Maine Just Put Welfare Leeches In Their Place, Every American Needs To See What Happened Next


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Governor Paul LePage of Maine isn’t running for president. But perhaps he should be.

Because he is doing in Maine exactly what Americans want to see — but which most candidates are not even talking about.

Last November, just one week after his re-election, LePage did something unusual — he made good on a major campaign promise, by slashing funds for cities who give welfare to illegal aliens. The policy has already had a huge impact, with illegals fleeing in droves, and stunned Democrat mayors forced to defend giving handouts to illegal invaders before angry voters at the next election.

Now, just 6 months later, LePage is making good on another promise: to put an end to welfare leeches in his state, once and for all.

The results are something every American should see — an EPIC victory. And Democrats are FURIOUS.

Governor LePage passed a measure last year that requires recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) to complete a certain number of work, job-training, or volunteer hours in order to be eligible for assistance. The new requirement has resulted in a dramatic decline in food stamp enrollment, resulting in a logical win-win for all of Maine.

At the end of 2014 the enrollment count for SNAP was approximately 12,000 individuals. Now that individuals have to complete either 20 hours of part-time work a week, volunteer for at least 24 hours per month, or get involved in a vocational program, the amount of SNAP recipients has dramatically dropped from 12,000 to approximately 2,500 by the end of March — a nearly 80% reduction in welfare

The drop in numbers exceeded Republicans’ expectations by leaps and bounds.

Instead of just giving welfare applicants an easy way out, Maine is forcing people to explore every opportunity for employment before allowing capable adults to take advantage of the system and the people of Maine.


Of course Democrats are insisting that the program targets those in poverty or rural areas but their argument is invalid. The individuals benefiting from the new food-stamp law are the ones who really need the assistance and aren’t just lazy parasites to society who suck the vitality out of taxpayers.

This is a huge victory for the Republicans of Maine and of course the sore loser Democrats are trying to tarnish the reformation’s success. Democrats are urging for special measures to ease back on some of the new requirements because they are “too strict”. Too strict to get off your butt and earn your money, or at least volunteer or learn a skill? Maine citizens aren’t buying it.

Below: Irate Portland SNAP recipients wait on line for vocational programs

Maine was one of eight other states that took similar measures and declined a federal waiver for the new rule that requires welfare recipients to get off their behinds and contribute to society like everyone else.

This huge drop in the number of able-bodied welfare leeches after forcing them to work for their needs proves everything we’ve ever reported about welfare abusers. They’re only looking for the next handout.

Now if only we could get every American governor to do what Paul LePage is doing — against both illegal aliens, and welfare leeches — we might well save our nation.

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  • Paul MacKay

    So now people who can’t find jobs that don’t exist are forced to suffer more then they were already suffering. That’s nice.

    • Ann-Marie Conville

      they can VOLUNTEER ,work or study to keep benefits.

      • Paul MacKay

        Provided they can find a volunteer spot, a job or acquire student funding.

        • Chet

          Yeah bc salvation army and other organizations never want people to volunteer

          • Paul MacKay

            And they have so many spots that they can fit all 12,000 of them? Besides…if they’re all volunteering who would they be servicing? Plus you have to accept christ to work for the Sally Anne. That would infringe on people’s religious freedoms sometimes.

          • Pam Powell

            Yes, chances are that between jobs, volunteer places and vocational programs there is enough for all the ABLE BODIED people in the 12,000

          • Dorsey Emmerich


          • Paul MacKay

            “If not I can not complaint”. Well….my idea is to increase the amount of funding we spend on post secondary education, or in your case primary school. Institute tariffs for foreign made goods. Educate people that every dollar spent at Walmart is one dollar that leaves their local economy and hopefully bring some compassion and sense of community back.

            I don’t think starving people is going to do much good. I’d be curious how much petty larceny goes up in Maine because of this, but hey…jails are a good source of employment. Lord knows the military is to high tech for idiots anymore, might as well make people guards or prisoners.

          • David Whitmore

            From the one picture shown in the article of the participants of this program, there weren’t any of them looking like they were ‘starving’.

          • Karen

            “if they’re all volunteering who would they be servicing?” I think that’s pretty much the point.

          • Paul MacKay

            Does volunteering pay a salary now? You are aware that anyone on welfare needs to go to food banks and whatnot to make ends meet right? Maybe you don’t quite get it.

          • David Whitmore

            Really? Are you sure of your facts? Because I know military families that collect food stamps. And they don’t visit food banks because they don’t want to draw on an already abused system.. And I know other ‘elderly’ folks that do go to food banks, but they don’t qualify for food stamps. Because their Pensions and SS income pushes them above the income requirements.

          • BadInPublic

            Military families aren’t within the scope of the Maine government. Got that? If you have an issue (which I do) with military pay take it up with your Congress Critter or your Senator.

            Have you ever heard of battered wife syndrome? You are the liberal bleeding heart equivalent of it. You want to make excuses as to why minorities should have to work for their benefits. You are an enabler. You seem to forget the 70’2 and 80’s with the hiring quotas. You seem to overlook the college admission preferences. You seem to forget how bent over backwards we went to give minorities, not just a leg up but a boost.

            What have they done since the Great Society?

            I’ll leave that for you to answer.

          • David Whitmore

            I don’t think I’ve ever been called a ‘Liberal’ before. You’re funny.

            Military families that live in Maine, and collect food stamps do it on Maine’s dime. Anyone who applies for welfare or food stamps, or any other Federal program, does so through the State they live in; and the Federal government reimburses a portion back to the State.

            Since I lived through them, I probably don’t remember everything.
            But, I never agreed with those policies, kind of thought they were rather short-sighted, and self-serving for the politicians putting these policies in place.

            I think we should have taken Frederick Douglass at his word, when he was advising his good friend Abraham.
            Unfortunately, we let the politicians do what they wished instead.

          • BadInPublic

            Maybe you don’t get “work ethic?” What’s wrong with those who do some public service to get their assistance? Most all of us work to pay the bills and feed our families. Why should those who get things for free not pay it back some way?

          • PorshaJo

            Excuses, excuses, excuses. Pathetic!

          • Paul MacKay

            Your solution is what then. They should try harder?

          • David Whitmore

            Maine is a fairly large State, you’d be surprised how fast 24 hours a MONTH goes by. Have you ever volunteered to support your community? If can be fun. I know. From my own experiences.

          • BadInPublic

            Are you really saying that the Salvation Army would turn away volunteers? Really? And in the state of Maine I’m sure they can find places for these folks to spend their time and benefit society at the same time. Or are you against that too?

        • I Am Breitbart

          Because the local church, soup kitchen, road crew, battered woman’s shelter, homeless shelter and similar are over run with volunteers!

          • LadyWolf

            Don’t forget the SPCA….

        • TheRuleOfLaw

          Hospitals, police departments, libraries, schools, churches, etc., all allow volunteer work.

          Apparently, Paul is one of those who is currently sucking the tit of every working American.

          Keep in mind Paul, that many of those getting benefits (and the ones the program targets), are doing it because of laziness. They have no desire to work, and a lot of them eat better than I do, and I work 50+ hours per week.

          • Paul MacKay

            Because I believe in a certain degree of social equity I’m on welfare. Yeah OK. That’s perfectly logical.

            How many unqualified volunteers do these places need? When I was a youth trying to pad my college application with good deeds I took one of those volunteer positions at a hospital (practicable experience) I’m guessing kids still do that.

            Many of those getting benefits are messed up. Some of them are in places with zero options.

            SOME of them are lazy lay-abouts, I’ll not doubt that but if you think they eat better then you then either your job pays horribly or you have no idea how small the benefits are.

          • toobored54
          • Paul MacKay

            And how are these figures he brings up verified? You do realize that if someones home branch of their bank is in a different state their welfare payments will go through that state from the bank where the account was started right? Right now someone is getting welfare in Fargo but the records show they’re banking in Montana.

            It’s really not all that complicated. Or you can just trust a guy in a bad shirt installing fear. A lot of the right thrives on being afraid I think.

          • LadyWolf

            You do know that when you swipe your card it tells you where you swiped your card at or at what ATM machine you used your card? I mean it’s pretty easy to say that if you were in Hawaii and used your card there it will show up on your statement. Just like if you used your card at Red Lobster in Nashville it’s going to show it.

          • Paul MacKay

            But if these figures are coming from government data banks (which I’ll guess they are) that would mean where these transactions take place.

            We’ll assume they don’t audit each transaction made so lets say for example I deposit $50 in your account. On my end that will say that occurred in whatever state your home branch is in. You could be sitting right beside me but if your bank account is in Texas that’s where that transaction occurred.

          • LadyWolf

            It will show it was deposited but we are talking about the paper trail that you can pull up or even call to find out. The government monitors where they use their cards at.

          • Paul MacKay

            Actually, no they don’t. Welfare is one of the more poorly funded branches of government. They check that you have a valid bank account and set up payment to that account. There is some over site in terms of the client following their job finding plan and that they’re following the terms and conditions but they don’t have teams of accountants looking over each file.

            The government knows which branch of which bank the money was deposited in. That’s about it. If they suspect someone of fraud they will look into it further. There’s about one auditor per 1,000 files and that’s a small part of their duties.

            “The government” can’t even figure out soldiers need body armor, do you think they’re checking in on every welfare case in America to make sure someone doesn’t order a Big Mac out of state?

          • Morndew

            I don’t know where you live, but in NY snap funds can not go through a bank account. You are issued a card, period.

          • Paul MacKay

            Because, sincerely a welfare agent can’t just look at people’s personal bank statements without just cause. They don’t know if you spent $20 at McDonalds or the strip club. That doesn’t come up.

          • LadyWolf

            We are talking about the government and yes they do monitor it. Why do you think some states are now stopping welfare recipients for using their cards at strip clubs, casinos, etc?

          • Paul MacKay

            Those are welfare recipients without their own bank accounts. So in order to get paid they have to be issued government cards. I know it’s hard to imagine but most people on welfare are just going through a rough patch. They still have bank accounts. Heck….and I’ll give you this, in some cases maybe their family takes them on a vacation.

            When I was a starving student my dad used to take me to California sometimes when he went there for work. I didn’t object.It was nice to eat real food and get out of town. Most people are not in it for the long haul. Some are sure but should the 80% going through a rough patch have to be lumped in with them?

          • LadyWolf

            Go pull up your credit card statement and you will see where and when you used it.

          • David Whitmore

            Not a bad shirt, but they usually are more colorful. It actually is something that is worn by many inhabitants of the islands.

          • BadInPublic

            Never mind, you’re just a troll.

          • toobored54

            Ever read a bank statement, It shows exactly were you withdrew cash, and lists all your purchases and purchase locations. A welfare EBT card does the same thing. Verification is easy.The casinos in my state block ebt welfare cards use in their atm’s. Even a gubment goober can track a welfare ebt card used in hawaii, or Vegas. Im not sure the guys manner of dress is even an issue.

          • Bill Branson

            There is money out there to be made in the country, you just have to rethink your way of making it, stop worrying on becoming an employee and be an independent contractor, stop sitting on a damn computer bitching about “I need my welfare” and go hustle. Best thing I ever did was becoming a 1099 person.

          • BadInPublic

            “Many of those getting benefits are messed up. Some of them are in places with zero options.”

            So what do you want to do? Perpetuate the generations? When do we decide to stop the line of hopelessness? When do we get these people to understand that they are responsible for themselves? We have a mission to get these people to being responsible citizens. Isn’t that what the Great Society was all about? Do you need to read the LBJ and Civil Rights years over again? If you read, or lived like I did, about them.

          • toobored54

            They should eat better. Nationwide, the value of benefits for a typical recipient family ranged from a high of $49,175 in Hawaii to a low of $16,984 in Mississippi. You sound like you’re very wealthy, congrats on your success, but where I come from up to 50k a year is REAL money to some people.

          • TheRuleOfLaw

            I used to collect all of the benefits; SSI, SSDI, Food EBT, etc. when I was disabled for 4 years and couldn’t work. All the benefits I got was about $2850.00 per month.

            Some of these leeches, depending on how many kids they have, can make upwards of $80K-$90K per year.

            Those are the people they’re targeting, and there are more of them, than there are that legitimately get them.

            Trust me, I know people on food stamps that eat better than me…

          • vikki

            I don’t agree 100% my husband and myself work and pay all. our bills but still are poor as fk. $15.00 we qualified for. It’s b.s.! Some of us working people need help too and don’t have time to volunteer after working 40 hour weeks and have two kids.

          • Karen

            But you don’t have to volunteer, one of the qualifications is that you work 20 hours per week. You only have to do one to still receive SNAP. People who are genuinely in need are who the program was designed for, including people who work and still need some help. If you can’t get enough food money I am sorry. Try local churches for food banks (some churches don’t advertise their food banks). Or get the kids interested in growing veggies from seeds. Dry beans and rice are cheap and a great source of protein. There are lots of cheap ways to eat well. People in this country have no idea how to be poor and still eat like my grandparents and great-grandparents did. Or try Dave Ramsey’s budget. I hope things improve for you.

          • frances db

            Now this is a rational response. I would not begrudge the truly needy food to eat. Americans spend far less of a percentage of their income on food
            than many or most other countries. My husband’s family once saw a well to do woman take advantage of their church’s food program and it was very disturbing to them. This was years ago I think. Unfortunately, it is the children who suffer the most from poverty, and if you cannot afford them, you should stop breeding.

          • dxcq

            “individuals have to complete either 20 hours of part-time work a week, volunteer for at least 24 hours per month, or get involved in a vocational program” If you work 40 hours a week you already fulfill all the requirements, no extra employment, volunteering, training or studying is needed. this change does not affect you.

          • LadyWolf

            Then you or your husband get a second job. I work 48 to 60 hrs a week. I also raised 3 children without any help from the government aka taxpayers. My husband worked 3 jobs (he had a full time job and worked 2 part time jobs) while I went back to school and got my degree. You should do what you have to do to support your family and that doesn’t mean relying on taxpayers money.

          • toobored54

            Work hard and take responsibility to support your family?? What a novel idea!!!

          • Reader

            Part of the whole thing, too, would be by eliminating people just leeching from the system, it could turn into more than $10 or $15/month for those working hard and still having legitimate need.

            I have spent a significant part of my life working full time, always seeking to advance and improve myself, but living below the poverty line with a disability. I had 2 years where I I had to figure out housing because I did not make enough money to get a rent approved in the cheapest place I could find in the city. I understand working hard and still having the need. I also understand the abuse in the system as I have personally witnessed some of it while being denied assistance myself.

        • madalon baum

          Vocational training programs are usually offered free thru unemployment offices in most states. Hospitals ALWAYS have volunteer positions for delivering cards and flowers, working in the gift shop, “manning” the front desk, filing, etc. Boys & Girls clubs, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Nursing homes (reading to/ helping feed patients, etc). and on, and on and…..

        • Gemini

          If you do not have income you qualify for student funding.

        • PorshaJo

          I see the problem there! The morons who speak Ebonics instead of English. Yes I can see where the low lifes that have lived of of welfare their whole lives and never learned the language of the land might have a problem. Maybe we should just load the animals on boats and send them to the motherland.

        • Grizzly907LA

          They will have no problem getting into a vocational program at a junior college, provided they can read and do basic math.

          • Paul MacKay

            Or get to that community college. Maine is quite rural. People on welfare likely can’t afford a car. Likely not a phone either.

            It’s pretty hard to be poor. They often don’t have access to things you,I or the people who write these laws might take for-granted.

          • David Whitmore

            Paul MacKay — I really don’t think you know about that which you speak. I live about two blocks from an apartment complex known to be a ‘Section 8’ HUD Housing Complex (it filled up with ‘Katrina’ refugees). Those folks drive better cars than I do. They have multiple televisions. Lots of shooting (I have no idea how they can afford the ammo). Fancifully dressed. Lots of hair products. None of them (the adults) under-weight.

        • Trisch B. Terrien

          Plenty of THOSE !!!

    • I Am Breitbart

      Hmmm……soooooo, volunteering your time, because you don’ have a job to go to so you have free time, to get TAX PAYER FUNDED welfare is suffering. Right….take a look at my pantry and we will discus suffering! Pro Tip: A gov’t that gives you everything can take everything!

      • Paul MacKay

        You should get one of those jobs people are always talking about. I work. My pantry is just fine.

    • azsdft

      Oh please. Stop giving them excuses.

      • Jay

        Oh shut up. It probably looks easy from where you are.

        • azsdft

          Really? What qualifies you to make that decision?

          • Jay

            After spending years to fight and beat cancer, and then look for a job for the past 15 months to find that it is extremely competitive. And using 401K and pension funds to survive.

          • azsdft

            That gives you the ability to judge me? WOW!

    • Giggity

      Unless they can prove they are disabled Yep they will lose it as it should be!! it should only be temporary Now if you mean Suffering by having to work then Yep they will Suffer LOL Want to bet these Freeloaders get jobs now!!! Hunger is a great Motivator Damn Love it!!!! when Libtards are showed the Door

      • Paul MacKay

        Well nothing like a bunch of hungry people to make for safe streets!. Because desperate people never do desperate things.

        • chatty60

          Why all the excuses? I don’t live in Maine, but where I do live there are job postings all over. If they don’t want to work I believe one option was an education. There are grants for people that do not have the money for classes. If people really don’t feel they need to work and resort to crime then I guess the prison system will take care of them. They will probably be given a job in there also so maybe it would be better to get a job on the outside, volunteer, or go get an education.

      • Dorsey Emmerich

        LMAO WITH YOU.

    • Mike B

      Likes its SUFFERING to have to do something…

    • schr8er

      How about the ones that dont even WANT a job… but would rather sit at home, collect OUR money and play video games all day… Those are the ones that this is directed against… to lazy to even look for a job…

      • Paul MacKay

        How about the other 80% that actually exist and are looking for work? Maybe if we abolish minimum wage they’ll be able to get a job by being willing to work for $3.25 an hour just to avoid starvation.

        Hell they’d still have more money. How much do you think welfare pays anyways?

        • chatty60

          Welfare actually pays more than minimum wage in most states. Google it. In one state their welfare amounts to almost $20.00 an hour.

          • Paul MacKay

            That would be Hawaii. That $20 ($29 actually) includes health care costs, all the money put into social housing, day care, dental and any number of things.

            Google; “Your county name”+TANF. Likely unless you’re making $1000 a month you get zero.

    • Byron Shutt

      Read the article and try comprehending before you send another person to waste away doing NOTHING with their lives.

      • Paul MacKay

        I’ve read the actual act. It makes no provisions for someone who is doing their best and still can’t find a job or a volunteer position. There is no funding whatsoever added to enter a training program and that’s a tragic flaw.

        I’ll never understand people who think people on welfare are just laying about. Some of these people live in small towns where there are no jobs. It’s not so black and white.

        If they want people to better themselves they’d be better off opening up some training options or *gasp* looking at why all the jobs are leaving. Not trying to save $100,000 at the expense of people’s basic needs.

        • I Am Breitbart

          Are you on the dole? Just asking………….

          • Paul MacKay

            I’m a paramedic. My wife is a social worker.Our daughter will not need student loans, our house will be paid off next year and I’ll be able to retire by the time I’m 50.

          • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

            The “social worker” wife says it all.

          • Paul MacKay

            Burn….my wife has a good job. Man that sure does suck. You know what else sucked? Eating noodles for four years while she was in University.

            But yeah. Being married to someone who works in the community helping people is horrible. It actually is quite stressful. That said she’s done more to help Americans then any soldier or preacher I’ve ever met.

          • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

            More then any soldier?? You are pathetic. BooHoo on noodles…..I’ve put 4 through college, including a physician, and electrical engineer, a teacher, and one going into law next year. The only one with student loans is the MD. My husband and I worked 2 jobs each. I’m sick of people that DO NOTHING but reproduce and suck the system dry. NO SYMPATHY unless you are disabled or on temporary hard times. I’m totally for helping people….the ones that want to HELP THEMSELVES. You are quite impressed with yourself….but then many paramedics are…and I work with them.

        • LadyWolf

          I have lived in small towns and there are job postings everywhere. People now a days what to start out making $15/hr and that isnt the way it’s done. You start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder unless you have a college degree and you can get a job making in between. Quit having children if can’t support yourself firstm. Quit having the taxpayers pay for you and your kids. We weren’t there to enjoy the the act then it shouldn’t be my money to pay for the consequences of having sex. Birth control is much cheaper than having children. Maybe you have to get 2 jobs to support your family and BOTH parents need to work. But a lot of people don’t get married qhile the mother keeps having more children and live off the taxpayer’s money.

