MEXICAN-AMERICAN COMBAT VET ASKS HISPANICS: ‘If You’re Not Proud Of America, Why Are You Here?’


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[h/t Clash Daily]

  • Gina Lawson Young

    Thank you for your service sir.

    • wendyjwilliamss

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  • Will Jones

    There is no honor shedding the blood of innocents because the same satanic caesaropapist/Khazar false-Jew Talmuds who crucified tens of thousands of Christs and Immanuel, then ran “the Wall Street of slavery” at Rome for over 2,000 years before usurping America, God’s actual prophesied “Promised Land,” committed 9/11 to send us off to more false-war.

    • ozzy mo


      • Theresa Tucker

        I am a fairly intelligent individual with an decent education and I didn’t get it either. I read it three times and the more I read it the more confused I became.

        • Abel Cortez II

          WJ is probably just another baby boomer whose lost his mind.

      • adobong_paksiw

        lol. exactly my thought. all due respects to the poster.

    • Harriet


  • snickers

    Well this is refreshing. No one coming into this country to live, legally or illegally can expect the country to bend to every whim that comes to mind. If you want to live here, then contribute. No one is asking anyone to give up their culture or religion. We all celebrate various cultural customs of other countries. That is what makes this country so wonderful. But if you’ve come here to be taken care of at the cost of tax payers and complain, you should probably return to your home country. America is great because of the acceptance of cultures who contribute to its greatness, but no one coming here is owed anything for nothing. The gentleman from Univision is dead wrong.

    • MFRavenhawk

      And that applies to all, immigrants and citizens. If you are not working to improve America….. and neither illegal aliens, fraudulent immigrants, nor our own minority citizens claiming ‘victimhood’ are doing anything to improve America for all….then you need to kindly return, if not to the country of your birth, then to the country of the culture you choose to identify with first over being an American.


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    • dawn

      Sadly, though. As you see with the muslim population as well….they do NOT respect the American people and are trying to force their own culture and laws upon US. They are NOT assimilating and are trying to transform our culture/country into one that represents only theirs.

  • Tina

    Excellent! Very well said!

  • DanaLanders

    this country doesn’t owe Hispanics crap!!

  • ran

    We have allowed those immigrants to stay here for far too
    long, and now they are here to stay. We have crossed a threshold of time, and
    now it would be pointless to initiate an impossible attempt to deport 11
    million undocumented people. That is not realistic by any stretch of the
    imagination, especially because many of those Mexicans have had children here
    who are naturalized American citizens. Should we deport only their parents?

    It is senseless to begrudge a Mexican man or woman the
    ability to come to America and work for $5 an hour under the table for 16 hours
    a day just to provide a better life for his or her family. These people lay
    brick, cut grass, mix and carry concrete, place shingles on rooftops, rakes
    leaves, cook in kitchens, and work their fingers to the bone, all of which
    provides services to America. Most of these immigrants are hard workers, not
    criminals taking advantage of the system.

    Would it not be more beneficial to America to allow these
    people to work on the books for a fair wage? After all, they would be
    contributing tax dollars directly to the American economy.

    Undocumented Mexican workers have been demonized for far too
    long, and deporting all of them is impossible. Therefore, instead of
    ostracizing undocumented Mexican people, maybe we should allow them to openly
    have a life in America without the fear of jail or deportation. Both sides of
    the immigration debate stand to gain something from this. Those worried about
    undocumented Mexicans hiding in the shadows would have the benefit of more
    transparency in regard to the Mexicans who are here. Undocumented Mexicans
    would be able to participate in America’s social contract, work, pay taxes, and
    earn citizenship. Employers would be allowed to employ this workforce freely,
    although they would have to increase pay to the minimum wage. Finally, there
    would be one less partisan political fight on Capitol Hill. The American people
    have been saturated with the political bickering resulting from this issue for
    long enough.

    By John Bruhns
    Veteran and writer

    • MFRavenhawk

      So we should simply forget the fact that these 11M+ illegal aliens broke our laws, have driven down incomes for US citizens, and do not first identify themselves with the American culture and ideals….and simply give them a free pass and citizenship?

      Interpret the Constitution properly…challenge the fallacy of birthright citizenship to the Supreme Court if necessary….and actually enforce the immigration laws, as well as the laws concerning illegal aliens and fraudulent immigrants, putting the funds to enforcement instead to to welfare, using the fines of those who harbor or employ them to help finance the additional cost of deportation….

      And in time, most will actually take themselves home when they can no longer get the free ride nor the ability to anchor themselves here thru their children….none of whom are giving allegiance to our system of government or our country, which means they are not and shouldn’t be protected by its laws. In short, they are NOT under the jurisdiction of the US, and should be treated accordingly for violating our laws.

    • dubsak20

      Ran your part of the problem

      • ran

        Try reading the posting slower. If you don’t agree, that’s your choice.

    • Candy

      Mr Bruhns – where do the illegal immigrants work for $5.00 hour? In Phoenix the “day workers” as they are called will not work for less than $10 hour when the minimum wage was under $7 ph – no taxes deducted, transportation and a free lunch and this was 8 years ago. I’d bet the hourly wage is considerably more than that now. They use fake ID’s, SS cards and many drive cars that are never titled in their name and have no insurance. Unless they committed a crime, no authority cared to pay any attention to the validity of their ID. I employed “illegal” immigrants before it was illegal to do so. If they had financial or legal problems they just changed their ID’s and their name. I paid them the same I paid the legal citizens for the same work.

      • ran

        I believe you’ve missed the point, however, if you re-read the posting slower and it still isn’t relevant for you, that’s your choice.

      • Abel Cortez II

        If you or your employer employs these people, delete your post. That’s where the true epidemic lies.

      • Cedric Ian Anthony

        not ” commited a crime”. you mean are not caught committing a crime. being here illegally, driving a car wihtout insurance, etc. ARE crimes.and as such they should be deported. get your facts right.. and the fact that you hired them, KNOWNING they are/were Illegal, should make you a Criminal too. ya tard.

    • Abel Cortez II

      If only I could see the looks on members of the Apache and Cherokee nations, if/when they read your post.

      • Cedric Ian Anthony

        you seem to think that if people are against Illegal Aliens aka Criminals. than they are against LEGAL immigration. please grow some IQ points to rub together before you post or reply.

  • Karen

    Why isn’t Univision or anyone else saying that Mexico “owes hispanics”? Look at the way Mexico treats their people vs the life hispanics, even illegals, have in the US. I’d say the Mexican government has a lot to answer for. Funny that some people can come over here illegally from Mexico and complain that they want even more than what they have, but won’t stay in their country and demand a better life there from their own government. (And I know that a lot of immigrants are thankful, but that is not the discussion here.)

    • Abel Cortez II

      How does Mexico treat their people? I’ve spent a lot of time in Mexico, not the tourist locations most Americans go to, but real Mexico. It’s a lot like here in the US. There are have and have nots. Clarify.

  • Jerry

    This is what most of the illegal Hispanics believe and why most of them support Trump and Cruz.when the media says differently they are just trying to ruin their run for the White House.

  • John Victor

    Sgt Avilla all due respect you get the privilege of serving your country with money and resources to back you up not everyone gets that opportunity…. There are illegals in our mi

    • Abel Cortez II

      Where are you people living? I don’t see any of that where I live. Is it s socioeconomic thing?

  • David Weaver

    Well said soldier! Univision anchor needs to wake up and stop race baiting! America does not owe any race anything, but an opportunity to succeed!

  • The Professor

    And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
    —John F. Kennedy, inauguration address, January 1961.


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