Man Walks Up to Gun Rights Advocate & Calls Him a ‘P***Y’. Here’s How He Responds…

by Bill Callen | Top Right News

When Ohio man Jeffry Smith announced earlier this month that he’d be visiting the St. Louis Zoo with an open carry firearm, concerned residents immediately started planning how they’d “welcome” him to town.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson was against Smith’s plans, stating:

“More guns are never the answer. I think we need to have stronger gun laws and make sure that they are used in appropriate ways.”

The zoo scrambled to obtain a temporary restraining order against the man and announced that guns are not welcome on its premises, despite it being government-owned property in an open carry state.

In response, another gun rights and open carry activist paid the zoo a visit and was approached by someone who disagreed with his choice to bring a gun.


The Blaze details the exchange:

The man, who goes by Rich Johnson on YouTube, repeatedly berated the pro-gun advocate and called him names while warning him that his “open carry s***t” would soon come to an end.

In the face of what some YouTube commenters described as “harassment,” the open carry activist calmly responded to the man’s verbal attacks and tried to explain his view on the Second Amendment and open carry — not that it helped the men find common ground.

“It’s not about protecting your family,” the man recording the video told the man. “You want to be an intimidator. You like it when people run from you.”

The gun rights advocate responded that “no one should feel the need to run” from him, along with several points about the personal freedoms we all have as Americans.


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