          • Paul MacKay

            I agree. Birth control and abortions should be readily available and affordable. There’s nothing worse then the suffering of unwanted children.

          • frances db

            Well said. I worked for 25 years in retail, from Christmas help to manager and even when I left 5 years ago, I was not making 15 dollars an hour. Oh, and I had a college. With benefits, maybe you could say I was making that. There are plenty of opportunities for people to advance at Mcdonalds or Walmart but you have to work nights and weekends. And quit having so many children, one should suffice your need for parenthood.

        • Byron Shutt

          I can never understand people who are willing to let those that can….not do. You are robbing people of reaching their full potential… tell me who is the enabler. There are plenty of people who truly need help……and they should have more but because of those that game the system they DON’T. Bleeding hearts for all except those that get up and go to work, pay their taxes and look after their own so they don’t fall to being used by the government to buy their votes.

    • Stacey Scott

      Paul, what is stopping these people from volunteering and continuing to get their subsistence? Your response is illogical.

      • wynder

        You’re using facts and logic on a Neo-Tard.

        Stop it.

      • Paul MacKay

        There are unlimited volunteer spots Stacey?

        • McKay_is_GAY

          YOU are exactly what’s wrong with our country. There’s a Paul Mackay on every thread, trying to justify why lazy fucks DESERVE ENTITLEMENTS. No one is entitled to a damn thing they didn’t work for. Get that liberal POV bs outta here. You’re clearly here to troll, as you can’t truly believe your arguement is logical. The one thing you’re concerned about is not having enough places to volunteer? You’re pathetic. There will NEVER be an insufficient amount of positions to volunteer for. NEVER.

          • Dorsey Emmerich

            AGREED WELL SAID

          • Paul MacKay

            I’m not here to troll I’m here to offer up my opinion. That’s what free speech and America is all about. My tax bill is quite hefty, I notice it I also happen to know that it’s not welfare that’s eats up most of my tax dollars.

            I’d rather people had jobs and didn’t HAVE to volunteer. I’m sorry you can’t grasp that. I work in a field that can’t be out-sourced so I don’t worry too much but I do worry for the kind of world we’re leaving our children.

            Maybe these volunteer jobs could be paid jobs. People tend to be more willing to work for pay. You haven’t noticed that?

            I’m what’s wrong with this country? I’m at close to 30 years of having never being unemployed because I worked hard to make myself employable. I had a vision and a goal and the world was a lot different 30 years ago.

            Now if you don’t have a skill you’re not going to make ends meet. Get your head out of your ass. When was the last time you received a raise?

          • M

            I do believe these volunteer jobs ARE paid jobs (by the tax payers) as they will receive welfare (aka money) for volunteering! AND if they don’t want to get paid for volunteering they can get welfare for going to school/training of some sort. Hmmmmm, seems to me like that is a better deal than most college kids have who have to work and pay for their schooling themselves!

    • wynder

      Maine is very rural. Ask me how I know.
      Every fire department in the state that isn’t a paid department is BEGGING for volunteer firefighters. Hospitals, Salvation Army… Hell, grab a broom and sweep a sidewalk.

      Or is that too much like work Paul? The free ride is OVER. We cannot afford people like the losers you champion any longer. The TAX PAYERS have had enough.

      • Paul MacKay

        I’m not “Championing” anyone. I just disagree with mean spirited poor bashing policies. Firstly…being a firefighter takes some qualifications. For one being able to afford a phone and a car. Or do you expect them to camp out at the fire hall?

        Hospitals do need help but we live in a for profit health care system. Hospitals can afford to pay judging from the last bill I paid.

        I don’t think sweeping the sidewalk counts as volunteer work. If that’s the case I guess anyone about to be cut can just say “Oh no…I swept the sidewalks for 25 hours this month.” What exactly would that prove?

        If tax payers like myself have had enough maybe we should consider where all the tax dollars go. Most of those dollars are not going to the betterment of our fellow Americans.

        • Dorsey Emmerich


          • Paul MacKay

            The caps lock button is between the shift key and the tab key. You’re welcome.

          • nat oconnell

            bullshit they do not!

          • Karen

            Yeah some states do. I know someone personally who got a free car. And free Obama phones nationwide.

          • Dorsey Emmerich


        • toobored54

          1) dont need qualifications to goto the firehouse 20 hrs a month and prepare meals for the firemen, polish a truck, straighten a locker.

          2) Your hospital bill is high because your paying for the illegals and poor that walked in free and got treated.

          3) “Oh no…I swept the sidewalks for 25 hours this month.” What exactly would that prove? It’d prove that the town has clean sidewalks and the taxpayers got something for their money.

          4) Are not the people collecting welfare in this article not Americans? Seems they’re seeing a little “betterment”

          • Paul MacKay

            1) We have people that do that for us. They’re called “staff” it’s how they pay their rent and buy their food so they do need welfare. I’m assuming firehalls work much like EMS depots do.

            2) My hospital bill is high because we have a horribly run medical system. An X-ray is billed at $1900 and $400 in Canada. Look it up

            3)What would it do for the person doing the sweeping when he was trying to justify his volunteer time. How filthy a town do you live in anyways? Who the hell sweeps sidewalks? Are you in a Charlie Chaplin movie?

            4)I doubt many of them are not here legally.The last time I forgot my wallet before I went to the DMV it was a pain in the ass, what exactly makes you think anyone can just walk in off the street and get a welfare check? Next time you have a day off go apply with no ID and let me know how that works for you.

          • Paul MacKay

            1) We have people that do that for us. They’re called “staff” it’s
            how they pay their rent and buy their food so they don’t need welfare. I’m assuming firehalls work much like EMS depots do.And please stay away from my locker. Those are my private belongings.

            2) My hospital
            bill is high because we have a horribly run medical system. An X-ray is
            billed at $1900 and $400 in Canada. Look it up

            3)What would it do
            for the person doing the sweeping when he was trying to justify his
            volunteer time. How filthy a town do you live in anyways? Who the hell
            sweeps sidewalks? Are you in a Charlie Chaplin movie?

            4)I doubt
            many of them are not here legally.The last time I forgot my wallet
            before I went to the DMV it was a pain in the ass, what exactly makes
            you think anyone can just walk in off the street and get a welfare
            check? Next time you have a day off go apply with no ID and let me know
            how that works for you.

    • Brawndo

      Congratulations! You win the Dumbest Poster of the Day Award!

    • Dan Gore

      The article states, “or get involved in a VOCATIONAL program.” It seems to me if people are really in poverty they would want to take advantage of every program to better themselves.

    • Guest

      Read the article. They can work, volunteer, or study to keep their benefits, like Anne said. Even if that were true, we’re *long* overdue for a culling. Don’t make it any worse.

    • madalon baum

      I think it’s very fair….You’re right. Sometimes it’s hard to find a job. But he gives them other options. Volunteer or attend a vocational training program (usually free) which can only be beneficial to the person.

    • Wiggle D

      Read the article. They can work, volunteer, or study to keep their benefits, like Anne said. Even if that were true, we’re *long* overdue for a culling. We have no natural enemies, left to fight amongst ourselves for increasingly less and less. Don’t need to make the situation any worse.

    • Karen

      Volunteer 24 hours per month. That’s 6 hours per week (or less). Walk down the road to the local church, thrift store, or mission and they will find something to keep you busy for 6 measly hours per week. If a person can’t find 6 hours in a week to actually think of someone other than themselves in exchange for food, then they do not deserve it. Seriously.

    • Jim

      Paul, I don,t know if you are black or white, you talk like you went 2 school 2 learn something. But don,t you think that most everyone had the same chance 2 go and get what most of us did in school.? I don,t think we should support people that set on their rear all day selling drugs on the street corners.They made their bed , let them lie in it, black or white. have a nice night.

      • Paul MacKay

        I’m neither actually. But it’s easier to start from somewhere if you don’t start off with a chain around your ankle. It’s an unjust society we live in. My family was lucky enough to have had a good treaty so we didn’t have to start from below zero. Not many blacks had anything to start with and over generations that takes it’s toll. All I’m saying. Take care.

  • Anja J

    Good for him, especially with the illegal aliens part. When did this country become so fat and lazy that we will allow foreigners to just invade us at will? And PAY them taxpayer benefits once they have done so? IF we need the labor, then those businesses who SAY we need the labor need to sponsor workers, guarantee so they are not on any kind of taxpayer dole, not food stamps, not welfare, not taking over our food banks, not using taxpayer assisted housing or medical.

    • Craig Hemphill

      You haven’t even scratched the surface. Illegals are being brought in from every corner of the third world by Obama and Democrats, they are then busing them to states and rural areas where the voting demographic is conservative in an effort to change the vote. Overnight regions are inundated by non English speaking low or no skilled Aliens, schools are overrun, resources drained and local economies pushed to the brink od collapse. This is all intentional and the only way I can see to reverse it is revolution

      • frances db

        I applaud the merits of this Maine program but the comment above is incredibly far fetched.

        • chevyll

          Not sure about the revolution part but most of his comment is spot on.

          • Bill Tidler

            Craig Hemphill’s comment is delusional nonsense.

          • Nancy Robbins

            Not really, Obumma is flying kids into to join their illegal invader parents here in this country from Honduras, adn we are the ones foot the damn bill for these illegal invaders. dont’ fly the kids in, fly the illegal invaders out. deport them.

          • you

            you are an illegal alien. your ancestors were illegal aliens. stop being retarded.ds

          • b

            we really have some fools on this site , dont u know these people are breaking the country for no country imports poverty unless they want to turn them into democratic votes and do what other countries do give them some medical and food and get them healthy and send them back home

          • Trisch B. Terrien

            Yeah? But we have to start somewhere. Sounds good to me.

        • Gary Doze

          No it isn’t!

        • watcherofolde

          No, it’s reasonable and easily proven. Just look where Lutheran and Catholic charities have been told to ”settle” them. (by the way they get BIG bucks from the gov’t for doing this,and they have huge salaries to boot) They are changing the demographics of many towns, cities, and ultimately states. The dems mean to eventually have a one-party government, nationally.

          • THOMPERT

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          • John Sayewich


          • d-rob

            Since this is “easily proven” please ‘prove’ it for us. Also, what is your evidence to support that last statement that just seems like conspiracy theorists bs?

          • Joan Bryan

            We’ve got to stop this or move to Canada. Then, the illegals will have to find someway to support themselves instead of our welfare system.

          • you

            you are an illegal alien. your ancestors were illegal aliens. stop being retarded.v

          • Peredon

            Hell The Republicans are doing a pretty good job without the help of The Democrats. I for one will vote for anyone that wants to get rid of that disastrous Citizen United Supreme Court decision. As long as we’re on this site discussing welfare let’s also attack corporate welfare.

          • P J

            I am Lutheran and I don’t want them here

          • you

            you are an illegal alien. your ancestors were illegal aliens. stop being retarded.w

          • b

            u my friend are and a hole

        • laura montgomery

          Are you kin to Kirsten Powers? It’s for the children. Yeah,right. Taken right out of the mouth of Hitler.

        • Tom Simmons

          frances db, you are naive, don’t know where you live, but can assure this is happening in Texas, and if it is happening in this Conservative state, it is everywhere. They are even FLYING in children with the tinniest connection to an illegal already here. Ask your self this, Ten years ago, would you have believed this??? AMERICA IS BEING SYSTEMATICALLY CONVERTED INTO A PREDOMINATELY HISPANIC, DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY, ie SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST. It is time for US citizens to WAKE UP, and get involved in fighting this CRAP!!!!!!!!!

          • Laura

            I agree. CA, AZ & TX!

          • you

            you are an illegal alien. your ancestors were illegal aliens. stop being retarded.ds

          • ben carter

            You like to use the word retarded don’t you? Stop buy and we will take that chip off your uneducated shoulder. Sound like a child slinging the word around.

          • Sigfried Hoodinni

            None of my ancestors were illegal aliens! Wouldn’t matter if they were though, I’m not!

          • b

            they are flying them here to escape poverty and violence in their country ,u better wake up u fools who dont understand whats happening for we are becoming the country they are running from and that is what the democrats want ,,a bunch of fools who do as they are told

        • lifer

          Check out California.

          • b

            i live in California and they have taken over and they are the racist ones for im a flooring contractor and Mexicans took over all the shops in 1995 and ive been fighting for work all those years for i had to find work myself for a if a shop hired an american the Mexicans wont come to work so tell me whose racist

        • Laura

          My roommate is a pilot, and they`ve been flying illegals to many parts of Phoenix, CA, and TX, for months now, and on our dime! It`s far worse than Craig described it. There was too much push-back busing them in, so they decided to fly them in …sad, but very true!

          • you

            you are an illegal alien. your ancestors were illegal aliens. stop being retarded.b

        • Trisch B. Terrien

          We have to start somewhere. It’s very out of control.

        • Joan Bryan

          It’s a scam the likes of which appears in every one of these comment sections. I hope no one falls for them.

        • Trisch B. Terrien

          We can Dream can’t we? Or is the DREAM, only for black “Kings”, with loud speakers? Far fetched? Maybe, but someone has to start somewhere………………it’s OUR dream, let’s enjoy it. Or should we march and protest , to have our equal time ? We’re behind you Maine !!!!!

      • Stacey

        Craig your comment is spot-on .I live in one of those cities where the government brought in bus loads of illegal immigrants to try and force us to accept them into our community. We stood up to them, we stood in the streets we did not allow anyone to get off those buses. I am all for foreigners coming into our country; to live here and enjoy the freedom that all of us Americans have but they need to come in legally

        • Guest

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          • Jackie Morrison


        • you

          you are an illegal alien. your ancestors were illegal aliens. stop being retarded.f

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            you must be retarded!? there was no country when Europeans came here. it was a land mass inhabited by natives not much different from animals. white men created this country! so no we are not illegal.

          • Debra Collins Bernard

            did you just call Native Americans animals? Read history fool. They taught the pilgrams many things! Ignorant!

          • Sigfried Hoodinni

            You have a few details wrong! They were helped by A (singular) Native American named Squanto. He already knew English before the Pilgrims even landed because when he was young he was captured as a slave, brought to England, taught English, and trained as an interpreter. He returned to New England with an expedition led by John Smith in 1614. It was 1621 when he met the Pilgrims and helped teach them how to use local fish to fertilize the soil in order to grow Corn which may have indeed saved their poopers.

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            lets not forget the Vikings set up shop 600 years before the English but were wiped out by the natives in that part of north America. maybe if they would have allied against us instead of warring with each other they would still be running naked in the woods with out horses or the wheel.

          • Tom Simmons


          • all American

            Real republicans are fight for the white man

          • Kim

            I hate to break it to you but I am native american and this land was in fact inhabited, Not much different than animals are you KIDDING that is the most racist thing I have read all day. Offensive! White men TOOK this country through genocide. Period. I do feel that this situation with welfare abuse warrants attention and changes and so far working off SNAP seems a decent way to do that. Not everyone using these programs are abusing and many do work.

          • ben carter

            Your comment shows how little you know. Until you own properties and rent them to the leeches where the government pays there rent and they just keep having babies and keep getting free rent you need to check on some facts. The animals comment was unwarranted and I look on native Americans as Americans

          • Sigfried Hoodinni

            Every square foot was covered with Native Americans? No. When people landed and started colonizing America some individual Native Americans and some tribes were friendly, some were not and attacked. There were racists and murderers on both sides as well as innocent people on both sides.
            The settlers didn’t immigrate here illegally nor did they brake any laws.

          • dghealy

            If the settlers didnt break any laws it might be because there were none to break. but as vicious as the indigenous tribes might have been, we certainly matched it in spades. There were voices who tried to protect the indigenous people. If you are trying to judge the past with the morality of the present you are a ASS. Ask, would we do today what we did then? Change is happening at an exponential rate.

          • bill

            get a life Kim for im Irish and my ancestors worked like slaves to and u Indians cant claim the whole country and by the way i wasn’t even here then and we have a lot of people working oiff the books and getting benefits and now that they cant they will stop abusing the system and plus their are some who sit on their ass and this government treats us all like trash

          • Difficult Truth

            I wonder in your ancestors ever heard of punctuation.

          • jusawhiteguy

            there -they’re -their. please learn the difference.

          • Nelda Seidel

            Anyone who is born here is in fact a “Native American”… LOL!

          • DrLyndaHp

            Ask a black person what they are; they will say “African American.” That’s the problem, an American is an American, not African American, Chinese American, or any other kind of American, they should just be “American.

          • Joe Misuraca

            80% of native indian deaths was due to diseases they had no immunity to. Not exactly what I would call intentional genocide. But if you look at Native American history, you’ll see that genocide was committed amongst the tribes against each other for 100’s, perhaps thousands of years. So how far back do you want to go? Just until it fits your agenda? Now as far as the comment comparing them to animals, that was indeed racist.

          • Michelle Burke

            LOL WOW you got him there….

          • dghealy

            your mention of your personal connection was unnecessary and diminished your point.

          • Terry Stromberg

            Sorry Kim, the first people to come to this continent came from Europe over 20,000 years ago and you may even have some European blood in your veins.

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            I read about when Louis and clark went through the south west they came across a tribe that had blue and green eyes with dirty blonde hair who spoke a language completely different from the others, when they came back through a few month later they were all dead from warring with other tribes.

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            the point I was trying to make no matter how offensive it came across is that when the English came here there was no government or unified country and that what we have today was created by white English men no matter how unpopular that is it is still fact. Mexicans constantly tell me I am illegal and I need to go back to Europe. well my family came here by ship in 1636 and helped found Connecticut and what they created was created from nothing. there were no existing structures or institutions like there were in turkey when the muslims turks came and took all the greek culture and called it their own.

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            I hate to break it to you but your people didn’t even have the wheel yet when we got here! and how is it racist to say not much different then animals? the people that inhabited what is now Germany before the Scandinavians moved in were not much different then animals too. now is that being racist? the fact that your people were not white is not what made them like animals, its the fact that they were living in huts and were nomads with no infrastructure or stable communities! i have a bunch of native friends and they admit it too. Indians were wearing twigs and running in the woods. everything you have is because we brought it. the wheel, horses, written language and so on. and there was no country other then roaming bands of tribes killing each other while the white man set up shop and took all their lands.

          • Trisch B. Terrien

            My ancestors were some of those native animals. There were no laws or rules back then. There are laws and rules NOW……..and they only apply to the people already living here. Aliens (real ones) do as they please and then get rewarded for it.

          • John Smith

            your a racist idiot comparing native americans to animals but you are correct that there was no established government here

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            haha racist? yes I absolutely am but not against natives. its simply fact that compared to us they were almost animals, just like the white people the romans found in Germania 2000 years ago, now is that racist too?

          • Difficult Truth

            I’m astounded by how stupid you are. Please don’t breed. We do not need more of you.

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            too late I have 5 kids and plan on having more just to spite you!

          • Guest

            you are the retarded sounding one.

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            well I do have a speech impediment that makes me sound a bit retarded. but it hasn’t kept me from pro creating with multiple women in multiple states. my retard gene will thoroughly be embedded in this nation in a couple generations.

          • Scott

            Wow what an ignorant uneducated comment. U should be ashamed and I am almost embarrassed for you. Go open a history book

          • mjs

            Asshole. Learn your history. There were people here. Native americans which our ancestors named them. They robbed this land from them. Our ancestors were dicks. but that was the time. Conquering nations. They conquered. They didnt create

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            actually Columbus named them Indians thinking he was in the indies which means my ancestors did not name them because Columbus was Italian and I am in fact English.

          • P S

            His ancestors were Conquerors..Big difference.

          • ben carter

            And you are an idiot.

          • John Smith

            your the retarded f and your an idiot

          • Mustang

            It kind of looks silly when you call someone retarded and don’t know the difference between “your,” which is incorrect here, and “you’re,” which is the contraction of “you are,” and the word you should have used…twice…other than that, spot on!

          • b

            get a life Mustang for one thing i hate is some fool on the internet correcting peoples writing for i hated English but straight a in math so go to some other site and teach someone else u fool

          • Mustang

            Is that what I should do? Go to some other site and teach someone else? Why when there are enough illiterates here to keep me busy for a while…now go get your shine box and use your “straight As” (unlikely) to make a dime or two for yourself…kills me when someone who can’t even write their native tongue calls someone else a fool…little punk…

          • kola

            can’t we just get along you humanoids, I was here before any of you.

