Memphis Police Chief: Brutal Kroger Racial Assault ‘Will Not Be Investigated as a Hate Crime’


Above: Memphis Mayor AC Wharton and Police Director Toney Armstrong after speaking to the media Monday

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

No hate crime. In fact, there’s nothing to see here….move along.

That was the outrageous attitude of the Police Director of Memphis, Tennessee in response to the brutal racial attack on 3 White victims, including 2 employees of Kroger, Saturday night.

Despite clear targeting of the victims by race, Police Director Toney Armstrong said he’s had lots of calls asking how the investigation would proceed but said there is “not sufficient enough evidence to investigate this as a hate crime.

Um, what? Let’s review the video evidence once again, shall we?

“They got a White dude…woo hoo!”

NOT a hate crime. Got it.

No Federal investigation for civil rights violations of White victims. No Eric Holder visit or Al Sharpton agitation.

Switch the races and you don’t have to wonder what would be the #1 story on the Nightly News tonight — and all week long, leading to an Obama Rose Garden statement and national hand-wringing about “why can’t we get past racism”?

Oh wait, the victims were White? Crickets.

Regarding the perpetrators of the race attack, Armstrong reported that one 15-year-old suspect has been charged for aggravated assault and aggravated rioting. The suspect also has previous drug and firearm charges. He is not enrolled in school this year and his mother has been charged in the past with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Charges on three other suspects were pending but expected Tuesday. All the suspects are Black.

If you disagree with the Memphis Police Director’s assessment of this incident, you can reach him by email here. If the email is returned you can contact the department here, or via phone at 901-636-3700. (Please no hate speech or profanity)

  • Chris Nichols

    ” Despite clear targeting of the victims by race, Police Director Toney Armstrong said he’s had lots of calls asking how the investigation would proceed but said there is “not sufficient enough evidence to investigate this as a hate crime.” 5 -10 on one guy a different race where they stated “we got a white guy” and it is not a hate crime ???????????

    • Robert Kunsman

      if they investigated as a hate crime they would riot and then the media might pay attention

      • Debbie Smithheart

        The will not cover anything dealing with black on white crime. If they do they will have the current administration all over them making threats. Black on white crime will be resolved by white people getting fed up with the bullshit and start standing their ground for justice. White people must start defending themselves and their families. Hell we need to help each other and put the fear of God in the evil that attacks us. TAKE IT FOR WHAT IT IS WORTH!

        • Jason Frazier

          Well said Debbie.

    • John McMickle

      Haven’t you heard blacks cannot commit a hate crime. They can only be victims of hate crimes. Just call Obama and Holder they can explain how it works.

    • Lola Greely Davis

      It IS a HATE CRIME. It is all coming to a head. Blacks and Whites will have a war against each other

      • Debbie Smithheart

        It is coming, enough is enough.

      • Lou Cifer

        A stupid black person does not represent all black people, a stupid white person does not represent all white people. 100 stupid people do not represent all people. Each individual represents themselves. Nothing more, nothing less. There will be no race war, that is ridiculous.

    • Monica Long

      White people, and black mayor and police chief, what do you expect…they cannot call their own black people for the crime it is a ”
      “Hate Crime!”

    • pimpmaniak42

      She said “they” got a white guy you def idiot. She wasn’t even apart of the gang called fam mobb. You are reading articles I’m actually from there. It’s a bad area where barely any white people are there. It was one white guy and two black kids. The media is feeding you out of Towners bullshit

      • islandsister

        no you are feeding bullshit because I live here too and can clearly see the kids being beaten are white. It is not a largely black or bad area it is a mixed neighborhood of midtown on the border of a “bad” neighborhood as you call where blacks live.

        • Debbie Smithheart

          It is very clear

  • Deacon Davis

    The feds need to come in and take over this case. This is racism clear and ugly. The victims in this brutal attack were targeted because they were white. If it had been the other way around there would be riots and no need for a trial because they would already have been convicted in the court of public opinion.

    • Robert Kunsman

      dont you understand in oblowme’s world blacks attacking whites is just fine you have members of the black caucus saying all whites should go back to england could you imagine if a white said all blacks should go back to africa the riots that would happen??????????????

      • Lisa

        Maybe you could try and be a grown up and present an intelligent argument ?

        • constitutionalsoldier

          That is a pretty intelligent supposition on his part, Lisa. You are really, really wrong on this one.

          • Zach Toundas

            I, too, was immediately struck by op’s intelligence while reading his comment.

        • John McMickle

          Robert is spot on. Look at the case of voter intimidation back in 2009. the New Black Panthers standing outside a polling place with clubs. If that had been white guys Holder would have them in jail for as long as allowed by law. However in the case of New Black Panthers intimidating white voters after the investigation started Holder ordered the investigation stopped and the case closed.

        • Dewy

          Maybe you could start by explaining how his argument wasn’t intelligent?

          • Jack Perry

            Lisa can’t, because when liberals have nothing to go on they attack the person rather than the argument…

        • ClearthoughtNY

          …lisa…enjoy your white guilt…you are the problem…wtfu…

        • Carl Tim

          Maybe you could grow up, solve your mental disorder…..and maybe join reality?

      • Lola Greely Davis

        All Africa Americans can go back to Africa if they don’t want to live in a White mans country(US) and obey our laws,

        • Levi Kalin

          This is technically the “red” man’s country soooo…..

          • Jack

            um the red man lost it a loooong time ago

          • Rick Williams

            Wow… Lola and Jack are as racist as the kids in the video. Just pathetic.

          • Daniel David M

            you see this news and the only thing you have to contribute is calling a couple of whites people racist. There is something very backward about your mindset. but very typical of the cowardly attitude that is common today.

          • Stefanie

            Thanks Daniel David M – You seem to be the only one with any real common sense this morning. Flippin’ idiots … smh

          • Rick Williams

            Well, Lola called the U.S. a “white man’s country” and said “blacks can go back to Africa”… Let’s get something straight… Most black people in this country were born here, have fought for this country, and don’t deserve people telling them to “go back to Africa”… And the only thing you have to contribute is agreeing with a couple people making out of line comments. So shut up and go back to Europe! The people here who have fought for this country don’t want your racist asses here! yes, the kids who did this should go to prison, but why talk about it as if an entire race was responsible? And not being racist isn’t cowardly. You’re the kind of white trash we don’t need here.

          • jpjgamas

            The only trash seen in this video is black trash. The black community needs to take care of their problem. Quit being cowards and turn in the drug dealers, criminals, and yes the garbage that attacks others only because they are white. This is a racial attack and the garbage needs to be sent back to Africa. Where do you think racial hatred originated?

          • dghealy

            you use that ugly term too loosely.

          • Robcart944

            How is that statement racist? It’s funny how the word “racist” has so many meanings.
            What is pathetic are people who label anyone racist who don’t think like they do.

          • Lion Heart

            Maybe he said something racist. does anyone know why they did that. Not that it justifies it but …

          • Chris Kee

            but you need that many people to beat 1 tiny ass kid?

          • The Bear

            Maybe not, maybe it was because he was white, it does happen. Ask my brother.

          • Larenzo1

            Lion it is happing all over the country There is even a book that has been written about it.

          • Ethelred

            Maybe they’re gutless animals!

          • Sam Taylor

            Cowards at the least

          • susan5042

            3 whites were attacked not just 1. It was a hate attack spree.

          • larry

            Not lost….taken

          • Jeff Lachance

            Lost it? More like had it stripped from them

          • Kenneth Barten

            As a 25% Native American, I might agree,, But as long as your not a “savage”, you can stay. If your a ignorant POS,, then get the hell back to where you came from. regardless of your ethnic background…

          • Lion Heart

            Spoken like a true Marine !

          • gxlfnut


          • Karen Kay Babineaux

            Yes I am also Native American and I agree Kenneth Barten!

          • DO’Riley

            I’m 100% (native)
            American I was born here and I agree Ken any POS should be thrown out!

          • Kenneth Barten

            What Nation DO’Riley?… Chippawa here…

          • Sam Taylor

            Would you guys stop with the “I’m part Indian” rants, please. When it comes right down to it most of us have some Indian in us but that doesn’t give us any more say than the next guy.

          • Kenneth Barten

            Considering SOME of us,,who are REGISTERED ~~25% or higher percentage~~ Are proud of our Heritage,,( after all, isn’t that what this is all about?…)
            SO suck my left one….

          • motherall

            You have every right to be proud of your heritage but your history is incorrect.

          • jpjgamas

            Why would anyone be proud to have such violent ancestors: After all Native Americans practiced cannibalism, slavery, human sacrifice, etc. not inspirational traits.


            You are as retarded as they come. All of us have some Indian in us? WTF?

          • Robcart944

            “…most of us have some Indian in us”…

            This statement is NOT true. Stop believing everything you are told and think for your self. If more people can do this, we will become a better, smarter society.

          • Leslie Martinez

            The nation of the United States of America, I too am native. I was BORN here. And the Chippawas descendants were immigrants also, as with ALL American Indians, there is no indigenous humans to the Americas.

          • lwainscot

            People have to remember that in the beginning of our time, Earth was not divided into the continents as we know them today. For the most part the earth was a large land mass, and another large water mass.

          • lwainscot

            People used to exile unwanteds from their domain, sometimes even from their country. Perhaps we should start doing the same with these ungrateful idiots. If they wish to behave like animals, they should either be put down, as we would do to any other rabid animal, or we can transport them back to the jungle, where such behavior is par for the course.

          • Honey Badger

            Creek here! And I totally agree.

          • Zackary Mcgee

            no it was not technically when it became the U.S. yea we took the east coast but we bought the rest of the U.S well technically England took the east coast soooo.

          • …No it’s not…they were conquered & whites built America…period…

          • kcs7272

            Actually the Chinese whites and blacks built America. The.Chinese ABSOLUTELY built the railroads. But that doesn’t excuse the behavior in this video.

          • Houghton Mathetes

            Well, actually an awful lot of Irish were worked to death building canals and railroads. Just sayin’

          • diger56

            Irish are white, Skippy!!

          • David L

            The hatred for the Irish had nothing to do with color honey… they were considered the dregs of Europe and Iam still proud of my Irish background. My Grandmother was full Cherokee that married a Donehoo. WOW!!! Go Redskins!!!

          • Larenzo1

            There were as more Irish that built the railroads than anyone else. The engineers and people that planned it all were white.

          • David L

            Historically there were far more Irish on the railroads than Chinese … and they were treat equally as bad.

          • kcs7272

            Ummm.. I am half “red man” and I agree with Lola

          • Tim Pace

            No the red man got it handed to them. If the black man can do the same then the country is there’s

          • Lou Cifer

            No, it technically was a red man’s country in the past. The key word being “was”.

          • FA

            actually, if you’re color coding than scientifically it’s a “yellow” mans country from a land bridge 15,000 years ago. Go Asians!

          • gager

            No, it’s a white mans country…it was the white man who civilized an uncivilized country.

          • 3dRangerBn

            No, technically, all of those who occupied this land prior to the Western Europeans arriving also migrated from somewhere else (Asia across the Bering Strait). So the “Native American” thing is just as much bullshit as the rest.

          • Mark

            Not really, considering they came over across the Bering Strait thousands of years ago, with DNA evidence showing Asian ancestry. That would make them more “yellow” if you’re going to play with ethnic colors.

          • Sam Taylor

            No it is not. Just like the people they defeated and took the land away from hundreds of years ago, they were defeated and it was taken away from them. I don’t agree with this principle but it is the way war works.

          • Grady Layne Holmes

            And the “red man” came from Siberia, soooooo should we send them back there????? Get a grip, we are ALL from somewhere else. We need to grow up and be American.

          • Corey Foster

            Totally ALL americans that are born here and continue to be proud and love America no matter what it’s become. We need to band together and realize that it’s us vs. the government. They keep the issues going (racial and non) that divide us and make us fight amongst ourselves while they do whatever they want so they can control us more easily and keep building upon the power they already have! Band together and work against the government to free ourselves mentally and physically ppl!!!

          • spanky

            I have often wondered where the “red” people came from. If the Indians were here when Columbus came – who really discovered America – the Indians? Or are you going to tell me they were just “always” here and that is why they are “native” Americans. Must have been part of the big bang that put them here, huh?

          • Jeff Lachance

            Columbus is a moron. It was amerigo vespucci

          • Swolavelli

            Actually that isn’t true, native american tribes starting with the Sioux terrorized murdered n stole land from an indigenous people that predated the Aztecs

          • Mark Page Castillo

            The Anasazi (“Ancient Ones”), thought to be ancestors of the modern Pueblo Indians, inhabited the Four Corners …Actually genius it was Anasazi.

          • Swolavelli

            Well internet tough guy as im sure you would cower before you would insult me to my face like a man. But I’d love to get the source of your information, was it Sal Alinsky, or what other liberal progressive anti-american author who enjoys the safety and freedom many brave men have died to earn, preserve and protect, while they bash the US at the same time! What’s of further and most importance is that(at least till you liberetards give it all away and realize the “natives” weren’t so innocent) the US won the battles, and control the land now

          • motherall

            That’s not actually true either if you go really far back. Native Americans came here from elsewhere and just stayed and took land so really no can lay claim to America.

