Medal of Honor Recipient SHREDS Michael Moore for his ‘Snipers Are Cowards’ Rant


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer absolutely shredded filmmaker Michael Moore for the outrageous  Twitter comments he made Sunday.

Moore tweeted, “Snipers aren’t heroes” on Sunday evening.

Meyer responded to the tweet in a post on Scout:

“I’m sure that his grandfather, who died serving this country, is rolling over in his grave knowing that his grandson is using him to justify him calling U.S. servicemen cowards. I’d be willing to bet that at some point during his grandfather’s service, he was watched over by U.S. snipers, and probably had his life saved more than once by U.S. snipers during the war. 

“I served as a Marine sniper for three years, and I believe the film American Sniper depicted what we do perfectly. A sniper’s primary goal is to eliminate ground threats for U.S. guys on the ground. Is that what a coward is? A person whose goal is to save the lives of his warrior brothers? 

No, cowards are people who didn’t have the guts to serve, and are happy to sit back in a free and protected country and call our service members cowards. I find it funny that this Moore guy would only say this after Chris Kyle was killed. I’d have loved to see him say that to Chris’s face.


Meyer suggested Americans boycott “this idiot’s films,” saying he’d never seen one.

“What would I do if I owned a Michael Moore DVD?” Meyer asked. “I’d set it up out back and set my cowardly sniper skill on it.”

BOOM! What else is there to say? If Moore had any sense of decency whatsoever, being called out by a Medal of Honor winner invoking his own grandfather, he would beg forgiveness from Chris Kyle’s widow, and every active duty Army and Marine sniper.

Don’t bet on it.

  • Michael Thomas Greenawalt

    This is the domestic enemy that we have been warned about.

  • Chris


  • bestfriend

    [angry words]

    • Cedric Ian Anthony

      do you mind if I borrow this? its epic in its scope of raging, angry irritablity, but awesome in its scope of not having to come up with new ones.

      • bestfriend

        No, not at all. I have commented so much about this subject that even I am getting tired of my Michael Moore jokes (unbelievable) though this particular article picked such a good photo of Michael that it really made me want to expand my comment, but, at the last minute, I decided against it.

        • E Carl Binongcal

          Michael Moore looks more like and over fed fat Pig only good in saying OINK, OINK. Probably a coward with no balls and only uses his mouth. That said, won’t do any good to give him a swift kick on the balls.

          • Al Parsons

            Maybe we could cut this fat pig up, turn him into bacon and serve him to the mooselems.

          • gregorianchant

            Moore had better be on the lookout for Eskimos! All that blubber!

    • Pag


      [derp derp derp, derp derp de derp derp]


  • 1janicep1

    Moore is a Dork!

  • Gerald Moore

    Closest I’ve come to hating another person, after Jane Fonda!

    • Woody

      Agreed…have never watched nor will I ever see anything from that fat scum…

    • Bobby Austin

      Don’t forget John Kerry

  • Bobby Austin

    Liberals are exposing themselves .their hate for America and our brave men and women whom protect us all. Stand up to liberals and their ideology . Use rules for radicals on them.! Challenge everything they do and say. Make them defend their every action .word and deed. Saving the Republic demands no less from us. Let’s roll.

    • Rizzan

      Unless the serviceman is John Kerry or any other Democrat like Tammy Duckworth. Then we can make fun of/insult all we want, right?

      • Bobby Austin

        John Kerry and Jane fonda are traitors for the actions during the Vietnam War . Never heard of the lady you mentioned . She may be OK . But most misguided liberal leftists are not . There are very few Harry Truman style democrats left. Look how the Marxist progressive liberals ran Zell Miller out of the that a clue.

        • Bill_Fan

          Duckworth lost her legs in the war. She’s a highly decorated helicopter pilot and current representative in Illinois.

        • Rizzan

          The Republican incumbent accused Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran who lost both her legs in a helicopter crash, of talking too much about her military service.

          Read more:

          • stone8

            Probably because the incumbent had NO service of his/her own to talk about. Correct??

          • Rizzan


        • Rizzan

          Explain how Kerry was a traitor please.

          • Gstephens

            See videos of his congressional testimony from the late 1970’s.

          • DNavyBrat

            My father served at the time Kerry was with the River Rats as a Field Comissioned LT! He had nothing to say about him…because if have nothing nice to dont say anything! Dad 32 year Career Sailor and most of it as a Bubble head!