          • uglykidmoe

            public education much? you think the indians sprouted out of the ground here, like what, maze? they emigrated here just like the white boy, get over it dumaz.

          • SuzLee01

            Nope, my ancester was AMERICAN INDIAN. Plus the rest from europe came here legally,, through Ellis Island. Not sneaking in like the scum we are getting.

          • Difficult Truth

            You’re even dumber than Jeffrey “derp” Oviatt. We invaded this country before Ellis Island existed. You should provably learn to write sentence before you comment on history, though…

          • SuzLee01

            Oh I know how, just don’t bother on these pages, it’s like facebook, or texting. My great-grandmother was american indian. Other heritage was german, and my relatives came here legally, assimilated into the community and started a family farm and business. As stated, I have no illegal relatives in my background, and I would gladly help eradicate the ones that are here today.

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            derp? is that some inside thing you have going on? how many dudes have invaded your butthole?

          • rene

            I’m half Cherokee and half European and my ancestors came in through Ellis as well

          • SuzLee01

            Same here Rene. My great-grandmother was Cherokee, and my family came here from Germany. Mother’s family is Irish

          • weikamis

            you, FYI THIS IS THE YEAR 2015……are you living on some parallel universe or something???

          • bill

            yes but most of our ancestors never asked for hand outs for it they needed help back in those days people helped each other if one was happening a hard time but those days are gone thanks to the democratic party who will give anything to people for a vote

          • Nelda Seidel

            No-ONE who was born here is “illegal”…

          • Jeffrey Oviatt

            what if both of the childs parents came here illegally and had the baby?

          • dghealy

            got Laws? got taxes? got borders?

          • lnsirucek

            No, I don’t think so. They came thru Ellis Island, therefore they were recorded.

        • kittykat

          And become AMERICANS! Which means speaking English, working for a living, respecting the American flag and the Constitution, and supporting themselves, just for starters. If they are not willing to do all that, then they don’t belong here.

          • JJ

            We are all from Europe, I agree with everything this article says except all the hate you put into it. This article could have easily been written without all the hate, but instead you chose to use negativity to promote your message instead of positivity.

          • bill

            its not for hate JJ , its disgust with our system obama changed the law that Clinton put in place that u have to work for welfare or help and that left the doors open for illegals and Americans to to work off the books and collect welfare and medical for u the taxpayer

          • stopspending4

            be careful with your terminology – O did not “change” the law he just used his pen and phone to reinterpret the law and how it should be enacted.

          • bill

            its not hate, its disgust with obama who changed the law that Clinton put in place that u have to work for benefits and medical and this caused illegals and Americans to work off the books and collect benefits and this is why so many have dropped out for they cant afford to stop the job off the books

          • TheNananator5150

            Bill; you need to do some research – Obama did NOT change the law! the law; enacted during the CLINTON Administration is still exactly the same.

            93% of the people receiving SNAP ARE EMPLOYED and quite simply do not earn enough to pay the bills and have money left to buy food with.

            Try watching something other than FOX! Go to Google and do some Searching!

          • katal1

            Wrong…… More than 29 percent of SNAP households had earnings and 40
            percent of all SNAP participants lived in a household with earnings. For
            these households, earnings were the primary source of income.USDA.ORG.

          • peoplectr
          • stopspending4

            You are correct – O did not change the welfare to work law. However, just like his other executive orders and administrative changes, there is no longer a requirement to work. In effect, he changed the law with his phone and pen just like he has changed countless other laws. He thinks he has the right to make law, change law, interpret law, do whatever he wants because he also believes he is the only person who knows what is best for the rest of us. News flash to O – you do not know what is best for me or the country

          • Maureen Mizuno

            I partially agree with you. If a person is a citizen of this country and needs help and they are able physically, mentally etc. they should be given enough to be able to go to school, job training or whatever it takes to get them to be able to support themselves and their families and it should be for a period of time that is established up front to get them in position and no longer than that. Of course there will be those which will never be able to support themselves and only these should receive assistance perhaps for the rest of their lives. but not their children or their children’s children. There should be no more generational welfare recipients. The next generation should get equipped to have a better life than their parents. Unfortunately, under the present system recipients are not given enough monthly to thrive and grow and that is why we need real welfare reform. Not what we have now.I’m sorry to say that people should also not be rewarded with being given higher benefits if they have more babies with no daddy’s to support them and multiple deadbeat fathers. I would put in place penalties for that behavior not increased benefits.

          • evelyncm

            Is there anything positive about people coming in illegally and getting all the free stuff courtesy of the tax payers? Is there anything positive about dead beats sitting on their butts and letting everyone else feed and house them?

          • Barbara

            Yeah- they’re all positive they’re gonna keep getting those welfare checks.

          • Does reality offend you?

          • Mike Goff

            you are stupid we all aint from Europe, you are the hater here.

          • Chris

            Oh, you’re a Native American? Or “indian” as rednecks love to call them? That’s odd, your picture doesn’t really make you look like that.

          • Randy Hollett

            lol he means all white people which is still wrong go back to 2nd grade there are 7 continents people come from south america asia africa europe and australia but i geuss u left them out lol you angry white men need to get a life anyone under 35 can see the craziness in your party and thats why u will never win another national election for a very long trime

          • Terry Stromberg

            And you need to update your education!

          • Don White

            Unless we decide to break up this unholy marriage of productive whites and lazy, illegal non-whites and divorce ourselves from you. After we secede, you can form a new nation and YOU can give all the free handouts you want without me having to pay for it. That sounds great to me . . . how about you?

          • Mary Kelly Henderson

            go back to your boy just bend over like u always do ass hole

          • Jeff Cook


          • Ron Langevin

            Up yours JJ, fkn lib turd.

          • TheNananator5150

            Goff is a surname with several distinct origins. It is the 946th most common family name in the United States. When the surname originates from England it is derived from an occupational name from German, Cornish and Breton. The German Goff means a godly person, a strong warrior, or a priest.

          • Chris sr.

            What positivity? They are stealing and exploiting a corrupt system that these illegal immigrants and lazy Americans use so they can suck money from the working class man just so they can sit at home and do nothing because they feel entitled not work. It’s pathetic and sometimes there is no other way to “promote” without negativity or at least some type of negativity. These people have the audacity to think they deserve free money and food and not have to do anything to try and better themselves or their families. And for the ones that actually work, go to school, and try to do better, I applaud you.

          • Eddie G.

            The freeloaders truly believe the rest of us owe them a living because they live under a word coined by Bill Clinton for their lazy ilk called, “entitlement” !

          • TheNananator5150

            I have heard many people refer to Social Security as an Entitlement. WTH is that about? I worked for 55 years and it is NOT AN ENTITLEMENT! Like any insurance, if you paid your premimums (SS taxes) you’re entitled to the benefit. I earned my retirement! It’s not my fault if Social Security is beginning to fail! It was the Regan Administration that opened Social Security to Congress to allow them to raid the Funds put there in good faith by those of us that worked for most of our lives. We paid SS and we paid taxes and State disability plans and Many other payments too! We on Social Security got a raise in January: An overwhelming $13 per month raise!! Meanwhile; in the past 10 years, Congress has given themselves raises totalling over $10,000! And their salaries start at over $124,000 per year – for the rest of their lives they will get full salary and full benefits! Whether they do their job or not-and they are NOT doing what they were sent to DC to do: Namely- what WE THE PEOPLE decide WE WANT! Too busy fighting among themselves!

          • Maureen Mizuno

            It’s appalling/ You get a salary forever, even when you no longer hold the position. That has got to change. We need to change those laws. It has to be a grassroots effort on the part of the citizens of this country to protect ourselves and our families.

          • cep32101

            It’s mostly obama’s “Share the wealth” attitude. These people actually think they are owed a living. I work with a girl who said “I can’t wait til obama pay my house off.” She though that because she was black, obarry would pay her mortgage for her. She made $70k

          • catsighting

            It is because WE are tired of losing our freedoms. We are tired of losing our hard earned retirement and getting zero interest on savings. We are tired of $4 gas prices and $10 a pound for bologna. We are tired of BEING HATED. We have been pushed to the brink and are angry. If we do not stand up and fight back, we will go over the cliff and die. If the anger is turning to hate, it is a natural transition of feelings toward the oppressor’s. We don’t want to hate, but it is hard not to hate the person who has their booted foot on the back of your neck and is pressing your face into the dirt.

          • Jeff Cook

            So people DO eat bologna! But $10 a lb? You are getting ripped off. Where do you live? Alaska?

          • Barbara

            Just a metaphor. His basic comments are shared by many.

          • Luvmylab

            So out of his whole comment, you pick focus on the $10 a lb. price? Where I live, all lunch meat (turkey, ham, roast beef) is $8/lb. and up. No, I don’t live in Alaska or HI but on the East Coast.

          • Eva Marie

            HawkRawk – Bologna, once one of the least expensive lunchmeats, is now definitely over priced. I live in a suburb of Buffalo, NY and all the major supermarkets are charging from $6.99 pound and up. Sadly, it is still cheaper than ham, salami, turkey/chicken breast, roast beef, etc. Our beloved country has been taken over by greed and the money the government needs to let the illegals and welfare frauds live a life ten times better than the rest of us.

          • Josh Carney

            4 Dollar gas prices? Gas is 2 dollars a gallon and I never even heard of bologna being 10 dollars a pound.

          • Eddie G.

            Gas is closer to $3.00/gallon in Vegas and a pkg of Bologna runs about $5 bucks. It’s not a pound but close so $10/lb is coming soon to a store near you as the dollar continues to devalue thanks to the idiots in Washington.

          • annukka roy

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          • Maureen Mizuno

            Stop spamming these sights. this is not what they are for. Plus your full of crap and are just trying to scam people desperate people out of their money.

          • Iam Mossfish

            California got close to $2 a gallon just briefly but is well over $3 a gallon today and we have the best prices in California, many places are near or over $4. It hasn’t been under $3 for most of the last 4 years or more. We were at almost $5 for a while.

          • Maureen Mizuno

            Why are we talking about gas prices? that is not the point at all?

          • DorindaSears

            Haven’t you heard the Obama speeches on how climate control is our greatest security threat? He wants us to believe the climate is bigger than any threat we endure from other enemies! I’d say gasoline prices are a consequence of Obama’s progressive policies.

          • ta2t2o

            No DorindaSears our biggest threat is the stupidity of the average American, and the comments in here have shown how serious of a problem that really is.

          • Roger K

            Obama is just moving the peanut under a different cup. Focus on this, not on that, divert attn.

          • DorindaSears

            can’t remember the last time I saw $2 gas. Where the heck do you live. No doubt where there’s been a serious news blackout or where the Dems have control of the press. Or have you just self-imposed your ignorance.e?

          • Luvmylab

            Current regular unleaded gas for me has now crept up to $2.79/gal. I buy it at the least expensive local gas station that I can find.

          • Sharon

            Where do you live that it is under $3.00 per gal? It is well over $3 in my area and have not seen it under that in a very long time. It has gotten so bad for us that I don’t think I have been able to put a full tank of gas in my vehicle in a very long time.

          • John McDonald

            I would murder a bus load of Popes for gas at 2.79 a gallon. Its 4 bucks here, pal.

          • Mary Curry

            Gas is $2.69 a gal here in Indiana

          • John McDonald

            I would murder a bus load of Popes for gas at 2.79 a gallon. Its 4 bucks here, pal

          • Rita Clark

            Today it’s 2.69 in Winona MN

          • Pocono18519

            Metaphors. You do know the terminology, right? If not, you too (or is it to, two?) are the problem.

          • Maureen Mizuno

            You said it right…

          • Jenn Debaun

            Here in Philadelphia PA when we see $3.50 a gallon we get excited. At one point it was $4.98 so yes gas is higher then $2 a gallon…shit if I saw that on a sign I would think it was a typo :/ On to the lunchmeat…I pay about $8-10 a pound for good lunchmeat. Maybe not bologna but I am pretty sure the guy was exaggerating and/or using it as an example to make a point

          • John McDonald

            Gas is 4 dollars a gallon where I live. It hasnt been 2 dollars a gallon in 10 years.

          • Mac Wildstar

            kookiefornia, right?? its down to 2.32 in Michigan today.. we expect it to go below 2 by November.

          • RogerThat
          • Maureen Mizuno

            Maybe you live in a cave. There is no $2 per gallon gas in this country right now. Or maybe you don’t drive a car at all. This not the point that was being addressed………

          • judy

            read the news….gas prices in CA just topped 5.00 a gallon at at least one station. sliced deli meats can run as high as 8.99 a lb in AZ….

          • B. Mac

            You’re full of bologna! Bologna is no ten dollars a pound!
            shet…I can get QUALITY roast beef at 8.99 a pound!

            Every week, I purchase store brand chicken breast for 6.99 pd.
            You may want to drop 10.00 pd. bologna!

          • Eddie G.

            You may want to change over to beef or chicken tube steaks for a lot less than roast beef and chicken boobs. If all else fails, go vegan.

          • B. Mac

            “Chicken boobs”? LMAO!!!
            Picture a chicken wearing a bra?

          • Eddie G.

            I prefer those breasts in the grocery store, they’re naked !

          • B. Mac

            “naked chicken boobs”…
            These are chickens who underwent a masectomy!

          • Carol Chang

            Roast beef IS beef. What are chicken tube steaks? Do you cook? Do you shop?

          • Maureen Mizuno

            Here is a perfect example of why the country is going down the tubes. IDIOTS LIKE THESE WHO DON’T EVEN GET THE POINT OF THE DISCUSSION AT ALL. It’s not about Bologna and gasoline

          • Diana Kerr

            Or grow your own…. then you know what’s in them, what hormones haven’t been added, that they’re not filled with antibiotics, etc… etc…

          • Simon Cat Parnell

            oppressor…get a grip – stop playing world police and declaring war every five minutes and you might win a few friends

          • ta2t2o

            Meanwhile gas is under $3/gallon and expected to drop to close to $2/gallon by the end of the year. Also, folks on welfare and illegal immigrants didn’t destroy the interest on your savings – that was rich investment bankers who made bad bets with your money and caused the financial crisis. So if you’re going to fight back – make sure you’re aware of who you’re fighting back against, because going after poor people is and easy cop out.

          • DorindaSears

            They say if one takes a snap photo on any subject the info we take from it will often bear no relationship to reality. Yours is a good case in point. Rich investment bankers did not cause the crisis they simply jumped on the bandwagon after the straw was laid in it by Barney Franks and the gang who strong-armed the banks to make loans and hand out mortgages to those without the credit nor the capacity to service loans. The Dems created the perfect storm for the banking crisis and then stepped away from taking any responsibility for what their notions set in motion. It’s the oldest trick in the book: “start the fire and then bandage up to play the role of the victim.” As for your stupid comment I prefer to see people as uninformed and totally biased in the way they want reality to work and be viewed. Otherwise, comments like the ones you have left behind could lead anyone to believe that something other than human has interjected itself into the dialogue.

          • ta2t2o

            Interesting how they managed that under a Republican administration. You’re delusional.

          • DorindaSears

            Apparently you do not recall or you do not understand that Congress was dominated by the Democrats. And you are apparently ignorant of the current events at the time. As far as interesting goes we could have an interesting conversation if you’d spend some time getting caught up on all sides of the issues rather than mouthing the Dems talking points.

          • ta2t2o

            Apparently YOU don’t know how our government works. Congress can pass any legislation they want. It doesn’t become law unless the President – your Republican President at the time – signs it. Or were you just being ignorant of how our government works and mouthing talking points again? If there was a veto and veto override, I must have missed it.

          • DorindaSears

            Let’s see where does a person start with someone like you. I wish I had the time to educate you but I don’t AND it appears you are so entrenched in your left ideology that you will dismiss out of hand any information not matching your views. First of all, Congress, if it has the votes, overrides a Presidential veto quite easily; secondly, you are dead wrong on this particular issue regarding the loan crisis. Clinton created the “National Homeownership Strategy” that allowed lenders to give subprime loans with massive balloon payments out five years. People refinanced and were able to push that balloon out another 5 years; Clinton owns that act not Bush; Bush tried to reign in Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac but lacked the votes in Congress to do so; in April 2001 the Bush Administration started issuing its first warnings to Congress about the financial repercussions should Fanny Mae or Freddy Mac not be reigned in; Charles Schummer and Barney Franks headed up the Democratic response basically labeling any warnings coming not only from the Bush Administration but also from the Federal Reserve Bank as proponents of the ‘sky is falling’ mentality. You really should get out of of your entrenched state and take a walk along middle ground. The facts are easy enough to find, if you’re interested. Hope this helps. Go to and listen.

          • ta2t2o

            So are you saying Democrats had enough votes to override a Bush Veto? If you are, then you would be wrong – AGAIN. Also, you might want to check your timeline. Those sub prime loans didn’t reach their heyday until well into Shrub’s second term.

            In fact Countrywide Financial made over $100Billion in subprime loans between 2005 & 2007…not because of Clinton’s National Homeowner Strategy (which was actuall working well), but rather because of Shrub’s American Dream Downpayment Initiative to help first-time homebuyers with costs associated with down payments for homes they couldn’t effectively afford. He even dumped $400M into the failed initiative.

            Your not educating me. I’ve heard all of your right wing double speak and deflection before.


          • DorindaSears

            You have such hubris with no apparent reason because you don’t have the wherewithal to connect the dots. Yes the subprime loan industry made money. That is the entire problem. The Democrats created the perfect storm, then when the lenders jumped on their bandwagon people like you–instead of looking at cause and effect–look only at standing by your guys. There was no Bush veto. What he tried to do is bring everyone back from handling out loans to unqualified people. But the bleeding heart far left insisted there was no problem and went full speed ahead until the storm could not be stopped. You and I are the perfect examples of what is so very wrong with our country and why we can expect very little hope for improvement. You hate anyone who is not in lock step with your side of the isle and I don’t have the talent, the patience or the time to get you to consider that you just might not have the entire truth in front of you. Have a good day. God speed.

          • ta2t2o

            Except I don’t hate you. I might think you have an over abundance of unwarranted arrogance, but I don’t hate you. I don’t know you. Hating people you don’t know is the bread and butter of the right…Muslims, immigrants, gay people, poor people, etc.

            My comments above on the racism of this article showing black people in the photos when talking about welfare leeches in Maine are spot on. Black people are less than 2% of the population in Maine….the whitest state in the U.S. Yet this article portrays Maine welfare leeches as African American. The racism isn’t even subtle. You can’t deny that and by not recognizing that, you own that racism as well. You can talk around it all you like, but I’m spot on with my comments.

          • DorindaSears

            If you read properly, I did not suggest that your hatred was directed at me specifically, I said you hate “anyone who doesn’t think as you do. And if that isn’t how you see yourself, you should know you are doing a great imitation of someone who does hate, hate, hate. Instead of engaging in authentic debate you try to shut down the debate by labeling people as bigots who don’t agree with your political views and moral values. You dismiss outright anyone you can readily label as a “right-winger.” This nation has had enough of that partisan crap talk. We need name-callers like yourself to have a seat and for other less politically biased and more informed and better qualified interlocutors to take center stage and present for discussion solutions that will unite and not continue to divide our nation. And, to that end, we need people who can recognize the truth and address it–not people who see it and rage against it. You see my friend, in the end, it will only be the truth that will unite us. Now, perhaps we can both have a seat.

          • ta2t2o

            But you’re still wrong. I disagree with you totally, but don’t hate you. In fact it’s a bit ridiculous to hate anyone you don’t really know. Perhaps you’re just projecting here. Also I’m not stating political views OR moral values when I state that Maine is 95% white and 1.4% black. Their poverty rate is over 13%. So if you assume these 13% make up their welfare population, even if EVERY black person in Maine were on welfare, there would still be far more white people on welfare in Maine. That’s a fact. It’s not a view or value. So why would you show a picture of all black people when talking about welfare in Maine?

            Talk about shutting down the debate, you’ve done everything but address the point of my original comments. If you can’t truthfully answer the question I just posed, then you probably already know the answer but are too embarrassed to admit it.

            Also, when did racism become a partisan issue? I don’t know whether the folks in that photo are Democrats or Republicans. Newsflash, there are plenty of black Republicans. So it seems a little racially obtuse to suggest that this is a partisan comment to suggest that posting a picture of all black people as a representation of the welfare class in a nearly all white state is somehow tied to politics.

