Megyn Kelly Leaving FOX?… ‘Insider’ Says ‘She Wants to Go Mainstream’…on CNN!


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Following the first Republican primary debate, many conservatives were furious with Megyn Kelly for what many considered a “cheap shot” against Donald Trump and his “disparaging comments against women.”

Over 50,000 people were so upset that they signed a petition to prevent Kelly from moderating future debates. As the controversy and war of words heated up, Megyn Kelly took a rather convenient vacation (her 2nd in 2 months) from her show The Kelly File.

There are now reports that Kelly is considering leaving Fox News altogether, according to a source who claims to have the inside scoop. Kelly reportedly wants to go “mainstream”…on CNN!

From BizPacReview:

Author Garbriel Sherman said during a Newsmax interview on Thursday, that Megyn Kelly could consider ditching her hit show “The Kelly File” to seek a spot with a more “mainstream” news outlet.

“Up until this point, she was the fastest rising star at Fox News. She was really becoming the face of the network,” said Sherman, who penned “The Loudest Voice in the Room – a tell-all book about FOX President Roger Ailes.

Kelly’s ratings have stayed constant throughout the ongoing and very public feud between her and Presidential contender Donald Trump, but continuing the battle is something Kelly isn’t interested in, said Sherman.

“I don’t think she wants to get down in the weeds and in the gutter and playing this kind of hardball politics.”

“Part of this is she also wants to go mainstream,” Sherman continued…

“You know there was some talk before [Kelly’s] most recent contract that she was flirting with CNN to kind of jump from Fox to CNN,” Sherman said.

“I think she wants to leave all options on the table and if she gets down in the weeds and really slugs it out with Trump that would hurt her brand.”

She wants “to go mainstream”? On CNN?

If what this source says is true, what could she possibly be thinking? Fox News has at least double the viewership of CNN. This would be a horrible idea. CNN is also far to the left of what most would call “mainstream” — which may speak volumes about Kelly’s actual views.

However, if she actually feels like CNN is the right place for her, then her role at Fox News certainly should end immediately. Alisyn Camerota also left Fox last year to join CNN for more money — but considerable lower ratings.

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  • Arizona Patriot

    She would not even be a good porn star

  • JoeThePimpernel


    • JRD


    • phatazz

      I cant wait for Kelly to ask Hillary “Do you feel it would have been a “Pretty Picture” when you found out about those women Bill had on their knees in the Oval Office, “. I wont hold my breath for that one.

      • Rose

        Maybe she wants to ask Hillary if she really wants to see her (Megyn Kelly) on her knees in front of HER (Hillary)!
        Will she ask Hillary about all those RECORD BREAKING LGBT Conventions in American Embassies in Asia?

  • Taj

    BYE-BYE! I choose Trump over you any day! I need Trump, don’t need you Kelly.

    • klgrube

      Actually, this country needs that snake-oil salesman like a hole in the head. What we need is a true constitutional conservative, a real statesman; Ted Cruz.

      • Rose

        If you could only find a Ted Cruz in an Eligible Size Fits All.

      • kathy diamond


    • kathy diamond

      AMERICAN NEEDS TRUMP. TRUMP 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dawn

    Good! She was beginning to sound like a tabloid reporter. Getting loud, talking fast, arguing, and sensationalizing everything and making Fox appear more and more unprofessional, unreal, and unreliable.

  • Larry Lynn

    Her attack on Trump made her look like a liberal.

    • independent_az

      It wasn’t an “attack” it was a question. And Trump only made himself look bad with his response.

      • Maranatha2011

        Correct! These hyper sensitive people sound exactly like perpetually offended liberals, who view any question that isn’t warm & fuzzy, an’ attack.’

      • Rose

        Because he didn’t fall apart and bow down to her shenanigans?
        HAW HAW HAW!!!
        She ripped herself. NOBODY did it for her.

        • kathy diamond

          Yea, and good ol ROGER took her side. Looks like Fox isn’t now, and probably never was Fair & Balanced.

      • kathy diamond

        If it wasn’t an attack, why didn’t she ask Christi about Bridge Gate ???

    • footballexpt

      Fox scripted the questions. Good grief.

    • Rose

      I saw somewhere on a thread that Megyn confessed this week on her show that she is a registered Democrat.
      Wish someone would do some UPDATES and let us know what all if FACT and which is ACTUAL FICTION. NOT just what “THEY SAY” – since these are “NEWS STORIES”…

      IS she trying to get another job?

      WAS MEGYN AT WORK, last night, or a NO SHOW, at her TV Show, as someone said late last night…
      Or did she start another vacation, yesterday?
      DID she confess to being a Registered Democrat????

      Some of us would really like to know. not just rumors, but what is going on???

  • peoplectr

    if she doesn’t like it in the weeds, why was she the first to go there. Hope she goes to msnbc to replace Sharpton

    • Gary Meschede

      this is the best post yet.lmao

      • Rose


        • sarassteen

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        • sarahjduffys

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    • Rose


  • Ferrari fan

    She will fade into oblivion there, not as fast as if she went to MSNBC, but fade nonetheless..

  • Gary Bell

    Pretty well explains her recent behavior then. She wanted to show cnn she fits in with their low life reporters.

  • Anne McCormack

    this is BS.. it rating for trump..

  • JRD

    Who really cares?

