Liberals FURIOUS After What Bill Maher Just Said About That Muslim Student and His ‘Clock’

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

If you have been on the moon or a safari the past week, you may have missed the mega-“controversy” over the Muslim kid who was arrested for bringing a clock “invention” that resembled a bomb to his school.

As Top Right News reported on Friday, there is mounting evidence that 14-year old Ahmed Mohamed never “invented” anything, and that the entire incident was likely a hoax or a setup to embarrass the city of Irving, TX — which had recently voted to ban Sharia Law.

But the entire media is going out of its way to censor the disturbing facts about Mohamed and his Muslim activist father — and continue to blast the entire episode as one of “Islamophobia” and “bigotry.”

Well last night, Bill Maher had a dissenting view from what his fellow liberals think about the incident — and they are furious at him today for daring to say it.

Maher did not hold back in dropping a 500-lb truth bomb on Liberals and Muslim race-baiters in this incredible clip from “Real Time with Bill Maher” — which also saw billionaire SharkTank host Mark Cuban reveal some disturbing details about a phone call he made to Ahmed and his teachers…

The entire clip is well worth watching: (Language Warning, some profanity):

One part that of interest. Bill Maher reads from a liberal The Daily Beast writer who wrote: “Irving is only 25 minutes from Garland, where the “draw the Prophet Mohammed” contest was attacked by ISIS-sympathizing gunmen in May. The message in Irving is clear: If you are Muslim, anything you do might be a plot to destroy America.

Maher’s response?

“No, the message is you can see why they would err on the side of caution because only 25 miles away somebody DID try to kill people…What if it had been a bomb? So the teacher is supposed to see something that looks like a bomb and go, ‘Oh wait, this might just be my white privilege talking…I sure don’t want to be politically incorrect, so I’ll just let it go.”

Maher rightly points out how ridiculous is the concept of racial profiling, and how people have a right to be suspicious of a Muslim youth carrying what look like a bomb — and refusing to give details about it.

As TRN reported,

[P]olice said after showing his clock to his engineering teacher, Ahmed then brought it into his English class, plugged it in, set an alarm to go off, and did not mention to the teacher who felt “threatened” by it that he already showed it to the engineering teacher, and to ask him about it…which could have easily resolved the security concerns.

Police described Ahmed as being “passive aggressive” in his answers to their questions, and didn’t have a “reasonable answer” as to what he was doing with the case.

Was his behavior consistent with wanting to provoke a response by Irving authorities?

Well this photo he himself tweeted with some executives from CAIR, a known organization to support Islamic extremism and terrorist organizations — and has been busted many times for conducting race-hoaxes and shakedowns — may say it all:

It is also telling how Ahmed’s sister whispered scripted answers for Ahmed to tell Mark Cuban in their phone conversation.

If it was indeed a setup to generate publicity, then his parents are truly irresponsible.

They live just outside of Irving Texas (where someone tried to kill people for drawing Muhammad cartoons).

They knew the kid’s suitcase clock looked suspicious. They can’t be stupid enough to be unaware that a child named Ahmed Muhammad, walking around with a ticking briefcase would make people uneasy.

They sent him on down to school anyway, with no regard for his safety.

  • Larry C Mason


    • Billy Bong

      I remember seeing a video where they are training little kids to behead dolls

      • silly girl

        I saw one where the father stood next to his 10 year old son while the kid beheaded a christian

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      • Delia Rimes Smith

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  • jensopine

    Yes – but that’s not the passive Muslims – that’s just the Extremist Muslims… can we tell the difference?

    • Arizona Willie

      Extremist Muslims are breathing.
      Passive Muslims are not.

      • Wiggle D

        Yup. Anyone who claims to be Muslim and doesn’t support the extremists are ‘weeded out’.

        • silly girl

          and we need to do some weeding of our own

    • TedBurhenn

      Sort of like running up to a stray Pit Bull and hugging his neck. Hmmm don’t think I want to do that.

      • lisa elias

        Most pit bulls, stray or otherwise, would welcome that hug with a lick to the face. Muslims lie to promote their cause, dogs are always honest. Unlike with muslms, dogs are usually trying to tell us something that we just don’t understand. Muslims tell us what we (the libs, blind and PC crowd) want to hear, then try to bite our heads off.

