Liberals Fleeing to Canada Fail to Meet Immigration Standards

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Disenchanted liberals are rushing the border to Canada to flee from President Trump only to discover they do not meet immigration requirements.

The Daily Caller reports that one of the policies that many liberals are protesting is President Trump’s proposal to crack down on immigration and introduce “extreme vetting” measures before allowing immigrants to enter the U.S. from Syria and several other countries.

Ironically, those very liberals who are intent on jumping ship to greener pastures are being met with similar strict sanctions and vetting policies in countries like Australia and Canada.

According to Canada’s immigration page, its stringent immigration policies include being able to “immigrate as a skilled worker,” “immigrate by starting a business and creating jobs” or “immigrate by investing in the Canadian economy.”

The Canadian immigration site maintains it is considered a last resort for displaced refugees and deems them not eligible if they “have another durable solution for protection, such as an offer to be resettled in another country.” The site emphasizes that they reserve a refugee program for those displaced outside of their native country, rather than individuals merely seeking to relocate from their home country to Canada.

When an individual is accepted into the refugee program, Canada requires them to be “selected as a government-assisted or privately sponsored refugee” or be able to support themselves and dependents they are responsible for upon arriving in Canada.

One distraught liberal posted on Facebook, “What are the actual implications of these Executive Douche Orders? Should I just pack my bags and move to Canada?” It was only after he researched strict Canada’s immigration policies that he realized as an artist he was not able to afford more than a tiny loft in New York, therefore his acceptance into Canada was next to impossible.

Immigration policies in Australia are comparable to Canada’s and have this commonality: they focus on accepting individuals who are capable of contributing to the workforce and adding value to their economy, not being dependent on government hand-outs.

H/T:  The Daily Caller

  • Biff

    What??? You mean somebody can’t just show up, say “give me free stuff” and be admitted with open arms? Those damn Canucks are racist, I tell you.

    • Margaretobuckley

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    • DDM1

      You have to be muslim to get the free stuff. Just ask Trudeau.

      • Biff

        Sorry for the momentary lapse. You have to say “Allahu Akbar” first, then “give me free stuff”

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  • HarlequinWolf .
  • Rosco Jones

    That’s the ticket. Only allow immigrants that will contribute to the economy, rather than just be a drain on the system. What an amazing idea!

  • Fred Smith

    Notice not one of these liberal azzes has had the nerve to blast Canada on their policies, come on libbies lets hear your defense/opposition to Canada’s immigration policies. I hear it-crickets

  • Greg

    How come these Liberals, and Hollywood for that matter, never want to flee to Mexico? Aren’t these the very same Liberals that are “Gung Ho” on Mexico? Every time they get their underwear bunched they want to head north, but not south.

  • sgb1

    I looked into it a few years. Not only was I too old, I didn’t have enough money to take the entire family.

  • Don Kennedy

    We were planning to go to Australia, and we can add to the economy, but Hillary lost so we are staying.

    • Cugger

      Aussie doesn’t really want any immigrants unless they are productive. They are already having a lot of trouble with Sudanese. Lots of lowlifes from the Sudan and they are unwanted.

      • Don Kennedy

        I have a friend on the gold coast that would give me a job and sponser me, all he wants in return is a right side drive camaro.

  • Sherryl

    It’s never been easy! In 1977 my (then) husband was hired by a Canadian synagogue as part of the clergy. The synagogue had to prove they couldn’t find a Canadian with the qualifications needed before they gave us the working visa. I wasn’t allowed to work. Had a visitor’s permit. These libs just don’t get it!

  • Terry Mills

    wow maybe we need to do this as it might save this country trillions of dollars

  • The Threat is Real (UK)

    Why aren’t they trying to emigrate to a Muslim nation or Mexico? Are they racist Islamaphobes?


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