Maryland Teacher Knocked Out, Bloodied by Black Student Who ‘Misinterpreted’ This Word as ‘Racist’


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News


A high school teacher was left covered in blood last week after he was punched by a male student over a “perceived racist remark,” in yet another incident of racial violence in an American classroom.

For weeks, TRN has been reporting on the upsurge of Black-on-White classroom attacks since Ferguson, including shocking assaults on elderly White teachers in New Jersey and Houston in January.

Now comes this attack on a nearly 70-year old teacher in Maryland.

The DailyMail reported:

The teacher at Forestville High in Maryland, who was not identified by officials but named as James Hemmen on social media, suffered minor injuries after being attacked by the teen.

The school characterized the incident last Thursday as a ‘misinterpretation of a comment’ during class but some students and parents said the teacher made a racially-insensitive remark.

The student is to be disciplined for the attack, according to NBC, with authorities adding that this was an isolated incident and there was no need to increase security at the school.

It was not clear on Tuesday if the student would face criminal charges over the attack.

Not clear? Look at the blood on that teacher. Doesn’t look so “minor,” does it?  This is a clear assault by a thug who will likely occupy a prison cell in the not-so distant future.

So what was this horrible “racist comment” that this teacher dared to utter?

Neither the DailyMail, Washington Post, nor local NBC affiliate seemed to be curious. they just accepted the rationale, and the entire tone of their articles was that the evil Cracker somehow deserved it.

One parent justified the beating saying:

“If the comment was made that I was told was made, I can understand the pain and the anger in that student.”

Yet we aren’t told what it is. So I contacted 5 students online and one faculty member (who did not wish to be named), who told me that the teacher was reading a sentence that contained the following word: niggardly.

It is not a slur. It is an adjective, meaning, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, someone ungenerous with money or time, stingy. As in: “he served out the rations with a niggardly hand,” or “niggardly allowances from the Treasury.”

It has its origins in the 16th Century, having nothing whatsoever to do with the “N-word” and thought to have derived from Scandinavian “nigon,” meaning miser.

Now, none of this should make any difference whatsoever. It doesn’t matter what the teacher said, it does not give a student the right to beat the living crap out of him. Even if the teacher yelled the “N-word” right in class, the correct action is to report him to the principal, and get him fired, not clock him in the face.

And it is an outrage that there is even any debate over whether the kid should be charged.

Education is hard. Punching someone in the face because you are an ignorant thug who has no knowledge or interest in the English language is so much easier.


  • Twila Diddily Do Flanders


  • alaskanativ

    Yes, the THUG mentality in minorities is getting out of hand. Where is the respect?

    • Michelle

      In minorities? You could have left it at the thug mentality is getting out of hand. You’re the reason it’s out of hand “in minorities”.

      • 1grayrebel

        It is minorities you stupid moron! If they had any sense at all they would know what the word means!

      • Dave Ventry

        It is in minorities…I just watched a documentary on bloods and crops who rioted and looted because some cops they thought broke the law weren’t arrested….totally missing the hypocrisy of the fact that they spend all day,everyday breaking the law

        • Jeremiah Bug Kliesing

          Bloods are at war with our crops now?

          • Dave Ventry

            Lol,whatever…crips then

        • Cedric Ian Anthony

          I think its funnier that the crops rioted.

        • dyhart

          Are you talking about Ferguson? It sure sounds like it but I suppose that could be another repeat of history. However no bloods or crips involved in that, at least not knowingly.

          • redpatriotmom

            Actually Michael Browns Stepfather is a well known documented member of the Bloods.

          • Thompson

            In my state, this is a serious offense, assault on anyone over 55 is a felony. No reason for this kind of crap! Jail time is what he needs!

          • Dave Ventry

            No,I’m taking about about LA years back….Ferguson is similar though,criminals rioting because they thought a cop treated a criminal unfairly

      • Mike Stern

        you’re an idiot.

      • mike

        Radical Islamic terrorism is out of hand. Is that accurate definition our fault too?

        • TotallyPeeved

          You are wrong. pisslam is out of hand, it always has been. There is no radical pisslamic terrorism, there is just pisslam.

      • TotallyPeeved

        No, you idiot, people like YOU are the reason minority thugs are out of control.

    • Oh really?

      • HarryTheCat

        Nice looking family, Derrick. You must be proud.

      • Notjjy .i.

        Nanu-Nanu. Mork out.

      • Jeremiah Bug Kliesing


        • Bob Petersen

          That was the first thing I thought, except I would lead with “WannaBe”

        • Amy Salsbury Fields

          LOL My first thought was Justin Bieber fans!

      • Ernie Mann

        Oh yeah !!!!

      • hardresetamericadotcom

        Yeah really, who do you think these idiots are emulating?

      • Darrell Brooks

        Look closely. The one to the right of the screen is obviously a Vulcan. Notice he is the only one covering his ears and that’s not a gang sign he’s flashing. Live long and prosper!

      • TotallyPeeved

        Oooh, suburban white boys making fun of violent, feral NAPA’s. I don’t see any real guns, tats, money, or drugs in that picture.

  • Wiggle D

    Of course, the kid should be punished. Minorities and Majorities alike should both be punished for jumping the guns, especially in their own ignorance. Do they really think the English language belongs to them and that all similar sounding words automatically mean the same thing?

    • CE Vaughn

      What I fail to see and understand is why was he not smart enough to ask what the word meant before doing what he did

      • Heylottylotty

        What happened is just one more excuse for a “person of color” to abuse the law and do harm to a “person of not color”(???). Is is legal to use black and white any more? Senators “of color” still call Caucasian people “crackers” and why is that okay but to use the slang word for Negro will get you fired??? When will people wake up and realize we are humans of many colors, shapes, languages, and origins. Yet first and foremost humans. Once we can get over ourselves and our insecurities none of the names will matter. Then we can move on toward the so called “equality” I hear slung about so often.

        • Craig Bass

          Here again this PC stupidity correlates completely with the less than mentally evolved people. These people are as easy to manipulate as puppets on a string. With mere words you can force them to react on demand. When you realize this you understand how having a group in our society so easily “motivated” can work as an advantage as useful idiots, or as the left called hem at one time, useless eaters before they were cattle for votes. If they ever understand that their own reactions to a simple string of letters is exactly what gives the word it’s power over them they may just evolve.

          • Vonstaad

            Craig, I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for your input.

      • Craig Bass

        Feral animals and savages only react. They do not posess the cognitive ability or mental functions of rational thought to respond with anything other than just basic primitive reactionary responses.

      • Jim Denney

        I believe the polite term is “poor impulse control.”

      • rollin in my chair

        It’s probably the only word this kid ever heard in any class.

      • vickybevis

        And there, CE Vaughn, lies the crux of the story. Apparently the student never learned to “Act, don’t React.” He & a group of his “peers” could have gone to the office & complained. And after everyone there quit laughing, or shaking their heads, someone MIGHT have explained the word to him.

  • BuckTard

    Only an ignorant person would misinterpret that comment

    • Lou McKellar

      A black congresswoman also jumped on that word when it was used the House.

      • 1grayrebel

        It’s because they’re dumb!

      • kattywompas1

        Hmmm….. Bet you money the Congresswoman was a “minority” also. Sad that she doesn’t educate herself before opening her mouth. I try to learn something new everyday. I encourage my children and grandchildren to do the same. We should grow everyday we are alive. More so if we are in the position that we are to make laws. It shows her ignorance that she jumps to conclusions before looking up a word first. How do people continue to vote for someone so ignorant.

      • Karen

        Was it Sheila Jackson Lee? Because yes, she is quite ignorant. But in our defense (TX) she is actually from Queens,New York.

        • Gioiel

          She is about as ignorant as it gets! And one of the biggest racists I have ever had the displeasure of listening to. She is definitely not from Texas.

        • avengeflipper

          Sheila Jackson Lee is my hero, if it weren’t for her I’d have no idea America was 400 years old and that we’ve been living under the constitution since the early 1600’s or something. Long live Sheila. She also taught me that sensible gun legislation would prevent gangbangers……

    • jmdsc1 .

      We had a councilman have a racially charged fit/diatribe when the words “black hole” were used. (This councilman is now under indictment for several things.) I swear people are looking for reasons to be offended.

      • Gioiel

        He must be a black hole.

  • mike

    So what the story is saying is this under educated student didn’t know the definition of a word that was used but immediately reacted like the definition of the word he thought he heard.

    • ElmerJFudd

      Look at the idiot that got upset about “A chink in the armor”.

      • afftongrown

        Before you know it, they’ll have to remove all the crackers from the shelves in the grocery stores, as not to offend white America!

        • stone cruiser

          democrackers would never allow that.

          • Florida Rebel

            Whoa…. two different species… does that even exist?

        • ElmerJFudd

          What about all the “dark chocolate”?? Also whites don’t get upset about words. (usually)

          • Gary ONeill

            I’m thinking of suing the Restaurant chain “Cracker Barrel”…

          • I had a coworker who referred to a white woman as a cracker barrel b! $@h once.
            He was semi literate and eventually fired.
            So sad the ignorant …

          • ElmerJFudd

            Don’t forget dark magic coffee

          • Kathleen J Chansley

            What about “white chocolate”??

          • ElmerJFudd

            Wasn’t there a basketball player that called himself that?? Liberals went ballistic

          • Kathleen J Chansley

            Elmer, I do not know of any basketball player that used white chocolate as his nick name. I thought “dark chocolate” why not “white chocolate” for me. I am a cracker and I love white chocolate.