        • TedBurhenn

          sorry lady if you think that a muslim or a pit bull is safe then you are sadly mistaken. You just haven’t been attacked by either. I have by both.

          • yellowdogdemocrat

            I can believe the Muslim attacked you. I cannot believe the dog did unless you ran from him which triggered his prey drive.

    • frgough

      Yep. The extremists are running things. Any other questions?

    • Unkie Numbnuts

      Passive Muslims out number the extremist but yet do nothing to stop them because why risk your life because either way they win. If the extremists Muslims take over, they get to live, get the money, property and land belonging to non-Muslims who are beheaded if they do not convert. If democracy wins over the extremist Muslims, they still get what they want by pulling out the race card. Even not having to pay a finance charge on any loans because it’s banned in the Koran.

    • Rick Etter

      Even if there are a majority of “moderate” muslims, what of it? They are irrelevant.

      The majority of Germans were not Nazis. 10’s of millions died.
      The majority was irrelevant.

      The majority of Russians were not Communists. 10’s of millions died.
      The majority was irrelevant.

      The majority of Chinese were not communists. 10’s of millions died.
      The majority was irrelevant.

      Those millions died in the name of Nazism and communism.
      The millions dying now are in the name of islam.

      Again, if islam was not about terror, rape and killing, a so-called billion ‘good’ muslims could stop the madness. They do not.

      and, old MO was only about bringing people together under the thumb of islam. if not, you were killed. I’ve read what old Mo wrote, lived, and taught. AGAIN, that is EXACTLY what iSIS is doing.

      oh, and PlSS be upon him, the murderous pedophile.

      • Diana Kerr

        Dog and pig urine.

    • Diana Kerr

      The passive Muslims either #1. aren’t really Muslims (just like some people who claim to be Christians but don’t follow the Biblical teachings of Jesus–so they’re not truly Christians), or #2. Are practicing the Koran’s rule of Taqqiyah–which is, lying to infidels to spread Islam. They will be sweet, hospitable, and peaceful because they are living taqqiyah in order to spread Islam. Once they’ve reached a certain population, BOOM! All that sweetness goes Bye-bye! THAT is the difference between “Extremist Muslims” and “Passive Muslims”. Extremist Muslims are true Muslims, they follow the Koran’s teachings and have not been chosen to live in taqiyyah, Passive Muslims either aren’t truly Muslims and either don’t follow the Koran, or just pick and choose things in the Koran to follow or they are living in taqiyyah, which is the holy pursuit according to the Koran (or Quran, or Qu’ran, or however they’re spelling it this week) of lying to the infidel (read as: us) in order to propagate Islam–and guess what… YOU are falling for it!

  • jensopine

    No – the Muslims want Sharia Law – they do not want to be American by American Laws; they want to be their Country’s laws – the Country they have left to make more of their Country here. Won’t work… will only begin to turn against them and it has just begun in protests by the American people but will become more unsettled and more riots and killings will happen – HERE IN THE USA.

  • Allen Burns

    The clock issue has made it clear the terrorists have won. A 14 year old kid brings a clock to school and the whole nation is upset about it one way or another. Until clock bombs kill more kids that drugs, you can take that conversation and shove it. It has no place in an intelligent culture.

    • Tuta

      Easy to say shove it online isn’t it? and your “intelligent” solution is to let children blood spill until bombs kill more than drugs….. got kids? I am going to be civic and let the insults out. You are really something.

      • Allen Burns

        We have had no 14 year olds blow up a school with a bomb, we have a huge drug problem in our culture. It is that simple

        • ashizuri

          It’s called being proactive. Why wait until a kid does bring a real bomb. Given the father’s background, I wouldn’t be surprised if he put him up to this and provoke a reaction.

        • Jeff Allen

          your obviously an islamic sympathizer, you dont belong here. your right that there is a drug problem in schools and drugs kill people but so do bombs

          • Allen Burns

            We have not had a bomb in a school that I know of. Personally, I think we should have cleaned out the rats nest in the middle east when we had the troops over there. My policy would have been scorched earth for radical Islam.

          • Jeff Allen

            but you seem to think that once they get over here we need to let them do as they please

          • Hotsawse

            If you do not take the threat of Islamic terror seriously, or think there is no real threat, you are too stupid for words.