          • lwainscot

            Even Native Americans were not native to this country. They too seem to have migrated from an area that is now known as Siberia.

          • Deacon Davis

            Actually so called native Americans are the descendants of Asians who came across an ice bridge and conquered the inhabitants that were already here. Much like the Europeans did in the creation of the American nation.

        • Umpscous

          But how could the poor darlings survive without the government hand outs and freebies?

          • T. D.

            hand it over to ’em & it will look like Zimbabwe in a couple of years. It was Rhodesia & was doing very well & it was handed over to the blacks, became Zimbabwe & went to hell in a hand basket over night.

          • juansantiago

            Poor black squatters violently attacked the white farmers in Rhodesia and took possession of their farms and the world yawned. It is because blacks are considered the underdog and whites supposedly have unfair advantage, so sort of feels like just desserts to many. What is that quote, “Only the lesser demands full equality” – something like that? lol

          • T. D.

            The U.S. told the whites to give it to the blacks (majority), they said NO, they went (U.S.) to S. Africa & told them to cut off their oil or we will cut yours off. They had no choice. With out oil supplies they were dead. Thanks to Henry Kissinger (the messenger) & the U.S. it was handed over & now they are just an arm pit. The story is longer but that is the jest of it. I know the story first hand!

          • juansantiago

            Yes, S. Africa is a tragic story of one of the richest places on earth in natural resources, and it will go to communists because amoral and lawless blacks there are the biggest part of the problem. Not sayin whites were always right, but the result is a country gone completely down the tubes. BTW, you meant the “jist” of the story, not jest, although it may have been a Freudian slip.

          • JohnSmith

            Now there are food shortages just like there will be in South Africa, and for the same reason!

        • Lou Cifer

          Being born in a country makes you a native to that country. An African American would be an immigrant from Africa, a black born in America is just American, they are not African. There is no “back” to send them to. Same thing with Americans with European ancestry, your ancestors may have been European but you are not, you are American and there is nowhere to send you back to either. You can call yourself Irish-American (for example) all you want but if you ever visit Ireland the people there will waste no time telling you that you are American and not Irish. Italian, Greek… whatever.

          • Rah

            Exactly! Lou! You are either American or a immigrant. Which is it?

          • RAVENBEAUT

            probably both. or maybe just has a working brain and heart…

          • Laura Cottingham



            Yeap,we are called plastic paddy’s lol~! But even in Ireland they do not like nor welcome the darkies and or Muslims!

          • teabadger

            No “darkie” wants to live on cold wet green rock! Who wants to live off potatoes And practice incest anyway?

          • Robcart944

            Wow! I You must really be smart.

          • LlarryLLama

            Africa wouldn’t want today’s “African” Americans.

          • lwainscot

            Tell that to all the idiots who have to have hyphenated ethnicity, African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans; they are either Americans or something else. Can’t be loyal to two or more countries, so choose and then comply with the laws of that country.

        • Nichole

          White mans country? The “white men” were not the first people in America. And not all African Americans came from Africa. Such an ignorant statement. It is people like you and statements like that that fuel the fire.

          • diger56

            Actually it is attacks on whites by punk teenage blacks that are fueling the fire!!

        • ricky gipson

          ok guys since none of you can decide whos country it is I will tell you who it really belongs too and this goes for every other country also it belongs to the group strong enough to take it and destroy anyone who opposes their idealology right now we are at a turning point for who the future of this country will belong to

          • diger56

            I am with the guys with the guns!! LOL

        • The Bear

          Should the white Americans go back to where they came from if they don’t want to obey the laws.

        • mycorrado

          they certainly don’t have to stay, plenty of other rule-less places like Somalia where they can kick people around without going to jail for it. oh, never mind Holder and Obama will never, ever prosecute one for fear of riots.

        • Shawn Blagg

          You don’t beat racism with racism… You disgusting Racist.

          • diger56

            Go blow your self clown!!

        • Gone Away

          We need them wiped out.

        • James C Gregory

          That is a cowards way of stating you are prejudice, I do not agree with all white people anymore than I agree with all black people. There is evil on both sides and you must be one of them. By the way, why do you not show your face when posting?

        • Zach Toundas

          White man’s country? Really?

        • ki-lee

          AMEN!!! these pansy ass black people in this country wouldn’t last a day in another country that doesn’t tell them when to wipe their asses! I dont believe in slavery for any human. But the blacks that are in the country could have been born where there ancestors came from. The ancestors endured horrible atrocities only for them to become slaves to a different kind of master. The Irish slaves were more plentiful in the English Empire, they were
          cheaper and treated far worse since they were Catholic.

          Julius Caesar was said to have enslaved one million White Gauls for the
          Roman Empire. In fact, the word “slave” comes from the word “Slav”, a
          name that came to be used because the Slavic people were a favorite
          choice for Mongol, Khazar, Arab and indeed White slave traders. Muslims are perhaps the world’s biggest en-slavers as estimated 19
          million people becoming the victims of Islamic slavery. Their slave
          trade runs for far longer than that of Europeans. Muslims enslaved

      • LieutenantSword

        Actually, that wasn’t an American who said that — it was the President of Zimbabwe — equally irrelevant, nonetheless.

      • Karen Kay Babineaux

        So true Robert, So true!

      • Zach Toundas

        Well in actually researching the case, I found around 15 people in ten minutes telling black people to go back to Africa, yet so far, Fox News have no new black riots to report…
        Oh well, it sounded nice when you said it though…

      • jac

        perfect……………can you imagine if we called them niggers……….the flack we would get……………oh me oh my…………

    • John McMickle

      The Community Organizer-in-chief and his activist attorney general do not care about this, acting on this would gain no favor with his base supporters. The far left really see no problem with this until it is them taking the beating.

      • Rick Williams

        Exactly, John.

    • ILPatriot

      The Feds? You mean Eric Holder??? Hahahahahaha!

    • “The Feds” a.k.a. the Obama Administration are the problem. These extreme black on white hate crimes are a direct result of Obama’s attitudes trickling down that blacks are entitled to target all of the “evil white people.”

      • Notmymess

        Oh, give it a rest. Haters like you will blame everything, and I mean everything, on Obama. And this kind of crime pre-dates Obama anyway!

        • Keith Davidson

          You’re right. The “type” of crime goes back a long time. To ancient days, actually. But look at the shape we’re in now since Obama has had to interject himself into every major race related issue that has occurred in this country during his two terms. When Presidents speak on race, they speak in comprehensive, overall terms. But Obama gets into specific incidents for the express purpose of instigating. With his beer summits and his “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”, and now the Michael Brown thing. America was making progress by leaps and bounds in terms of race relations and now we’re on the verge of total racial breakdown. If you deny that Obama has exacerbated the race issue and turned us back 3 decades at least, then I’m sorry to tell you, you are another sycophantic liberal automaton and you’re drunk on the Democrat Kool-Aid.
          Challenge: I’ll buy you lunch at McDonalds if Obama says one peep on this one.

          • Stefanie

            You sir, are a genius!! I agree 100% AND – Good grief, Notmymess, if he had horns and a tail you would still stand by this pig. You are are the problem in America.

          • Zach Toundas

            Black man becomes president, speaks out against unjust killings of other black people. Color me shocked.

        • YOYOMAN

          So what, you want to Blame Bush Jr. instead? Tell me, how many cases of white on black, or black on white crimes did Bush personally get involved in, send diplomats to the funeral and say on public tv that justice will be found? Oh wait, that’s right…he didn’t.

        • Can you not read? This took place last week. How does this “pre-date” Obama. Barack Obama has set race relations back 50 years.

          He and his kind like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton get their power by manipulating ignorant people into racial hatred. They are a disgrace to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King who said:
          “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a
          nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

          Well, these people who were victimized by these thugs were either working or going about their lives in a peaceful manner when the thugs chose to attack them for absolutely no reason except that they have chosen to act like jackals and bullies. I doubt if a single one of these cowards would face one of their victims one on one, but instead choose to gang up in mass to attack these defenseless hard working victims. Every one of these thugs deserves to spend the next five years serving hard labor on an old fashioned chain gang.

    • Micqey

      Just in case you care about facts, there were two black kids and a white kid who got beat down. . .

      • beal7

        It is also clear that whoever is on the video is asking for security and asking for people to ‘call someone’..obviously this person is seeking help for the victims. Also the responses are NOT coming from the perps…Why would you want to spread this hatred and evil thinking..Just Chill. You can see people trying to help. What is your problem???

        • Dave Mc

          Beal if you watch she Is laughing and video so she can utube it when she could of called herself. The laughing part of her video from her shows her intelligence. She saying oh damn they got a white boy and sneaker about it also shows she wasn’t worried about them attacking her so she was part of the riot

          • beal7

            Never said she was the brightest bulb in the lamp, but she was clearly asking for help for the victims.

        • Krista Ellis

          you mean the same person that laughed and said “They got a white dude!” ? Maybe some of these spectators are trying to get smarter and make it look like they are actually trying to help. The spontaneous comments and cheering really tell the story!

      • Wendy

        No you are wrong. All the victims were white. That has been stated over and over in every article including this one. I also watched the video several times and know for a fact two of them were white so maybe you should research your facts

      • Bob Truthteller

        All the victims were white……..there was a black security guard who they didn’t touch.

        • beal7

          You can hear her calling for could he be touched when he wasnt there to start with? “The video appears to show black teens beating up a white victim, but the witness said there were white and black, male and female perpetrators and two of the victims were black.’ From the local news feed, so where are you getting your information?

          • Micqey

            Thank you. That’s what i’m trying to say.

          • Zach Toundas

            I am confused by your sense of reason and logic paired with your icon.

    • DagwoodTudberry

      The feds? What a joke. The only way there will be justice in this case is if the friends and families of the victims secure it, themselves.

    • Bob Truthteller

      The “feds” have had plenty of opportunities in recent years to bring justice in these cases when it was clearly a hate crime with a white victim. This administration and their law enforcement wing will never do anything that looks like equal and fair treatment. How many people in the “knock-out” game were charged with hate crimes? How about the man in Baltimore beaten on St. Patrick’s Day a few years ago in a racial crime which was captured on video or the older Veteran in the northwest or the black panthers who put a bounty on George Zimmerman? None of them were charged.

    • Mark Muylaert

      If Holder came in he would say the whites instigated the crime.

    • LieutenantSword

      Wait a minute… you’re suggesting that the federal government’s law enforcement department, Eric Holder’s Justice Department come in and investigate this case? By the time they’re done, it’ll be the white dude’s fault, and all the idiots who beat him up will be the victims.

    • kjco99

      Unfortunately, “The Feds” you speak of happen to condone this activity by dropping/not prosecuting any persons of color accused of crimes. Holder & company are notorious for blatantly trying to “right the wrongs of history” by ignoring current cases involving white victims. This method of an eye for an eye response only works w/individuals who committed the crime not an entire race generations removed from the problem.

    • Karen Kay Babineaux

      Sure looks like a hate crime to me! And from what I can see I think there is some racism going on here too! “Period!”

    • Zach Toundas
    • JC

      Both white and black victims, now what is your rebuttal.

    • Richard Arlan Carter III

      Now, now. This was not a hate crime. The black Chief of police and the Black mayor said so. Everyone keeps going on about how racist white people are, how many white gangs are going around attacking black citizens? Time for whites to arm up and carry at all times. Bet these little black cowards will think twice then or end up with what they deserve.

    • Paul Gamache

      Holden has far better things to do….Like, taking a nap. If he did his job then people would expect more out him and then he would have to do some actual work. Like that will ever happen.

    • Linda Dawson

      It is not going to happen. I used to live in Memphis. The reason they are not being charged two words. Jury nullification. Memphis has a majority black population the likelylook of finding a jury willing to convict a black person of a hate crime no matter how guilty they were is not likely.

    • James harding

      The feds are part of the problem. Ever hear of the federal bureau of integration. Also known as the FBI?

  • MissTeenGeorgia .

    Thank God I live in negro free town

    • Katherine Dasilva

      What town would that be?

      • Calibabe712

        If she is really in Georgia I am thinking Stone Mountain, aka the birthplace and home of the KKK. At its heyday it boasted that they had no black people living there. Nowadays I am not so sure. I really try not knowing all the ins and outs of various hate groups.

        • Zackary Mcgee

          whats the different between the kkk and the blacks doing this crap

          • islandsister

            nothing….try Medford, Oregon. For some reason all those liberal grunge places don’t seem to have blacks living there.

        • Vincent Hughes

          There are tons of black people in Stone Mountain. Surprisingly, there are a lot of Africans as well, especially Ethiopians.

    • Michael Menzel

      Thank God I live in racist free town. I hope Ukraine and Georgia soon will get rid of Nazis like you. Criminal investigation on your beloved former president
      Saakashvili in your native Georgia is a good start.


      If you really ARE “Miss Teen Georgia”, better take a photo of your crown–you’ll be losing it as soon as your ignorant hatefilled comment is relayed to them…

  • Jenn Komansky

    Buy of course if they were white beating up blacks it would be racial..WTF what if the police director and/or mayor was whitre….I say the police department are racists

  • In Mempho what would you expect? It is nothing but a town of thugs with a few thousand white trying to fit in in Germantown. Memphis looks like a burned out Detroit downtown.