          • ElmerJFudd

            It was Jason Williams

        • Lili Dee

          What is in you that you make a remark like that? Is it the same thing that was in the boy? Is it ignorance? Do you enjoy being cruel or uncaring to people? I am seriously asking you. Should everyone jump to fight immediately or jump to slander others? Do you think I ask you these questions because I am white? or because i am human…I’m sure you’ll respond with a rant. I know you will. Because you had no reason for your comment above, it obviously takes no reason at all to become enraged. White America is not offended ….White America, as I know it, is asking the same questions I am and just like me, will probably still only be met back with rage. I did not enslave your people. I wasn’t alive. Nor were you. But…every race has been enslaved at some time in the world’s history. I have ancestors who were slaves. If you want to unload your anger on innocent people, go to Portugal where slavery was the big business – and Great Britain, and find your ancestral enslaving progeny there. Otherwise, why not try just being a human being and stop seeing the differences that are only skin deep.

          • LOL speaking of a “rant”. Look up “word salad”! ”

            word salad

            /word sal·ad/ (werd sal´ad) a meaningless mixture of words and phrases characteristic of advanced schizophrenia.

          • CrackerGirl

            Porch hound look up the word “jackass”

          • I like how you use several different accounts to upvote your inane comments…..actually that is pretty sad!

          • steve

            It’s your words that are meaningless.

          • Incredibly well stated! You are a veritable vessel of intellectual acuity! Thanks for whatever it is you just think you added!

          • Kimmaejah

            Would this be an example of a word salad?

          • No but if a couple more vegetables like you join in we will have a good start!

          • William Menikheim

            Damn! I didn’t know my other self was so glib.

          • Stephanie Magera Carron

            Also don’t forget who the sellers were… Africans themselves selling their own countrymen!! It was a class thing there not a racial thing!

          • William Menikheim

            It wasn’t blacks selling their countrymen. There wer no countries in Africa at that time. Just areas ruled by tribal chiefs. One tribe would attack another and capture some men and women and then sell them to the Portugal slave traders who then sold them to the English in the colonies. Some of the colonial buyers were (SHOCK) black.

          • JO

            William, I think it’s funny that you are doing the same this this “black” kid did. You, apparently, don’t know the definition of “countrymen”. How quickly we all judge, yet do not learn. I hope you learn from this. Here you go:


            a person from the same country or region as someone else.

            “she followed in the tradition of her countrymen”

            synonyms:compatriot, fellow citizen

            “the traditions of his countrymen”


            a man living or born in a rural area.

            “he was a complete countryman, with a pronounced affinity with nature”

            synonyms:country dweller, country cousin, son/daughter of the soil, farmer; More

            rustic, yokel, (country) bumpkin, peasant, provincial;

            informalhayseed, hick, hillbilly, rube;


          • William Menikheim

            Thank you Jo. I stand corrected. But everything else was correct.

          • Guest


          • Hades Miller

            That’s the same kind of weaselwording that keeps people from describing dolphin ‘sexual coercion’ as ‘dolphin rape,’ all because of subjective-enabling technicalities.
            No one likes lawyers, for this very reason, because they actively work to dismiss some fairly self-evident things. If a tribe tends to live in a geographic region, and exercises military and political power over that region, then how are they not a country? Are you going to tell me that Mongolia isn’t a country, using this logic, or is it more politically expedient to doublethink and accept this reality for one case, and deny it for another?

          • William Menikheim

            Hades, you are beating a dead horse. If you will look, I have already acknowledged my error and recanted. But thanks for your font of knowledge on the subject.

          • shasta89

            I think it was meant to be sarcastic

          • shasta89

            I think it was meant to be sarcastic ,like the one she was replying to.and did you see their picture, its a white woman? people should really make sure they know someones intention before ranting at someone.

          • Still using a dozen accounts to upvote and agree with yourself I see…how SAD is that!

          • William Menikheim

            Anyone can post whatever photo they want as their avatar.

          • Charlie

            I’m pretty sure she was being sarcastic. White America isn’t allowed to be offended, but even if it were, most are rarely offended by something as stupid as a word. Sticks and stones.

          • afftongrown

            I am white, and neither racist, ignorant or uncaring. I have just become tired of people taking out their frustrations on others in the name of racial inequality. I live in St. Louis. and experienced the melee in Ferguson.

          • Tiredofshenanigans

            You are not white. Quit trying to partake in a conversation that you know nothing about. Educate yourself and try to lead your people out of anger and hatred and into law-abiding, productive, tax paying peaceful people. Help yourself and your people to learn from history rather than using it as an excuse for horrendous behavior. Help your people do what they haven’t been able to do since inception, evolve.
            If you were white, you wouldn’t call people crackers or claim pride in watching the destruction of a city in the name of a (albeit) young, violent criminal. Now, go back to pretending you’ve been wronged and educate yourself and those you claim to care about…

          • afftongrown

            I’m sorry to tell you, but I was born white and with hair as white as snow! Continue to be white, although the hair has tended to darken a bit with age! Who are you to determine what race people belong to?

          • Lili Dee

            Thank you. I agree completely. Sorry if I was a sheeple, but sometimes it’s hard to pick up on ‘tone’ when we are just writing stuff. So I apologize if I was all oversensitive. lol. There’s so much going on and I’m glad we can all get on here and discuss things.

          • joex51

            it was sarcasm look at her picture she is white….

          • Kevin

            She was being sarcastic, I’m sure. What she seemed to be getting at was that because some people take everything offensively, pretty soon common, ordinary words like cracker will no longer have their original meaning, but only the modern slang meaning. Hence the word cracker, normally a tasty snack, will only be a derogatory term for white people. White people would then be offended by the word, and start assaulting anyone or anything using it. Does that make sense now?

          • afftongrown

            Thank you, Kevin! You apparantly understood my sarcastic response! Hopefully, after your response they will undersand it was merely a tongue- in- cheek response from a “white woman! (cracker)

          • Cathy Topping Monico

            Great response Lili. To be honest, “aftongrown” as a white woman, I have never given that a thought.

          • afftongrown

            I would suspect not! The joke was lost on the response. Too many jumped and took it too seriously!

          • Kimmaejah

            aftongrown — I got the jist of your comment. However ~ I do still think lili’s questions are warranted … not specifically towards you … but by many who feel this action is justified by the injustice of their ancestors …. IMHO

          • LordHelpUsAll

            Lili…do you NOT understand SARCASM??! Sheesh…dense sheeple.

          • Kimmaejah

            I’m not part of white America … however I am married to a white American, who prefers rap to country! Non-the-less … I am asking the same questions as you! High five from a non-white!

          • Lili Dee


        • avengeflipper

          The thing is, if someone says they are going to buy a bunch of crackers, I assume it isn’t about me. If it is about me, I just recognize the person who said it is a moron. I can control my impulses.

        • Tom Bird

          There was already a big fuss a few years ago about the store Cracker Barrel. Guess they will have to rename crackers unleavened bread. Isn’t anyone offended by the term “white bread”?

          • Florida Rebel

            Not yet, but give it time. They’re will be someone, somewhere that will make a fuss — just to make a fuss.

          • malady

            What about Black Bread? There is a black bread you know, more often called blood bread.

        • CombatVette

          I’m not sure if you are aware, but the term “cracker” originally referred to a person cracking a whip, it had nothing to do with bread products or skin color.

          • John

            but a white person who doesn’t know that is liable to punch the manager in the face, just as this kid did to the teacher.

          • Florida Rebel

            Never heard of that happening ,.. ever.

          • Denise Wehrle

            I did not know that. Thank you for that interesting fact.

          • Florida Rebel

            THANK YOU! I am so sick of people being upset/offended by words they have no understanding of. It doesn’t bother me in the least when someone calls me a “cracker”. Nor does it bother me when someone calls me a “guinea” [some get real upset over that one], wop, dago, etc, etc. I am comfortable enough with myself to not let these things bother me. Others that don’t know me can call me whatever they wish. I know who I am, as do my friends, so why would I let someone that I mean nothing to or who means nothing to me, get under my skin. In the grand scheme of things and in the events of my life, those people do not even make it to the list of things that matter. [I’m still waiting for someone to add “Gringo” to the list of offensive things that can’t be said….. haha!]

          • Steve Crawford

            People should not be called derogatory names, it just a matter of respect for everyone, It is a Jesus thing. I have always called people by their name, and will not abbreviate unless they request that I called them that, such as Williams being called Bill, Charles being called chuck, etc.

          • HERBERT

            Porch monkey should be caged.

          • afftongrown

            That was uncalled for!

          • LisabutnotJackson

            Let us not forget honky…I’ve been called that a time or two, in my lifetime, and it has never bothered me. 😀

          • William Menikheim

            The one time I was called, “Honky” I responded by telling the young black that I was not the one at his house the other night honking for his mother to come out

          • malady

            Hey, I also answer to Hey You. as I am sure all of us do or did at one time or another. I totally agree with you Rebel.

          • William Menikheim

            I ignore anyone that calls me with Hey or hey you. It irrates them to no end. They obviously feel superior to you or they wouldn’t use such a term. Hey Mr. or Hey Chief would go a long way to me turning around and acknowledging them.

          • William Menikheim

            If I were the teacher, I would prefer charges against the little sh*t. Even if the school board told me not to do it. I can always retire (he is 70) and draw a disability from the injuries sustained from the assault. I’d sue the school board too for setting the climate that would allow this kind of misbehavior. Lets not leave out the parents and child that assaulted me. I’m sure I could find a money hungry lawyer that could find hundreds of things to sue about and an equal number of people to sue. PARTY time in the old Courthouse!!

