get it cause she thought he was cutie.

  • joyce

    Wow I am 5 foot 2 and if there is something on the top shelf I either call hubby to come into the store or look for someone tall enough to get it for me I never saw that as racist issue. good thing cause hubby gets stuff off the top shelf for other short shoppers hee hee kinda like he is paying back for the times I have had to ask others to help me. This is almost enough to stop asking for help but you know sometimes we just need a tall person to help us short people. if we were tall we would be happy to help others. Just feel sorry that someone would feel so challenged to twist a cry for help to something bad as being racist. You would think people would have graduated beyond such things. Sad sad sad being top lady so so sad

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