    • Calibabe712

      Wow that is a shame. Memphis used to be a nice little town to visit. I guess that is no more.

  • Sheila Morlas

    Where’s the freakin riots…looting!!!!! Where is the outrage here??? Oh wait…white folks are civilized …

    • Zach Toundas

      Oh, and this was a crime against both races (one black victim, two white), perpatrated by criminals, Not a officer killing a unarmed civilian. (size is not a weapon, previous petty theft is not a death sentence).

      • Andrew

        Actually, size is considered a weapon. So is being outnumbered. Look up the term “disparity of force.”

  • Pat Clarke

    It’s gonna get entertaining, folks. If you wish for peace, prepare >

    • Ed Nolan

      Si vis pacem para bellum.

  • Robert Chambers

    chief needs to be gone

    • Lola Greely Davis

      White People should get together and hold a protest against the chief to get him out of office. The blacks here in Mo. are protesting No Justice No Peace, We Whites should do the SAME

  • abbygal64

    So clear a moron would see it, I’m afraid racial unrest is here again thanks to Obama and Sharpton and Jackson, all is good if it is black on white if the tables had been turned it was have taken even less evidence to call it a hate crime. We need the Feds in on this one. It’s time to see whites are attacked for their color as much as blacks are.

    • James

      i would say hollywood movies about the old slave days doesn’t help much; just stirs up more hatred and violence. boycott hollywood.

      • Louis McComack

        Slavery movies have nothing to do with more hatred and violence, but Obama does with his speeches instigating the Blacks to create an uprising or riot. Slavery based movies are made to reveal the tragedy mankind once did, but if I was to say what I precieved is that slavery was a better thing for the US we strived way more as a society and as a nation with it and it kept Blacks working hard and true instead of living off of welfare and making gangs and disturbances such as riots.

        • James

          don’t know how people can say that movies don’t influence behavior. don’t tell that to the advertising world that spends billions of dollars every year. Today the data linking violence in the media to violence in society are superior to those linking cancer and tobacco……..

          a study by AACAP found that as a result of TV violence, children may: become immune to the horror of violence; gradually accept violence as a way to solve problems; imitate violence they observe on television; and identify with certain characters, victims, or victimizers.

          according to a University of Michigan study men and women who watched the most violent TV shows as youngsters turned out to be the most violence-prone, even 15 years later…. all you have to do is turn on the old tv set and watch the news.

  • renee

    This type of thing has been going on for quite some time. Just go on YouTube and you will see. This didn’t just started happening. It’s getting way out of control.

    • Lola Greely Davis

      Thats why I pack HEAT

  • Jeff Jackson

    There needs to be a Lawsuit filed against the city of Memphis, the Mayor and the poiice department for Civil Right violations…..

    • Lola Greely Davis

      I agree

  • David L

    Just some good folk out having some fun with the neighborhood white people because they are entitled to do such… their leader aint gonna do nuttin bowdit.

  • Jeff Jackson

    Did anyone expect anything different from a Black Mayor and Black Police Chief ? just like the 20 black on 1 white waffle house beating.. no hate crime either from the Black Police chief…

    • DagwoodTudberry

      I wonder what their mothers used to charge when they should have been at home raising their kids?

    • Rah

      Actually yes but clearly I
      shouldn’t have! I really thought Mayor Wharton had more integrity than
      this, guess not! This makes me so angry!!

  • Alton Bell

    Just another reason never to leave the house with out plenty of heat on your hip! Thank God we have that option here in AZ.

    • Lola Greely Davis

      Missouri agree’s with that

    • smokepole

      Same here in Wash.

  • MLP0911

    This clip of the video was not in it’s full entirety. The woman bending down near the white guy on the ground, and taking care of him. Here is the entire video without the editing.

    • Jeff Jackson

      What does that have to do with anything.. nobody helped him during the attack and I really don’t think rubbing the victim on the leg while he is unconscious is helping anything…

      • MLP0911

        No…but as I read people calling harsh names about ALL blacks, it is not ALL blacks. Jeff…what these guys did was very wrong. Yes…it is a hate crime, but not all that were there were heartless towards the victim.

        • SDub

          btw…the news reports say there were BLACK victims as well. Watching the video and listening it is clearly the person taping that is making the reference to the race of the victim. But…keep the conversation going, I’m enjoying all this self-victimization and reverse racism rhetoric.

          • Jeff Jackson

            There were no black victims.. The only black that scuffled was the security guard and the black mob did not even target or bother him until he tried to intervene long after the beatings went down… the liberal news media is trying to spin to take the focus off of the race hate crime aspect…. please keep trying though…

          • Jeff Jackson

            There were no black victims.. keep trying to spin the hate crime…

          • Lola Greely Davis

            The blacks probable got hurt when they fell down running away. skinning their knees

  • Ted

    Thank White Liberals! They hide in closets unless the victim is Black.

  • CaneRVa

    Google – white flash mob: you’ll get hits of people randomly dancing at a mall, bus station, etc.

    Google – black flash mob: you’ll get hits of people randomly attacking people, looting stores,and causing general mayhem.

    • Lola Greely Davis


    • Dewy

      True story, I just did it to see if it was true. GOOGLE IS RACIST!!!

      • LouisMcComack

        Google is a internet search engine it merely searches and shows results of what is popularly searched and the result of white people being civil and black people acting like “animals” does not make Google racist.
        You my friend obviously misunderstand the mans meaning for saying that.

        • Dewy

          You take the internet too seriously. Might wanna get that checked out.

    • DagwoodTudberry

      Because all Obama supporters are feral animals.

      • sharon morgan

        please don’t insult the feral animals like that~~they are much better behaved than this bunch of idiots!

      • Paul Herman

        That is offensive. My feral cats are not violent. They also control [the rodent population. Sometimes they can even be entertainment.

      • Notmymess

        Really? This Obama supporter (early on, at least) is an educated, retired, middle-of-the-road political person who has never committed a crime in his life. And I am white. You, sir, are simply a very disturbed individual.

  • MLP0911 Here you go. Begin to write to the Police Chief in Memphis and let him know your feelings.

  • Jeff Jackson

    I think as this story gains more traction nationally and it becomes known that the black Mayor and Police suppressed the civil rights of the white victims there will be a huge outcry and I think this will be the turning point where everybody says enough is enough and sh*t hits the fan…

  • dmar003

    just remember the only people that are racists are white. this is just an observation, kind of off subject. in the ADT commercials the ones for house alarms, there are only white burglars never a black or hispanic, just a thought.

    • Deb Peter Pro

      Been saying that for a couple of years now. Seems like the white man is the minority/evil/youpicktheshoe man. Propaganda at it’s finest.

  • Tim Clay

    I live in Memphis and not too far from the attack site. My wife shops there at times. It was 1 Kroger employee and 1 shopper that are white and a security guard that was black. It was a crime of opportunity… 11 have been caught so far. Domestic terrorism will be added (or should be) to the list.

    • Jeff Jackson

      The security guard wasn’t targeted until the security guard intervened and was retaliated against (not attacked)… had the black security guard not intervened the black mob would not have touched him…

  • John McMickle

    Armstrong is just as useless as Obama. Wharton is just as worthless.

  • Brenda Lewis


  • rostha69

    No such thing as black on white hate crime. Racism at it’s grandest.

  • Winston Null

    This country is just in a fine mess folks. You will find plenty of “race experts” who will flat out tell you that black people cannot be racist in this country. It is an institutionalized white offense. White privilege. I would be surprised to find a prosecutor in the country who would charge a black person of a hate crime, The Police Chief really does not matter anyway, a hate crime charge would most likely be pursued by a prosecutor but it will not happen in Memphis for sure. This Administration has just been horrible for race relations. This whole issue may really end up bloody because you have a nation that is afraid to stand up to thugs which is mostly what these young black men across the nation are that are doing these things. It is going to be pushed to the breaking point. Manson may finally get what he wanted all those years ago.

  • Jeff Jackson

    white detroit man pulled from truck and beaten by black mob.. no hate crime… white veteran beaten by 20 blacks at waffle house.. no hate crime… white couple sexually harrassed and then beaten by 30 blacks.. no hate crime…. over 100 person black mob attacks 2 white people in parking lot of Kroger beating them unconscious.. no hate crime…. All caught on video but no evidence of hate crime.. Obama’s America

    • Lola Greely Davis

      Let 1 white cop defend his self against a known black THUG, killing him, Blacks cry racist, no justice no peace, I wish these white people were caring heat and blast a few of the black aholes

  • LandofDave

    What if the same crime was committed and the races reversed – they’d be all over it and Sharpton, Jackson and Holder would be leading the march …

  • Donald Higgs

    I guess hate crimes can only be perpetrated against black people.. But I guess you can’t expect much from black mayor and black chief..

  • john arter

    here is some advice for white people if you dont have a gun get one and learn how to use it get some good hollow points and always carry your gun.

    • Lola Greely Davis


  • John McMickle

    Good news, the local news says that some of the suspects were tuned in by their families.

    • Jeff Jackson

      How is that good news.. the families aren’t stupid.. they know their kids are gonna get pinched so they are being proactive and will use it to claim how sorry their good boy or girl is.. I see through this a mile away.. Most of these kids faces are clear as day on the video….

      • John McMickle

        Hey it beats hiding them and swearing they had noting to do with the attack. They are acknowledging they were involved. they could be on television claiming their little angel would never do anything like that

      • John McMickle

        At least they are taking some responsibility. They could have kept silent then, if an arrest came start the old my little angel would never hrut anyone song we are all so use to hearing.

  • Oliver Douglas

    I have a few black friends that are great neighbors, and we all have this in common, and using the same term they do as well, we all ”hate niggers”!

  • Delphinus13

    Double standards= BS. Anyone else find it hilariously pathetic when these small-city police chiefs wear 5-star rank insignia? Even the NYPD and LAPD chiefs don’t have that many stars. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, senior military officer out of nearly 2 million military members doesn’t wear 5 stars.

    • Sailing J

      They like bling, makes them feel rich.

  • Fred Searcy

    Of course not he is black and you know they dont do hate crimes

  • Thomas Meadows

    This Cheif and the mayor should STEP DOWN TODAY!!!!!!!!!

  • The Avenger

    I am getting behind this new organization N.O.N.E. It has just started its movement but I will support it. I am tired of this one way racial system.

  • Redbird25

    Revolution is coming…Obama and Holder will get the race war they desire and they will regret it.

  • Dewy

    Just look at the picture, they’re both black. That says it all. Seems to me like they WANT a race war.

  • Micqey

    Just in case anyone cares about facts, there were two black kids and a white kid who got beat down and that’s why they are not calling it a hate crime. . .

  • wayne8734

    Now we have reverse discrimination,any idiot can clearly see that it was a hate crime!!!!

  • meme

    I had to go no further than Title of the article and the picture below it. It told the whole story without reading it.

  • DagwoodTudberry

    Show me a black liberal who isn’t a racist.

  • Kevin

    This is an act of terrorism not a hate crime and should be prosecuted that way. The people that are doing that are no better the ISIS. We should go riot… Never mind I have to work in the morning and pay my taxes.

  • Allen Michael

    Jason Dewitt where is the email for those that would like to contact?

  • tc4012

    And Eric Holder is where?

    • DagwoodTudberry

      Giving head to a drug lord.

  • Stephen K

    The article is conveniently not mentioning the Black victims of the gang.

  • LaMonte Monnell Sr.

    Why is everything so one sided. If it had of been a bunch of white teens beating up a black teen you don’t think they would be calling out the whites. It’s a two sided street, lets decide the same both ways, ok!

  • F. De Moraes

    BS like this is why race relations are at an all time low.
    If you morons in charge are looking for us to devolve to tribalism keep this kind of BS up, yet get your wish soon enough! Heaven help all of us when the tipping point is reached!

  • Joseph C. Krywalski

    What’s the race of the Police Director of Memphis, Tennessee? BLACK so nope no honky is gonna get to pull the race card on him!! I wonder if all the fed up white people went to live in africa and demanded that government give us welfare ,free medical,and started this crap there if we would be getting away with this crap?

  • Bob

    What do you expect. This is the new age of political correctness. Blacks are calling the shots and are getting back for past discrimination. What’s next? An Indian uprising? Let’s face it, our country has lost its moral compass.

  • brj319

    The damn security guard was recording it with his phone instead of doing his job!

  • Hugh Richard Williams

    The authoritarians want a race war. Wake up people.

  • jj

    Thugs will protect Thugs !

  • commonsense

    I wish we would hurry up and get to this. We need to have this race war and be done with this. Let’s make a deal, live with us in peace, or die. Perhaps we can practice on some muzzies first, just as a little warm up.

  • James Smith

    Obama and Holder can taste the Police State that will come out of this. If only we could just focus all this hate where it belongs. On the real enemy. Our common enemy. Islam.

