Man Asks Mike Rowe for “Life Advice” – His Response is the Best Thing You’ll Read Today


Seriously, this is awesome…


Hey Mike! I’ve spent this last year trying to figure out the right career for myself and I still can’t figure out what to do. I have always been a hands on kind of guy and a go-getter. I could never be an office worker. I need change, excitement, and adventure in my life, but where the pay is steady. I grew up in construction and my first job was a restoration project. I love everything outdoors. I play music for extra money. I like trying pretty much everything, but get bored very easily. I want a career that will always keep me happy, but can allow me to have a family and get some time to travel. I figure if anyone knows jobs its you so I was wondering your thoughts on this if you ever get the time! Thank you!

– Parker Hall


Hi Parker,

My first thought is that you should learn to weld and move to North Dakota. The opportunities are enormous, and as a “hands-on go-getter,” you’re qualified for the work. But after reading your post a second time, it occurs to me that your qualifications are not the reason you can’t find the career you want.

I had drinks last night with a woman I know. Let’s call her Claire. Claire just turned 42. She’s cute, smart, and successful. She’s frustrated though, because she can’t find a man. I listened all evening about how difficult her search has been. About how all the “good ones” were taken. About how her other friends had found their soul-mates, and how it wasn’t fair that she had not.

“Look at me,” she said. “I take care of myself. I’ve put myself out there. Why is this so hard?”

“How about that guy at the end of the bar,” I said. “He keeps looking at you.”

“Not my type.”

“Really? How do you know?”

“I just know.”

“Have you tried a dating site?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? I would never date someone I met online!”

“Alright. How about a change of scene? Your company has offices all over – maybe try living in another city?”

“What? Leave San Francisco? Never!”

“How about the other side of town? You know, mix it up a little. Visit different places. New museums, new bars, new theaters…?”

She looked at me like I had two heads. “Why the hell would I do that?”

Here’s the thing, Parker. Claire doesn’t really want a man. She wants the “right” man. She wants a soul-mate. Specifically, a soul-mate from her zip code. She assembled this guy in her mind years ago, and now, dammit, she’s tired of waiting!!

I didn’t tell her this, because Claire has the capacity for sudden violence. But it’s true. She complains about being alone, even though her rules have more or less guaranteed she’ll stay that way. She has built a wall between herself and her goal. A wall made of conditions and expectations. Is it possible that you’ve built a similar wall?

Consider your own words. You don’t want a career – you want the “right” career. You need “excitement” and “adventure,” but not at the expense of stability. You want lots of “change” and the “freedom to travel,” but you need the certainty of “steady pay.” You talk about being “easily bored” as though boredom is out of your control. It isn’t. Boredom is a choice. Like tardiness. Or interrupting. It’s one thing to “love the outdoors,” but you take it a step further. You vow to “never” take an office job. You talk about the needs of your family, even though that family doesn’t exist. And finally, you say the career you describe must “always” make you “happy.”

These are my thoughts. You may choose to ignore them and I wouldn’t blame you – especially after being compared to a 42 year old woman who can’t find love. But since you asked…

Stop looking for the “right” career, and start looking for a job. Any job. Forget about what you like. Focus on what’s available. Get yourself hired. Show up early. Stay late. Volunteer for the scut work. Become indispensable. You can always quit later, and be no worse off than you are today. But don’t waste another year looking for a career that doesn’t exist. And most of all, stop worrying about your happiness. Happiness does not come from a job. It comes from knowing what you truly value, and behaving in a way that’s consistent with those beliefs.
Many people today resent the suggestion that they’re in charge of the way the feel. But trust me, Parker. Those people are mistaken. That was a big lesson from Dirty Jobs, and I learned it several hundred times before it stuck. What you do, who you’re with, and how you feel about the world around you, is completely up to you.

Good luck –

P.S. I’m serious about welding and North Dakota. Those guys are writing their own ticket.

P.P.S. Think I should forward this to Claire?

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  • Art Hazleton

    Awesome Mike.

  • LuJohnson

  • Patty Barter Marsh

    Fabulous advice! I have something to add. Find a job you llove to do, and you’ll never WORK a day in your life.

    • Jeannette Hickson

      Love the job you are doing and give it your all and you will never work a day in your life. Like Mike said…’s your choice.

