Macy’s Just Found Out the Hard Way Not To Mess With Trump, As Angry Customers REVOLT


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Payback is a bitch, or so Macy’s is finding out after coming down on the wrong side of the American people on the issue of illegal immigration.

Thousands of people responded negatively to Macy’s cutting ties with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump over the company’s disagreements with his statements on illegal immigration.

TMZ reported Monday that the retail giant has been “inundated with complaints” from about 30,000 customers about them unfairly punishing Trump since announcing the end of their relationship with him two weeks ago.

Thousands of customers said they will never shop at the store again and have even cut up their Macy’s credit cards.

One staffer told TMZ on condition of anonymity, that “the blowback has been much worse than we expected” and that Macy’s is spending “way too much time having to deal with this.”

Macy’s official spokesperson tried to play down reports of a customer revolt, telling TMZ, “Our Facebook page is often times used by our customers to express their feelings or points of view. Many times it does not correlate to any action.”

Well in this case, it most clearly has, and then some.

I guess Macy’s somehow missed what happened with Chick-Fil-A a few years back, when attacked by liberals and Democrats, customers gave the popular chain massive support, resulting in record sales for nearly every store and in the history of the company.

BIG mistake.

For his part, Trump is pleased with the news:


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  • BDG

    Outstanding. I don’t shop there, but I am glad to see another example of American common sense in action. Do not let the media define us. Hometown values still rule most American households.

    • John Michael Hutton

      No, the media isn’t defining you. YOur racist attitude of support for an out and out racist is what is defining you. Now run along and wash your white sheet

      • smarter than you

        Why do you keep making the SAME comments “white sheet?” Where did Trump say “I don’t like mexicans?” WHERE!? NOwhere! You cant even follow the simplest of dialogue can you ha ha ha!

      • chato

        come on big boy your use of the r word leads me to believe that not much thought is happening upstairs.

        the Donald doesn’t have a racist bone

      • suerobb

        Really? Is that what you take from what Trump said? He said nothing about hating anyone. He said Mexico is not sending their best and brightest. If you think thousands of unskilled, uneducated women with several kids in tow is not a drain on us, thousand of murderers, molester and rapists let loose on our street is not a safety concern and the cost of educating kids who never saw a toilet much less a schoolroom being placed in an 11th grade class is not detrimental to our own kids’ education… you are an idjut.

      • Funny how people are racist for just saying something. Now that is stupid as the people buying from Macys.

  • Dawn Appelberg

    Never used them. Macy’s has always been over priced in my opinion.

  • ozarkat

    We don’t have any Macy’s in Arkansas. I receive their email sales notifications and check their facebook page and shop online. Uh…not any more. No more money from me. If they want to support illegals, let the illegals support Macy’s. Somehow I don’t think thats gonna work out. Buh-bye Macys.

    • Tholdrie
    • John Michael Hutton

      WOW, I bet that really hurts them but then on the other hand the 100,000’s of thousands of folks that like doing business with NON RACISTS will more than make up for the racist assholes like yourself. Besides, you only need a white sheet and something to cover your face unless of course you are going to one of the incestuous weddings you red necks are always having in Arkansas. Did you marry your 1st or 2nd cousin?

      • FM505

        Text book w u s s… yer the best JMH.

      • Only idiot libbers with no real argument think that abiding by Federal Law is racist.

      • smarter than you

        Typical Liberal a-hole. You guys act like you’re all about love one another yet, as soon as your opinion is opposed, you turn into slandrous, malicious, hateful, sad excuses for human effluence. In WHAT regard is it racist to crave that LEGAL processes be fulfilled to enter this country? Explain that please! Let me guess, IF you respond, you will call me a racist (I’m Native American) and you will say I should wear a white sheet, and slander me without providing any moral standpoint for which you represent. You are a sorry excuse for anything representing this country. Ill pray for you. (that probably makes me racist and hateful too huh?) Oh and I already know you’re gonna say you don’t need my prayers;) Like always, a conservative is a step ahead of the liberal.

      • ThomasThePaine

        You libtards still using that word?




