Little Schoolgirl Humiliated by Her Teacher Gives Him a Lesson He Will Never Forget


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A little girl who was humiliated by her teacher in front of the class, and then poked by him, gets back at her teacher in a way he will not soon forget, as seen in a video posted on YouTube.

In the video, a Russian teacher is berating his little pupil for her supposed insufficiencies. She is clearly not pleased to be treated this way, no less in front of all her classmates.

Then he gets physical, and she reciprocates — and then some.


OUCH! What was going on? Well, here’s a translation:

Teacher: “Very well. Tell me… what lesson are we having today? What lesson did you come to? What lesson are we having today? Which?

Girl whispers: “English.”

Teacher: “English! Very good. And in the English language, are there any pronouns? Yes, there are. Tell me please, what is this?”

Girl says: “I.”

Teacher: What letter is this? Read. What letter is it? What is this? WHAT IS THIS?”

Girl: “You.”

Teacher: “You! Good job. Finally. And ‘you’ is what? Well? You is… (pause) You is ‘toy’ (Russian word for ‘you.’)”

He repeated the phrase — and then pokes her in the head. He says “You don’t need to…”and pokes her again.

Big mistake.

That’s a lesson he will never forget.


  • Ed Woodson

    Sixty years ago, it was not uncommon for a Teacher to bring a student to the front of the class and humiliate them. As this teacher did.

    Not too sure that the Teacher didn’t go a bit too far. However, there was no excuse, whatsoever, for the Student to kick him in the Groin.
    Other than your life being in imminent danger, there’s no reason ever to kick anyone, male or female, in the Genitals.

    • Bob Martine

      You’re an idiot Ed. I would have kicked him there myself if the had the nerve to touch my kid

    • MadraveN

      You’re a dumb Shite aren’t ya Ed?! If that precious girl was mine, it would have been fat hitlers last day on earth eating with a fork.

    • more Human than Human


      • Jose

        Read your reply. Then go look in the mirror and see who the “idiot” is.

    • Tammee

      You, Ed, are out of your mind! That little girl had every right to protect herself against the physical assault of an adult man! Since she probably weighed about 60 lbs and he looks to be about 170lbs, I’m sure she felt she was in imminent danger! There is a reason we stopped doing this 20 years ago. IT’S WRONG!

    • Al

      Ed, it sounds like you are jealous that this little girl did something you didn`t have the balls to do when you were berated mam.

    • Guest

      I know why Ed answered the way he did….he’s actually the the little bitch who got his junk kicked and now he’s cryin’ about it…

    • Jen

      You’re an idiot…totally agree with you Bob. You must not have children. He obviously humiliated her in front of everyone and then scared her by touching her. If that was either of my children I would give them a pat on the back for defending themselves. That teacher should be fired.

    • Jim Mathis

      you must have been droped on your head as a child

    • Jack Mort

      Ed, grab your earlobes and pull your head out of your ass

    • D.

      Ed, is it you on this video?

    • Lolly

      people like Bob are teaching their children that disrespect is acceptable. We were taught to respect adults of any type. just touching a child in the head is not a reasonable behavior to justify kicking someone in the groin. there are more mature ways to deal with the problems you have in life.

    • Rose

      Clearly nobody has done that to you. Go to a bar and pay a big man to do that to you 5 or 6 times while berating you horribly. THEN come back and tell us now nice it was for you.

  • Scott Wilcox

    D’OH …….right in the wedding vegetables! I guess there was a lesson she DID learn well.

  • Rebel

    Ed you must not have kids. He had no right to poke her in her head as you can see from the video the teacher is an ass and poked her more then once…Any teacher puts there hand on my kid shame on them..

    • Kensethchic17

      THIS IS IN RUSSIA!! lol not America, why argue over their culture? Obviously they have different standards then we do. I would approve of my daughter doing this to anyone who would abuse her ANYONE

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      • Dawn

        I’m a teacher and I am all for what she did. Could she have just walked out, yes, but that was her line of defense.

        • Carl Tim

          He could have not touched her, right. Only a libtard would say walk away. She should have followed with an elbow to the jaw when he doubled over…

          • Marta

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  • Ken

    Actually, he didn’t say ‘toy,’ but rather, the informal pronoun for ‘you.’

