Mass. Governor-Elect Kills Deval Patrick’s Plan to Issue Drivers Licenses to Illegal Aliens


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has been a complete disaster on illegal immigration. But one of his signature plans — handing drivers licenses to illegal aliens has just been axed before his successor is even sworn in.

Gov.-elect Charlie Baker this morning said he would kill a Patrick administration plan to issue special driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

“I don’t support issuing driver’s licenses to people who are undocumented,” the Republican said this morning on Boston Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting”.

The Boston Herald reported that Baker does not believe that illegals possessing licenses keeps the system of ID secure, as required under the Federal “Real ID” Act:

The Herald reported earlier this month the administration had informed Homeland Security officials the state “will have the ability” to dole out special driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants as part of its plan to comply with a tougher federal ID law. The state recently received a waiver from the Federal Real ID act, which ramps up the qualifications to receive a state driver’s license to prevent terrorists from using easily obtained IDs to enter federal buildings or get on planes.

So Obama handed his pal Deval Patrick a “waiver” to skirt the rules on secure IDs to benefit illegals. That is not what the Congress intended in the wake of the 9/11 attacks and 9/11 Commission recommendations.

The Patrick administration last month told Homeland Security officials the state “will have the ability” to dole out special driver’s licenses to illegal aliens as part of its plan to comply with a tougher federal ID law.

Not anymore. Baker just killed that plan with a single statement. We are waiting for the screams of “RACISM” to start battering him from La Raza groups across the Bay State and the nation.

Elections have consequences. And this is a BIG one. We salute Charlie Baker, and hope he doesn’t stop there, and pulls the plug on all of Deval Patrick’s disastrous policies enabling illegal aliens, including his suspension of the Federal Secure Communes program that led to the death of motorcyclists Matthew Denice.

  • tomfairbanks

    Why the hell would ANYONE want to reward lawbreakers wit a D.L? They should be rewarded with a ride back home.

    • Schr0dingersD0g

      So they can vote democrat!

      • tomfairbanks


      • John McMickle

        It is also to draw them to the state. Since the Census is used to determine how many congressional districts get is based on only a head count not a count of citizens, illegal help ge congressional seats, and thus electoral college votes.

    • Lockmanxo

      That THEIR nation must pay for.

    • Amy LaViolette

      Because they’re all progressive socialists who need to be booted and shunned for being traitors to our Constitution… 😉 Right or Left, no matter what, the progressives need to GO!

    • Brad Short

      Because if you have a license you can register to vote. It really is that simple. The Governor thinks the illegals are actually just unregistered Democrats.

    • gimpy

      In a hearse

  • Charlie Vest

    I pray all of the others that we chose across this once greatest nation in the history of the world, will be as true and faithful to the laws of our country, WITHOUT EXEMPTIONS, and to their promises as this man appears to be.

    • Ron

      I am in full agreement with you Charlie. We need Patriots in government not career politicians looking to fill their filthy pockets.

    • catlady

      we must remind them who they work for, us the CITIZENS of this country NOT the CRIMINALS that obama wants to allow to stay

  • Ragman69

    Wow……is this fine gentleman running for President? I’ll vote for him on this stance alone!

  • fedup

    I’m sick and tired of these social and ethnically prejudice and corrupt politicians. I’m sick and tired hearing all these grieving neurotics and politically corrupt criminal activist sympathizers that are putting more emphasis and importance on helping people that have absolutely NO legal right or business for even being in our country, than is being focused on our own American citizens that are needing help and falling between the cracks.

  • Baron

    I had to go through so much to get my ID’S and I was born in the USA..I worked hard kept my nose clean…an Spike Lee d’ it I did the Right thing.. This nation is full of Illegals wanting; everything; at some point our system is gonna be stressed an overloaded…Apply for Immigation status..Do the Right Thing!

  • Jonathan Chen

    WAY TO GO CHARLIE! Kick those butts!

  • Gail Arvizo

    How the hell are they going to give them a license when they cant even read or write ENGLISH! Don’t they have to take a test like we do?:(

    • Eagle View

      Unfortunately they would give the test to them in Spanish. I live in California and in 2015 our governor is giving illegals D.L. And if they can only speak Spanish and can’t read or write in any language our stupid state will let them take the tests orally with a Spanish interpretor. If I wasn’t stuck in this state I would be one of the millions that would like to see it fall into the ocean.

      • Amanda Demko Zellers

        Seems to me if they can’t read english…how the hell are they suppose to read our road signs???? I guess we will have to spend more money to print our road signs in spanish too!!!!!!! NOT

        • ClearthoughtNY

          …already in the works folks…

        • Amy LaViolette

          Amanda, they can’t which is why I contend that so many hit and run deaths are occurring by illegal aliens around the country. Check it out online, WAY too many incidents to be coincidence.

      • catlady

        I moved out in 06, best thing I ever did

      • Marianne Murabito

        I’m stuck in CALI too! I hate everything about these politicians here! The state is gerimandered and the republicans are screwed in trying to change anything! Our governor not only gave ILLIGALS DL’s but the TAX PAYERS OF CALIFORNIA ARE PAYING FOR ILLEGALS COLLEGE TUITIONS!!! BEAT THAT MASSACHUSETTS!!! SMH!!!