          • Elissa Masters

            If everyone involved was sitting behind a screen, everyone’s race hidden, and this incident was told to 100 people, I’ll bet 99 of them would want the thug who assaulted a 70 year old arrested. And I’ll bet 99 of them would sue. It’s not about race. It’s not OK for a teenager to beat the crap out of a senior citizen. No matter what he thought he heard.

          • Stephanie Magera Carron

            The point is that the word the teacher said had nothing to do with the word that was assumed he had said..

          • Dennis

            many of the “crackers” were slaves themselves, with the job of keeping the others working.

          • Charlie

            The word goes back long before slavery was brought to the America’s.

          • steve

            very astute

          • vvv

            did you know that the term “cracker” actually refers to Florida cowboys who use a mixture of whips and dogs to herd cattle.

          • CombatVette

            Agreed, there are a couple different thoughts on the actual origin.

          • E.T.

            there are cowboys in Florida???

          • Charlie

            Actually Shakespeare used the term, and prior to him there is reference from writings from the 1590’s in which one character refers to the other as a cracker. The common meaning at the time was an insult for an obnoxious bloviator.

          • Leigh Harrison

            Ah — someone with a good resource — perhaps the OED?

          • afftongrown

            It certainly does now!

          • Jimbo

            Georgia cracker was a whip wielding teamster, usually of Irish descent. Ironically, many Irish were brought here as slaves or indentured servants. Cracker Barrel is named for a tradition in country stores. In the old days crackers were delivered in barrels. Stores sold them by weight. Most stores would keep an open barrel around, and children were given as much as they could hold in one hand. Cracker Barrel restaurant has been boycotted for this “racist” name. During testimony given by Trayvon Martin’s ghetto fabulous girlfriend, she described Zimmerman as a “creepy ass cracker.” If there is any justice left in this country, the student who beat the teacher should have the word “niggardly” tattooed on his forehead.

        • Chip Dooley

          don’t tell niggers that because they think we get offend by words like they do

        • Michaelangelo

          Call me a cracker all day long assdonegrown…it sure beats any alternative on this earth! I suspect you’ll find your niche on the Weight Watchers aisle.

        • Linda Woodcock

          I think Us “crackers” are above this!! We don’t need to remove our crackers from the shelves, they have been here for many many years and we are never going away!!!

        • O’Shea

          The thing is, white people don’t care, you can call a white man every name in the book and most of the time it won’t matter. Why? Because we are smart enough to know that what some random ignorant person thinks or says about us doesn’t affect us. No one ever told these people “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”. It’s sad really these people go through day to day life with the maturity level of 3 year Olds and we are expected to hold our tongues as to not offend them and their fragile egos. 9 time out of 10, I guarantee, the person want being racist the offended party was just dumbfoundingly stupid.

        • Elissa Masters

          Why? I don’t recall white America behaving like animals when confronted with perceived injustice. When O.J. was acquitted of the murder of two white people, there were no riots. However, I think some people were not reelected as a result. When Rodney King was beaten, there were riots, people burned their own neighborhood, set the palm trees lining the freeway on fire, and 58 inner city residents died in the chaos. They really showed those palm trees.

        • zxer91

          Huh ?

        • Jordan Herkowski

          Come on, white peoples feelings don’t matter.

          • afftongrown

            Appears that way, at times!

    • Gerard

      I don’t normally reply to comments, but you nailed the interpretation of the actions 110%!!

    • NickleSlick

      Any word no matter how proper or educated can be used out of context. Did the thought ever occur to you that it wasn’t the word itself but the context and tone with which he used it in was the reason he got the crap knocked out his smug trying to be slick behind

      • Donna24

        No matter what the circumstances, what this student did was a crime.

      • DaBear

        There is no way you can know that the word was used out of context. Why are you trying to muddy the waters with this weak and pathetic argument?

      • Vonstaad

        NickleSlick, prove your statement by using “niggardly” in a correct, yet out-of- context, manner. I am not sure it can be out-of-context and still be properly used. If you cannot give an example, your entire post is simply an excuse for someone else’s ignorance.

        • Marti

          I agree, the actual meaning of the word ‘niggardly’ is a critical observation of someone else’s generosity. Slick, seems to imply that typically when it’s’s a compliment and that in this instance, the teacher was tried to ‘sneak’ it into a conversation.

          If Slick was actually being honest, he would have said…the teacher used a word that might sound offensive but only an ignorant and otherwise ill informed person believe that it’s a derivative of the word “n*****”. Obviously, Slick must think that all the students were a bunch of idiots and the teacher was trying to get one over on them by using a word correctly.

      • Florida Rebel

        I realize that you were there and saw the entire incident and know exactly how it was used and the tone as well as his “smug” expression — just as most 70 year old teachers try to be slick when teaching. You, by your comment, are obviously part of the problem. I don’t know if you are black or white [and personally, I don’t care], but just the fact that you think that the white teacher was in the wrong and the black thug might be justified shows that there is a double standard and you are doing all you can to promote it.

      • TotallyPeeved

        Did the thought ever occur to you that you are stupid?

      • Charlie

        Dear God, do you really believe that “context and tone” (not that you have any idea what the context or tone was) gives some the right to lay hands on another, much less beat the crap out of a 70 year old man?

      • Marti

        Going back to the ACTUAL meaning”someone ungenerous with money or time, stingy.” the CONTEXT you speed of would have couched the phrase in an unfavorable light.

    • Bonnie

      That is great mike!!!

    • claycountymom

      that’s what happens when morons raise morons

  • Kevin

    This shows the ignorance of this kid of his low educational level of what words really mean. I see that this kid’s future will be dark for him oh wait I guess that will be a racist term I just used as well saying a dark future ahead for anyone who shows lack of intelligence and education. If no charges are brought upon the student then the teacher should sue the district for a hostile work environment.

    • cam_jobs

      Ok, just how many people nationally actually know that niggardly isn’t a racial slur? Really? How could you expect an inner city youth to know that? Most inner city youth have their own street dialect anyway, and call each other nigga… if someone uses the word niggardly, what are they going to think?

      • Trish

        I’m not saying what Kevin said was right…but regardless of what the student “thought” it meant, does that really give him the right to flat out punch the teacher? I think not. We don’t settle our differences with violence.

        • avengeflipper

          Exactly, when did we start teaching kids it was okay to punch teachers you didn’t agree with.

          • John

            Ever since our government threw God out of our schools!

      • Alan

        Apparently the teacher was attempting to teach what the word “niggardly” meant by using it in a sentence in class. Before he could get his point across, he was beaten unconscious by an ignorant thug refusing to learn.

      • warpmine

        You would thing the spelling was “niggerly” but then so few of those kids can spell let alone write.

        I’m beginning to think that educating these barbarians is a colossal waste of time. Perhaps individuals can be educated but in a different setting. Classroom in front of there peers might be part of the problem. Must take them out of their comfortable surroundings, the ‘hood local school.

        Oh, who am I kidding, the parents if you can use that term, is the main problem. Thanks in large part to progressive policy brought to you and for you by ignorant “feeling” progressives.

        • smarterthanyou

          Learn the difference between ‘there’ and ‘their’ before you go spouting about being educated….

          • warpmine

            Oops, an error, God forbid…now stop being a jackass, douche bag!

          • mary witte

            elegant reply,stupid

          • Scooter McHeadshot

            And that’s all you have to contribute? Useless douchebag.

          • Nadiam57

            Spelling Nazis are never wrong…unbelievable how perfect you are…

          • warpmine

            Why thank you. No other reply from me is necessary. .

      • Rick Vandiver

        They SHOULD be in the “learning” mode ! PAY attention, discuss the problem, not fly off the handle and assault the teacher !! No excuse for this thug’s actions !

        • Denise Wehrle

          I agree. Raise your hand and ask what the teacher meant by that.

      • Tricia Cleveland King

        Just so you know cam_jobs, Forestville is not inner city. It’s in Prince George’s county MD. So maybe if this youth had been paying attention in class, he would’ve learned what niggardly meant. It very well could’ve been the common core word of the day. So please, don’t make excuses for this child.

        • godbilla

          PG County is not too far away from “the inner city” life style.

        • Denise Wehrle

          (snickers at the common core remark)

      • Gooseontheloose

        “….what are they going to think?” That is clearly an activity too cumbersome for today’s youth.

      • Matt

        Uh, what the hell is wrong is with raising your hand and asking the teacher the meaning, nature or etymological root of a word before reacting at all? We are “f”ing doomed.

      • Donna24

        If they call each other n!##@, then they should stop if they are supposedly so offended. Just an excuse for violence.

      • avengeflipper

        Niggardly is a vocabulary word and it was said by a teacher who was probably trying to teach him what it meant. Maybe they should stop being dumba… and pay attention in class. Or would that be too much to ask?

      • Nadiam57

        The teacher was reading, not making a comment…and regardless of anything you don’t respond with violence…this boy more than likely has jail or worse in his future…

      • mary witte

        I would think it meant cheap and penny pinching, any word that you perceive as racist does not give you the right to beat some one up, the kids reaction reflects his up bringing by ignorant parents

      • Lorelle Hatcher

        I knew the definition of the word, but I was educated before the liberals took over public education.

      • Florida Rebel

        I must have gone to a great elementary school because I have known the meaning of that word since I was a kid. Just because someone is an “inner city youth”, doesn’t mean they can’t learn. Maybe they should pay more attention to what is being taught in the classrooms instead of the streets.

