Former Mexican President Just Threatened America With WAR if Trump is Elected…


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Well it looks like the “apology” to Donald Trump from former Mexican president Vincente Fox was short-lived.

Because he now has unleashed a new threat at America if we elect Trump president: WAR.

You heard that right. Mexico is losing their minds over Trump and his wall.


After GOP nominee Donald Trump announced his plan to strengthen national security and enforce existing immigration laws, the reaction from the left was hysterical. Securing our border and deporting people who are here illegally was seen in liberal circles as racist and xenophobic because that’s just how liberals roll.

Amazingly the liberal reaction was mild compared to what Vincente Fox has said. The former president of Mexico is threatening a war with the US if “racist gringo” Trump wins the White House. This is no bullshit, he actually said Mexico will go to war with America over Trump.


Fox did an interview on the Kickass Politics podcast where he took several swipes at Trump:

“These words and message of hate…We’re coming back to the era of the ‘ugly American.’ Which was the gringo was hated all around the world. And this guy, pretty soon he got the title. He is the ugly American. He is the hated gringo, because he’s attacking all of us. He’s offending all of us,” said Fox.

Trump’s so-called message of hate was that some illegal aliens from Mexico are rapists, drug dealers, and criminals. This is a fact that no one accusing Trump of racism can deny. At no time do he say this about all Latinos or all Mexicans. I fail to see how this offended all Mexicans or was an attack on their entire country.

But speaking off being offensive, Fox referred to Trump as the “hated gringo.” Gringo means “foreigner” in Spanish but is generally used as derogatory term for white Americans. Fox calling Trump a gringo would be like Trump calling Fox a “beaner,” except that Trump never did anything of the sort.

In the same interview Fox and the host even shared a “middle finger” to Trump, which the Huffington Post posted today:


Wow…this was not a good move if they want any chance of getting on President Trump’s good side. As is stands now, the wall just got a whole lot higher, and Trump’s tax on cash wired to Mexico just went up by 10% more.

And  if Mexico really wants a war…”bring it on.” America could use a quick and decisive military victory and, let’s face it, it would solve a whole bunch of trade and immigration problems that the current administration is unwilling to deal with.


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