          • Lenny Dudley

            RIZZAN you must be very young

          • SHOTGUN285

            The short version is, he tried to avoid the draft by claiming he was a college student, when that was denied he joined the Navy reserve because he didn’t realize the small boat company he’d joined might deploy to vietnam. When he got there he put himself in for a purple heart every time he got a cut shaving (knowing the rule that 3 purple hearts will get you sent home). His CO refused to submit his paperwork on at least 2 of the purple hearts as well as other decorations Kerry wrote himself up for. So Kerry went outside of his chain of command and got another officer to submit the awards for him. So then he goes home, becomes a war protester, sits in front of congress and claims that US soldiers are war criminals, and claims he himself executed a wounded VC. Then he later threw his undeserved awards over the WH fence in protest. The records are sealed but it appears he faced a court martial for his actions. Then a few years later Jimmy Carter issued a blanket amnesty for draft dodgers, etc.,and that removed the felony conviction from Kerrys record. He then went through political cronies to get his silver star re-awarded in the early 80s. So he’s either a liar or a war criminal, maybe both.

          • Roadmaster

            Except they weren’t even his medals, which miraculously reappeared when he ran for Preezy.

            I’ve maintained for years that Carter’s Amnesty for cowards who ran away to Canada was actually a smoke screen to over-write/deep six Kerry’s (and possibly Clinton’s) shameful and treasonous actions. Read the fine print? I knew a guy from Longisland who had his dishonorable discharge changed to a general discharge under the Carter decree. How does that work? He was court-martialed for drugs, possession of stolen goods, insubordination and striking a superior.

          • SHOTGUN285

            That’s more than I knew about the amnesty. Thanks for that.

          • Rizzan


  • Ryan Downey

    So your a coward for not serving your country…its not mandatory. Even though it should be.

    • c

      No. You’re a coward if you don’t serve, and then have the balls to call those that do cowards.

      • Ryan Downey

        Well i’m 100% pro military and think our military is mis-used in the first place. We should be dropping bombs 24-7 and never put ground troops in ever.

  • Outlaw

    Good! Chew up Moore and spit him out. He’s such a scumbag.

  • Heather Vance-Nelson

    Amen buddy!…Like I said, he’s just looking for another 15 minutes of fame. ..Now he’s on the minds of a lot of people and all for the wrong reasons!

  • Byron Shutt

    Another limousine liberal Prog/Comm taking pot shots with the remnants of his latest greasy meal sliding down his face onto his blotched, fat stenched, t-shirt. His beady empty eyes wandering to his next target…..old Conservative women

  • Wiggle D

    Who cares about Michael Moore? It’s clearly obvious he isn’t motivated by anything. Shut your yap and go back to your subscription of WOW.

  • Michael Dunn

    Do any of these Hollywood morons understand any of the functions of a U.S. Sniper? Do they have any idea how many U.S. Soldiers lives these people have protected and/or saved with their service? Do they not understand the grueling amount of training it takes to do their job correctly, to not only save their comrades lives but their own? There are times they can do a job to remove a threat which it may have taken a squad or platoon to remove the same threat. They can sometimes set up away from the action and help a unit which has been ambushed?! Maybe flank an attacking enemy to gain the field?! Certain circumstances where an Iud might be detonated at a distance due to their skills with a rifle, saving the need for a team to disarm it. Books have been written on this. Thank God this country still has been like Kyle who are able to step up when needed. I have a low tolerance for these idiots that likely have faced little more danger than their daily commute or maybe their diet, sugar-free Latte may be too hot.

  • OgieOgelthorpe

    The fat coward Michael Moore hides behind armed bodyguards. What a hypocrite.

  • yardoe

    Way to tell him sir. Thank you for your service. God’s speed.

  • IdahoGirl

    Moore has had his 15 minutes of fame & his common sense has flown the coop. Wouldn’t pay one red cent to see anything that he has done.

  • Edward Althouse

    Well spoken soldier! I am proud of you. A salute from a Navy Vet!

  • Gianni Paone

    Michael Moore is nothing more than a festering boil on the butt hole of humanity.

  • JaySands1234

    Why is he even quoted? The fat phuck is a total disgrace,just ask his ex-wife who took him to the cleaners.

  • kilee

    you fat fk….and because of people like this you have the freedom to spew your hatred for this country. Cant wait til your gone

  • Mike

    The two photos above show an American hero and Jabba the Hut. Which one is more respected? Hint: He’s not in red.

  • pamdix

    Michael Moore is a waste of space and oxygen. He’s a nothing. Just like the President.