  • ClearthoughtNY

    …more Obama kids out having fun…nothing to see here…ps…why does this site keep changing the o in Obama to a upper case letter…he deserves nothing of the sort…

  • Scott Snoopy

    the world is so shocked…a gang of black teens will not be charged for a hate crime by a dept led by a black police chief…shocking…shocking I say…how about we charge them with assault with intent, felonious mischief, creating a public disturbance…doubt that will happen either.

  • Doug Stoxen

    I don’t leave the house for 10 seconds unless I’m armed with
    a loaded handgun with extra ammunition. While it would be impossible to defend
    against a mob, I intend to take as many of them with me, as possible. Let them
    wait for me in hell and reserve a nice warm spot for me. There is a group
    trying to prevent people that shop at Kroger from being armed. This is a poster
    for why that’s insane.

  • Ann Beinke Bruce

    How anyone can say this is not a hate crime, must not have read the law. Specific targeting. Mayor Wharton, you should be impeached for not upholding the law, as there is more than enough evidence to warrant the charges! To hear an African-American’s say “they got the white dude, woo hoo” and laugh is not only very sad but adds to the evidence. African-American against Caucasian, reverse discrimination. Where are the Federal Authorities, why are they not looking into this? Where is President Obama saying this could have been his son? Does he not have Caucasian heritage as well, but does not claim such. Where are the authorities at all? Heads in the sand. No one cares about what happens to Caucasians – the poor children. Maybe we as “Caucasians should start labeling ourselves as Irish-American, German-American, Italian-American, Scottish-American, Russian-American, Armenian-American”? Then maybe when we are the victims of hate crimes and reverse discrimination, it will be discrimination against a particular ethnic background!

  • bdwilkin

    We would be better off if we had picked our own damn cotton.

  • pointsoutdumbasses

    The beatings of three people in a Kroger parking lot Saturday night will not be investigated as a hate crime, according to police officials.

    Memphis Police Department director Toney Armstrong said he’s had lots of calls asking how the investigation would proceed but said there is “not sufficient enough evidence to investigate this as a hate crime.”

    “I know this has a lot of racial undertones,” Armstrong said during a news conference Monday at Memphis City Hall. “I’ve gotten a lot of calls and I know (Memphis Mayor A C Wharton) has as well. We acknowledge that the majority of the suspects and the majority of the juveniles involved in this were African Americans. But you have to also understand that there was an African American victim in this as well, as well as a non-African American male.”

  • Steve V

    laws have to be applied equally and universally to all citizens. There is no point in having “hate crime” laws if they are not enforced. There is no point in having police officials if they can’t do the job…

  • Sam2001

    Some how I feel if it were reversed, it would be a “hate” crime. The “race” wars have started.

  • Just call me PB.

    The president and Holder are a bunch of white american hating black trash. Unfortunately, the liberals and the black population are too stupid to vote for a smart person no matter the color. Hey racist blacks and liberals…. is Ben Carson too white for you? Does he not blame the white person enough? Does he not whine and cry about race as an excuse for your failures? No wonder you wouldn’t vote for a smart black guy. And this is the problem when you have racist blacks or whites in office or positions of authority, pure scum trash.

  • Tami Michels Weeks

    White people need to wake the f uck up and see that Obama and Holder have made a free season of killing and maiming whites.

  • Keith Saidit

    I’m not what would be deemed far right, I’m a conservative independent with no wild conspiracy theories. That said the facts show no interest in black on white attacks which will lead to what? Resurgence of white supremacy groups which will lead to what? Death and destruction which will lead to what? martial law. Obama has shown zero leadership, if anything he has helped fan the flames. If parents and cops can’t put a stop to these kind of attacks it won’t be riots it will be killings. No one wants that…no one sane anyway.

  • Political Smackdown

    hate crime laws have never been enforced equally they are only reserved to punish white people name a single case of a minority charged and convicted of a hate crime ever.

  • Herman Vogel

    Fire this Racist POS…NOW!!!!!

  • David J Michel Jr.

    what a negro.

  • Junior Birdman

    Of course it was not a hate crime! Don’t you know that hate crimes can only happen when a white person attacks a black person (or when a black person is hurt by a white person who is defending themselves from the black person)? When it’s the other way around (or ANY other combination of backgrounds), it’s simply a bit of fun between friends…

  • Carl Tim

    Wow! Did I just watch a clip of the local zoo???

  • Regina Boutwell

    Looks like it is time to lock and load. Obama and his cronies Jesse and Al have finally accomplished what they wanted to. They have the blacks and whites fighting each other so it will keep them busy while he lets the illegals, especially the Muslims, slide in to America under the radar.

  • Bob Truthteller

    White people are voicing their disgust with this kind of thing……and it happens somewhere in the country every week…….maybe every day. It has been happening for a few decades now, but with smart phone cameras and more security cameras and people posting video online, we can actually see the evidence. My question is this……….I am someone who would have never joined the K_K_K or the skinheads or the Arians or any group like that, but I am sick and tired of seeing this institutional racism against whites nationwide. We have to watch the flippin riots after one police officer is nearly beaten to death by a 6’4″, 292 lb black guy and we have to listen to all the discrimination and racism against blacks chatter on every network and every newspaper and on and on………. this is a group that makes up about 14% of the U.S. population. But, white people have to take this kind of assault and homicides over and over again constantly and NOBODY does anything about it. Does anybody realize how many white folks have ruined lives because of brain injuries from these attacks? How many families have been ruined? Starting with idiots like Phil Donahue……if a white person said they would cross the street at night if they came upon a group of black men and that was called racism? The REAL discrimination in America is against whites…….the majority for now. When is the majority going to say enough is enough!!!! Why don’t we engage in massive riots and say the hell with political correctness and the narrative created by the left. It’s time to do the same thing to thugs in America that we should be doing to the thugs who cut off American’s heads.

    • Michael James Allison

      I agree Bob…

  • Jack Perry

    I wish that people with the cell phones that record these videos to hold the damn phone horizontally while recording…

    • Sailing J

      I was thinking the same thing. You’d think she could at least do that right.

  • joyn49

    He had me at ” not sufficient enough evidence”

  • BajaDreamer

    Let’s see now……..
    Black mayor…….
    Black police chief……
    Black perps……
    White victims…..

    Nnnaaaahhhhh! Couldn’t possibly be a hate crime could it?!
    Just axe the bruthas!!!

  • George Stevens

    if it had been me i would have popped a cap on 3 or 4 of thems ass and the rest would have moved on

  • Richard

    The black woman filming this did not give a sh1t about the white guy being beat up, she was telling some one else to call some one because she was to busy filming. They just keep proving ever day what animal they are and then wonder why police pick on them. The fact that holder and Obama are not saying any thing proves what racist they are!

    • redleg500

      It’s disturbing as a whole to see anyone taking a video of something like this instead of using the phone to call for the police (yes, I know their response time) or even helping the person in need.

  • Kenneth Barten

    If they rolled up on me,, there would be a pile of dead black people… I pack not one, but 2 glock 9 mils.,, just in case

  • Kenneth Barten

    So can WE riot,loot and scream “injustice” now now?….

  • Steve Moisant

    Black folks don’t want to accuse other black folks of hate crimes or racism. It’s the double standard of their communities.

  • Andrew DeFonzo

    The presumption in this article is misleading. I have watched the video a number of times, both the edited version above (which blocks out language) and the unedited versions. The person taking the video is the one who says, “they got a white dude”…that single line does not make this a hate crime as she is not the one beating up on anyone. The fact that she finds it amusing (since she is laughing) is disturbing, but not a sign of a hate crime.
    That being said…this is an example of black on white crime that gets swept under the rug as unimportant. It will RIGHTFULLY get no attention from the Justice Department…it was wrong for the Justice Department to get involved in the Michael Brown shooting, the Treyvon Martin shooting, and it is wrong for them to get involved here…that is what local and state police agencies and justice departments are for.
    This is, however, another moment that the so called “leaders” of the black community (Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc) should be using as a teaching moment…confronting that entire mob of young black people who seemed to think that type of behavior was somehow acceptable and justifiable. They could use this moment to try an make changes to those parts of the black community that act this way, making them better citizens in our overall society…but they won’t…because they only work to stoke the flames of racial divide.
    The memory and dignity of Martin Luther King Jr’s peaceful movement has long since been forgotten and/or thrown away by today’s black activists and by a significant portion of the black community.
    The stronger stance of Malcolm X who believed and taught that blacks should defend themselves, “by any means necessary” has also been discarded, as these actions, and those of the rioters in Fergusson are not defensive in nature.
    Instead, today’s “leaders” say nothing against blatant aggression acted out for no other reason than they felt like doing it, or they felt that someone…somewhere acted in a way that they didn’t like.
    What’s the end game? Where does it end? Instead of moving forward, America continues to move backwards.

  • Gary Smith

    I can’t play the video. But I don’t need to see it to know this happens between races all the time. It’s not a good time to be white, not popular to be a Christian, Not cool to stand up for your beliefs. I’m frightened of our future.

  • dpk63

    Maybe white people should riot and tip over police cars and burn and rob. And they wonder why they’re called the N word. It’s ok for them to do it but not us.

  • AWCheney

    So, who’s the real racist in this picture…the black chief of police who won’t enforce the law, perhaps? The black Attorney General who refuses to as well? And who is the new KKK in this country, as violent as the old one ever was? We had been heading toward enlightenment as was the dream of a great man…now we are all on the path to hatred and separation as is the will of a few very bad men. I only hope that everyone begins to see their agenda for what it is.

  • wildbillxxxx

    where is holder on hate crime against whites by black scumbag asshole ??????????

  • Herb Wild

    Nothing to see here folks ! Next time you see a large group of black teens running toward you just hold out your hands and ask; “Would anyone like a Cracker ?” I’m sure they will take you up on it. You know you can’t win if you choose to fight back. And with this type of response to a “Hate Crime” it’s only getting worse. Be careful out there and I hear Kroger is hiring !

  • David Fournier

    It is never a hate crime when its black on White.I am ready for a race war Where is holder and Obama?

  • Notmymess

    Hate crimes against white males do not exist. You can only experience a hate crime if you are a minority or gay! THAT is political correctness for you. I also note that the mayor and police chief are both black. Maybe that factored into the decision. Maybe it didn’t

  • Janine Lea

    Of course they won’t be. These were black thugs attacking white people. Obozo, Holder and the rest don’t give a damn about black on white crime. It can only be racism if a White or White Latino kills a black man. Then is HAS to be racism, even the black guy attacks first.

  • MILAN68

    would lynching or tied to a truck and dragging their black ass down the road be considered a hate crime..

  • Jay

    This is a national disgrace! Black authority will do nothing! That is why whites need to stay in power..This is just a glimpse of what has been going on with attacks against whites & what will be if black authorities had the upper hand in law enforcement.This was clearly a racial attack..

  • jimmy jack james

    When king Obozo is out of office, this will stop. HE IS THE CAUSE OF THIS CRAP.

  • H. Johnson

    If you allow yourself to become a victim and depend on the federal government or your local police to protect you from these vicious animals…you’ll get what you get. White America is tiring of these attacks and I predict that the thug body count is going to increase exponentially very soon. I’m not a racist, but I will not tolerate any kind of attack on myself, my family or any law abiding citizen. I will respond with deadly force to end the problem… permanently. This is not about racism on the part of whites, it’s about black racism and the black entitlement mentality of the thugs, aided and promoted by Hussein Obama and Eric Holder. How’s that “hope and change” workin’ out for you America?

  • Lockster

    Seriously? This is some BS. The chief needs to be fired immediately or the entire force need to be terminated and restaffed. Racism goes BOTH ways! If the police are too dumb to realize that then you have NO business being a cop.

    • Don

      The police on the street have no voice in this nor any choice about what they are to do. They basically work at the pleasure of the mayor and chief and union.

  • Caren Smith

    I am sorry, this is so very wrong. You want justice on BOTH sides…then you need to start enforcing it on BOTH sides. Not when it suits your purpose. Yes, we all need to get past race….but if you continue to put this wedge when you don’t bring the justice on the blacks showing the hate against the whites, it’s never going to get solved. It does go both ways, whether you believe it or not. So, you in all your authority. ACT LIKE IT. Maybe the whites need to start rioting down in Memphis to bring some attention to this and then you’ll see.

  • DeBaliviere

    Hey, Holder. Get your nagger arse to Memphis and jump on this.

  • Todd Modderman

    Where’s the ACLU and NAACP on this, after all WHITE is a color and these people CLEARLY had their civil right violated. Let’s make sure to contact these two agencies to get on this also.



  • Mike Brown

    4 people who won’t comment on this or come to Memphis: Holder, Obozo, Jackson and Sharpton. This is not heartbreaking nor considered a hate crime because the color scheme doesn’t match up to who was injured and by whom.

  • mcd1948

    And, theres absolutely no evidence to indicate that the Ferguson, Mo., incident involving Officer Wilson and Michael Brown was racially motivated either but that certainly hasn’t stopped the Obama Admin., race baiters, libbies, MSM, Eric Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, etc., from turning it into one.

  • …Fukking Monkey ass niggers…we should go back to segregation…White folks cant stay up rioting all nite over this to get the message out there about this, they have to WORK in the morning!