            Me saying that more people on the right hate based on religion, race, national origin, or sexual orientation….that’s political. It’s also spot on. I’m not dismissing these people as right wingers either. I’m specifically drawing attention to them as right wingers. I’m concerned that their ideals are attempting to go mainstream and this article with its overt racism is a prime example of that. Your attempts to defend this article are a prime example of that.

            Meanwhile, put down the thesaurus, you sound ridiculous. Nobody uses “interlocutors” in normal conversation.

          • free-dom

            Research it my friend what Dorinda Sears said is true.

          • ta2t2o

            Not your friend,I don’t know you and you clearly don’t know me. Dorinda is far from right. Not to mention the only reason she posted this was to detract from the original comment I had about this article with the associated photos being racist. NOW, if either of you cares to address THAT original comment I’d be more than happy to debate or discuss. However, it appears that you both agree the posting of a picture of all black people on an article about Maine welfare is racist. Otherwise you wouldn’t be trying so hard to get off topic.

          • free-dom

            Yah, someone that knows what really happened.

          • Eva Marie

            ta2t2o – To a point you are right, there are many people who do need public assistance but it does become generational. After my divorce, left with three children with no hope of support money, I had to move into a public housing project even though I was working 2 jobs and had to give up my car.

            After being there more than a year. I finally got to know some of my neighbors and the majority of them were on welfare. They had much nicer furniture than I could hope for, they all had good cars and they were always asking me to go to bingo with them or the local casino. I never had extra money for that kind of recreation. After living there 8 years it wasn’t unusual to see daughters of these neighbors who were now also on welfare, teens who had a baby or two or more before turning 20.

            I was finally able to move after 9 years when my 2 oldest were in their teens. My kids always had school clothes, a roof over their heads, food in their tummies and most important, love. They tell me nowadays, they all have families now and are productive and successful, that they had respected and loved me for being a Mother who busted her tush to give them a decent life.

          • Andrew Dawson

            Don’t ever complain about the price of gas, you probably enjoy the highway welfare system, but in reality people aren’t paying enough to drive so much!

          • Ron Langevin

            FU JJ, fkn lib turd!!!

          • Derek Roberts

            Some Americans would agree with you. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

          • Zoarwalker

            With respect to Dr King, love will not get the attention of a paracite. He HATED injustice and refused to laydown and take it. There is nothing evil with hating what is WRONG!

          • adoremeorelse

            No… all of our ancestors are from Europe. Those ancestors came here acorrding to legalities of the time. It was accepted that he who invaded and won, stayed. It happened on every continent for thousands of years. Then countries established themselves and created immigration laws, keeping invaders out with laws instead of wars. America is the only country that ignores its own laws, and whose people don’t seem to give a damn about protecting their way of life. Don’t get started on all the “hate” silliness. Disdaining barely useful criminals isn’t hate. That word has gotten old and over-used.

          • Mary Curry

            No all of our ancestors did NOT come from Europe. Mine were here long before that. And what European ancestors I have came here in 1609 as indentured servants.

          • Maureen Mizuno

            That’s the politically correct crowd for you. My grandparents and grandparents were grateful to this nation and served the country in appreciation for an opportunity to work hard and get a better way of life for themselves and their families. Our ancestors loved this country and they didn’t have it easy trying to assimilate into a new country, culture etc. They learned the language and worked damn hard and bore many struggles. They didn’t go on welfare. They did any job they could get and started at the bottom and worked up from there.

          • Rita Clark

            And they didn’t have welfare benefits waiting for them when they got off the boat. It was sink or swim so they dived in, worked hard and made it.

          • mjs

            What hate? If your not angry at what is happning in our country. Something is wrong with you

          • Don White

            Article is perfect as is. What you call “hate” is simply a reflection of the disgust we all feel.

          • Zoarwalker

            It is a liberal value to say that hate is automatically bad. Sometimes hate is valid necessary and right.

          • Terry Melvin

            Really? What part of Europe are you from, loser? And if you are, stay out of this discussion. You don’t have a dog in this fight.

          • Mary Kelly Henderson

            your the dog

          • Terry Melvin

            Run along little troll, back under tje bridge!

          • Barbara

            No we are not all from Europe. I was born in America and so were my parents which makes me an American.

          • Joe Ehrfeld

            Explain to me WHERE in the Article is the HATE?? And Negativity?? Are you sure you read the same article?

          • Maureen Mizuno

            In case you haven’t noticed Americans are getting tired and weary of the rape of this nation and it’s resources being given to people to hate us and want us destroyed and a bunch of politicians who will take down their pants to anyone who will give them a job.

          • tammy

            I’m positive that illegals need to leave and not be allowed back in. Most countries have soldiers on their borders with guns. They do not have the problem of illegals. I like what Norway did and their crime went down 30%, amazing.

          • Mac Wildstar

            no, we are NOT all from europe.. only part of my family is from europe, the other part has been here thousands of years.

          • smoothy

            I agree. They could say this is helping people learn to live independently.

          • Roger K

            No political PC here.

          • Mike Goff

            that is what they are supposed to do but they keep letting them in so they can hate us and try to make our country like the one they escaped from.

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        • rene

          Well said

        • Barbara

          They also need a sponsor, and know how to speak English. And just like they did at Ellis Island years ago, give them a health check (and maybe a reality check, but no welfare check.

        • madalon baum

          I agree….legal or not at all!!

      • RedMeatState

        that gravy train will come to a crashing halt and angry american citizens will be driving them back over the border; may not even have to. bet on it.

        • Trisch B. Terrien

          Can’t wait……..

          • SuzLee01

            Me either. I’ll gladly help.

      • Joan Bryan

        And, they are driving without licenses or insurance. Good luck if you get hit by one of these Obama aliens.

        • you

          you are an illegal alien. your ancestors were illegal aliens. stop being

          • Joan Bryan

            Sorry YOU, millions of us, my family included, came here legally.

          • marjorie majo


          • ben carter

            Someone will knock that chip off your shoulder some day. And your use of
            “retarded” show you have no feelings for anyone but yourself and that chip on your shoulder which may not last long if you come up to a real American and not someone like you. And “you” is real creative for a name.

          • b

            yes they were but they didnt live off the system and they lived by the law of the land and those were the days when people helped each other and those days are gone in most of the country but their are little pockets around

        • sws

          I know quite a few people whose families have been here for generations that drive around with no licenses or insurance. If you get into an accident and the driver isn’t insured, their citizenship isn’t going to matter. Either way, you better hope you have more than just liability yourself.

        • Luvmylab

          Plus they don’t even arrest or deport them when they have an accident. It happened in my neighborhood when an illegal without a license who didn’t even know how to drive thought it was a good idea to drive. After running over a basketball pole/net, a mailbox, crossing the street, hitting another vehicle, going airborne and landing a few feet from my neighbor’s living room, the police said they could not deport them. Thank God they didn’t run over a child playing outside. Oh yeah, couldn’t speak a word of English.

      • you

        you are an illegal alien. your ancestors were illegal aliens. stop being retarded.d

      • Peace

        You have no idea what propaganda you’re spewing. By your “logic” the Bushes let in Middle Eastern terrorists and Hispanics illegals.. So these illegals you rant about were let in by a Republican president, the same one who let the whole Osama Bin Laden family flee this country on 9-11.
        Btw illegals work and pay taxes but don’t get the benefits you do. Really, do yjayour own homework. Oh and get angry that Haitians come here and DO get everything because they are well organized and fleeing storms or looking for political asylum, and have the red carpet rolled out.

        • Trisch B. Terrien

          I see many Homeless Veterans……………not Illegals ! What’s up with that? Veterans…= .you know, the ones who go to war and fight for YOUR country and then come back to find out that some illegal alien has been given their job !!?? Or is that okay by you?

          • ZackForester

            Veterans should be taken care of when they come home including medical care, housing, and education but they’re no more entitled to a civilian job than anyone else is. If an employer wants to hire an alien over a veteran, that’s their choice unless you think that big government knows better than an employer who they should and shouldn’t hire.

      • Tom Simmons

        I agree Craig

      • Randy Hollett

        illegals cant vote you morons

      • Per Toke Rosenkrantz

        Unless your a native American, your a illegal alien Too

        Whitebread douche

      • mjs

        You sound like my boyfriend. we dont welfare or aliens should vote. But then the greedy politians would not get voted in. Would they?

      • Simon Cat Parnell

        Corporations do it regardless of political party, if you think Republicans care about American jobs you might need to look at all those jobs farmed out to China, and this isn’t new to Obama

      • Dirk

        Do you really think that’s how thing work? Big business and farming are the biggest users of cheap labor. Both tend to be Republican operated. Wake up and do some research, not regurgitate something you saw on Fox “news.”

        • Dirk

          Now, that said, I think there are too many immigrants. We need to put our own people back to work, first. Problem is, you can’t get a welfare recipient to do a job they think is beneath them.

        • Craig Hemphill

          I didn’t see it on Fox, you must have, since you stated that’s where it was being reported, I wouldn’t know. I did some research after hearing about it on a talk radio show, try doing a little of your own research and you will find that farm laborers have been migrating in and out of the US for decades following the harvest. Sine Barak Hussein Obama made it clear to Mexico and central America that no one will be apprehended and deported, there has been a surge of Illegal Aliens like we have never seen. When they arrive, ICE agents are loading them into busses and transporting them to wherever they want to go. They are being dropped off in communities without notice and upending these local economies. Many of them are intentionally taken to areas with a majority of Conservative voters in an effort to dilute the voting block, so, Liberal, You can suck it and love it when you and your kids cant get jobs, cant get medical services, cant get fire and police protection. When the school systems are so screwed up your children will be basic functioning idiots

      • Aldous Huxley

        Your comment is spot on except for 1 thing… that policy started under Bush… He settled Lewiston ME with Somali refugees starting in 2002, Manchester NH, and Nashville TN with Iraqi refugees, starting 2006, etc.

        But those facts don’t fit your partisan narrative.

      • kikz2

        don’t forget… Christian churches are acting as paid sub-contractors to import/disperse them.

      • FM505

        Republican ‘leadership’ are all in as well.

    • Ben

      Whether it’s amnesty for illegals, unsustainable mass immigration, or outsourcing jobs to COMMUNIST China, this Republic has withered from DOMESTIC treason for years.


      ❖✬⌛⌛✌✹ ->CLICK HERE<-


    • Trisch B. Terrien

      Isn’t it wonderful, what he done? We need a President like him.

    • Anti Liberal

      It’s an easy formula…..You don’t work…You don’t eat. If you don’t like it, go back to your flea infested deserts….we’ll pick up the tab….and don’t come back. PS: Take Oscumbag, Reid, Pelosi, Durbin, Waters, and all the rest of the spend crazy jerks who have been buying votes for years. Why else would they want all those illegal invaders to come in. They are voters of course and will be on the government tit for years to come.

    • you

      you are an illegal alien. your ancestors were illegal aliens. stop being retarded.

      • Steven Flanders

        Since no one else is gong to respond to your idiocy, I will. No, I was born here, a citizen born of citizens. My ancestors came here legally, over the centuries. All you are really saying (without the intellectual integrity to say it out loud) is that the United States of America has no legitimate right to exist, and so we should just let the folks who ruined those other countries send an invading army into our country to ruin it also. You, you are completely wrong, but I hope you somehow get to live in the world you desire, which would be a from of hell.

    • bill

      yes Anjq but some are fat and lazy but alot work off the books and collect benefits and don’t have time to work 20 hours a week and the whole country should do this so the ones working off the books will not come for benefits anymore and bill Clinton put that into law when he was president that u had to work for your welfare and obama turned around and said u don’t and that is why we have so many on the system

    • Heinz57

      Seems you all should read the history of this country. What makes you feel so superior?

    • rene

      Here in North Carolina that was the way it was at one point. You either had to actively search for a job or volunteer a certain amount of hours per week and you had to have documentation from each place you were seeking employment through but somewhere down the road someone said it was hard to look for a job or they didn’t have transportation. The last time I checked and saw and continue to see, A BUS LINE. Now if our governor would get off his ass and do the same thing as the governor of Maine is we’d be in a little better shape. I commend him and I don’t even live there.

    • jesskazen

      We aren’t the ones giving them jobs dingus, blame the rich scum who own companies and factories.

    • jesskazen

      Getting something made in the USA doesn’t mean it was made by an actual American either. I was looking up Weber grills and they’re made in Illinois. Go on Youtube and search for their factory tour videos. Not one non hispanic in the building.

    • ta2t2o

      Illegal aliens are not and never have been eligible for Welfare. The population of Maine is 95% White. The percentage of Maine-landers living in poverty is 13.6%. Even if you racists thought that every NON-WHITE person in Maine were on welfare, Whites would still make up over 64% of those people on Welfare. Tell me again how you’re not all racist.

    • Ann

      When we started to press 1 for English.

    • Frederic Freeload

      When you ask ??? Ever since decent people became silent and stupid at the same time … We created this mess because we do not realize that chacter matters

  • Susan

    Does that include people who are on disability, I wonder? I know *several* people in my neighborhood who are “disabled” who would be screaming bloody murder if they were forced to volunteer even 24 hours a month.

    • Byron Shutt

      Did you read ‘able bodied’?

      • Dee Nicholson

        FYI there is no mention of able bodied just capable the article is quite vague in explaining who has to participate.

    • Paul MacKay

      It does not cover the disabled.

      • Ann-Marie Conville

        that reminds me of the IT Crowd episode The Work Outing OMG too funny

      • Dan Gore

        Try reading the article where it states “capable” adults….

    • Wiggle D

      Able bodied or not, if you cannot even volunteer 24 hours out of 720, what good are you to anyone?

      • LadyWolf

        And i know a lot of “disabled” people who go out boating, mowing their yards, take vacations, go swimming, but they say they can’t work. A family member has a truck washing business and washes these big rigs and power washes houses and things….but they can’t work a regular job….smh. i had one guy that came into the ER with a laceration to leg where he was cutting down trees and cut his leg. But he talked about he was on disability…things need to change. Doctors giving out disability slips like candy.

        • Dee Nicholson

          And its people like that who make it so hard for those with legitimate disabilities to get SSDI.

    • Dorsey Emmerich


    • Reader

      Many disabled people that I know would be capable of volunteering 24 hours a month, less than 1 hour a day. Those that are not capable are excluded. I know some disabled that do volunteer a number of hours a month already.

  • Dee Nicholson

    SO the elderly that are on SSI have to go back to work? who the hell is going to hire a 80 year old woman with multiple health issues? Really?

    • Ann-Marie Conville

      this applies to abled bodied adults, without small children at home. SSI recipients are not affected.

      • I Am Breitbart

        Yeah, that is too simple for some to get! Thanks for ‘splaining to those who seem to lack common sense!

        • Dee Nicholson

          Article did not make that statement. You did if there is a notation that elderly and disabled do not then fine but again Article said nothing just all Snap benefit receivers would have to follow the new rules.

          • mom29js

            Read it again. “Instead of just giving welfare applicants an easy way out, Maine is forcing people to explore every opportunity for employment before allowing **capable adults** to take advantage of the system and the people of Maine.” [emphasis added]

    • Byron Shutt

      Are you that stupid?

      • I Am Breitbart

        The stoopid it burns…………….

      • Dee Nicholson

        NO I am not stupid there is nothing that states that the elderly are exempt from this.

        • mom29js

          Read it again. “Instead of just giving welfare applicants an easy way out, Maine is forcing people to explore every opportunity for employment before allowing **capable adults** to take advantage of the system and the people of Maine.” [ my emphasis added]

    • Paul MacKay

      It makes no provision for age. So if someone is 63 they’re expected to get on out there.

    • Lori

      Disney does in all states all the time!! Pregnant, retired, Heath issues. They hire anyone who wants to work and makes it a job they don’t want to leave. Even in Maine

    • TheRuleOfLaw

      You’re an idiot.

      • Dee Nicholson

        NO I am not where does it say the elderly that do receive SNAP will not be included in this?

        • TheRuleOfLaw

          Only a moron would believe that.

          It states right in the article that this law is targeting those perfectly healthy people; able, but not willing to work, that sit on their ass and live the good life. This law DOES NOT talk about those who are unable to work due to a disability.

          It’s not rocket science.

          They know who’s disabled, or on social security and needs the benefits and who’s not.

    • Dan Gore

      Try reading the freaking article where it refers to “capable” adults……

      • Dee Nicholson

        and I know a capable 75 year old that roller blades everyday so he would be defined as Able bodied and capable.

    • Pam Powell

      That is not what is being said. They want the young able bodied people to work, not the seniors who have already worked for 50 years and are now retired on a fixed income. Get your facts straight, you are making yourself seem ignorant.

      • Dee Nicholson

        BUt again the article says nothing of that just all people receiving benefits. If there is a notation in the new law fine. Just tired of everyone assuming that everyone on stamps is able bodied, Considering every week end I volunteer for elderly food drives for those elderly people barely surviving one the little they get from their SSI.

    • Gooseman

      Social Security and people with pensions who are retired ARE NOT on government assistance, beanhead! They’ve earned their retirement and paid into SSI their entire working lives! It’s NOT welfare!!!

      • Dee Nicholson

        and yet I volunteer every weekend helping these retires with food pantry and listen to them become scared because everyone is getting up in arms about foodstamps I listen to them every week saying they cant go back to work but people demand that if they get foodstamps they should work. I am just saying that they need to make it plain and simple so the elderly and disabled don’t think they will lose their food.

      • Brooke Vaughan

        um…actually thats not true……ssi is when you do not have enough work credits to qualify for for ssdi which is disability….SSDI is for people who have paid into the system by working and paying taxes…ssi is what the people who didnt actually work or work enough…what makes me mad is that people who get ssi get paid on the first or before if it falls on a weekend….and the folks on ssdi who HAVE paid in have to wait until later in the month AFTER the non workers have been paid.

        • chatty60

          SSI or supplement security Income is for people that are disabled, and have not worked to get the SSD credits. Usually these are mentally impaired persons and I believe they get a whopping $721.00 a month at the top of the scale. They also get Medicaid and if the qualify they may get foodstamps.

          • Brooke Vaughan

            now it is possible for someone to qualify for both ssdi AND SSI…my fiance is one of them….while he had enough credits to qualify, his month amount was only going to be 654 a month….which is UNDER the ssi threshold so he receives ssi as well to bring him up to the 721 a month. its a shame it took him 3 years to get approved with leukemia and a daily chemo pill

    • madalon baum

      This does not apply to them, or anyone really deserving.

  • I Am Breitbart

    Note to those who depend on gov’t subsistence for a living…..the gov’t who gives you everything can take away everything! Welcome to the real world!


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  • Larry Notton

    Too bad for us in CA., one gargantuan give away state! Cutting back to provide for just the real needy folks, would allow for fixing roads and still provide for all other services required!

    • Paul MacKay

      It is a huge giveaway state! The federal tax transfers that go from California to do nothing states like Alabama and Tennessee are astounding!

      • Jim

        This should be the case in every state. I am from TN. and go home a lot from CA. and I see it all over the place, It is worse at the all you can eat places, and most all of them are ugly and very fat and keep shoving it in the hole.

        • Trisch B. Terrien

          I know, RIGHT ??? Leeches.

      • Jesus

        Alabama and Tennessee are Red WELFARE STATES. Sit down and stop embarrassing yourself.

        • watcherofolde

          Ummmm..MacKay is agreeing with you,jesus….and-can you figure out why there is a lot of welfare in those states? I know it’s difficult for you, but-think hard…

        • Libralee

          They may be RED states but I’ll bet the majority of the welfare recipients are democrats! So YOU sit down and stop embarrassing yourself.

      • watcherofolde

        Trolling again?

    • Grizzly907LA

      Commiefornia is also an illegal alien sanctuary state.

    • David Fournier

      Larry, After living in Ca. for 50 years I have had enough of it moving to Oregon. Ca will soon become more like Mexico good luck to you Sir.

  • Marcia Rippie Williams

    Tennessee needs to be next. I see this every time I go to the store, they can have a nice phone, false nails, drive a nice car and won’t swat a fly.Lazy good for NOTHING bitches and illegals are about the worse !

    • Paul MacKay

      Put all that white trash on the street where it belongs. Testify!

      • Billie F Smith

        It isn’t just the whites libtard,blacks and illegal invaders are the worst!

        • BF

          Actually, as much as you’d like to think it’s “blacks and illegal invaders,” whites are the largest group of welfare recipients.