  • cshep

    Michael Moore’s statement about snipers being cowards AND the retort that “cowards are people who didn’t have the guts to serve” are equally stupid. Snipers have a very important job to do in a very undesirable situation. Choosing to not be in that situation doesn’t make you a coward. The glory of war is reserved for historians and sadists.

    • Al Parsons

      Take it from a combat vet, there is NO glory in war. So YOUR comment is irrelevant to this conversation!

      • cshep

        That’s the point.I was making.

  • LuJohnson

    That accompanying photo of Sir Douche, Michael Moore, makes me want to “egg on” his arterial plaque! Go plaque, go! DO YOUR STUFF, plaque!

  • Thomas Emeka Schaefer

    By now, I’m really wondering why Moore is STILL recieving this amount of attention. Moore is a Crisco Sweating Shitpile of Lard, and is just as slippery in his exclamations. The only valid form of recognition he deserves would be the barrel of a 12ga. stuck up his worthless arse. But even that would be a complete and shameful waste of a much more valuable 00 shotgun shell.
    And Rogan is begining to fit into the same category of morons.

  • wayne

    I can see he is a friend of the colonel,Sanders that is,what a scum bag!

  • Trevor Cochran

    Moore is a fat pig who sits around feeding his fat face under the freedom provided by our service men and women, then bitches a moans about how that freedom is provided. He is the true coward and a disgrace to America. Ship his fat a$$ to Canada and smother him with duct tape!

  • Tuco

    The insufferable slug Moore wouldn’t have a clue what makes a Hottentot so hot. But at least he provides someone for the Cowardly Lion to look down upon with disgust.

  • Walter Hewitt

    Michael Moore has to be one of the most disgusting people who have found their way into the public realm…Oh, and he also physically resembles Jabba de Hutt from “Star Wars”…

  • Rory Womack

    I’m pretty sure Moore has a case against George Lucas for using his likeness for the character Jabba the hut.

  • Jennifer Lynne Salins

    Am I the only one who thinks that Michael Moore looks like Jabba the Hut?

  • Irony Curtain

    No need to see a Moore film, I’ll give you the gist: America – BAD. Free enterprise – BAD. Profit – BAD. Freedom from government – BAD. Morbidly obese liberal filmmaker profiting enormously from stoned imbeciles who fork over cash to him – GOOD!

  • dragginbutt

    I suspect we will need a lot of sandbags when MM dies and all the haters stand there and Pee on his grave.

  • Kelly Terry

    what Mr. Moore obviously doesn’t understand is our fighting soldiers including snipers is why he has the freedom to spout his poison. I have never seen a micheal moore movie and don’t feel I’ve missed a thing.GOD LESS OUR TROOPS INCLUDING SNIPERS

  • Roadmaster

    First of all, Moore claimed it was his uncle. Second-probably a figment of his imagination, and he’s got one! Cuber? Best medical care in the world?

    Lefties love to make up people to make their points, like Biden does constantly and former Speaker Little Dick Gephardt did.

    They think everyone is as dumb as their voters.

  • 1mikejanz1

    If Moore’s grandfather would have known how this useless fat slob was going to turn out, he would have probably demanded that the mother abort him! That’s one abortion I would have been in favor of!

  • Jeff Cummings

    Looks like hes not afraid of a fork

  • Robert Van Hoorn

    I just wish there was a way to literally make this fat piece of useless crap pay for his idiocy.

  • Zachary Reed

    Mr. Moore, don’t talk bad about our troops. Hate on the gov’t and the people in charge of the military all you want, but leave the people just doing their jobs alone.

  • Denise

    Awww, poor Michael Moore, not getting enough press, now you have to attack the very people that protect you!? I for one think you are one of the worst human beings on this planet.

  • Dennis

    Moore – you’re a disgusting pig. Coward? Try looking in the mirror…..jerk.

  • Randy G.

    Liberals are what they are, and (as most of them have never served) should be dismissed for what they are… cowards!

  • stone8

    What this shlub knows about the military would not cover the head of a pin. He only knows how to lie,eat and eat more. Probably hasn’t seen his d@#k in eons without a mirror.

  • Kerry Mangan

    OOH RAH! and Semper Fi!

  • Gary Edlund

    You don’t WIN the Medal of Honor. You RECIEVE or are AWARDED the Medal of Honor. Moore isn’t good enough to lick the dust off the boots of our heroes. He is a POS has been.

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