  • Michelle C


  • Christie Schaaf

    How is this not a racial hate crime? What did those white men do to them that he deserved to be beat and stomped in the head? Was he robbing a store? Was he waving around a knife or a gun?Was he targeting those black kids? Were they conducting a citizens arrest? What exactly were their crimes that warranted this?Oh Yea Being White! How many Black men did they beat up. or Latino men, or Asians, or middle eastern? Yea that’s what I thought, same ole BS and double standards nothing new here. Their crime was WWBW, Working While Being White.Congratulations way to evolve and change for a better future.

  • Guest

    This information may be incorrect. I believe they targeted African American AND Caucasians that night, pointing out victims at random. Race aside, people shouldn’t be attacking people. Period.

  • Mark Muylaert

    Of course it’s not a hate crime the victims were white.

  • Kevin G. Darmon

    Not a hate crime is this guy a racist or just a complete moron? He better charge them with hate crimes or all hell is going break out. If this was 100 white people beating up on 3 blacks the whole world would know about.

  • Carl Mayo

    the mob was only doing what eric holder told them to do.

    • Joe_USA


  • melanie faulkner

    I think most of us see trouble brewing if the hate crime laws are enforced equally.

  • Ray Mincher

    Seams its pretty easy to see that whites are now the minority ,as the media and the upper administrations keep bowing down to black crime ……. Strange why don’t we see whites running the streets like animals randomly attacking people for no reason other then the color of their skin ?( could it be the whites have jobs and are at home at night with their families? ) Though i must say i love the use of the Obama phone .

  • disqus_7s7D9HwDjo

    Animals like these need to be locked up…i am only guessing that the majority of these crimes committed are those same people who are the one’s who like tho wear their pants half way down their legs..they like the feeling of a stiff hard one up their asses so much that they will do anything to get back into a cell block..if not they will advertise their asses in public hoping upon hope that someone else who might have served prison time with them will recognize them and bend them over literally and relieve them of their misery.

  • Sherryl

    Interesting that when black on white crime takes place and the police or “feds” decide to ignore it, we still don’t see white people out on the streets protesting, looting, burning down businesses, etc., and we don’t see any “reverend” instigating the crowds….um, what crowd?

  • finishstrongdoc

    Finally Proud African-Americans.

  • cavspack2007

    I take it as a compliment. Blacks expect better of white people than they do of their own culture. Blacks know it is an accepted practice (by all) to act out, beat up, and essentially act lawless bc most whites abide by the rules that govern human existence. It is our (black, white, asian, etc…) collectively expectation of the black race. When your expectations are met whether positively or negatively there’s no recourse or uprising. You simply expect it. Bad thing is….expectations lead to stereotypes. So either the black race stops this madness or they need to welcome the stereotype. There will be no outrage, bc this type of activity and violence is expected…then when one of them get’s shot…it’s racism.

  • Tommy Bauer

    Office of the Attorney General and Reporter

    P.O. Box 20207

    Nashville, TN 37202-0207


    (615) 741-3491


    (615) 741-2009

  • Henry Williams

    100 African American youth stomping 3 white people, you can bet they weren’t out for ice cream! Where’s Rev. Sharpton and Jackson at now?

  • Tommy Bauer

    Cowards at the attourney general’s office will not answer phone. See post below

  • John

    Nothing to see here folks move along move along.

  • David Dunn

    all black go home to Africa..Obama go to hell with your quran pig bible

  • Kristopher Schroder

    Dear, Mr Mayor Wharton , I would Advise you to Proscute this Event as a Hate Crime, Involving Black Racisum , or As the Glorius Black Senator from Ferguson , Missouri Sais & I Quote ( There will be Hell to Pay)!!

  • Rosemary Louise Heinemann

    Who is going to stand up for these people? I say they start protesting now!!! This was clearly racist, they just don’t want to admit the problem!!! Hey Obama send Eric Holder to Memphis to investigate!

    • Kenneth Barten

      Get THOSE 2 to call for an investigation!?!?!?!?
      I think the photo says it all….

  • Rosemary Louise Heinemann

    We do need to start making a stand on these incidents!!!!! They keep sweeping them under rug, or not acknowledging it for what it really is!!! WE NEED TO MAKE A STAND !!!!!!!!!!

  • Woody Nelson

    The problem is, hate crimes were designed to protect blacks only. They don’t apply to anyone else. The law, is discriminatory and bias and doesn’t affect everyone. It is the overlying factor as to why we are seeing more of this happening. Eric Holder should be crawling over this but being a black he won’t do anything about it. I am a little surprised that by having blacks in positions of authority would be so biased and racial. In the future we cannot vote blacks into positions like President, Attorney General, and most importantly Police Chiefs and Prosecutors. As long as blacks hold these positions racism will flourish in favor of blacks.

    • billybobz

      blacks and perverts/homoNazis.

  • Julie Jensen

    Bring it on if you really think this is the way to do it. I’ve got my methods for dealing with such savagery. I hope you don’t mind.

    • billybobz

      Concealed Carry is the answer to animalistic behavior like this.


        it is human scum behavior, not animal behavior. Animals are pure-souled. humankind is not, they alone have free will, and they revel in evil and hatred. animals don’t.


      I mind if you are slaughtering innocent creatures, (not the human scum who committed these hate crimes, but the rest of the animal kingdom) and getting your jollies off killing them or harming animals or nature. Yeah, I do mind. Do you really think He created all the rest of this planet and all his beautiful creatures for mankind to deplete, destroy,pillage, [pollute, cage, abuse, neglect, torture, slaughter?

      • Julie Jensen

        What’s your trip? Why would you purposely misunderstand what I wrote and then rant about something that never happened? My remark was clearly aimed at the savagery this article mentions. I WILL defend myself before EVER taking the kind of crap these animals are dishing out and I invite them to bring it. You, Ravenbeaut, are a moron

        • RAVENBEAUT

          no Julie Jensen, YOU are the moron. You keep referring to human scum as animals. NO animals except mankind, acts like that, doing evil for evil’s sake, for enjoyment. and you calling them ANIMALS, these vicious lowlife human scum savages, (who are really a disgrace not only to the human race but to the rest of the animal kingdom), they are MONSTERS, not animals. We are all animals, but mankind is the disgrace to the rest of the animal kingdom, not the other way around.. and you saying you’ve got your methods, while posing with the severed head of an innocent animal shows you are also a savage so yes I DO mind. YOU are the moron. and the killer of His innocent creatures, and obviously proud of it. Sicko bee-otch.

          • Julie Jensen

            Wow, you have some real issues. You say potato, I’ll say potato. Why you’re arguing with me over semantics is beyond my ken. Maybe your feeble mind has nothing better to do but to willfully and blatantly misunderstand me by taking my words out of context and reassigning meaning to them. Do you think you’re the new Webster? LOL Get a job.

          • RAVENBEAUT

            had a profession, not just a job, for 40 years, thank you. never involved slaughtering or hunting innocent animals. Never took a dime from government, and gladly paid my fair share and then some in taxes to my country, because I love my country. probably support you and the half-wit gun-toting neanderthals , black and white,(there are way more white trash welfare recipients than any other race/ethnicity) living off the backs of those who work and contribute to society. You insist on calling human scum animals? takes one to know one.
            Scum is scum. evil is evil. evil is on purpose. on purpose means free will. God only gave free will to mankind (probably His only regret). He gave animals instincts, he gave mankind free will. DUH. So when these vicious thugs attacked those innocent people, and the mayor and police chief do nothing about it, refuse to call it a hate crime, they are all of them, the thugs as well as the police chief and mayor (and all of the hateful extremists on here as well) making their decisions and doing their evil, on purpose. therefore they are exercising their free will. animals don’t have free will. therefore human scum are NOT acting like animals… they are acting like humans, evil humans, monsters, not animals. .I CANT MAKE IT ANY SIMPLER for you.

          • Julie Jensen

            Now you’re just being a stalker.

          • RAVENBEAUT

            stalker? logic is now stalking in your peabrain? Well, I am not responding to you or your stupid assertions any longer. You are a moron. I refuse to have a battle of the wits with someone who is at best “half-” armed…

  • Bgoode

    The problem is this, all of us ‘white folk’ will only gripe on here, comment sections. We won’t stick our necks out, scream on the news, tear stuff up, rob, and destroy our neighborhoods so we will get no attention. And sadly, we won’t speak out publicly because speaking out for one of our own makes us ‘racists’

  • Joe

    This is a racist crime..whites were targeted bottom line…the girl on the tape was a racist saying they got a white dude, not they got that guy…..If it were the other way around,(your right) the whole world would know it!! It uneducated young blacks!! THIS IS BS…


      you are wrong about that black lady–she said THEY got a white guy, not WE got a white guy. she was NOT being raqcist or celebrating, she started videotaping for evidence, all the time yelling for security, help, call police, t]stop,hold on, theres another assault,etc. the only thing you are right about is this is a hate crime. but this lady had no part in it. she was trying to help.

  • Jim Jorgensen

    I’m not sure where you got your information, but there was one white victim and two black victims in this incident. The violence was senseless and horrific, made even more so by the fact that the victims were completely unknown to the attackers. However, race was not a factor. In addition, contrary to the “nothing to see here” attitude that this article claims for the Memphis Police department, 11 of the young men involved have been charged so far. Again, this incident was truly horrible and unacceptable, but there is no need to falsely insert race into the situation. There are enough truly racist crimes in the world. Let’s get upset about things that are actually happening.

    • billybobz

      “falsely insert race into the situation.” You mean like in Ferguson Missouri!

  • jeff

    concealed carry

  • andrew

    Obama will not do anything about it because he doesn’t care about this country and what’s going on in it, he only cares about what’s going on in other countries. “CHANGE” yea for the worse

  • justice

    Where are all the white people rioting and fighting in the streets? Oh that’s right we’re human not a pack of animals. But that’s not a racist statement just like this wasn’t a racist attack.

  • Lee Lee


  • DD

    Only white people can be racist. The Mayor and Police director are black. Did you really expect them to call this a hate crime?

    Welcome to Memfrica.

    Herenton took a city with a ghetto and turned it into a ghetto.


      silicone must have travelled to your head…


        tho I do agree this was a hate crime, and the mayor and police chief gotta go…

  • CritiKiL

    I’m sorry but, Whites have yet to be “suppressed” – Have a nice day 😉

    • Kenneth Barten

      the only suppression,, is on the muzzle of a rifle… nice way to show your racist mind scooter….you just added one more spike strip on the road to racial harmony…

    • billybobz

      Get off your knees, pathetic stool sample.

    • Woody Nelson

      Maybe not but it’s well on it’s way.


      wrong, as the child of (white) immigrants, each new ethnic group of immigrants went thru being discriminated against and “suppressed”, but I do agree that most didn’t arrive as slaves…however, blacks in Africa and other parts of ther world have long before and long since, had slaves as well…of blacks and of Europeans, whites, orientals, etc. So you are just as ignorant as the white racists, and the mayour and the police chief. hateful jerks all of you.

  • crewldude

    These scum are nothing but lowlife subhumans. I know this isn’t PC, but honestly, they need to be put down like the animals they are, not put on trial. If this had been a gang of whites savagely attacking blacks, we’d hear no end to the outrage and the ensuing rioting and looting. Of course, we all know that scenario would never happen in the first place.


      do not call these scum vicious humans animals. that’s an insult to animals. they are lowlife human monsters. not animals. and as for being “put down like animals” why is it ok to “put down” innocent animals simply because mankind thinks there are too many animals, or because they are homeless or betrayed by their humans? shame ON THE FREAKIN HUMAN RACE–THE MOST DANGEROUS,EVIL,VICIOUS,DESTRUCTIVE INVASIVE SPECIES ON THIS PLANET. Probably HIS only regret…

  • billybobz

    Maybe we should elect and reelect another racist *ssClown like oBozo. We sent that blivet to the White House, now we’re paying the price.

  • billybobz

    Tennessee needs a concealed carry law.

  • Lisa

    If this had been a swarm of white people behaving in this manner, there would have been blacks out there in the streets raising hell, tearing everything up and stealing anything they could carry off just as and excuse. We can’t tolerate this type of behavior from anyone, no matter what their race creed or color. There is no excuse
    for this.

    • LorenaPChapman

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  • cristo52

    Two words: Ray Rice. Two more words: Ray Lewis.


      sscrew you you dumb racist lowlife.

  • ignats 62

    901 222 1300 is the number of the District Attorney Offoce who according to the office of Police Director Armstrong is the only one who can initiate a hate crime classification. Call and respectfully voice your concern 901 222 1300.

  • Herman Vogel

    WOW, imagine that, a Black Police Chief saying it’s OK for Black kids to beat the hell out of White people for NO reason and he won’t even consider it a Hate Crime. This F***stick needs to be FIRE and investigated as a Racist in public service,,,he sure as heck would be if this were turned around. What is the matter with white people today,,,have we lost ALL sense of dignity or Pride?

  • YoHomie

    F*^%$ You Racist Memphis police !

  • Zach Toundas

    Ok. So lets apply some logic here:

    A third party filming (the video narrator) annouces that “they got a white dude,” and we are saying therefore it was the sole intent of the mob? That’s your proof? That she stated a fact after it happened, how does that imply the sole intent of the mob?