    • Rambling Psychopath

      The problem with finding a job you’ll love is the same as finding a man you’ll love; odds are you won’t know what it is until you have had a few jobs that you didn’t love as much. Also look at what you don’t love about them; not liking the people at one job is not the same as not liking the job and sometimes what you aren’t liking is more about your attitude towards things than about your general feelings. It is often easier to change you attitude than change jobs.

      • Dannye Smith

        Should have said Work at jobs until you do find a job you love…

      • Tim Irving

        Those people that I’ve known who have job or career that they really love started with something they loved to do and made that into a business that they really love. Of course a business is much more than a job, it’s a job on steroids and can consume you..

    • felix72

      That’s right you’ll just go broke and live in poverty because everyone wants it for a nickel.

    • TacticalYoda

      Find it in your heart to love the job you do…

    • Amy DeStefanis

      I’ve been in a similar situation having left the stress of corporate America to figure out a better way to live a life / have a career than cubicle Hell and long commutes. One of the problems, indeed, is having too many options…. Someone recently pointed out to me, too, that I have put all sorts of rules and restrictions around what I want to do – to the point that I’ve paralyzed myself. I think Mike’s point is to just do it – you can always leave if it doesn’t fit. Same with Claire – she wouldn’t even give anyone a chance – as if once she said “hello” she was stuck with them forever. The key is – go for it, try it out, and then move on. My problem has been not moving on soon enough once I realized something was not for me. People “think” they know what will make them happy. But you never know until you try it. However – when you find out what makes you miserable (I can take the “you control how you feel” thing only so far because there are some messed up work environments out there), it’s best to prepare for moving on. Life’s too short.

    • whatda

      how does this get 25 upvotes? She clearly misses the point being made.

      • Tim Irving

        Missed part of it surely, as many of the others who commented did… Takes some of us longer to digest what we read. But like most things it doesn’t matter. Those that seek will find.

    • Kaalee

      You kind of missed the entire point of this letter….

  • Cindi

    Brilliant answer! & YES!!! Send this to “Claire”

  • Greg Carlson

    Hi Parker, I’m looking for a skier who knows about skiing. I make a ski wax that is better than the best and much less expensive. It is difficult to find someone who will commit to trying to find distributors and retail outlets. This wax has the potential to be the number one seller in all ski areas. “SECTOL” is the parent website Hi Tunes is the name, and “skiwaxmaster” is the website. You could be the national sales manager that spearheads this product into its full capacity. It will take hard work, but give you everything you mentioned if you succeed. Greg

    • Adrian Salas

      Hey greg I just read your post and am interested in your wax as a rider and possibly a rep. I understand the job was offered to parker lol but if that doesn’t happen ide like to talk a bit more on this. Im a boarder but know my fair share of skiing equipment and maintenance. Message me on face book if your interested

      • Caravan

        Adrian, Greg Carlson does not exist. This is a foul-mannered scam disguised as a too-good-to-be-true business opportunity targeted toward a man with few options looking for fast riches. Don’t get sucked into this; the broken English and baseless promises should be warning enough.

        Just letting you know!

    • ojh49sdk

      This is why guys are lost today: .

      • ojh49sdk
        • Pierre Storm Eklund

          Thats some really unconvincing videos, unless the aim was to make men in general seem like psychopaths.

          • ojh49sdk

            You sound like a fa aggot little bitch mangina LOL!.,

          • whirlpoole


          • ojh49sdk

            don’t cry little girl.

          • whirlpoole

            No problem little boy.

          • ojh49sdk

            u mad stupid cuuu uunt? lol!. ..

          • cv

            wow, was ojh49sdk named Elliot Rodgers?

          • voscerote

            Good lord. Ever since that shooting I’ve looked up this manosphere-stuff. While I understand dudes being frustrated feeling like they’re boxed in or their identity is obsolete, this mentality has a couple of gaping flaws.

            1. EVERY body feels trapped in some way by society. The targets that this website picks–“faggots”, “bitches”, uuh, “little faggot-bitches”–they feel oppressed too. Everyone feels like they just don’t know how to be happy in life sometimes. It’s our curse as humans to be self aware and aware of our limitations.

            2. While it is not possible to be happy ALL THE TIME, people should at least try to live in a way that doesn’t make them miserable all the time. The content of this man-site and people who subscribe to them are obviously written by miserable people. That kid in CA was obviously miserable. Whoever made those videos is obviously deeply unhappy. And this ojh49sdk person is either intensely miserable, or intensely enjoying their self as they troll for reactions.
            Either way the manosphere is the darkside. I think a lot of women in the world today are unhappy and confused as well, and a lot of it could come from unrealistic expectations due to all the social change we’ve gained, but I’d rather be a confused, masturbating, beta-male that can’t “close the deal” than some psychopath trying to model his life of of 2fast2furioius. Just be what you are and don’t be fake. And for fucks sake call a friend or a professional before you go on a rampage.