      • Stephanie Magera Carron

        I actually learned that in high school in a similar situation (with a completely different outcome). Not that its common but I actually did..

      • TotallyPeeved

        They are incapable of thinking. They run on primitive, violent, tribal emotions. They are violent as hell and they are NOT LIKE US.

    • warpmine

      What about the ignorant parent who didn’t know the word either. Back to school for her to learn that and the other lessons you don’t become violent because a word was spoken.

      • Carl

        everyone these days has smart phones and we know how to use Google for definitions ..

        • warpmine

          Errr, that’s true but so few use them for simple tasks. More use them for sports scores, spacebook, YouTube, twitter, you know all the important things in life, LOL.

          Personally, I use them for a text message, photo, voice communication, GPS and craigslist when I need something.

        • richard

          like the pos could spell. You are giving the punk way to much credit.

  • 0Toymeister

    Discipline him and the DOJ WILL COME DOWN ON THE SCHOOL DISTRICT for Discrimination based on Obama’s E.O. against disciplining black students.

    • Mark Kling

      that is correct. Now it is February. I’m sure the apes reached their quota of teacher assaults a week after Labor Day. They should whip that boy in front of the entire student body.

  • 1911HeadBanger

    The “Perpetual Victim Mentality” and lack of any form of intelligence, is what motivates these Apes to continue the destruction of our school system. The increased agitation by the Race Baiters and Liberal Media encourages violence. The only way to stop it is to meet them with violence in return. That’s the only thing they understand. Violence and Free sh*t.

    • Ernie Mann

      Most of the parents of these thugs show the same mental state , ignorant of common everyday things …

    • Edwrad D Salk

      Kick his ass for free and tell him he just got a 2 for the price of one deal!

  • Ed Woodson

    It wasn’t that long ago that a County Treasurer from the State of Maryland was fired from his job for stating that he had prepared his budget in a “Niggardly” manner.

    Ron White.

    • kattywompas1

      How ignorant the people in Maryland look.

  • fistfulofrain

    Thugs suck it.

  • alaskanativ

    It’s all about respect for others-the law-yourself-where will it end? In anarchy? And a majority of the perps are minorities. And I am a native American (minority) And this looks bad on all minorities! Obey the laws of the land and things will be alright! Respect others.

  • Belinda

    ok I read the story and I have to say ok maybe the student needs to be punished but…. lets look at this on the other coin, the N word has been used by whites so long ago and most blacks back then associated that word with calling them out of there names, you cannot actually blame a black student for feeling that the word was racially motivated its only because most of us black people have been programmed with that word since most of us was children, and being called that word when we where kids automatically gives us a since of “what did you call me” kind of reaction. Now most young blacks now look at that word and yes still find it offensive but… I will say that its now used in a way both as a racially motivated word and at the same time from non blacks as just a word to use to call each other. I know because I have been witnessed to it online by many young men and women who actually called each other the N word and was not even black! Yes the young man needs to be punished like I said but…. you have to look at the deeper perspective if the word to be able to understand the mind of most of us black people.

    • Kelly Clark

      I don’t care what the teacher called him. I don’t care if he was white or orange. This is NOT a reaction that anyone should have for being called a name. Everyone has been called derogatory names at some point in their life. It does not give you permission to act out violently.

    • pj

      It isn’t ok to hit your teacher. Period. It isn’t ok to hit anyone because you are angry. Period. Someone can be angry or upset or whatever but it simply isn’t ok to punch someone because you are upset. It is called civility, manners and appropriate behavior.

    • LadyWolf

      If that student didn’t know what he said and he didn’t know what the word meant he should have either looked it up or asked the teacher what it meant. He had no business touching that teacher. And as the story said he was reading a sentence with the word in it so he wasn’t even calling him any names. And if anyone has ever called him the N word it would have been by his black friends.

    • Wiggle D

      That doesn’t justify physical violence against the teacher. The student could have asked the teacher for clarity on what was said and then voice complaints to the proper team if it was deemed unfit for the classroom.

    • kattywompas1

      I don’t like being called a cracker. So what? Your skin color does not give you the right to be any more offended than a person of another skin color. Or the right to assault anyone because they hurt your feelings. With that mentality you will send your children to prison.

      • Gioiel

        Minorities think they are more important and only their feelings matter. I am sick and tired of people twisting what people say to fit their own agenda so they can get what they want!

    • Robert E.

      Belinda, the root of the problem is two fold. First he did not understand what the word meant and should have asked for clarification. Second, he should not have resorted to violence. This student should be made to pay for this attack, not in retribution, but to show him that there are dire results for our actions. The over all problem is that for the last 30 years, kids have been brought up with the, “Its all right” attitude.

    • Edwrad D Salk

      #You_cannot_blame_a_black_student? Why not?? Accountability and acting responsibly can make the difference in that kid’s future…What’s truly sad is that there’s a complete lack of leadership in the black community to show the kid the difference…

    • Heylottylotty

      It is so amazing that people fall into the rhetoric of political correctness. From the time I was old enough to play outside I heard black kids call each other by that slang word. There are songs out by rappers that use it. Black commedians use it. I worked in Ohio and Rhode Island a few decades ago and the blacks in both locations used it constantly when “jive talking” with each other. Suddenly it is a “hate word” made up by whites to degradate blacks??? What happened? Could it be part of a larger plan to destroy our entire nation by racial bias? Dr. King spent most of his life paving the way for racial equality.. Look what has happened in just a few years of political correctness. Shame on us all.

    • Gioiel

      People need to stop making excuses for violence! It’s just a word why let it control and ruin your life? Everyone is responsible for their own actions reguardless of the words that come out of anyone else’s mouth!

  • Michael Chester

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a crime against the elderly as well. battery with injury against a 70 year old man. This thug piece of trash needs to start his prison term soon

    • Alexis Martinez

      Its a HATE CRIME to assault an elderly man. The thug PoS should be charged as such.

    • Nadiam57

      Assault is assault…black or white need to be charged…I double it will be his last time…

  • WhatMeWorry

    You NIGGARDLY son of a motherless goat!

  • joe63

    thugs are entitled to display their ignorance. ………..

  • Mike Stern

    complete bullshit… that is assault and battery and i will argue that point with anyone stupid enough to say it isn’t.

  • Nelson Stanley

    If he is not charged ,it would be a niggardly meting out of justice !!

  • BoeingDriver

    Does anyone get it? It doesn’t matter what words anyone uses, physical violence is NEVER justified and should be punished under the full extent of the law.

    • 10 Pound Test

      Wrong. Sometimes people need their a**es kicked. It would be a lot more polite and considerate society if we could kick the living crap out of a-holes who desperately need it. Young children don’t understand reason, but they respond to spankings. Grown-up children were never taught to respect anything other than themselves, so they don’t respond to reasoning, either…only to getting their butts handed to them, preferably in public.

  • HarryTheCat

    How do they expect these “students”, whose vocabularies will never exceed 300 words, to grasp the meanings of words with three or more syllables? There is only so much that you can teach them.

  • Greg

    It seems to me whether the student is disciplined or not the teacher should have the right to press charges to get the student arrested to pay for the crime of assault. The law has been broken – the student should be arrested. PERIOD!!

  • Ignorance is NOW an excuse?

    • Gioiel

      If your black it is.

  • S. M. Allen

    The teacher needs to file assault charges. The school may want to protect its reputation but it is more worried about raising racial tensions and/or being sued than it is about protecting any teacher.

  • Cheryl Evans

    I am part black, part indian, part white. And all 3 parts would got their butt beat by my mom if I had ever thought to raise my hand against an old person. It is called respect. I have been called all kinds of names in my life time & I still have not raised my hand against any body. I don’t care what color or shape or species you are, you should not act out of violence because you do not like what other people say. It’s called having respect for other’s & for yourself. Maybe they don’t know what it is to respect themselves or other’s, but it doesn’t mean you should sink to their level. Name calling doesn’t help anyone either. Try & rise about the petty thoughts of other’s.

    • Violence is never an answer for anything. If you can’t resolve your differences with dialect, it is best to agree to disagree and walk away.

      • TotallyPeeved

        Nonsense. For example, violence is the ONLY answer for pisslam.

  • Drake


  • Chewable Germ

    This kid had every right to smack the $h!+ out of the racist teacher

  • jccargill

    Many years ago as a geography teacher, I had a student who was very upset that the map of Africa in the classroom had the word Niger on it. I was able to explain that it was the name of a country and river in Africa and the black people who lived there didn’t mind.

  • Edwrad D Salk

    Funny that the student’s actions prove that he is deserving of the N-word stereotype…

    • Bob Petersen


  • Hamcop

    So I still say arm the teachers and this thug would have been carried out in a bag where he belongs for the assault.

  • FlatusOhlfart

    niggers…. they are animals. treat them like it.

  • jeradl

    Should be expelled and prosecuted

  • Hugh Richard Williams

    I bet he is a good boy and we know that because he has not quit high school yet.

  • Diane

    How about having the English teachers introduce 10 new vocabulary words a week to each class. Include correct spelling, correct pronounciation and correct usage. Imagine what that might do!

  • Julie Smiley

    Alot of blacks seem to think the only way to settle an issue is violence.


    Stinking ISIS Kneegrows

  • Manuel_II

    Send the dolt to Jail where they belong.

  • dakotaduece46

    I remember Jesse Jackson getting all bent out of shape over the same word once. It made the national news. What a cluck.