    • silly girl

      the only thing they have won is that we are aware of what they are up to. the idea is that they kill all of us off that are not mustlim. the sooner we start making life truly hard on them here in this country the sooner it will get straightened out

      • Robert Ratzell

        you are so right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Terry

      Allen, It has everything to do with a intelligent culture… We are being tested daily to see where there are openings to be exploited… This might well have been one excample… But now the school district will be sued and they will rake in millions….

      • Allen Burns

        If you are not smart enough to know the difference between a clock and a bomb, a real terrorist will have a field day.
        This was a student as the school and the teachers should have a good grasp on his integrity. Once you lose your trust in your community, the terrorists have one.

        When we actually do have a islamic terrorist attack, we call it something else.
        These are not intelligent responses, they are just knee jerk reactions

        • Jeff Allen

          so we should hold onto that trust until one of them actually sets off a bomb? your an idiot

          • Allen Burns

            Arrest every kid, they might break the law.

          • Jeff Allen

            you are so stupid

    • Diana Kerr

      They’ve won because we’re afraid to call them on stupid stuff like this because we’re afraid of being told we’re “Islamophobic”…. meanwhile, 8 year old white boys eat their poptarts into a shape some liberal teacher thinks looks like a gun and all hell breaks loose and the kid is suspended! By the way, the little boy said, “I was trying to make it look like a mountain.” and moms are told they can’t bring cupcakes for their son’s birthday party in class with little plastic army men on them because they have tiny plastic guns.

      • Jeff Allen

        if liberals had it their way the only criminals that we would be allowed to prosecute would be straight white males, everyone else can run free and do as they please

    • Hotsawse

      You are a true bird brain. Go back to sleep.

  • I think that if an American kid wants to join ISIS, we should offer them a free flight. First vaccinate them all as required for travel and add a micro chip tracker in them, or a disease, and take them over. Track where they go and bomb the shit out of the place.

  • LiberatedCit

    This Muslim kid knew darn well this would cause a stir his Muslim activist father probably put him up to it…

    UPDATE: Kid admits forethought – knew it was going to be “suspicious”….

  • Rollo Tomasi

    Fuck that little Muslim terrorist! Going to his lawyer he says……………. They should have shot that little Jihadist!!!

  • Unkie Numbnuts

    Shouldn’t be so happy…Next time your little clock maker might forget to stop father time and karma…

  • Connie Sherlock

    Look at his “so called clock” It looks like other bombs in suitcases. I applaud the teacher for caring enough to do and say something.

    • Ferrari fan

      it really smells of a “dry run”. See how far they can get a device before there is any reaction to it. In this case the device worked. The alarm went off before anyone took serious notice.

    • jeffer62

      What brought down a Russian plane? A bomb in a soda can!

  • Bob

    Get ALL muslims out of this country before it is too late. Your children will pay the price if you dont.

  • flowflow

    today a clock… tomorrow the real thing.. a bomb

  • kikz2

    yo Cuban……if he’s so freakin’ genius… why a ‘clock’? digital clocks are ancient tech…. and it still hasn’t been answered if one can ‘view the time’ w/the pencil case closed?

    • Diana Kerr

      NO WHERE in America should Sharia or any other law be imposed. We have our OWN laws, and you have the freedom to live WITHIN them. We’re not making up laws and junk just for YOU, special little dewdrops! If you want to live under Sharia, go live in a country who’s law is Sharia!

  • Robert Brumley

    You have to ask yourself, Was he asked to bring this to school as a science project? What the hell was he bring it to school for to begin with?

    • Lynda Cox

      No he was not asked to bring this to school. He stated that he made it and brought it to school to impress the engineering teacher, which told him cool…but I wouldn’t show this to other teachers. Yet he still took it with him to English class.

      • Jaybird

        And after showing the engineering teacher why didn’t he put it away in his locker? Why would an English teacher find this interesting? It reeks of a set up. Perhaps he carried it from class to class knowing or hoping someone would eventually say something. Now they can claim discrimination and the next time something like this happens a teacher may be afraid of saying or doing something for fear of being labeled a bigot.

        Also who builds a clock in a suitcase? They had to know it would look suspicious. I’m definitely not a Bill Maher fan but he hit the nail on the head on this one. The teacher did the right thing. It’s amazing how people jump to sides on an issue without thinking it through. The liberals jumped on the Islamaphobia band wagon as soon as the story broke. I would ask any liberal how would they hope a teacher would react if this was their child’s school.

