Liberals RAGE at Hilarious ‘Real Housewives of ISIS’ That Mocks Islamic Misogyny


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

The “Trump Effect” is reaching across the Atlantic.

Even a super politically-correct network like Britain’s BBC is finally throwing P.C. out the window when it comes to telling the truth about Islam.

And liberal heads are exploding over it.

Their new show, ‘Revolting,’ recently released a mock-reality show trailer called the “Real Housewives of ISIS,” calling out the Religion of Peace for its hatred of all things women. It’s as hilarious as it sounds.

Watch below…

Kudos to the BBC for even attempting this, given how the liberals embrace of all things Islam has an even greater foothold in the UK than here.

Liberals and Muslims were NOT feeling the love, however…

It’;s damn funny…but liberals have utterly no sense of humor unless White Christian men like Donald Trump are being roasted.



Get used to it, Snowflakes. We in the West are sick and tired of being called Islamophobes just for telling the TRUTH about any evil belief or practice of Muslims.

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  • Proofteller

    The BBC?

    Knowing this disgusting organisation It is more likely they have made this to inflame the Muslim population against The British people. Please do not, for one second believe the BBC have done this for a laugh.

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  • Schmierr Nippel

    ANYTHING that attempts to humanize these FN cockroaches makes me ill

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