  • DJack Klingler III

    Just like chink in the armor. PC IS BS!!!!

  • Jane Kennedy Howell

    The teacher should press assault charges.

  • luis

    Wow that is dumb! I learned that word in my advanced placement English class I always use it, all it means is to be stingy. Some people these days…

  • Bob

    White people are now the MINORITY. …especially in schools. White people need to have special protection from the savages so they do not fear getting an education. Future looks dark for white America….

  • Kypat

    There is no excuse for violence. The teen had no right, no matter what was said, to inject violence into the situation. A 70 year old person can be pretty fragile. If the teen was upset, hé should have filed a complaint with the principal or school board.

  • Quills

    And blacks wonder why they don’t get any respect. Stupidity doesn’t deserve any.

  • GopherTEFT

    Still does not justify the beating!

  • Jeremy Ritter

    I’m currently taking a class in communication and this week topic is the power of words. The professor has looking at strategies of expanding our vocabulary. I’ve seen this word used in older books. If people would take the time and read they would expand their vocabularies. Now I’ve been out of high school now for 18 years, but I can remember the teachers given us reading assignments and asking us for papers about what we read and any words that we had to look up to find the out what they meant. Not all words are racist, hateful and spiteful just because they sound close to a word that is. Just like the “chink in the armor” article, chink was long used in describing a problem in armor and such. The word chinking is for the process of sealing the space between the logs in a log cabin The lack of education in our society is going to be our undoing. I foresee a society that can’t even say “Hi” to another person with someone else being offended.

  • Peter S. Jennings

    It’s looking like this country may need to go back to Segregation to stop these types of attacks.

  • David Riley

    So the ignorant student doesn’t know the meaning of the word, and attacks the teacher for a perceived racial slur. maybe the student should get himself ed-u-ma-cated so he knows what the hell he id getting p-ssed off about!!

  • Sue Sheldon

    Just another excuse for violence. When are people going to stop the insanity and start acting like human beings again? Don’t we all bleed red??? Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names can never hurt me. Anyone else remember that? Time to grow up???

  • Alan Rabideau

    And this ignorant THUG goes unpunished but a 9 year old is suspended for being a terrorist while pretending to be able to make someone disappear with a fake plastic ring from Lord of the Rings movie his parents bought him at the movie theater. Really??? Is this the level to which our educational system has sunk???

    • Gioiel

      Unfortunately yes

  • Karen

    Come on Gina Cassini, you are supposed to be a journalist. Do a little research before writing an article. The assault on the Houston teacher happened in MAY of 2014, not last month. For some reason Brooke Bosca of Top Right News just decided to write an article about it last month, and failed to mention that it happened in May of the previous year. The shooting in Ferguson occurred in August of 2014, so the incident in Houston does NOT qualify as part of your perceived “upsurge of Black-on-White classroom attacks since Ferguson.” I have been reading TRN articles for months, but now I am starting to have serious doubts about the veracity of the articles, as it appears some writers have no problem bending the truth to fit their narrative.

  • LInda Rowlett

    Where is Shartpton? OH i forgot he is in Israel.

  • akansan

    But it does matter. Given what’s going on in our country the teacher should have been wise enough to have chosen a different word, That does not condone the violence.

  • Patrick Grant

    This was a hate crime by a black and needs to be prosecuted.

  • Norma Kinsey

    He assaulted a 70 yr old man. this thug no matter his color had any right to put his hand on this or any other. To say said thug had a right to do so if what I heard he said is right just shows how barbaric some still are. Grow up. start learning the English language. ebonic isn’t a real language. They just let you keep it.Figured you to stupid to learn. instead of proving them right. Learn and quit looking for reasons to hate.and if you want to fight join the marines!

  • frillbot

    As I began to read the article, ‘niggardly’ was the word that came to mind……long before I reached the end. I’ve used the word several times myself……usually when complaining about the ‘niggardly’ service I’ve received from assorted cable companies……or the portion size of something I’ve ordered in a restaurant. As in ( for example… a McDonald’s ) “DON’T be so ‘niggardly’ with the french fries! Fill the f#@king container to the top!” I also use the word a LOT when referring to politicians.

  • Peace Love Bunny


  • Deb

    This is all part of the not surprising reality from decades of students insisting on justification for every little factoid they are asked to learn. If they would spend even a fraction of time learning that they spend trying to avoid learning, they would know so much more. If I cannot convince my students why they need a particular fact, they simply won’t learn it. Period. I’m so fed up with this that I’m changing fields and getting out of education as soon as I can arrange it. I’ve traveled all over the world, speak several languages, and have lived in four countries. America is the only country where people pride themselves in not ever having read a book and who work diligently to stay ignorant. They’ve got it bass-ackwards.

  • Gunny D

    So, the message is, if a student gets upset with a teacher, he or she is justified in assaulting the teacher. Great lesson. Lets see how the knowledge continues to spread and is accepted. The kid should go to jail for assault and battery. There’s no justification for this. Good luck you poor underpaid teachers. I’d look for other work…

  • Dave

    I am a retired teacher and I think I have come across the word niggardly once maybe twice. I do not hold not knowing the word against him, BUT HIS ACTIONS are the real problem where did the thug learn that beating bloody a 70 year old was the answer to anything?

    • avengeflipper

      Niggardly is a word I’ve come into contact with many times. I’ve only been teaching 7 years. He automatically assumed racism and assaulted a teacher. That means he should go to prison. I think we agree on that.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    It would be racist to let this thug off. Rule of thumb always works here. If it was a 70 year old black teacher that mentioned a honking car and a white student clocked him for thinking he said honky, what do you think would have happened to the white teen? Do you think the school or the community would let it slide? No way.

  • Herman Vogel

    Fust about Every Penal Code book in the country says. “Verbal provocation is NOT a defense for Physical Violence” This “Student” needs to be tried as an adult and the new laws on attacking a person over 65 makes this a felony. The POS need to do Hard Time

  • B Dog

    Proper discipline? They call it jail time…

  • Anita

    Reguardless of what the student though the word was.. the teacher was only reading something.. So now we can now not even read out to students with out being asulted??? where dose it end???

  • Sharon Norris Norman

    OF COURSE HE SHOULD BE CHARGED WITH ASSAULT!! Like the article said, it does not matter what the teacher said..if the student thought he heard a racist comment, you report him! He had NO RIGHT to beat up on the teacher, and yes like it also said, that thug of a student will most probably be in prison in the near future..

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    “The school characterized the incident last Thursday as a ‘misinterpretation of a comment’ during class but some students and parents said the teacher made a racially-insensitive remark.” The fact that some students and parents still don’t understand it was not a racist remark is just sad. The DailyMail made it sound like there was a level of subjectivity of the nature of the remark, when it is blatantly obvious it had nothing to do with race(well, obvious if you are educated).

  • Creldarix

    Kid put a chink in that teacher’s face.

  • armed grandpappy

    Think of all the other words that sound like their racial cousins. Like “figure.” Most of the time in a hurry, we say “figger.” So is it ok if a thug only hears the “igger” part of the word and comes up swinging? No! The cheap hr hug that struck this teacher needs to do some time in the pokie!

  • Danny Lamb

    Blacks and Muslims two of mother natures biggest flaws.

  • Vinson Parkhill

    Bad scene, but….

    Know your audience.

  • William Dean Ziemer

    Would you please shut up!

    • Jim Denney

      It’s a door to door sales program selling dictionaries in minority neighborhoods; a proven money maker!

      • Joseph Kiesznoski

        We re still paying for them thru welfare, But the big question is can they read.

        • Richard Dockery


      • Nancy Janzen

        _you have to be able and willing to read the dictionary

      • TotallyPeeved

        They can’t read.

    • Elizabeth F


    • William Dean Ziemer

      I wrote this because another one of those opportunists had jumped in to this serious issue to try and sell some product or idea. It appears as if he/she has removed their plug. But coming back to see the comments on my comment I see that people in general don’t know which “Reply” to click on and end up attacking the wrong person and a war of hate and confusion breaks out needlessly..

  • William Dean Ziemer

    I will worn this overly sensitive young man and others like him…don’t study Spanish or visit a Spanish speaking country; the word for black is “negro”. And the people, children and adults, may just say out loud as a black person walks by, “Mire! un negro” (look! a black guy) just as easily as they will yell out to me quite innocently; “Mire! un Gringo” (look! a white tourist) and in both cases they mean no harm (in Guatemala anyway) and here they may say instead of “negro”…Negrito or Negrita, which means little black guy or little black woman. Not meaning literally a small person but Guatemalans like to use this ending on about every thing; instead of using the Spanish word “cafe” for coffee, they will say, “Lesgusta mas cafesita?” (would you like some more coffee? “Si, negro por favor” (Yes, black please.);

    That’s my 2 cents worth. You can mail it to me in cash or use your credit card.

  • 4august20

    you took my comment off i will try a different this piece of crap should be kicked out of school and put in jail

  • Jim Denney

    All hell broke loose in the front row (privileged seats) of the DC City Council a few years back when some white accountant used the same word. The natives immediately wanted him lynched, of course.

  • Cliff Gridley

    This is a niggerly article they are being a miser with the info…

  • Joseph Kiesznoski

    What raciest BS

  • Stop2think

    There was a white supervisor in DC city government who used that word and was FIRED because some blacks on his staff thought he was using a racial slur. You really can’t cure ignorance.

  • G Adams

    I don’t care what the comment was this teacher needs to press charges to the fullest extent of the law,,,,No need for violence.

