Man Confronts Nanny Hitting A Child In Store Parking Lot (Video)


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A man was walking across a parking lot in Victorville, California, when he saw a woman dragging a toddler out of a Kohl’s store by his hair.

Stunned by what he saw, he took out his iPhone and started filming the incident (video below) and recorded a Hispanic woman hitting the 3-year-old boy with, first a headphones cable, and then, more clearly on camera, a tablet device as she strapped him into his car seat.

The man, who goes by the name Edward Moneyhanz on YouTube, uploaded the video as evidence, before reporting the incident to to the police.

The woman in the video has been identified by the Victorville Police Department as 39-year-old Yvonne Camargo, a Mexican national. Though the video title identifies her as the child’s nanny, the police did not disclose Camargo’s relationship to the toddler.

The man began filming and asked Camargo, “Hey, why are you hitting that kid like that? … Why are you hitting that little baby?”

As a teenage woman who also witnessed the behavior runs over to join him, Camargo utters an expletive in Spanish. The female witness then loses it, yelling angrily at Camargo, “Hitting a f***ing innocent kid that can’t protect themselves. … How do you feel hitting a kid?”

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Scott Abernathy examined the child later, according to a news release. “The deputy examined the child for injuries, conducted a criminal interview with Camargo, and notified Children and Family Services. The case is being submitted to the (San Bernardino County) District Attorney’s Office.”

One commenter is reporting that Camargo is being investigated for immigration fraud. TRN is trying to verify this information with police at press time.

Warning: Video contains strong language.

[h/t YouTube]

  • Dremple Wade

    Save the Fake Outrage over a Hypothetical Gay Pizza Party for Criminal Assault like this! Where is the OUTRAGE, where are the People making death threats against her and ALL MEXICANS…Liberal Logic does dictate since she did this ALL MEXICAN Nationals are guilty and thus need to be shunned.

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    • frank

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  • Dremple Wade

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  • Tina

    I would have called 911 and blocked the car from pulling out. If she hit the kid there, there’s no telling what she did to the kid when she got home. I’m glad they got her though!

    • John Victor

      The only illegal alien that needs to be deported is the man doing the filming a whole bunch of nothing

      • Jay

        I don’t think so, Mr. John Victor.

        • John Victor

          I don’t think so jay this is a whole bunch of nothing but another conservative trick vto turn the tables on the liberals and this conservative won’t put up with it on thus night of ncaa madness how many kids do you think got snacked by their daddys fists for being too loud or standing in front of the tv

          • DS

            Poor John, doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with it because he was treated the same way as a kid. (I think he was brain-damaged by it)

          • John Victor

            Jay so what’s illegal immigration got to do with it tgey got illegals riding their bikes on the sidewalk letting their dogs lose on innocents and driving without a license like this illegal lady

          • Ron Joy

            Yeah, I would say he probably uses his own kids for punching bags. Total absolute imbecil.

          • Jay

            What on earth are you talking about?! A toddler is getting smacked around. It is child abuse. Forget about the politics.

          • Doit Lee

            OMG …. Did you say “FISTS” ?

          • Chloe Rowles

            It doesn’t have anything to do with politics, it is about child abuse, The 2 people reporting the incident, probably voted for Obama, but that doesn’t mean they will stand by and ignore child abuse.

          • Ron Martin

            Even just one is too many John Victor

          • John Victor

            So why isn’t she being deported for jot having a license

      • Theresa

        What the hell is wrong with you? Did you see her smack the kid in the face with a tablet? What are you, john victor, a child beater? do you beat women, too? Is that all ok with you? JERK!

      • schr8er

        YOU MUST be one of Odumbas patsies… any time I see a person, man OR woman, hitting a child like that I will have someone film it as I go in and separate them and take the child to the police…. and if force is needed, so be it… An innocent child does NOT have to be treated like that, but then again a Mexican National has no place being in this country if that is the way they treat their kids…. Shameful…. send he butt back to Mexico and if she comes back in for ANY reason arrest her and throw her in jail.. even the women in prison do not put up with child abuse so she will get hers there….

      • Ron Joy

        Oh John are you that type of parent too? Beating a little baby too? Thank You Asshole for portraying the type of American parent you are. I hope i never meet you or that bitch on the street. Maybe the two of yolu need to learn how it feels to be defensless and beaten.

        • John Victor

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      • Born Free

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      • Kathy McKinny

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        • frank

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          • John Victor

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      • ZeroMustGo

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  • Otter58701

    Should have beat the hell out of her first. Then called the cops. That’s bs! Thanks Obama for allowing that scum into our country. Great job Obama! Keep up the good work.

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  • April

    First and foremost while recording the happenings, and getting both plates, as the other woman approaches, someone right then and there should have called 911. That child should not have been allowed to leave with that monster. Any care-giver that would turn to abuse needs to have their day receiving exactly what they dish out… and should it come back she is an illegal, than boot her ass back right fast!

  • Glenda Powell

    Highest praises to the stranger who advocated for the child’s safety. There should be more people as kind as he is.

  • Samantha M Craigie

    I’da made that bitch see stars and called the cops I’d take the jail time for a baby

  • nolllegals

    They should have slapped that w e t b a c k b i t c h so hard that her face turned black and blue. No way that thing would have left the parking lot with that child if I was there.

  • Orion Games

    I would’ve smacked her hard. I’ll take the court case.

  • Cheryl Evans

    If she was a baby sitter & I caught her doing this to my child, she better run for it because I’m gonna hurt her. Nobody should hurt a child. there is no excuse for hurting a little one.

  • Doug

    Why on earth would he post the video first before calling 911 and making sure she couldn’t leave the parking lot until the cops got there? Is posting a video more important than getting the child some help?

    • frank

      Now he has proof, so the police can’t automatically side with “OBAMAS new friend, the illegal crazy child beating bitch!

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  • Bruce Keyes

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  • OnePissedOffAmerican

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  • Karlec

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  • Poor_Richard

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  • wing_ding

    What could a 3 yr old to do to deserve this type of punishment?


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