Los Angeles Police Shoot Armed Illegal Alien Kidnapping Suspect Live on TV


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Police in LA nailed a suspected kidnapper shooting him on the street after he jumped out of his car and waved a gun at them. He held police off for an hour as he bled but eventually gave up.

The suspect, Miguel Hector Pugo, was accused of pistol whipping his wife and kidnapping the woman and her child. He led the police on a high-speed chase through East L.A. with the baby and female in the car, before stopping and threatening cops with his own firearm.

A man was shot on live television by LA County sheriff’s authorities Friday afternoon.

The man, whose identity is unknown at this time, was being pursued by deputies for kidnapping and driving in a stolen vehicle when he stopped the chase after thirty minutes and got out of his car.

This after almost hitting several bystanders.

He then began walking towards police and waving a gun, at which point he was hit when several shots were fired by police.

It is being reported that the suspect, who is still alive and at a local hospital where his condition is unknown, fired at police first.


Below: an exhausted and bleeding Pugo collapses — still armed — on a local stoop.

Disgustingly, local residents were cheering not for the police but for the scumbag, wife beater — shouting obscenities in Spanish at LAPD cops as they battled the dirtbag.

Mexifornia, baby. What did we expect?

UPDATE: We are hearing Pugo is a “suspected undocumented immigrant”. TRN will investigate and update. Note that Obama’s ICE had put pressure on local police not to release information on illegal alien criminals, so as not to jeopardize Obama’s amnesty schemes.


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