        1 A person who thinks that a half mon_key with a 60 IQ, is not the same as a human with a 140 IQ.

        2 A person who thinks that a gor_illa with a mouth full of gold teeth is not cool.

        3 A person who thinks that those without proper ID should not be allowed to vote.

        4 A person who thinks that cannibalism is not rich cultural diversity.

        5 A person who thinks that Islamists have no right to impose their filthy religion on others.

        6 A person who studied history and knows that the first legal slaveholder, all slave sellers and over half of all slaveholders were all black!

        This was considered a pejorative word and was often used as a blackmailing tool by subhuman species to obtain special privileges and perks.

        Due to new research and enlightenment on the subject, this term is now considered a compliment, indicating a clear and logic mind free from the idiotic constraints of political correctness.

        Webster New American Dictionary.

      • ozarkat

        Wow, you sound so intelligent making all those assumptions about someone you don’t even know. Apparently you have a problem with people voicing their opinions, sounds kind of bigoted to me. I simply said, I don’t want to do business with companies that support illegals. Those who break the laws and enter this country illegally— and I don’t care which country they come from—are ILLEGALS. You have a problem with that so you have to call me a racist, a red neck, and try to insult my family. You do not know what race I am, you assume I am FROM Arkansas (I am not, I just live here). You took one word (Arkansas) and tried to degrade me. Actually, you just showed everyone what kind of person you are. What a shame.
        I have a suggestion for you. Control your anger, try to act like an adult and try to stick to the facts that you actually know something about, because everything you stated above is WRONG.

      • Angela_Sanders
      • suerobb

        Ancient Egyptian royalty married their sisters and brothers…. tell me where royal lines flourished with brother marrying brother.

      • david

        It isn’t racist to support laws. It IS however anarchy to support breaking laws. If you want laws change, you go vote and get active and make laws change. You don’t break them and say it is ok. YOU are the ONLY one in the wrong here.

      • Daniel_Webster1

        I didn’t know being illegal was a “race” now.

    • reginaccook88
  • Rick McGinnis

    I will not shop there any more, this is how we beat corporate America, thru their pocket books

    • John Michael Hutton

      OOoooohhhh. I bet they will miss your $50 a year that you spend buying white sheets. racist bastard

      • Typical low information libber answer. So, explain to us how, exactly, being pro-illegal immigration helps the American taxpayer without using any of the WH talking points..

      • Rick McGinnis

        ouch, a great reply from one of the mindless drones

        • diver_girl_64

          and a great non answer. The difference between most centrists to conservatives is that we still vehemently believe in everyone’s right to their opinion. That’s one of the fundamental freedoms that this country is based on. It’s usually only the far left and right who are incapable in engaging in a courteous logical debate because they do not nave the knowledge of the rationale behind their belief; they have accepted what they have been fed as irrefutable fact. Without logical discourse, this country has ended up in the intolerant gridlock in which it currently finds itself.

        • Mindless is actually buying at Macys.

    • Shopping there in the first place was dumb. Get same thing cheaper at other stores. Just because you see a higher price, does not mean its always better. So many returns on higher price stuff, shows stupidity.

  • LaFlare1017

    “I guess Macy’s somehow missed what happened with Chick-Fil-A a few years back, when attacked by liberals and Democrats, customers gave the popular chain massive support, resulting in record sales for nearly every store and in the history of the company.”

    No, I think they didn’t miss that. This is the same thing, except reversed political orientations, just like the liberals lashing out at chik-fil-a while receiving support from conservatives, Macy’s is receiving support from liberals. The example of chik fil a is basically the opposite of the point this article is trying to prove.

  • smobertoday

    Hey Macy’s – YOU’RE FIRED!

  • Mike Uguccioni

    can’t believe I even HAD a macy’s card

    • Cherry Walker

      Hey Mike…sure hope you have Lifelock or something similar…some nasty person may try to use that card, seeing as how the number is still visible and all.

      • John Michael Hutton

        Mike is rather a dumbass, isn’t he? Reminds me of the rest of the racist assholes in the world. Red Necked crackers

        • Cherry Walker

          Actually, I am a red neck cracker!

        • California Flake

          I take offense to you using “cracker” to describe a white american from the southern states.

          • Christina Quick

            FYI…it’s also used in the northern united States.