  • Beth Blanton

    So tired of the bull crap going on.

  • G Adams

    if this thug gets a high school education it will probably be a GED in prison.

  • Lisa Haire

    Niggardly is, as Niggardly does……

  • Karen Engelbrecht Schelhorn

    That student needs to be expelled school. The student needs to be charged with assault and aggravated battery as an adult.

  • Art Huge

    So if i hear a black guy in a store saying he going to get him some crackers i should take that as a terrorist threat and knock him out.

  • Crystal Gail Shirley

    Instead if jumping the gun the student should have asked what it meant before attacking a elderly man. People these days… he needs more of a harsher punishment. Look at what he dis to that man

  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    The PUKE should be arrested for assaulting a Senior Citizen then he should be severely beaten by the white kids at the school. Send a strong message that We The People will not permits the Liberals to destroy America.

  • mtin

    Whats the name of the student. We deserve to know the criminals name.

  • mtin

    You can take the black man out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the black man.

  • FlCracker2

    Synopsis: the ignorant “student” was so sensitive he beat the hell out of the teacher. Makes sense in that libtard backwards sort of way.

  • George Murrey

    Too many people today are willing to do anything in the name of…..ignorance? Too bad the kid didn’t do some research, rather than beating up a teacher for using the correct usage. But we live in a PC world. Now if those same incentive people stop using “cracker” and “honky” as acceptable language, the wold would be much better off.

  • ken

    Such a VIOLENT race these blacks… fitting that they are the first to go for Islam. They are garbage just like the muslims in my opinion.

  • ken

    Blacks will say its OUR (Whitey’s) fault for not educating this lazy niggger.

  • Tampamom

    I recall a DC politician who had to resign after using the word “niggardly”. Ignorance is the norm. So sad – it’s not just the income gap that is widening.

  • whiskey5jda

    Harsh words stir up strife, but love covers a multitude of sins – Solomon

  • sward14

    This thug punk will soon be in prison for life with his daddy, uncle, cousins etc. This shows how his home life is and they wonder why white people have these opinions. Teacher is 70 years old and this kid thought he was tough for beating up an old man, prison will love this punk. He will be someone’s bit** , I hope we get to read about that.

  • gbp91

    there is a culture of ignorance and no one is stepping up to address. too bad and they keep believing in Obama too….what a joke

  • norm

    We do not need these scams on here so please keep them off.

  • I care

    Arrest the hoodrat. Charge him as an adult.

  • nowon_yuno

    Feral animals. These ghetto rats are not better than terrorists. They use violence and intimidation in the same way.

  • I-Defy

    But the first few letters of the word are N-I-G-G-A, that supposed to be OK to say. They refer to each other as that all the time

  • Echo

    Ignorance of the language is no excuse.

  • Coswoth Bogtrokle

    Don’t be niggardly with his jail time !

  • William Bush

    They need to start throwing the book at these monsters. That’s what they are, monsters. If you are unable to control your emotions, and must resort to violence at the slightest hint of offense, then you are unfit to be in a civilized society and need to be chained at the leg swinging a hammer until you can be.

  • bob e

    betta’ be careful when introducing niger innis ..

  • Chris Raymer

    Maybe the kid is truly a nigger….he certainly acts the part. He seems savage in nature and unable to control his temper. I guess it’s because he’s black. Can’t be any other explanation…..

  • vickybevis

    This is NOT the first time this “word” has caused trouble. Think it was in N.C. a number of yrs. ago now, I read of a similar incident but without the violence. But hey! This was Maryland. Doesn’t surprise me a bit.

  • Brian Smith

    Any black can come up to you and your family, call you a f**ked up cracker, call your wife a stupid white b***h, call your kids little honkie b****rds and and if you punch them in the face they will be defended as simply using their “freedom of speech” and you will be charged with assault and investigated for a hate crime! If you use a word even remotely perceived by a black as racially insensitive they have license amongst their own to beat your ass! My boy likes to quickly say, “What up, my neighbor”? You should see the reaction from blacks. They ALWAYS perceive that he is using the forbidden word and quickly get in his face. Even after he tells them what he said, they’re still pissed! Racebaiters have them SO convinced that everything in their lives is dependent on skin color that they may never be able to join hands with whites in equality again. We were so close to achieving that, but the racebaiters figgered they’d lose too much money and their celebrity statuses if that happened.

  • Ricky Shifflett

    What ever happened to sticks and stones?

  • Arthur M.

    The schools most likely don’t even teach the meaning of the word for their own self-perceived pc reasons. You know…it looks and sounds like that “N” word…so, don’t use it or speak it in the classrooms. What a bunch of chicken-sh*ts! I think they should teach it, just for the sake of clarifying its meaning, so, this kind of misunderstanding doesn’t happen in the future. And, they probably need to explain in advance, that it is a word that has been….and, is mistaken by some as a racial slur of some kind. But, no matter what…no student should ever be assaulting any teacher or anyone else in school (or anywhere else), for any reason.

  • tmunson15

    time for the student to pay the piper… if he’s not held accountable he will think that this behavior is acceptable and will eventually populate our penal system

  • TheOtherFromHERE

    Stupidity/ignorance should never be an excuse for violence…..heaven help the poor teacher if he discussed our “country” with a female student!

  • ted1478

    Stupid Fs can’t even comprehend the English language. It also appears they understand only one course of action; violence. Where is Mr. Glock when you need him?

  • Dvwrld

    Chim-Pan-Zees have a larger brain than this “schtupidt!”

  • Carolyn Flynn

    I once had a secretary who objected to my use of the word “boss” when saying something like, “Let me check with my boss.” She complained that it was racist as in “Boss man” or “Massa.” This was in Atlanta about 30 years ago and I was the only white in the office…and I was the supervisor of them all. I was in the army at the time and they were all civilians. I was shocked that she was offended, but I was not apologetic. Screw her. If it wasn’t meant in an offensive, racist way then SHE is responsible for how she responds, NOT me.

  • Butch

    Automatic felony. The teacher is over 65. Where I come from it doesn’t matter what happened you don’t hit old people and keep your freedom. I say execute him now or spend tax money to keep him locked up until he does something that the powers that be decide he did something bad enough to take his life

  • farmer93

    Another one of Obama’s sons.

  • afftongrown

    The teacher was reading from a book, so how is he responsible for someone else’s words? Absolutely ridiculouse that this would set this student off! The word had NO connotation regarding race, and he should be charged with battery and have the book thrown at him! The teacher is the complete victim in this situation, and the student is the criminal!

  • Froward

    Ignorance begets violence these days.

  • Oingo

    “Niggardly” (noun: “niggard”) is an adjective meaning “stingy” or “miserly”, perhaps related to the Old Norse verb nigla = “to fuss about small matters”.[1] It is cognate with “niggling”, meaning “petty” or “unimportant”, as in “the niggling details

  • Lon G

    And of course while the student is presumed innocent until proven guilty, the teacher is considered guilty until proven innocent. This is the educational system.

  • Maxwell Winkelmann

    No… what we need here is a school for those that choose to be ignorant for he rest of their lives. Teach them how to use their hands as a crop hand, street sweepers, garbage truck haulers … not to belittle these jobs however these people that do these know how to work. It’s hard work and most choose to move up in their status.

  • Jenny

    Violence is never the answer. Our voice is so powerful. If the boy spoke up with a good choice of words, the teacher would have had the opportunity to further explain. Even if the teacher was in the wrong, there is a different protocol for correct action. As a black American, I’m appaualled by this! It goes to show how much these children are acting out the example they are given in their home. I pray for this child and his parents to seek God, and the teacher I am sorry for all the ignorance shown.

  • Ted Fiorito

    Liberals are the scourge that allows and defends this animalistic behavior. As long as the Sharpton Race Baiters have power, the rest of society is nothing more then prey.

  • Blacky McBlackerson

    I do know what the word, “niggardly” means. I also agree that no matter what the teacher said, the student had no right to assault him. People like this should be charged. They are an embarrassment to society…well they should be. Unfortunately they are often made heroes. I personally think this kid is a punk, if this story is correct.

  • Golfer1113

    Regardless of the word used, does that justify violence upon a 70 year old? Violence is the only answer in some peoples minds and that needs to be changed. It should have been reported rather than being an attack. Oh and don’t come after me you libs because of the second sentence. Some people refers to ALL races, colors, creeds, etc. So don’t even try to make that a racist statement.

  • bigsurprise

    I am sickened and horrified that PARENTS are not teaching their children the proper way to handle their upset and anger…They SHOULD have taught him to ask for an explanation and say that it sounded like a racial insult…then he would have gotten his answer. This THUG mentality DOES run rampid, and it is TRUE that it is mainly among blacks, so lets just tell it like it is ….I am VERY concerned also that this student was not taught respect for authorities, or elders…The photo shows this was not minor !!! , and EVEN any minor assault on an elderly person is intensified by their aged more fragile bones and structure …I am SO ANGRY! at the media, the school, and anyone who would support this as being justified in any way !!! …the fact that any parent thinking this student should attack and beat up and elderly teacher because they and their student did not comprehend a WORD is typical of what we are seeing played out all over our country now, and in the world…..and the extreme of this, is ISIS …If you do not agree with someone….just agree to disagree and go live your life in a way that does no harm to another …..This is NOT that hard to do Folks !!!! Charges of assault need to be brought on this student and a precidence set so that other students KNOW they CANNOT attack their teachers !!! THIS IS a criminal offense !!