  • Cliff Hunter

    Awesome response!!! I’ve had a number of jobs before I found my career as a cop in a midsize town. I had never considered being a cop, but was tired of where I was at and went to a job fair and realized when I walked in, it was a job fair set up for minorities…I’m a white male, but I was there, dressed up and with a fresh resume. I walked in and was ambushed by a police detective who was a recruiter for the department I now work for. He was a very large black male, he stepped in front of me and asked me with a smile “are you lost?” I replied “No sir, I’m looking for a job, and everyone here appears to be hiring”. That was 17 years ago…I know that things happen for a reason, so Parker all I can say is “Get up, dress up and show up” and your battle is half over.

    • LaurenceL

      Very well said!

      • ojh49sdk

        For guys that don’t know what they want in life..

        • Anonymous

          Stop shilling your creepy book you creationist.

          • ojh49sdk

            cry harder fa aaggot little biii iitch LOL!.

    • ojh49sdk
    • Nadir Vardar

      Well said, reminded me the quote from Woody Allen.

      “Eighty percent of success is showing up” I always think about it when I have to do something that I feel I do not have the energy to …

      • GrenadeTrade

        Parker Hall sounds not unlike guys who think illegal immigrants and folks overseas have taken their job. The truth of the matter is, people like Parker don’t want to work those kinds of jobs and feel entitled to a “great” job, while living off government entitlement programs. They need a friend or father like Mike to tell them how the real world works.

    • betty

      I’d consider being a cop but I’m worried that I’d have to work with some MAJOR douchebags. Do you find this to be the case?

      • Cliff Hunter

        Betty, yep, sometimes those are the folks in your locker room! 😉 J/K…Yes, there are some truly “bad people”, but the vast majority of the citizens I serve (my bosses) are good men and women, some of whom made poor choices, like leaving purses in their cars and becoming victims, or worse, they take an action that winds them on the wrong side of the law. Some are victims or witnesses purely by chance. I try to take few things personally, because I need to be able to step back and be impartial..some people think that makes us “mechanical” or unfeeling, and to an extent it does, but it’s to protect us from being overwhelmed, but also to insure our emotions don’t color our judgement and decision making. I have also seen everyday people become true heroes, maybe not physically endangering themselves, but by taking actions to help a person, they may not even know. You will see good and bad every day, but I think the good truly outweighs the bad on an almost daily basis. It can be a difficult job, physically and emotionally, but I think I have the greatest job in the world, one so that as I’m dying, I will not have to wonder “Did I make a difference in this lifetime”. Good luck on whatever you choose!!!

  • terryhjones

    he should look into law enforcement. outdoors. every day different. hand’s on. agencies love the self-motivated. change. excitement. adventure. being a hero as a career. could be worse.

    but, yet. good advice, Mike. and once you’re out of town and out of reach, send a link of the column to Claire.

  • John Shupert

    To be able to get all of that out of a conversation and a letter is awesome so I say what a smart man Mike is he hit the nail on the head. Listening is the way he came to such an intelligent answer. Good job Mike you missed your calling a counselor!

    • Tim Irving

      I expect he would make a good one, the best counselors I’ve known were gifted with very uncommon, common sense and Mike has that in spades. Some of the worse had PHD’s and wanted to help people more than life its self, but they had no common sense and didn’t really have any empathy..

  • Oingo Boingo

    Mike, could it have anything to do with the fact she lives in SF?

  • Robert Hough

    steady pay, exciting work etc etc-sounds like he needs to join the Military. No long hours in an office, learn an exciting new job (demolition comes to mind) and get to see the world.

    • M.L.H. Javert

      Not with the constant budget cuts that seem to go on.
      I still say we should cut Congress’s payscale to a lower level to pay the soldiers more.

    • Cliff_Hazard

      No one should ever join the military

      • Tim Irving

        It’s very fortunate for this country, that through the years others thought differently.. The military provides training in many things besides fighting our nations wars. Many people learn a trade or find an interest in the military that they pursue when the finish their enlistment. After spending a hitch in the military you have the GI bill to help with financing your first house if you need it and funding for education if you decide to further your education. But like all jobs it has down sides. If your afraid of combat you can join the Navy or Air Force where that situation has to be sought out and won’t happen otherwise or is at least is unlikely to happen.