    • Guest

      Who cares?

    • Revolution Black

      I heard him saying, “You” eto ti. ‘Ti’ would be informal Russian for ‘you’.

  • Chester St1

    Having been in elementary school more than 60 years ago I can say that I never saw a teacher “bring a student to the front of the class and humiliate them”. It would have been very uncommon and easily would have resulted in a teacher getting fired.
    This teacher is a bully and being kicked in his gentleman’s area was insufficient punishment for his actions.

    • Wendy

      Happened to me in 85. And because I started crying (because being an 11 yr old girl isn’t hard enough without some prick calling you stupid and lazy in front of the entire class), everyone called me a baby for the next 3 years. I WISH I’d kicked him in the nuts.

    • graywolf

      I also was in school over sixty years ago; my memory is exactly the same as this little girl, bend over and assume the position. Anyone in school in the forties would know that. How old are you? 20; 22; 25 maybe?

    • SineWaveII

      I was in catholic school in 1960s and I had a nun do exactly that to me.

      • DaMoFo

        A nun kicked you in the groin?

        • SineWaveII

          LOL No she humiliated me in front of the whole class.

    • Eric A Germer

      Obviously you didn`t go to Catholic School, Chester.

    • Sharpshooter

      Bull#!*! Teachers are so protected. Here in southern calif. Last yr. Blind folded students and spoon feed them his sperm, did he get fired? No, still collecting a pay check.

      • BShunter

        SNOPES check this bull@#$%!

      • Dena DeVere Doherty

        Ewwwww! I remember seeing that on the news but had forgotten until you brought it up again. He is still working there?? Are you KIDDING ME.? What are the parents of those children thinking? I would bring lawsuits against the teacher, the school and the district. I’m not a litigious person and I think there are too many frivolous lawsuits clogging up our courts these days, but THIS is something warranted, IMHO.

      • Terry Melvin

        actually, he used an eye dropper.

      • Amma

        Not only FIRED but in prison for 25 years. Check your facts.

      • Carl Tim

        how is that dude still walking the earth?

    • Stephanie Ferguson Bell

      Humiliation happened in the 70’s here in Wilmington, NC in the public schools – and nothing was done about it.

    • Phoenixmama

      I am waiting for her big hunking Daddy to come in and finish what she started…LOL.

  • plnutcase

    Good for her! That’s what I taught my daughter to do if a male bigger than her picked on her. Stops them in thier tracks!

  • Joyce Bachman

    ok everyone…….i agree that he shouldn’t have poked her. her kicking him was priceless. BUT what we condone here in the States is different from other countries. This took place in Russia which has different laws than we do. once again he was wrong for poking her according to our laws but (i’m not defending him)

    Russia’s laws are different then ours

  • Kathy Reddy Woerner

    The little girl was brave to stick up for herself. I’m not sure how her society will view what she did, but her teacher needs some education if he thinks his method of teaching is appropriate.

  • crazybitch

    Good for her .

  • Steve Roberts

    Deserved it 100% Love that little girl….dad taught her well!

  • Linda D

    This very bad teacher sets the mood by “attacking” the student verbally and then escalating to physically. I believe I would have felt threatened as well, not knowing what he would be doing next. She may not have aimed for his crotch, but his shins and just happened to get the better spot. The girl didn’t do anything to warrant such treatment. I believe in teachers being in authority and students respecting them, but the respect must be earned (and it has to go both ways), and this guy didn’t deserve it. A child isn’t in learning mode when in a situation like that. They’re in fear and/or defiance mode, which is unproductive for teacher and student alike. There are a few BAD teachers—just like there are bad doctors, nurses, lawyers, etc. Bad apples in every barrel in every walk of life.

  • Logan

    I have seen this posted on several conservative sites and all seem to think it’s funny and appropriate that this girl kicks her teacher. No, he should not have treated her as he did (in Russia I might add, not the US) but she was totally wrong in kicking him as well. She’s not a little hero. I have children and I would have been very upset with this teacher but I would have been very upset with my child as well. I’m also wondering how this was filmed in a classroom, setup do you think? Perhaps even staged?