  • TheMule61

    Too many blacks are stupid psychopathic morons. The “black community” is a cancer and a blight on our society. It wrecks civilization everywhere it goes. There are good black people, but they are prisoners inside a culture dominated by violent and incredibly stupid psychopaths. And more and more of us are becoming prisoners of this too thanks to the progtards.

  • Barto

    Should be in jail for assault!

  • byebyebigred

    Typical “niggardly” scum. Hahaha

  • Guest

    My psychic powers of precognition win again!

  • NickleSlick

    So if the person who wrote the article doesn’t know what the racists comment is that was made then why write the article? Sounds like propaganda to me.Do yourself a favor author of this article, don’t write stories you don’t have access to all the information on, it makes you look racist and stupid as well,and whats worst is it makes all the people who cosign with you look dumber than you are

  • Robert White

    well. the student just proved the term has its place. how many times, do we hear of a white person, attacking a black, for the words “cracker”, or honky”, or others? none. why? some people are civilized. some relate to a civil society, others, a tribal mentality. it happens over and over. so dont tell me im racist. I am mature enough, to take insults. It runs off me, like water off a duck. Other people, are on the lookout, for any reason to show savagery. And the so called leaders, have the nerve, to complain, that certain groups, make up a unfair percentage, of prison space. Violent people should! -as well as the politically correct, in many cases.

  • ArizonaMomma

    Just shows how uneducated society is today. Before you make any comments about this incident , one should know what the word means and then comment. Too many stupid people in this world today.

  • ArizonaMomma

    Just shows how uneducated society is today. Before you make any comments about this incident , one should know what the word means and then comment. Too many stupid people in this world today.

  • Allen

    A city accountant was fired by the city of Dallas several years ago for using the same word. The people who fired him were not high school kids, they were supposedly educated adults on the city council. Of course, they were black.

  • Bridget Abenante

    So, because he thought the teacher was saying a racist word, it was ok to beat him up??? WOW now that is BS!! He should be charged with assault now!! There are other ways to handle this, than to beat the teacher up!! Just goes to show the mentality young people have today!

  • avengeflipper

    So the kid was an uneducated bottom feeder who can’t control himself. He attacked a teacher and we are going to justify it by saying he “thought” it was racist. Remember when society championed freedom of speech without fear. Now, you can’t only not be racist (thought police anyone), but you cannot say anything that might be perceived by an uneducated bottom feeder is racist. Good luck America, reeducation camps for the educated aren’t far off.

  • justtheusa

    Just proves that most blacks are just looking for a reason to go after a White person. The kid wanted attention and got it. But nothing will be done to him. He’s black and his target victim was White!

    • mary witte

      his target was an old man, some one he could beat on with out worrying about getting beat on by the victim, pretty brave to beat on an oldster, jail time

  • DIL

    OMG! I guess he will soon be after Webster’s dictionary for having “racist” sounding words. I see a criminal lawsuit and that so called good upset student needs to go do some jail time and study the meanings on words. Bunch of flippin Idiots!

  • Elizabeth F

    It’s an uncommon word, rarely used anymore because of its similarity to “the N word”. There are plenty of other words one could use. Niggardly is an awkward word to even pronounce..why not use “miserly” or “stingy”? Not bright…Yes they were wrong, but you can hardly punish ignorance or pain. Hitting the teacher was wrong, period…but that doesn’t make the teacher any smarter, either.

    • avengeflipper

      This has to be sarcasm. No one can be so stupid as they think a teacher shouldn’t teach students what words, that are found in the dictionary and literature, mean. Niggardly is a word used in some books and it is the teacher’s job to teach students what the word means. Thank goodness the kid wasn’t sitting in read aloud of Huckleberry Finn.

    • Wiggle D

      Yes, let’s torch and reprint all of the literary works because we don’t like a word and should strip it from history; All to protect some savage’s ignorance. That works well.

  • kyfarmer

    Pass the crackers…and don’t be niggardly with them!

  • m.tullius cicero

    Was an Educator for 31 years, guess one of the reasons I quit? Bigoted, nasty, lazy, inconsiderate, etc. students and parents alike… Bingo!

  • Shosss

    The kid needs to be expelled, if the school has a 0-tolerance policy for fighting or violence. And, I was the teacher, I’d press charges. Today. I’d run, not walk, to the authorities and press charges!

  • soanonymous

    I guess reading really is fundamental.

  • Laurie

    It wasn’t last week, it was yesterday.

  • scott

    do not judge the student,he goes to bible study as much as he can,then he fights for the rights of the underprivileged and poor.then he donates his time to be a big brother,just ask his mama,she will tell you,he is a saint

  • Andrew

    The bigger issue is that the child was taught that it was appropriate to respond to words with violence. Even if the teacher had used a racial slur, turning something from verbal to physical is not acceptable.

  • Kyle Miller

    Thank you for reporting these things. People need to know so that we can change our world for the better.

  • LJ

    Totally outrageous! The kid should face assault charges. Since when is assault even slightly considered a tolerant approach???

  • Smartass

    Stop the hate Just Segregate

  • MBarnard

    This just proves our education system is grossly inadequate in the teaching of the English language for one; and that the kid is a violent thug. If the teacher was reading from written text, any moron can figure out that the teacher is not slinging insults. The student wanted a reason to go off and he took it.

    • Wiggle D

      I don’t know if it is inadequate per say. The whole leading a horse to water, routine.

  • commonsense

    Ahahahaha, a few years ago a white city councilman in DC used the same word completely in context and his black counterparts also flew off the handle, demanded he resign, yada, yada, yada. So we can’t really blame this kid, he may have a bright political future ahead of him, perhaps he will even deal with Guam tipping over or finding the flag we left on Mars……

  • Smartass

    Does it surprise you really. Thats why at the zoo the animals are behind bars.Since no one alive today was part of the slave movement no one today should have to take responsibility of it. If anyone knows what an MBE is, No reason for MBE today.Its racist for the government to hand out Bullshit MBE to blacks for no Reason other then feeling sorry for them.

    • Wiggle D

      Is it really out of pity or is it because they want human ‘attack dogs’?

  • John Kmetz

    In Florida He would be in Jail for just hitting someone of that age.

  • al

    I am a white female. The student to whom I was talking is white. I told him he could be excused from class but not to assume it was carte blanche. He attacked me. A school photographer pulled him off me and I went on to class. After class started I was sent to the academic dean’s office and joined by the Vp for student affairs and the provost who wanted to know why I had taunted him. By point is that some people are just wound tight. The student went to counseling and I still had him in class.not very pleasant all around. Never did get an apology from anyone.

    • Wiggle D

      I had to look it up. Yeah, is pretty messed up too

  • StopTheFlood

    Bottom line – violence is not a civilized method of dealing with anger. Not punishing the student for his neanderthal manner of showing his displeasure with what he thought he heard just leaves him to believe that his behavior is acceptable. The media is often sending the wrong message when it covers an incidence such as this. The media attacks the wrong party quite often and is partly responsible for the outrage of the public.

  • David Farmer

    So I assume the student has apologized to the teacher and now can quote the definition of the word and use it in a sentence!

    • brian110256

      do you think I am sorry is enough

  • Nomasidiotas

    The student should be expelled, and charged with assault and battery.

    • Wiggle D

      Not only that, he should be banned from the entire district.

  • Auntie Gina Walker

    Way 2 go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AWCheney

    That young man most definitely should be charged with assault, and most definitely should see some punitive jail time. If his parents won’t teach him responsibility for his actions, society must step in! The fact that he assumed the word “niggardly” to be racist says but one thing about our public schools…THEY ARE NOT EDUCATING!

    • Wiggle D

      The teachers are doing the best they can with what they have. They cannot force a student to listen or learn. Though, I am sure it would help if the schools would stop protecting their athletes and make them earn their grades like everyone else.

  • Dena Kelley

    As soon as I began reading the story I knew it would be the word “niggardly”. I can’t believe people are defending this punk.

  • Richard Dockery

    What a joke that teen is! Another thug in the making!

  • DevilDog

    I’m SO sick of hearing about terrorists and thug @$$ B!TCHES!!! The planet needs to be ridded of them BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie D Evans Jr.

    They will niggardly hand down his punishment. LOL

  • Look_A_Squirrel

    Mark Twain would be hounded by Al Sharpton, Obama, Jessie Jackson, investigated by Holder and audited by the IRS if he wrote Tom Sawyer today.

    Oh, and would be the target of the blacks’ “knock out game” in every US city.

    Ignorance on parade.

  • Steve Crawford

    The student should get cited for being ignorant (of the word niggardly) and for the assault. He should be made also to write the meaning of the word 1000 times. I blame the black churches and parents for the Barbaric behavior and disrespect of the Black Children in the schools.The white teachers have something that the black students need, knowledge. The black students have three choices to succeed or not to succeed, Graduate from high school and college, drop-out of school OR get their GED in prison. Sadly, black parents, churches and spokespersons are NOT giving the black children positive advice that could be beneficial in them becoming good citizens. How many of the black parents and students (18yo) are registered to Vote and Voted in the last elections?.

  • brit

    I am so sick of this kind of thug behavior, no other race of people behave like this

    • Wiggle D

      There are thugs in all walks of life. It’s just more prominent that their race is Black or Hispanic in the states.

  • richard

    The uneducated buffoons just need to be put in prison.

  • Bill

    Listen to any radio and you will hear them use it all the time. Hypocrites, that simple.

    • Wiggle D

      Black people use the word “Niggardly” on the radio?