        • smarter than you

          Judging by your picture, the redness in your face seems that your hypertensive tendencies are getting the best of you. So I’ll dub you the red-faced catastrophic failure with a side of heart attack.

        • Sitting_Duck

          I am too
          and Proud of it..

        • And people are racist just for talking, right? Fucking dumb.

  • kazoober

    I’m going to the Macy’s Facebook page and give them a piece of my mind!

    • John Michael Hutton

      That shouldn’t take very long

      • john q public

        Is that why you have so many comments on other people being racist? I would think one should look at themselves before making comments on others. As the saying goes “throw a rock into a pack of dogs and the one who yelps loudest is the one that got hit.

      • kazoober


      • kazoober

        that is rude John.

  • Jim Rock

    black, white, brown, yellow, native – we’re all sick of the division and why we (or our ancestors) had to follow the rules and do things the correct way when this new “anything goes” liberal society of degenerates have made a mockery of the country, the laws, and its citizens.
    just the other day the #1 cartel leader called trump a “white fag” .. even though he’s just white with kids and girlfriends/wives/exwives… media only reports on the “threat” to his safety.. not that the #1 MEXICAN CRIMINAL expressed his hatred of the “white” and “gays” where’s the outrage.. there isn’t any.

    • John Michael Hutton

      Jim, instead of brains you’ve got rocks in your head.. Liberal society of degenerates? You mean like conservatives who molest their little sisters while their parents cover it up and when caught tell the world that all Christians molest their daughters and sisters? You mean those liberal degenerates?: BTW,do you think that gays are just now starting to happen? You have more freedoms than any other people in the history of mankind and you think that constitutes a society of degenerates? Maybe you would feel more comfortable living in say Iran or maybe Russia or SAudi Arabia where the government tells you what is acceptable and what to believe and where if you deviate from their path, they cut your head off. I think that people like you don’t deserve to live in a free society because you don’t value the freedom of any one else but yourself and those that agree with you. You aren’t much of an American but you sure are a stupid moron.

      • David J Michel Jr.

        shouldn’t you and your stool pusher boyfriend be tearing up each other’s a-holes celebrating gay marriage?

      • smarter than you

        The most hypocritical thing I have seen in a while. You blast Jim by saying he doesn’t deserve to live in a free society while stating he doesn’t value any one else’ freedom lest they agree with him. Look at ALL your prior comments John. All of them are just hateful, name calling blabbering because people who support LEGAL immigration don’t align with your interests. You are describing no one but yourself you hateful son of a dog.

      • Keith Grogg

        Mr. Hutton, I sure hope that you keep posting! You are an inspiration to us all! We can all take your words and know that banning lead paint was a great idea. Not only do you ramble incessantly, but you also follow no logic in your ramblings. Might want to get that checked…

      • Robbie Hans

        John is an ILLEGAL ALIEN…I can tell by his POOR Grammar!

  • Brenda Near Neuhauser

    if Trump was worried about them he could buy them out and dump them

  • Larry C Mason


  • David J Michel Jr.

    liberals never learn the fags are not the only ones that can boycott.

  • David J Michel Jr.

    Macys is for chumps not for Trumps.

    • La Gray

      you should write copy…or advertising, or campaign slogans!

      • David J Michel Jr.

        that would make me an ad man or a mad men.

        • John Michael Hutton

          That would make you a dunce since it makes absolutely not sense. So you’re saying you are a bankrupt clown with a rat on his head. Your delusions are amazing.

          • David J Michel Jr.

            if I was looking for your opinion I would beat it out of you now go eat your bag of black dicks.

          • smarter than you

            Makes “not” sense huh? You should probably proofread before calling someone a “dunce.” Talk about delusion!

          • kat747

            Give little Johnny a break. He really is doing quite well with the name-calling, so give him a pass on his typing. He is doing great for an eighth grade graduate.

          • Sitting_Duck

            He graduated from Public School at the age of 20
            IQ same as shoe size
            I guess he could be Obama’s son.