    Oh, also it’s hard to commit race crimes against your own race, since the Police Director explicitly states a black kid was attacked, too (third paragraph):

    But I mean, it’s pretty clear logic and reason is not conducive to a juicy conpiracy in which our president ‘insert mature insulting name here’ emails all black people and tell them to beat up whites.


      tHAT BLACK LADY WAS NOT RACIST, SHE WAS TRYING TO HELP. SHE DIDNTsay WE got a white guy,she said THEY got a white guy, SHE WAS ALARMED AS THE REST OF HER CRIES FOR HELP, SECURITY, POLICE, TO HOLD ON, STOP, ETC CLEARLY REVEALS. The post was deceiving and takes this ladys efforts and quote out of context. that’s wrong. but to not call this a hate crime is ridiculous. And the black victim was also “DIFFERENT” than these cowardly vicious pack mentality thugs. A hate crime doesn’t just apply to race, it applies to sexual orientation, age, in essence just being “different” from the attackers…
      If its motivated by hate against a class of strangers, its a hate crime. plain and simple.

      • Zach Toundas

        Yeah, the distinction between ‘we’ and ‘they’ is pretty important here. I feel the laughter was uncalled for, but not raciall motivated. Either way, its not an ‘obvious hate crime.’

  • R.D. Bradshaw

    I’m sure this article was posted by a closeteam racist. He didn’t even get the facts right. 2 victims where white. 1 was black. Regardless it was definitely a hate crime. But definitely not the first this year. I think we all should come together a long term solution for real equality. But, judging by the comments I’ve seen on here we are far from it. Most of you guys sound like you’re ready for a race war.

    • Woody Nelson

      R.D. Not by choice.

      • R.D. Bradshaw

        No one forces you to pull the trigger. Its all choice.

  • gager

    Time to start shooting thugs.

  • R.D. Bradshaw

    2 whites and one black where the victims of this crime. I think it was definitely racially motivated though. But most of you people commenting are racist and don’t want real change or peace. You just want a race war.

  • WerewolfVm

    I can live in peace and harmony with any race if they act civilized. But I am having extreme doubts with most black Americans. Their behavior is nothing to be desired, quite the opposite of being civilized. Even the blacks in Africa actually do not like most blacks in America. Doesn’t that tell you something? It would be a peaceful country without these ones creating trouble, a true melding pot!

    • R.D. Bradshaw

      So your saying every black in America needs to be taken away to some God forbidden place?

      • WerewolfVm

        Not saying that at all you are putting words in my mouth that I did not say or even imply! Perhaps you should go to the place you are suggesting I stated! Are you civilized or uncivilized? Get a grip on your thinking there RDBradshaw

        • R.D. Bradshaw

          So you’re saying every black American should be taken to some place that’s not in america

  • John Best

    I’m sure holder will be right there.

  • JC

    Until you realize the source left out one key element the victims were white and black. Meaning it would be a crime the language used in this article is clearly race baiting.

  • Matthew Carter Sandlin

    Well it’s just bullshit. You can bet your ass if the race was reversed it would be considered a hate crime. I am sick and tired of the black community applying the rules only when it benefits themselves.

    • JC

      Maybe check and read the whole real story Mr. Sandlin white and blacks harmed in the attack not only whites. So maybe we can work together to stop this mess that’s happening. Just maybe

  • kelly

    And this would be the reason I always carry a gun, legal CCL holder, when I go to Memphis. The Thugs have taken parts of that city over. No way I would have got them all but I bet after the first 3-4 went down the rest of the cowards would have run for the ghetto that spawned them. At the least I could have held them off long enough for my family to get in the car and get away.

    • JC

      When guns were made they didn’t make just.

      • JC


      • kelly

        NO joke but you gonna tell me if a mob of whit people were running at you you would not do the same? If you do your a liar or a coward.

  • David Wilkerson

    Of course it won’t. It never is. Black on white crime doesn’t exist in this country. Just listen to Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Obama and the liberal media. Sad but so true.

    • JC

      Crime is crime but when there is an injustice it should be an injustice for all regardless of black or white. Which you clearly don’t get. How often have you heard of blacks targeting whites? Rarely ever it doesn’t happen that often. Victims white and black in the article.

      • kelly

        According to the DOJ stats, look it up, your 8 times more likely to be the victim of a black on white crime than the other way around. Dont call me a liar just read it for yourself.

        • JC

          I reviewed those stats and learned years ago in school that the data can be distorted significantly due to a large majority don’t report crime

      • david lee wilkerson

        Right dude. I get it but you’re the one who doesn’t The bias liberal media cover s it up. Black on black and black on white crimes doesn’t exist in their eyes. But I believe a change is coming for all people in this country. God bless and keep MLK dream alive.

  • Ken Charbonneau
    • Ken Charbonneau

      No matter who it is perpetrated on or who it is by, it is wrong! To not
      investigate is to accept and condone actions by all our citizens. It
      will be a shame if this comes to an ugly head because you Mr. Mayor, had
      a chance to investigate and refused to



  • stone8

    You don’t suppose that the sheriff is a RACIST do you. It most certainly IS a hate crime, blacks hate whites!

  • JohnSmith

    This attack, and other like it, have the blessing, a wink, and a nod from the White House and our racist AG!

  • Conservative Country Boy

    Clearly this was a racial situation.

  • gravyman

    I was born and raised in Memphis. Spent the first 40 years of my life there. I moved my family away years ago and will never go back. I could see this coming as far back as the late 80’s / early 90’s. It’s going to get worse – much worse in major cities around the country. The left has done a great job of creating class and race warfare. Arm yourselves before they take that away too. You will need it.

  • ryan miller

    I don’t feel sorry for any white people who have not armed themselves and turned away from the law , they are being punish by god for not listening to him .

    2 Corinthians 6:17King James Version (KJV)
    17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.
    Poverbs 28:9
    9 If one turns away his ear from hearing the law,
    even his prayer is an abomination.

  • Eli Cvetic


  • Jed Davis

    How about equal application of the law regardless of the color of your skin, the job you do, the money you have in the bank, who your parents are or whatever else you can think of; JUST EQUAL. This country contrived of many different ethnic backgrounds and cultures, some which have been here alot longer than others. But, regardless of how long any have been here, they came here or stayed after being brought here to enjoy the freedoms that is the very heart of this country. And it is wrong, WRONG, for any person or group to expect or be given preferential treatment by the law or infringe on another’s freedoms or rights.

  • john

    Niggers need to be put back in chains (not black people, there is difference between those two… Just like there is a difference between white people n white trash) y’all wanna act stupid, then go back to Africa n act stupid there!!!

  • Sarge1retired

    I don’t know about many of you but I was taught that we’re all Americans “NOW” Those of us that wore the Uniform understand the meaning of brotherhood. These human beings need an A$$ whoopin. SFC E-7 USA Retired



  • Jane Jessee

    No surprise: Memphis is a ghetto!!! Always has been and will never change.

  • Gary29

    So racism is only a one way street. That is why we still have racism and always will.


    It is OK,their time is running out!


    Just another uneducated Liberal darkie holding up OBozo’s circus tent!~




        You are clearly one uneducated, illiterate, interspecies mixing nagger lover. No one cares what you have to say Ginger snaps! Now do the world a favor and eat a 40 MM!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

        • RAVENBEAUT



            HAHAHAHAHA That reply was mint. First off your grammar and sentence structure “SUCK’s” and as far as interspecies,errmmmmmmm no it does not mean multiple retarded illiterate. It means you have sex with animals like dog’s and monkey’s and blacks as black’s are animals!

            Eat a bag of dick’s you worthless mutant~!

          • RAVENBEAUT

            actually, idiot, my grammar and thinking are perfect–you are as delusional as you are hateful. toilet-mouthed ignorant sub-human disgrace to the human race. and the animal kingdom for that matter.


        Unpatriotic Obammy hater’s? We I guess since your paycheck is derived from our tax dollars I can see why you may feel threatened. Yeap time is slowly running out for you eaters and 2016 cannot get here quick enough!

        Funny how people who cling onto another culture always call people of the same culture racist and are in fact the real racist’s~! Now go eat that 40MM I told informed you or parasite~!

        Also anytime you would like to kick my ass,let me know where you live kunt, and I’ll show up……………….stoopid monkey!!!!

        • RAVENBEAUT

          oh big white dummy coward white man wants to attack little old white woman because she isn’t a freaking moron racist? bring it on moron. I can buy and sell you, worked hard my whole life, never ever took a dime from the government or any other freebies, paid my fair share and then some in taxes to my country, gladly, because I love my country. I in all likelihood support your worthless ignorant ass and all your inbred relatives,and all the dumbass white and black welfare trash around this country. you are so stupid and self-delusional, that I refuse to argue with you anymore. I refuse to have a battle of the wits with someone who is not armed, or only half-armed. at most. have a good day in your own avatar hateful world, til you meet your maker, the devil himself.


        Oh and I forgot to add………..Before you deem others ugly there ginger trash,look in the mirror. You are one ugly nasty looking ginger orangatang! Goes to figure why you love the nagger!

        • RAVENBEAUT

          oh really, because I happen to be a beauty queen, you stupid self-deluded blind as*hole, who is afraid to even post a picture of his ugly outside, uglier-inside self.




        Parasites are exactly what you liberal communists nagger lovers are! You are a shame to your culture and ethnic back ground! You defend BLACKS that attack whites? Oh you have be to be one brain dead welfare monkey! STFU idiot and get a job~!…………………………..

        • RAVENBEAUT

          hey moron, I haven’t once defended those vicious scum thugs who attacked those poor innocent people, nor did I stick up for their hateful racist black police chief and mayor, who obviously are blind if they cant see this is a prima facie hate crime, that at least needs to be investigated as such. you are so filled with hatred YOU PROBABLY DIDNT EVEN READ THE NUMEROUS TIMES I CONDEMNED THESE VICIOUS BLACK THUGS AND THEIR POLICE CHIEF AND MAYOR. WHAT ARE YOU, STUPID? Or cant you read?

  • Dorothy Hill Tyler

    what do you think holder would do–nothing–he is corrupt

  • xXrefuseRESISTXx

    Maybe it’s because he’s a poop skinned monkey too?

  • Jason Frazier

    Black folks like these are playing with explosives here. White folks are something like 70% & blacks are 13% of the American population it wont take much more of this kind of crap to start up race wars.. black folks can hold there tiny areas down, but when they leave them whites will have there fun, you can use your own imagination on the kind of crap thatt can happen. Have you ever notice when black riot it only in there communities? There is a reasone for that..

  • gvw3

    Some poor kid trying to make a buck at a minimum wage job. These people have no soul.

  • Mike

    Damn that racist Memphis Mayor AC Wharton and Police Director Toney Armstrong

  • Chris W. Luczak

    hate crime
    noun: hate crime; plural noun: hate crimes

    a crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.

  • Chris W. Luczak
  • Mike

    Keep it up, fighting among each other and soon we’ll fight each others and while were not looking the “white” Russians will take over and “then” you’ll see what “white supercity” really is!!!

  • Mike

    You can look at the police directer and tell he is full of hate

  • gonzo41

    it’s only a hate crime when it’s white on black. Black on white crime is merely revenge.

  • Billy

    clearly this was a hate crime.

  • Steven Sharp

    I’m not a racist as long as your a respectable member of society. This is absolutely ridiculous. Memphis police department should be under new leadership. This is a disgrace to the city of Memphis. Let this be the other way around and you would never hear the end of it.

  • Bryan Metzger

    Taken from people who took it themselves. And people, that’s the way it was “back in the day”. Why do we not wring our hands at the drubbing Europeans took for thousands of years? Because it was in the past. We learned from every conquering people and eventually learned to do it better. But that’s not even what the post was about. I was once told by a coworker that African-Americans CAN’T be racist because they don’t “hold the power”. I had no words. All I could do was shake my head.

  • mycorrado

    Racism at it’s finest. A sign of times to come.

  • picnicfun

    As a black man I find this official behavior as vile and reprehensible as the thug mob that raided Krogers. The principle of equal justice demands a clear focused eye on the hateful thinking behind the action. The racist thinking behind it. I hope the citizens of Memphis and its city council order the police to arrest all the perps and attach hate crime status to the normal crime charges. This at the very least was mass premeditated assault and battery. If this police chief won’t do it, get rid of him. The mayor should call in the state authorities to raise profile of this crime Equal justice.

  • JJ

    Tired of all of it quite frankly. It either is or it isn’t a hate crime. If it’s not,then when stuff like this happens to minorities it’s no longer a hate crime. Can’t have it both ways folks and I’m sure some dolt will try to present some lame argument to the contrary,but I won’t be buying what you’re selling.

  • 18th street

    The days of BLACK RACISM need to come to an END NOW. I am sick and tired of reading day after day about white people being attacked by these black animals. OBAMA/HOLDER are aiding and abetting BLACK RACISM against whites. (Al Sharpton is a has-been who is pretty much irrelevant these days.)