  • chang chang

    put his ass in jail 1. for hitting a old man,2. for fighting in school, 3 no respect for teachers. 4 because im sick and tired of hearing about racism the black people are way more racist than whites.

  • Todd Henson

    So teachers can’t teach new words to ignorant students? What happens when the take Spanish class and here that the word Black is translated to Negro. Or if the take a geography class and see that a country is named Niger?

    • Wiggle D

      Nope, because then they would have to test them. Unfair, to all them ignorant little thugs.

  • DRJ

    Another ignorant POS of a human being…now the norm.

  • blibblob

    This thug was an idiot. I hope he goes to prison.

  • not a niggardly man

    This better be treated as a hate crime. The student is obviously too stupid to understand any other charge. The judge better not niggardly hand out a lesser charge.

  • NannyF

    You can thank obama and his gang for this behavior.

  • wayne8734

    Typical ghetto thug attitude!!!! The kid should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.There is no excuse and any parent that is raising hell is ghetto trash just like the kid.

  • blutooth

    I’m not racist.. I hate Obama’s white half too…

  • brian110256

    this student is headed for either jail or the grave it is just a matter of time white people should be aware when he comes into their surroundings

  • druid g

    we need to return to a segregated society.

  • videosho

    Al Sharpton was in a Sears Department store in Chicago.

    As he walked through the Large Appliance department, he noticed all the
    washing machines were white. He felt it was a good chance to protest the
    fact that all of the washing machines

    were white, and he could possibly get one free if he complained loud enough.

    He asked the clerk to call the store manager, who asked, “What’s the problem here,


    Sharpton went to great lengths to let the manager know just who he was,
    and then pointed at the machines and loudly bemoaned the fact that all
    of them were white.

    The manager replied, “Well, Reverend, it’s true that all of the washing
    machines are white, but if you’ll open the lids,you’ll see that all the
    agitators are black.

  • dghealy

    this word was common in my household. the anglicized version in “niggeling” as in “every niggling detail”. I did not hear the “N” word until I was an adult in college in Baltimore where I heard it 20 times a day.

  • Bruce A. Frank

    Heck, here in CA, a Black female politician was offended by Governor Schwarzenegger ‘s name!

  • jv124

    Wake up White people most of the Blacks are not your friend. There are the number that you’ll never satisfy and who’ll never want to live in harmony.

  • don

    Hypersensitive ignorance, Duh…. Grandma told me long ago – If you don’t know what a “word” means…look it up… EDUCATE YOURSELF…. but we are discussing the lazy and demanding

  • BadAssTeacher

    The cowardly little bitch could try that in my class, but he’d look really funny walking to the office with a textbook sticking out of his ass.

  • whthfk1

    This is not right. Students are not being taught to respect their teachers. The schools side with the student if the student is of a minority background Then the parents from the same background stick up for the violent child. Everyone too afraid of a lawsuit by the parents to actually stand up and protect the teachers or students just trying to instruct these children and help them become productive adults. Until we address the real problem until we are allowed to say who is truly the problem,this will only get worse. No ones making these kids take responsibility for their actions. The kid was to ignorant to ask the teacher what the word meant and instantly went violent beating a 70 year old man. The teacher needs to sue the school district and the department of education. This crap needs to stop.It needs to stop NOW.

  • Cathy Topping Monico

    I’m sure that it will not matter to this “tough guy” when he learns what the word actually meant. He and those supporting him will insist that the teacher meant it exactly the way they interpreted. I love how these “tough guys” are going after elderly white teachers. I bet their parents are proud. DISGUSTING!!!!!!

  • Brenda Golden

    He is lucky the teacher was not armed. The thug needs to be in jail for assault and battery. His stupidity is not an excuse.

  • Diane

    So a 6 year old who has a nail clipper in school will get suspended for having a weapon, but a teenager who beats up a teacher, and an elderly one at that, may not face charges???? This country and our schools have lost all common sense.

  • Minarchism Leads To Freedom

    I don’t think this would have happened if the parents had been paying for their kid’s education. Instead we are and they’ve gone AWOL.

  • Shane Shaw

    expulsion, prosecution… nothing else is acceptable…

  • 40% of seniors in high school cannot pass an English fluency test enough to get into a city college.

  • SDN

    Great story. Combines oversensitivity with thuggery found among many Blacks.

  • Liz

    Sounds like the parents are as ignorant as the so-called students. Pass it on!!!!!!!

    • Mike

      I have witnessed parents complaining about teachers swearing at students……..ass (teacher used word asinine) and a bitch (teacher used the word habitual). There’s no accounting for the some people’s stupidity…….some adults should not have children.

  • Incognito

    little bastage should have been arrested on the spot.. I hope the teacher has him prosecuted for assault.. if he will attack a teacher because he’s too stupid to know the meaning of a word by the time he’s in high school, then he’s truly a stupid little sob and he’ll end up killing someone someday over nothing.. great reflection on his parents.. And where do schools get off letting their teachers be assaulted anyway????????

  • Jen

    That teacher is an idiot. Completely inappropriate to use inflammatory language like that, regardless of him using it in a “unique” or “edgy” manner. Out of line for an educator in this day and age. Time to retire.

    • Gary

      What? What you said is gibberish. There is nothing inappropriate or inflammatory about the word niggardly—it has zero to do with race. It is a legitimate English word that means miserly. That teacher is not to blame for other’s stupidity. Is the Spanish teacher going to be attacked for using the word negro (the color black in that language)? Time to retire your comments.

    • Mike

      Your ageist comment is so inappropriate too. Do you know this man? Do you know under what circumstances he used the word? How do you know he meant it to be “unique” or “edgy”? Maybe is was quoting a passage from a novel whose author used the word. How do you know that this 70 year old man has nothing to offer in the classroom? This student’s actions are indefensible.

    • RW

      The language was not inflammatory at all. The problem was that an ignorant person with little self control heard a word they didn’t understand/misinterpreted and went ballistic over it.
      It is illogical to ban words simply because there are uneducated people who don’t know what a word means and they may have a hysterical/emotional reaction to it. No one has to be “sensitive” to their ignorance nor should anyone have to walk on eggshells because of it. Catering to ignorant people and their “hurt feelings” in such a scenario is ridiculous.

  • Well, he will have plenty of time to study up on the dictionary when his ass is sitting in prison. Aggravated Assault, Assault on the Elderly, bye…

  • Chizzy

    “Not clear? Look at the blood on that teacher. Doesn’t look so “minor,” does it? This is a clear assault by a thug who will likely occupy a prison cell in the not-so distant future.”

    Now That Whole Paragraph Was Racist. Because He Punched Him Automatically Makes Him A Thug? And 2 Assume That This Kids Future Is Spending Time In Jail Is Just Wrong. I’m Not Defending Wat He Did Because It Was Wrong, But To Say Wat The Above Paragraph Says About A Child Is Wrong.

  • Buypass

    Good thing he didn’t use the racially charged words “good morning”.
    He’d be in a hearse.

  • Texan1st

    I’ll never understand why white teachers would ever want to put themselves in harms way by teaching at a majority black school. Makes no sense.

  • fuzzy

    I say let them stew in their own juices. No white teachers in schools with black students.

  • Steve Crawford

    There are too many irresponsible black Americans. White Americans have their problems also. However, Negative behaviors of Black Americans is news. Sadly there is no real black leadership. Black churches are only about Damnation, Salvation and Tithing. I have NEVER heard a black minister ever talk about social issues from the pulpit. Black parents must be involved in the schools and not tolerate black hostility. However respect for adults should be taught at home, And if that student felt that he was being offended by the white teacher then he should had reported the teacher to the school principle. This black student will be a new addition to the penal system, because of his ignorance. He must learn the level of his ignorance and be taught positive behaviors. But the blame should be on the mother (he probably don’t have a father) who also is limited in parenting skills. Too many babies are having Babies, and become stuck in a low income environment, with no hopes of a prosper future. Ignorance and being uneducated is the worst disease of Black Americans.

  • coyote lebrun

    What is an outrage is that you go about saying that the kid is a thug and that he is likely to occupy a prison cell in the not too distant future. You should be ashamed. That is not journalism. That is a racist comment. You should be able to write an article and state the facts without saying such a thing, Gina Cassini.

  • jack b goode

    this disrespectful young savage needs a boot up his ass.

  • RetroShanti

    I go to this school and I definitely know that’s not what happened. This article is disgusting to me. why does everything have to be so black and white? Maybe both of them were wrong . Not just the student .Not just the teacher. im so tired of seeing these articles spreading lies and mixing facts with their racist characterizations of children. It might’ve been a complete misunderstanding, but the comment should’ve never been made and those actions shouldve never been taken but that’s how it happened. Its not a bad school. It has nothing to do with majority of the students. Everyone will react to things differently because we all have led different lives. Who knows why the boy reacted the way he did. He might’ve felt like he had a legitimate reason to hit him. Who knows why the teacher made the comment? Maybe he thought he was just being honest and that it would be received differently. No one but the actual students and staff at Forestville know what really happened. So before everyone get all excited about because of this clearly biased article, thinking about what the whole story could’ve been.

  • Thomas

    He assulted a teacher end of story charge him like u would a white student that hit and injured a teacher period!!!

  • wanda

    These blacks are becoming a Niggle

  • Alex Romero

    And yet there are people defending this kid?

  • Joseph Narcisse Bouche’

    The word you want is “cavil.”

    1. to raise irritating and trivial objections; find fault with unnecessarily


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