  • Jenny O’Brien


    this post keeps getting deleted by BREITBART or DISQUS so delete the spaces below and copy the link

    https:// www. change .org /p/news- corp- rupert- murdock- prevent- megyn-kelly- from- hosting- any- further- republican-debates

    • Rose

      Oh, Yeah!

    • independent_az

      Just ban Trump from future debates. Problem solved.

      • Rose

        How bright. Truly wonderful idea. Do it.

        Go all in for JEBBIE Girl.

      • kathy diamond

        What a stupid thing to say

  • JustMyOpinion

    she belongs on CNN she is awful

  • Danny

    See ya and don’t let the door hit you in the a s s

  • Gary Meschede

    i have been saying for moths that i though she was turning to the left and now i know i was right

    • Rose

      She’s been doing it for YEARS, actually.

  • tibi

    CNN is where she belongs. She is a Democrat and wants to harm the people running on the Republican ticket. Fox was a fair and balanced news but since this bimbo has been on it is no longer fair, it is tainted by her left leanings. Hopefully, she will leave and go to the leftie channel.

    • kathy diamond


  • chiefpontiac

    If she wants to go from half a million viewers to 10, then she should make the change. She will never be heard from again. CNN is like the witness protection program of news outlets…..

  • Med1

    Meg, shouldn’t have dished out what she couldn’t take! If she really chooses to run off crying to CNN that will certainly be the end of her “career” on TV.

    No one is more loyal to America than its Patriots. She made a personal attack on the only man (Trump) who’s trying to restore America to its former glory. Patriot’s did not take too kindly to that. Whether or not she continue at Fox, America’s Patriots will continue to shun her wherever she may be. You just don’t mess with the man who’s trying to fix America!!!!

    • kathy diamond

      MED 1 Well said. I have never followed politics, now it’s a different story. My life has financially gone from bad to worse in the past 7 years and I’m tired of the unrest in our country. We really do need Donald Trump. We have a huge mess in many areas and need someone with the know how, and balls to fix it. To Hell with PC, we have had too many years of that.

  • Janet Dillon

    No loss… Let her go, in fact shove her out the door.

  • Sharkey

    I hope she does! I think she should go to work for THE NATIONAL INQUIRER! ! She really showed her liberal bias at the”Debate”.

  • jeradl

    That isn’t mainstream, it’s left wing

  • HarryTheCat

    There’s lots of “empty air” over at CNN, leaving plenty of room for Megyn’s colossal ego.

  • Charlie

    And don’t let the door hit ya……

  • Nhender

    No, no she can’t leave! I thinks she’s awesome! She’s one of my favorites on Fox.

  • Kenneth Allen Donaldson

    I find it hard to believe that the talking heads make up their own questions. They are paid to talk and likely told what to say, all or in part.

  • Hans

    I really like the lady that filled in for her when she was on vacation.

  • Hans

    Shannon Bream should replace Megyn Kelly.

  • marcus tullius cicero

    …if I didn’t watch her on Fox……

  • Steven Turi

    She wants to go from the number 1 news network to the dregs of the profession? Good luck to one of the few liberals on Fox. She’s a turkey.

    • Rose

      “FEW” LIBERALS AT FOX NEWS??????????????????????


  • kirkpatrick

    She wants to support Hillary.

  • klgrube

    Mainstream? CNN? okay . . . More like leftist nitwits. Hmm . . .Maybe that is where she belongs.

  • GLB

    I don’t believe this story. Why would she want to leave the #1 cable news channel with the top rated show and move to a 2nd rate rag like CNN ?

  • The Real Royal Emperor

    She’s not leaving The FOX “News”. No discernible talent. No ethics. FOX is the right place for her.

  • Codgewife2

    She needs to go as her viewers do not feel the same about her. Ailes may say he is supporting her but you can bet he wants her gone…There is a new news show called American One News that seems like what Fox was years ago…Meghn got to big to fast for that kind of show and it sho that she cannot handle it..bye bye Meghyn as I know you will not be missed.

  • Richard Schwenderman

    FNC, Fox News Channel, FnC, Fox news Channel, or what I call the channel now FTC, Fox Talk Channel, has been over the past year or so, with the reduction in ad income, has seemed to be morphing into an old original CNN chase the helicopter format between unending chat of inside employees. You see, NYC news organs are bleeding dollars when they actually seek real news content, which is why so many of us now turn to Aljazeera or CCTV for global news feed story. America is losing it’s way from the Beltway to our backyards.

  • footballexpt

    She would be smart to leave. Fox will eventually be irrelevant.

  • texas5

    Never liked her. She tries way too hard…..

  • Rose



  • Pamela Johnson

    don’t believe any of this drivel.

  • Bowlingkev

    Bye, see ya. Fox, CNN, wherever…stopped watching her show the day after the debate.

    • kathy diamond

      I stopped also. As soon as she comes on, I change the station. I’m sure Fox knows how many viewers they lost. Rodger made a bad decision. All he had to do was Apologize.

  • chickief

    Do what she will, I won’t follow her to CNN, not a loss for me i didn’t watch her on FOX either.

  • David Shearer

    “more mainsteam”?? Has she been vacationing in Colorado??

  • Betty Weaver Woods

    I think that CNN would be a better fit for her since she definitely isn’t “Fair & Balanced” and is more liberal oriented

  • GaylePutt

    I just lost all respect for her if she goes mainstream.

  • Jake Steele

    Later RINO…

  • AmericanIndependent121

    I say…let her go to the Clinton News Network as that’s where most second rate “news reporters” now reside anyway…aside from NBC News.


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