Mexican Cop Killer Executed in Texas Given Hero’s Burial in his Hometown (Video)


Above: Mexican illegal alien Edgar Arias Tamayo, who murdered a Houston police officer, receives a hero’s funeral in Mexico

by John Urban | Top Right News

A Mexican cop-killer who was executed in Texas last month — despite the shameful best efforts of U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry to stop it — received a “hero’s” funeral back in his home country.

Illegal alien Edgar Arias Tamayo murdered Houston police officer Guy Gaddis in 1994, with 3 bullets to the back of his head, execution-style. Yet in Mexico you could be forgiven for thinking you were witnessing the funeral of a great military hero, or beloved movie star, instead of a despicable thug.

Thousands of Mexicans, along with friends and relatives carried the coffin of Tamayo to the cemetery in his home town of Miacatlan, Morelos state, amid an outpouring of grief from local residents.

Mexico’s government tried to block the execution of Tamayo, arguing that it would violate international law. And our very own Secretary of State John Kerry worked with them — and the United Nations – in trying to save the life of an illegal alien murderer.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry would have none of it, and ignored all appeals to make sure this insect would get his just desserts.

But in Mexico, you would never know Tamayo has ever done so much as jaywalking, as thousands jammed the streets to dance and celebrate this murderer’s life. The service blasted the “Gringos” for the execution, and neither Officer Gaddis’ murder, nor the pregnant widow he left behind, were mentioned even once during the service.



Forgotten: ‘Officer Down’ Memorial Page for Guy Gaddis. Tamayo shot Officer Gaddis, 24, three times in the back of the head. The Mexican People couldn’t give a damn about him.

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