          • Beverly Mulkey

            Prove your statement – I’d call that statement what it is, a lie –

          • Trisch B. Terrien

            Yeah BUT…….

          • TacticalYoda

            Care to share the %s with us? That’s % of “white trash” on welfare, then % of blacks on welfare etc? OR do you just want to talk raw numbers here without context to representation of overall population. You liberals sure are amusing. I wonder if you even understand the difference?

      • Trisch B. Terrien


        • TacticalYoda

          I’ll ask you too, since you’re so enlightened.

          Care to share the %s with us? That’s % of “white trash” on welfare, then % of blacks on welfare etc? OR do you just want to talk raw numbers here without context to representation of overall population. You liberals sure are amusing. I wonder if you even understand the difference?

          • Alarmed

            Why you think the percentage is even relevant to the comment suggests that it is YOU who doesn’t understand the difference. A man made an incorrect claim that blacks and Hispanics are the “worst” part of the problem. Quantity is all that matters here. The larger the number the bigger the impact. Just common sense. That being said. Race shouldn’t be important at all in this matter.

    • G B


      • Thomas Back

        Um, SSI is TOTALLY different than welfare. Before you troll, no I am not on it. HOWEVER, that is for a disability or people over 65 and/or blind. Little bit different than Welfare. So, if someone is on SSI and has a better living than you, that is just sad, but I really doubt their life is sunshine and roses and their “gaming” the system. I guess they could not really qualify and sneak in, in which case, you should rat them out if you feel so strong about it.

        • Beverly Mulkey

          SSI IS NOT WELFARE – I paid into my account for over 40 years! Now that I have retired for health reasons, it is definitely no bed of roses! BUT I also planned for my retirement with a 401K – self-sustaining as it should be –

          • TacticalYoda

            You guys should do some research on who CAN get SSI, the SSI YOU paid into for so many years. It’s guaranteed to p!ss you off.

          • sws

            SSI is welfare. SSD or SDI is earned from working.

          • sws

            SSDI not SDI. Forgot the other S.

        • sws

          SSD or SDI is Social Security Disability that comes from what you’ve paid in or based on the number of credits you obtained from your years of work (people over 65 and/or disabled). SSI is Supplemental Security Income for people who have either NEVER worked or didn’t work long enough to get sufficient credits for regular Social Security Disability benefits (age isn’t a factor disability is). So basically SSI is like welfare, SSD or SDI isn’t. Loads of people take advantage of the SSI system. Just thought I’d clear it up. I’m always shocked by the number of people that don’t know the difference.

          • sws

            *SSDI not SDI.

          • Thomas Back

            SSI benefits also are payable to people 65 and older without disabilities who meet the financial limits. So age CAN BE a factor or not. IMO, SSI is different because it doesn’t take into account how many kids you have and such…like welfare.

        • b

          i live in Californians and u would be surprised if u walked in the social security office for some illegals get it because they have a disability like they cant speak English and cant find a job , do ur home work or u dont live in a border state for im 65 and collect it and see it in the office

    • Kevin Hill

      I agree with you on that Memphis has a big problem with illegal aliens.

  • Not Anonymous

    All blacks do in this country is walk around with their hands out.

    • Paul MacKay

      Most people on welfare or SNAP are white.

      • Not Anonymous

        But in reality, If you compare the base number of both demographics, the number of blacks on welfare absolutely dwarfs the number of whites on stamps.

        • Paul MacKay

          Same with blacks in jail and blacks who’s grandparents were denied access to universities (and as such the boom of the 50s-70s) based upon their skin color.It’s all relative.

          • Robert White

            not anymore. too much is given. they respond with the race card nightmare. not all of course. im just saying. we let this welfare thing get out of hand for everyone. way too easy to get it. it breeds people, who, thu the decades, have forgotten what self reliance is.

          • Paul MacKay

            They never had much of a chance to be self reliant.

          • Grizzly907LA

            They were much more self sufficient before LBJ’s great society. Welfare ruined the black family because it took the dad out of the house and made big government the daddy. We are seeing how well that has played out. Can you say Detroit?

          • Amos Surrett

            Detroit A perfect exsample!

          • soccer czarina

            Yes, they did and do have plenty of chances to be self-reliant just like everyone else. I’m fed up with the “victimhood” mentality that so many people want to cling to… Ever hear of “affirmative action”?

          • mary witte

            seems to me they’ve been given many chances to be self relient,its just easier to take the free hand out

          • watcherofolde

            More are in jail because they commit more crime than any other demographic.

      • john

        theirs more whites than blacks in the country so your right but the population bares that out only 13% are black ,so there would be more whites on the program just by sheer size of the white population … nice try though

        • Grizzly907LA

          And yet black people are responsible for the vast majority of crime and the problems with this country overall.

          • Trisch B. Terrien

            YES, they are. Good of you to bring it up.

        • Truthy McTrutherton

          You must be a black person. In that 13% of blacks, most blacks are on welfare. Look through pictures of welfare lines. You’ll see they’re all BLACK people. Look at the picture above. BLACKS. Truth is right in your face. Accept it.

        • DEPORT

          John you are wrong. While blacks are on 12% of the population they amount for at least 39% of total welfare population. Combine blacks with Ricans/mexcians and it amounts to over 70% of the total welfare participation with the rest going to whites.

      • Robert White

        and the most in jail?

      • Grizzly907LA

        5% of whites are on welfare, while over 50% of blacks are on welfare. It has nothing to do with their skin color but more to the fact that black people practice the crap ghetto culture as well as having a massive entitlement mentality.

        • Trisch B. Terrien

          We should have just picked our own cotton……..just saying.

      • Bill Groves

        I keep hearing this but look at the photo above. There is not a white person in that group.

      • Truthy McTrutherton

        Yet that entire line and most lines I’ve seen in pictures are full of BLACKS. You don’t even see hardly any Mexicans or whites in those lines.

        • Reader

          For the most part, the Mexicans you would see on that line would be illegals with anchor babies. In general, Mexicans can be incredibly hard workers and can be totally genius problem solvers. They may like their ciestas for the hottest part of the day, but they will work log days and hard for all that. Moms of anchor babies seem to not care about leeching from the system, though.

          • Truthy McTrutherton

            You must not live in a border state. I do.

          • Reader

            I live in a border state, just not our southern border. Out area does have a large migrant population, both legal and not.

          • Truthy McTrutherton

            I live in Arizona. Bordering Canada is nothing compared to bordering Mexico.

          • Reader

            True, especially for the illegal migration patterns and subsequent crime.

      • Is You A Fool

        No most people on SNAP are not white. 39% are black, 36 % white, etc. despite the fact that blacks are 12% of the population they amount for largest percentage of population of all welfare programs.

      • watcherofolde

        Only because they are the majority. And hispanics are counted with whites in statistics.Blacks are 12-13% of the population, but use up 32% …” that there are more Whites and Hispanics (combined) on welfare than there are Black people on welfare. This statistic is well-known and cannot really be twisted in a way that states the contrary. But there is more to that statistic than meets the eye. You see, Black Americans make up 32% of welfare recipients, even though they comprise a mere 12% of the US population. So the demographics of welfare recipients are not comparable to the overall demographics of the US. Even more concerning, Black Americans are more than twice as likely to have been on welfare than White Americans”
        These stats are from the far-LEFT Daily Kos, so you can stop disseminating half truths, Paul and jesus…

      • Trisch B. Terrien

        Yeah, but at least SOME white people work to balance it out.

    • Trisch B. Terrien

      And their legs open !! They BREED like Rats !! Hood rats….that is.

  • Matthew

    Wish every state would do that.

    • Mary Curry

      Indiana is. They also do not have BHOCare. And we have a surplus.

      • Margaret Baker

        Indiana has a good Governor.

  • madalon baum

    Yay Maine!! It’s very fair. Sometimes it’s hard to find jobs, but he gives other options….Volunteer or attend a vocational training program (usually free through unemployment offices in most states).

    • Robert White

      yes. and we need leadership, that brings back jobs. funny thing is, al would probably come up with an excuse, and say it was racist, to be made to choose between working, or being a banger. just like him.

    • Grizzly907LA

      The sponges can go to a JC for free due to the fact that they are on welfare. They would rather smoke crack, drink, smoke nasty cigars, make more illegitimate kids, than get off of their rear ends and better themselves.

    • watcherofolde

      Yes, bring back apprenticeships. It would be a great boon to the education of nonskilled who have been on the dole way too long. They did that in one city with women, trained them through apprenticeships to be carpenters and plumbers and it worked out well.

  • Barbara Silano


  • Tina

    That is wonderful for them! I was just laughing because I live in NY and I tried to imagine Cuomo doing something so good for our state.

  • Outlaw

    Hate to say it but “slavefare” isn’t legal.

    • Wiggle D

      They want it so badly. Why not let them have it?

  • Guy Fleegman1

    Don’t forget…the illegals and many others are BarryO’s army…he will never leave office willingly and will cause chaos and declare martial law and cancel the next election…just watch

    • Dorsey Emmerich


    • disqus_a6dfIvuXA8

      I have been saying this for two yrs now..People say I’m crazy, but at least my eyes are open..If he does declare martial law at least we have our Military to protect us..He won’t as much as I hate to say is leaving..Maybe w/everything crashing down on him now maybe he’ll rethink it, but it will be Jarrett who will make him stay..

      • Dwayne

        You aren’t the only one. I’ve been saying it for 4 or 5 years now. He will declare martial law, annul congress, and take power. Personally, I think he wants Iran to get a nuke. I think he wants them to fire it at and hit the US. He will then declare martial law.

      • Paul MacKay

        I agree with the people who think you’re crazy. But hey….Bush 2 put the mechanisms in place for martial law to be called at a whim so maybe you’re right.

        What bugs idealists like yourself most though is this ball started rolling in the late 60’s. If it’s not Obama the next president will be the one to call for martial law.

      • Billie F Smith

        Our military has been infiltrated by Muzzies and Illegal Invaders who will be more than happy to fire on Americans, he has fired all the higher ups that said they would not fire on Americans!

      • Guy Fleegman1

        Jarrett is actually the person in charge…she needs to be hung for treason..ON live TV

      • Joan Bryan

        Jarrett? They tore down the slums she owned to put the Olympics there. When Barry couldn’t manage to get the Olympics at that location, then the Gov’t spent millions rebuilding the apartments and gave the property back to Jarrett. Must be nice.

    • Betty

      Guy im with you .He will do something to keep this country ,He likes all his payed vacations .We will have to attack him to get him out ,A coo and the hard core military get get him out ,When they do get him out just maybe he will be held for his crimes and boot all the idiots out of this country that is whinning about this country ,The radical muslims and the worst of the worst of the killing baby rapes that is mexican .No more criminals in this country ,

      • Tom

        I wonder if on the day he peacefully leaves office if the nuts like you will admit that you were overly drunk on fox news koolaide and over reacted because you weren’t getting the government the Koch brothers are buying for you.

        • Beverly Burton

          If you believe Ovomit has been a good president, then you seriously need a seeing eye dog as you are totally blind and it’s blind sheep like you who elected this treasonous traitor.

        • Libralee

          You would rather have the government Soros bought for you?????????

      • HereticMuse

        *Coup, as in Coup d’etat. And I believe you were saying Mexican are baby killing rapist? Not sure, your grammar is atrocious. I bet your one of those people who get mad you have to push 1 for English, yet have no problem butchering the language yourself. But really, we have a huge wave of immigrants from Latin American countries because of OUR (as in the US Government’s) foreign policies. Darling Reagan gave the cartels their power, with his fiscally irresponsible War on Drugs. Talk about a complete and utter waste of tax dollars. The For Profit Prison system made a killing though. Maybe, just maybe if we had but that Billion dollars into infrastructure( along with the jobs that would have come with that) and education, our inner city poor would have a fighting chance. Maybe we would still be able to compete intellectually with the rest of the first world nations, who actually give their citizens an education. And maybe, just maybe, we would not have droves of people fleeing from their countries, because they are over run by the cartels we helped create.

        • mom29js

          Errors in YOUR grammar/spelling.

          1) **MexicanS are**, not “Mexican are”.
          2) **baby killing rapistS**, not “rapist”.
          3) **I bet you’RE**, not “I bet your”.
          4)**Maybe, just maybe if we had Put**, not “Maybe, just maybe if we had but”.

          People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Just sayin….

          • Lori Edens

            I hate it when people have the need to correct someone’s grammer. Just sayin!

          • mom29js

            Me too…I was just giving him a taste of his own medicine by pointing out that he shouldn’t scold/make fun of someone else’s grammar when his own is just as “atrocious”. See what I did there?

          • HereticMuse

            I’m a her. And the damn you’re always gets me when i’m typing fast on my phone. And I missed a few S’s. But the argument is still sound and comprehensible. Not just a bunch uniformed, bigoted hate spew. So at least I have that going for me. And I assure you, I speak more eloquently then I type.

        • Trisch B. Terrien


    • Costas Constantinou

      You need the support of the military to do that. Won’t happen!

      • Dwayne

        The military follows orders. Why do you think he sacked so many officers?

      • Peter Nvrmnd

        this is what he’s doing……

        • Dingus

          he is only commander in chief at times of war. the rest of the time he is just a president.

          • mom29js

            Last I heard we were still at war with Afghanistan. Just sayin…

          • Dingus

            I don’t recall a war ever being declared

          • Jesus

            You are indeed a stunad. The President is Commander-In-Chief 24-7.

      • Dace Tapley

        why do you think he has downsized and forced early retirement on veteran personnel while systematically giving a express pass to illegals who join the military.

        • NavyBlues05

          As a veteran, I can state for a FACT that forced early retirements and reduction in forces were taking place BEFORE Clinton took office. And as far as giving an express pass to illegals who join the military…so far from the truth that it’s floating around Mars. All but one the non citizens that worked with me and for me were the hardest working. The one asshole I laid down enough paperwork to get him kicked out. The others worked circles around quite a few of the citizen dead weight, improved their language skills, and eventually became citizens.

          • Dace Tapley

            How long have you been a veteran sir? I too am a veteran. You are correct the forced retirement and reduction in force tends to happen with EVERY democratic president however given that we had Bush between Clinton and Obama it was a policy that was re-enacted by Obama during his second term. Perhaps I should have been a little more specific as I forgot that there are people who make it their life mission in these forums to focus on exact details. What I meant to say is that there has been a bill being pushed that would allow Illegal Aliens to join (after researching I find it has already been put in place). This program is an expansion on an old one that has allowed immigrants who are not documented to enlist in exchange for citizenship. The program is called MAVNI (Military Accessions in the National Interest) which is part of a 2012 Policy DACA (Deferred action for child arrivals). The key difference in this program is that it places expectations on recruiters to target these individuals for recruiting which normally would not be given a second glance but when you combine this will the force reduction of existing personnel and the current immigration concerns, it becomes an issue if you look at long term cause and effect. Now given the name of the program Military Accession in the National Interest… If it were in the National Interest to have more people in the military then why are we downsizing the existing personnel while creating a program that pushes recruiters to bring in undocumented/illegal aliens. And for the record I never said they didn’t work or weren’t willing to work so I find it offensive that you came to that conclusion from my post when I never even brought up their quality of performance or their value only that they were being given an express pass into the military at a time when Democrats are crying for a reduction in force indicates to me that their is an ulterior motive.



          • Alarmed

            For a military guy I’m surprised other motivations haven’t come to mind, particularly traditional ones like money For example. It’s common knowledge that the longer you are in the military and the higher the rank you receive the more that you cost the government to keep around. That should be your first guess before turning to a conspiracy theory.

          • Dace Tapley

            Yes you are absolutely right because we all know how the democrats hate spending money and are fiscally responsible so they worry about overworked under paid upper level officers and NCO and making sure they run them out of the military before they actually have to pay them anything. I find it funny how people walk around and talk about the government would never do this or never do that… yet our history (world wide) is littered with example after example of how it has happened. People don’t revolt against their government in the past simply for the fun of it. It’s because they have slowly backed them into corners where the people are tired of subjugation.

          • NavyBlues05

            Thanks for posting up to date information! Didn’t mean to give offense. It’s just a tender spot for me after helping so many become US citizens.
            Some of my recruiter friends in other branches were explaining to me non-citizens were and are testing higher on the exams. The crush on them to meet their quotas forced them to look at all potential prospects.
            As far as down sizing that’s underway now, the Navy is forcing all service members to meet increased professional requirements. Yeah, they’re looking at senior enlisted folks, too. Not having a college degree was crippling their advancement prospects and a lot of skilled personnel are being forced to retire. Shipmates that are still on active duty are forced to seek and succeed in areas beyond their ratings.
            My nephew in the Army tells me that the push for increased professional and personal development has become an important item at advancement boards, more so than ever before.
            Bottom line, the Navy and most like the other branches have begun to look for people with the potential to succeed at higher levels…rapid advancement and development.
            What I saw as a career counselor in my last 8 years was a decrease in personnel support. Money was focused on platforms and not the people needed to support them. Right after Reagan left office, his dream of a 500 ship Navy fell apart because there wasn’t enough money to build ships, man them, and maintain them.
            I’m beginning to ramble. I’d LOVE to be able to discuss with you what’s happening with the armed services now. I don’t agree with what’s happening to active duty folks and veterans. I haven’t been since Tail Hook.

      • Joan Bryan

        I think the military is getting sick of this administration. Obama has decimated the senior ranks of the officers. Hope we don’t get into a fight.

    • Dwayne

      I’ve been saying the same thing for years.



    • Terrie Lynch

      wouldn’t surprise me!

    • Trisch B. Terrien

      If we have 7 EXTRA States now…….(since he said he’s been to all of them) there should be room for them. Just send them ALL to those seven extra states ! Where are they…by the way ???? They must be kept a well hidden secret. But they DO exist, because HE said so, and we KNOW he doesn’t lie !!! I’ll have to buy a new American Flag now !!! Damn.

    • Joan Bryan

      I would not be the least bit surprised at what BarryO does. I also wonder how we are supposed to know if Hillary is telling the truth about anything? Will she give us a sign or something that she is telling the truth?

  • Dale McAuley

    Good for him we need to implement this act in every state!!!!

  • Tarantula2

    Hhmmmm…forcing illegals out, leaving opportunities to get off welfare…sounds racist or something…

    • Trisch B. Terrien

      That’s what we’re going to hear before long. Wait and see.

  • Jazz

    Where is the like button for this. Hell yah.

  • kbee

    i think it’s been said that my state has more folks on government assistance than not. Please let us be next, work/volunteer for what you get, it’s a win-win! At least give drug tests before handing out $$ and take the $ for the drug test out of their check. I struggle every day to make ends meet (I am an adult student who has gone back to school) and it hurts to see those on welfare living quite well.

    • Paul MacKay

      And what do you think those people will do if they have no source of income? Do you have a gun by your bed and a car alarm? I hope so.

      • LadyWolf

        People rob and steal now with all the government assistance out there. No…it will make people to get off their butts and work for a living instead of being leeches.

  • BuckTard

    Give a man fish and he eats for a day. teach a man to fish and he supports himself. Welfare wasnt meant to be a living. Unless your a democrat looking for voters.

    • Grizzly907LA

      Democrats prefer to give them welfare so they can create a dependency class.

      • Jesus

        Yet all the Red States have the highest percentages of people on welfare. Idiot!

        • watcherofolde

          Again, why is that? Find out who is sucking the teats dry in ALL states. Look at per capita, where the correct statistics are.When you figure it out, don’t be surprised if you are considered racist.

  • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

    This isn’t about lack of jobs, this is about generations and generations that have lived off the system. This is what they are taught by their parents/families/friends. I’ve been in healthcare for 30 years and the lack of motivation by some groups are unbelievable. People sit in the ER all night to get a prescription for free Tylenol or Motrin. In the meantime, their nails/weaves/cars/tennis shoes are are of the latest fashion. Unless you are handicapped/elderly/etc, then contribute by at least volunteering. Be grateful for things that you are being given by the taxpayers of this country.

    • LadyWolf

      I see it also in the ER where I work. I have worked in multiple ER’s (I do travel nursing) and it is getting way out of hand. One mom brought her kid in because of a fever. I asked her did she give any Tylenol or Motrin to the child and she said I don’t have any and I can’t afford to buy it. But she had an IPAD that the child was playing on and she had a pack of cigarettes in her purse (which was open). I told her that at the Dollar Tree they have it for a dollar and she stated, “I don’t have a dollar.” I wanted to tell her if she didn’t buy those cigarettes she could have bought the meds for her child…but we have to keep our mouths shut.