        • Diana Maras

          Of course he did this on purpose. He and his family know how stupid Americans are and they are taking advantage of it.

    • Just Straight Shooting

      It was a dry run to see how far he could get with it and test the response of the school’s security. Hence the act of setting the alarm to go off and start beeping in english class to instill fear in everyone and make them wonder what is going on, or if they are about to die. He did it on purpose in cahoots with his muslim activist father.

    • jeffer62

      Building a bad clock or any clock is not science it is basic electronics and he is labeled a genius!

  • skw

    As someone already said, looks like a dry run to see how far a kid can get. After all muslim islamists are teaching little children to behead dolls for practice. They have to be inbred idiots to even do such things.

  • Panzer

    Who thinks a white kid wouldnt be in trouble or investigated if he brought something to school that looked suspicious ??

    • Diana Kerr

      Me! A little kid got thrown out of school for biting his poptart into what his teacher figured looked like a gun. The kid said, “I was trying to make it look like a mountain.” A little kid got into huge trouble for talking to his friend about his NERF gun AT HIS HOUSE that he got for his birthday. Two kids playing with an air gun IN THE KID’S YARD while waiting for the bus were threatened with trouble. A little girl’s grandfather made a paper gun and she brought it to show her friends…. she got into trouble. A mom brought cupcakes with the little green plastic army men on them for her son’s birthday… there was trouble with that. It’s gotten ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! These were all young white children who got into trouble for completely ASININE things; but a Muslim boy shows up to school with something that looks like a briefcase bomb and no one’s supposed to say a thing??

      • Scotsman2012

        Well said, Diane.

    • Diana Maras

      I’m pretty sure the white kid wouldn’t have made it past the first class and probably would have been tossed on the ground instead of handled with kid gloves.

  • typster62

    The only time I ever agree with Bill Maher is when he talks about the dangers of Muslim extremists.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    “Muslim-American”…Since WHEN is Islam a Freakin’ RACE???????????????????????????? This PC crap has gone TOO DAMN FAR!!!!!!!

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    #1Check out the father’s background,, #2 this was a 1970’s digital Clock,,,in Pencil Case,,NOTHING NEW HERE,,,now even worth looking at,,,,the WHOLE this was a setup by the FATHER to sue for MONEY,,it’s already been exposed,,,look it up. This is BULLSPIT,,,and WHY does he “Deserve” anything,,,the teach did RIGHT. What this will cause is ONE teacher, NOT saying or doing anything about a suspicious box, backpack, suitcase, etc. for fear of being made to look like a fool or a Bigot,,,and we end up with DEAD KIDS…NOT ON MY WATCH People. NOT ON MY WATCH!!!!

  • John Andrew Schmanek

    Even a clock such as this could still be used as an explosive trigger. If this kid or his family knowingly did this because of a hoax or scam knowing it could be mistaken as a bomb/bomb trigger then, they should be charged as if that is what he brought to school. The panic that could have happened along with the law enforcement cost etc, incurred is enough for charges. Please continue the investigation.

  • chitown

    They’re giving this kid wayyyy too much credit just because they’re afraid of straying from NWO suicidal ideology. And that piece of shit Jorge is a bumbling fucking idiot…he should shut the fuck up and listen for a change…but then again that would require not being a race baiting shill.

  • Neil Armstrong


  • Gary Knapp

    Interesting that he was invited to the White House. Not to be a Chicken Little, but this could have been a desensitizing run. Once teachers and classmates were used to seeing him with the clock he substitutes the clock with a bomb and wreaks who knows how much damage. America has been taught that there are those among us who want to destroy us. Profiling is absolutely justified in cases like this.

  • Craig Girard

    Maher is missing the point. He keeps saying “what if it was a bomb” It wasn’t a bomb so that statement makes no sense. The lack of explosives, blasting caps etc. makes it immediately apparent that it was NOT A FUCKING BOMB!. I think “it’s a clock” is a sufficient enough answer considering they were interrogating a minor without representation. Maher’s argument that “it’s not the color of his skin” is bogus and he contradicts that when he immediately talks about all the crimes Muslims commit, implying that he should have been watched more closely than say, a white kid. How many school shootings were committed by Muslims? Maybe it’s just not making the news, but I’d like to hear some stories of a white kid being put through the same scrutiny as Ahmed. White kids, after all, have been the culprits when it comes to mass school shootings.

