Megyn Kelly’s Epic 1-Minute Ebola Takedown of Obama


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Today as another nurse who treated the Liberian Ebola patient in Dallas came down with the deadly disease, the competence and preparedness of the CDC is being questioned, along with the Obama administration.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly recently called out President Obama over several misleading statements he has made regarding the Ebola virus, in just one minute — and this was before we discovered the CDC allowed the second nurse to board a plane with a fever.


Kelly began with a Sept. 16 clip of Obama saying that the chances of an Ebola outbreak in the United States are extremely low.  She then pointed out how the first Ebola patient arrived undetected on our shores just a few days later.

Kelly then showed another clip, again from September 16, of Obama saying that “new measures” had been put in place to prevent the spread of the disease, in the “unlikely event” it ever reached our shores.

“Not really,” said Kelly, noting how the first patient made it through airport screening and even got sent home from the hospital. After his initial hospital discharge he spent several days with his family and others, while symptomatic, before being admitted back into the hospital.  “But not to worry!” Kelly exclaimed.

As Conservative Tribune noted:

We all know that the government lies to the American people on all manner of issues, so why should they be believed about Ebola? We are told that travel restrictions aren’t necessary, and any hospital can handle an Ebola outbreak, if properly trained. But recent evidence contradicts that.

The reality is, we definitely need travel restrictions on people leaving Ebola ravaged regions.  These restrictions also don’t have to be a false choice of all or none.  Careful and measured exceptions can be made for healthcare workers and supplies.

This ban on travel is necessary because the airport screenings for Ebola are a joke and easily defeated simply by taking Ibuprofen to mask fever.

The CDC is revealing itself to be a joke as well. A political appointee at the helm, the CDC did away with regulations aimed at quarantining deadly diseases like Ebola back in 2010.  Despite their calm reassurances that there is nothing to worry about, real doctors are warning that Ebola is much easier to spread than the CDC will admit.

Americans simply don’t trust the Obama Administration and its justifiably-embattled CDC director. 67 percent of Americans support restricting entry of West Africans to the United States. Another 91 percent would like to see stricter screening procedures at U.S. airports in response to the spread of the disease. Neither of this is being done.

With only 17 days to the election, since their will is being ignored by Obama, Americans have only one remaining solution: fire the members of his party who support his failed policies.


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