      • Jrush

        Good post LadyWolf, my wife is an attendance clerk at school, and I hear the same story over and over, 9 year old boy came to school without his shoes, when asked why he did not wear shoes to school ? He told them he gets himself up every morning, makes himself breakfast and walks to school. So they call his mom, she gets out of bed and brings the boys shoes to school, berating him the whole time for embarrassing her, my wife will come home in tears because she cannot say anything to advocate for the child.

        • Trisch B. Terrien

          I’d get fired so MANY times !!! There is NO WAY I’d be able to keep quiet about something like THAT !! Nothing is more important than the children .

      • FlyingByTheSeatOfMyPants

        Meanwhile..the other kids have put $20 in the vending machines buying Dr Pepper and Cheetos……

        • Trisch B. Terrien

          Right? Wow … Just because they are stupid, they think everyone is !!!

  • Otter58701

    That is so awesome what this Governor is doing. It ‘s time for these leeches to start earning their keep. Work or volunteer your time. Otherwise…get off your ass & get busy on that J.O.B. you should have anyways. You know who you are, and who is being talked about here. Every Governor of every state should follow this example. No ones saying you have to change your life style. Just saying you should pay for it yourself.

  • carol

    I lean toward the liberal in many ways,but I fully support this action especially concerning the illegals.

  • dareisay

    Good for him!

  • Terry Moyer


  • John Michael Hutton

    Your headlines totally suck. Why don’t you use ILLEGAL ALIENS instead of welfare leeches? Because ILLEGAL ALIENS isn’t a watch word which means BLACKS, you racist fucks.

    • johnrhett

      You didn’t read the entire article. He started OUT getting illegals off the welfare rolls, but then went on to create a program where ALL welfare recipients are required to do a certain number of hours per week of volunteer work or other requirements, and the welfare rolls started shrinking like crazy. By the way, many of us are aware that all welfare recipients aren’t black; for example, in my county, half the population is on some kind of government assistance (lots of college students and old people) and only 2% of the population is black.

  • Greg Berhow

    I liked the drug tests but this is even better. I’d bet some of these leeches have never held a job. Way to go Maine!

    • Paul MacKay

      You are aware that the drug tests were a horrible failure and a huge waste of tax dollars right? In Florida they found the tests proved that 2% of people on welfare tested did drugs as opposed to 8% of the rest of the population who were tested.

      Basically people on welfare can’t afford to do drugs. Oddly if that money spent on testing was used to give then each an extra $20 a month maybe they could afford a bit of weed. Lord knows they need it, they have a lot of free time.

  • J D S

    Well, if the Democrats are furious, then it had to have been “the right thing to do”, as Barry, himself, always says.

  • W Dawes

    Now if we could get Gov. Moonbeam to do the same. But I am not holding my breath.

  • Bob Markle

    Great job! If you are not handicapped, you should be able to do 20hr community service or 24 hr volunteer work. For your hand out. Or go get a job for your own independence. Its not what my country can do for me! But what you can do for your country!

  • Danny

    Dennis Michael Lynch is running for President and he has a similar plan to the one in place. Welfare should be a safety net, not a hammock. Good job Maine.

  • Ashley

    Every state should do this. Time to put your spoons away; the gravy train is over!

  • toobored54

    Sounds like a blatent civil rights violation. You cant just wake up one day and take peoples hard earned welfare checks.

    • Paul MacKay

      That’s actually a valid point. Having paid taxes for 24 years I suppose if something horrible should happen to me I’d be entitled to reap some of the rewards from that. Lord knows most of those folks have paid taxes. We all do. You can’t buy a can of soda without paying tax.

      You make a very good point.

      • toobored54

        Id be willing to wager that they’ve sucked more out than they’ve blown in. At 16-50k a year in welfare benefits, ud have to have paid in a boatload of taxes to stay revenue neutral. These people don’t look like 150k/yr wage earners that have been paying 30k a year in taxes like you have your whole life.

      • toobored54

        My comment was not intended to be taken seriously. There are no civil rights laws governing welfare denial. Id expect they’ve sucked out more than they’ve blown in. At 16-50k a year in welfare benefits, You’d have to be making some decent coin to pay 30k avg a year in taxes, close to 175k a year actually. These dont look like 175k wage earners to me.

  • maineman65

    This is why LePage is getting targeted so hard. He is the best gov we have ever had here in Maine

  • Buypass

    Well, That says it all. Good Article and congrats to Maine.
    The “Bums Rush” is back and I like it!

  • Guest

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  • Truthy McTrutherton

    And see the main race of the waiting line? lmfao I am in full support of this. I’ve been on welfare before. It’s meant for you to use as a trampoline. Not a hammock.

  • JonTB

    I am from maine, and honestly im very proud of lepage 😀 This is a great thing he is doing, but i am a little weary, because my mother is on food stamps and she would get a job, but she is currently taking care of my Grandfather who is dieing of liver disease, so hmmm this will be interesting to see unfold.

  • Alisha Grebe

    My state already has that requirement. I can opt out of due to disability which is a obvious exception but you are required to work or do job training if your getting SNAP in SD.

  • dman001948

    Back in the middle 70’s while station in Hawaii, it was there policy that all wefare folks had to work or get no benefits…Don’t know if its still in place today…but it should be man in every state…

  • Ned Farn

    keep your firearms clean—be ready-it’s going to happen and soon

  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    I live in Maine and he is a great Governor. The dumbocrats are going crazy thinking of ways to subvert his popularity. The whining liberal are having a very difficult time defending their support of the leeches.

  • Carl Sgarioto

    Great story. Best of luck to the Mayor.

  • chaulk187


  • Haligonex

    And get every American to pay their fair share of taxes.

  • Tim Baker

    i cut pulpwood every day to earn my way through this life, i have no sympathy for “most” welfare slugs. The best way to hand out welfare is to turn the responsibility over to the local churches and let them decide who is “disabled”. Those who live in a community well know who can work and who won’t.

  • JimWinchester

    The Fed/DOJ will investigate and find him violating their Civil Rights;-)

  • Guest

    Hmmm, seems we’ve got some dog-whistle politicing going on, what a shocker:

  • cat crouser

    I can understand illegal persons part. Put what about the children of the people who won’t get benefits now….if they don’t do the part time thing no benefits…..that means their kids don’t eat. So basically the kids suffer

    • LadyWolf

      Nope…then the parent will have to get off their lazy butts and get a job. It is their children and they should have to pay for them and not the taxpayer’s money.

  • tom

    i guess there will be a mass migration south to mass.

  • Megamimi

    I hope that these actions are picked up by other governors, setting an example for Congress to pass similar legislation. Even if the president vetoes it, doing so would show good faith to the taxpayers and the tax takers of this country, demanding both be accountable to each other.

  • illiniwek

    Wonderful news! This should be happening across the US.

  • donnie

    no matter what race or person of color its a great for the people who really do need it.

  • whatisanoath?

    The freebie train gets its fuel from taxpayers. Due to massive loss of people funding it, the train is stopping. Time to get off and supply the fuel for your friends. I’m betting you are not going to like the part where you work so others don’t have to. Funny how self responsibility works its way into the equation.

  • Jesus

    Yet you have no concern for CORPORATE WELFARE which far surpasses HUMAN welfare.

  • Rebecca Frasier

    You know this is all fine and dandy because these are lazy adults for the most part, but you are forgetting an important piece of this puzzle. These lazy beings (with their iPhones, weaves, and fingernails) have children who will now starve to death.

  • Rae Berry Bracken Henderson

    Every American, no matter what your party should be happy for this. Welfare “leeches” and handing out freebies to illegal’s effects ALL of us. We need more governors that are willing to do the right thing for once.

  • Brenda southerland


  • Ray Eldridge

    Don’t forget OHIO from northern to northeastern down to Columbus and down to Cincinnati there is a band of lazy good for nothing TRASH that is dragging the whole state down to Hell !!!

  • Ray Watson


  • Jennd73

    Bravo! But doesn’t Maine give Illegals drivers licenses? theres no reason why people who receive welfare cant do some kind of pt work or training of volunteer.

  • plongoria

    I agree with everything in this article except the part about Democrats are mad. I’m a Democrat and I’m happy. Go Governor Paul LePage!

  • Mina Cooley McWhorter

    Texas already does this minus the volunteering. Its either a job or school and you have to be legal.

  • Krystal

    WIN WIN……how if the rest of America would do this!!!

  • chopper

    Now what he needs to do is take that money the state is saving and make improvements to roads and power grids. If he puts some of these SNAP recipients to work doing roads or what they are able to do, it will be a giant win for him.



  • Kevin Freer

    Good they weed out the scammers but not lost on me while we are cheering on throwing people off welfare which is 52billion less than 1% of the fed budget, corp welfare is over 90 billion but not a word is said. It’s twice as high as social welfare but bc politicians get campaign donations we hear complete silence. With these welfare cheats removed from the rolls I wonder how much of a reduction in taxes are due the taxpayers?

    • mom29js

      Reduction in taxes? You do get that the US is currently close to 20 Trillion in debt, right?

  • Angelia Marsh Hilley

    Did anyone else notice the one making the biggest fuss still managed to have enough to get her hair and nails done? Just saying

  • DC

    2 Thessalonians 3:10 If anyone will not work ,neither shall he eat. God just makes everything better.We need to bring him back to our nation,then it will be what it used to be

    • Shawn

      yes, because quoting the Bible is exactly what this article was missing

  • mom29js

    There’s something fishy about this story….notice the photo directly above the comment section that shows a crowd of African Americans and is captioned, “Irate Portland SNAP recipients wait on line for vocational programs”. The exact same photo is in a Dec. 2011 story about the riots at many malls on the day retro Nike Air Jordans were put out for sale across the US. Scroll down in this article and you’ll find the photo with the caption, “Queues: Shoppers wait to buy Nike’s new Air Jordans outside the Trax shoe store in Charlotte, North Carolina”.

    Read more:

  • Clifford Stewart

    Not mean, not unfair, not discriminatory, on the contrary it’s tough and it’s fair that if you truly are in need this country and we the American citizens will take care of you and only as long as it takes for you to get to the point where you can grab an oar and start pulling right along with all the others. But, the time has come that everyone gets back to the characteristics that makes this this the greatest country in the world.

  • Viola

    I don’t get why anyone would be crying about this. If you want unemployment checks in MA, you have to show them you are actively looking for a job (by providing proof). These people are collecting welfare because they have no other income, guess what, working even 20 hours a week shows that you are trying to do the right thing, if you can’t be bothered to do what is asked, you shouldn’t be on welfare. Unless you are on SSDI, there is no reason why you can’t work, volunteer or learn a new trade.

  • Billie F Smith

    EVERY STATE SHOULD DO THIS! These illegals need to be sent HOME!

  • Dave

    About time a Republican politician did the right thing

  • Mel

    Um, Maine is a state, yes. And LePage is the current governor. Those are about the only two “facts” that are accurate in this piece.

  • Linus in W.PA.


  • Frankie Fan

    finally something is being done now if only someone takes a stand and allow pledge of allegiance back in school i am sick of bending over backwards for people from other countries trying to make the states like their fucked up country

  • Erik Austin Bynum

    You can’t implement Martial Law without the OK from Congress!!! One man can’t make a call like that for personal reasons or gains!!! “Hey I don’t wanna leave the Presidency!!!” “Martial Law!!!!”

  • beingstill

    Wow!! A governor like Sheriff Arpaio! LOVE THIS!!!

  • Ben

    Refugee Resettlement needs to be overhauled:

    1. All resettlement must be approved by a two-thirds majority of local voters.
    2. All initial and subsequent costs of resettlement will be borne by private funds.
    3. Applicants for resettlement must be sponsored by a financially stable family.

    #MaineImmigrationReform (check us out on Facebook).

  • Nancy Robbins

    great for the state. imagine people must not really be all that hungry if they have to earn those food stamps. every state needs to put this in effect., Finally, time to get rid of welfare leeches and food stamp leeches.

  • t. moran

    Not to sound like an ass, because I believe in making people earn or learn how, but I was wondering how long before the crime rate goes up drastically in Maine. Just keep thinking the ones who are lazy and only looking for free stuff, not the ones who are trying, will just find a way to get what they want, and it usually comes from honest hard working people in the form or stealing, mugging, home invasions, and just plain aggressive person to person violence.

    • Shawn

      you’re wrong about one thing, this does make you sound like an ass

  • Scott Jones

    Hmmm…I wonder if racism is at all a factor in writing this article, since a reverse image search shows that the picture of “irate Portland SNAP applicants” is actually a picture of Christmas shoppers from 2011. Congratulations Jason DeWitt, you have not only shown that you are a lousy “journalist” but that you are also a grandstanding racist who will substitute any picture of black people to make your point.

  • Ray Dees

    OOOOOooooooo Snap !!!!

  • Howard Hoffman

    Oh my friends this is something I know plenty about- good good and great for Maine. Listen I have a heart as big as the Mississippi but our system has become fouled. I am constantly dealing with “disabled” people who are in much better shape than me but the system makes it so they can be a sponge. This system does them no good nor does it do America any good. When you actually become a contributor instead of always a taker you feel good about yourself and you do more good things. We need just like Maine has done to get people off the backside and up trying to do something- its good for them.

  • JimmiJames

    I have a hard time believing there are only 1,200 on food stamps in the state. Where I live (Santa Barbara, Ca) there are at least 1,200 in the city….. and MILLIONS state wide!

    I just checked and there are over 30,000 in the county of Santa Barbara who receive food stamps…. the numbers in the article can’t be correct?

    • mom29js

      Read it again….before the new law was implemented, there were 12,000 (12 thousand, not 12 hundred) SNAP recipients in the state of Maine. That number might seem low, but the entire state of Maine only has 1.33 million citizens.

  • Michael D. Rininger

    I hope this gains speed in every State,Though i work i still am on SNAP(food stamps),wish I wasn’t but not many good paying job here in Vermont,Hell probably not many good paying jobs anywhere.Everyone that gets assistance ,be it State or Federal,should be made to work in some way for that help.

  • Tabernaclite

    This article is incredibly slanted. You can’t read this crap and believe it or you will be as bad as the democrats..They had to look long and hard to find 10 black faces in Maine to put in this picture, which makes me believe it is from somewhere else. The governor of Maine is governor because there was a three way race. He is neither an intellectual leader or a pioneer.Do a little bit more reading before you praise him and please have enough common sense to know when you are being led down the garden path

  • Laura

    This is great news! We need a “Paul LePage” in every state! They said it perfectly, “The individuals benefiting from the new food-stamp law are the ones who really need the assistance and aren’t just lazy parasites to society who suck the vitality out of taxpayers”

  • Diane Alden

    Now if there were jobs for those in the new programs .. and corporate welfare is dealt with .. I might think this effort means something . but given banks were given trillions of taxpayer money .. and corporation effectively pay no taxes.. .perhaps we need to address the problems on both ends of the scale.. the dependent poor and the dependent very rich .. that might get us back to some semblance of sound economic policy.

  • dianne fox

    I like it, but where is the money that is not going for that going? Are the tax payers getting a reduction? Are the veterans getting benefits? Or is it just going into the coffers to be pilfered by representatives and their lobbyists?

    • mom29js

      I guarantee you the reduction hasn’t caused a budget surplus, so you probably shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for a reduction in your tax liability. It is likely being used to cover the budget deficits of other essential government programs, like education or infrastructure projects.

  • dianne fox
    what about the handouts to the rich and to corporations? we elect and pay the government to represent us not to take kick backs from the rich and influential to line their coffers

    • toobored54

      The handouts to the rich and the corporations are 100% legal, and come from the people that YOU PERSONALLY voted for in elections past. Red or Blue makes no differrence, you toss a couple mill into someones election fund, ur gonna get some perks. some sweet ones. As an example, heres contributions to Osamas last election, and they’re all sitting pretty.

      • Shawn

        As a rule. I downvote any comment that compares Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden. To do so shows extreme disrespect for the men and women who have fought against enemies like al Qaeda and the Taliban, as well as dishonoring the office of the President, whoever holds it. At least our founding fathers, who disagreed considerably, had the audacity to respect each other and their offices.

        • toobored54

          Ya, thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Our founding fathers also prayed and went to church, something most people think is stupid now.. Wonder if theres any corellation there? Now they just call you a racist and a bigot because you dont agree with them, or sue you in court if you dont give them the services or respect they think theyre entitled to. Hussein made a laughingstock of the presidency and pissed on the constitution, and I’m supposed to unconditionally respect him because of his office? really??

  • disqus_DSyCg403qU

    I have said this for years anyone who needs help should get it but they need to work for it also!

  • Joan Bryan


  • minmin

    Ok , but what about the economy. How many eligibility/welfare workers are going to lose their jobs? How about transitioning into these new rules? I’m all for it, honestly. But im thinking of the job security for the workers at the welfare office.

  • Carol

    Yes I agree with this measure, however; there is no mention of what happens to the elderly and/or infirmed like me who are not old enough yet to receive regular SS, but instead due to multiple medical conditions and diseases are fighting for their SSD! We who are in this category are unable to work in ANY capacity or perform volunteer work. And I am NOT fabricating this or whining. It is a very sad fact of daily life now.

  • John L Barker

    Then Governor Ronald Reagan did that in California and called it workfare. P.O.d a lot of leeches!

  • dennis

    Looking at the photo, it seems like I am color blind.

  • Don Liv

    Mayor LaPage for President!

  • dohfugwimee


  • Dom

    PLEASE send this article to your governor and senators.

  • nanap

    I would vote for him! Every governor could initiate similar programs and the country would be better all over the land.

  • akdreamin

    It’s about time!!!!
    Welfare is NOT a job & the best social program is a JOB! Reagan was right there huh?
    I have been saying if for a long time. Stop all the free money, free housing, food stamps, free healthcare & free education (not that it is being used by many) & watch the leeches go running back to their own countries. As for the others who live on welfare & keep breeding to keep the money coming in, one kid can be an accident so “helping out” with government assistance is fair, but after that first one, you are one your own!!!! No more benefits to illegals & no more allowing ANYONE to treat welfare as their job. When someone is in need of “assistance” then fine, but ONLY in the short term & not as a way of life.


    I pray this spreads!!!! We cannot carry all this welfare!

  • truth

    He didn’t sign or pass a new measure. He just waived an exception that his state was eligible for, because of their high unemployment rate.

  • Sheldon Drake

    hahahaha, “welfare leeches”, you mean the corporations that don’t pay a cent of taxes, or any health care? of course you don’t. circlejerk Obola blah blah.

    • Texan1st

      Name 5 corporations that paid ZERO taxes and provide an unbiased source to back up the claim. But even paying no taxes is different than welfare leeches. Because not only does a welfare leech not pay taxes, they actually take money from those that DO pay taxes.

      • toobored54

        Heres the list, but you need to remember WHY they get off tax free. These corporations are not tax cheats, the politico pukes we vote for GIVE them these tax breaks in exchange for campaign $$$. Remenber only 3 things are important to a politician; getting re-elected, getting re-elected, and of course, getting re-elected.

      • Sheldon Drake

        The Google not working for you today? here:

        You probably spent several thousand last year on a military that fights the wars these corporations need. You’d likely be happy to spend your taxes tossing poor people in jail. The portion of your taxes that goes to all the welfare leeches is probably maybe a nickel. maybe a whole dollar. But look at me, all trying to argue with someone who calls himself Texan1st, this isn’t likely going anywhere new.

    • toobored54

      I’m def not rooting fo the corps that pay no taxes S, I get your frustration, but remember, these guys aren’t cheating on taxes. They take advantage of the tax breaks our politicos give them in exchange for campaign $$$. I’d expect you have some tax breaks yourself, mortgage interest etc, but these guys are given way more, and in exchange, they GIVE way way more to the guy that gives em the breaks. It comes down to this. “If corporations have less taxes to pay, they’ll have more to give to my campaign” Imagine if you had enough tax loopholes to pay ZERO taxes, wouldn’t you take advantage of that? I know it’s a freaking crime, but its not the corporations committing crimes against taxpayers. Its the guys we vote for!

  • you

    you are an illegal alien. your ancestors were illegal aliens. stop being retarded americans.

  • Joan Bryan

    In Michigan, lots of Canadians come across the Detroit river every day to work in Downtown Detroit. They ride buses in and buses out. If the Mexicans want work, let them come in and out on buses.