    ELECTION FOCUS: every candidate for every office needs to be grilled on their views of the out-of-control BLACK RACISM going on on this country today. Make sure that you vote for those who will take ACTION to END BLACK RACISM and RACIAL ATTACKS in this country NOW.

  • DAVE

    Just look at the Mayor and the Cop. Both look like racists to me

  • drew

    They were “Polar Bear Hunting”, of course it is racially motivated.

  • chris

    I am half white and half native American not all black folks are bad but I do believe that giving the crimes of minority being the bad guy no space in the media is discrimination any minority beaten or robbed by a white person hits the media instantly it’s not just media it’s white folks scared to be proud of who they are don’t be a pussy I’ve personally witnessed many race driven crimes by minorities and the last of which I was arrested for protecting my brother from 4 black guys wanting a fight because of him having a confederate flag on his hat I did fight and I did win a black cop arrested me for assault and was on the other party’s side because I was white this is another case of discrimination. we have it to take the the country back and be proud yall

  • Bill Gordon

    Of course it’s not a hate crime, you POS.

  • Chris McCoy

    I live near there and yes this is bias at its best, 90 percent of the Gov there is black so what do you expect. However the DA is white and she is saying there may be hate charges. Now the Mayor (black) is saying this is the knock out game, urm the knock out game consists of one punch, not kicks to the head and a big riot. They even have the wool pulled over the eyes of the national media who are reporting this as the knock out game, and or, not racially motivated. And I have noticed every story on this on most any national site besides this one has comments blocked. They don’t want us to spread the word. But if the shoe was on the other foot as say in Ferguson all comments would be welcome and indulged.

    • aintnomountainhigh

      They really just went after someone they knew they can beat. These are kids who don’t understand representation nor do they understand the implications of their actions. They’ll revert back to kids when their put in a grown up situation and have to go to jail. If he knew how to fight they would’ve back off because they couldn’t really fight. Plus they stopped because 1 person defended the kid. If u hate someone what’s going to stop u?


        one person who’s not a coward or a racist…that’s who can stop you if you ARE a coward and a racist. like these guys were..

  • Whatrdafax

    Instead of decrying the blatant double standard, let’s agree that “hate crime” like “hate speech” is nonsense. We should repeal all hate crime legislation. Prosecute the actual crime, not the politics.

  • Troy Showalter

    yeah, um, this is why I carry a gun….

  • Jean Medley

    These kids are no different than Michael Brown. Going through life with a free pass. It’s funny to them today but karma is a bitch. If not them, karma is going to put their kid on the receiving end. …karma isn’t about easy lessons and happy endings

  • Ethelred

    That looks like my son you fkin shite!
    Revenge is best served cold! Stone cold!

  • echofire

    This is disgusting behavior pure and simple. “Hate Crime”??? Very well could be and the video evidence supports it. Where is this in the national news??? Where are the riots, looting and violence??? The media is biased and furthers any racial tensions (as designed) and seems to only report and exemplify white on black violence even though there is way more black on white and black on black violence to be reported. As far as the riots and looting etc etc….well you do the math. People…we need to grow together if we’re ever going to evolve as human beings. Stop acting like animals and drop the racial crap and using the past as an excuse to be an idiot.


      stop calling scum humans animals–they are NOT behaving like animals, animals are pure souled and were given instnincts, not free will like humans. And animals never commit evil, as human scum do and they don’t get pleasure from evil, as mankind alone does. calling human scum animals is an insult to the rest of the animal kingdom.

      • echofire

        You are absolutely right. Animals don’t even act like we do.

  • Nancy Dorrell Smith

    There needs to be something done about this! All involved need to be held accountable. For the Mayor to say there is no enough evidence is ridiculous. Kruger needs to stand behind its employees and hire a lawyer! Do something!!!

  • rdt410

    I call Bull$hit – if the shoe was on the other foot it wouldn’t be any question about it being a hate crime. Double standards, that’s just wrong.

  • rdt410

    No one living east of the Tennessee river recognizes Memphis as even being apart of the state, for good reasons.

  • es

    They weren’t attacking Black people only whites… This is racism at the core. Stop the double standards…

  • Gregory Walls

    It’s ok to beat Whitey…

  • Guest

    Mayor has no spine.

  • John Smith

    A gang of 50 white kids rampage across a parking lot and attack only blacks while the white person filming the incident says, “They got a black boy” … Clear, obvious hate crime.

    A gang of 50 black kids rampage across a parking lot and attack only whites while the black person filming the incident says, “They got a white boy” … NOT a hate crime.

    It’s not so much a “double standard” as it is the application of NO STANDARD for black behavior, which is consistent with a culture that has 70-90% illegitimacy, 70% single parent households, crime rates 7 to 40 times that of whites per capita, etc. There is no expectation that blacks can adhere to standards commonly accepted as a central component of civilization.


      that woman was alarmed, not celebrating, when she said “they” (NOT “WE”, even tho she is black) THEY got a white guy”. she was not racist,she was trying to help. Don’t y’all realize you LOSE credibility by twisting the facts?
      The truth here is plenty bad enough, it doesn’t need lies and deceit like trying to make that lady out to be a racist part of this,to make it bad. This was a hate crime, but NOT because of the woman trying to videotapeall the evidence, said they got a white boy.

  • John Adams

    Call the Memphis police department–why is it that everyone that answers the phone is black, why is that if blacks only consists of 13 percent of the population that there are barely any Hispanics or Whites in power of the police force there. Why is it that no one there will answer the phone regarding this situation. Every one needs to hammer the mayors office and the police department there and demand answers.+

  • Jeffrey Beacham

    WHAT???? This is exactly what racism is. This black mob beat this white guy out of absolute hatred for Whites! There is an epidemic of this behavior going on in this country and Where is the media? NBC (what a joke of a news network), ABC, CBS. One of the many lessons to be learned here is : NEVER BELIEVE THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA WHEN IT COMES TO POLITICS, POLICE OR RACE!!!!!!!!

    • aintnomountainhigh

      These are kids they don’t know what they’re doing. They went after people who where different. Plus they we’re in a group had he dropped 2 of them i guarantee they would’ve backed off. I was a black kid at school where everybody wanted to be in a gang but they were mostly ignorant and soft. I taught myself how to box,one of them would act like they wanted to fight me or jump me until they learned that i knew how to fight and was respected


        I respect you and I am sure that was part of it, but please don’t be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand. this was, in addition to the motives you mentioned, motivated by racism and hatred for a certain different race or ethnicity,, and is therefore by definition, a hate crime.

      • Jeffrey Beacham

        These “kids” knew exactly what they were doing. They attacked someone because of his race. That is a HATE CRIME and Memphis is NOT going to prosecute it as such. Don’t you see the double standard. Don’t blame the victim because he doesn’t know how to fight. Where are the MEN? I am white and I would never have stood by and watched and laughed. I would have helped a man being attacked by a mob. Everything about this is disgusting. The brutal assault because of race, the laughing of the bystanders, the lack of Men willing to stand up and protect a fellow citizen, the authorities who turn a blind eye to a bias crime and the MEDIA who does not call them out on their own racist biases. If this was a black man assaulted by a mob of whites you better believe the National media would be all over it!

  • aintnomountainhigh

    Idk it kinda looked like they just went after someone they didn’t know and someone they knew they could win against. A lot of these kids are cowards as we seen with the kids attacking the mentally ill man. I’m pretty sure if he knew how to fight better and dropped a couple of them they would’ve started backin off. Mind u that’s a kid who’s probably non violent, had he been a 35 year old convict who’s been to jail and in plenty of fights regardless of race once they got hit they would’ve backed tf up. I think it’s reaching to call this a hate crime although it could seem that way a little but it’s more fear for the victim being surrounded by people that don’t look like him vs hating white people. This is a crime of ignorance, bravery in a crowd, and lack of respect. Respectable people don’t go after victims who can’t defend themselves

    • Tim Aker

      Your a f**king idiot!


      as for you, I want some of whatever YOU been smoking or drinkin.

  • James Bond

    “hey ya’ll, somebody call somebody!” If that is not the most ignorant human in the world operating her free Obama phone I do not know what is. “Look they chasing the white boy!”


      hey pal–no, you are wrong, racist jerk. youre as bad as the mayor and police chief. haters all of you.. that woman was trying to film the various incidents as soon as she realized what was really happening,filming the evidence against the attackers, and had her hands full, but was obviously trying to help, yelling for them to stop hold on, call for the police, where is security, someone get security, etc… not one comment out of her mouth was racist or hateful.

  • Christian Speegle

    Has anyone else noticed that both the mayor and police director are black? I’m no racist, but my BS meter is going off…

  • janet

    In June 2014, a 10 year old white girl riding a scooter on the sidewalk, was ambushed by a black 13 year old girl who beat the 10 year old girl and repeatedly called her “cracker”. The Cleveland, Ohio Police charged the black with aggravated juvenile assault, and not as a hate crime.

    Go figure!!

  • Mary Rabbett

    Until everyone (that is legally here) living in the United States of America become just plain old AMERICANS and not African -American or anything but just plain AMERICAN there will be no peace within.

  • watchingnow

    Hey, when is Obama going to take to OUR national podium and declare outrage about this crime? ….Uh, never.

  • Sam Taylor

    The Mayor and the head policeman don’t think this was a hate crime. They are probably right because they are both black and we know black people can’t be racists.

    • ahughes

      This is exactly why both of them need to lose their jobs..It clearly is a hate crime and if these 2 won’t call it what it is they are not capable of doing the jobs they hold..

  • Rusty Shackleford

    This is why the US race policy sucks. Just imagine if this was the other way around.

  • Tim Aker

    Go figure! I call major BS on this!

    No rioting/looting by the white Memphis community. Just goes to show who the better race is.

  • Gone Away

    TYPICAL NIGGY crap , Let’s turn our heads white people . Continue to let these apes run rampent all over america . This new generation of monkey’s needs to be wiped out now.

  • John Mattson

    This is racism clear and ugly. It would be if the chef were white!

  • Dante

    To see what 400 years of hatred feels like in one night must be hard for some….lmao

  • CTS

    Dinner is being served and racist whitey is on the menu. Crackers are to stand at attention and receive punishment without complaint or resistance until they are kicked half dead into the dirt. Rest assured that the media will not cover the story. Welcome to Obama’s America.

  • lcuvillier

    Time to start shooting

  • Tire of the excuses

    Makes me so sick that everything is blamed on race! Why if a group of black people attack a white guy it gets swept under the rug. If a white guy attacks a black its national news !? !? Why is everything turned into race !? Most pathetic thing in the world is a person who pulls the race card because there to lazy or pathetic to better themselves!

  • TJ

    WTH????? Where is Eric Holder on a WHITE GUY??????

  • Gone Away


  • Mark

    The FEDS? Are you kidding…they are the ones spreading this hatred!!..Bring in the KKK to prosecute and rectify this crap…oh my bad, THEY are racist…

  • hulk

    That is total B/S every time it is on the blacks it’s racial or a hate crime our dumbass ODUMA does not care about america !

  • Teresa

    Just a comment about the Irish ….Im Irish and Cherokee, my mom’s family is from the Cherokee Byrd’s in Georgia. Irish people are considered lowlifes to the English and were treated as such. Including slavery, not only in the form of indentured servants that half did not live long enough to serve their 7 years and become free, but also in that England conquered them and took their lands and women. African’s were not allowed to marry, so they jumped the broom. Irish were not allowed to marry unless they petitioned to the English lord and even then the Lord reserved the right to sleep with the bride first. So Irish have Hand fasting. So black or white, or any other color we all need to band together as American citizens and stop the hate race baiting. Racism is racism no matter what your color if you have hate for other people due to their race then your a racist. Blacks attacking whites because of their race is just as racist as whites attacking blacks because of their color. No difference

  • james

    Of course not…..Havent you heart reverse racism is okay….

  • AlThompson

    A 30 cal SAW would have been just the thing….mow down a couple dozen of these yayhoos, and the rest will get the message.

  • Tommy Bauer

    Since someone sees fit to remove the ino I will ost it again also a link

  • Tommy Bauer

    Office of the Attorney General and Reporter

    P.O. Box 20207

    Nashville, TN 37202-0207


    (615) 741-3491


    (615) 741-2009

  • Wade Olson

    Try THIS on for size:If I was to walk up to you and and ask you “what are you FIRST; your ethnicity or American?”if your answer is ANYTHING other then “American”…I have a new name for you:TREASONOUS! !!! and IM DONE WITH YOU.PERIOD.ENOUGH OF THIS MULTI CULTURAL , CLASS WARFARE, MY GROUP CARES MORE THAN YOUR GROUP BULLSHIT! !!!!! …just like I don’t have ANYMORE time left to help those that WON’T PUT FORTH THE EFFORT TO HELP THEMSELVES! !!!…..”Rugged individualism”..that USED to be a “Given”in this country. …who disagrees with ANYTHING I said?…lets start an Actually meaningful debate!

  • Boyce James Owen Sr.

    I knew this would happen and all I got to say is gun up white people and when more than two of them come toward you get it ready to use just in case and then lets see how many white people get beat down again.