        • Cliff_Hazard

          I disagree, It’s not fortunate for your the country or the people of the US. It’s very fortunate for the people who run the military industrial complex and other people who profit on war

          • Tim Irving

            You are aware that not all military people serve in combat roles or even in combat support roles aren’t you ? I would say that we won our war in Iraq and the politicians gave it away . But that’s a different conversation. The world has been at war or on the brink of war for ever. This period for the US has been the most lengthy and expensive ever. It will soon end we are told, but like most things we are told by the government we will have to wait and see. But the original discussion was about work/employment. Many people over the years have found careers because of military training or benefited from the GI bill towards that end. I am one of those people and I recommend that folks just starting in the labor force with no clear idea of what they want to do consider it. You recommend against considering it. People will do what the will and in this country we are allowed to have opinions that are opposed so here we are. I doubt that we will find any area of agreement on much of anything and I’m fine with that..

  • Scott Irwin

    Mike’s the man! I enjoyed watching him on an evening show in the San Francisco Bay area years ago and just knew this guy was going places, and with an attitude like that, how could he not? Great advise, Mike. Hope to see more of you!

  • Daniel Baker

    A thousand times THIS. I have so many friends that refuse to relocate or try different jobs because of what Mike talks about above.

    • another_engineer

      Alot of people won’t relocate because you put yourself in a very vulnerable spot. You lose your anchor points (friends and family) and now the company has you by the short hairs and they know it. I moved for a job once and sorely regretted it, i’ll never move for a job ever again.

      • Les K

        I’ve moved for several jobs along my career path. Only one have I ever regretted. Most have put me in a place to learn and grow.

      • Guest

        By saying “I’ll never more for a job ever again” you’re putting yourself in the same mindset as Claire. She might have dated a guy with black hair once, and he was an idiot, so she’ll never date a guy with black hair ever again?

        • another_engineer

          So be it

    • M.L.H. Javert

      Some people don’t have the economic capabilities to move.
      Many of us, such as myself, would love to move for something over the f**king minimum wage economy of the town I live in, but because we have bills (including student loans, in my case), we can’t just drop everything and move (when you have no savings, and no job offer in a better market, moving is a distinct impossibility). In today’s job market, if you don’t already live there (and know people there), nobody gives a rats a$$ if you want a job with their company.

      It’s a very slippery slope to “just move for a job”.

  • Isaac

    mike is right, you don’t get anywhere if you don’t take the chance. ill use myself as an example, up until 2 years ago i was living in the states working minimum wage, etc and it wasn’t what i wanted. so i took a chance, i moved to my wifes home country (the philippines) and put myself out there. now we own an apartment complex, manage it and everything, it took a lot of hard work to get where i am, (sweat, blood, and tears included) but i am the better for it.

  • felix72

    I hate when you are so dam good at something and 1000 times a day people tell you, you should do this for a living yet in the same breath find no value in what you do. They find value in booze, Bars, cigarettes, expensive cars, vacations, everything but what you do. But they love what you do they just don’t want to pay for it at a price that’s equal to the amour of work you put in to it. “It cost to much”, It’s to expensive” yet you don’t say that when they place a check for $400 on the table to pay for the 16 oz of red meat you just ate and those 2 bottle of wine and that fat cuban cigar. The next person to make money off of that will be the guy at the sewage treatment plant. Then 9 months later something you made arrives and you complain about how expensive it is.

    • Ami

      “The next person to make money off of that will be the guy at the sewage
      treatment plant. Then 9 months later something you made arrives and you
      complain about how expensive it is.”

      I love the way you think. :)

  • DrKeteDC

    Sounds good. What if you have tried to find a job, willing to take anything and still can’t get one? I think it’s different for a person over 50. It just is.

    • Les K

      Not just over 50, although I’m within a few years of 50.
      Over the last year and a half, I learned that the Gov’t gives tax breaks to companies that hire certain people. While some of the reasons behind the breaks are good because hiring them would get people off gov’t programs, others are not so good.
      Because of the tax breaks, jobs are more likely to hire someone 18-40, rather than someone over 40 with better qualifications. Additionally, there are tax breaks if you hire a person whose charged with a felony, or just released after a felony conviction within the last year.