  • Keith A Richey

    IF the numbers in this story are true, I am skeptical of internet stories, then they are astonishing!! IF they are correct then EVERY state in the country should enact them tomorrow.

  • james70

    good for main all the rest of us should do same

  • marjorie majo

    …….wonderful idea……i have no problem feeding them if they are willing to work for it as i did……GO . LA PAGE………

  • Nebr bob

    Now all they have to do is stop all these flyby night schools

  • retrobait

    This piece is so stupid – if you were ever in Maine in your life you might know better. Maine has virtually no public transportation. The inability of the extremely poor to attend courses, to get to training, or to pursue jobs makes this type of solution indefensible. Let’s say you live 20 miles from the nearest work opportunity, or even 20 blocks in the city (if you can find a city in Maine with 20 blocks), it’s the dead of winter, you have no transportation, and some a**hole tells you to volunteer or look for work. Where? How? What do people do? Just drop out. That’s not success by any measure.

  • Rav4

    All States MUST follow Maine.

  • lifesaver77

    It’s good to see someone carry out the promises they made to be elected. This should be the model for the rest of the country. Welfare is a leech on society. If a person works and needs help to support their family then give it. If they don’t work they don’t get one red cent.

  • republican122


  • Gary29

    Run for president Mayor LePage you got my vote!

  • all american

    Who needs an abortion when you can just starve the kids to death

    • toobored54

      if ya cant feed em, don’t breed em.

      • JJ

        Whatever the case sure as hell don’t educated em.

  • Butch Sands

    I don’t see how anybody can oppose this! They also want to be drug testing! There’s a reason why there’s laws follow them work it out! Cytisine were legally only and if you don’t like it get the hell out

  • Gina Miranda

    Free rides have to stop, I dont mind helping people get on their feet but say HELL NO to illegals or people raising families for generations. Should be like unemployment set to help for a short period only! I want what I make I want to be home with my family to so no way should this scum live for generations like this its just not rite! Bob Nelson

  • 67primrose

    About time someone did something constructive in getting these parasites out of the handout systems that put a huge burden on the taxpayers.

  • woodyblack

    This guy for President of the World!

  • sammy

    Doing a fine job

  • Daphne123

    Interesting that the photograph is a group of all black citizens. Inappropriate I would think.

  • David Baxter

    This should go across the nation.. And Free drug test for all. I have to take one for my job!!

  • Fernando Marcano

    HELL YEAH. Now every States need to do the same.

  • James

    If I have to volunteer for my college scholarships to be retained, I think welfare and food stamps recipients should have to volunteer or work for their aid too, good on him

  • lewpubco

    I know this will sound crazy, but when I was a kid my mother was the welfare director in my small town. First of all, to get welfare, you met with her every week to report your situation and got vouchers (not cash) for food orders etc. What was most important, however, was the understanding that welfare was temporary help for those in need, and HAD TO BE PAID BACK! It was understood that once the person got back on their feet they would begin paying back the welfare money over a time plan. The system worked very well. We should still be doing it.

  • Marianne Morris

    Way to go, I wish New York would do this!

  • Dennis Draper

    as you can see, it’s all niggers in the welfare line crying

  • John Bovay

    What did he have to say about Wall Street bailouts?

    • billybobz

      Welfare whether to the poor or the rich should be illegal.

  • Jim Robinson

    I think he has the right Approach in that people can go to training and doing volunteer work. There is always something that can be done where you live.

  • I would like to see an audit to determine how many ‘welfare recipients” are collecting benefits from more than one State at the same time ………… I’ll bet a dollar to a donut that it exceeds 25%….

  • Rachel Irene Renee Wright

    So, would it be ok to ask for donations to help me pay for my last semester? I actually work 2 full time jobs. One pays eight bucks an hour and the other minimum wage; I am still having trouble covering my tuition. I don’t take welfare or any other form of aid.

  • JJ

    I work nearly full time on minimum wage and can’t afford to feed myself as a legal resident of my state and country while living with half a dozen other adults. Could someone please do something about the unlivable wages? And before anyone gives me the well maybe you shouldn’t be irresponsible with your money stuff, you should know that I don’t drink coffee ever, or smoke, or even so much as get my hair cut in a salon. I don’t own a car. I don’t eat out. And yet breaking my back for 38 hours a week requires that I use SNAP. That seems like the real problem here.

  • Susie Sotar


  • bigsurprise

    FINALLY !!! HE does seem to make a good Presidential candidate !!! He is a great example to others in control !! FIX THIS COUNTRY ….RID OF OF MILLIONS WHO DO NOT BELONG HERE , STOP all immigration and SECURE OUR ORDERS !!! We are being overrun !!!

  • Terri Lewis

    I wonder how much money would be saved if this were implemented in every state ? I have looked at immigrating to another country and they all have a law that says you have to have a certain $ amount to support yourself so as not to be a burden to that country !!! Gee what a concept 😀

  • BobL

    God bless you Governor LePage.

  • The Truth Shall Set You Free

    You have been reported to the Associated Press for violating their copyrighted photo from 2011. Your nasty race baiting will land you in court.

  • readabook

    Why is that the picture you choose? There’s almost the exact same number, if not more, of white people that get welfare.

    Race baiting. Disguise it however you’d like. Dress it up. Make it pretty. But it’s race baiting.

    • The Truth Shall Set You Free

      It’s not even their photo. It’s an AP photo from 2011, of folks in North Carolina waiting to buy Air Jordans.

  • Nancy

    The Native Americans that were here, and their descendents that still are taught the early settlers how and what would grow. They also taught what plants and herbs could be used to heal. They also taught the early settlers how to win in gorilla warfare, which was used against the British in the American Revolution. There were numerous tribes across this country and they each had their own form of Government. They traded and had boundaries, hierarchies, and their own form of monarchies. Their only mistake was believing that the white man was their friends. We took the colonies away from the British and then the land away from the Native Americans. So please before anyone else posts any more ignorant comments please know what the hell you are saying.
    This forum is about stopping the abuses of illegal as well as legal citizens from sucking this country dry. Kudos to Maine and the Governor.
    Personally, I feel the only people who should receive benefits of any kind are the working poor. If you are illegal or not and don’t want to contribute then go back to your country of origin or for the lazy US citizen go be illegal in some other country and see how that works for you.

  • DrKay

    FINALLY – someone with kahones!

  • Whackamole

    i really like the part where they mention ABLE BODIED .

  • David Gagnon

    I love LePage, he is a great American. Thank God Maine has a leader with balls enogh to not jump on the liberal pc bandwagon. Thank you sir.

  • Bill

    this means that the ones who work off the books and get hand outs can no longer get them and that is a big part of the welfare system and yes it should be done in every state for how many Mexicans do u see on the street and i live in California and u be surprised how many black and white people are asking for work for money but not one Mexican for employers want the Mexicans and im a contractor and once they get the Mexicans their they cant give an american work for the Mexicans will not come to work if they do and they now need the Mexican for ive had to fight for my work since 1995 and glad im in my 60ies and u young people who learn trades don’t let this happen to the rest of america and u can see who the racist one are and they aren’t Americans

    • Shawn

      That was a very long sentence

  • William Spears

    This makes way too much sense. Providing support to those that actually need it? That is not the democrat way.

  • John Dennis

    Doesn’t the federal government pay for SNAP?

    • LadyWolf

      The federal government doesn’t pay for anything. The taxpayers do!!!

  • Nelda Seidel


  • Shawn

    You know, I really wanted to agree with you, and in principle I do. I guess I would just have far more respect for your credibility if the wording of this piece wasn’t so biased.

    A part of being a contributing member of this society, and to this democracy, is learning how to see more than just your side of an issue, and to take your victory with a side politeness.

    Also, that image is from the Christmas 2011 launch of the Air Jordans (the link to my image search is apparently too long, but drag the image into a Google Image search if you wish to verify).

  • texastea

    Just curious, but the photo shows all black people. Are there no white welfare leaches? That would be hard to believe (at least from here in Texas).

  • God bless him

  • Michael

    I wonder how many of them actually went to look for jobs or simply left Maine to go live in a more welfare friendly state? It wouldn’t surprise me if they did move to a more welfare friendly state. Boston is only 100 miles from Portland.

  • Darkworld

    So is there a reason you mislabeled that picture at the end? That’s not people waiting in line for anything to do with government benefits, that’s from a UK news article about Christmas shopping 4 freaking years ago. The picture specifically was taken outside of a mall in North Carolina. Btw, exactly why did you pick that one? Hmmm

    Jeeze, if you’re going to be a rightwing propaganda site at least try to act like Tineye isn’t a thing.

    • Michael

      I was kinda thinking the same thing too (not about the true origins of the picture though). In the 2010 census the entire state of Maine was only 1.2% black (about 16000 people). I doubt the vast majority of the welfare recipients in the state are black.

    • Walter Jasniewski

      The picture seemed odd to me too. Maine is a 98% Caucasian state, I know Lewiston’s Somali population is growing fast. Free housing, SNAP, TANF, free translators, etc. I sold an apartment building in Lewiston to one, they’ve been collecting FREEBIES from taxpayers for so long, they’re buying property, isn’t that the American Dream! Come here, we give you everything, we bend over backwards not to offend you, we adapt to your needs…
      How is it that we accept this? Politicians are destroying this country, they’re never held accountable for anything they do, and the media in complicit with all of it.

  • Mike Goff

    it should be he oh snap ! program.

  • Ron Bannister

    The rest of this country should follow suit. But, Liberals will have nothing of it.

  • Josh

    Completely of subject but I would like to chim in on the Native American comments. First of I find it silly how Native Americans think they are any different from imigrants. You didn’t originate here either. Your ancestors simple migrated here 1000s of years ago from Asia. Humans have migrating since our birth on this planet. Most Europeans did the same but we called it imigration and did so legally. That however does not mean we didn’t do a great un justice to your people. And yes before someone tries to correct me I’m terrible at spelling and with grammar! Anyways. Half my family is from Mexico obtained green cards became citizens have college digress. I obviously didn’t take schooling very seriously and it shows. I believe what is happening in main is just. But I also believe the blame can’t all be put on the illigals Americans have become far to lazy and need a swift kick in the ass. This country is going to hell fast and we have done it to ourselves! This didn’t happen overnight nor will fixing it. But this is a positive start.

  • Kevin Hill

    Hey I know there are some who need help but if I have to pee in a cup to go to work, then all people that are on welfare should have to do the same to draw that welfare check!

    • AntonioVoluntario

      Do you understand the difference between public and private?

      • ImOpining

        Some people in public want to sit on their butts while people who hold jobs in the private sector pay for the public who wants to sit on their butts.
        Clear enough for ya?

  • Tom McLaughlin

    I wonder what he’s going to do with all the Somalians that Olympia Snowe dumped on Lewiston/Auburn.

  • Guest

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  • Darrin smith

    This is great! Best thing I have seen. Hell why not put the younger ones in the military and have them serve the country that supports them and they can learn a skill and some respect

    • AntonioVoluntario

      Nothing says small government conservative quite like suggesting mandatory military service.

  • pepsi

    Good for Maine This is not a racist issue. When people cross the Kittery Bridge they could go right on the welfare system. Them they get a P.O. Box and live in another state using Maine welfare.

  • Mark Tallman

    I love this! Peope are fed up with this endless parade of human debris that thinks the entire world owes them a living. Able bodied people need to get off their butts and WORK like the rest of us. Public aide must be reseved for those few in our society who REALLY need the assistance. Maine proved what we already know. MOST people living off government assistance are leaches, parasites, and losers who are simply looking for the next government handout and voting for Democrats who keep the gravy train running.

  • Steve Ortner

    I hope he wrote into that Bill/Policy a consideration for his states Elderly and Disabled that can not do the volunteer work, nor job seeking/training and are on SNAP primarily due to the fact that any other avenue of funds they have is limited.

  • dghealy

    Fundamentally changing the greatest country on earth, (United States).

  • sacj7

    In my opinion (and I am a VERY CONSERVATIVE former Food Stamp caseworker . . . .30 years on the job) there comes a time in EVERYONE’S life that you have to turn to someone for help.

    It does NOT matter what kind of social class a person is in. . .be it rich or poor, famous or not, etc.; everyone at one time or another HAS to ask for help from someone.

    That request for help could be from your family, church, friends, relatives, OR a government agency.

    As I stated above, I am very conservative; wait, let me change that to EXTREMELY conservative. I believe that if a person is ABLE to work, and work is available, then that person SHOULD work.

    Having said all the above, please consider this:

    As a nation, what should we do for a family, if for example, a male (notice I did not use the word “Man”, as I believe that any fool can father a child, but it takes a MAN to be a husband and a daddy) runs off and leaves his child/children without any way of putting food on the table for them, clothes on their back, a roof over their head, and a bed to sleep in?

    I do NOT care if the taxes I pay go to help put food on the table for children and/or the elderly, or to help them with medical care. As a Food Stamp/Medicaid Intake worker, I could not stand to see a sick or hungry child come in to my office without being able to help them.

    That does not mean that people should make depending up the tax payers to support them as a way of life. There are people who of course do this, and to a large degree, government regulations have made people so dependent that work is not encouraged.

    Let me ask you this: when you get ready to retire, and start collect Social Security, where do you think that the money is going to come from? After about 3 years, you will have collected MORE than you would have ever put into the system.

    So . . . . anything after that is being paid by other workers who are paying into the system.

    I hope that you never have to get to the point that you will have to turn to others for help. You probably will (if you are like the rest of us), but hopefully you won’t.

    Are there crooks and cheats, and people who would not work in a pie factory tasting pies, receiving benefits? Of course there are! But . . . . I know a lot of children who would go hungry, and without getting medical care if it was not for the working people of this country who pay the taxes!

    • LadyWolf

      Then people shouldn’t have children UNTIL they can support themselves and their children. Yes, sometimes things happen in life and you need a helping hand but having children without being married and you know you can’t support them yourself (it takes 2 to tango) then you shouldn’t be having them. You see all these girls having kids by different daddies and they expect us taxpayers to support them. I think not. Birth control is cheaper than a child. A lot of them will be on welfare and shack up with different men in their homes that we are paying for. So any money these men are bringing in does not go into account as income. My ex husband left me when I was 7 months pregnant with my second son and I never went on any type of government assistance. I worked my butt off and supported them. It wasn’t easy but when you have children they are your responsibility.

      • sacj7

        You are “preaching to the choir”! Thank you for your thoughtful and kind answer.

        Unfortunately, our government (regardless of who is in power) has made it more advantageous to NOT work than it is to work. When I retired, our Food Stamp manual had 15 pages of regulations EXEMPTING people from having to comply with work requirements, and only 1/2 page of regulations REQUIRING people to comply.

        Have a blessed day!

  • Angel Dalton

    I applaud this man. If every state followed his lead, our country would be much better. Now don’t get me wrong, if you have a legit medicalallowing problem that prevents you from working, you should be able to get some benefits. The problem i have is for able-bodied men and women who sit on their butts all day and get more money than we do each month. I can’t afford an iphone or a nice new car but there are people that use their government benefits to purchase wants and not needs with our tax dollars.
    As far as illegal immigrants, they should not be rewarded for coming here illegally and that’s what the government is doing. I’m all for foreigners coming to the U.S. for a better life, but do it legally.

  • spatin

    Wasting tax money, including all of the so-called social welfare programs, are a huge source of the national debt. This country is going into debt to give support and welfare to a bunch of leeches, foreign and domestic.

  • Kevin Soucher

    Why do people still believe this myth? There was less than 2/3rds of 1% in welfare fraud in Maine discovered last year. Despite the horribly racist pictures in this article, the majority of “welfare” recipients are white, especially in Maine where blacks represent only 1% of the entire population. Also illegals BY LAW can not receive food stamps, medicare, or any other government assistance. Even legal immigrants have to wait five years.

    Recipients by a large majority tend to be elderly, veterans, disabled. When you cut these benefits to the poorest among us you let children go hungry and make good people turn to crime. You should turn your focus on the real welfare queens in this country, corporations and the wealthy 1%. If you are in the middle class they are the reason you aren’t earning more and because of their refusal to carry their own tax burden it trickles down to you.

    • toobored54

      This isn’t about fraud, its about work-fare. Its about picking up the terminal welfare recepients by the bootstraps and helping them find a career, and a job, to be productive citizens. Racial statistics matter not. If you say blacks represent only 1% of Maine’s populations, shall they pass a law that only 1% of blacks applying for welfare can have it?

      And quit tooting the corporate welfare horn. YOU are the one responsible for that by the people you voted for that give these guys all the “corporate welfare” breaks. These corporations are not breaking the law, they’re following the tax rules created by political stooges receiving zillions of $$$ from corporations for re-election.

  • Kay Hall

    Those who can work must earn their own way. I always did and I’m 82 and just quit last year. What’s wrong with all of these lazy good for nothings? Get up and find something to do to earn your keep; don’t just stand there with your hand out! Stand proud and see how good it feels!

  • Randy Hollett

    of course they use a line full of black people as there picture lol these sick fucks yeah lets hurt the least fortunate among us real christian like

  • Sandra Trusso

    Won’t be long till the ACLU will appear to defend the rights of those who don’t want to work, to get freebies on our dime.

  • John Richardson


  • US Veteran

    Awsome Wish every state would do that. Now maybe the cost of health care will go down with these new rules:). Maybe some of the illegal aliens will want to go back to the country they came from :). I know of alot of citizens (US citizens) feel this way. If they want to come to our country do it the legal way.

  • Boagreous

    It’s about time. I hope these programs catch on in every Republican controlled state. Keep the filthy vermin leeches out of cities, counties and states that don’t want them. Hopefully an incoming Republican administration in the White House will make it nation wide. Run the trash right back into the meeheeco toilet bowl.

  • Boganis

    Bravo Governor LePage!!!!

  • Tim Sullivan

    it’s about time that someone started looking out for the interests of the taxpayers and not the leeches

  • Aboobooka

    The black exodus of Maine will happen in 3-2-1

  • Oregonpapa

    Its just shameful how these heartless Republicans try to starve out Democrat voters. (tongue in cheek)

  • Oregonpapa

    Milton Friedman said it best: “You cannot have open borders and a welfare state at the same time.”

  • Saggin Gin

    but but but…were Iz gonna get muh grape drank, fried chicken gootness, and wadda melons? Oh sheeit… dis ivigga gonna riot.

  • Icantakeit

    interesting photo when 91.5% of SNAP recipient households in Maine are white….Govt link above. nice try though

  • Gerry Billings

    The worst Governor in the Nation. We are headed to Wisconsinville, Kansasville and New Jerseyville. Fortunately, the legislature will not let his policies get the sniff of time he wants to be implemented. You can praise him all you want, but his policies if enacted would plunge a poor State into third world nation status. That would be his legacy. If you don’t live here, you don’t really understand.

    • Benjamin Carlyle

      thanks for the info on this guy. I was wondering.

  • kat

    What about the parents who have no one to watch the kiddos? Daycare is so expensive these days…. I’m just asking
    I have a full time job and I’m not on welfare but I also have a husband that has a full time job and my mom lives with me and watches my kids. So what if ur not as lucky as someone like me? How do you do it?

    • ImOpining

      You don’t have kids that you can’t afford.
      I get especially irritated by those living off of my tax dollars long term and still having kids to get a bigger check.
      Especially when living with the father but not marrying him to continue to live off of my hard earned dollars.

  • Eric

    Nice job pulling that picture from a Nike air Jordan story and completely running the creditibility of this story. How embarrassing!

    • Eric

      I meant “Ruining”

  • Joan Lax Hamilton

    I remember the time when all able bodied person must work out their benefits. Clean the ditches along side of county roads,etc. Anyone remember the WPA. It worked and many buildings standing today were built by those workers, plus roads, state parks repaired, you name it. No sitting on your butt back then. My dad was crippled in the coal mines so couldn’t work anymore. He went to work under the WPA and was station agent at the local RR station, used a cane to walk to work. He was glad to do it.

  • Don White

    I didn’t know they grew watermelons in Maine? WTF are so many blacks doing up there?

  • Yolene Polydor

    I thought this was the standard, they have been doing this in PA for like 10 plus yrs now.. Not a big deal.. If u want my tax money earn it n get a job on top of that so I don’t keep paying for ur bastard children, Have pride people, I understand people needs help sometimes n that’s OK, but to deal with it like it a forever thing retard, I don’t agree with tht


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  • Cam

    This isn’t news. It’s political commentary. I’d advise renaming this site if that’s all you’re going to post.