      • calypsodancler

        Yea Hitlery could use your help

    • Chumps = Dumb Asses

  • Kathy

    Im taking back an order i purchased last Thursday totalling over $150. And will boycott until pres election

    • John Michael Hutton

      Cuts nose off to spite face. That’ll show them. I’m willing to bet you’re back spending at Macy’s within a couple of weeks or maybe even days.

      • Kathy

        You are so wrong I have way too many alternatives to shop and I’m not faithful to any of them so mark my word I’ll stand behind trump and he is going to win this election. Just wait and see 😉

      • David J Michel Jr.

        is Macys where you buy your panties that are in a wad?

  • PWT55

    I support Macy’s any any other company or organization that severs ties with this racist, blow hard.

    • Utahlady

      That makes two of you!

      • PWT55

        Hardly. There are many more of us that find Trump a buffoon than those of you who support him.

        • Wiggle D

          Trump is a buffoon, but he speaks what no one else will. It’s only a matter of time before liberals choke on ‘their values’. Google “illegal murders”. There is a lot of human garbage the border states have to deal with to keep us and you ret@rds safe.

        • FM505

          Buffoons don’t bank billions bud.

    • White Devil

      Your brain dead

      • PWT55

        “You’re”, not your…speaking of brain dead. And you’re a sheep.

        • White Devil

          After you pass a basic English class, come back and try it again

        • katiesmom157

          And you are a moron

        • Bill Pittman

          I think “you are brain dead” would work just fine. I never like contractions or the use of shortcuts such as H8 or LOL. CU…

  • Ksoloman

    Macys who?overpriced china sellout!

  • Utahlady

    Not that I adore Donald Trump but I despise it when corporations get political and involved in religious , LGBT, etc, topics. As consumers all we can do is speak with our pocketbooks and I do. So many stores, so little time!!!!!!! Hopefully they will learn and shut the hell up and just be retailers. Sane people do not give a damn how their service providers and retailers think about personal lives ,we care about the price and quality of their goods.

    • John Michael Hutton

      Here’s a thought. It is the right of any retailer to chose who they will have a business relationship with and who they will not. So why are you getting your underpants in a bunch when a retailer exercises their right to associate with whom they wish? Are you that un-American? Are you a Commie that would force relationships on others? Sounds like it. And if you chose to cut off your nose to spite your face, that is also your right to do so.

      • Utahlady

        Hey John,I thought you may be upset because your Macy’s stock plummeted . Then I thought ,nah…you just forgot your meds didn’t you? You are babbling and make no sense.

      • caretakerct

        If it is the right of any retailer to choose who they will have a business relationship with then why was Sweet Cakes bakery in Oregon told to pay $135,000 in damages for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple?

      • smarter than you

        Actually, since I am in the big business world I will try and explain this to you in a less than intelligent way (since that seems to be your education level). duh der uh pfftt herdy derrrr… <That translates into STOP being hypocritical! You keep talking about rights yet you are ignoring the fact that its Trump's right to stand for legal processes. Also, it is the RIGHT of the people who oppose Macy's decision, to cut contact with this retailer. Shut your mouth dude.

      • maineman65

        You are absolutely right, they should have err well unless they do not want to bake a cake or host a wedding.

  • White Devil

    Let’s see how many bean bags can afford to shop at Macy’s…..LMFAO

    • BeachyBeth

      What is a “bean bag”?

  • kat747

    Bye Macy’s ! YOU don’t have the right to punish ANYONE for what they say. We still have our First Amendment Right in the USA, and it doesn’t matter whether YOU or this administration of
    US Constitutional Violators like it or not.

    • John Michael Hutton

      You really are a moron aren’t you? And just where does it say that Macy’s must do business with a racist if they don’t want to? You just don’t even have a passing relationship with logic, do you?

      • kat747

        Typical liberal, aren’t you. Someone disagrees with your idiot opinion and you have to start the name-calling.
        Let us refer back to the $135,000 FINE that the bakery received for NOT baking a cake for a “certain” wedding. Perhaps you in your infinite wisdom can use your “Macy’s logic” to get their fine dropped. They did NOT want to bake the cake for one entity just like Macy’s doesn’t want to do business with an entity based on “if they don’t want to”.

      • Robbie Hans

        John ,,,For EVERY action their is a REACTION Bottom line Macy’s can do as they wish…But will now become BOYCOTTED!