  • Xavier Johnson

    I see alot of ignorance here from adults. And im only 20 also an adult but younger than most. This is unnacceptable. I hate this racist crap I dont csre if they are black. Its stupid and ignorant. I defend any race as a target of racism wether they be white or black or indian spanish asian or otherwise. Racism is unacceptable by ANY race. Even my own. It shames black people snd not all of us are ignorant like this at all. I support the side that is having to deal with racism. And you all should too. You shouldnt only defend your own race. You defend everyone being treated unfairly. Im black but was raised by white people who coulda sent me to a foster home but instead they decided to take me in and treat me like their own child. I see stupid things about black people going back to africa . Really man? Dont forget white people didmt origionate from america either. ENOUGH with the racist ignorant crap. Just defend against racism in general. These black people in this case are nothing but disgusting filth to me. To do that to him fir no reason is just not even right. This is why black people get so much heat now because if stupid ignorance like this. I dont want to be shamed by whites and they think im some wild hooligan just because of how other black people act. Just know when I see a white person being treated wrong im gonna defend him. If I see a black being treated wrong im gonna defend him as well. Defend racism in general. Not just when its directed at your oen race.


      good for you young man–finally, the voice of reason and of real morality.

  • Mark Franke

    they know that it’s racist; cowards

  • RacOldBoy

    Then what the **** do you call this you racist piece of Schit. Are you F***ing blind..

  • susan5042

    And why would we be surprised here? Do you not see the commonality here of the mayor and the chief with the thugs?

  • mike

    White on black is a hate crime not the other way around. Wasnt meant to be used against blacks

  • Elsie Rodgers

    I am not buying that this was not a hate crime because the group vandalized the car of a black woman who had brought her child to CC’s Pizza to join this group, but then felt it wasn’t a good idea. To me this is two separate incidents. I really do not care if they get less time for it being a hate crime. If it is a hate crime it needs to be documented as a hate crime!

  • BlackR1

    According to Memphis local news, there were FOUR victims of the brawl at Kroger, TWO white victims and TWO black victims. The video showed no such black victims but until I see more evidence…

  • David Stone

    This Police Chief is another Eric Holder and a Black Mayor = Nothing to see here but if the Colors were reversed that would be different. Even the girl recording the whole thing couldn’t believe what she was seeing. As long as Black don’t have to pay for their action we will be seeing more of this. That’s why Eric Holder and our President is betting more and more emboldened. No one is pushing back.

  • John

    “They got a White dude…woo hoo!” is NOT indicative of a hate crime. because the quote is not that of the perpetrator. and only demonstrates the intent of a bystander. You really are a poor “journalist”


      you are mostly correct, John, except the bystander did NOT say it that way, that she was condoning it. she was alarmed and started videotaping, then saw other incidents and continued videotaping, all th while yelling for help and security and to call the cops and to stop the attacks. Her intent was NOT as this Quote taken totally out of context, suggests. lets be fair. But the mayor and police chief need to go… and the FBI and Holder and the president should be notified officially so they can investigate this racist violent crooked criminal-ridden city and clean it up.

  • Donald Gault

    blacks taking care of blacks, racist bastards, they need to be fired

  • Mike123456789123456789

    How the heck is this not a hate crime. If a white man had pulled his weapon to defend himself there it would have been a hate crime. The white guy would go to jail. The mayor and the chief are bigots.

  • Sieben713

    Whether its white or Black, do the “RIGHT THING “

  • savanna

    Mayor Wharton and police chief of Memphis clearly have a strategy of why they are not taking this up as racism… they Dont make these decisions for no reason… They’re many blacks who was attacking nothing but white people at the Kroger parking lot… I counted numerous of blacks in that parking lot beating up the whites… we all live here so let’s make the best of it… on the other hand it should be taken out of the cities control and into the hands of real professional investigators and not city officials who will make the mess die down asap… mayor Wharton and police chief Dont give two shits about racism against whites behind closed doors…. I have outstanding proof of that…. as a Memphian myself I’ve discovered a lot of racism against whites in Memphis is clearly outstanding following from the streets to shopping to the jail where its at its worst and even the Court system is so rigged you can’t beat it with an ugly stick… Everything in Memphis is predominantly black and had clearly been taken to the fullest advantage in the wrong way… Wharton will say what he has to on camera to appease the public but in his personal space its a completely different situation… since this accident I’ve spoken to numerous officials from different walks of life including the court room friends of mine, attorneys, DA friends, police officer friends, also people who personally know the true mayor Wharton on the job… it’s not a pretty picture behind closed doors.. I have put together a complete Blue print of the scandals in this city and its (extremely) thick… I’ve interviewed jail employees who have told stories of racism that will give you complete nightmares… in the big picture most of Memphis is ran off of schemes drugs gangs and violence.. as long as you have that $$$$$$ then your a free bird… it works that way in most places but Memphis is one of the worst… its not rated as one of the top most violent and crooked cities in America for no reason… I’m defenatly prepairing for an interview with a desired news channel in Memphis to prepare to expose the most excrusiating hate crimes in Memphis from the streets to the jail and courtroom and even inside the mayors and chief of police’s closed doors that very few officials even know about.. I will cover my bases first.. legally, socially, and my own personal physical protection will be at risk I’m sure with the evidence I have.. its truly sick….


    not enough evidence to investigate it as a hate crime? hey morons, that’s what in INVESTGATION is for, to determine what happended and what charges to file….yes it does appear to be a hate crime, 3 of them really, 3 different victims. BUT….you are being deceitful when you post “they got a white boy, woo hoo”. That was a quote from a black lady WHO TOOK THE PHOTOS, she didn’t say it like that, like she was agreeing with it. in fact, she constantly was objecting and calling for security and yelling to stop and asking them to call police, etc. Lets stick to the truth. This black woman was trying to help, not celebrate the assault on, the victims. It may well be her videos that help convict the hateful scum who did this. please do not call them animals. that would be an insult to the rest of the animal kingdom.

  • Vince Mills

    Let us all quit flaming the fire! Although this is atrocious! Black on White! It serves no useful purpose other then to show the content of character in some individuals!

  • Charlie Thomas

    Really? NOT a hate crime? If the victims were black and the savages committing attempted murder were white, it would be a hate crime. Funny how there is no such thing as a racist black man, but ALL white people are prejudice. Downright hilarious.

  • Alexis

    While, I’m definitely NOT defending what happened in the video, I can agree that there’s not enough evidence to support the theory that this is a hate crime. Should these people be punished, most definitely, and if not punished for the crime itself, they need to be punished for their sheer and utter stupidity. It’s this select group of black people that bring our entire race down. FYI, we’re not all like that.

    • Mark KIing

      Blackness is a preponderance of guilt, or should be.


      ALEXIS, SAVE YOUR E-BREATH, THESE DUMBER THAN A ROCK white supremists would just as soon lynch you as listen to you. they are a disgrace to the human race. as are the black vicious thugs who committed this obvious hate crime, endorsed by their racist white-hating mayor and [police chief. Hatred is a sin, not an ethnicity or a skin color.


        but alexis, this really was a hate crime, come on now…

  • Mark KIing

    The Black is unfit to live within a civilized society. Negroes are violent uncontrollable beasts that must be taken off the streets of our cities.

    It’s just not safe having blacks walking around unleashed and/or unattended. They are just too violent a species, too wild, too feral.

    A return to Jim Crow and Segregation might be in order?


    apparently this site is a cracker racist site, as they have allowed the filthiest hatefilled comments from my attacketrs, but conveniently deleted my posts, which contained no filthy language. COWARDS.


    WHERE IS MY LONG RESPNSE TO ATOMIC COMMIE DESTROYER’S VITRIOLE FILTH-STUDDED COMMENTS? THE LONG LOGICAL ONE? I CHALLENGE YOU, “REVIEW COMMITTEE” TO PRINT IT. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? I am reporting you if you don’t print that one and this one too. have a nice day. yellow journalism. look it up. freedom of speech. look it up. defending oneself, the right to defend oneself. look it up.

  • Aaron Garner

    Why do blacks want to keep killing whites.Who will pay for them & generations of their families to sit on their asses???

  • Charles

    For the record, I live in Memphis. It wasn’t a race issue, it was a gang issue. It wasn’t 3 white people attacked is was 2 black guys and the white guy seen in the video. It started off with mob attacking a black guy as he put groceries in his car. The white guy came to his aid so the mob turned on him. When the black security guard came to the white guys aid and then he was attacked.

    • FrankHarting5555

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  • ToeKnee BelowKnee

    . . . I want my . . I want my T N B . . . money for nuffin . . . E B T . . . money for nuffin . . . E B T . . .


  • Brian Diffenderfer

    Hate-crime is only viable when the perpetrator is white. Remember all those “knockout game” videos we all saw where blacks would attack whites.. no hate crimes were levied, none, 0, zilch.. until the white guy posted his “knockout game” video attacking a black man.. the white man was charged with a hate-crime and is now doing 10years in prison. So far he is the only person charged with a hate crime attributed to the “knockout game”.

  • Franks Bail

    Do really expect a nigga’ to bring racisim charges against another nigga”? Hell no. It would go against his pledge to the NAACP.

  • Dwight

    why do white people support black politicians, black police chiefs, blacks who don’t do their jobs they were elected to…


    This so-called police chief is missing a few brain cells. Not a hate crime MY AZZ!!!!!!!

  • akansan

    Oh My God. President Obama and Eric Holder you need to learn something from Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, they believed their job was to be the moral leader of our country. It’s time you actually lead President Obama and stop the violence against whites.

  • jimmy jack james


  • Guest


  • Whoda

    That would never had happened if the “white dude” had c CCW..!! Drop one and see the rest run.

  • Birdbranze

    I will be sure to bypass Memphis in all my travels and suggest all people of all colors do the same. If this is the attitude of those in charge, their city is unsafe and does not need my money.

  • Billy Thomas

    Oh will things has change a lot ,We should have giving them their 40 acres and a mule now they have 50 states and a white house.

  • Brandon J. Vance

    The attack on this man is disgusting. With that said the person recording, that was not a part of it said “oh, they got a white dude”. That doesn’t mean that’s why the crowd was attacking him, that’s just her observation of the dynamic. Hate crime or not all of those that participated need to be prosecuted.

  • TED

    It kind of looks and sounds like a troop of wild monkeys attacking. Is that English or monkey talk?

  • Michael Lowe

    4 words: WE ALL BLEED RED.
    ANYone stirring up hate, based on ethnicity or otherwise are sad human beings. This is the 21st fricken century people. If you need to judge anyone, base your judgement on ones actions. The people in this video are disgusting lowlifes. I base that on what they are saying and doing, not their race. I had my ass kicked by 15 twelve year olds and yes they were all black. Do I hate all blacks because of it? HELL no

  • LlarryLLama

    The police chief is black, so is the mayor. They are both ineffective politically-correct racists, and need to go.

  • Jessica Jones-Gates

    If this was a group of white teens…be a whole different story…what a disgrace to the human race!!!

  • NuckingFutsinMo

    No such thing as black on white hate crimes… They are just a few bad apples. Nothing to see here. Live ammo doesn’t hate either. Vent a few of these thugs and the atmosphere will change dramatically

  • toobored54

    This isn’t a hate crime, the white guy is being attacked. Dont count.

  • Ego911

    10mm > .45cal

  • Michael Destider

    The problem in this country is Welfare, 58% of people on Welfare are Black. The reason I point this out is because the majority of Blacks don’t respect what they have and feel they are owed something. When you are raised in a house where getting over on the Govt is a career then you have no respect for yourself and what you accomplish. The max.time on Welfare should be 6 months not a lifelong career on receiving Govt. Money. Also 54% of people in jails and prison are black and that’s because they feel a life of dealing drugs and robbing and stealing is a better way of living then working minimum wage jobs. They either figure they make tax free drug dealing money or if they get caught they have 3 hot and a cot.. Obama if you want to fix this problem then Reform the Welfare system. Create min. Wage jobs cleaning local park or public buildings. If people decline these jobs then they are on there own never to get Govt. Assistance again. This is a pretty shitty world when people have to worry about walking into a food store or retail business fearing they are going to be jumped. I pray they catch these monsters who punched and kicked these innocent people and make an example out of them and there parents. The other part that makes me laugh is I grew up in a predominately black neighborhood and I had been jumped a couple times but when I grabbed these people one by one when they were alone they were my best friend and were scared. They caught a nice beating too because they didn’t have there flash mob to help them. So the bottom line is without lots of people these people are about as tough as a wet paper bag with a hole in it………

  • julie

    I honestly don’t get how this video shows any evidence of this being a hate crime against a white person. Yeah, the girl recording it does say “they got a white dude”, but as soon as she gets up close to the fight you can clearly hear her attitude change. At one point you can hear her say “somebody call someone. For all we know this girl had nothing to do with the attack, or with the person who started the attack, so how could this video be made evidence at all. Now I don’t know the entire story, I’m just going by what I read here, as well as the video, But I see no hate crime from what this video shows.

    • Lobotech

      You don’t see it? OR you don’t WANT to see it. Purely coincidental that they picked the only white kid showing in the whole mall to attack. He survives, he is going to have a hate for blacks that knows no bounds.

  • Brian Snyder

    pathetic but in no way surprising….

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