      So it was nice to know that an 18-40 yr old felon had a better chance of getting a job than I did.

      • DA

        Completely agree, I’m in the same boat. You forgot to mention if you are receiving welfare benefits, they also will get tax breaks for hiring them.

        • jvc

          Um, really?! Stop making excuses and educate yourself if you have no better job qualifications than a released felon or a person on welfare…

          • Mac

            He’s not making excuses, he’s telling the truth.

          • ctfsh

            I saw it I had to apply online for retail positions while I was in between gigs. The questions were grouped by page, including this sequence: 1) Are you Latino? No? In that case, check the boxes of all races below which apply to you. 2) Are you a single mother? A military veteran, or a convicted felon? (No to all) next screen (not joking) “We are not hiring at this time.”

      • Victoria Mead

        I am sorry. I just had to comment on this. I am 50, I HAD to restart my “life” due to a dissolved marriage. I work at a grocery store. We are significantly above minimum wage, and there are ALWAYS jobs open, Problem is, no one wants to do hard work! We have people come in and then quit a few months later because the work isn’t fabulous and glamorous. 20 years ago, I was making more money than I am now. But this is the option that I have taken. I continue to look for work in my previous profession, but I REFUSE to give up, refuse to feel sorry for myself. Sometimes you show up, pull up your big boy pants and grow up.

        • Mac

          I don’t think you’re telling the truth.
          If we had grocery stores around here paying what you said, they would NEVER have openings.

          • Victoria

            So Mac, I don’t know what your location is, but in Oregon, minimum wage is 9.00, we are paying 2.00/hour above that. There are openings, there is turnover. People just don’t want to work “hard” around here, I guess. There was a posting for an Assistant Manager (substantially higher pay grade) open for 4 months.

        • Victoria

          So Mac, I don’t know what your location is, but in Oregon, minimum wage is 9.00, we are paying 2.00/hour above that. There are openings, there is turnover. People just don’t want to work “hard” around here, I guess.

          • Mac

            I’m sorry for the rude tone I had in the first post, but I’ve ran into a lot of people who assume that you can walk into any joint and get a job, just because. Nothing could be further from the truth.

            I live in southern ohio. Our grocers/retail/gas stations/everything don’t pay anywhere near that, and no one below manager one is hired full time, EVER.

            Sadly, local expenses and cost of living don’t match the average income. Gas is probably the highest in the entire state, groceries are no cheaper than any metropolitan area, rent is just as high. If we had places that hired at 11/hr no one would quit.

            I personally have applied at every fast food joint and Walmart. I’m apparently overqualified for everything because a job I had for 6 years paid more than what they offer, despite the fact that I make it clear on every application that I’m willing to be paid what their starting wages are. Clean legal background, etc.

            People not working usually has more to do with being overqualified or other issues than bootstraps or gumption or whatever the dismissive phrase is.

            On a positive note, I read this:
            And will try to contact Caterpillar, as I’ve done factory work before and know what it’s like to be on your feet for 8 hours a day with oil on your clothes.

          • kale

            No one cares

  • Kathy

    Brilliant response!!! And yes, forward to Claire! Sometimes we don’t “see” what is right in front of us….sometimes it takes a good friend to “point out the obvious” to us.

  • Dan Meyer

    Drew Carey: “What’s that? You don’t like your job? There’s a support group for that! They meet at the bar.” Great response Mike!

  • Gerald R. Lucas

    I can’t help thinking that there’s some wisdom here, too, for potential college students.

  • robin lanning

    I dont consider what I do my “job” I consider it living my life doing what I love and the icing on that cake is I get paid to do it!

  • blondee0784

    he should move to west texas and work in the oil fields! thats outdoors and exciting!

  • Paula

    It’s all 80% attitude, 20% knowledge. Love ya Mike!

  • Jni

    Did anyone else just read that and heard Mike’s voice in your head?

  • Oscar Ortiz Duarte

    If Parker is a millennial (and he sure sounds like one), it’s likely he’ll dismiss Mike’s words as outdated, pre-World War II folklore. Yet Mike seems to teach Parker more than “how to get a dream job.” Most young men and women could profit from Mike’s advice: it’s not about getting the “right” job that’ll make you happy, it’s about doing the right thing.

