Liberals ENRAGED After St. Louis Cardinals Mascot Caught on Camera Holding Sign Supporting Police

by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

A couple approached St. Louis Cardinals’ mascot Fredbird at a home game for a photo op.

Then a sign was handed to Fredbird.

It read, “Police Lives Matter.”


Then all hell broke loose.

In the thick of the region that spawned the “Black Lives Matter” movement after the shooting death of Black 18-year-old Michael Brown by a White police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, last August, the image was bound to get some attention.

Sure enough it appeared on the St. Louis Police Officers Association Facebook page a day later, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported Friday.

With that Cardinals’ brass got involved — but not to pump the image.

Instead the team asked the POA on Tuesday to take down the photo from its Facebook page, and the Dispatch said the request was granted.

The reason the team spokesman gave, the paper said, is because Fredbird shouldn’t be involved in any political activity or social commentary — and the team also claimed Fredbird wasn’t aware of its the sign’s contents when it was handed to him.

Whoa…anyone believe that? So if Fredbird was handed a obscene sign he would just hold it up without looking?

Sounds like a rather cowardly denial by the Cardinal organization to appease the violent, racist mob.

The liberal media site Deadspin slammed the Cardinals for Fredbird holding the “Police Lives Matter Sign,” claiming it was a “spit in the face” to the #BlackLivesMatter rioters and looters.

But the woman who apparently owned the sign, “Fiery Mad Redhead” on Twitter — reportedly the wife of a St. Louis cop —  got a lot of support for her post.

Reaction was heated, and mixed all afternoon:


It is truly sad that an MLB franchise has to censor the view that police lives also matter, so as not to enrage a lawless mob. Such is the race-crazy Obama Era in a nutshell.

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