        • tsac123

          The newly elected Democrat from Pennsylvania wants to bestow these benefits on “undocumented” residents as well. DL and college tuition. Thank God the voters gave us a large cushion in the State House and Senate. Hopefully, they will have the gonads to stop him.

      • Lockmanxo

        Well when I could see daylight to QUIT, I left the nuthouse. Why? Illegals bashed OUR car, no insurance, no license, just allowed to leave. Then went to get a burger, and only one employee spoke limited Engrish. So the 6-10K we “would” be paying CA in taxes…stays in our pocket, as why pay a government who ignores the LAW. I ensure if I come to visit, I never stay very long.

      • Bette

        I am sorry for you, I left NJ for similar reasons and super high taxes which I know you have also. I am in South Carolina now and loving it !

    • Amy LaViolette

      One word… NO! grrrrrrr :/

  • Schr0dingersD0g

    And go figure the Marxist in the White House would grant a waiver for the patriot act so that people who break the law can break more laws. He and his VP need to go!

    • maikon

      we paying taxes , insurance , everthing , we dont staying in houses waiting for the state paying my bills ,food , we work hard ,we do not speak inglish , but we try to learn everyday , some immigrants can spoke 3 ou 4 languages , i think all you have to find job and get to work , we not criminal , only all need is work and get the best for families thats all

      • Harleyrose

        If you are undocumented, you ARE a criminal. What is best for your family is to get them out of our country…SOON! We are done with you illegals!

      • Schr0dingersD0g

        Immigrants built this country and made it the greatest country on the planet. I have nothing but the utmost respect for those people (you included) that come here, work their asses off every day, pay taxes, try to learn the language and seek a safe productive place to raise their children. Americans welcome these people with open arms. We welcome people to come here, assimilate into our communities and seek the very same things you do. What we don’t want are people coming here only to make our country into the same shit-hole they left behind by skirting our laws.

  • catlady

    time to write the white house facebook page telling his highness how we the owners of this country feel about him by passing our laws. also, join numbers usa….

  • Jane m leber

    These stranger in our country are trying to break down our basic beliefs and
    destroy our integrity. Wake up America. More than ever we have to be on watch and make sure we voice our objections. It’s time the silent majority speaks up and be heard.

  • Muriel Katz

    Illegals don’t need to be REWARDED for entering our country ILLEGALLY by giving them drivers’ licenses!! THEY’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE TO BEGIN WITH!!

    ROUND THEM ALL UP AND DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT!!! And if this government won’t do it, there’s MANY American citizens who WOULD be willing to do this…myself, included!!

  • mumtinie83

    so they can vote republican I would say. 😀

  • Russ Frame

    Democrats love them illegal’s votes.

  • John McMickle

    I would think that it is time to secure the borders and start deporting illegal aliens. No more pandering to those groups come here legally or not at all.

  • John

    Devalue must be flipping

  • chris

    so if we give them a license ( a document) ..they are no longer UN documented…..

  • banger377

    Good start Charlie!

  • canucksam

    Thank you, sir, for proving once again that Democrats are idiots.

  • catm beretta

    as long as obama and his thugs are in office, we will have to deal with this type of insanity.

  • Tinaw1969

    Warms my heart to know there are still people out there that care about this country. Why do people think that illegals are entittled to anything? I just don’t understand this crap!

  • Link

    You never said how he did it.

  • NotThatStupid

    I went to vote in Fl. and everyone there knew me and I still had to show ID. My point is I think everyone should have to the same!
    Rushing these illegals to an ID will put criminal on the streets and the demwits will count on them for votes. Plus the increase of medacard

  • John W. Chapman

    La Raza ought to keep ONE WORD in mind. Tsarnaev. They weren’t Hispanic. They SHOULD have been illegal, except our administration decided to ignore Vlad and give them a pass.

  • tax man

    Great news. Illegals should not be able to do anything in the US to further their criminal activities. They should not be able to work, not be able to get any housing, not be able to drive, not be able to vote

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  • dmhill

    Q: Should illegals be issued drivers licenses?

    PATRICK: I support that
    because of the security issues. I want to know the names and addresses
    and faces of the people who are here. The people who are driving on the
    roads, I want the insurance issues
    dealt with, I want to know the people on the road know the rules of the
    road. Let’s be clear, people are not coming to Massachusetts to get a
    drivers license, they’re coming to get jobs. The first thing we have to
    do is secure our borders

  • Amy LaViolette

    The only license they should get is a one way ride back to where they came from. Go screw up your own country and leave us out of it…

  • peter7869

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    Open for more information…..

  • MJC

    Back in the 1990s, I leased office space to an immigration lawyer where I also maintained an office. This was in Florida and immigrants who weren’t citizens would get a driver’s license and for some reason, when they did so, the clerk would ask if they wanted to register to vote and, of course, they said yes. If is illegal for a non-US citizen to vote in a US election, or to register to vote, but the DL clerks never asked about their status. I’ve heard of the same thing happening in other states that issue driver’s licenses to immigrants — whether they are documented or not — and the same thing happens in those states. There is no telling how many aliens (legal and illegal) there are in the US who already vote because they registered when they obtained their drivers license.

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