Was the ‘Innocent Man’ Shot By Ferguson Police the Same Man Who Robbed This Store Minutes Earlier?

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

UPDATE: Video of the Alleged Michael Brown Robbery Below

Authorities in Ferguson, Missouri, on Friday identified the officer who fatally shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown as Darren Wilson, nearly a week after the deadly encounter took place.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson said Wilson was dispatched to investigate a “strong-arm” robbery at a convenience store shortly before his encounter with Brown, 18, on Saturday.

An incident report said Brown and another man, Dorian Johnson, were suspected of taking a box of cigars from the store. Police say surveillance camera footage shows Brown towering over the clerk in a confrontation.


The photo of a deceased Brown shows a very similar description, outfit and shoes as the assailant in the convenience store:



CNN has video of the aftermath of Brown’s death here. (Warning: Graphic content).

Reporter Ryan Reilly also posted sections of the police report on Twitter:

Police said Wilson encountered Brown minutes after the 911 call reporting the robbery. Police had previously said Brown was shot multiple times after an officer encountered him and another man.

Conflicting stories have emerged about whether Brown and the other man physically assaulted the officer, pushing him into his squad car and struggling for his weapon, or whether Brown was trying to run when he was shot, as Johnson has said. While Johnson has been vocal in media interviews over the past week talking about what happened to Brown, he has not mentioned a robbery.

It is incumbent on the Ferguson police to release key details regarding the alleged assault on officer Wilson, including:

  • Injury report of Officer Darren Wilson
  • Forensic evidence of a shot fired inside Wilson’s patrol car as he and Brown allegedly struggled for the gun
  • A detailed report of the incident, including Wilson’s statements

These new details are stunning and blow the lid off this entire controversy — which the media and Attorney General Eric Holder seem intent on shaping into a racist civil rights violation. But the Ferguson Police Department needs to do far more to flesh out their case. Sometimes good public relations can be as critical to public order as good policing.

They have taken far too long to release information on the robbery and as the yet unreleased details above, and if the police account is true, begs the question of why they failed to reveal this data in order to quell the violent rioters before the inflicted millions of dollars in damage on the town’s businesses.


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