    • Wendy

      I was that girl once. Do you know the kind of lasting damage that comes from being abused like that in front of your entire class? From your post, I’d say you don’t. Be thankful for that.

      • Kip Melendy

        So sorry for you Wendy

      • Lavender

        Wendy, I too had a teacher that humiliated me every day in class. I was 10. I am now 56, and still wish I had done something about it. Because of her, my grades went from A’s to D’s and F’s. I was so embarrassed, she convinced me that I was stupid and I just withdrew. I did not tell my parents. I feel this affected my whole life. Any teacher who does this to a student deserves to be fired.

    • Lolly

      I agree.

    • Rose

      I started out that way with my kids, because that is what my parents taught me in the 50’s and 60’s, but within a few years, I found out that Handling it through proper channels was getting my children ridiculed more than ever. It didn’t end well at all. Now I advocate what this girl did and I advocate it to any bully, whether fellow student or a teacher.

      And the Parent better go to school and back the child up to the MAX. Glad to say that know my grown children handle things their own way and they don’t get into messes over it since I got out of their way. If I had to go through it again, I remember what one father did who punched one of the administrators over what he was letting happen to the man’s boys, and suddenly the trouble stopped. I’d throw a few punches myself if I had it to do over.
      Pacifists are friends and enablers of aggressive bullies, whether of individuals or factions, or of nations at a war.
      Funny things happen when the aggressors turn on the Pacifists. LOL! Suddenly, those fat jerks are NOT singing the same tune when it is their own noses that get put out of joint!

  • Flyingbull

    Obviously he was frustrated by his student, but he had no right to touch her like he did. She reacted and ran out, he was hitting her, and frankly because she wasn’t responding like he wanted, he was escalating it. It might have gone further, if she hadn’t acted. She did the right thing in my opinion. She hit him, then ran for someone with authority or protection.

  • Kate

    that little girl, being about 9 years old, did not even know what genitals are nor where they are located. she was just lashing back at the abuser

    • BuddyLuv

      How do you know what she was taught at home? If I had a nine year old daughter, I’d sure as heck teach her where to kick an aggressive man.

  • Pat Reedy

    Good for her….he deserved that big time. He is not a teacher….he is a bully.

  • connie mercer vernacchio

    Good for her, he deserved it. He should of not spoken to her like that, especially in fron of the class.

  • Michael L Harp

    How many of your elementary school classes had video cameras? None of mine did.

    • Rose

      It was a phone. Look at the child in the immediate foreground looking back at it.
      Bet another child had been telling their dad about it, and they had the
      child take the phone hoping to catch him on video, for the protection of
      the children.

  • Revolution Black

    The translation being transcribed is incorrect. “You” is not ‘toy’ in Russian. “Ti” (pronounced as “tee”) or “Vi” (pronounced as “vee”) is ‘you’ in Russian.

  • Skyhawk

    Its up and…….its good!!!

  • Jim Mathis

    she should have kicked him in the balls .the dumb ass teacher had no reason to be pokeing that child in the head .if it had been my daughter he would not have been able to come to class the next day

  • Harry_the_Horrible

    He should not have touched her, period.
    The little girl, on the other hand, showed remarkable presence of mind in her retaliation. She did her work and un-assed the AO. She will go far. If I was her father, I would be proud of her, but a bit appalled.

  • Random

    DON’T POKE AND DON’T YELL. My German/Russian immigrant Mom did this same thing to me all my life. She made my life hell because she hated children. She was/is so sick. I still hate her to this day. She is and was always a self serving bitch.

  • Random

    PS – IN ANY COUNTRY THIS IS CONSIDERED ‘ABUSE’ and in this particular setting it is considered abuse of a little girl as well.

  • Donald Lane

    That little girl packed quite a kick lol

  • EMT7777

    Neither was in the right. I am amazed at how there are no conservatives posting here.

  • Whiteeagle

    ‘Staged’ ???

    • Betty

      I was wondering that too, how did the cam happen to catch all of this ?

      • Jerzy420

        OMG a student filmed it!! Didn’t you see it scan to another shocked student??