  • Darci Poage

    that was very well said! I am fortunate and have a job that pays me very well, I work hard but when I started it was at bottom level. The make yourself indispensable words ring true! I worked my first career from high school to college graduate in the grocery industry. Then degree in hand with skills I moved to the Animal health/veterinary distribution category. 20 years later and many life changes and moves to get to the top I am there. If it all went away tomorrow, I would work at what ever I could find, warehouse,
    fast food, grocery again or what ever! Start somewhere it always leads the seeker to something better.

  • Dianna Fielder

    Absolutely the right response. I was there in the rut when I was young so I moved as far away as I could get. ALASKA. My life turned out great. It takes wanting to change. Change is so hard but once you step off the curb of comfort the sky will open up with wonderful possibilities.

    • Gary Deezy

      Interestingly enough, my sister sorta did the same thing: she was looking for a career, a man, and a exciting life full of adventure and rewarding work. She too, went the northern most part of Alaska, stayed a year, and came home. What she learned back home was the 99% of your fulfillment as a human being starts inside of you, no matter where you are geographically located. It is not always about a location change, sometimes the change has to happen in you before you can find fulfillment in any location.

    • Mr. Roach

      I love it. I am looking to change myself, but I’m rather scrared. And, oddly enough, I’ve always considered Alaska the place to be. I’ve been in my comfort zone for so long. I literally wake up and work, eat and sleep and repeat. I need a change!

  • Gary Deezy

    I agree with Mike that if you are jobless, you should go get a job while you are deciding where you want to be and doing what. But use them time to discover who you are, make friend, and look for opportunities to earn your way closer to where you want to be.

    I started at the opposite end: I started off at a highly paid sales job where I made tons of money, but traveled away from my children everyday, worked with people I couldn’t stand, and had to sell products to customers who really didn’t want them. I eventually worked my way DOWN the ladder to get to a job that paid well enough, fulfilled me as a person, and let me give back to my community in a way I feel is important.

  • raspyni

    LOVE THIS!!! Best 2 minute read in a long, long time. And hell yeah send it to Claire!

    • Ed Chainey

      Wow, that is some sage advice. A real kick in the head – forehead slap – for anyone feeling stymied in getting what they THINK they want.

  • Elissa

    Great Advice!!

  • Mr. Roach

    Love this. I kind of needed the same advice.

  • Lisa B

    I would love to have a drink with you and discuss my nonexistent love life, Great advise, love the “How about that guy at the end of the bar,” I said. “He keeps looking at you.”lol

  • Ben Wade

    Claire obviously wants Mike to be her man. Duh.

  • KansasGirl

    The man is straight forward. Bravo.

  • Rascal McDoogle

    Parker needs to take the first step, get a job. He has stated what he wants as a goal, but no path to get there. Mike is giving him great advice. Baby steps. If you don’t take the first step, you have no path to walk.

  • Guest

    Here’s your new job Mike. Ask Mike gotta love it!!!

  • Lisa D Bodnar

    Here’s your new job Mike. Ask Mike gotta love it!!!

  • Wally

    I think Parker is Claire’s soul mate!

  • Sierra Romeo Bravo

    Great response. Show it to your friend Claire. Becoming a welder is great advice too. I would do it, but I currently already have the best job in the world.

    • TMLutas

      You think Claire should become a welder in North Dakota?

      Now that’s a guaranteed target rich environment!


  • vmartin65

    What a great post! This guy is right on. Most of us will never find the perfect partner, the perfect job, the perfect city in which to live, etc. Our kids won’t be perfect nor will our friends or our relatives. We live and mature and learn to MAKE our own happiness, FIND our fulfillment, WORK towards our goals, and APPRECIATE and count our many blessings. IMHO!

  • choose_life_always

    #1 Don’t forward this to Claire; she sounds like she’s beaten herself up enough for a lifetime. You’ve done all you could for her. Reminds me of Jackson Browne’s entire Late for the Sky album. I don’t know if you feel something toward her, but it was pretty low down that she would let you buy her drinks, and complain all night about “never finding the right man.” We all sabotage ourselves by one means or another throughout our life, but at 42, she wants to snag the guy with the infinity pools in 90210. She is not looking for a soul mate. She wants a daddy. And, guess what Claire…there is NO perfect human being on the face of the earth, so you might want really examine your choices, and the suggestions
    Mike made. It’s not like he’s telling you how exhilarating it is to be in a sewer full of rats. He’s telling you to find your own bliss. Happiness ebbs and flows, as do excitement and passion. If you don’t believe this could happen to you you will never find anything/anyone that gives you purpose, God be with you.