      • calypsodancler

        Oh and this does NOT apply to bakeries who do not want to provide cakes for gays? You ARE a special kind of stupid!

      • suerobb

        If a baker must to business with a gay couple, why is Macy’s allowed to pick and chose?

      • diver_girl_64

        hmmmm, you mean like a bakery doesn’t have to bake a cake for a same sex couple if it’s against their religious views? Come on now, you can’t have it both ways.

      • Johnny Shlick

        John, I’m a Mexican Immigrant and I too don’t support illegal aliens coming over.
        Your a Moron. Throwing around the”racist” word. -LOL

      • Favorite word from you is racist on every single comment, even when they say nothing to be racist. Man I have read stupid comments but your racist word beats all the stupid comments around.

  • Drake Freeman

    Macy’s is on their way out of business anyway this may be the final nail in the coffin, last time I was in one of their stores is was a ghost town and ”everything” was on sale

    • Wiggle D

      You are aware of the fake sales, right? It’s common practice to markup prices and then return them to normal values and masquerade it as a sale.

      • John Michael Hutton

        Isn’t that what every retailer does? It’s the Sears model. Sears was the author of the bait and switch style of merchandising. Please name one retailer that doesn’t do that.

        • David J Michel Jr.

          your mom she is advertising all the black cock she can eat in a day.

    • Katharyn


  • Wiggle D

    But what will replace the Macy’s Day parades before Thanksgiving? Hah!

    • katiesmom157


      • FM505


    • Bill Pittman

      The Miss USA Pageant.

  • Rob

    McDonalds, Wendys, CVS, Olive Garden and Coke are some others, who give boatloads of cash to LaRaza.

  • madalon baum

    Very many Citizens are fed up with this whole illegal immigration issue, I, for one, am tired of the way the government is catering to them, protecting them, rewarding them, etc. I try not to give my business to those that support the problem.

  • Lynn

    Now THAT’S what I call “Voting with your dollar”!

  • fairgame

    I cut my card up!! I will never shop there again!! They sided with law breakers!

    • John Michael Hutton

      No, they sided with legal immigrants since there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant. Immigrant has a legal standing to be in this country, ILLEGAL ALIENS do not. We, as a country, encourage immigrants to come to this country taking in more immigrants every year than the rest of the world does combined. YOur stupidity and that of The Donald is just amazing.

      • David J Michel Jr.

        so you are also an open borders butt hole and traitor.

      • Katharyn

        So if I don,t pay my taxes or a speeding ticket it should be OK just like the immigrants here in our country who are here illaglly. What are their FINes? 0 because our ridiculous system gives them monies!

      • David

        You’re not an immigrant legal or otherwise until you’ve obtained proper LEGAL status to become a United States citizen. You are an illegal alien until such time this is done. If you want to continue to bust chops please review your high civics book again.

  • Dave Andre

    No Macy’s for me.

  • Not Anonymous

    Can’t we boycott Obama.

    • John Michael Hutton

      You can do whatever your silly brain cell tells you to do. It seems he was elected TWICE and didn’t have to go to the supreme court to overturn the will of WE THE PEOPLE. And isn’t it a shame that he didn’t start any illegal wars and that he has more than doubled the DOW and that unemployment is way down under his watch, all the things he has done that ReThuglican conservative idiots couldn’t do. Yes, he is taking this country to Hell in a hand basket say the delusional batshit crazy morons of the extreme TeaBagger political party. It;s a shame they indulge in such fantasies and delusions and you are one of them. You should not be allowed to vote or procreate, you are just too stupid to have the right to do either one.

      • David J Michel Jr.

        it’s funny how you butt pirate rump wrangler ass wipe dematards use homophobic slurs like teabagger you are supposed to love your fellow ass rapist.

  • Thomas Buster

    You guys weren’t already boycotting them?

    They’ve been pandering to gays for years.

  • La Gray

    and this, ladies and gentlemen, is how we rule the country. WE are the consumers. We have the demands. We CHOOSE from whom we will purchase our supplies. We have the ability to ruin or help whomever we choose if we unite behind a single cause. We the people. Donald Trump is that cause. It’s time to remember what made our forefathers great, because we will be great again! I’ve become addicted to reading all the comments of the Trump supporters…it gives me hope. Keep it up!