    • Seriously

      Okay, so I expected all the back and forth of right and wrong as far as all of these comments go. But I’m rather astounded at how many of you are saying this is staged. Suppose none of you have ever seen or heard of a camera phone, Iphone? ~rme~

      • Logan

        In Russia in an elementary class? Not so likely.

    • Rose


    • AtlGlamDoll


  • Wraith Ideal

    I’d smash the face of any adult who talked to my kid like that.

  • Lockmazter

    Notice how the video ended before she was caught and sent to the gulag? I doubt she really prevailed in this encounter!

  • Deb Hanna

    LOL…. Way to go young lady…..

  • Maggie

    LOLOL.. well, guess he won’t be poking any more kids in the head…

  • Schr0dingersD0g

    That’s not how you get through to children.

  • J’naire Rogers

    If the girl had been black you’d all swear she was a thug. Smh….

    • MyView2

      No, if she was black, black people would be calling it racist. But any other color guess that is ok?

    • Lolly

      With all due respect, J’naire, please shut it. I’m SMH at you bringing the race card into it.

  • Marie

    Nut Cracker

  • Linda Rogers

    I like it tht the kid kicked the teacher for making fun of her. But I wonder what the teacher did then.


    Its not abuse, And in the U.S schools are a fashion show full of bully’s and pregnant teens, and how many actually graduate? Too much taken for granted. The U.S best country , powerful , smartest in the world? NO.

  • Wiggle D

    In Russia, do all small children have smartphones?

  • JMudder

    In Russia, brutality is the tradition, lucky she wasn’t sent to the Gulag (or maybe she was?).
    But really, the same type of thing occurred in the USA in both Private and Public elementary schools. Back in the ’50’s, I can remember children being shaken, and humiliated, even slapped. In the 60’s, again some very sharp tongued teachers in Jr. and Sr. High. One even had a stool and a Dunce cap, where you sat if you missed 2 of 3 questions that were put to you, she and other teacher’s all had a knack of hitting you in the head with an eraser, or piece of chalk. And these were advanced placement classes. In some of the middle and lower level classes, I was told the male teachers were likely to respond to disruptive behavior with physical abuse, slapping, arm twisting, head thumping, etc. I went to public school in a college town, reputed for it’s fine education system, and it’s gentility in the ’50’s and ’60’s, not an inner city urban school.

  • Hugh Richard Williams

    We will see if he puts his hands on another child.

  • Terry Melvin

    The whole thing was PR Bogus, promoting a new Russian channel. Move along-nothing to see here..

    • AtlGlamDoll

      I agree. Very theatrical. Non-authentic. Next article.

  • MBW

    Why do teachers make fools of kids n front of the class. They never did that when i went to school. it give the others the idea to make fun of them. i understand now teachers yell at the kids call them names,don’t stop the bullying. if a child was disruptive he r she was put out in the hall and the teacher spoke to them out there,never in front of the class. Really bad kids were sent to the principals office.or expelled.

  • Allan Montgomery

    good girl, bad teacher.. perfect response for intolerable actions i think she should have not waited so long…

  • Carl Tim

    That guy was on the Stolis for sure!

  • Mike Curtis

    Someone trained this little girl to defend her self and did one hell of a good job,God bless them both

  • Earthgal

    GOOD FOR HER!!!! 😀

  • badman400

    Instant karma is so sweet.

  • Cheryl Evans

    I had a second grade teacher call my daughter stupid because she got upset & cried. So she couldn’t answer the teachers questions. This teacher made the mistake of trying to justify herself to me. I said she must not have any children yet or she would have realized hollering at a child will not get you what you want. They don’t understand bullies that well. That she must have meant to say that she was the stupid one for not realizing this. When children or not bullied or belittled at home they don’t understand why they are being attacked. I told her if she had a problem with what I was saying to her that we could take it up with my lawyer & the shcool board. It is amazing how fast this woman learned how to treat children. There is no reason to abuse or belittle a child.

  • Lisa Tomlin

    This is in Russia you all. You must consider the culture. Yes the teacher was wrong but that happened in RUSSIA

  • Rory Womack


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