  • troubleshooter

    I didn’t know he had his head attached to his celebrity figure. He is not only looking good on jeans, but also looking great on head as well!

  • Jamaicanmeangry

    Too many people think the world is happening to them instead of realizing that perceptions of self and reality are simultaneously projected by the individual. Reality isn’t some static thing that’s the same to everyone…that’s why the definition of “true” is so subjective and contested. If you want a lot of $$$, join the club but you’ll have to provide a service that cannot be replaced cheaper. For some people this service is multiple professional degrees, certifications, experience, charisma, leadership skills, body language….people judge each other as quickly as they read billboards. You can decide who’s opinion matters…but opinions aren’t the only thing they’re controlling…at least some of them. You have to wake up every day with the mentality that you’ll do something, learn something, meet someone who will make you a better person (depending on your personal definitions of good/bad/better). Mike is right, happiness is a choice…almost everything is.

    • Tobie Pettigrew

      That was inspiring, truly, and very accurate.

      • Jamaicanmeangry

        Thanks brohemoth!

  • Jason Jackson

    Dont forward to claire unless you want a beatdown!

  • cjsiam

    Love this guy…

  • KsweetK

    Very well said.

  • Ivan Ivanov

    I actually started watching his show recently (I’ve been always avoiding it) and I have to say that this proved me right as this guy is really awesome.

  • bmo

    I was Parker before I joined the military. Like Mike said, just do anything and find out what you actually like or don’t. I was a very hands on person before, cars, welding, built things, building motorcycles on the side now. But I love writing software! Best response ever Mike!

  • Chip Perretta

    Wow I remember in 1969 it was welding in Alaske for the Pipeline.

  • Service

    Wow! Fantastic Advice. Wonder how Claire felt about it?

  • Robyn Wood

    Yes!! Claire needs to hear this! Too many women are like her! Fools! Then they turn into desperate cougars wasting the last scraps of their attractiveness on young men who use them up for money and casual sex. They will still end up alone and unhappy, the young men will not stick around. Claire does not want to spend the rest of her life alone and she will if she sticks to her stupid fantasy. Newsflash: men are flawed and human just like women and Prince Charming does not exist. From a woman who has found the man she is happy to live the rest of her life with, who wishes women would stop fantasising about how to make stupid romance novels become their reality. Girls, it ain’t ever gonna happen.

  • sharkbytes

    51% of any job, is putting your hands on it…

  • Jason

    Parker, there’s nothing wrong with wanting the things you listed. Steady pay, excitement, time to travel.etc. It’s good that you know what you want and there’re certainly jobs out there that fit the bill. BUT, do you deserve such a job? The competition is fierce for something this good. Why would the employer hire you over the others? What do you bring to the table? The best way to get what you want is to deserve it. Invest in yourself and good things will come. Good luck!

  • Jzues

    love me some Mike Rowe!

  • samnjoeysgrama

    When my daughter was 16, her dropout, dead-beat but bright boyfriend (she was going to “save” him) didn’t have a job. I asked him why he didn’t go to McDonalds and flip burgers while he looked for a better job. His answer: “It isn’t worth my time.” Wha…? You don’t have a job Dude! Your time is currently worth zero!
    Fortunately she now is married to an AF Sgt and has two beautiful little boys. Don’t know what happened to the jobless dropout, but I’m betting nothing good.

  • baozebub

    So did Mike shag Claire that night or not?

  • Rhonda Sposato

    LOVE THIS! You should be a counselor! LOLOL!

  • boredwthis

    yes. forward it immediately.

  • Vyvyan Tsui

    Hmmm interesting… so as I understand, for Claire’s situation (or for any single girl) – transposing Mike’s advice into the relationship scenario… this is what the ladies have to do:

    “Stop looking for the “right” man, and start looking for a man. Any man. Forget about who you like. Focus on who’s available. Get yourself in a relationship. Show up early. Stay late. Volunteer for the scut work. Become indispensable. You can always break up with him later, and be no worse off than you are today. But don’t waste another year looking for an ideal man that doesn’t exist. And most of all, stop worrying about your happiness. Happiness does not come from a man. It comes from knowing what you truly value, and behaving in a way that’s consistent with those beliefs.”


