John McCain Asked to Compare OBAMA to Trump… His Answer is Beyond Belief

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Anti-Trump Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) told a left-wing newspaper that he believes “American leadership” was better under Barack Obama than President Trump — the latest in a series of shots the failed 2008 presidential candidate has taken at his fellow Republican.

According to the Guardian, McCain was “visibly irked” when asked about comments Trump made last week in the wake of the terrorist attack in London, in which he criticized London Mayor Sadiq Khan for his flippant response to the carnage.

“What do you think the message is? The message is that America doesn’t want to lead,” McCain said, bizarrely adding: “They are not sure of American leadership, whether it be in Siberia or whether it be in Antarctica.”


Then, when asked if America’s international standing was better under Obama, McCain responded: “As far as American leadership is concerned, yes.”

As Breitbart recalled it was just the latest in a series of recent slams of the president:

McCain has been an outspoken critic of Trump and has refused to tone it down since his fellow Republican took the White House.

In a recent tour of Australia, McCain told an audience in Sydney that Trump has “unsettled” allies and Americans alike.

“Other American allies have similar doubts these days and this is understandable,” McCain said, according to The Associated Press at the city’s university. “I realize that some of President Trump’s actions and statements have unsettled America’s friends. They have unsettled many Americans as well.”

He went on to urge the Australians to “keep at” the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal in the hope that one day “America will decide to join you.”

He also said in an interview with an Australian TV network that Trump makes him “nervous from time to time” and said he was bothered that Trump does not always take the advice of his national security team.

“Can I tell you that he does all the time? No. Does it bother me? Yes, it bothers me,” he said.

Most conservatives were disgusted by the warm praise for Obama, under whose “leadership” ISIS began a bloody grip of the Mideast, terror state Iran was handed tens of billions of dollars, and Libya fell to Al Queda, unleashing a massive migrant crisis across Europe.

The backlash came fast and furious:

  • Kris Lowell-Furman

    McCain is old and going senile. If you watched the Comey hearing McCain was the last one to question him and he was all over the place even at one point saying “President Comey”, The man needs to retire and move on. He has been a RHINO for quite a few years.

    • Peter Brown

      The story line following the embarrassing performance was that he was lacking sleep, tired or ill…some sort of trash incapable of authenticating. In other words, “I’m lying and you know that I’m lying but due to my rank we’ll all give me another pass”.

  • Janet Bachtel

    McCain is a bitter senile old man. Needs to retire before he makes a bigger fool of himself.

    • Margaretkramsay

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    • Guy Daley

      As long as the idiots continue to elect McCain, he will NEVER retire – EVER!!! The seniors in AZ will vote for a vegetable as long as its old like them.

      • Michellsmcreynolds

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  • Cathi Schooley Allen

    The Democrats fill their role and constantly scream about “Russia.” McCain and the RINO establishment do their part by promising to “investigate” how the Russians influenced the campaign. he is a traitor

  • Bill Gregg

    And this is the man who took Barry Goldwater’s place in the Senate when Goldwater retired. Come on, Arizona Republicans. It’s time to start recall proceedings.

  • Peter Brown

    I’d give any POW the right of way and mountains of understanding. And, I’m a Veteran and feel remotely connected to him. But, when any person harms the country and appears to be incapable of making rational decisions in a position of great power and influence, it’s well past time to say goodbye, mcstain.

    • Biff

      As a Navy veteran who served on the same ship as him, but at a later date, I have mad respect for McCain as a military man. That being said, as a Senator and former presidential candidate, Juan McLame is a total loser. Retire already, sit in the shade and drink iced tea. Somebody will come by to wipe up the drool.

      • Peter Brown

        In light of your ties, it required courage and integrity to voice that view.

  • William Stearns

    What McCain said about unsettling other countries is absolutely true. Trump has told them they need to defend themselves before we will step in. Trump has put Americans first for once and it pisses the rest of the world off. It also pisses off congressmen who have investments abroad or are beholding to foreign interests and now can’t deliver on their promises.

  • schr8er

    He is and has been a RHINO for a long time… about time this senile, useless demented old POS be put out to pasture and get someone with a brain back in their. COME ON ARIZONA wake up. The LEST you can do is make him change the “R” to a “D” as that is where his one brain cell is stuck in gear…

  • Fred Smith

    McConnell needs to strip him of all leadership positions, as he is not longer a leader, just a washed up democrat posing as a rino

  • Whiteeagle

    All My Conservative Friends Are ALREADY Saying Enough To Cover The Issue ….


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