    • John Michael Hutton

      I think I’m going to apply immediately for one of their cards and start shopping at their stores as fast as I can. Many more of me than their are of idiots like yourself.

      • David J Michel Jr.

        are you going to pry your lips off Obamas ass?nigtard.

        • David

          LOL… He really is a nigtard isn’t he…..

          • David J Michel Jr.

            or a thugger.

      • smarter than you

        You would need a decent credit score and a job.. Judging by the fact that you’re posting in the middle of the night on a Tuesday night / Wednesday morning you don’t have one. Man you just keep surprising me with how much you suck!

      • kat747

        “there” are …NOT “their” are. Maybe you should try cracking a grammar book before playing with the grownups.

        • He just loves calling everyone racists. He just loves it so much. Hell, I bet he calls his family racists.

      • Robbie Hans

        YOU John are NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer hahaha…Nice spelling hahaha

      • dallas

        John keep on obamas bbc. It keeps your dumbed down.

      • Johnny Shlick

        John, Your wrong. Many Mexican’s agree with #Trump Illegal aliens are NOT legal immigrants. You are really talking like a fool.

  • Joanne Przybylowski

    I was getting text alerts from Macy’s and I dumped them!

  • LaFlare1017

    “Macy’s Just Found Out the Hard Way Not To Mess With Trump”

    That’s the headline today, but next week the headline is going to be:

    “Trump Just Found Out the Hard Way Not To Mess With El Chapo”

  • Adam Gulledge

    Nice to see so many take a stand here. And cutting up credit cards? Very nice. The less debt, the better, anyway.

  • sammy

    Not going to Macys anymore

  • Luis Antonio Delgado

    I’m a Mexican American that knows the Truth so I back Donald Trump 100% because he Told the Truth. I will No Longer Shop at Macy’s.

  • comando47

    Ha! That’s really nice!!!! news < Make Extra Income

  • Jennifer

    I don’t have credit cards anymore BUT when I did have to help my mom last week buy a dress for my niece’s wedding we both agreed that we will never shop there again….. so we didn’t. We have GOT TO start standing up for what’s right in this country.

  • ssianaborcic
  • John Michael Hutton

    Angry little children react like angry little children

  • HarryTheCat

    Hmmm…Macy’s supports illegal aliens over legal Americans? Then I guess they’ll understand this word: Adios!

  • Arthur Shatus

    I see Trump as a buffoon, but then he wold be at home in
    Foggy Bottom with all the other bufoons. We have to give him credit for one thing… he’s got balls .. something is short supply in DC. Also, I don’t think he is there just to make his million.

    • FM505

      So you admire the buffoon…

  • PC posturing by Macy’s that’s all. They will resume business with him the second the election is over…bet on it.

  • Gustavo Reveles
  • David J Michel Jr.

    John Michael Hutton is a douche bag and a gay libturd troll!

  • Paul Hart

    My 2 sisters and I will never shop at Macy’s again, because of their intolerant emotional executives.

  • ThomasThePaine

    Very few business are more useless to Americans than department stores who sell overpriced made in China merchandise at 24.50% finanance rate. . .

  • Robbie Hans

    Lets see how well their next Quarterly goes with ONLY Illegal Alien sales to boast about!
    No more Macy’s for me and MY Family!

  • Nectifems
  • Paul Revere.

    All the American people should wake up! Don’t trance on our freedom of speech. Macy I hope you people go out of business. Last time I checked we’re in America and a American has the right to say what He or She feels. If you like it or not. So go sell your crap in Cuba or Russia or any other communist country.

  • calypsodancler


  • Linda

    I wouldn’t shop at Macy’s if they were the last department store left! They’re liberal cowards and their merchandise isn’t first rate like it was back in the 20th century…it’s just a over-priced glorified penny’s now!

  • jm

    we dumped macys and now their closing 30-40 stores. TRUMP TRUMP AND MORE TRUMP

  • Macys is for stupid rich people. Their prices are so outrageous for the same thing you can get 75% cheaper else where.


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