    • joana

      I understood it the same way, as you :(

  • Russell Sasaoka

    I would have to totally agree with the response, I can’t begin to tell you how many jobs I took in the past 30 years before I came to the one that I currently enjoy, sure it’s not absolutely perfect, but then again, what job is, there will always be ups and downs but still, I am doing something as compared to not doing anything.
    Besides, if you do a good job and show initiative, someone will notice even though it may seem as if no one is paying attention and even if they are, there is always someone else that will take notice somewhere else.

  • David Johnson

    Some of this is subjective to the person giving advice. Some people have emotional problems, sleeping disorders, and full-on mental issues. Not everything is how you make it, some of it is how you are made. Overall, solid advice, if not somewhat hackneyed.

  • Teddy Heaton

    Mike Freekin Rowe for president.

  • Gary Fillmore

    Speaking as someone who has been doing his “own thing” for over a decade now, I give this five stars.

    Oh yeah, I should mention when I first graduated from college (in the recession of 1982) I took a a sales job on straight commission just to make ends meet and pay off my student loan. In other words, when your back is against the wall just do whatever it takes to keep moving forward. Keep working hard and eventually it all falls into place.

  • NieNie

    I still don’t know where I want to be, I have an idea but if I did it, it would take forever (and I finally figured that part out and I’m 27) I feel like a late bloomer haha. Where I am though its tough finding a job even a full time job at that.

    • Jim Bob

      I didnt even start college until I was 23. Graduated and worked for a national television station. After spending all that money on college I learned that I did not like dealing with the white collar people. I totally changed professions and after several years it seemed like I was in the same position I was in while working in television. I thought there had to be something better. I then realized that I had the greatest job in the world. Its all how you look at it.

      You still have plenty of time! Broaden your horizons. Put a sense of adventure in your life and try a place you never thought you would be. Dont let your current location dictate how good of a job you can get! I had to get over my fear of failure and take a leap into a whole new career after television. I was kind of scary dealing with the unknown, but at the same time it was exciting.

      Good luck and go take what you want!

  • Nedra

    A very wise man you are Mr Rowe!

  • Jim Bob

    Great advice. It took a while for me as well, but I came to the same conclusion about my job. It is what you make of it. I work in one of the greatest professions there is, but I always used to think there had to be something better. Once I dropped that mentality I realized my job was a lot better than I gave it credit for.

  • Barbara

    Love this man.

  • SeductiveStudios

    Great advice.

  • Guy Woolliams


  • exiledbaystater

    I’ve done the outdoor job, and I now have the well-paying indoor job. Ne’er the twain shall meet. It’s a paid holiday, though, so excuse me while I go outside to run.

  • Jeff Gaines

    Try Real estate investing/house flipping – every day is different, no office – big payoff if you do it right – all kinds of resources to learn from. I’ve been at it for 20 years and still love the challenge! Of course there have been a few losers along the way but you learn from those mistakes and move on.

  • AuthorLady

    Forward it to Claire….please.

  • sandman

    You can’t blame Parker for the way he has been conditioned. During this age of excess many of us can become lost and forget reality. He has, at least, started to question things and look for help. Mike’s response was filled with wisdom because he comes from a generation that has had some suffering or parented from a generation that suffered. The working class now is starting to feel the pain. This is always a positive. Good things will come from this. A Fourth Turning, so to say.

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  • Faylene Marie Gostanian-Whalin

    Thanks again Mike for another great article. Life is what happens while your making other plans and people need to learn to take what is happening today and turn it into a good experience. I learned along time ago that you can’t allow your dreams to overshadow what is happening right now because you could miss something truly amazing. It’s been a good lesson and I have always enjoyed my life no matter what is happening. We tend to take ourselves way too seriously.

  • chief601

    I had worked in sales and made good money but wasn’t “happy”. My uncle was a cop in my home town and got me an interview with the fire department. In those days there was no rookie school. I figured I’d work there awhile and move on. After my first fire I was hooked and 43 years later I’m still teaching the career I loved.

  • Kristin

    One thing I’ve learned is that if you get bored, then you move on! If you love adventure, this will keep you going! I LOVE my job right now. I also know that as I grow, I will evolve and so will my job choices. I do think you should find the RIGHT job, but it doesn’t have to be the RIGHT job right away. Just starting in that direction of what you like. As you perform that job, your RIGHT job will evolve and you will find it. Same with a man. You start dating and just enjoy the people you date. Don’t worry about the end result as much as just living your life to the fullest and be respectful of that other person’s happiness. Eventually, you open yourself up and the RIGHT man is there.

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