Louisiana Schools to Offer Common Core ‘English Language Arts’ Test — in SPANISH

Above: Illegal alien teens in Tucson being processed prior to re-location to another U.S. state. (Photo: Michael Chow)

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

In a shocking example of how rapidly Barack Obama’s engineered “child border crisis” is affecting the nation, Louisiana schools will be offering its Common Core English test – in Spanish.

Last month, Obama dumped over 1,200 “unaccompanied minors”, mainly from Central America, in Louisiana. Contrary to deliberate media misrepresentations, the vast majority of these illegal aliens are above the age of 15.

Obama’s DOJ has ordered all schools to admit illegal alien “children”, regardless of immigration status or documentation – or even if they have the proper vaccinations. So now those officially-enrolled students must take the Common Core-aligned standard tests.

But since nearly all of these minors don’t speak English, Louisiana has decided to allow students to take the ‘English Language Arts and Literacy’ test in Spanish. The Spanish-language option is offered for two years to those students who are newly-arrived in the country.

The Times Picayune reports:

State schools Superintendent John White said the test — called the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers or PARCC for short — can be given in Spanish to newly arrived immigrants who are still learning English for the first two years they are enrolled in school. Then, the students must switch to the English version of the assessment. 

Some Louisiana school districts have recently seen an influx of immigrant students, mostly from Central America. The federal government placed over 1,200 children in Louisiana homes after they were picked up trying to cross into the United States along the southern border. The children are awaiting deportation hearings, which could take over a year to schedule. 

Jefferson Parish had seen the largest increase in Spanish-speaking students,with over 500 new pupils. But Orleans, St. Tammany, East Baton Rouge and Lafayette have also been affected.

But as to that “two year” exemption, one local immigration activist, Rita Ricon, said “(T)wo years is not enough. We will be pushing for that exemption to be extending to at least five years.” Just five? Sure…once Obama’s DOJ gets involved you can be sure that “exemption” will become permanent.

And want to bet these illegal aliens will never be required to learn English? It’s not a hard bet. The 1986 amnesty act, that “legalized” 4.5 million illegals (it was opnly projected to give amnesty to 1.5 million) also “required” they learn English to appease opponents of the bill. But once the amnesty passed, that requirement was quickly forgotten, and an estimated 62% of Mexican illegals never learned English at all.

Another problem is many of these illegals don’t even speak Spanish. USA Today reported on a school district in Georgia which received dozens of children from El Salvador and Guatemala. “Most do not speak Spanish but rather their native Mayan dialects, making finding special language tutors for them difficult and expensive.”

But Obama doesn’t care if they ever learn to speak Spanish, or English, so long as they know the Mayan word for “Democrat” on a ballot after he gives them all amnesty.



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