Little Schoolgirl Humiliated by Her Teacher Gives Him a Lesson He Will Never Forget


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A little girl who was humiliated by her teacher in front of the class, and then poked by him, gets back at her teacher in a way he will not soon forget, as seen in a video posted on YouTube.

In the video, a Russian teacher is berating his little pupil for her supposed insufficiencies. She is clearly not pleased to be treated this way, no less in front of all her classmates.

Then he gets physical, and she reciprocates — and then some.


OUCH! What was going on? Well, here’s a translation:

Teacher: “Very well. Tell me… what lesson are we having today? What lesson did you come to? What lesson are we having today? Which?

Girl whispers: “English.”

Teacher: “English! Very good. And in the English language, are there any pronouns? Yes, there are. Tell me please, what is this?”

Girl says: “I.”

Teacher: What letter is this? Read. What letter is it? What is this? WHAT IS THIS?”

Girl: “You.”

Teacher: “You! Good job. Finally. And ‘you’ is what? Well? You is… (pause) You is ‘toy’ (Russian word for ‘you.’)”

He repeated the phrase — and then pokes her in the head. He says “You don’t need to…”and pokes her again.

Big mistake.

That’s a lesson he will never forget.



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