    • johnrhett

      If you don’t like it, why are you here? Hm?

  • hawkeye

    This article, and the many others floating around on the internet are inaccurate. The numbers cited are not the number of people on foodstamps; they are the number of people receiving TANF. The number of Mainers that were receiving TANF was closer to 12,500 prior to reform and are now near 6,500 (not the 2,500 this article falsely states). The number of people receiving foodstamps is far higher than the number of people receiving TANF; approximately 200, 000.

  • brightwriter .

    I am a Maine physician and have done Social Security disability examinations for years. Many people I examined were genuinely disabled, but also many were faking a disabiklity or were

  • Guest

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  • Michael Langille
    • Benjamin Carlyle

      That is something we’d all like to know, or at least people who care about people and not just money.

    • johnrhett

      “Allowing” anyone, whether private person or business, keep money they’ve legally earned isn’t welfare. The State doesn’t own everything, and that’s the basis for your Socialist idea that tax “breaks” are welfare. This country was founded on the principle that individuals own the land and the businesses, and tell the government what to do, not the other way around.

  • scapegoat_black

    Please recognize the subliminal mental bullsh*t in the images attached to this article. (1)Blacks depicted in stereotypical poses.(2)Big Republican Senator with an assertive pose finger toward the sky… This attack on welfare leeches all you want I could really care less, but with minorities only consisting of 5.6% of the states population I highly doubt it’s minorities who are putting a strain on the SNAP Benefits program…..

    • Benjamin Carlyle

      yeah the photo is from an Air Jordon story from Dailymail UK.

  • Terry Melvin

    I agree with Maine’s policies 100%, but I’m not sure I’d want any of those would-be-leeches as a co-worker.

  • jesskazen

    I know many elderly homebound people who get SNAP, how are they going to work or volunteer?

    I get wanting to stop malingerers or illegals but something should be provisional for certain groups who are in poor financial straits through no fault of their own to not be cut off. Elders can barely get by as it is.

    I don’t know much about the law but there has to be some provision for the aged right?

  • Bobbie Blackman

    Ya know there’s a lot of senor citizens out there that worked and payed taxes all there lives, some disabled people that did the same and your just going to shut there pi ccy little food stamps off? csrew U and the horse you rode on on.

  • travis

    Ok Tennessee lets play follow the leader Get off your butts and pas some good laws like this

  • TheNightCreatureCometh

    This article disgusts me. The real leeches are the corporations, who take way more from the taxpayers than these so called “leeches” who are also “human beings,” by the way. The other leeches are the politicians who suck dry from their communities while scrutinizing the hungry, while these so-called “public servants” sit in their lavish restaurants, sucking the meat out of crab legs and lobsters on the public dime.

  • Len Silva

    What absolutely disgusting bullshit this article is. I have no problem with what the governor has done if the people of Maine agree with him. That is their problem.
    I have a BIG problem with the photo “Irate Portland SNAP recipients wait on line for vocational programs”.

    It is pure bullshit. The black population of Maine is about 1.4% and that photo is actually from the AP showing people in North Carolina standing in line to buy new Nike shoes. Once you get caught in one lie, everything else you say is suspect. 95% of the people getting SNAP benefits in Maine are white.
    Discusting Racist Bullshit.

  • Codgewife2

    Good Job Gov! Now let’s hope some other states follow his lead.

  • Barbara

    Please, get him to run for President. At least he’s a man and grew a pair. (Not usually this unladylike).

  • Fred Smith

    Time to go back to the WPA and CCC era, there would be plenty of jobs to work and volunteer at, plus the roadways and state parks would be clean

  • JONM7

    Well done. Please bring our program to NV for the Illegals here get more benefits than an unemployed taxpayer and can’t get dime one. Mean while these deadbeats are killing us and they keep wanting more and keep getting it. I thought NJ was the most corrupt state in the union but NV is giving that state a run for the money. The Illegals here get paid and plus their kids get a free education and meals if school is in or out of session. Now they get a driving privilege card and get insurance for 30 days and then become uninsured after 30 days. These people are Blood Suckers draining are system and now the rest of the other deadbeats join the parade. I can go on and on but this state has become the #1 place for Illegals who get everything for FREE!!!


    GOOD. Now for the other states to do the same. Too many able bodied people taking my money without lifting a finger to earn it.

  • David Ford

    They need to do this everywhere !

  • Eric Cox

    Send them all to California we love people who refuse to work, break our laws, and disrespect the Country, our flag, and our police officers. If you are illegal we will even kick in some bonuses like free health care all paid for by the suckers who work. But you must vote democrat our we will lose our political clout and be forced to work and obey the laws. Now we do not want that to happen so keep voting democrat so we wont have to get a job.

  • Patty Lynn Bugger-Partida

    yes!!!every state needs to enforce this im impressed!!

  • madalon baum

    Yay LePage….Yay Maine! It’s about time somebody did something about both of these problems! I am all for helping someone who is truly in need, and has no options, but I don’t think Welfare should be a career path or permanent way of life. I DEFINITELY don’t think illegals should be collecting Welfare under ANY circumstance. Legal Immigrants have to show proof that they won’t be a “burden to society” before they are admitted. Illegals have already broken the law by their means of entry…..they shouldn’t be rewarded for it (especially not with MY $$)!!!

  • Bonnie Domina

    I know one thing we wouldn’t have if not for the so-called natives of North America, maple syrup. The Europeans and Africans knew nothing of this sweet concoction until the Natives in the northeast area of what is now Canada and the United States showed them how to create it. Also many Europeans would have died if not for the people that were like animals showing them how to plant, harvest and store their crops.

  • Vee Buck

    californa could save millons if they did this we have at least 1 million illegals living her

  • Marianne Morris

    Bravo! Now if the rest of the country would follow suit we might survive as a country. I work as a cashier and am sick of these people buying junk food as well as lobster and shrimp and alaskin king crab!! I have put people through my line with $200 or more in junk food paid for with food stamps, Then whip out a credit card or 100 dollar bills to pay for the stuff that isnt covered. I have worked for 45 years now and i cant even afford lobster!! BTW I am a senior citizen who just went back to work so I can afford to eat. Apprently my husbands pension and mine combined are $1 over the amt needed to get food stamps!!

  • congressive

    LePage – a real sweetheart who steals from the poor and gives to himself – AKA right wing role model:

  • Rich

    It’s about time.

  • stopspending4

    How can you all celebrate this? It means the illegal recipients and the deadbeat recipients are coming to a state and community near you. Not saying it should not happen, I just want to make sure it happens in MY state.

  • johnanaguski

    Work for food volunteer for food you must be kidding, the response they are out of there.

  • StevenE

    Let’s hope ALL governors follow suit! He’s WONDERFUL! I’m moving to Maine!

  • Lisa

    ALL states need to do this I think it’s a wonderful idea welfare isn’t a career and these people need to understand this I mean how stupid that they are moving to other states so they can collect free money and food HOW the he*ll do they have money to move??? .

  • Jeffrey Hunter

    I’m glad to see a state that is willing to attach conditions to handouts…I’ve always thought there should be a timed condition during which any recipient of ANY type of welfare must demonstrate progress towards self reliance…if that “time condition” is not met…then the welfare is severed!!!

  • Dave Andre

    Many of those receiving these benefits are working for cash off of the books. That’s why they aren’t going to the vocational training or volunteering.

  • dennisr1028

    This fall right on line with North Carolina’s
    Reduction in welfare as well .

  • Denise

    After reading some of these posts politics may be the least of our problems. ” A mind is a terrible thing to waste”.

  • Elaine

    All other governors need to do the same. Fed up w/illegals.

  • joeb

    how come you used a photo of black people from an article 4 years ago? doesn’t seem right

  • Crafty Shak

    I Stand with LePage.. all states should do this.. Make the leeches go to work.. I am tired of supporing them….

  • Wrong_track

    Get rid of these moochers, throw them out

  • Maureen Mizuno

    Kudos for him. I think he deserves his paycheck. Go to school. get vocational training, volunteer, do something besides becoming a generation after generation poverty case.

  • Maureen Mizuno

    No illegal aliens should receive anything free in this whole country. Other than maybe an airline ticket back to where they came from. We have enough people who are citizens and need help getting educated, being prepared to be able to work, get real help to better themselves. We don’t need people from other countries robbing us of funds and resources to help our own. Japan became a much better and stronger country country when it closed off it’s nation to the outside world for a period of time. We should think about this.

  • Teresa

    That’s how it is in Utah…..and how it should be everywhere….you get help when you help yourself….and it’s easier to get it when you really need it…just takes a couple of weeks at the most…..unlike California, where it takes months….

  • B Dog

    What’s amazing about making someone work for their check? Conservatives love it, Dems hate it. Wonder why?

  • Russ

    I said this a long time ago. Provide welfare but only for a limited time. 3 years. Taxpayers pay for some kind of vocational training, child care, etc. After 3 years, don’t bother checking your mailbox or bank account. There will be no more. If you aren’t adult enough to see that and plan accordingly, you drop from the welfare rolls and the State takes custody of your kids. Except in cases of disability… real disability, not bs contrived stuff. If you set the system up this way, people will respond accordingly BECAUSE it will be in their best interest. That’s the clincher.

  • zinta48

    fghfghfhf hfhfgh fhf

  • Golfer1113

    This should be the case for EVERY STATE. Those who don’t like it are either lazy, believe they are owed or jus plain criminals. I hope and pray this catches on.

  • Theres

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  • ArtistGuy79

    Is the state paying for the vocational training? Sounds like a good idea, I just see how people struggling to eat could afford school. Also, with the economy the way it is, how will this create jobs?

  • Dirk

    We have plenty of money and resources to care for those who really need it. Lazy, however, is not a handicap. I’ve been saying this for years. There should be programs that require people to work a few days a week to earn their keep. There are parks that need to be cleaned and tons of other pleasant and worthwhile jobs that could be set up.

  • brandan69

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  • Jay Dillon

    ‘Slashing funds for cities that give welfare money and other support to illegal aliens.’ Right on! Makes sense. Kudos to Governor LePage on this one!

  • Michael M

    California and Texas should have a welfare plan for illegals. Let them build a massive border wall between USA and Mexico. Just make sure they work from the southern side of the wall.

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  • ChristianRodriguez

    That’s good.. No doubt…. Now if we can get rid of corporate welfare and government handouts at tax payer expense, also if we can stop our government from giving our tax money to other countries that don’t give a rats ass about us, we will be ok

  • Ubwart

    Everyone in line in the picture is black. Black and one welfare? Who would have thought. Got any cotton up there?

    • JoeinPhila

      Hate to break it to you, bro, but – despite the picture in the story – most welfare recipients are white.

  • JoeinPhila

    I’m a Democrat and I believe in welfare reform. So am I the mythical unicorn or would that be the welfare queen with the iPhone 6 implied by the cartoon in the story? BTW, when was the last time we had a successful national welfare reform program? Hint: was in the 90’s and the President in office was not a Republican. “Mend it don’t end it.”

  • wolfenii


  • ta2t2o

    Explain to me why you would use a photo of all black people along with a joke panel with a black lady when talking about welfare in Maine. Maine has a population that is 95% white and only 1.4% black. 13.6% of the people in Maine live below the poverty level. As such, it’s safe to say that the vast majority of that 13.6% are in fact white. In fact, even if EVERY BLACK PERSON in Maine were on Welfare, they would STILL only make up barely 10% of the total welfare population. I’m tired of you folks trying to pretend you’re not all racist when you continue to post racist things like this.

  • ta2t2o,9171,156084,00.html

    You all need to do a little reading – this article talks about the US in whole. Maine, however is much more white (95%) than most other states.

  • Ronald Kozielecki


  • Lynette Constable

    I wonder what this means for the working poor. Perhaps they don’t have working poor in Maine. Those are the people (like me) that hold two jobs, never get to see their families, and still can’t afford rent, utilities, AND food. I’m not on SNAP any more. It got me over a hill. I got a better job that pays enough to pay rent, utilities, food, AND have some left to enjoy family time with my kids. Of course, I had to leave the country. After all, I am a natural born American. There are no jobs for the likes of me. I have two college degrees. There are no jobs in the USA for the likes of me. I think what he is doing is good, but still be aware of families who are really trying to get by and need the little bit of extra help.

    • harriet

      Those the people who never saw what the future would bring so didn’t prepare themselves!!!!???? Now they think that society should support them cause they lack skills?

      • Lynette Constable

        No, those are the people who lost everything in an economy crash. I lost my business because of “undocumented” workers underbidding my jobs. I was a commercially licensed contractor. A woman in a man’s business. My husband and I were doing quite well. Nice contracts and all. The the gas went up and the economy went to hell in a hand basket, and the businesses that hired us started using “cheaper” labour. Made it impossible for us to compete. Because we also had to have insurance, workers comp, etc. When the jobs stopped because of the economy, our income essentially stopped. We managed on a job here and a job there, and I had to get a job on the side. Eventually, we just ran out of our savings. We could not find work to support the family. I was working two jobs. One waitressing, the other a clerk at a convenience store. I have two college degrees, but these were the ONLY jobs I could find. I searched jobs every week. Some people needed some assistance. They are the ones who don’t abuse the system. But because they used the system, they are stigmatized just like the rest. I have no lack of skills. I have a degree in IT, and Business. I owned my own company for 7 years. Was quite successful during that time. When your 6 figure income suddenly shrinks to 4, and your bills and obligations don’t… Well, I did the best I could. I will never see the thousands I have paid into SSN over my life since I have worked since I was 16 and served in the military. Yeah, I’m a lazy bitch. Maybe you shouldn’t be so judgemental.

  • Melanie Schielder

    LOL, it’s a catch 22

    “to complete a certain number of work, job-training, or volunteer hours in order to be eligible for assistance.”

    meaning if you can do these things, you don’t need welfare, thus you do these things at your own peril at showing how much of a lazy leach you really are

  • 10grandchildren

    Hats off to this Governor for fulfilling a campaign promise to make the career Welfare leeches work for their SNAP benefits. I was a Single Parent raising 4 children on my own and supported all of us without ever taking a nickle from Social Services – no Section 8 housing, no medicaid, and no food stamps. None of us ever went to bed hungry and all 5 of us worked as a Team. My children were very satisified to eat many casseroles containing hamburg, making our own desserts, and learning how to make a $1.00 bill strecht. None of us ever remembers that we never ate sirloin or porterhouse or lobsters for dinner but we all had our dignity of being able to stand on our own 2 feet without having to depend on our government. If you want something in this world – work for it!

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Give a person a fish and he eats for one day, Keep giving them fish and they will NEVER learn to fish on their own and will get mad at you for NOT giving them MORE FISH. Sad, huh.

  • Timothy L Hughes

    welp just wait the democraps have one more card up there sleeve and it will be coming out…the good ole race card when you can not defend your position to give these lazy ass leeches free stuff…or as we all know it as it has become….wealth redistribution…food stamps…phones..housing…health insurance….

  • Randall Benson


  • RedMeatState

    Giving welfare to illegal aliens is absolutely the wrong thing to do!! Giving them everybody else’s job is even worse!

  • NurseNancy


  • RW Miller

    NEWSFLASH. Requiring SNAP recipients to work, volunteer, or attend training has been in the Federal Code for years. Although he has implemented in Maine, people should wonder why Maine had not done so before.

  • Kathy Andersen


  • softrbreeze

    Interesting aside, we had this program in Georgia years ago and had similar results with the work requirement being only 24-30 HOURS a MONTH. YES, A MONTH. Unfortunately, even though it was Clinton who started the program, the liberals in power deemed the program a FAILURE because of the lack of participation so after a few years they discontinued it. LOL

  • Frank Loftice

    And just take a look at who is waiting in line and bitching. I’m sure the blacks will scream racist before long.

  • disqus_3KhGHnplV8

    California already requires recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) to complete a certain number of work, job-training, or volunteer hours in order to be eligible for assistance. But the hours are greater than Maine.

  • tmg13

    Shit- They are probably coming to Hazleton Pa

  • John L. Battey

    Add random drug testting for recipients and you have the full package, as it should be,

  • Golfer1113

    This is great. EVERY STATE SHOULD DO THIS NOW. A great deal of these people believe welfare and other programs are a career choice. I have seen videos of some saying, hell no I ain’t gonna look for a job because I get a check from the government every month so I don’t have to do anything. These are lazy leeches that need to be caught and prosecuted. For all you working folks out there, remember it is not the governments money that is being given to these lazy people. It is your hard earned money and the government has to take more of it because of this behavior created by democrats to gain votes.

  • Don Liv

    Your a Great man Gov La Page. The citizens of Maine are fortunate to have your Leadership!

  • Linda Thomas

    Well this went to hell in a hand basket fast. NO WONDER WE CAN’T GET ANYTHING DONE IN THE DAMN COUNTRY. You start sticking your heads up each others butts and bam, nothing but shit

  • Panzer

    but how an you apply this to ILLEGAL ALIEN’S before the state pays for the hospitalization of their 4th or 5th anchor baby ?? Id say do like Mexico and hand cuff her till the family pays.

  • Croid

    nawwwww … who gone feed me an all my chirrens an dey baby mammas??? I aint gone get up befo 10 to get to a stoopid job sumwhere workin fo da man. F dat noise!!! All y’all YT americans owes us fo buildin da country an sheeut. Nomesane

    • silly girl

      you need to catch a steamer boat back to natoomba or wherever you came from cause we don’t want you here in this country . we are fixin to cut back on your dope money and if your chillen is starvin, then plant a fookin garden my man

      • Croid

        it too late silly girl. iz a citizen now an iz got cibil rites an sheeut. you gone bees payin fo me an all my chirrens an dey baby mamas an everythang dey want fo reels. god bless obama! iz even gets a free sail foam…

        • silly girl

          yeah but we is gonna put a bunch of poison in your dope and make you sterile and then we is gonna put some more in there and make you blind and then we will put some more in there and it will make your pecker fall off and your bitches crotches smell like raw sewage and then if you get hungry you can just barbeque up a couple of your kids and eat them like they do in your home country africa

          • ta2t2o

            Like you could put down the meth pipe long enough to poison someone else’s dope. The only way your going to poison a drug dealer is if you suck on a cyanide capsule before you blow him for your next $20 bag.

  • Grog

    Trump needs to hire this guy for his cabinet for sure, a national scale de-leeching.

    • silly girl

      sounds like they are already making good use of him in Maine. Trump can find his own people I am sure

  • Mac Wildstar

    I do hope he has an exception clause for people who are on snap who are 100 percent disabled.. Having them go to useless job training to get jobs they cannot perform is stupid. and being disabled, i doubt there is much community service jobs they could do either.

    Other than that, 5 cheers and a big harraah for this Governor.. Next he can run as Michigans Governor and get rid of our RINO .

  • Mac Wildstar

    More than half of the nation’s immigrants receive some kind of government welfare, a figure that’s far higher than the native-born population’s, according to a report to be released Wednesday.

    About 51% of immigrant-led households receive at least one kind of welfare benefit, including Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches and housing assistance, compared to 30% for native-led households, according to the report from the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that advocates for lower levels of immigration.

    According to a detailed analysis by the Heritage Foundation, each illegal immigrant costs our country $24,000 a year. But, on average, each pays $10,000 in taxes,so it’s reasonable to say that each illegal really adds $14,000 a year to our country’s debt burden. Now times that 14k by 20 million and see what you get.. This is why we must deport as many as we can. Just 1 million makes a big difference to taxpayers.

    The cost of educating the children of illegal immigrants is staggering. It is estimated that U.S. taxpayers spend $12,000,000,000 a year on primary and secondary school education for the children of illegal immigrants.

    Add it all up.. There is a HUGE financial incentive for states to rid them selves of these illegal and refugee populations, as they are draining state revenue coffers and leaving little or none for the state to use to take care of its own people.

  • Roger K


  • Robert L. Rice

    Love it,ALL EBT users should have to work 20 hours a week,FOR THE CITY,pick up trash (their neighbors????) or cut city grass……

  • joeboken

    And what is he doing about the unnecessary tax breaks, subsidies, and loopholes that cost much more than the safety net programs? Is he treating the rich as harsh as he’s treating the poor? Now that would really save Maine money.

  • Susan Downing Moses

    This is Really Smart and Every single state should do the same and NOW.


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