Mexican Illegal Alien Molests 10-Year Old Girl in CHURCH – Gives Unbelievable ‘Excuse’

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

A Mexican illegal alien has been accused of molesting a 10-year-old girl in church in Tempe, Arizona.

And then he added insult to injury — by actually blaming her for it, saying she “flirted” with him.

This is the kind of scum Obama is importing into this country:

Hilario Ortiz Baltazar, 45, was booked into jail under suspicion of aggravated assault and molestation of a child on June 7, 2015.

According to court paperwork, the man allegedly grabbed the girl’s hand and put it on his crotch then kissed her, caressed her back and rubbed her butt May 31.

Or as Jeb Bush might call it, an “act of love.

He did all this while attending service at St. Margaret’s Church near Loop 101 and Apache Boulevard.

The girl was with two of her cousins at the time of the incident and tried to grab one of the cousins’ hands, too, the police report states.

He was busted when he returned to the  church the next week to try it again.


When Baltazar was arrested on June 7, he told police that the girl — the 10-year old — was being “flirtatious” with him, but upon coaxing, admitted what he did was wrong. He claimed he was “lonely”.

So a 10-year old came on to a 42 year old man? And he was lonely. Repulsive beyond belief.

Incredibly, once he was done with his confession, Baltazar  actually asked the officer if he could go back to Mexico once the interview was finished — showing how lightly he really takes these actions.

That should come  as no surprise. A horrific proportion of child rapes are committed by illegal aliens, not surprising given that most states in Mexico have a disgraceful sexual age of consent of 12. And now not even church is too sacred to keep these pedophiles at bay.

What will it take to secure the border to stop these sick criminal illegals?

  • Tim Marks

    This country has become a joke to the people who governed it.

    • Wiggle D

      The illegals and their supporters?

      • Mary Kelly Henderson

        that would be the dems looking for more votes to help elect them

  • Wiggle D

    The church has never been one to fight pedophilia. It’s almost like it’s encouraged. Never leave your vulnerable family members alone with anyone, church or otherwise.

    • uther9

      and they are the worst, they will use religion to cover up their “mistakes”.

    • Nan

      This has nothing to do with the church. It has only to do with this one man.

      • Mary Kelly Henderson

        it happened in a church did they call the police no they didnt

        • palintologist

          If you read the article, it said he was nabbed at the church when he tried to do it again. Presumably the little girl didn’t tell anyone until the service was over and Hilario was long gone the first time.

        • Norma Kinsey

          You only know the the small bit of info on here. Your bias is showing.

      • Wiggle D

        Yes, that’s totally why the Catholic church relocates their predators and the pope begs for their forgiveness.

        • ponti

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  • uther9

    This reminds me of a christian lady I had a conversation with, she basically said it was “a mistake” and it was somehow ok, because we all make mistakes and jesus knows it.

    • WGerP226

      Way to take a tangential jab at Christians @$$clown. You must be an Obama lover.

      • Barbara

        It’s not a jab. She claimed this was a mistake and it was okay. Only showing her stupidity and lack of judgement.

  • Shari Crozier

    This Is Disgusting ! He Is A Pig , Scum Of The Earth ! He Should Be Deported And Put In A Mexican Prison Automatically ! We Shouldnt Have To Pay To ImprisOn Him Here! Mexico Has A None Luxury Peison , Either We Get One Here Or We Send Them To One There!

    • MR LEE


    • Michael M

      Shari you bring up a more interesting point about who should pay. Perhaps the USA should take Mexico to international court and ask for billions given that Mexico aided and abetted illegals in their attempt to enter our country illegally.

      Or if we were smart, we would find that is cheaper to rent all the rooms of a large hotel in the middle of Mexico City and stuff all the illegals in them. They can have the lodging for one month then they are on their own….set free in a prominent Mexican urban city. Let them deal with them entirely.

  • WhatMeWorry

    Execute him.

  • Kim Schmitz

    Yes he should be deported. Only after his offending appendage is removed so he can’t do this to anyone else. Also he could serve as a deterrent to anyone else that thinks they can come over and break our laws.

    • jayeS

      He’ll be back into this country within 5 minutes of deportation. Makes for a good joke.

      • Michael M

        Perhaps during castration (not chemical), implant a locating chip deep enough inside he can’t remove it.

  • Michael M

    Yeah I get it, pedophiles have an “illness” but to blame the child? That is a special breed of coward and should be dealt the full extent of the law.

    • ammy roy

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    • CraxyD

      And a 45 ACP between the eyes is an instant cure

      • Michael M

        That’ll work! Then again, since our leader is such a socialist at heart…perhaps castrating the scum and putting him into a “sponsored” factory job with mindless monotonous work would be fitting.

        • Max Bond

          Why not put him to work in the white house. He sounds like a perfect candidate for islam.

          • Bobtrhn

            Hey he could work as child care for obummers kids too.

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  • SohnMan

    cut off his dick and make him choke to death on it.

  • ttingham


  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Yeah, we NEED more of this,,you have to wonder where he learned this from, and who did the same in HIS house.

  • Megamimi

    Secure the bordrs; enforce immigration laws already on the books; deport those here illegally; prosecute criminals. Not easy but necessary.

  • Sandra

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  • William Matthes

    It won’t happen, God only knows why, but Obama should be held responsible for every crime committed by these illegals!

    • MR LEE

      well, it did happen under his watch.

  • Poted1932

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    • Howard Markel


  • MR LEE

    spreading deceases. I saw a commercial over the weekend encouraging people to get a whooping cough booster. funny, in all my years I have never seen that plea before. I wonder why at this particular juncture in time, and political atmosphere.

  • I-DEFY

    They are just here to work right, isn’t that what you liberals tell us all the time?

    • Mary Kelly Henderson

      thats what they say but then liberals lie all the time look whos trying to be the first woman pres but agrees with obama on trade healthcare law etc

  • palintologist

    Pope Francis’s Vatican toadies say we need to eliminate 6 billion peeps to save the earth. Hilario looks like a good start.

  • tim

    If I was her parent -You would not have to worry about a trial or Deporting he asshole! Obama wants to make him a citizen- Deport all the criminals..

  • Norma Kinsey

    Sure send him back to Mexico, but make sure he pees sitting from now on.

  • tim

    Put him in jail for life , because if you let him out and deport him he will be back in the United States within a couple weeks.. I worked with a Mexican jose-He was caught by the FBI in a undercover sting.He was online talking to an under age girl. He left Connecticut and went to Rhode Island to meet her.He was arrested and deported. Three weeks later he showed back up to work asking for his job back> He was illegal with fake papers to work> My boss said” No- he could not employee him, we had college kids living in the apartment buildings- he could not risk having him work for the company .

  • caligirl1960

    So he is lonely? deport him back to mexico then!

  • uglyamerican

    Latinos love to talk about how important the “family” is to them. Their own national laws and moral values show that they couldn’t care less about their families or their children.

  • Golfer1113

    Death penalty should be the end result

  • carl arasi

    One hollow point in the head,and justice is done!

  • Fritzer

    this is the way they are in their country & they now think that this is their country. A bullet to the head will take care of the confusion.

  • BELL


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  • Kathleen

    They are short people for the most part so he probably thought she was 20.

  • Cora


  • Dina

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  • Cardiac_Scott

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  • smaalle

    What will it take to secure the border to stop these sick criminal illegals?

    Public hangings. As an example.

    • abilee

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