Man Walks Up to Gun Rights Advocate & Calls Him a ‘P***Y’. Here’s How He Responds…

by Bill Callen | Top Right News

When Ohio man Jeffry Smith announced earlier this month that he’d be visiting the St. Louis Zoo with an open carry firearm, concerned residents immediately started planning how they’d “welcome” him to town.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson was against Smith’s plans, stating:

“More guns are never the answer. I think we need to have stronger gun laws and make sure that they are used in appropriate ways.”

The zoo scrambled to obtain a temporary restraining order against the man and announced that guns are not welcome on its premises, despite it being government-owned property in an open carry state.

In response, another gun rights and open carry activist paid the zoo a visit and was approached by someone who disagreed with his choice to bring a gun.


The Blaze details the exchange:

The man, who goes by Rich Johnson on YouTube, repeatedly berated the pro-gun advocate and called him names while warning him that his “open carry s***t” would soon come to an end.

In the face of what some YouTube commenters described as “harassment,” the open carry activist calmly responded to the man’s verbal attacks and tried to explain his view on the Second Amendment and open carry — not that it helped the men find common ground.

“It’s not about protecting your family,” the man recording the video told the man. “You want to be an intimidator. You like it when people run from you.”

The gun rights advocate responded that “no one should feel the need to run” from him, along with several points about the personal freedoms we all have as Americans.

  • Karl Nelson

    I do enjoy the camera shaking.

  • Denawc

    Seems to me the person who is anti-gun was doing his best to bully & attempt to intimidate someone taking advantage of his rights.

    • peggy_zbello

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  • Nina Dean

    Wow, he worries so much about children that he has a mouth like a sewer.

  • Bill Pittman

    The guy with the gun was standing there minding his own business and the anti-gun person started harassing him.

    • Susan

      Which, unfortunately, is completely typical and in character for them.

    • Albert Schmitlap.

      Yes, but, the open carry person GAVE him a reason to be an Azzhat. If he was carrying conceal, this would NOT have happened. I believe we are making a big mistake with open carry, and I also believe way down deep inside the movement,,,Gun Grabbers are encouraging it so they can TAKE our 2nd Amendment rights. Remember, George Soros has some underhanded tactics and he also has some Real deviate Idiots implementing them. Concealed is a hard won right at this time, open carry is a Reason to provoke others to Take that right. Even I feel uncomfortable around them because they do NOT carry proof that they are not just a mental case or a criminal wanting in intimidate others. An ID should also be carried Openly.

      • TacticalYoda

        So….. What you’re saying is, we have a RIGHT to do something BUT we had better NOT exercise that RIGHT or we’ll give someone a reason to TAKE that RIGHT. Did that sound sane in your head?

    • p.j.

      Like always.

  • Thomaseg49

    This clown with the video is a total ass..All he is doing is, try to provoke a fight…The two men with weapons are being cool about this…but they guy keeps pushing his anti open carry rant…But if one those guys with a gun did anything, they’d lose their gun rights and that ass hole knows it..He wishing one of them would lose control and make a silly move…..

  • Ashley43

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    • Penelope Wincett

      You look a LOT like Jacqueline Fernandez.

  • AyeRolle

    Cameraman is a jackass.

  • Connie

    That guy with the camera is a idiot.

  • flex4pj

    Rich Johnson needs to get a life. And quit harassing Law abiding citizens. And at the same time clean up his language. Does not want kids to see guns but apparently could care less that they here his filthy mouth. Rich learn your facts and learn to not be such a jerk. Get help.

  • Wiggle D

    The man should just walk away. Don’t mud-wrestle with pigs. You will only get dirty and they will love it.

  • Richard Winchester

    Let’s just secretly do black bag ops on all libs until they just seem to disappear. End of problem.

  • MichaelSWilkins

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  • LaFlare1017

    My friend lives near a bad neighborhood and his house has been broken into twice in the past 5 years. He has a gun and a carry permit. The odds are, his house will be broken into again. If he’s home, he will be able to protect his life and his property.

  • Wiggle D

    “This video has been removed by the user.” Did it really take 3k+ dislikes for this f’er to realize he was a j@ck@ss?

    • Tom Slick

      He was taking a beating in the comments on youtube, I read some of them and they were hilariously profane. I guess he couldn’t stand the heat.

  • Biff

    Video’s gone. Thanks, Obama.

    • WHITEY

      We should all just bow down to Obama, surrender our guns and join the Muslum religion. That would make all the spineless tree huggers happy…..NOT !!!

  • Dilona

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  • Albert Schmitlap.

    The anti-gun freak was hoping the pro-gun man would reach for his gun so he could get THAT on video. Open carry is a dangerous two way sword, and some people will use it to take OUR 2nd Amendment rights because sooner or later SOMEONE will pull a gun out and it will be on video. And you KNOW, unlike the problems we are now having with Criminal lllegals, the media will have THAT vid all over the place for months. I prefer concealed carry. No one knows I have it until it is time to use it to protect myself or other., That way the Anti-Gun Freaks don’t have a reason to be Azzhats. I will NOT give them said reason.

    • Ferrari fan

      Sometimes I think these guys with the open carry are plants, trying to provoke the reactions they get in an attempt to get knee-jerk legislation passed. Probably just a conspiracy theory, but it wouldn’t shock me if it happened at least some of the time.

  • CaseyAAvera

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  • Harley The Ram Davidson

    typical liberal.

  • lara

    the bully who attacked is a fool…karma to him..

  • Mike Fletchall

    Anybody got a link to the video?

  • Ron Davis

    Should have kicked his ass with a tree limb….will be glad to do it for you.

  • jim

    It’s kinda like the jaybird pestering the eagle until the eagle turns and grabs the jaybird! Stupid lil

  • Davey Dunn

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  • Shaghayegh Hend

    Why would you bring a gun to a zoo though?? there are so many children at the zoo, use common sense. The guy shouldn’t have called him names and just ignored him.


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