‘Loot in the White Neighborhoods!’ – Rioters Burn Store, Assault Reporter, Shoot at Police in St. Louis

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The mayhem outside St. Louis we reported last night continued late into the morning hours in Ferguson, Missouri, as rioters looted dozens of stores, including a WalMart and Target, damaged or destroyed over 200 cars, including 5 police cruisers, and even burned down a QuikTrip convenience mart.

One official also reported that gunshots were fired at police by some rioters.

Earlier, looters ransacked that QuikMart, along with at least 4 dozen other stores on the main thoroughfare, West Florissant:


Above: “We take anything we want!” Rioters loot a QuikMart before setting it ablaze

The situation had escalated quickly in Ferguson after people began protesting Saturday’s police shooting of the unarmed Michael Brown on Sunday afternoon.

During the rampant looting and vandalism, one local official, Patricia Byrnes, reported that rioters were shooting at police:

After the fire had been put out, KTVI-TV reporter found what she called a “deeply distrubing” spray painted message on a neighboring store:


Even as the QuikMart burned, local Blacks took to Twitter to express their anger at the rioters. But not for the wanton destruction, which sullied the cause of protest against the police killing of an unarmed teen.

No, these Tweeters were angry only that rioters attacked stores in “Black areas”, instead of White ones. A seemingly endless thread of vile racist Tweets (h/t Twitchy) followed throughout the night, putting several communities on notice:







Disgusting. But I thought electing Barack Obama would cure all of our racial strife. Not so much.





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