Bad News: If You’re Watching ‘A Christmas Story’ – You’re Celebrating Racism


Go ahead, Ralphie, point that at a cop – I double-dog dare ya!

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Can’t Liberals EVER take a day off from hysterically declaring everything racist, sexist or homophobic?

Apparently not — even on Christmas.

Are you enjoying watching the classic A Christmas Story with your family, as millions of Americans are today?

Liberal writer Parker Marie Malloy says you shouldn’t. In a Tweet trying to link the film (that I am watching as I write this) to the recent anti-police protest movement, Malloy dumped a real downer:

Groan. How is a sofa-bound racist to enjoy all 24 hours of TBS’ “A Christmas Story” marathon, after a review like that?

It didn’t take long for those with brains to set Ms. Malloy straight:

We have a winner! The “LGBT activist” Malloy definitely won’t like that.

And she didn’t…

Ah, typical thin-skinned liberal. Can’t take a smidgen of criticism. Bah humbug!

Merry Christmas to everyone. Even you, Parker. 

P.S.: Tamir Rice, of course did not merely “hold a toy gun.” Rice was a 12-year old who ran around a Cleveland park with an Airsoft 9mm replica, with its tell-take orange fake-tip removed. A bystander called 911, remarking that the gun was “probably fake” — an opinion that was not passed on to responding officers by the dispatcher, who also told the cops Rice was “approximately 20 years old”.  Officers shouted for Rice to drop the gun and put his hands over his head. He did not, kept waving it around, and was shot and died the next day. A terrible tragedy, to be sure. But hardly emblematic of a “racist America.” It turned out Rice’s father has numerous domestic violence convictions, and the circumstances were more complicated than first appeared.

Sadly, nothing is complicated in a liberal’s mind. The entire world boils down to this: everyone who is not a White male is a victim, and big bad government needs to punish those White men for their evil doing. It’s soooo depressing!

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