    • ashizuri

      So if a white kid brought a gun/shotgun/rifle to school and showed it to his teacher. Is the teacher going to say ‘put it in your backpack and don’t show it to anyone’?

    • Jeff Allen

      you know what? if a white kid came to school with something that seriously looked like a gun the same thing would have happened. and your right it is about his skin color because it should be about his skin color, white kids dont take bombs to public places killing innocent people only muslims do that its about common sense

      • Big D

        Jeff, you’re a total fucking moron. I bet your white ass has never done anything wrong, correct? So going with your shit for brains trail of thought, because I am not a fucking pastey sickly white as your faggot ass, I should be watch more carefully as there is a good chance I may bring a bomb with me to a public place and bomb some honey mother fuckers? Is that correct? You White racist faggot. No one person shall be judge on their skin colour nor from where they come from. We are all individuals and to believe less then that is only showing your true level of education and points of actual knowledge. Your ‘common sense’ is forgetting to use any common sense in it. You are using your opinion to form your phrase of hatred towards other men on this planet. I am not surprised as you white fuckers come to being racists so naturally that is sickens then rest of the earth. Ever wonder why white America is hated across the globe as it is? You are the reason Jeff. You are. As a bit of good advice goes, I suggest you stop fucking your sister and divorce your duty mom sister of which ever first round relative you have created a family with. Go out beyond the walls of your redneck white fucker community and take a good look at the World around you. Perhaps visit a place outside of hickville USA. See the planet and all of its’ wonders. See the good people that live it is and stop categorizing anything that is note nasty white like you and your pastry fucking chicken bred family looks like. You will find that the World have become a beautiful brown society. If you don’t join in then you will be left behind and end up very rapidly becoming the minority in your own country. That being said, Remember my words, You will be left behind. You will be treated as the pile of shit that you currently are. There is tie to change and to open your eyes and heart to possibilities that men are actually created equally and instead of being such a bigot and one way racist. Being to see your fellow mankind as on your own level. We are all on the same level and the sooner you admit to that, the soon people will begin to dee you as less of a butthurt little bitch and more of a modern man in todays society.

        • Jeff Allen

          fuck you, if i see something thats not right i will say something. and your a racist piece of shit. your advice is as worthless as you are. i made a statement thats true and you cant accept or admit it so you turn to foul insults, that says a lot about your liberal ass. but dont worry because in the words of your pos savior if you like your food stamps you can keep your food stamps

    • Diana Maras

      FYI – Not all Muslims are brown. Once you accept that then you can move forward and understand what Maher is saying.

  • Remleserac

    Container, digital clock, Set alarm, wire, blasting cap, C4 and that equals a bomb. The safety of the Student Body comes before one kids invention. Besides, his story seems to be changing with a theme of rights violations, then the original story by the kid.

  • Bryson Cook

    Who is the douche bag next to Mahr standing up for this kid ?

    • ashizuri

      The illegal immigration/amnesty activist Jorge Ramos, the idiot from Univision, who Donald Trump kicked out of his press conference.

  • Jeff Allen

    the kid deserved it he took a radio shack clock apart and sloppily put it into a pencil box which probably intentionally looked like a bomb and then refused to explain himself. what did he and his parents think were going to happen? he should still be in jail

  • VJ

    Muslims do not belong in the West. I want all Muslims removed from all Western countries.

    • independent_az

      Why don’t you just remove yourself?

      • calypsodancler

        You still around trying to get some kind of validation for your stupidity? Try salon

  • Jaybird

    Can’t believe I actually agree with Bill Maher on an issue but on this I do.

  • calypsodancler

    Im sure his daddy put him up to this..Hey, lets tweak the noses of the infidels! AFTER MILKING IT FOR THE SHEER JOY OF IT, WE CAN SUE THEM TOO!

  • Raymond Brandow

    That was a deliberate test by his Jihadist daddy to see if the teachers were alert enough to spot future threats by him or his butt buddies.

  • Revelation

    Question: Are we still in America? They had to vote to ban Sharia Law?

  • becky

    They all look so traumatized! Bless their hearts….


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