Megyn Kelly Makes a Sudden, Surprising Announcement – And Twitter is Going WILD


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Fox News host Megyn Kelly found herself the scourge of conservatives everywhere after she opened the first GOP presidential candidate by making what many consider to have been a “cheap shot” against frontrunner Donald Trump — which then spiraled into a feud between “The Donald” and Fox News — and a huge viewer backlash.

Mote than 50,000 people even signed a petition asking for her to be banned from future debates.

Well just two days after FoxNews brass caved in to Trump, agreeing to “treat him fairly” in the months to come, Kelly suddenly announced an immediate “vacation” for a week and a half — the first time a Fox host has done so the day before in the middle of the week.

And since Kelly already had a vacation recently back in June, this has created suspicions it was not a voluntary hiatus.

Forced or not, since Kelly announced this, thousands of people have taken to Twitter to share their joy about the host of The Kelly File’s departure…

From The Gateway Pundit:

Kelly has had a rough go this past week since the record-setting Republican primary debate.

Kelly reportedly received several threats after her performance at last week’s debate.

On Friday an online petition was set up to bar Megyn Kelly from future GOP debates.

On Tuesday Twitter reacted to the news that Megyn was taking some time off—


What do you think? Do you think Megyn Kelly deserved to be bumped by FoxNews brass after a debate performance that many people found personal and unprofessional?

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